Friday, September 28, 2018

Flashback Friday, BB20, and Survivor Catch Up

Sept 2008:
Toddler (now referred to as 'Youngling') returned to Head Start, and I decided to defend my position on Policy Council.  Two other moms decided to run, and I was very surprised and a little hurt, that I wasn't elected.  Why not keep The Veteran on the council, since it's her final year?

While speaking to people afterward, they weren't even sure my name had been mentioned!  But at least I had my Tuesday nights back again....

I also attended the Tri-County Book Signing Event at Washington Square Mall in Evansville, In.  I was on the front row; BC Brown near the back.  Jamie Carie was at the opposite end of my row, and I bought her 2nd book, The Dutchess and the Dragon.  Sold 5 books at that event:)

Next Month:  Halloween!

Present Day:
Took my daughter to S-n-S last night, and we ended up having a long-overdue heart-to-heart.  Turns out my sweet child had 3 miscarriages two years ago, and I'd only known about one.  She's handling it a great deal better than I would have.....I'm choosing to think of it as a blessing in disguise.  She and her then-boyfriend were sooooo not ready for another child!

I'm very thankful she's back on Depo shots.

Also found out she's thinking of making an entire Life Change next spring.  On one hand, I'm happy; on the other, it would mean I would only see her once a year, if that much.   Still, it's in God's hands.

The final 3 were JC, Kaycee, and Tyler.  Tyler won Pt 1, Kaycee Pt 2.  Round 3 had them tied, and Kaycee won the tie-breaker.  She evicted JC and took T to the end.

When Dr. Will polled the Jury, it sounded as if Kaycee had everyone's vote, and I was right!  Again, it was tied, and Bayleigh voted for K.  T did win Favorite Housegues.

Shaggy did something asinine....he proposed to B, even though they'd not seen each other for nearly 3 months!  They'd only spent ONE MONTH together!  I give it 6 months, and if they do follow through, I don't think it will last.  Although, they're both selfish and drama-oriented, so who knows....

They're bringing back Celebrity BB in January or Feb, so I'm anxious to see who's stupid crazy to sign up.

Survivor David vs Goliath
Two teams, one brawnier and more successful than the other.  'David' won the 1st challenge, and was awarded the shelter logs. 

Over at Goliath, one guy found the Hidden Immunity Idol; Natalie was getting on everyone's nerves by barking orders left and right.

Over at David, Nick irritated people by not helping, and Pat's off-color jokes were raising some eyebrows.

Goliath won the Immunity Challenge, and Nick's name was being tossed around at David.  HOWEVER......during the ride back to camp, the waves were rough from the storm and Pat was jostled, hurting his back.  Medical was called; they pulled him from the game for X-rays.  No tribal council, and Nick has no idea he just dodged a bullet!

During the previews, it looks as if Goliath may throw a challenge just to get rid of Natalie!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

BB20 Catch Up

After winning his way back into the house, Scottie was voted out again and returned to the Jury House.

Haleigh was then voted out, and on Double Eviction night, Angela and Tyler sent Brett packing in a surprise move.  Tyler won HOH, put up Sam and JC, then Angela won the Veto.  She took off JC 'I call this being one step ahead..' and Ty told Brett to take his place 'And I call this being two steps ahead.'

Angela won the next HOH and put up  Sam and JC.  Kaycee then won the veto and Sam was sent to jury.

Final Four:
Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and JC.  Angela couldn't compete in HOH; in a surprise turn, JC won and put up Ty and Angela!

Kaycee won the POV and voted to send Angela to jury.

Final Competition:
Pt 1:  An endurance comp.  Ty and Kaycee planned to have K win the physical, then Ty the mental one.  Will this plot play out?  Find out next Thursday after I watch the finale!  I also voted for Samantha to win America's Favorite Player.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Flashback Friday: Cold Labor Day!

Sept 1998:
We went to Crown Point to visit D's cousin and his family, and ended up spending the night.  When we had arrived, it was a comfortable mid-70s, but when we woke up, suddenly Fall had arrived!  Thank god I had worn long sleeves, because I was COLD!

D woke up with numbness in his left arm, so I had to drive us home.  J and M promised to come down for our planned cook-out the following month.

Next Month:  The Sonic Boom That Rocked The Neighborhood!

Present Day:
I'm heading to Evansville tomorrow and Sunday for the annual Vanderburgh Craft Fair at the Fairgrounds!  Brooke got us a booth inside this year, so hoping for good sales!

Got a new phone yesterday, and after 6 hours, one call to Tech Support and 3 CSMs later, we discovered we'd entered the wrong SIM card number.  Still having a little trouble with apps freezing, but it should work out okay.  My case arrives next week, and I need a screen protector.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Flashback Friday: Senior Fun!

Sept 1988:
BSU finally got with the program and went to a semester system, instead of a quarter system.  Since my sister had now joined me on campus, I was determined, once and for all, to graduate this year, as we were both on the 'parental scholarship'.

I was still working at the country club, but my schedule was hectic.  In fact, before I'd left on vacation, I'd told my boss that I could only work on Wednesdays, besides the weekend, since I had night classes Mon, Tues, and Thurs.  She'd huffed, "I'm no longer hiring college students!", but we knew she'd get over it.

Toga, Toga!
We made friends with the girls across the hall, and they invited us to a toga party downstairs.  EY and I wrapped ourselves in bed sheets, and had a blast!

My sister decided to run for Student Senate, so EY and I plastered posters all over our dorm, and talked to any freshman we met to vote for her.  The night of the election, I called her to see if she'd heard anything, and she verbally took my head off.

Being the nice sister I am, I recognized the fact she was stressed, and probably hadn't eaten anything, so I ordered her a pizza.  Just before EY and I walked out the door to intercept the Domino's delivery man at her dorm, she called to say she'd won, and then asked if I'd take her to get something to eat.  I laughed and told her about the pizza!  We toasted her success, and laughed about her anecdote about offering the football quarterback a 'safe escort' back to campus, since 'he could get raped'.

Next Month:  I get to see Saturn!

Present Day:
I'm off to Eminence Harvest Festival tomorrow!  Then back to Mom's for a day or two, to help with 'Operation Bug Extermination'.  Dad refused to let me come yesterday, since the new bed mattresses won't be delivered until later this month, but he did agree to let us come help move everything back IN!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Flashback Friday: "Why Me?"

Forgot To Mention in August 1978:
W and I had fun with Uncle B in pool!  We stood on his shoulders; performed antics on the diving board.  Grandpa and I on the porch with the welk, and it scared me when its foot decided to extend!  We went to the bird sanctuary and met George the Sandhill crane,and spent an afternoon in the Christmas tree house.  Mom and Dad also took us to King's Island; I think this was the year the Animal safari section opened.

Sept 1978:
"You're Still Dating HIM?"
The girls in my class were flumoxed.  Instead of changing boyfriends every week, I was still with S....and he went to a rival school.  A couple of girls decided to test my loyalty.

I was happily eating my solitary lunch (none of my friends had my lunch hour) when two boys from the 8th grade suddenly plopped their trays down across the table from me.  I knew who they were; Mike W and JR, who hung around some of the more popular girls in my class.  I decided to ignore them, but they engaged me in conversation, so I ate as fast as I could, then escaped to the gym.

Day #2, same thing.  I was confused; why were they hanging around ME?

Day #3, I had just entered the cafeteria when I saw them waving their arms and gesturing me over to their table.  I panicked, and that's the day I stopped eating lunch.

EM came up to me and questioned why I didn't want to talk to Mike or JR, who were 'obviously interested in me'.  I replied I wasn't interested, since I had S.  She shook her head and left me alone.

I'm An Alto??
I loved to sing, so it was a shock when I was placed in the alto section of Girl's Choir.

Saturday Morning Fun:
We'd enjoyed the Captain Kool and the Kongs the previous year; now suddenly the Bay City Rollers were on TV for an hour, often with Witchy Poo from HR Pufinstuff.  We sang along to Rock-n-Roll Love Letter, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night, and to Shaun Cassidy's That's Rock-n-Roll.

Sunday mornings found S, D, and I hanging out at the church playground after Sunday School, until his parents finished with choir.  Then we'd wait until D left, then exchange kisses either behind a tree or in the 5th grade classroom.

Next Month:  Uncle Bill Visits!

Present Day:
This is my final week in Lafayette, helping Mom and Dad.  Dad's job is on hiatus after Sunday, and I think my family has missed me this summer.  Mom, of course, wants me back later this month, so I'll have to feel out the family before I commit.  I've got three events this week:  1st Friday tonight; Eminence Harvest Fest; and the Vanderberg Co. Fairground event we did last year.

Mom saw the orthopedic  dr and got her locking brace for PT, and she's got an appointment to test her muscles later this month.

TS Gordon is supposed to arrive tonight or tomorrow; I sincerely hope it doesn't drown out the 1st Friday Art Walk!

Sad News:  Longtime family friend Bill Fall passed away on Wed.  He was either 101 or 102.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Battle Back Comp! #BB20

Where We Left Of.....
Scottie was sent packing, and Angela won the HOH.  She put up 'Fayleigh', much to Fessie's surprise.

Kaycee beat Fessie by one point in a slimy-ball-catching competition, and kept the noms the same. Fessie was eliminated.

Battle Back:
Thankfully, Scottie won, and went back into the house!  Tyler hung onto his rope longer than Haleigh to win the HOH comp, and put up both Scottie and Haleigh.  Haleigh is the real target this week.