Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Life As A Red Vest With One Arm, Week #79

 Day 348:

Returned to work today, to see how well I work with one arm, T had me up front.  Things went well; normally customers were friendly and understanding about my one-arm restriction, and happily lifted paint, or items in general onto the counter.  Only had one customer ignore my plea to lift it, so Matt did it while informing the customer I'd broken my arm and wasn't allowed to lift it.  Another customer lifted the bag of whatever it was, but slammed everything else down.  I don't know if she was irritated or just normal behavior.  I ignored it.

Only had two 'oopsies'.....1) I thought customer said she wanted to pay $45 in cash; turned out she'd said $35.  Had to wait for HC M to rescue me.  2) Tried to look up my schedule before clocking back in after lunch and didn't realize the cap lock was on.  Had to call IT to get me unlocked.

ASM Scott had fallen on the ice and busted his knee.  Saw him and said, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery...but you didn't do it right!"  He laughed.

I'm getting my Covid pay this week!!!

Outfit:  Black V-neck tunic, jeggings, store mask

Day 349:  Back in Lumber!!!

Arrived; everyone was happy to see me back, even a few customers:)  Was steady; managed to get pop count accomplished by 5:30, when Alexa came to send me to lunch.  When I arrived back, she said she'd sanitized everything and pulled the trash.  I'm glad I double-checked; she'd missed 3 trash cans!  At 7:30, I was able to do my LU, AP4Me, read my email, change my log-in PW, and complete the two training courses.  HC C had me hop over to #2, since the $$ was getting close to going over.  At 8:50, customer came in and asked what time we close. 

"10 mins"

"Is there someone in plumbing who can help me?"

"Should be."

At closing, the customer is still shopping.  C and Mgr T left me open and he finally showed up.  Rang him up, then took C's vest back to her locker.  Clocked out around 9:25.

My name is on the anniversary list for Feb!  As of tomorrow, I've been here 2 years:)  Minus 4 months and 3 weeks, lol!

Outfit:  Blue Canada sweatshirt, jeggings, blue plaid mask

Day 350: My 2nd year anniversary with the company:)

Arrived; Marci was happy to see me!  Shift was slow.  Had pop count done by 5; all early work finished by 5:30.  M sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, began the closing duties. Was slightly steady until 7, then thoroughly swept and sanitized the entire area.

Loader J told an off-color religious joke within earshot of one of our more conservative cashiers, who promptly complained.  I whacked him with my broom when he told it to me.  Later when questioned, I said it was slightly offensive, but the smack-on-the-wrist kind, not fireable.  J later said he was waiting for a manager to talk to him about it.  Don't know if it ever happened....and he finished out the night.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, black leggings, starry night mask

Day 351:  Rare Sunday!

Alexa had asked me if I'd take her shift today, so she could study for some school tests tomorrow.  I went in at 11:30 and was thrilled to find out I'd be working with Cindy and her trainee Carson:)  They went to break, which was fine; things were slow and steady nearly all day.  Cindy went to lunch at 1, so I coached Carson on the register, and she did well:)  When C returned, we were slightly busy, so I didn't go to break until 2:30.  When I came back, got the call at 3 to go to lunch, so walked over to McAllister's:)  When I returned at 4, things were fine, but after clocking in, it was hectic!  Carson's shift was over, and Cindy went to break.  I did the pop count and started the closing duties. Makenzie came down at 5, and when she left at 7, I pulled trash and began sanitizing.  My final customer arrived at 7:45 and needed 16 deck boards, a few 2x4s, and a few 4x4s, plus some screws.  Rang her up just as we were closing.  Locked the doors after K and Matt got everything loaded, then took the trash down.

Outfit:  Gray hooded sweatshirt, black leggings, starry night mask.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February Goals

 In some ways, January dragged, and in others, it seemed to go fast!  What was your impression?

Here's what I accomplished/didn't accomplish last month:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) Ugh....gained 1 lb, so not too bad...

-Buy a scale Not yet

-Finish cleaning out bedroom Sort of....

-Organize Basement New shelves look good!  Now to get two more....

-De-decorate house 1/14-Check!

-Hang pictures Nope

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls Finished DVR Dec; now SE1-4 on Netflix 1/31:  On SE3 Ep 6

-Begin watching Mandelorian Not yet

-Type up Dad's/my stories Check!

-Begin artist search Not yet

Start socking $100-200 away per month Check!

-Buy 10 more styluses  Check! (red)

Health Update: 2/1:  Rotator cuff on left arm is 'irritated'; start PT on the 8th.

                           2/3:  Broke left arm in freak accident.  Surgery on 4th; released 5th.

                           2/22:  Staples Removed 

Mom Update:  Had to postpone delivery of chair, due to my fall.

Books Read: 3

           Print: 3

       E-Book:  0

Karaoke Songs Added:  7

Updated Book 'Tour':

-Evansville Women's Conference (April 8th) Cancelled; hopefully Nov 4th.

-Liberty Writers Conference (reader mode only):  April 10th, New Jersey

-Weekend With The Authors (June 17-20) Nashville, TN

-InConJunction (1st weekend in July) Indpls, In

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Info resent; funds paid last year.

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (TBA)

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

February Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 244) 2/22:  Lost 1!

-Buy a scale 

-Finish cleaning out bedroom 

-Buy shelves for basement

-Hang pictures ;

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls 2/17:  Began Se 5; 2/20:  Begin Se 6; 2/24:  Begin Se 7

-Begin watching Mandelorian 

-Type up my stories

-Begin artist search 

-Buy 10 more styluses 

-Pay for new magnets and stickers

-Buy new laptop

-Get Mom's chair safely delivered and couch to storage

February Reading Goals:


The Kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang DRR!!!  OMG this book should be required reading.  LOVED it!!!
The One and Only-Emily Giffin DRR!!!  Love her books!
Breaking The Bro Code-BB Swan Skimmed most of this; the spacing and font kept bugging me. 
Breaking The Cycle-BBS DNF...font and spacing improved; just not in mood to read.  Tabled for later.
Breaking The Barriers-BBS DNF....font and spacing MUCH better; just not in mood to read.  Tabled for later.
Little Disasters-Sarah Vaughan Loved this!  RR!
Fire and Blood-George RR Martin
Hook's Little Mermaid-Suzanne Lynne
Going Down In Flames-Chris Cannon
Blackmail Boyfriend-CC
The Dating Debate-CC
99% Faking It-CC

Written On His Heart-Cathy Jackson
Achieve-Jade Waltz

Karaoke Songs:
2/18 No transportation

2.25*First time after Quarantine*
Take Me Home-Phil Collins DNH
Royals-Lorde So-so....
Do Wah Diddy-Manfred Man Voice cracky and too low.  Bleh.  Deleted vid.
Do Ya Wanna Touch Me-Joan Jett Surprisingly good!  Best song of the night!
Edge of 17 Sang this to celebrate my 'one wing dove' moment, lol!  Think I grabbed the wrong mic; could hardly hear myself.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Life in Lumber: Week #78

 Day 346: The Day My Mask Tried To Kill Me

Arrived; discovered an announcement from Mgr T saying we needed to get our surveys up; our LPPs up; and hand-vs-scan up.  Bleh.  Was steady until 5, then got pop count done and prelim duties.  Went to lunch at 6, and when I returned, Gracie was having an issue with the printer for a check.  Shut it off for a minute, then G logged off and I logged in.  Re-scanned her items, then everything went smoothly.  Got everything swept; pulled trash; and sanitized everything except the plexiglass, due to no window cleaner.

Inhaled a string or something after 5; coughed, choked, and for a moment thought I was going to throw up.  Took off mask and put on the paper one and breathed better.

Also, every time I tried to get my lumber associate's attention, they appeared to ignore me.  Come to find out, they hadn't heard the page, and Mgr BW has a new number.

When HC C cleaned me out, took down the trash, then accompanied her to the front.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, dark jeggings, blue mask/LU mask

Day 347:

Arrived, and discovered Seth W in line (BSA and HS friend of K's)!  We chatted while Matt rang him up, then I took over.  Half an hour later, the scanner quit, even though I tried to reboot it several times.  Hopped over to #2 until 6:15, when M came down and sent me to lunch.  He turned on #1 and everything cooperated.  When I returned, I started the closing duties.  Around 8, I needed a pit stop, so M came down again.  While I was gone, D, W, and A arrived, and watched me work until close.  A and W ran carts, then A helped me sanitize everything.

My next-to-last customers was a group of Mennonite/Amish, who all paid separately.  Had to figure out what M had rung up and what was still needed.  Finally straightened everything out!

Had two customers that didn't want their change for a total of $.23.

HC Cindy cleaned me out, then I took down the trash and put my vest up. I'm off Wed, due to a dr. appt., and there's a remote chance I'll be late on Thurs, due to my mom's chair being delivered at 10 am, then taking her couch to storage, and D wanting his eyes checked at Eye Mart in TH.

Outfit:  White V-neck tunic, dark jeggings, HP mask

Broke my arm in a freak accident 2/3/2021:  Climbed out of bed to wake up my tingling foot and fell to the floor, breaking my left arm just below the shoulder.  Am expected to be out for 6-8 weeks.  Plus, tested positive for Covid, ugh, meaning D wasn't allowed to stay with me.