Friday, January 25, 2019

Flashback Friday: Oreo

Jan 2009:
For today, I need to back up to New Year's Eve, 2008:  A neighbor decides to take the young kids to the park.  When they return, they are full of excitement, for they have a tiny kitten in their arms!

We already had a dog and two rats.  I did NOT think the spouse would want a cat in the house, so I told them to take it to the shelter.  Tiny problem....the shelter was closed for the holidays.  We could either dump it outside or take care of it.  We chose to take care of it.

I told the kids to let ME drop the news to my spouse; however, the minute he stepped through the door, Miss Drama Queen spilled the beans.  Fortunately, D took one look at the tiny kitten, dubbed 'Oreoz', and fell in love.  We bought a litter box and some food, and he proved to be an interesting addition to our household.

(The following is copied from Jan 8, 2009.  Enjoy!)

The Oreo/Pinky/Mikey Morning Show/Comedy Hour
There is a new comedy show in town and it takes place on the piano bench in my living room. Oreo, our newest addition, has been very curious about the strange cage sitting on the bench and the strange little creatures running around inside of it.

Act 1: Oreo either climbs onto the blue chair to stare into the wire cage or attempts to jump onto the bench. He doesn't quite make it, and his tiny claws usually catch the beach blanket under the cage. He will dangle until he retracts the claws, realizing he's only inches from the floor and can drop safely. Once in a while he will actually catch a claw on the bottom wire of the cage, but never dangles for long.

Act 2: Once he gives up on the jumping idea, he returns to the blue swivel rocker and will stare into the cage. Eventually he will get brave enough to move cautiously onto the tiny space not occupied by the cage. He will stare into the cage and maybe even poke his nose between the wires.

                                                         Oreo and Pinky

Act 3: Pinky enters. If Oreo is looking in, he takes his tiny paws and swats the kitten. Mikey will arrive to see the action, but normally flattens down in the cedar chips, thinking if things go wrong, Pinky will be eaten first.

                                                Mikey, aka 'Michael J. Templeton'

Act 4: After witnessing no further retaliation from Oreo, Mikey pokes his head up and adds his tiny paws to the battle over whose turf the cage belongs to. He'll swat, duck; swat, duck. Eventually, Oreo tires of the onslaught and jumps off.

Act 5: Pinky and Mikey take a 'Victory Lap' around their cage, having successfully chased away the giant predator who dared to investigate their home! Unfortunately, this causes the need to visit the water bottle, and the noise usually draws Oreo's attention back to the cage! But this time, he keeps his distance. But only until five or six hours later, when he feels the need to entertain the humans again.

Pinky: Whazzup, cat?  You want piece of me?  Huh?  Do ya?
Oreo:  Mom, get this thing away from me....every time I try to catch him, you yell at me!  

Want to read something funny?  Check out this post from Jan 20th. 

The 23rd was when Kenzie Michaels received her official contract from Freya's Bower:)

Next Month:  More Oreo/Pinky/Mikey Comedy Hour!

Present Day:
Our roofers arrived yesterday!  I'll post pictures next week, the 'before' and 'after' shots.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Flashback Friday: Pampered Chef and Monster Trucks!

Jan 1999:
The snow stayed with us for a while, and while we were still at the in-law's house, I managed to call T, who admitted he nearly called me the previous day.  When I revealed I was only thirty minutes away, we tentatively made plans for later in the month.

The monster truck show came to Indy, and it happened to fall the same day as a Pampered Chef party.  I decided to take my daughter, while D and K went to Indy.  I was secretly thrilled; our plans would overlap.  I called T, and he said he could come up to see me.

At the PC show, I discovered I loved the Chicken-Broccoli braid, and scheduled a party to host myself.  S and I drove home, and she promptly went across the street to play.  I set out some snacks, and prepared for my friend to show up.  Two hours later, I called his cell; he'd gotten delayed, and wouldn't be there for another 90 minutes.

I called across the street and asked if S could stay longer; she said sure.

T finally arrived, and could only stay a few minutes.  I was irritated by the miscommunication; he was snappy, but had an enjoyable visit, however short.  S arrived home and went to her room; I said goodbye to T, then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the wine.  An acquaintance happened to call, someone I really didn't want to talk to, but the wine opened up my tongue, and I told her in no uncertain terms, what she needed to do with her abusive ass of a spouse.  I think she was either stunned, or I'd told her (finally) what she didn't want to hear, for she never called me again!  I did hear, through a mutual friend, that she did eventually get out of the relationship, but since she was three states away, I couldn't simply go help her get away.  She never spoke to me again, and our mutual friend eventually cut off contact also, since her new relationship was worse than the first, and we were both tired of hearing her whine about her circumstances, rather than to change them.

Next Month:  Valentine's Day

Present Day:
Our new roof is here!  Materials arrived on Tuesday, and we're waiting for the weather to settle down so the crew can get it installed.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Flashback Friday: Lesson Learned!

Jan 1989:
I was beginning to get discouraged about my relationship with DB.  For one thing, he began calling me when he and his buddies would be drinking, and I got tired of hearing the 'F' word coming out of his mouth every other word.  I also grew tired of his growing 'clinginess', so I made the decision to break up with him.

I did it in person, then admittedly went to his mom and told her, and we both broke down in tears.  I picked up everything I'd left at their house, and drove back to campus.

I also learned a valuable lesson the following week:  Men can smell desperation, and attention will find you when you're not looking for it.

Case In Point:  Two days after breaking it off, I went to a bar in the daytime, with my roomie, who was there to meet someone from one of her classes.  I sat at the bar drinking water, and two guys tried to buy me drinks.  I was neither interested in having a drink that early in the afternoon, nor was I thinking about a possible new relationship, so I said 'no thank you.'  Three nights later, however, my roomie and I dressed up and went to a local nightclub for quarter beer night.  Not one single guy asked me to dance or offered to buy me a drink.  I was floored....but then realized I probably looked 'too obvious'.

At any rate, DB continued to call me and 'whine' about our breakup, and since I was tired of it, and the fact no one seemed to be interested in me, I took him back

Big Mistake.

I think it was also about this time I rekindled my friendship with JF, which ultimately led to disaster.

Next Month:  Valentine's Day Failure Due To My Big Mouth

Present Day:
We will have a new roof hopefully next week!  Halleluia!!!!  Now, we just have to pay for it.  Oh winning lottery ticket, where are you?

I'm also going to Evansville tomorrow, to attend a grant application workshop, weather permitting. We're supposed to get anywhere from 3-7 inches of snow; here's hoping it tracks to the north and misses us?!?!?!?!?!?

At any rate, we're down to one gallon of milk and one loaf of bread, so heading out early to the store (pre-posting this Thursday night).

Friday, January 4, 2019

Flashback Friday: Consequences From Blizzard '78

Jan 1979:
Two things happened when we returned from Christmas Break:
1)  I discovered that since I was now 13, I had to compete in a different age bracket.  I was waaaay out of my league!
2)  Snow Day Packets were handed out, since we missed so much school due to the Blizzard of '78.

I didn't mind the assignments for English, Choir, or even Home Ec, since I could knock out a journal entry in no time; I would make lunch for my sister and I, since Mom worked for the Lafayette School Corp, and they *never* got snowed out.  (They did last year, since Mom couldn't get out of the driveway!)  Music was also easy, since we just had to watch a TV program and write down the name of who wrote the theme music (remember those?).  PE was okay, since it involved doing some sort of exercise, and shoveling snow counted.  But Science and Social Studies?  Ugh.  I don't even remember what the assignment was; I think for SS I had to watch the news or read the newspaper, and write a short essay.  Ugh.  Who cared?  I was 13!

I was taking PE the 2nd semester, and I hated it.  I didn't have any friends in that class, so when we were told to choose a locker partner, the only two girls left were myself and Darlene Bradshaw, who was in a wheelchair.  Little did I know D and I would go on to become best buddies!  So I had a locker to myself, since D didn't have to dress for PE.  I hated our first unit, basketball.  I didn't like sports at the time, and could have really cared less about how to play it.

I was still the focus of some ridicule, since I was still going with SH. 

Next  Month:  Being 'Ankled' for V-Day!

Present Day:
Holidays are winding down; getting ready to de-decorate the house this weekend.  I received some shocking news last Sat; karaoke has been limited to every other week, so unless I'm allowed to drive to Olney the other two weekends, I won't be going as fast through my list as previous years.  Plus, there's a rumor going around the owners haven't paid the taxes, and they might have to close the place.  The reason I've not seen a few of the Alternative Regulars there?  Apparently someone has expressed displeasure of their patronage.  Who in their right minds chases away paying customers?  Not wanting to bake a special cake is one thing.  But getting a drink?  Singing a song?  Well, okay....ONE person changing a song to suit their lifestyle....yeah, it gets old fast.  I would just go to the bathroom or take out my hearing aids, just like I do when other 'tired' songs are sung, or my ears can't take any more torture.

Update On Mom:
She's doing well in the rehab facility, spending 20 mins a day on the stationary bike and walking longer lengths every day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Here's To 2019! #HappyNewYear

Welcome to a brand new year!  How did I do on last year's goals?
-Write #5 of The Chosen  Not even close.  DID write a time-travel and start 2 more stories in this series!
-Promote Whispers Anthology Yes!
-Limit my craft fairs and set up only at:  Doesn't look as though I 'limited' very much, ha ha!
     -Author's Fair in April (sold 4!), in addition to a local event (cancelled), Dale Library (0)
     -May:  1st Friday (sold 8!) AND Opening weekend of Farmer's Market (sold 6!)
     -June:  1st Friday (sold 2?), PrideFest (sold 4!), Celebration On Main ( 4) and Corning Irish Festival (5)
     -July:  1st Friday Went to InConJunction instead, with publisher (8)  Also did Lafayette Mosey (9) and Gallery Walk (6)
     -Aug:  Watermelon Festival (2) and GenCon (IF we get approved) Nope.  Did the Mosey (2)
     -Sept:  1st Friday (rain out) maybe Paletine's event nope; ISUCon (8), Eminence Harvest Festival (4), and the Evansville Fairgrounds event.(9)
     -Oct:  Imaginarium (1), plus Collections Carnival Craft Fair (7)
     -Nov:  Indy Christmas Show (16), maybe the Christmas Stroll No; opted for Rivet Craft Show (15!)  This year, I was exhausted and skipped it.
     -Dec:  WCC Craft Fair (8) and Art Walk (4)
Gah....did I really do 23 events this year?  No WONDER sales were good!  (See below)
-Finish Heart Song Not even close
-Set up a few local signings at our coffee shop/brewery Nope
-Get our Green House torn down (not yet), and the Brown House emptied (getting closer!).  I've decided to move my office into the Brown House (provided the spouse approves!).
-Continue participation in the MFRW Blog Challenge 2018.  Kenzie had a good time, so maybe I'll do it this year??  Or switch off every week?  Month?? Moved it to the Wordpress site, so I didn't have to keep logging in and out!
-Lose 5 lbs each month.  If I succeed, I'll be down to 200 lbs by this time next year.  Starting weight:  232 Went the wrong way....240.  I blame the many weeks with the parents!

How About Those December Goals?
Do well at Washington Christian Center Holiday Vendor Fair  Sold 8:)
Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk  Sold 4, bringing my monthly total to 12, and the yearly one to....145!  WOW!
Lose 5 lbs (starting 241) Managed to lose ONE pound!  Even after the holidays!
Bake cookies
     12/3:  4.5 Doz Choc. Chip. 3 doz Winter Chip, 4.5 M&M
     12/4:  3.5 Doz Oatmeal Raisin, 3 doz Maple Chip
Bake cookies at Mom's Nope; plans changed.
Send packages to Japan and Canada 12/20:  Got some put together!
Get my mother up and walking each day I'm there Nope; plans changed
Celebrate K's 27th birthday (check!  Fixed him a large T-bone steak!) and my 53rd (check!  Dad took me to Red Lobster, and watched the Survivor finale LIVE!)
Finish buying Christmas Gifts Daughter took care of this, though there is still one more gift to be bought!
Write Holiday letter (Check!) and send out Christmas Cards Had Mom's ready to send out on the 24th!
Get closer, if not finish, Hair Affair Added a few hundred words...
Mail packages to Harlie and JDC Not yet
Have a wonderful Christmas (Check!) and New Year's Eve (check!)

New Year, New Goals:
-Write RiKar's Redemption (The Chosen #5)
-Finish/add words to Heart Song
-Finish/submit Time Travel Trilogy
-Finish Paranormal Preacher
-Write new Bad Decisions story
-Mail Christmas cards and packages
-Hand-sell 150 Books (last year's record 145)
-Pull titles from KU and learn D2D, plus maybe Audible?
-Buy Inventory and vertical banner
-Pay cover artist for CR
-Promote Catered Romance and have successful launch
-Set up at:
   -April:  Kentuckiana Book Fair, Dale Library; attend writer's conference in Nashville, In
   -May:  Art Walk, Farmer's Market
   -June:  Art Walk, Celebration On Main, Corning Irish Festival, PrideFest
   -July:  InConJunction or Art Walk, Mosey Down Main, Gallery Walk
   -Aug:  Watermelon Fest, Royal Readers at Mall of America (17th) Pd!, ISUCon or Palestine
   -Sept:  ISUCon, Eminence Harvest Fest, Art Walk, Cil-Con,Vanderburgh FG, Saints and Sinners Indy Author Fair (Pd last year??)
   -Oct:  Imaginarium, Carnivals Crafters Fair
   -Nov:  ICGAHS ($100 deposit pd), Rivet, Art Walk,
   -Dec:  WCC, Art Walk
-Put new roof on the house 1/24:  Day 1 (Left side); 1/25 :  Day 2 (Right side); 1/29:  Day 3 (shingles going up!)
-Enjoy 35th Class Reunion
-Finish cleaning out Green House and get it torn down
-Finish clearing out Brown House front room and start rearranging.  Also, turn on electricity.
-Participation In MFRW Blog Challenge Check:)
-Lose 5 pounds per month (Starting weight:  240)
-Get Mom back on her feet and finish decluttering house
-Set up signing at local coffee shop/brewery/library??
-Watch SE 7 of GOT, plus keep up with shows online
-Reading Goal:  200 books, including all of the GOT titles.
-Karaoke Goal:  Thurs:  Get through the W titles.  
                                 Sat:  Get through the R titles

January Reading Schedule
Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good-Jan Karon Good!
Yours To Love-Cathy Jackson DNF
A Dance With Dragons-GRRM Good!
The Biggest Lie In Christianity-Matthew Kelly Rather a 'duh' moment...common sense.
Crazy Rich Asians-Kevin Kwan DRR!  LOVED this, and want to see the movie plus read the other two in this awesome series!
The Best Advice I Ever Heard (Chix SFTS)-Various authors, even Susan Walker! Excellent!  DRR!  Some the stories moved me to tears; Hit By Lightening and Type Casting.
The Last Disciple (play)-Tracy Rosa Good!
Dr. Poo (comic book:  Spoof of Dr. Who)-John Graham Cute!
First Comes Love-Emily Giffin Not my favorite of her books, but still good.  Loved the dynamics between the sisters!
Small Great Things-Jodi Picoult  This was a hard book to read, since it forced me to confront the hidden racism in myself.  In Ruth's POV, I realized I have a subtle issue.  In Turk's POV, some of the things expressed were really tough to read, since I disagree with the majority of what he stands for, yet realize some of those same sentiments in my spouse and older kids.  I saw a lot of myself in Kennedy, and one of her final chapters was a huge eye-opener.  RR, but only for the very brave.

Sealed With A Kiss-Mysti Parker Loved this!  DRR!
Her Snow White Christmas-Cara Marsi Fun read!  Thinking I want to read the other two now:)
The Party Plan-Melanie Jayne DNF I think reading two books with 'Avery' as the heroine threw me off.
The Plunge-Edward Schneider  DNF  Not sure where I got this, but it was too confusing with all the inner dialogue, plus how the heroine 'speaks' to her microchip AI??
Skater's Waltz-Peggy Jaegger  RR!  I figured out who the villain was, but not the other one!  Very good story!
Sabrina's Vampire-AK Michaels Interesting story; not sure what prompted me to buy it, unless it was a free download.  Started skimming around Ch. 4.
The Apothacary's Assistant-Sandra Sookoo DNF
Hockey Holidays-Jean Joachim, VL Locey, et al
      -A Second Shot (Shannon Stacey) Okay; skimmed most of it
      -Christmas Crosscheck (Jaymee Jacobs) Good story!  Wasn't happy about the 'surprise' at the end
      -Wolfe Brothers Christmas (Jami Davenport) Very good!
      -The Playboy (Stephanie Julian) Good:)
      -Dmitri's Christmas Angel (Kat Mizera) Skimmed...
      -A Star-Crossed Christmas (V.L. Locey) Skipped
      -Red-Hot Trouble (Lily Harlem)  Skimmed
      -Dallas Christmas (RJ Scott) Skipped
      -Icing Isn't Only For Cookies (Melody Heck-Gatto) Good
      -The Final Slapshot (Jean Joachim) Wonderful!!  DRR!
      -Christmas Interference (Lisa B Kamps)Skimmed
      -Holding On Tight (Susan Scott Shelley) Skipped
      -His Christmas Cinderella (Kate Willoughby) Good story!  RR!
      -All I Want (Stephanie Kay) Skimmed
      -Lucky Holiday (Jennifer Lazaris) Loved this story!  DRR!
      -Her Best Worst Boyfriend (Melanie Ting)  Really enjoyed this one!  DRR!
      -The Devoted Father and the Introvert (Mary Smith)  Very good!  DRR!
      -How We Fell In Love (Toni Aleo) Skipped; don't like 1st person-present POV

Karaoke List:
Wishin and Hopin-Dusty Springfield Nailed it:)
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You-Glenn Mederios Ugh....too low!
Wishing Well-Terance Trent Darby WAAY too low!
Witch Doctor-David Seville Wasn't too awful, but still....probably only time I'll do this one!
Now and Forever-Air Supply Did well!  Was very surprised he had it!
Witchcraft-Frank Sinatra Bleh....was all over the place, key/pitch-wise.
Close My Eyes Forever-Ozzy Osborn/Lita Ford We did fairly well:)
Witchy Woman-Eagles Did well:)
Nowhere To Go-Melissa Etheridge Nailed it, even though it left out the 2nd verse
Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson Voice was a little scratchy, but otherwise good:)
Call Me When You're Sober-Evanescence Crowd pleaser!
With a little luck-Wings Did well:)
On The Turning Away-Pink Floyd I think it sounded okay; I couldn't hear myself.
Crazy For You-Madonna By request; nailed it!
With Arms Wide Open-Creed Thought it was low and gravely, but two people told me it sounded good!  So????
Calling All Angels-Train  Nailed it!
Not a Dry Eye In The House-Meatloaf Surprised the hell out of me that he had this!  Did well, even though I had to switch octaves at times.  Two people hi-fived me afterward!

Discovered Bottom's Up is only hosting karaoke every other week from now on, unless otherwise entire table of friends is NOT happy!
Rhinestone Cowboy-Glenn Campbell Not too bad, even though I kept switching octaves...
Rhythm of the Night-Debarge Again, not too bad...
Ride Like the Wind-Christopher Cross Did well!  Probably best of the night!
Right Down The Line-Gerry Rafferty  Made it through, even though it was slightly low.
Right Here, Right Now-Jesus Jones Verses were rough, but nailed the chorus!
Right Here Waiting-Richard Marxx  Nailed it!
Right Time of the Night-Jennifer Warnes Did well:)
Rikki Don't Lose that Number-Steely Dan DNH
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill Finally sang it well!