Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Inbox is Going To Get Full...

Currently Reading: Call me crazy, but I picked up one of my dad's old literature texbooks (1952). I'd forgotten the short story, Death of Red Peril, by Walter D. Edmonds and the poem O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll) I read in my HS English class; I'm on Meeting with a Tigress by Jim Corbett in the non-fiction section. Coming up is the play Julius Caesar, and a section Anny will appreciate, King Arthur (there are 4 stories, but I'll bet none of them are like hers!) and Silas Marner by George Eliot, which I only read a part of in HS.

E-book: Lucifer's Angel, by Kaenar Langford. Haven't started it yet; I'll probably begin it later today.

I joined two new chat groups today, Fallen Angel Review and Ellora's Cave. I already belong to Indiana Writer's Connection, Love Romance Cafe and Novel Sisterhood, and the days I'm extremely busy, my inbox is loaded with digest mail.

I may have to adjust my settings if the mail starts to pile up, and many other authors are on some of the same loops. I may just lurk for a while, reading excerpts, until I feel confident to join the conversations.

I'm thrilled by the EC group; it means I can let other authors know what I think of their books, and even enter a contest or two. And just from reading some of the excerpts already, my TBB list is now beginning page 3!

Weather-wise, we're supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow tonight. The kids may have a snow day tomorrow, which means I will be fighting for computer time. But I'm definitely going to settle in tomorrow night, when AJ and company take over the FAR group! I hear my list growing again...

Time to get back to work. I'm on chapter 3 of the new wip, so I'm doing well. I'll go back to posting word counts:)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Muse is Back!

Currently Reading: Speak to the Winds, by Ruth Moore and Best Friends, by Martha Moody. Finished Show Biz last night.
E-book: Most likely Kaenar Langford's book, Lucifer's Angel. If I change my mind, I'll post it.

I don't know if it was just the fact the story needed to 'gel' a little more in my head, or if having to concentrate on other things for a few days recharged my batteries. Whatever it was, my imaginary friends are not only talking to each other, they are finally letting me write down the conversation! So far I've written nearly 3 pages. I know, not a lot, but it just so happens this is the day I decided to get my butt in gear and finish the laundry, separate the 14 pounds of meat in my fridge before it spoiled, and make a pitcher of iced tea before the mad rush of dinner. Oh, and crack out the ice cubes.

What's the big deal with the ice and tea? We have no ice maker and the kids are forever picking individual cubes from the trays instead of dumping the entire tray into the bucket I've provided for that purpose. I don't like finding empty ice trays or an empty bucket in my freezer! And for the past week, my tea pitcher has gone dry right around dinnertime. I dislike milk; the water in this town is horrible; and I'm not a juice drinker. And my occasional alcohol intake brings unwanted comments, so I don't indulge that often. So I've decided to just start making a pitcher of tea every morning so we'll always have a supply.

Yesterday was one of those insanely busy days. Hubbby had a post-operative eye appaointment that was only supposed to last maybe thirty minutes. It took 90. I was supposed to take the dog to the toddler's classroom at 10 am; due to the delay, we arrived twenty minutes late. But the kids enjoyed seeing Lucky, and she happily rolled over on her back and submitted to a fifteen minute lovefest from 3, 4, and 5 year-olds. When it was time to leave, my toddler wanted to leave too, and was none too happy when I had the audacity to leave him there for lunch. But when I picked him up, we took him to Pizza Hut and while his father and I ate pizza (and a huge bowl of broccoli-chedder soup...YUM!), he snacked on the dessert pizza and chattered on about his day.

Went to the store for a few items and kept an eye on the time: My father was due to arrive anytime after 2 pm. As luck would have it, he was waiting for us on the porch, having gotten an earlier start than expected. He brought in his old computer he no longer needs, and is very graciously donating it to the kids. He also brought a printer and a fax machine...don't know yet where we will put it!

I then proceeded to make cupcakes; my aunt's birthday was yesterday. Had them iced and ready around 4. We went out to the nursing home and sang Happy Birthday to her, passed around cupcakes, and kissed her goodbye before going down to the MIL's room. Visited with her for an hour, and returned home. Had planned tacos for dinner, only we had forgotten the lettuce, so hubby told oldest son and myself to go get it. K insisted on showing me something in the electronics section, and by the time we'd retrieved the bag of lettuce shreds, the storm had arrived. The lights flickered; thunder rolled; torrential rain and hail could be heard pounding on the roof. Being the sweet, kind, mommy that I am, I informed the 16-year-old that he could go get the van while I finished paying.

The temperature plummeted 20 degrees in that half hour we were in the store. Thank god he and I had both worn coats! And since we knew there was a good chance the rain was going to turn to ice, I had him pull into the CVS store so I could buy a gallon of milk for under $3. Yes, I bought two.

And this morning, both kids were very disappointed when there were no school delays or closings! The car was frozen shut, but not the van, so hubby was able to get our daughter to school. K stayed home; his throat was extremely sore.

Blame me for sending him out into the hail storm...but as I write this, he's only missed two days of school and is feeling much better. And I'm thrilled hubby can see well enough to drive again!

And we're supposed to have another ice storm tomorrow night...I hope we don't lose power; it's Celebrity Apprentice night. Which reminds me...I still haven't watched last week's episode yet. Might have to do that tonight.

Ms Cook's 'Honeysuckle' and Ms Green's 'Mystic Circle' are released today, from Ellora's Cave! They're both on my TBB list, and I can't wait to read both of them. Details on and Or, just follow the links to the right...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Had a very busy, productive day and evening storms which knocked out the power briefly. More tomorrow; I'm exhausted and need sleep. Hubby's eyes are doing well; he even drove today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Stupid Criminals...

Currently Reading: Still on the Show Business one...and will buy another e-book in the morning:)

Here's another one for the 'stupid file'. Did you hear about this one?

A woman in Michigan actually advertised for a hit man. And gave out her phone number/email address.

And the three people who took her seriously turned her in to the FBI, and she is now facing charges.

I mean, sheesh! Has she watched any movies? Read any good books? There are better ways to end your marriage, LEGALLY! Puh-leez...file for divorce; do the honorable thing and stay faithful...but don't try to knock off your married lover's better half...let he or she handle it...LEGALLY...

My favorite stupid criminal is the guy they picked up as a suspect and told the victim they needed a positive ID. Before she said anything, the idiot says, "Yes, sir...that's the woman I robbed."

I guess they provide comedy for the video shows.

Switching gears, I'm proud to say I've set up one signing, in late March. As it gets closer, I'll provide more details. I've also got 3 more calls to make, to three different stores, tomorrow. I also walked into the parts store with hubby and thought I recognized the guy behind the counter. I asked if his wife had had a chance to visit my website, and he smiled and told me it was someone else I had spoken to about the books. After he finished ringing up our purchases, he slid a blank piece of paper my way and said his wife might be interested, and would I write down the information? Note to self: Please remember to put business cards in pocket before leaving the house!

I did have some on hand when I picked hubby up after his eye surgery. Two nurses seemed interested, so I had a great promotion day! Hopefully the motivation/self-confidence will stay for a while:)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Positive Feedback

I promoted my work on a chat loop yesterday, and was very excited to learn I sold another book! Some excerpts received excited responses; others only lukewarm ones. I posted blurbs of my works-in-progress and read excerpts by other authors.

My TBB list is now two typed pages.

I think I'll request an e-reader from the Easter Bunny; Don't know if Cupid will bring me one or not. Usually, Cupid forgets about me, so I buy my own chocolate. There's another contest brewing in bloggerland; I would be happy with 3rd place:) Especially if I get to choose which 3 books, ha ha!

The weather is somewhat improving...last week we did well to hit 10 above; we hit 45 today and should hit 60 by Tuesday, but rain is coming in with it. That's okay; I'll take rain over snow and ice! But by next Saturday, it will be a struggle to aim for the 30's again. Crazy Indiana weather:)

My goals for this week are to a) set up a signing; b) make birthday cupcakes for my honorary aunt; and c) finish typing the synopsis I started last week! And hubby's having eye surgery again tomorrow, so I'll still have to drive him around for at least another week, maybe two. I also have to go shopping for the Super Bowl party I'm hosting next Sunday.

So tell me...what are your personal goals this week?

And who will reign next Sunday...Manning or Brady? Have you seen the Manning Brothers' Oreo ads? Priceless...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad Timing?

Almost everything in life depends on the right timing. Astrologers believe what was going on in the night sky one was born affects a person forever. Some people are seemingly 'born lucky'. Others, not so lucky.

I think I've got bad timing down to almost an art form.


For starters, I started writing my series, only to have something similar end up on television. And when I scraped up the courage to pursue publishing, the series 'Felicity' was on television, and some of the episodes were eerily close to the same themes I had chosen.

Secondly, my first book is published; 10 days later, my hubby is having heart surgery. Six months later, I learn a little blessing is on the way. My visions of promotion go up in smoke when I'm forbidden by the doctor to carry anything heavier than a plate of food.

It's a known fact in my husband's family that if I'm ready to leave a family gathering, all I have to do is join the women. Instant clean-up activities, and the party's over.

A couple of times I've decided to join in a chat here or there...and suddenly, I realize I'm the only one who's posting.

It's all in the timing...and I wish someone would tell me how to reset my inner watch!

Oh, it's not all bad. I do play a scratch-off lotto ticket here and there, and actually win some cash...or a free ticket. And my second book arrived in time for the Christmas rush, so can't complain about that.

Just chalk this one up to the email I sent Kelly, the one that's now on her blog and the fact I'm still wearing a gray sweatshirt. "I ran over a Smurf because Big Bird told me to and he's my leader!"

With that said, time for another bowl of Chex Mix and to pop another load of laundry in the wash.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Playing Accountant

Currently Reading: The Show Business Nobody Knows, by Earl Wilson.

I'm exhausted. I just spent four hours going through an entire business envelope stuffed with my hubby's receipts from March-December. We divvied them up into four categories: Food, Gas, Lodging, and Miscelleneous. And I'm still not done. Some of the motel receipts are missing, so I need to comb through the check statements in order to double-check before we go file our taxes.

My personal receipts from the book sales are all in order. All we need now is 2 more W-2's to show up in the mail...

I'm also getting closer to another royalty check! Which means what? I need to sell at least 4 or 5 more books:) Want to help me out? Go to and buy your copy of Love is Sober. And while you're there, you might as well get Love Finds a Way...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now I know...

Currently Reading: Speak to Me of Love, by Dorothy Eden. I'm on chapter 9. The Onassis book was good. The author worked as a waiter aboard the Christina, Onassis' private yacht.

No, I've not heard back from the publisher. But I do know why my first book kept getting rejected! Hindsight's 20/20...

As you've probably know, I haven't written anything on my wips for a couple of weeks. Writer's block is when "your imaginary friends won't talk to you"...well, mine are talking in my head; they just won't let me write anything down! I guess they want the conversation to be 'perfect'...not just random thoughts strung together. And that's fine with me...just watch out when they decide it's time for the flood of words to pour from my fingertips!

Since I had a crucial disk crash on me two weeks ago, I realized I only had one copy of all seven of my synpopsis...on one disk. I tried to make a copy of the disk (success!) and then copy my Lotus Word files into Word (failure). Why my computer refuses to let me do this, I don't know. So I printed them out and have retyped them into Word.

This is where I could seriously use the software that would allow me to read the words and have them magically appear on the screen! But 3 down, only four more to go...and halfway through the first page of LIS, I realized several things.

1) Wayne and Brent do not have last names;
2) Eric lives in what dorm? Don't know!
3) Lotus spell-check did not catch a couple of typo's;
4) The whole synopsis reads like it was written the night before it was due!

And, of course, I have changed the very bad title to Love on the Rocks! But, it was a learning experience, and hopefully by the time readers get to #3, they will have forgiven me for my errors...I hope I hear back soon on the progress on Forbidden Love, because I desperately need a new title for Gretchen's story. And that's another error I found. I saved all my synops with the initials of the titles. Gretchen's working title is Love the Second Time Around (LTSTA). My dyslexic fingers came out with LYSTA. As I said, I want to change it.

Finally watched Celebrity Apprentice from last week, and it left me with my mouth hanging open. Gene Simmons either wanted to be fired, or badly wanted to get rid of Omarosa. Even Trump was stunned, but ultimately fired him. Neither Omarosa or the other girl deserved to be brought back into the board room. Nelly, yes. She didn't listen to the executives, but Trump can only fire them if they're brought back to the boardroom! I guess Gene figured, "Hey, my charity won $40 K so I can quit now..." Who knows? Can't wait to see what happens DVR quit before the coming attractions, so I'll find out tonight. End of subject.

Anny's posted a hilarious picture on her blog. Check it out and go over to Sommer's blog and say 'hi'...she's feeling lonely. Do the same at AJ's...she's paying bills and if you ever wanted to see what Australian currency looked like, she's got a picture of it at . And drop by Kelly's and ask her what she was drinking when she wrote her part of the saga?

Back to my synopsis...I've had to put my carpel splint on again. Damn wrists...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to Arbordale:)

Currently Reading: The Fabulous Onassis: His Life and Loves, by Christian Cafarakis. Haven't begun this one yet. 4 more books and I'll be on to another box...
E-book: Finished Sonny's Salvation. Great start to this series! I'll probably get to Rawley's story later tonight. I've read two others in this series, out of order, so I kind of already know what's going to happen, but it's still interesting to see the details unfold!

Thought I would give you a treat; an 'introduction' of sorts to my fictional town. I've had new readers lately, and since I've not posted any excerpts of the two published books lately, here's a glimpse of what the entire series is about.

Romance is blossoming in the quiet university town of Arbordale, Indiana. Arbor University, a fictional college located in the southwest region of the state, plays host to a multitude of young people, all hoping to achieve a strong sense of identity and to assert their independence while away at school. It is also a time when young adults of various personalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and social upbringing are thrown together in diverse living conditions and are expected to adapt accordingly.

Set in the 1980’s, several young women encounter separate social problems and struggle to deal with the conflicts which erupt not only among each other, but within themselves. The Arbor University Tales chronicles the college lives of these friends as they fight for the men they love, hold onto their friendships, and keep their eyes on the future.

Books 1-6 take place around the dormitory of Emery Hall, an all-girls dorm. Amy Callahan and Caitlyn McCarthy share a single room, the traditional Resident Assistant's room. Down the hallway, Gretchen McLaren, Elicia Keller, Keri Patterson, and Stephanie Ridgeman have a suite. All of the rooms have private bathrooms.

The men they fall in love with occupy various residences. Eric Timmons lives in Berkely Hall; Kyle Sampson and Lance Edwards live off-campus; Bryan Johnson attends the University of Illinois; and Matt Slagal is in the Air Force, stationed at George Air Force Base in southern California. However, he grew up across the river from Arbordale, in a tiny town called Brookview, Illinois.

In book #7, a new dormitory is added, Fayette-Giles. The campus is expanding, and as old friends graduate, new faces emerge to continue the saga.

This series shows how even good kids can make bad choices, and how those choices can affect relationships, shape characters, and even change their lives.

Elicia's and Amy's stories have been published; I'm still waiting to hear from another e-publisher concerning Keri's story. If it is rejected, then I'll keep submitting it until someone decides it's worth publishing. And then it will be Gretchen's, Caitlyn's, Stephanie's and Susan's turns...Who's Susan? You'll meet her in book #4, along with Lynne. I'm still working on #8.

So welcome to Arbordale; take a trip back in time to the mid-1980's. By the time the series is finished, who knows what year it will be? Book #13 takes place in 1993...#14 in 2003. I may fill in some blanks here and there! Visit my website and click on the 'Books' page for more information. And if you see something you like, or think of a social problem I've not touched on, let me know!

Kelly's got some great promotional ideas on her blog, (where do you think I got the idea for today? LOL) She's also getting antsy about seeing her first book in print on Valentine's Day...only 22 more days! Yes, I can't wait for Time for Love to be out, either...she posted an excerpt yesterday, so if you missed it, go back and read it! And Anny's got the Saga today, ...cracked me up this morning!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Much Going On...

Currently Reading: Tracy and Hepburn: A Memoir, by Garson Kranin. It's not reading the way I'd hoped when I first plucked it out of the box, but it's good.
E-book: I'm torn. Which one to choose next? Lucifer's Angel? Cherished Destinies? Sonny's Salvation? Born Again? I'll have to go to the EC site and choose. Told you I need to update the list...I've forgotten my own order!

Update: Bought Carol Lynne's Sonny's Salvation and Rawley's Redemption.

I'm doing the Laundry Goddess thing today. 2 loads down, 2 more to go.

Went out to lunch at Pizza Hut, and heard, of all things, Christmas music! At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. But no, after 'Run, Run, Rudolph', came the unmistakable sounds of 'I'll Be Home for Christmas', "Santa Clause is Coming to Town', and "O Little Town of Bethlehem'! I guess the snow on the ground put someone in a late Christmassy mood? Or just getting warmed up for next year?

I looked at D and said, 'Are we caught in someone's time loop?'

"The twelve days of Christmas?"

No, that was two weeks ago:) Maybe I'll go put on my Amy Grant Christmas CD and jam to 'Emmanuel' again...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Happenings:)

First of all, Wooo Hooo! Giants are going to the Super Bowl! Last year Peyton, this year, little brother Eli gets a shot! Way to go Manning!

Secondly, hubby had his eye surgery two hours ago. So far, he's doing well, and has even tolerated my driving better than he normally does:) Of course, I drove 10 mph slower, took forever to stop, and was passed multiple times during the 5-minute trip, but at least there was no screeching from the passenger seat. And I'm a good driver; just not on his terms! There's a private saying in our house...if I'm driving to the store, we'll be there in 10 minutes or less, depending on traffic and trains. If Dad drives, count on the one-way trip lasting 20 minutes:)

I got tagged.

1) I love heavy metal bands. Def Leppard, Styx, Hinder (at least their debut album!), Bon Jovi, Journey, AC/DC, some Ozzie, some Judas Priest. This contrasts with my equal love of Amy Grant. I put them into different CD crates. Amy's with Kenny Rogers and Shania Twain!

2) While on another trip where I was the lone female, I accidently de-pantsed one of the guys twice while going down a water slide. We were riding double down the slide, me on his back both times, and I fell off! Nothing to grab but his Speedo...

3) I'd always been told that trumpet players made the best kissers. NOT! I've kissed 2...I've definitely kissed better:)

4) I have an allergy to nickel, so any jewelry I wear has to be 24 carat gold. Otherwise, my earlobes leak fluid; my arms break out in a rash; my ring finger turns red and swells. Not a pretty sight!

5) I had dreams of being a ballerina...then a Gold Medal figure skater...a guest on Hee-Haw, Donny and Marie, or Cher....singing back-up for any rock band and being asked to 'fill in'...and finally, my books being published.

6) My best male friend and I came in 2nd for the 'Cutest Couple' poll our senior year. People kept telling me they put us down, and I kept protesting we weren't dating! But, I can say we lost to the Homecoming King and Queen! And to this day, we only went on 2 'dates'...AFTER high school!

There. I don't know who to tag, since my blogmates have already been tagged! So....Jackie, you're up! Nick, Enette, Jan, Noel, and Joe...You're it:) I'll email you and you can send it to me via email!

In the meantime, check out Kelly, Bronwyn, Brynn, and Dakota as they post their six items of information about themselves:) Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm a Guy's Girl...

Currently Reading: Christy, by Catherine Marshall. Is this the book the mini-series, staring Kellie Martin, was based on? Didn't see it, and the book jacket description sounds vaguely familiar.
I had to put back Land I Have Chosen. About chapter 5 I realized I wasn't really reading anymore; just skimming.
And just devoured Stephen King's On Writing, in preparation for the workshop tonight...
E-book: Finished Incognito. Question...I've always been told the heroine must remain faithful to the hero. So why does this one get away with having 7 or more partners? If she's allowed to break the rules, I suppose there's hope for my Wild at Heart well as a couple of ones in my series!

Another author blogged about this topic the other day and it brought to mind one of my favorite HS incidents.

As a junior, I decided to attend the Basic Youth Conflicts seminar in Indianapolis. Several of my friends had attended the year before, and I was looking forward to it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was the only girl who had signed up! But no problem; the guys and I had a fantastic time during the week, and a 'romance' even took off between myself and the brother of my 1st boyfriend.

The conference lasted a week, and we stayed overnight on the Friday and Saturday. My church had to send two female chaperones along so I wouldn't have to sleep in a room by myself, because I obviously would not be able to share with the men! Saturday morning, the first revelation: I could hold my own at the breakfast table.

"Molly, are you going to finish your pancakes?"

"Yes I am. Keep your hands off, Mike!"

Lunchtime: 2nd revelation. I'm able to consume massive amounts of chocolate without worrying about my waistline or complexion.

"Here...let me help you eat that."

(Slap!) "Eat your own, Peterson!" (He still had his own box, half-full! Why eat mine?)

Intermission before dinner: Revelation #3...Hey...Molly will come in handy!

"Hey Moll...have you seen the chick that's making eyes at Ken?"

"Yeah...I wish she'd put her tongue back in her mouth..."

"Would you pretend you're with him so she'll quit following him around?"

"No problem."

I went into the bathroom and as I'm washing my hands, the girl walks up to me and askes, "Who's the good-looking guy you're with?"

I smiled and said, "Which one? I'm here with eight good-looking guys!" I dried my hands and went out the door, her right behind me.

I saw Ken and immediately slipped my hand into his, put my head on his shoulder, and asked him if we could leave early to return to the motel. That was the last we ever saw of that girl...

And my 'romance'? He became my 'Sunday Night Date' the rest of the year. I was drooling over another guy in my band who played tuba/oboe/bass violin. And before I realized what a great guy I was tossing back, another girl snapped him up! Oh well...when I dated his brother, I swore that if he and I ever married, I was keeping my maiden name. So it wasn't meant to be, after all!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time For a Change?

Currently Reading: Land I Have Chosen, by Ellin Berlin.
E-Book: Still reading Incognito...
On the agenda today: Finishing laundry and going to the libray.

I think someone is trying to tell me something. The other day, my QT was about having pain in one's life, and maybe it was time for 'surgery'.

Today's was about having the courage to admit when a decision has been wrong and making a change, no matter how painful.

I have several things going on that this could pertain to, but I don't know yet which bad decision to cut out of my life. All I can do at the moment is keep praying for guidance.

I had a scare this week, and fortunately it ended happily. Had it gone the other way...I don't know if I would have had the strength to face it. So just....keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Old Friends...

Currently Reading: Reba: My Story. I'm up to 1990.
E-Book: Incognito, by Lisabet Sarai. I'm on chapter 3 or 4. I've skipped over the majority of the 'bedroom' scenes...already one has slightly turned my stomach. But the plot is interesting...more when I finish it!

Got a surprise the other day...a friend called me and wanted to show me her new business, and since it's been nearly a year since I've seen her, I told her to come on down.

We had a wonderful visit, catching up on our lives and those of our kids. Three of hers are married and in the process of moving and changing jobs, while two more are entering the military in the next few months, and the baby, who's a Senior in HS. She didn't even recognize my daughter, and my toddler has grown so much, she was thrilled!

We played a small game of 'show me yours, I'll show you mine'...she showed us the DVD presentation; I showed her the copy of my latest book. And then hubby told her we'd talk it over; I showed her the pictures I had taken at her son's wedding; we talked some more, and she left.

And later, my SIL stopped by for about an hour, and I gave her the copy of the book I'd promised her for her birthday.

It was a good day, finding out what was going on in the old neighborhood and playing hooky from the chores:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Eyes Have It...

Currently Reading: Reba: My Story, by Reba McEntire. I love her music. And as Grandpa used to say, "She doesn't claim us; she spells her name wrong." Ha ha ha...

Spent the morning at the eye doctor's with hubby. On Monday, he's having cateracts removed from both eyes.

And since he sees better than me at the moment, I can only speculate that I'm next...

I have a huge phobia about my eyes. I've worn glasses since age 5, and when I found out I could actually go to the eye doctor and not get dialated, I was thrilled! Over the years, my sight has changed from 20/40 to 20/30 and three and a half years ago, I was borderline-ready for bifocals. And knowing my hubby's aversion to paying for eye care, I went ahead and got them.

But another exam cannot be put off for long. I have to take off my glasses to read, be it a hand-held book, e-book, or even my e-mail. And I'm typing with them off at the moment. When I move away from the computer and put the darned things on, it takes a few moments for the eyes to adjust again. So when that lovely refund check gets here, I'll have new eyes, as will hubby!

And if I ever have to go through surgery? Can they put me under? I've seen the pictures and I don't think I could control my eyes not to blink, or even endure being clamped for 15 just knock me out. I admit it; I'm a baby when it comes to anything getting near my eyes or my ears. Just as the ENT doc who had to put a tiny tube in my ear 10 years ago....the nurse had to literally grab my head and hold it in place...didn't hurt a bit! But beforehand...I was begging for the anethesia...

And having had glasses for so long, I personally think I look dorky without them.

Go over to Jacqie Roth's blog and congratulate her on her new release, Measure of Healing! And Kelly's got her new, revised cover today woo hoo!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where's My Muse?

Currently Reading: Still reading Dan Quayle's book. Afterwards, Reba's up:) And haven't read Lisbet Sarai's yet. Stay tuned:)

She's apparantly taking some time off as well, LOL...

Someone the other day, on another blog, asked the question, "Where do you get your ideas?"

My earlier stories were my own HEA fairy tales. I also recently came across a page of topics designed to kick-start our 5th or 6th grade imaginations, and one of them I recognized. "A king discovers his country is about to be attacked..."

I vaguely remember my story, and unfortunately, this happens to be one of the few papers I didn't save. I think the plot involved a magic mirror, several crafty magical creatures, and of course, the handsome prince and beautiful princess. Some day I'll resurrect that story and rewrite it. But not today.

My next inspiration came from a play my best friend and I made up. Sadly, the story is full of holes and resembles a Hansel and Gretel ending. So much for being original...but hey, I was 13...

I fell in love with the song, "One Tin Soldier" and wrote my own story to it. My teacher was puzzled by the 'moral' at the end, which was the entire chorus to the song. Apparently she'd never heard it. And I had no clue about song copyright laws.

Same with my ending to Star Wars. Tiger Beat Magazine incorrectly identified the last installment as "Lost Raiders of the Ark", and Harrison Ford would be returning. Since the movie wasn't due out for a couple of years, and I needed an idea for my upcoming Friday Morning English class, I thought it would be an excellent idea. Wrong on 2 counts: Harrison burst on the screen as "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" (forever destroying my dreams of discovering the secrets of the Pyramids or dinosaurs or even finding a lost civilization) and when the final chapter of "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" came out, I'd completely forgotten all about Darth Vader professing to be Luke's daddy.

I've already stated that my inspiration for my series came after a blind date, and dreams of "What if.."

I interviewed my best male friend in high school, originally intending to base some what was going to happen in Love is Sober on him, but none of it made it into the book. I did use his basketball number in books 4-8...

My concession stand experience is the basis of another book, unfinished and untitled. Another someone recently said if someone criticises you, get back at them by killing them off in your next book. Well, I didn't exactly kill this person, but their life is about to become a living hell, if I ever get back to it!

And most recently, while driving down the street, a news clip caught my attention and the next thing I know, I have a character inside my head begging me to tell his story! Well, it didn't exactly turn out that way, but he's represented in the book, Wild at Heart.

And if you've been a consistant reader the past few months, then you know I've been watching quite a bit of The Food Network. Combine that with the fact I finally saw Rattatouille and voila! While getting ready for our New Year's Day feast, another story pops in my head...

I just wish my muse would return so we could get back to work!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The High Road...

Currently Reading: Standing Firm, by Dan Quayle. In the past few days, I've learned a lot about past Presidential administrations. I didn't pay too close attention until I started watching the news in the early '90s. And with this writer's strike going on, my television viewing has dwindled to One Tree Hill on Tuesdays and the news in the morning, as well as my 90210 reruns on Saturday morning. Of course, in February, I'll be back watching Surviver and maybe Big Brother...

How do we respond when someone tries to tear us down? I'll admit; I used to react with knee-jerk anger and shock. But lately, I've been stepping back and taking the time to think it through.

Why get defensive? To shoot back in anger usually solves nothing, except bad feelings all around. And if you're like me, when I do erupt, anything is bound to come out, half of which I don't even remember after I've cooled off. But the other person remembers...and holds it against me.

So I take a step back and ask myself, is there a grain of truth in what the person is saying? Maybe the concept is there; it just came out wrong.

Four important words I've tried to instill in my kids when faced with any decision: What Would Jesus Do? Remember those bracelets and necklaces that were so popular a while back, WWJD? I think they need a comeback.

I also like PUSH...Pray Until Something Happens. It can be a change of attitude on both sides; the arrival of an unexpected champion; an opportunity for redemption.

Whatever it is, the more people who practice these two little phrases, the better off the world would be today.

And of course, I cannot forget my 3rd favorite, FROG...Fully Rely On God.
He's the one who gave me these gifts; hopefully, I'm using them in the right way.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pererverance Leads to Character

Currently Reading: Return to the Hiding Place, by Hans Poley. I loved The Hiding Place, and I'd seen this book, just never read it. Haven't started it yet, but am eager to see his point of view. He was one of the people the ten Booms sheltered during WWII.

5 pm...Just finished RTHP and am now on Rush's 1st book, The Way Things Ought to Be...proof that I didn't check to see which books were in this box before I started randomly grabbing them! I did check when this one came out; at least 2 more biographies and then back to fiction...and of course, when payday comes, my weekly e-book buy, or maybe two:)

Read something today in my daily devotional I'd like to share. And I think it pertains to everyone, not just writers.

The author of today's devotional, Joshua Sundquist, had lost a leg several years ago, and was training for a Paralympic ski race. His coach had told him, "It's not the falling that matters for you as much as the getting back up."

So true.

How many times do we as writers, or even in life, get discouraged because of something someone else says? We have a choice; we can shrug it off and keep trying, or we can give in to self-pity and quit. Authors, as well as athletes, have to develop thick skin if we're going to succeed. A rejection, a reader who tells us they don't like our work, or even people in our lives who ask, "So when are you going to write a real book?" can take a toll on our self-confidence. But this is our dream, so eventually we keep going. Personally, I was floored when I learned there were people out there who didn't think e-books were 'real', and I have yet to hear this criticism. My hubby's opinion doesn't count, as 'real books' to him are auto manuals, westerns, and anything written by Sylvia Brown, ha ha!

With that in mind, I'm choosing not to slam my beloved Colts. Yes, they were beaten by the Chargers, and only lost by 4 points. But hey, they made it all the way last year, and I have every confidence they will do the same again someday. In the meantime, maybe this is Eli's year? How many families can say they have 2 pro quarterbacks in the NFL? If the Giants make it to the big dance, then I'll still wear my Manning outfit, never mind the fact it's the wrong color. At least I'll be cheering on the little brother, since Big Bro won last year! And if they don't...well, I'll wear it anyhow. The party's at my house; I can wear anything I darn well want!

Called my author rep today and harassed him. "Why is it when I was trying to publish, you'd pick up on the first ring, and now that I have, you can't return my phone calls?"

"It's been extremely crazy around here..."

"Yeah, I bet. You've got another author who's wanting to publish, so you're giving her your undivided attention...I know how you are..." (Laughter all around...he knew I really wasn't irritated with him)

And then he informed me the special discount on my copies only pertained if I bought 100 or more. I don't want that many copies of my own book, thankyouverymuch. Only 10 or 20. I do have a signing coming up in March or April, as soon as I get my butt over to talk to the manager, as well as at least 3 copies in my hot little hand, in order to set it up and put those copies on the shelf. But I've got a problem...I only have 2 copies left, and one has my toddler's 'autograph' or artwork in it. So....that one's my official copy!

Anthony laughed with me some more ( he's told me before I always cheer him up with my humor) and he transferred me to the people who could answer my question. So it looks as if I'll be buying 25 copies next month with our lovely tax refund.

Back to my original point: We are always going to stumble and fall in life, but it's what happens afterwards that shapes our characters. I've heard that failure isn't getting knocked down; it's staying down. Successful people get back up and try again. Dungy, Manning, Harrison...they'll all be back next year. So will the authors who are sending query after query. It took me 5 years between books 1 and 2 (okay, the fact I had a baby and we took a financial ride down a whirlpool accounted for part of it), but I didn't give up; I kept going. And I know I'll find a home for book #3, as well as the others I've written.

If you get knocked down, dust yourself off and get up again. No matter what the circumstance, be it financial, career-wise, relationship-wise, or in athletics. Other people are watching you, and you never know who you're going to inspire, simply because you kept on trying.

Persistance, not perfection, is what counts.
-Joshua Sundquist

Do you believe this? Think about who your heroes are.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Semi-Lazy Day...

Currnetly Reading: Made in America, by Sam Walton. I didn't really start shopping at Walmart until the 90's, although I knew there was one in the town where I attended college. If you read #3 in my series, it reflects the local pet-name, and I'm sure there are some who still call it by that name, Wally-World.

Remember yesterday I had a taste for lasagna? Well, the boys returned with a taste for hamburgers and French Fries. And today, they all want fried chicken. So my Italian meal will be tomorrow night! Wow...I spent an hour in the kitchen, was overruled as to what everyone else's tastebuds were craving...but that means I don't have to cook until Tuesday!

Yup...hubby has a 'secret formula' for making the hamburgers, and Grandma's recipe for the chicken. Since I don't care for fried chicken, I get two skinless, boneless chicken breasts all to myself. Yes, I'll make the side dishes, but hubby and the kids do the majority of the work. I'll probably help with KP duty, though...

I've done a couple of loads of laundry...the Tuesday thing came back to haunt us...but I believe it's been eliminated again. If not, I'm shaving my daughter's head.

It's 5 pm and the kids just left for Youth Group. It's strange when your children come to you and say, "Meeting at 5; can we have the car?" for the first time! But on the upside...I don't have to shuttle them here and there anymore, ha ha...and if I need something from the store...unless I've been cooped up all day, I can send K!

Our church is offering a "Why Catholic", small-group study during Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I think it would be good for the kids. I began attending small group Bible Study in the 8th grade. Daughter's only in 7th, but the Catholic confirmation is in the 10th grade, not 7th. I've got a week to fill out the card; Hubby just informed he doesn't feel comfortable in those settings. So I don't know. Maybe I'll just sign up for one of the women's groups. It's only a 6-week thing, and who knows...maybe I can also make a few friends along the way? And no, I'm not planning on converting.

Did I mention I was offered a job last week? Head Start has taken over a local daycare, and needs teacher's assistants. I've done this before, and wouldn't have to commit to a set schedule. If they need me, they call me, and if I'm busy, I can say 'no' for that day. I haven't filled out the application yet, due to last week's craziness with the submission and the health problem, but maybe I'll get it filled out and turned in tomorrow.

Hubby's got the chicken defrosted; time for me to clear off the table so he can start getting everything ready. My kitchen has zero counterspace, aside from the sink area, so food prep is done at the table. I cracked out the ice a few moments ago, but haven't filled them. So, off to fill the 5 ice trays and wipe down the table!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weird Wiring

Currently Reading: See, I Told You So, by Rush Limbaugh. I know, what a change. Finished The Exorcist last night, and was actually a little disappointed in the ending, but relieved I was able to get through it w/o throwing up and no serious nightmares. Rush's book starts the bottom half of the box, and I didn't really look at anything else in there. That's what I do; reach in and grab. Actually, let me retract that. The next book I grabbed happened to be The Three Musketeers, but I read that one a couple of years ago, in paperback. I didn't have any desire to reread it, so I simply placed it in the other box, to be repacked. I loved the movies, and enjoyed reading it, but maybe again at a later date. The Three Musketeers was my 1st PG movie, and I think I was 7 or 8 when I first fell in love with Michael York...and then again at age 9 or 10 when he was in Logan's Run. Go ahead; make fun of me. Star Wars was two years away...

We blew a fuse this morning.


At 6:45 this morning, a fuse blew, and discovered this house has weird ciruitry. My alarm clock and the fan in our bedroom quit. So did the refrigerator, the microwave in the utility room ('back porch', as my MIL called it), the computer in the whatever-you-want-to-call-it room, both televisions (Living room and basement), satellite, space heater in the basement, as well as the light over the shower, all went down. One replaced fuse (yeah, that's how old the house is!) and everything came back on.

In our old house, if a fuse blew, it occured in one room or another, and all you did was reset the breakers. Here, hubby sorted through an entire bowl of replacement fuses until he found one that either fit, or worked. I'm not exactly sure, because I chose to stay in bed!

Yes, I did not go on the road trip. But, I extracted a promise from K that if his dad was on the verge of taking any box to the dumpster, he was to look in it and call me first. And when he did call, it was to ask if I knew where the instruction manual to the Shopsmith might be.

"Let's see...we bought it when we lived in the house, so it's either in the file cabinet with the rest of them, or it was in the top drawer of the kitchen desk. And that means it went on the truck, and is down here."

I asked if they were tossing anything, and was assured 'No.' But I heard hubby in the background muttering about all the boxes of 'worthless books' as he closed the noisy storage door, so I know my items are still safe!

I have a taste for lasagna today. As soon as I get dressed, I'm heading to the store for lasgna noodles and ricatta cheese, the only items I don't have in order to make it. I usually make it up in the afternoon, cover it with foil, and put it in the fridge so the ingredients will 'marry' better. At dinner time, pop it in the oven for about an hour, and it's delicious! I also bought garlic bread. And that reminds me; I'll also get a Caesar salad. Hubby bought an Apple pie the other day that he's still eating, so I don't have to worry about dessert. But then again, there's always ice cream in the freezer around here. When do I ever worry about dessert until birthday time?

Haven't read any blogs yet today, so have no idea what's going on with Emmaline today. Go check out the blogs to the right and see what everyone else is up to today. I'm relaxing with my youngest children at the moment, and enjoying the peace and quiet. I should have at least two more hours before the boys come home, and I've already been told my Boy Scout's interview went well, and he should be spending next summer at Camp Maumee, earning money doing what he loves...spending time with other scouts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2nd Resolution...

E-book: On Your Knees, by Brynn Paulin. One word. WOW! Couldn't leave it alone, and can't wait to read Theo's and Max's stories:) Told you I'd get around to buying up is...Incognito, by Lisabet Sarai. Most likely sometime next week.

Still reading The Exorcist...had to put it down and go to bed, and literally pray myself to sleep...I know,'s only fiction, but my imagination has trouble with horror sometimes!

Remember I said I was going to do things for myself, a little at a time? I had my hair cut the other day.

Short. Think....Dorothy Hamill meets Keri Strugg.

It is below my ears, and my natural curliness has decided to finally come back. Only took it 17 or more years...I think the last time it had this much natural curl in it was 1986...I've had short hair since, don't get me wrong, but the only curls were chemically enhanced!

Still, I like it. Why the change? I'll admit...part of it was due to what happened on Tuesday. And I was thinking of cutting it in about a month anyway.

The good part is I'm no longer sporting tri-color hair. The down part? I really liked the blonde color, so maybe that will happen again in four weeks.

Saw something interesting the other day. Hubby is a fan of Sylvia Brown, and when he's home, he always watches her on The Montel Williams Show, every Wednesday. This particular episode drew me in, because of a question one of the audience members asked.

The question was about the person's child, who was all of a sudden warning her mother not to go near the cliff, or to stay away from bodies of water. Sylvia said the child was remembering a past life.

I neither believe nor disbelieve this stuff...some people are convinced it's true; others are vehemently opposed. My view is 'okay, believe what you want.' But this particular claim is hitting close to home.

Why? For the past 2 months or so, my own toddler has insisted he 'lives in a blue house with his other mommy and daddy', and some of the stories he's told us of his 'other parents' has us going back and forth between humoring him and wanting to put a gag on him when the stories get too fantastic. On the other hand, maybe I should write some of them down and turn them into my own paranormal book? There's an idea...make money off my imaginative child! At least until he's old enough to write it down himself, LOL:)

My SIL, whose mother was a full-blood American Indian, said 'past life' when we told her what was coming out of W's mouth. I was expecting laughter, and this is what she says? topic please...But she's very spiritual about her Indian heritage, so I don't push the issue. Again, believe what you want. Don't force it on me or try to convince me otherwise.

Tomorrow, my oldest has his interview for a staff position at the Boy Scout Camp in Bloomington. At this time, it is undecided if we are all making the trip, as hubby wants to go to Martinsville and go through the storage unit. Since he's mentioned throwing out anything he considers 'trash', my books and a box of momentoes are at risk. On one hand I feel the need to go in order not to lose anything; on the other, do I really want to get up at 6 am on a Saturday? I can DVR my 90210...that's not the issue. And then the weather is another factor...I know...just shut up and do it already, I hear you shouting. I can sleep in the car, and the heater is fixed in the van...

Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the Waiting Begins...

Currently reading: The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty. What a book to pick up at 10pm last night...I believe I'll only read this during the day! And I had no desire to see the movie...
E-Book: With the craziness around here, I haven't bought one this week...yet. Keep checking back; I'll get one!

I finally sent my manuscript off into the big bad world...and what a trial it's been so far!

First, I sat down to go through it, line by line, to make sure no errors existed. And promptly got a call to come pick up my toddler from school. I won't go into details, but let's just say myself and several other moms had to immediately switch to 'operation fumugation' mode.

Secondly, during this period, I was doing massive amounts of laundry, and was up until 4 am. I was also able to make it to page 51 and was pretty happy with the changes thus far.

Wednesday, I sat down again, only to discover that my disk had apparently crashed, and my five hours of hard work was now lost in cyberspace, or roaming around somewhere on my hard drive. I still haven't found it, but received a pop-up from WORD that it's in there. This pop-up occured after I had already made another copy on another disk and was now on page 102. Was not going to stop to retrieve the old data; I'll do it later.

Today, I finished the final 20 pages; did some minor research on the NASCAR site, to make sure my facts were straight; spell-checked again thoroughly; and sent it off. And just a few moments ago, realized I had not saved the spell-check changes before I sent it off! But the good news, they were minor. One double word; a couple of extra spaces between words; others the dictionary didn't recognize. So I think I'm okay.

And now I wait.

During this process, I realized something: I have a tendancy to use 'and then', 'so', and I've apparently forgotten to capitalize 'she' or 'he' after the quotation marks! Since I've only had to edit my work previously five years apart, the brain had forgotten about that little problem. But six months, yeah, I remembered having the same issues with Love Finds a Way!

And my mother will be pleased when she learns my use of the "F" word is continuing to only appears 3 times in Forbidden Love:) Contrast that with 4 times in LFAW and profusely throughout LIS...a couple of my blogmates are probably laughing about now...haven't counted the number of times it's used in Love the Second Time Around, and I'm thinking seriously of changing that title. More on this later. One step, or in this case, manuscript at a time!

A big 'Thank You" to my hubby, who has been patient with me this week, only seeing the back of my head for most of the day:)

Oh, and did I mention my son now has his driver's license? Today was the first day he drove to school by himself. Thank God I was still asleep when he left, with his dad's blessings...but it's 3:38 and he's not home from school yet. Yeah, Mom's a little anxious...

The crazy serial blog is back! New year, new problems for Emmaline, and it's got more than one of us scratching our heads in puzzlement. Go check out and see what I'm talking about! Brynn's managed to crawl out of her computer and post, but she didn't post the 80's movies...maybe she'll do it tomorrow? Visit her at And please leave Dakota a comment at ; she's thinking we're off having a party without her. As if we'd do that...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Something Current...

Finished The Other Boleyn Girl...geez, if half of the temper-tantrums are true, I don't blame the man for straying! And thank God times have changed...Can't wait to read some of the other books by Ms. Gregory:)

Started With All My Heart, by Margaret Campbell Barnes...the story of Charles II and his life with Catherine of Braganza. I'm almost finished, and have skimmed quite a bit of it. Some parts are a little dry.

This one's for AJ...another excerpt from 'Wild at Heart'...

An hour later, Brad knew Emma’s system inside and out. He’d retrieved his laptop and set up a new program. Emma would call out the invoice number; who the creditor was; and the amount. Brad would input the information, and soon a pattern was definitely starting to emerge.

“He’s taking money out of the trust again,” Emma sighed when she saw the pattern. “That’s what he started doing last year, when he discovered the Arapahoe National Forest Hotel had a casino in the back.” She leaned back and threw down her pen.

“How do you know it’s coming from the trust?” Brad asked. “The numbers are adding up, but there’s still no reason the suppliers are still claiming they haven’t been paid!”

Emma yawned and stretched, causing Brad to avert his eyes again. He’d learned in the last hour that if her arms went above her head, she was about to bend over. To avoid any painful swelling, he’d caught on to her tricks!

“The only thing I can do is take a printout to the bank in the morning,” she said finally, mildly disappointed Brad’s eyes weren’t burning with lust anymore. She gathered up the various stacks of papers and put them back in the third shoebox. “Now that these are organized and tallied, I’ll put them in the filing cabinet tomorrow.”

Brad stood up to help her take the boxes outside, and as he retrieved the last carton, the lid fell off. Emma reached for it, and as she bent over, her shirt tugged loose, and revealed the naked curve of her hip. She straightened up and caught sight of Brad’s raw desire burning in his eyes, the pulse on his neck beating rapidly. She took the carton from him and brushed past him to the door. After putting the box in her vehicle, she sauntered over and brushed past him again.

“Something to drink?” she asked, enjoying the look on his face. The man looked as if he was torn between grabbing her and storming out. Emma confidently handed him the can of Pepsi, but made the mistake of looking up in his eyes. His brown eyes were a smoldering black, and very carefully, Brad set the can on the table and in one swift moment, pulled her close and covered her mouth with his.

Caught by surprise, Emma didn’t struggle. Brad’s tongue immediately invaded and took command of hers, and she rather liked the sensation. Robert had been the first man to kiss her properly, the first man to teach her the joys of sex, but nothing had prepared her for this fierce, demanding play of lips and tongue! Unconsciously, her hands stole up to encircle his neck as she moved closer.
Brad’s hands slid up her shirt and finally cupped the mounds that had teased him all evening long. He squeezed; he molded; he gently traced their shape. Emma moaned softly and encouraged, he dragged his mouth from hers and planted them on a succulent nipple.

How they ended up in his bedroom, he was never quite sure. All he was aware of was this delectable woman, her body softening under his as their clothing melted away. She twisted around and grabbed his shaft, sliding it between her hands before he felt the warmth of her mouth. He stopped her before he came, and slammed her on her back, his lips racing down her body, spreading her glorious womanhood before him. He inserted a finger as he nuzzled her breasts, and gently worked her tiny seed with his thumb. Emma bucked under his hand and cried out. He worked her a little longer before finally burying himself deeply within her.

Lips, tongues, and bodies entwined for what seemed hours. Her growing cries echoing in his ears, the roaring in his head as he savored her joys, all led to the final leap into the abyss of satisfaction as his body emptied itself into her depths.

He cradled her in his arms as they came down, his hands smoothing her dampened hair off her forehead. “God…Emma…” He was filled with remorse. Not just for cheating on Angie, but for the violent way he had attacked Emma. What the hell had caused him to manhandle her like that? “Emma…I’m sorry…”

Her temper flared. “You’re sorry? For what? Screwing me? You’ve got some nerve!” She rolled away and tugged her hair loose from under his head. Her breasts bounced with indignation as she scooted off the bed and moved around the room, searching for her clothes. “Do you do this often? Meet girls on the road and lay them for the fun of it?” She located her jeans and turned her back, stuffing her young body into them.

Brad sat up. “I’ve got some nerve? What about that display at the restaurant? You knew I could see down your shirt, and yet it didn’t seem to bother you! So don’t talk to me about my nerve, lady, because with that display, you’re lucky I’ve got more self-control! A lesser man would have hauled you behind the building.” He stood up and began pulling on his own blue jeans.

“A lesser man…hmph!” Emma snorted. She whirled around as Brad was reaching for his discarded shirt. Her breasts jiggled and brushed his arm as he retrieved it.

Brad’s fingers dropped the shirt and closed around the fullness of her breast. “You are lovely,” he muttered, his mouth seeking hers once more. His other hand crept up and closed around the other one. “So ripe, so firm…” Gently, his hands caressed hers, and against her will, Emma found herself enjoying the contact. But this was unacceptable.

“Enjoying another notch on your belt?” she whispered softly as Brad’s lips descended on her neck.

He pulled away and looked at her. “I don’t operate that way.”

“Could have fooled me.” Emma gathered up her shirt and threw it over her head, slamming the bedroom door behind her. She found her cowboy boots and shoved her feet into them, ignoring Gavin when he opened his bedroom door to investigate.

“None of your business,” she shouted back at his inquiry and hurriedly left the cabin.

Gavin took in Brad’s bare chest; his jeans unfastened, and merely shook his head, closing the door once more.

Brad sagged against the doorframe in defeat. He wouldn’t blame Gavin if he changed his mind about the accounting firm’s offer and declined. He closed his own door and flopped on the bed, wondering if he’d royally screwed up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's Try This Again...Pt 2

I'm posting this earlier than usual, because I sent a query to Aphrodite's Apples, an e-publisher yesterday, and last night recieved word they want to read to manuscript! I've already decided to send the 3rd person version, based on comments of not switching POV's, and am spending the day going over it line by line, making sure everything flows. I haven't really touched this wip since I made the changes 8 years ago, so to get this delivered ASAP, I've got to spend the entire day on it. Wish me luck!

In this scene, it's Halloween. Enough said.

Several days later, Keri still had not heard from him, so she called and asked what time the Halloween party started.
"Around nine-ish," was his answer.
"Okay, we'll be there," she said, and hesitated. "So...did you get all your things stored away?"
"Yes. I'm sorry about that...she wanted to talk settlement arrangements also."
"Oh." Keri wasn't sure what to say..
"So...I'll see you on Thursday?" he asked.
"Yes. See you then." They hung up.
"I'm confused," Keri told Stephanie later that evening. "Why didn't he call me sooner? I hate making up stupid excuses just to hear his voice. I mean, geez, everyone knows the parties around here start around nine!" She flopped down on her bed. "Do you think I was being too obvious?"
"No, not really," Steph answered, munching on Doritos. "I mean, maybe he was embarrassed to tell you about the settlement plans, or whatever. In his eyes, maybe he's trying to protect you."
"That's a thought." Keri rolled over on her stomach and hugged her favorite stuffed rabbit. "He doesn't like to talk about his meetings with the lawyers and Lisa and all that."
"See there? The less you know, the better," she pointed out. "That way, you don't look as if you're the cause of the break-up."
"But that's dumb," Keri protested. "They split up long before he even met me! I couldn't possibly be the cause!"
Stephanie sighed. "I don't know! I'm trying to be a good, sympathetic friend and offer possible solutions! Go talk to Amy Callahan, in room 135: She's a psych major!"
"Who?" Keri asked. "I don't know her."
"Sure you do. She's the one who's boyfriend's in the Army, or Air Force, or whatever. He's military."
"Oh, okay! So...What are you dressing up as?"

"You're crazy," Sid puffed as he and Kyle were re-wiring the basement. "Why don't you just seduce her and get it over with?"
"She's a virgin." Kyle finished screwing the outlet plates. "Try that and see if that works. She's so trusting, and if we do have sex, I want to show her a good time. And that means waiting until the family jewels heal, and there's no chance of getting her pregnant."
"This is the eighties. Buy condoms!" Sid finished his outlet and they turned on the power.
"Yeah, but it's more than that...We really connect, you know? And do you know how long it's been since I've had a virgin?" Kyle took a drink of his beer. "Hell, neither of my wives were virgins when we met!"
"So you've never had one?"
"Yes, but it's been almost, well, I was a maybe twelve years?"
Sid whistled. "Long time."
"Yeah." Kyle swallowed the rest of his beer.
The two men turned their attention towards the oak paneling.
"So what is going on?" Sid asked.
Kyle shook his head. "Don't know. It's been a long time since I've felt this way. Keri's smart, she's funny, she's ambitious, she's..."
"Young," interrupted Sid. "She's a baby."
"But she doesn't act like it."
"I still think you're making a mistake. Screw her and get it over with and out of your system. Once you get deeper involved, it makes it harder to dump her. And you still haven't gotten rid of Lisa!"
"I know, I know. But I still want to spend time with Keri. I'll try to cool things down."

Halloween night arrived. Keri dressed in her oily coveralls and carried a small toolbox. She pulled her brown hair into a small ponytail and wore a baseball cap, plus smeared some mascara on her cheeks and forehead.
"Yuck," said Stephanie, who was dressed as a flasher. "You look like you've just crawled out of the grease pit!"
"So?" Keri said. "Ready Gretch?"
"Coming...How does this look?" Gretchen came out of the bathroom, displaying her punk rocker outfit. Her hair had been teased so that it flared out around her head, and was dyed purple, with a black streak down the middle. She wore a black miniskirt, multi-colored top belted over it, and electric blue tights with her feet encased in a pair of Stephanie's hiking boots.
"Great color..." Steph opened her black trench coat to reveal her purple bodysuit and black shorts. "What kind of dye did you use?"
"The power of mousse and hairspray. Want to borrow some?" Gretchen cheerfully clomped to her box of earrings and selected some gold dangly stars.
"Excellent!" Steph went in and worked the purple goo into her hair, creating a light lavender streak above each ear. "We almost match. Maybe Lance will take one look at you and think you're too weird for his taste!"
Gretchen sighed. "Can I help it if he likes me better? At least I can remember his name when I'm drinking! That really bothered him, you know. His name's not George!"
Steph shrugged. "I don't care. He wasn't that great of a kisser, anyway!"
"How would you know? Lance said you nearly gagged him with your tongue! It's not necessary to lick his tonsils!"
Gretchen rolled her eyes. "Steph, never mind. Just drop it."
"Have you slept with him yet?" Stephanie demanded as they left the room.
"That's none of your business!"
Minutes later, the three arrived at the party and made themselves at home. Gretchen immediately involved herself in a Euchre game, while Stephanie scoped out the men. Keri, too, was keeping her eyes open. Kyle didn't seem to be anywhere, but she told herself he'd be there soon, and mingled around.
Sid, dressed like a green beret, fired up the stereo, and several people started dancing. An hour later, Keri couldn't stand not knowing anymore, and made her way to the bar.
"Where's Kyle?" she shouted over the noise.
"Don't know," he shrugged. "He'll be here soon, don't worry! Have a beer!"
"No thanks." she declined, then swiveled around in her seat to watch the dancers. Bob Seeger was belting out "Old-Time Rock-n-Roll", and realized she must have been moving her body in time to the music, when a guy dressed as Dracula asked her to dance. "Why not?" she accepted, and one dance led to another, and soon they were back at the bar, talking.
Dracula turned out to be a rather nice-looking boy named Tony, who had been in Keri’s English class the previous semester. She had mentioned she was waiting for her date to show up, not wanting to encourage him.
"Well, I'll keep you company until the lucky one shows," he decided.
Keri was starting to get a little worried and irritated when eleven o'clock rolled around, and there was still no sign of Kyle. Where could he be? Suddenly, Sid grabbed her arm and pulled her off the dance floor.
"Just a minute," he told Tony.
"What are you doing?" Keri demanded.
"I've got to tell you," Sid said. "Kyle and Lisa just arrived."
"Lisa's here?" she squeaked. "Why?"
"Don't ask me," he answered. "I just thought you should hear it from me instead of seeing her first. There they are," he pointed.
Just coming around the partition was Keri’s boyfriend, dressed in karate clothes, and an attractive blonde woman in surgical scrubs. Kyle obviously had not spotted Keri yet, and he whispered something in the other woman’s ear. She laughed, then patted him on the back as Kyle made his way through the crowd.
Keri was devastated. She wasn't sure of what to do, so she stood her ground when he came closer.
"Keri! Thank God...Here you are," he smiled and touched her arm.
"Hi Kyle," she answered stiffly. "I thought we had a date tonight."
"I'm sorry...Lisa got word of the party and arranged to have the night off. I didn't find out until it was too late to call you." He looked around to make sure she wasn't around.
"She's pretty," Keri commented.
"So are you." He bent down to kiss her, but she pulled away. "I'm going home."
Keri retrieved her toolbox and went upstairs to the bathroom, letting the tears fall for a few minutes before composing herself and locating her coat. She felt humiliated, hurt, and extremely angry. She wanted desperately to take apart a car.
"Kurt!" Keri called. "Tell Steph I've gone home, will you? Headache..." She continued through the house. Dracula caught up with her and offered to walk her back.
"No, I need to be alone," she answered hotly. "My date's wife showed up, and I need to break something."
"Whoa!" He swung around to face me on the sidewalk. "Your boyfriend's married?"
Keri closed her eyes. "Not exactly. They're in the process of getting a divorce. I'm not sure why she's here, and I don't want to talk about it!"

Well? What's the verdict? Again, if you don't want to leave a public comment, email me at and tell me everything you hate about it, or even like? Yes...insecurity reigns at this point!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Let'sTry This Again...Pt 1

A few weeks back, I posted an excerpt of Forbidden Love, the 3rd book in my series, and asked for feedback. Didn't get any, so maybe nobody liked that particular scene? Let's try this one. And instead of posting the scenes in the same entry, I'll post the other one tomorrow. So please let me know which version you like better, or if it really doesn't matter. And I'm concerned about the part where you catch a glimpse into Kyle's viewpoint. Do I need to expand on his world more?

Blurb: Keri Patterson meets an older man, and is instantly transported into her first adult relationship. But is Kyle Sampson really telling her the truth about his ex-wife? Is Keri's ambition to someday be a part of an Indianapolis 500 racing crew interfering with her love life?

In this scene, Kyle and Keri are meeting face to face for the 3rd time. It's late at night; she's studying; he offers to distract her for a little while.

Kyle and I talked for several hours during the next week. I told him about my classes and about fixing Gretchen's car, which had needed the steering column tightened.
He laughed. "Just out of curiosity, what's your fee?"
"Dinner," I replied. "Neither of us liked what the cafeteria offered, so she bought me a Big Mac."
"Can't beat that," he said. "Hey, I've got good news. The beach party's on for Saturday."
"That is good news!" I exclaimed. "My roommates Gretchen and Stephanie are looking forward to it, also."
"The more the merrier. Rusty's pretty excited about it, too. He loves the water."
"So I finally get to meet him." I was both nervous and excited.
"Yes. Hang on a minute." I heard Kyle speaking to someone in the room. "Keri, Kurt wants to know if any of your friends are single."
"Well," I said slowly. "Gretchen is, but I don't think she'd be interested in him."
"Okay, I'll tell him to find his own date," Kyle chuckled. "Are you still in the bathroom, or are you sitting in the hallway again?"
"No, actually, I'm on my bed," I smiled and stretched out. "I'm the only one here. Stephanie and Gretchen went for walks, and Elicia's with the Sig Epps."
"All alone, eh?" His voice became low and husky. "It's only nine-thirty. Are you studying, or would you like to have me come get you?"
"What would you do with me?" I teased him.
"I'd rather show you," was the reply.
I was tempted. "I'm done with my studying," I told him. "But I do need someone to quiz me in electronics. Could you have me back by midnight or so?"
"I think I could. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes." Kyle hung up.
I started to change, then stopped. Sooner or later he'd have to see me in sweats. I did put on a touch of make-up and sprayed myself with cologne. I checked myself in the mirror and didn't think I looked too awful in my pink and gray sweatsuit. Leaving a message on our markerboard, I gathered up my notes, locked the door behind me, and went to the lobby to watch for Kyle. I could hardly wait to see him again, and felt tingles up and down my spine when I remembered the feel of his arms around me.

Kyle took his jacket from beside the door. "I'm going out for a few hours, so if Lisa calls..."
"Man, you're asking for trouble," warned Sid, shaking his head. "You're not even divorced yet!"
"Well, what am I supposed to do? Ask Keri to put her social life on hold until I'm free?"
"Just be careful."
"I will. I'm taking her back to my apartment. Lisa knows I've been staying here." He grabbed his keys and left.
Driving to campus, he thought about the situation. Lisa was a good woman, a good mother, and a damned fine nurse, but she was boring to live with. They had met at work and just drifted into dating, then marriage, and after Rusty was born, everything just seemed to spiral out of control. The air had gotten so tense between them that he had switched shifts at the hospital, which had ultimatly made things worse. Finally, he and Lisa had agreed to separate, so she and Rusty had moved to her mother's house. But paying rent on the apartment, and giving money to Lisa for Rusty ate up his paycheck, so he had approached Sid about the problem.
"Move in with me, man," Sid had urged. "We can fix up the basement and split the cost five ways. And get you back into the dating scene."
Meeting Keri that first night had been a fluke. He had had no intention of getting involved; a little harmless flirting, maybe even getting her to go to bed with him had crossed his mind...But the more time he spent with her the more he wanted to get to know her. She had a rare innocence about her, totally guileless, very open and friendly. And could the girl kiss! His body still responded whenever he thought about her small, compact body in his arms. She was intelligent, and he admired her ambition to succeed in what was usually known as "the good ol' boy's" club. His heart quickened as he entered the Arbor University campus.

When I saw the familiar red car, I ran down the steps and jumped in beside him.
"Hi," I said eagerly.
"Hello..." He looked approvingly at me. Instead of driving directly to the house, as I'd expected, Kyle drove to "our" spot in Arbor Park. There, he gathered me in his strong arms and thoroughly kissed me. "I've missed that," he smiled when we drew apart. "And you smell so wonderful! What is that?"
"It's called 'Soft Musk'," I answered. "I've missed you too."
"Then come here." He claimed my lips with his own, and his tongue sought mine possessively. His lips traveled all over my face and ended up at one of my ears. I shivered as his teeth teased my earlobe, and felt his warm breath in my ear.
"Cold?" He whispered, running his hands over my shoulders and down my back.
"No," I sighed. "Oh, I like that. Scratch my back."
Kyle laughed and obeyed. Then he drew back and gazed down at me. "You look great. I wonder what you'll look like on Saturday?" he smiled and backed the car out of the parking spot.
"You'll just have to wait and find out."
"Oh, a woman of mystery!"
We drove to his tiny apartment. "I'm in the middle of moving my things to Sid's," he explained. "So excuse the mess."
I was puzzled. "So the phone number you gave me is Sid's?"
"Yes. I spend most of my time there."
We went inside, and Kyle was right. It was a mess. Boxes stood against the bare walls, and clothes, toys, books, and various knickknacks were strewn everywhere. Kyle cleared off the couch and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I declined, so in between kisses, he quizzed me about my electrical knowlege.
"I'm impressed," he said. "Most girls wouldn't know an amp from a volt."
"I have to know my stuff," I said. "If I don't know it, or constantly have to check my book, the guys make fun of me, or say, 'a girl's brain can't handle the hard stuff.' I have to be one of the best in my classes!"

What did you think? If you don't have a blogger account, or want to leave a comment, email me at and tell me where I need improvement. And if I should post the same scene in 3rd person, or if you want another one.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Reality...

Tomorrow my kids return to school. Usually I'm doing the happy dance, but for whatever reason, the past two weeks have thrown me completely off my schedule!

I sleep until 8 or 9. Okay while on vacation, but I've set my alarm three times in the past five and slept through it every time except once. And that was at 8:30 on Saturday, and only because it's my weekly 90210 dose of teen angst. I have to be up by no later than 7:15 tomorrow in order to get dressed, drink one or two cups of coffee, and take my toddler to school. Thank God hubby is going to take the teens! And my oldest doesn't have that 7 am class anymore.

I've been staying up later, at least 12 or 1 am. I need a lot of sleep. I'm not a morning person, and need at least 8 or 9 hours!

Before vacation, I would take the kids to school, then come home, blog, shower, and write until time to pick up the toddler. The past week, it's been hit-and-miss; I'm well into chapter 2 of the wip, but haven't touched it at all today. So who knows what will happen tomorrow, when it's just hubby and I? Yeah, yeah, yeah...get your mind out of the gutter...that will probably happen also, but I'm talking about my writing here...

And what happens if you're a trend-setter, but don't like the trend you've set? I saw a commercial the other day for tri-color highlights. I already have tri-color hair, and don't like it! (In all fairness, I acknowledge I probably did NOT set this trend:) I've said this hair is a lovely shade of blonde from the back of my head to the shoulders; a darker blonde starting at the crown; and silver strands are starting to take over my roots and streak toward my ears. When I get in public lighting, such as a public bathroom, I cringe when I see myself. The lighting in my own home is so bad I can be easily deluded into thinking it looks of the first things I'm doing for myself (see goals, Jan 1st entry) is getting my hair cut and re-highlighted!

Update on my aunt: She's hanging in there. She's been moved out of Critical Care and into Intermediate, but the family is on Stand-by. Haven't been in to see her yet...maybe tomorrow.

Sandra's got a contest on her blog tomorrow, but you have to read the info today to know you're entering it! Anny's got an a-peel-ing story on and AJ...well, you just have to stop by and see her comments on the storybook lives of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! Vist and see for yourself! Who knew potatoes could be so sexy? And Kelly's doing something potato-ey on Monday. Called my sis to ask her if she'd heard anything about the 'Year of the Potato' and she hadn't a clue! And yes, congratulated her on her anniversary and told her about my party. While we were eating Red Velvet Cake and ice cream, she was consuming seafood and Creme Brulee...Anybody ever been to The Cannery in Vancouver? That's where my brother-in-law took her!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Family Stuff

Eleven years ago today, my baby sister was married. Since I chose to nap this afternoon instead of calling her, I decided to have a party even though she's three time zones away and in a completely different country! It's the thought that counts, right? So Wendy, if you're reading this, I know you and Chris went out to dinner, or are about to,'s almost 6 where you are...I fixed Chicken with Rosemary sauce, rice with mushrooms, mixed veggies, and made a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing. We'll be eating it later with ice cream:) Happy Anniversary!

On a down note, received word that my honorary aunt was taken to the hospital the other day with congestive heart failure. My daughter called a few minutes ago; she took a turn for the worse and though she's now no longer in critical care, the family has been called in. As soon as my daughter comes home, D and I will be going to the hospital to offer our support to our friends and possibly saying goodbye to a dear lady who enjoyed herself thoroughly at our house New Year's Day.

In other family news, my mom called. Today is the first day she's not sore from coughing and is finally feeling like her old self again! Maybe this round of illness is finally over? And just in time for back to school on Monday:)

Good news on Kelly's Place ! She finally has release dates on her books! And Anny's launching a new feature on hers, the Best Of. Go to and check it out!

Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Quiet Around Here

Currently Reading: The Other Boleyn Girl, by Phillippa Gregory. Baby Catherine is about a year, and Mary's pregnant again. So far, it's entertaining. And makes me glad I wasn't born back then!

Who knew getting rid of one teenager temporarily would cause a peaceful, serene atmosphere in the house?

Well, okay. Partial serenity. The toddler is still around.

My daughter is in another town, helping some friends of ours paint their kitchen, clean carpets, and just in general getting away from her brothers. She's only called home once, and that was a text message saying 'Happy New Year'. She's expected back on Sunday. And it has been peaceful, not hearing any arguing over the PS2, the television, or even the computer. Wait, scrap that last one. I'm still being told to minimize my own usage.

But I did get the book I have been reading, the View from the Fortieth Floor, finished:) Made me realize how lonely it is at the top of the corporate ladder, and how thankful I am to not have to climb it? But then again, I am second-in-command around here for the next couple of months, so I guess in a way everyone has their own version.

I love being my own boss. I set my own hours; I work in my jammies if I want to. I can check my royalty statement while wearing a robe and slippers and drinking my morning coffee. Or, I can write with my hair in a bun and wearing my good jeans, a shirt that I know looks fantastic on me, and good shoes.

As I said a few months back, the definition of 'Work' in this household is somewhat puzzling to the other members of my family. Dad 'works'...he disappears during the week, collects a paycheck, and comes home with dirty, oily clothes and I'm cautioned if diesel fuel, concrete chunks, or asphault stains need special treatment. My kids 'work'...they have chores around the house, and their homework from school. But when Mom 'works', is it really work? Sure, she cleans the house, does Laundry Goddess duties, and cooks meals. And when she's doing a book signing, everyone is thrilled by the sales. But checking e-mail, blogging, participating in that really 'work'?

You bet it is! I'm promoting myself and keeping my name out there. I'm networking with other authors, getting advice and ideas on how to be a better author. And it really makes me see red when a family member puts me down for spending more than a few minutes online, or threatens to pull the plug or even cancel the internet altogether.

But don't worry; I've been married to him for nearly 17 years. I know how far I can push, and when I've pushed too far. So for the past couple of days, I've stayed off, and calmly let him know how many emails have piled up by me not dropping by more often. Sometimes I feel as if I need to rent office space somewhere, just so I could work uninterrupted. But then he'd find something else to complain about. So I grit my teeth and remind myself, it's only three's only three months...

And he's witnessed, first-hand, what happens when I get 'in the zone' and have to write. And surprisingly enough, he's understanding when this happens. So I guess as long as my writing stints involve having a notebook and pen, he's cool with my 'work'? I know...makes no sense. But he's old-school; the man's in his fifties.

One of these days, he'll look up and say, "Good job, Moll. I can retire and your books can pay the bills."

I can only hope!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Currently Reading: Still on the same book...chapter 14 now! When hubby's home, my reading really takes a hit sometimes...
E-book: This is D's 'waiting week' so no payday this week. No payday=No books bought.

We finally dedecorated! Took down our defective tree and boxed it up; will donate it tomorrow. Lights are all down, the inside decorations are boxed up for another year. All that remains is the table I used to wrap gifts; hold the baked goods and candy; the food on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Tomorrow, it will be collapsed and taken to the basement.

Someone asked me yesterday what I meant when I said my characters didn't know they had met. Wasn't there an initial spark or mutual attraction? On her part, yes. His looks made her weak in the knees, and not just from fright. While he's merely complimenting her on the meal she prepared, he has no idea their paths will soon cross again.

Sometimes I sketch out a rough idea of how I want the events to unfold, and sometimes I simply sit down and let it flow. This current wip is a mixture of both. I don't have anything written down in the form of Events ABCD...but it's in my head and continuing to flow. Although, if I get more days like today, where I simply don't have the time to write (due to other people needing me or the computer), I may have to make that outline. But that doesn't always mean I'll follow it!

And I know...what happened to my goal of working on #8? It's only January 3... plenty of time for Lynne, Nick, Kevin, and whoever else to get through the winter of 1989...when I get blocked on this wip, I'll return to Arbordale and write some more!

And on the publishing goal? I'm one step closer...I found several e-pubbs I want to submit #3 to and took a look at the guidelines. But got sidetracked before I could pull up the query letter. I'll do that either later tonight or tomorrow.

I set my alarm this morning, to take the toddler to school, but managed to sleep through it.

Tonight on the TV? Celebrity Apprentice! Gene Simmons, Steven Baldwin, and (gag!) Omarosa's back. Trump calls her 'intelligent.' Did he not watch Season #1's finale? She flat-out lied! But it's his show and not mine...I skipped Season #4. Couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Also, Gloria Reuben's back on ER tonight. Can't wait to see that!

For two more intriguing books, visit and Anny's broken through her writer's block and redesigned her website. Looks great! And Dakota posted a treat...Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman on her blog! I've been drooling all day:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Imagination's Back!

Currently Reading: on chapter 10:)
Word count: 2545

I'm writing again. And it has felt wonderful. quote myself from a few months back, how to tell when one has watched too much Food Network? When the next plotline centers around the kitchen!

Oh well...we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Well, my characters have just met, and now it's only a matter of time...

The boys are off to the hardware store, to finish up a house project; my daughter's been loaned to a friend to help do some painting and carpet cleaning, and I've had two glorious hours to myself. And I just finished the first chapter of my new wip, untitled. When everyone gets home, I'll fix dinner and then it's time to dedecorate the house. We're having a huge motivation problem around here. The baby was supposed to return to school, but I didn't get up until 8:30 and remembered about his back to school schedule about two hours later. Oh well...he can stay home until his siblings return next week!

I need prayers...I've lost my temper with hubby twice now. Barb may be right; it may take me longer to retrain him into the household routine! Not a good way to begin the new year, but they were only little blowups. And since the temp only reached 20 today, and I didn't have to go outside, I've done better.

AOL is throwing a fit and won't let me into the email section. I hope this problem corrects itself soon...I wanted to email a friend and can't recall her email addy! And since I've never emailed her with the Yahoo account, it will have to wait!

So in the meantime, I'm basking in the glow of a new romance brewing in my creative brain, and hope the rest of it flows as easily as the first chapter did!

Forgot to mention: New Year's Eve, we let the little one stay up until midnight, and told him the ball was going to drop in one minute. He looks up at the ceiling and asks, "Where is the ball? Where is it going to drop?" We stopped laughing long enough to show him the crystal one on the television and he enjoyed all the kissing!

Hop over to and check out Kelly's new 'baby'! And then go over to Brynn's site and send her healing thoughts on her winter cold. Bronwyn's back on the blog with an amusing little ditty, and if you want to see some great holiday leftover recipes, check out Carol's Food Bites to the right:) Anny's dealing with a little bit of writer's block, and AJ interviewed a cover artist. See? Creativity abounds on the blog!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A, B, C, D...

Saw on the news that the bra turned 100 last year...

I'm about to become a bra-burner.

Seriously. After spending literally 30 minutes in the department store, going through the racks, boxes, and searching endlessly for the size I was measured for, I gave up.

And found one I could live least until spring.

Why is it, when you've reached a certain size, the manufactures all assume the cup size has changed? I used to be a perfect 34A. And could even convince myself I was a B or a C. But after having kids, I grew to a size 36. And could still fit into a B cup. And was perfectly happy for the next ten years.

But in 2004, my little blessing arrived, and nursed him longer than my other two ever did (K found out it came out faster through the rubber nipples and nursed only for 6 days. S caught on faster, esp when we outlawed the bottles from the get-go, but I caught the flu and weaned her after 6 weeks. W nursed for a solid 3 months!) and when I decided to stop wearing the nursing bras, I discovered I was now a 38...A or B.

And guess what? It's hard to find a 38A!

I'm too big for the 36B and too small for the 38B. So I found a brand with the size 38A/B and it fits perfectly...except it's on the thin side, and come warmer weather, I'd better be wearing a loose shirt if I'm the slightest bit chilled.

It used to be so easy; I'd go in, find my size and style, try it on, pay, and walk out. Now, I spend several minutes hoping I'll find one that fits!

And since I've occassionally gone braless in the morning and no one even guesses, I suppose that's my green-light to give it up altogether.

Or, suffer in my WonderBra everyday...nah. I like to be comfortable!

I'll just check Victoria's Secret the next time I'm at the mall...maybe I'll get lucky!