Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of The Year Checkup

Currently Reading:  Fatal by Michael Palmer
Could Not Finish:
Such Devoted Sisters-Eileen Goudge
Beverly Hills-Pat Booth
I'll post my entire new TBR list tomorrow.

It's been quite a year for us!

Jan:  Daughter's b/f moved to Kentucky, and after more bouts of morning sickness, we held a meeting with her school counselor and moved her into the Academy, where she went to school from 12-3pm, and did her schoolwork ala Independent Study.  Suddenly my previous A-student appeared again:)  Someone also nominated Kenzie's Tracher's Pet in the P&E poll, and it reached #10.  Love Finds A Way was re-released.

Feb:  Ultrasound revealed we were going to welcome Miss Alexandria Nicole into the family in June.  I loved S's new doctor and was thrilled by the new ultrasound machine, but was NOT happy S decided to find out the baby's sex.  The SU also had his disability hearing, in which the judge needed more time to weigh the evidence.  It could go either way.  Forbidden Love was released, and sales of my Arbor U increased.

March:  With tensions mounting, I let S go to Kentucky for a week, with the hope since they'd been apart for a while now, maybe their affections had 'cooled', or being together 24/7 for a week would open S's eyes.  Didn't work, but I was yelled at for several weeks.  To escape the SU's 'wrath', I packed up my youngling and we headed for my parents' home for a few days of R-n-R.  I even consulted a lawyer, so I'd know my options.  Unfortunately, divorce was not one of them, given everyone's financial status.  But it calmed me down, and on the way back, D called; his disability had been approved.  When I arrived home, I looked over the paperwork and noticed the instructions had been to call the office.  So we did.....and discovered his back pay was already on the way!  We'd thought it wasn't coming until August or Sept!  So the spouse's mood improved, and he was no longer quite as grumpy.  Cover art and edits for Balancing Act arrived.  My college kid got into some trouble while vacationing in Texas; chalk it up to a Learning Experience.

April:  BC Brown, B (her SO), and I took off one Saturday for Chicago, to go to the RT book signing.  We enjoyed the afternoon meeting Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts, and Brynn Paulin, plus a bunch of others!  Spent $300 in books, then took the train to Wicker Park and wandered around. Came home and began edits for Balancing Act.  Youngling went through 1st Communion, and our Easter service songs were beautiful.

May:  S was now finished with school; she'd passed all of her junior classes by March and had been taking a few of her senior classes.  But at the end of April, they refused to open any more for her, so S's summer break began a month early.  Which turned out to be a blessing, since the SU and I had planned to go to the zoo with the youngling's class, but he ended up in jury duty.  So S filled in, and we had an enjoyable day.  Balancing Act released, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Youngling was NOT happy about being retained, but perked up when we told him he'd be 'the expert' next year, the one who would already know the material.

June:  The heat hit.  Miss Alexandria Nicole made her appearance on June 7th, after a 13-hour-induced labor.  They finally took her via C-section, which turned out to be a good thing, since the cord was wrapped around her neck.  She reduced her Uncle K to a pile of mush; and wrapped herself around Grandpa's fingers.  My college kid received the heartbreaking news his grades weren't good enough to stay at Purdue.

July:  I had a tooth extracted, which laid me low for ten days.  I also managed to see two movies:  Rock of Ages and Magic Mike, though I overran my 'vertical' time and nearly got sick 3/4 of the way through MM and had to go take a ten minute nap in the ladies' room.

Aug:  Mom had her hernia surgery, so I spent two weeks with her, 1st in the hospital, and the 2nd at her house.  Bought That Book and began displaying it on my table at craft fairs.  Sales of Kenzie's Teacher's Pet shot up.  Kids returned to school; youngling was thrilled to be back with his 2nd grade teacher again.

Sept:  Did more signings with fantastic results:) Also entertained my readers with my witty Book That Shall Not Be Named critiques:)

Oct:  This was a busy month.  Attended a mini-reunion and was disappointed with one of my classmates didn't show up, but was thrilled with someone I'd not seen in six or seven years DID show. I was also involved in an outdoor Mass, where several choirs came together for the service.  And the Methodist church organized a community choir concert where three of us from our church joined the members from at least five other choirs, plus the Bell Choir from the UMC, and performed a two hour show.  I was only able to attend three out of the four practices, but did well, at least until the final song.  Somewhere I managed to get 'lost', but kept mouthing the words until I found my place again!  Spouse griped about me being gone every Tues-Wed-Thurs, and even then, going to karaoke afterward on Thurs, but I reminded him he'd okay'd my joining the choir back in Jan!

Nov:  Spent the month writing book #8, Love is Color Blind, and editing Kenzie's Class Reunion.

Dec:  Spent the month baking cookies and shopping.  Snow arrived the day after Christmas.

Books Read:  Not that many; mostly the 14 I picked up at RT, plus another 4 or 5 at a bookstore in Aug, and ones picked up at used bookstores.

Author Read:  'Met' and read Jean Joachim and Kellie Kamryn this year, who have now joined a short list of 'Auto-Buy' authors.

Karaoke Titles Accomplished:  Began the year at the end of the 'B' titles; ended the year with two rounds of the 'D' ones:)

Present Day:
Daughter had an altercation with her boyfriend.  He apparently took a handful of pills; broke up with her; then passed out on the couch.  When he came to, he tore apart the coffee table and threw the legs into the wall.  Broke two windows, then when S threw him out, he called his mommy, who came and got him.  We went over after telling her to call 911.  I also called the police, so we could get a hold of her maintenance department, to fix the windows.

Yesterday, he checked himself into the psych ward for 3 days.  They're supposed to be setting him up with a regular counselor.

Meanwhile, S and Alex spent the Sat and Sun here, and are currently on their way back to clean up the apartment and find out if she's being evicted, or if she gets to keep it.  Son K was so furious, he posted a rant on Face Book, which prompted some discussion.  E's mom texted me an hour ago with a veiled threat toward K:

Text #1:  "If ur son starts a fight with E after he gets out its his own fault if E f***s him up  I just got on his FB him and S are saying bad things."

Text #2:  "I do not want any drama whatsoever and ur son and S needto quit cuz if K comes here he's going to jail and I'll let my son whoop his ass so plz stop"

I was tempted to text back 'They're only telling the truth'...but decided not to.  Why sink to her level?  Anyway, I'm off to take care of the granddaughter and do some last-minute shopping.  We're hoping to visit my parents tomorrow for another family Christmas:)  Supposed to get more snow today; let's hope it doesn't affect travel plans!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Flashback: Diagnosis Confirmed....

Dec 23, 2002:
Recap:  Back in September, the spouse's blood pressure began to do weird things, causing him fatigue.  And after a month of me badgering him to go to the doctor, I finally took matters into my own hands while at my own appointment.  My wonderful GP went out into the lobby, and told him to come back.  Then pointed to the appointment desk.

"You will make an appointment for the first available appointment, and you will keep it."

In November, he shocked many nurses and two doctors by his 160/20 or even 160/0 BP, and was ordered to have tests, including a heart cath two days before Christmas.

We went in and completed the paperwork, then I was directed to the waiting room. A few hours later, they called me back into the room and we were told a surgeon would be in shortly.  A surgeon?

We watched several episodes of Law and Order on TNT while we waited, then Dr. Sherher came in.

"We've determined your aortic valve  has been damaged in some way; the base of it appears to be in shreds, like butterfly wings.  I want you to go home, enjoy the holidays, and I'll see you back here January 10th."

My spouse was in shock.  "Is there anything I can do in the meantime?  Exercise..."

"No.  Do not exercise.  Just enjoy your family over this holiday season.  You'll be going into surgery for either a repair or a replacement.  I won't know how badly it's damaged until I open you up."

And when a surgeon says 'no exercise', you know it's bad.  My mind was whirling; he was only 48 years old.  And about to undergo serious heart surgery, when previously the only injuries he'd had were to his back!  We thanked Dr. Sherher and waited for the discharge orders.

Christmas was still cheery, but a somber cloud of this is serious was on everyone's mind.  The only thing we could do was put the matter in God's hands, pray, and hope for a surgeon's steady hand.

Next Month:  Surgery and the aftermath.

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Jean Joachim's Renovated Heart!  Definite Recommended Read!  Next up:  Kellie Kamryn's Tumbling Hearts.

Print Books:  Suffer The Children was okay.  As a mom, I was disturbed the content, and had to keep putting it down or even switch books to 'cleanse' my mind.  Doomesday Device was better, and really enjoyed the ending! 

Next up:  Such Devoted Sisters by Eileen Goudge.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Part 7 of That Sequel

Thankfully, Chs 13 and 14 were short!  I nearly had another episode where I wanted to hurl the book under the next train, but since we had a snow storm yesterday which halted most of the traffic in town, I settled for throwing it toward the end of my bed, startling my Lab mix.

Ch 13:
Pp 309-10:  I must say she's very composed about an ex-sub of C's waving a gun in her face.  The author still hasn't learned when she's writing in 1st person you cannot 'see' into the other character's thoughts.  And she still has an adverb problem.  Like me several years ago, lol!

Pg 311:  Two issues:  They're in the kitchen and I'm pretty sure A has her back to L.  So all of a sudden A has eyes in the back of her head?  Or did I miss a line where L is standing beside her?  I'd go back and reread, but I'm already bored.  And at the bottom of the page, suddenly L's 'voice' in my head has morphed into Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter; the whiny servant of Voldemort who was Ron's pet rat??) or Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  Eerie.

Pg 314:  Here is where I had my WTH moment.  C has come to the rescue; disarmed L, who has slipped back into total sub mode, and all A can think of is 'why do I have to leave?  So you can go punish your ex-sub and enjoy what you can't with me?'  I want to slap her upside the head!  When someone rescues you, you LEAVE the room, you dolt!  If you don't trust your man with his obviously deranged ex, then you don't belong with him!  But no, this is A.  Who goes off in a snit with the brother of her roommate to a bar across the street.

Pg 316:  Geez....eye roll moment here.  A wants to confide in E, but 'I signed an NDA'...I think it would be null and void after what you just went through.  If you're THAT upset over what 'might' be happening, then spill!

Pg 321:  She's back; they argue; and....then......C gets on his knees?  The Dom....gets on his KNEES?  This is soooo out of character!

Ch. 14:
I had a hard time reading this chapter.  It's one thing for her to whine and moan, but for HIM to do it?  I'd like to think there might have been a better way for this disclosure to come out.

Pg 329:  He describes himself as a sadist.  Ummm, wasn't that the whole point of the ending to Book #1?

Pg 332:  Oh yes, the answer to every argument:  'Marry me?'  WHAT?  Oh yeah, every woman wants to hear those words eventually, but not after the revelation her lover's a sadistic bastard with abandonment issues!  And her reaction?  Laughter.  Yeah, insult the man.  That's the way to handle it....give into your PTSD.  You've been through a lot in the last thirty pages.

Pg 334:  She tells him she'll think about his proposal and wants to go to bed.  But he insists on feeding her.  Then he reveals how he dealt with L.  Stress and fatigue of everything overtakes A, and she wanders off to bed.  I seriously hope there's not a sex scene coming up in Ch 15....

Switching gears, we had a snow storm yesterday, with at least a foot of snow dumped on us.  I've had a nasty head cold since last week, so I spent Christmas with a box of Puffs, and reading Judith Arnold's Looking For Laura.  Now I'm bouncing back and forth between John Saul's Suffer The Children and Sidney Sheldon's The Doomsday Device.  Caused me to have weird dreams last night (shiver).

If you missed yesterday's Hump Day Hook, scroll down for an excerpt from Balancing Act:)

Stay warm and drive safely!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hump Day Hook:)

For a list of more Hump Day Hook posts, click here:)

Here's a snippet from the Christmas scene from Balancing Act:)

. “And while we're on the subject, what's this shit about you joining the Peace Corps?”
“It's a great way to work with people and visit other cultures. You know I want to get my master's degree, and if I join the Peace Corps, maybe I'll get an idea of what it's like out in the field.” Gretchen bit her lip. Maybe I should have told him first, instead of blurting it out at the dinner table.
“Well, now's a fine time to tell me. What were you planning? Leaving me here alone for a few years while you go to some foreign country?”
“There's always a chance I won't get accepted.” Gretchen leaned her head against the window. “Besides, I was just thinking about it.”
“Stop thinking about it.” Joe lowered his voice. “It’s an asinine idea.”
“What about my career?” Seriously? He did not just shoot down my entire life’s ambition.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday!  I'm still fighting a cold, and still have no voice.  I'm going to clean up my kitchen, then crawl back in bed with That Sequel for tomorrow's post.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

Dec 1992:
Baby K was now walking!  In case I forgot to mention it last month, I'd gone to my grandmother's house and set K down by the nearest chair while I finished lugging everything inside.  To our utter amazement, the child took off across the floor and into his great-grandmother's waiting arms:)

"How In the Hell Do You DO This All Day?"
I had a doctor's appointment scheduled, so baby T's dad came to baby-sit for a few hours.  When I returned, refreshed for being child-free for a while, C looked worn out!

"I swear; you hadn't been out the door two minutes when K knocked over the tree; the phone rang; and T began crying.  I wasn't sure what to do first!"

I laughed.  "You pick up the tree, make sure K and T aren't hurt, then you console your son.  The call can go to voice mail!"  K scrambled off the couch and came running to greet me.

"It feels you've been gone longer than two hours; I need to go home and take a nap.  Hat's off to you, sweetie.  I don't think I could do this every day."

I'm not sure how my birthday was spent that year, but we spent Christmas Eve at my MIL's house, and K enjoyed ripping the paper off his gifts and seeing his new toys!

Present Day:
Had a great night last night at my Birthday Party:)  The weather was a little nasty; high winds and blowing snow, but a few people braved the cold and came out to Cincinnati Saloon.  Sang the following songs:

Danny's Song (Anne Murray):  Ugh.  Too low.  Did fine on the chorus though!

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Reba or Vicki Lawrence):  Nailed it!  Video will be posted sometime this week.

Dark Lady (Cher):  Nailed it, and wish now I'd video'd it!  Next time....

Daydream Believer (Monkees):  Ugh.  Too low.

December 1963 (4 Seasons):  Didn't do too badly!  Might do this one again at some point, but not a regular.

Dancing Queen (Abba):  M and B helped out on the chorus, and we rocked the bar:)

All You Wanted (Michelle Branch):  Nailed this one also!  A keeper:)

What's Up (4 Non-Blondes):  Nailed this one too, and got it on video:)

Are You Happy Now (Michelle Branch):  Needs work on the bridge, but over all, another keeper:)

Don't Stop Believing (Journey):  Closed out the night by pulling the 'it's my birthday; just one more song PLEEEEASE????'  And we rocked it:)  Another keeper!

Drink-wise, I drank 3 rum and cokes; one Bailey's on the rocks; one shot of B52 w/o the whiskey; and one Bailey's shot.  Got home around 3:30am, and discovered the spouse had had a memory lapse.  He did NOT remember me telling him for the past TWO WEEKS that our plan was to close down the bar on the 20th.  Maybe if the college kid had shown up, it would have been better?  But I texted him around midnight and he apologized and said he was staying put at his friend's house.

It's really a shock to be met at the door with Where The HELL have you been?  And then not be believed when innocence is expressed.  He also stated 'That's the LAST time you go out.'  Yeah, well, we'll see.  I might have to appease him by having Movie Night every other week again, the way we did last spring.

Fell asleep around 5am; I've got the sniffles, so my sneezing kept me up.  And since I'd been drinking, didn't want to throw any meds in the system.  Dogs woke me at 7:30, begging to be let out.  I did, then went back to bed.  Woke up shortly before 9am and decided to start my day.  Everyone else is still asleep.

Have a good weekend!  We're going to be making sugar cookies today (I think!) and I need to start wrapping presents.  Lugged everything downstairs yesterday, and this afternoon I'll see who I short-changed this year.

Just hope I'm over this damn head cold by Christmas Eve!  I can be sick Christmas Day, ha ha.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Part 6 of That Sequel:)

I found the Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People episode online yesterday and was more interested in Seth McFarland's segment than the author of THAT SERIES.  Her segment was rather ho-hum, and you could tell she was nervous.  Don't know how much was left on the cutting room floor; I thought maybe more would be shown after the commercial break.  But no....after the wonderful exposes' on Chris Christy and Seth, I felt a little let down.  That was IT?  (sigh)

Anyway, on with the countdown-I mean, the critique.

Ch. 11:
Oh my, they're having sex on the pool table.  And was a little disappointed when he didn't do any of the things I read in another sex-on-the-pool-table-scene, which was waaaaaay more spicier!  Want to know what book I'm talking about?  Ask me and I'll tell you in the comments.  Don't think this wonderful author would really like her name linked with this boring scene.

Pg 243:  She puzzled by his insistence of no safe word.  Does C not remember his own Rules?  Geez!  Also, he says 'Lovers don't need safe words.'  Ummmmm, if they involve BDSM play, yes they do.  Read your own manual, C.  And how does she know he's 'searching her face for clues' of lost convictions?  This is her POV, not his.

Pg 246:  She's bent over the pool table while C smacks her with a ruler.  So how does she know he's dropped it if she can't see it?  Did it land on the table?  Then she might have heard it.  I'm assuming the floor is carpeted, so she wouldn't hear it hit the floor.

Pg 255:  He's 'forbidding' her to go to NY with her boss?  And says 'Now he's like my dad.'  Honey, take it from one who knows:  If he acts this way BEFORE marriage, it's only gonna get worse.  This isn't love.

Pg 256:  Love the 'don't get your knickers in a twist' comment!

Pg 258:  If C was so worried about their email exchange, wouldn't he have notified her BEFORE now?  And I totally 'get' yelling at the computer....

Pg 263:  With the NY trip cancelled, she's now puzzled as to why her boss is so furious?  Ummmm....I think I can guess....his seduction plans are now on 'hold'....anyone with a brain in their head could see that one coming!

Pg 264:  Her subconscious has obviously taken a vacation:  'Who would want to shoot you?'  Ummm...there's an angry ex-sub out there with a gun...????  Time to wake up, subconscious!

Pg 265:  "I have never felt more like running..."  Yay!  A part of her is waking up to reality!!!  But since we're only halfway through the 2nd book, I doubt it sticks....

Pg 274:  Earlier, he asks her to move in, and she balked 'I don't know you..' Now she says she'll move in and he says 'But you don't know me...' and sounds panicky.  I doubt this is a case of him tossing her words back in her face, so why does this suddenly make him jittery?  If you don't want her to move in, don't ask her, moron!  Unless it was all a joke, and now she's called your bluff?

Ch 12:
Pgs 276-86:  I get why she wants to remain in the room at first while C speaks to Mrs. R; she's asserting the fact C is with her now.  But then she tires of the conversation and leaves....but eavesdrops?  And then tells him she was listening?  Why have the same argument over and over?  I thought this was settled a LONG time ago!  Grow up, A!

Pgs 287-90:  Didn't I read this scene in book #1?

Pg 308:  Oh boy.  A cliff-hanger chapter-ending.  She's being threatened with a gun.  Can I contain my curiosity until I read the next two chapter?  Considering the fact I'd not read the last four pages in this chapter and skimmed it quickly while writing this post....Yeah, I think I can wait.  There's still half of this book and #3, so I know nothing serious happens....

Come back tomorrow for memories of Christmas 1992:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Hump Day Hook:)

Here's a Christmas scene from Forbidden Love, #3 in the Arbor U series.  Enjoy:)

"Merry Christmas." Keri handed him the small, brightly wrapped package and
shrugged out of her coat and gloves.

"Thanks honey." He took her coat and draped it around a kitchen chair, then sat down
next to her on the couch to unwrap his gift, a silver, monogrammed cigarette lighter and
matching identification bracelet. "Oh, Keri, they're wonderful. Thank you." He drew her
close to him, kissing her.

Keri breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad you like them. Did you see the back of the

He turned it over and read, "'Love from your Favorite Girl, X-mas '85.' I love it!"

"You once called me your favorite girl, and since I wasn't sure about putting my
name on it, having to be discreet and all…" She let her voice trail off, feeling shy.

"You did the right thing," he agreed. "Now come here, woman, I've missed you."

"Yeah, I can tell." Keri snuggled into his arms and forgot her nervousness once his
lips touched hers again. Everything’s all right! I don’t have to be scared anymore, except
for whatever’s going to happen next.

Forbidden Love is available on Amazon and other fine online sites:) 

For more Hump Day Hook fun, go here:)

Today's also my day over at RB4U, and my post was hijacked by my fictional characters.  So stop by and check out the hilarity over there:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Survivor, Christmas, and Stuff

Currently Reading:  Print-wise, I finished The Joy Luck Club, and I hope the movie's better.  Still, an interesting glimpse into the Chinese culture.  I also finished Bel Air by Katherine Stone and was mildly disappointed the 'drama' I'd expected somewhat fizzled.  But since it's nice to be surprised, and the 'drama' would have been predictable, I enjoyed it:)  Just goes to show that people need to COMMUNICATE, and not ASSUME everything.  Recommended Read, if you don't mind the head-hopping of the early 90's:)  Now it's on to Maeve Binchy's Circle of Friends.  I'm up to Ch. 5 and enjoying it:)

E-book-wise, still on Renovated Heart.

1st of all, congratulations to Denise, winner of the 25th season of Survivor!  I was soooo positive Malcolm had the final immunity, since he won the advantage.  But no; he was the 1st one out of the challenge when they had to balance a ball on a round pole.  And was then voted out.  And the comments from the jury....WOW!

I've got the immediate gift-buying taken care of.  Now I just need to get a few items for my dad, the daughter's boyfriend, and another 'adoptee' who will be staying with us for a while.  No sense in him watching everyone opening gifts on Christmas Day and not having any of his own.  Plus, I need to find the Peanut Butter Trees, and get a few other stocking gifts.

I was also to correct a huge mistake on one of my online orders.  I'd accidentally inserted a '6' into my sister's address, and had to call three companies before they assured me the label could be changed.  I put my sis on alert, so she'll let me know if it ever gets to her.  And Amazon assured me that if for some reason they still can't find her, they'll send me an email telling me it was returned, and I can resend it.  Note To Self:  If a company questions you about an address, DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR ADDRESS BOOK!  I still can't believe I didn't do that.

Today, I'm baking again, I think.  Miss Alex arrives from 11-2, so depending on if she takes a nap after lunch, or Grandpa will play with her/put her down for nap, then I can get busy.  But if she's in Grandma Mode, then I might only get one or two batches whipped up.

Family Drama:
And I'm not very happy with Miss A's daddy.  He was all gung-ho about getting a job, but it's been 2 weeks since he was placed on Medical Leave, and he STILL hasn't gone back to the doctor for the note which returns him to work!  And now his mom's lost her job (again) and may be homeless by Jan (again) if she hasn't found another one.  He's told the daughter he's letting his mom move in with them if that happens.  Daughter said she's moving back home if he does.

Cookies Baked:  Approx. 30, and all but 3 doz consumed.
Gifts Bought:  Too many yesterday to count.  Maybe 40?
Cards Mailed:  0, but they have been signed, stamped, and the letter written.  Now just need to print it, stuff it, and seal them.  Also thinking about getting the cute pic of Miss A printed and sending it in the cards also.

Come back tomorrow for the Hump Day Hook....and a surprise!  Nope, not telling you what it is.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Molly's Favorite Things

We've all hear the song 'My Favorite Things'....'Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." and Oprah's Favorite Things episodes.  So the Powers That Be over at SCP decided, 'Hey, why not us also?'

All you have to do is either comment on this blog; go to our SCP Facebook Page; and Kenzie's blog (she's participating too!) and leave comments all around for your chance to win books by our authors.  Sound fun?

And I've got a little surprise for anyone who comments here:  Since it's my birthday month, I reserve the right to have a special giveaway.  So comment away and Merry Christmas!

So here we go.  What are my 5 Favorite Things?

1)  Pasta.  I'm such a carboholic...

2)  White sandy beaches

3)  Karaoke with friends (as if you didn't already know!)

4)  I've become addicted to Jimmy Johns sandwiches, ever since one opened in our town.  And my daughter works there!

5)  Balancing Act by Molly Daniels

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Birthday With Friends; Saying Goodbye To A Love One....and A Surprise

Dec 1982:
Since we were no longer spending every afternoon and weekends together, A and I gradually drifted apart.  We would meet for lunch, and go get a snack after school, but that was about it.  One day his blood sugar dropped and was sent home from school; I'm the one who went to his locker after school and took it to him.  His mom let me in; I went upstairs.  A opened his eyes long enough to say thank you, and promptly fell asleep again.  The next day he asked me if he'd dreamed I was there, and when I told him no; I'd really been there, he pulled me close for a brief hug in the hallway.

Basketball games had resumed, and our cheer block was allowed to wear pants instead of skirts, with our bright red sweaters.  I was thrilled; wearing a skirt and heels in snow is NOT something I'm fond of.  Especially when standing on bleachers, and expected to run onto the floor after a win!

The Friday before my birthday, B came up to me.

"Your birthday's this weekend, right?"

"Yes; why?"

He held out a Snicker bar.  "Happy birthday in advance.  You coming to the game tonight?  They're televising it."

"I'll be there."

Our team won that night, and as I congratulated him afterward, he put his arms around me and hugged me.

"I was such an ass to you last year.  Are we still friends?"

"Of course, you idiot!  I've enjoyed seeing you between classes again.  Besides, can't be angry very long when you bring me chocolate."

"Okay.  Happy birthday again, and Merry Christmas."  He let go of me and we went our separate ways.

On Sunday, my Youth Group gathered at a friend's house, so my parents took me out Saturday night; gave me my presents before church, and after choir practice, I caught a ride to N's house, where we ate pizza, played pool, and watched football.  Dad picked me up around 8pm and I went home for ice cream and cake.

A few days after Christmas, however, we got the news my aunt had passed away.  The rest of vacation was spent shuttling back and forth to Indianapolis for the two days of viewing and the funeral.  My younger cousins were in awe that I was 'so old', but yet willing to hang out with them.  I guess 17 is 'old' to a ten year old!  I'd showed them A's picture, and my girl cousins sighed.

"He's sooooo cute!  Are you going to marry him?"

"Oh, no way.  We're just good friends."  And I didn't want to go through life constantly having to spell my last name, so there was no way I was taking A's last name, should that ever happen!  I had enough issues spelling my maiden name; I wanted to marry someone with an EASY last name.

Which is weird how things turn out; I ended up marrying a man with a very German last name, and I'm constantly spelling it!  So that's why I went with easy pen names, lol!

Present Day:
Come back tomorrow for a special weekend of prizes!  My fellow SCP authors and I are having a '5 Favorite Things' contest.  How to enter?  Simply leave a comment either here or on out Face Book Page, and you'll be in the drawing for a free book.  And since this is my birthday month, any comments I get on this blog this weekend will receive an extra-special surprise.  So come back tomorrow for the links and see my 5 Favorite Things!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Part 5 of the Sequel to That Book

First of all, let me preface this by saying I'm so tired of the word 'smirk', it nearly turned me off another author's work!  I feel if I see it pop up one more time in another book, I'm going to scream and hurl it across the room, no matter if it's by an author I LIKE!  I apologize in advance to any other authors out there.  But I'm only on Book #2 of That Series, and I may never use 'mutter' or 'whisper' ever again, and woe if I ever find 'smirk' in one of my own books, or one I'm reading.

Ch. 9:
Pgs 197-202:  Enough with the -ly words!  My editor would have fit.

Pg 203:  Why is she put out because the valet compliments C on his car?  I don't get it.  Also, how is they're buying a new car on a SUNDAY?  Or is it only in Indiana the car dealerships are closed that day?  Or did he call ahead and pull some strings?  Otherwise, I find this hard to believe they randomly pull into the lot, and the dealership is open.  Like I said, this doesn't happen around here.

Pg 208:  Is she choosing the same thing as he for lunch in order to please him, or is this the downhill slide of 'You choose for me because I have no brain in my head'?

Pg 209:  I guess I need to brush up on my boat knowledge.  I thought a catamaran was a flat sailboat-thingy.  But what she's describing sounds more like a large sailboat/yacht.

Pg 212:  She's watching C and a member of his crew work with knots and suddenly she's wondering if M knows some good rope tricks too, then flushes at the forbidden thought.  I get this, but how does she know she's 'flushing'?

Pg 215:  Another 'I have the most ridiculous grin on my face'...can she see her reflection somewhere?

Pgs 216-20:  Skipped, due to boring sex scene.  I skimmed it, but other than the 'ho-hum' factor, nothing really to say.

Ch. 10:
Pg 222:  Why is she suddenly 'crabby' after helping him pack the sails away?  Unless she's overly tired from all that lovemaking.

Pg 224:  Why is C suddenly 'jealous' of her interest in JT?  More on this in a bit.

Pg 225:  Suddenly shy around M, because 'he must know what we were doing when he went ashore'.  Gee, you think?  I can hear C:  "Make yourself scarce so we can be alone for an hour.'

Pg 226-31:  I enjoyed reading their conversation, and the finally getting-to-know-you-better stuff.  But now it turns heavy, as she questions the fact he's changing for her.

Pg 232:  So A flirts with JT, then C 'makes her feel like a child'.  HUH???

Pgs 233-5:  I thought this entire conversation was taking place in front of the walk-in closet.  But then C leads her out of it.  So a little confusing here....

Pgs 237-40:  They're playing pool.  Isn't there a standard size for pool tables?  Yet she states "I don't think I've ever seen one so large...'

And great way to end the chapter.  Oooh, will he sink the 8-ball, then spank her and take her on the pool table?  I can hardly wait to read what happens in Ch 11.

And I sincerely hope my sarcasm is coming across in that last statement!

I was dealt a personal shock the past two days.  Found out a former boyfriend's mother took it upon herself to play God and interfere with our then-budding relationship.  If she hadn't have interfered, the summer of 1985 would have definitely been better for me.  So I wasn't too far off the mark when I wrote All She Ever Wanted back in July 2008, lol!

Going to karaoke tonight and singing some loud, angry songs.  I'll report back tomorrow.

Currently Reading:  Finished Laura by Hilary Norman, and loved it:)  Now reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.  This one is interesting, and different from The Kitchen God's Wife. 

E-book-wise, I'm still on The Renovated Heart by Jean Joachim, and this one is a Definite Recommended Read:)  I'm about 3/4 of the way through it:)  Just not doing a great deal of reading on the Kindle while I have two sacks full of paperbacks.  I really need to alternate mediums...

Tomorrow:  Memories of my 17th birthday:)  Have a good day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hump Day Hook

Go here for more Hump Day Hooks:)

How about a holiday paragraph from Love On The Rocks?

Con Keller looked over the top of the morning paper at her. “Did you bring that English grade up?”
“Yes. I’ve made good grades on all the tests.”
“And your other classes?”
Damn... “Econ may be lower, but that’s it. I’m doing well in everything else.”
“You’ll find the keys on my desk.”
“Oh, thank you.” Elicia hugged her father then kissed his cheek. “I’ll call you if they want me to start right away.” She went to get the keys.
Driving to the mall in her red sunbird was heaven after being driven everywhere or walking. No pressures to live up to Diana’s scholastic achievements, no lectures on her choice of clothing from her ultraconservative mother, no worries…period. She was free to do as she wanted and after entering the mall, she headed for her favorite clothing store and spoke to the manager, for whom she’d worked for all through high school.

Love On The Rocks can be found at SCP, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble:) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday

Dec 1972:
For my 7th birthday, I received a doll cake.  The kind with a Barbie-like doll standing up, and the cake is her dress:)  My grandparents and several neighborhood friends attended.  And for my birthday, I received a beautiful black Labrador puppy we named Wags.

Present Day:
Went Christmas shopping yesterday for the youngling and the granddaughter.  They're both going to have a good Christmas:)  I also need to finish up my online shopping for my nephew, SU, and Miss Drama Queen and Mr. Energy.

Tomorrow, my college kid turns 21.  He's heading up to Purdue today to celebrate with his fraternity brothers, so I won't get to spank him until Sunday.  We have a 'rule' in this house you cannot turn a year older until you've had your birthday spanking, ha ha:)  I need to call my mom and make arrangements to get together for our joint b-day dinner with them.

Have a great weekend!

Cookies Baked:  0 (was interrupted all afternoon, so decided I deserved a day of rest!)
Progress on Living Room:  Dusted the floor where the tree will be
Presents Bought:  9, not counting the ones I ordered last weekend.
Cards Written/Sent/Received:  0/0/1:)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Part 4 of the STTBWSNBN

Currently Reading:  Finished both Sushi For Beginners and Body Check!  Loved both!  Now reading Jean Joachim's The Renovated Heart.  Since I've loved Jean's other stories, I've no doubt I'll love this one too:)  Print-wise, haven't decided what to choose from the sack beside my bed.  Did I mention that after my TV appearance, I hit the 10 cent paperback sale, and came home with 11 gently used paperbacks?

It's been two weeks since I last posted, partly due to the holidays and NaNo, but also to the fact I nearly fell asleep twice reading Ch. 7.  I'm all for a party scene, but do you have to describe EVERYTHING?  And the present tense is still driving me crazy.  With that said, here are some of the 'roll my eyes' and 'gag me' parts:

Ch. 7:
Pg 144:  How does she know she doesn't realize his game until too late?  This should have been worded, "Too late, I realize the reason he's grabbed my hand is to place it on his erection."  Or something else to that fact.

Pg 145:  If you're so enthralled with his growing erection, how do you know you're barely aware of the bidding?  Either you're aware or not.

Pg 146:  She gives C a 'soft, chaste kiss', then notices the others at her table are 'astonished'.  Either the others are extremely bad at concealing their emotions or she's misinterpreting their facial expressions.  She doesn't know what's going on inside their heads; this is all assumption....and you know what they say about making assumptions....

Pgs 146-9:  I get she's embarrassed by the Ladies Auction.  And naturally, since this is her POV, there are two men vying to 'buy' her for the night.  One of the other ladies is furious when the bidding goes high.  Oh yeah; I burn with jealousy every time I see two men 'fighting' over another girl...give me a break!  This is for CHARITY!  The other girl should be thrilled A is forcing men to bid higher....

Pgs 150-5:  He takes her up to his childhood bedroom, spanks her, then they have sex.  Ho-hum.

Pgs 155-8:  The dancing begins, and C's psychiatrist dances with her.  Afterward, she teases C that the good doctor told her everything, and he doesn't take it well.  Does the man not know about the confidentiality clause in the doctor-patient/client relationship?

Pgs 158-60:  Mrs. R 'corners' A in the bathroom and while A is thrilled to think C loves her, Mrs R ruins it by warning 'if you hurt him, you'll have to answer to me'.  A case of an ex not wanting to let go?  Did she do this with all of C's other 'subs'?

Pgs 160-4:  A tells C about the conversation; he gets pissy and calls Mrs. R, which A evesdrops on; then C's father claims her attentions and she gleans some info about C's childhood.  Is it any wonder my eyes were drooping and my brain was shutting down?  Yawn....

(Two weeks later, I pick up the book again....)
Pgs 164-8:  A spectacular fireworks display.  And suddenly A has her wrap on.  Did she not check it when they came in?  I'll have to go back and check.  But then again, I really don't care, so I keep reading.

Pg 169:  How sweet; Mrs. R writes A a note, inviting her to lunch.  Why didn't she wait until the next day, when emotions have settled?

Pgs 170-1:  They arrive back home, only to be told A's car has been vandalized, and they need to check the apartment to make sure L isn't still there.  And all I can think of is 'Thank god that chapter's over!'

Ch. 8:
Pgs 172-6:  The house has been checked, and they've been given the 'all clear' sign.  A goes to bed.  And wakes suddenly with the groggy feeling she's not alone, but in the dark can't tell if it's just her imagination.  So she goes downstairs and flirts with C, who's in his office.  Then they go back to his room, where she was sleeping, and the balcony door is open.  NOW she tells C about why she woke up, then feels guilty for not being more forthcoming?

Pgs 176-82:  With the possibility L is hiding somewhere, A and C go to a motel.  And now the hotel receptionist can't contain her admiration of C.  What is it with the women in Seattle?

Pgs 183-90:  They make love.

Pgs 190-6:  C's doctor (MD) makes a hotel-room call and reprimands A for not taking her pill, then gives her a pregnancy test and a Depo shot.  And during the discussion of where A is in her cycle, it suddenly dawns on me why A has been so moody....she's suffering from a major case of PMS!  I'm surprised C didn't pick up on it, since he's such an expert on women....oh wait; he's been a little distracted.

Thank god that chapter is over and I don't have to pick this book up again for another week!  Did I actually say a month ago I was beginning to enjoy this book?  I take it back.

Update on Christmas Prep:
Cookies Baked:  5.5 doz M&M; 5.5 Butterscotch chip.  There's a cookie dough monster loose in my house!
Progress on Living Room:  Same as yesterday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump Day Hook

Go here for more Hump Day Hooks:)

From my Zombie story:

“What about those still in the ER?  Are they still alive?  When do you think you’ll be checking on that area?” Another reporter from CBS shoved her microphone closer.
            “When the HazMat team finishes their investigation, then I’ll be able to answer that more fully.”
            “Is there any truth to the report that it was a patient from the Chicken Shack shooting which exploded?”  Jamie jumped in with her question.  At the collective gasp, she hurried on.  “Do you think this was the work of a suicide bomber?”
            “Young woman, this is preposterous!  Who are you and what television station do you represent?” The administrator turned angry eyes on Jamie and crossed his arms.
             “Jamie Sullivan, with PBS.  We were heading over to the Shrine Circus and as we neared the hospital, we witnessed the explosion from Sixteenth and Maple.”
            “Honey, let us handle the news,” a Fox reporter rolled his eyes.  “You’re not equipped to handle a story of this magnitude.”
            Jamie’s temper exploded.  “How would you know?  Just because your news director is a sexist pig doesn’t mean you have to be one too.” 

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for the Sequel To The Book Which Shall Not Be Named:)

Cookies Baked:  8 doz oatmeal-raisin
Progress On Living Room:  Space cleared and DVD's reorganized.  Tree and ornaments still downstairs. However, daughter's tabletop tree is in chair, waiting to go home with her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Pics And A Teaser....

My sister and her two children:)  They live in Vancouver, BC, so I don't get to see them very often.  R (left) is 7 and D (right) is 9.  I struck gold for both kids this year for Christmas presents:  I got R anthologies of Amelia Bedelia and Berenstain Bears.  Spoke to my sister last night and R reads a different story to her every night at bedtime:)  With D, I bought him The Lightening Thief, and it kept him enthralled during the long airplane ride home.  I now know what to get him for his birthday:)

My mom, looking awesome!  She's able to eat regular food now, and enjoyed the week with her Canadian-American grandchildren, plus two days with her great-grandchild:)  Mom and Dad will celebrate 50 years of marriage next year; plans are in the works.

Miss Alexandria, in her Pooh Bear Thanksgiving dress:)  She charmed everyone by her ability to sit up.  She can't do it herself just yet, but will sit up if placed in that postion.

My family and I stayed at the hotel with the water park.  On Friday, W and D came over to swim; R had a fever and wasn't feeling well.  We were soon joined by our 'other sister', K and her two children, M (far left) and A (front with dark shirt).  M is 12, A is 8.  K is the one who underwent drastic interleukin treatment for melanoma two years ago and beat the cancer.  Enjoyed seeing her kids again!

And I'd be remiss if I didn't include a pic of my BIL (center).  Also pictured, my SU and daughter.  Temps were in the 60's, so after eating, people went outside and enjoyed the nice weather:)

And Now For The Teaser:

Eight of the twelve dozen cookies made yesterday (four are stashed away for teachers).  Today I may make Oatmeal-Raisin, since it is the spousal unit's fave.

Cookies Baked:  
6 doz Holiday Chip
6 doz Choc. Chip

Tree Progress:  Still in basement.  Living room still a mess.

Monday, December 3, 2012

TGIO! Time To Bake:)

First of all, I accomplished my goal:)  Hit 30K on Love Is Color Blind, and the book is practically writing itself, which was my primary goal.  Now I'm waiting for a phone call from the 500 Festival president, since the woman I spoke to on Friday could not answer my questions.  And if you don't tell on me....I took the rewritten passages of Kenzie's Class Reunion, plus the notes back and forth from my editor, and it totaled 20,038. So if you add the two together, you get 50,038.  So I essentially 'won' NaNo.  But not bragging about it all over the place; I'm happier just knowing a) I accomplished my goal for LICB and b) did not turn into a stressed-out, screaming banshee mess!

Cookie Baking Time!

No, I've not begun baking yet; just wanted to tease you with the pictures of last year's efforts:)  I did make a quick trip to the store for last minute items (ahem...I was out of butter, which is an essential part of my cookie recipe!) this morning, and should be all set to dive into the baking and make my whole house smell like Christmas.  Now if I could just get motivated to clean up the living room and set up the tree.....

Remember the Great Candy-Making Experiment?  Yeah; the one that caused me to grow out of my size 18 jeans?  I think I'm going to stick with the chocolate-covered pretzels, one batch of PB cups, and one batch each of strawberry and berry blue gummies.

Currently Reading:  You've missed this feature, haven't you?  LOL!  
E-book-wise, I'm about halfway through Body Check by Heather Peters.  I've enjoyed both of these books, and both are Recommended Reads:)

Print-wise, I reread Marian Keyes' Rachel's Holiday and Angels, and am about 2/3 of the way through Sushi For Beginners.  I found these books while going through boxes downstairs, and enjoyed them so much the first two or three times, I decided to read 'em again!  Also, while surfing through Amazon, found out the last Walsh Sister, Helen, is finally getting her book!  It will be out in April, so I've pre-ordered it as an early Easter present for myself:)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Day Of NaNo...

No Flashback today; I'm up to nearly 30K on Love Is Color Blind, and it's practically writing itself:)  So goodbye November; goodbye to trying to write as many words as possible while juggling Mommy, Domestic Engineer, and Chauffeur Duties; hello to cookie-baking, Christmas shopping, two birthday parties, and mysterious packages appearing under the tree....which I still have to put up.  Hopefully I'll get that accomplished tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


No STTBWSNBN....I'm 20K away from my NaNo goal, so I've no time to read.  Come back next week; Finally the words are flowing:)

If all goes well, I'll be watching Burlesque tonight with Mel and BC, then going to karaoke with BC and Monica.  Undecided if I'll begin doing my 'D' titles or do a 'best of' night.  Check back tomorrow; you KNOW I'll report back on 'roke:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day Hook:)

Go here for more Hump Day Hooks:)

NaNoWriMo is winding down, and so far I've attained 22K on book #8.  I'll admit, the majority is awful, and I didn't get a chance to work on it last week at all, due to family obligations.  But a funny thing happened over the weekend; I discovered where I went off-course with it.  But since it's too late to rip it apart and start all over, I'll keep writing and fix it in January.  Or if the mood strikes between cookie batches in December.

Anyway, here's more of Lynne and Nick, which might end up on the cutting room floor:

Two days later, a very nervous and excited dance troupe waited for their cue.  Some girls continued to stretch their leg muscles; other practiced certain dance moves.  Lynne let out a startled squeak when someone grabbed her rear end.
            “Nick!”  She whirled around.  “What are you doin’?”
            “Hey baby...just wanted to tell you to break a leg.  And boy, woman, do you look sexy.”  He licked his lips as his eyes traveled down her bare legs to the white cotton bobby socks hugging her ankles.  “I’ll be watching from the sidelines.”
            “You’d better be listening to your coach.”  She gave him a brief hug and kiss.  “I’ll shake everything for you later.”  She patted his backside.  Nick winked and walked away.
            “Humph.”  A disdain voice behind her caused her to turn around.  “Does he just think he can blow off his pregame warm-up?  He thinks he’s so damn talented.”
            Lynne rolled her eyes at the jealous remarks of her teammate Debbie.  “He’s not blowing off his warm-up.  He just came over to wish us luck.”
            “Antoine says if Nick keeps getting into foul trouble, Coach is going to bench him and put Antoine in his place.”  The girl scowled as they took their places for the National Anthem.

Look for Love Is Color Blind sometime next winter, if my characters continue to speak to me:)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: Strange Blood Pressure Reading!

Thanksgiving 2002:
The spouse had his physical, and managed to stump two doctors and five nurses.

Nurse #1 took his BP.  "That's not possible."

Nurse #2 (looks in.)  "What's not possible?"  (Goes and gets her blood pressure cuff).  "What the hell..?"

Dr. S comes in, gets fresh blood pressure cuff from drawer, removes protective plastic, and takes his BP.  "That's not possible!"

Dr. S sent him over to Cardiology, where Nurses #3-5, AND the cardiologist took his BP, with the same results and same comments.  His BP was 165/20; 165/0.

Cardiology put him an a 24-hour heart monitor.  The man decided to go deer hunting the next morning, and while he didn't get a deer, the neighbor he went with asked about every ten steps, 'Are you all right?  Doing ok?'  

(Spouse seriously considered shooting the neighbor at this point!)

He went back the next day, and the cardiologist scheduled him for a heart cath the next month.

It was a few days later the spouse revealed he'd hit a 9,000 volt power line with the excavator he'd run back in September.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

No STTBWSNBN today; go off and enjoy yourselves!

For some entertainment, go here for a Thanksgiving Song.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hump Day Hook

This is the only mention of Thanksgiving (so far!) in any of my books.  Enjoy:)

Her meltdown occurred at her grandmother's house. Kenny made a typical joke about women with PMS, and Keri snapped.
"Just wait until you get involved with someone with a crazy schedule, who hardly has any time for you." She burst into tears and fled into the bathroom, humiliated for losing her temper, and angry at Kyle for not being able to see her the previous day. After several minutes of crying, Keri padded down the hall to the guest bedroom and stretched out on the flowered comforter.
Soon, she heard her mother's footsteps approach. Then Keri felt gentle hands stroke her hair.
"I'm sorry I ruined dinner," Keri muttered after several minutes.
"This is pretty serious, isn't it honey? You've fallen pretty hard for this Kyle."
Keri nodded. "I've never felt this way before."
"Mmmhhhmmm, so he's not a student…It must be rough when schedules aren't in synch. I remember how hard it was for your dad and me when I was in med school."

Forbidden Love can be purchased here.

And click here for more Hump Day Hooks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Next Big Thing

I was supposed to post this last week, but forgot *ducks head*.  Don't hate me; I don't even remember half the things I did last week!  Yes, this has been a hectic month....

1)  What is the working title of your next book?

Endless Love

2)  Where did the idea come from for the book?

The first seven books in the Arbor University Tales series are based on close friends; this is my BFF's story.

3)  What genre does your book fall under?

I jokingly call it 'Young Adult Smut'.  It actually falls under the Women's Fiction genre with historical and YA elements.

4)  Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie adaptation?

Caitlyn:  Young Meg Ryan

Bryan:  James Lafferty

Peter:  Channing Tatum

5)  What is the one-sentence synopsis of the book?

Barbie and Ken go off to college and endure a series of mishaps, esp when Barbie gets fed up with Ken and decides she wants to change her life.

6)  Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This will release Feb 2013 with Sweet Cravings Publishing

7)  How long did it take to write the first draft of this manuscript?

I think it took five or six weeks....

8)  Which other books would you compare this book to within your genre?

Probably any Judy Blume book???

9)  Who or what inspired you to write this book?

My BFF.  She went through some bizarre twists and turns in her relationships with three different guys.  I combined two of them to make it easier.

10)  What else about this book might pique the reader's interest?

After writing it, I sent it to my BFF who first called me in tears "Why didn't you TELL me?" (I'd tried, but she hadn't been willing to listen), then later, "It's nice to see what my life would have turned out, had I stayed on track."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Paloma!!!

(Sound of clapping hands)
"Happy happy happy biiiiirrrrrrrrthdaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiirrrrrrthdaaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiiirrrrrrrthdaaaay
To you, to you, to you

Introducing the singers:
Amy, heroine of Love Finds A Way
Keri, heroine of Forbidden Love
Gretchen, heroine of Balancing Act
Caitlyn, heroine of Endless Love (coming in Feb 2013)

K:  Okay, I'll bite.  Who's Paloma and why are we singing the Chi-Chi's version of 'Happy Birthday'?

G:  It's a fellow SCP author of Molly, and today is P's 40th birthday! (Blows party horn)

C:  God, I'd give anything to be 40 again!

A:  Oh shut up.  You're the only one of us who hasn't expanded TOO much!  Besides, this is a party, not a bitch session about our ages.  We've had some memorable birthdays, haven't we?

G:  I think it's a toss up, who had the most romantic 21st birthday.  All I know is I apparently stood on a table and told the band to 'take it off, boys!'

K:  I think Kyle was pulling your leg.  He told me you were bumping and grinding with Lance on the dance floor-

G:  Ssshhhhh!  I don't think I've told Troy that story!  And besides, Amy was proposed to at hers, and got a beautiful diamond engagement ring:)

C:  I got a 'First Promise' ring for mine:)  And Keri got laid for the 1st time.

K:  Caitlyn!  How many glasses of champagne punch have you had?  And that wasn't my 21st; that happened on the 20th.  For the 21st, Kyle took me out; I got hammered; and apparently Stephanie pissed you off afterward.

G:  THAT was funny!  First she kicked you in the head; then she knocked off the magnet and IT hits you in the head; then she shakes you awake, tells you she's drunk-

C:  -then flops down on her bed and shook the damn bed frame.  Yeah, I remember.  Thought only Keri was supposed to get drunk that night.  And this is champagne?  Thought it was just sherbet and ginger ale.

A (laughing):  Lighten up, Cait!  It sounds hysterical!  Wish I could have been there.  And drink as much as you want; we're spending the night here.  You can sleep late and go home tomorrow.  Besides, how long has it been since you had fun with us?

C:  Oh all right.  You've got a point.

K:  Now, can we get to the gifts?

C:  Gifts?  I didn't know we were supposed to bring gifts!!!  Nobody told me!!

K:  It's okay, Cait.  You're not giving anything; I am.  Here's what happened at my 21st birthday party.  Leave Molly a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you ever had (or remember!) and we'll draw a name out of the hat at midnight Sunday.

"Ohhh, I don' wanna leave yet. Why can't we dance sommore? 'We can build this world together, Nothin's gonna stop me now…' Issat how that goes, Gresh?" Keri hung onto Kyle for support as they left. "My feet hurt. Lemme take off these damn shoes." She kicked them off, and nearly fell over trying to pick them up. "Oohh, I really shouldn't do that. I almos' pulled Kyle down!" Keri started laughing. "Why'm I laughing? Who told a joke? I don' get it."
Kyle put his arm around her. "It's okay, sweetheart. You're drunk."
"Am I drunk? Hey, it's my birthday! Or, it was my birthday. 'Member my birthday las' year? Now that was memorable! Hey Gresh! Know what he did las' year? Put cake on my boobs and, oh hell. That was supposed to be a secret. Oh well, she's my bes' frien'. She won' tell, willya?"
Kyle smiled as Stephanie started giggling.
"She's a funny drunk." Steph wasn’t so steady herself. "Do I talk like that when I'm in the bag?"
"Sometimes, but you also snore." Gretchen unlocked her car.
"I do not!"
"Yes, you do, you sound like a moose in heat." Keri resisted Kyle’s attempts to get her in the car. "Hey, is sex better when you're drunk? I can't wait to fuck you."

K:  OMG posted THAT one?  I wanted the scene of the morning after!  Oh that what I did when we left the bar?  I'm so embarrassed....

G:  No more punch for Cait.  Time to put her to bed.

C:  Thank God Steph's not around to kick me in the head.  Night's been real, and it's been fun....

All:  But it ain't been Real Fun!

C:  Cool beans

A:  Hot chips...

G:  Warm beer....

K:  Cold Pizza!

All:  What A Party!!

G:  Remember to leave a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you remember for a chance to win Keri's story, Forbidden Love.  You can also buy it on Kindle here.  Happy birthday Paloma!  

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Baby K's First Thanksgiving:)

Thanksgiving was being held at friends' house, so I dressed baby K in a blue outfit with a blue-and-white-striped shirt, plus his little white shoes.  The weather was warm that year; I wore my red, deep V-neck sweater and white shirt, plus my black slacks.

There previous week, I'd taken K over to my grandmother's house, and put him down beside the first chair so he could creep along the furniture, his favorite past time.  To my utter shock, the child let go and walked across the floor and into his grandmother's waiting arms!  The day before, he'd attempted to let go several times and fell plop! on his diapered bottom.

Anyway, we arrived at our friends' house and told them K was 'mobile'.  Several guests were invited, and it became an afternoon full of 'grab him!' and 'No K!' as he walked around, thinking everything within his reach was fair game for going in his mouth.  He ate very well, as did all of us, and the next day we headed down to my MIL's for her annual Thanksgiving weekend.  And once again, with him being mobile, and Grandma having table after table of pretty breakables, we had to keep a close eye on our child.  Nothing was broken, but his hands were slapped more than once by his aunt and cousins.  He finally sought refuge in the kitchen, where he had access to the pots and pans, and all the turkey he could eat:)

Present Day: 
This is our Santa Stroll weekend, so I'll be setting up one table at The Open Gallery from 5-9pm.  Miss Alex may join me, since her parents have training for their jobs from 5-8pm, and Uncle Youngling has basketball practice from 6-7:30.  I don't think Grandpa really wants to haul her to b-ball, so she might go with me.  We'll see how the day plays out!

Come back tomorrow for the Birthday Bash!  A fellow author's birthday is tomorrow, so there will be many books to be won!  And this time, I'll remember to post, I promise!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part 3: Sequel To The Book Which Shall Not Be Named

I know, I know....I've changed the acronym again.  STTBWSNBN.  Anyway, moving on.

Ch 5:  Bad writing aside, the story is beginning to interest me.  In this chapter, we find out more about the former sub and what she may be up to. I rolled my eyes at the way A handled the salon scene, but oh added words to the chapter.  And maybe this was a NaNo project?  Who knows?  And there's even some insight to C, as he explains and pg 105 that being in control and having women do what he says is 'getting old' and her 'rebellion' is 'refreshing'.

Ch 6:  I have to admit, I skipped over the sex scene.  Not sure if it was due to lack of interest or a time constraint.  And I kind of had an eye-roll moment when (at the end of Ch 5) he gives her a tube of lipstick and the has her draw the 'boundaries' on his body, front and back, of where she's allowed to touch him and what to avoid.

They dress and go to a masked ball.  She's still peeved about the fact he has a dossier on her with everything from social security number to her driver's license photo to bank account info.  And also about the fact he deposited $24K into her checking account.  So much, that when at the charity auction, C's donation of a weekend at his condo in Aspen is up for grabs and is about to be sold for a $20K bid, she yells out '$24 thousand!'  End of chapter.

And need I say that two pages prior to this, she realizes she's left her purse and wallet behind?  I can only surmise that C will have to pay for it, and then there will be another argument over the fact she will feel she now 'owes' him $48K.

Present Day:
In case you missed my FB posting the other day, I was interviewed on local television!  Here's the link, should you be interested. 

One of the hosts heard us out in the hall and came running out.  "Is this the sex author?"

I laughed, and so did BC Brown.  "Yes, I'm the sex author.  The TAME one!"

I was nervous and scared to death, but I took BC's advice and tried not to look at the camera.  But every time I spotted the monitor, my brain froze.  So I tried to keep my gaze fixed on the host or the table!

NaNo Update:  I've temporarily stalled out at 20K, but Kenzie's had edits.  And now I have to go back into 'Kenzie Mode' and fix the hero of Class Reunion.  He's got so many walls around him, 1) he's acting like a 16 year old and 2) coming off unlikable.

Currently Reading:  Finished Mary Martinez's Three Weddings and A Dress, and LOVED it!  Recommended Read:)  I'm now halfway through Heather Peters' Playing For Keeps (excellent!)/Body Check.  Going to go ahead and also call this a Recommended Read:)

Print:  With A Twist by Deirdre Martin.  I'm on Ch. 6 and enjoying it so far.  Really enjoying the characters in the Irish Pub:)  Looking forward to more 'interaction' with them, esp to see what comes out of the parrot's mouth!