Friday, July 27, 2018

Flashback Friday: Taxi Mom!

July 1998:
With baseball season over, K had eleven new friends.  Unfortunately, only two lived in our neighborhood, and were gone on vacation.  I did manage to impress one of them with my drumming ability......the kid had a trap set in his room, so I took a deep breath, took the sticks, said a prayer, and did a roll across the skins, earning a 'WOW!  Your mom's COOL!'

But otherwise, the only three kids who were available on a daily basis lived five-ten minutes away.  Every day it was the same thing:  Call the parents of A, B, and Z and arrange a play date.

My daughter, on the other hand. was friends with the kid across the street, and once we actually began to get grass growing in our yard (she was afraid of the grasshoppers, lol!), she'd spend a lot of time over there.  Unfortunately, this caused some friction after a while, since K and L were at home with a babysitter, and S called me up to tell me her sitter wasn't being paid to watch my child too, and to please limit S's visits to once or twice a week?

S was very unhappy with this arrangement, so I invited some of the baseball kids over to our house one glorious afternoon.  K had 3 friends over; S had 2.  One of the moms expressed concern, but laughed when I said all 7 kids left me alone, only asking for snacks and drinks a few times during that afternoon!  I loved it; they entertained themselves, and let me read!  It was probably my 1st truly enjoyable afternoon in the new house.

Next Month:  State Fair, and Back To School!

Present Day:
I'm still at my mom's, and today she has an MRI to see what's going on with her back.  Soon, Mom will have a second opinion on her spine, then start PT.  Dad's chauffeur duties don't halt until Sept 7th, but he'll just have to get along without me either after the 21st or 30th.  Depends on if I decide to do the Latina Festival in Vincennes.

If I didn't mention it, the people of Lafayette LOVE me!  I sold 9 books at the Mosey Down Main St on the 14th, and 6 last Friday during the Gallery Walk:)  Since I'll still be here on Aug 11th, I'm signing up for another Mosey.

Went to the 4-H fair last night and had a blast!  Rode the ferris wheel, the Jungle Twist (cross between a kiddie coaster and the Tilt-A-Whirl), Bumper Cars, and the Storm.  Angela and I also ate foot long hot dogs, drank plenty of water, saw her grandkids, two classmates (Brad Wharf and Tracey Rutan), Rita Ratliff, and prowled the Vendor Tent as well as the 4-H exhibits, and petted horses, pigs, and bunnies:)

Hoping to go see Phoenix tomorrow:)

We've also eaten out a LOT this week:
Sun:  Cathy brought pulled pork
Mon:  Meatballs
Tues:  Arni's
Wed:  Red Lobster
Thurs:  I brought home Ribeye sandwiches from the fair:)

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Meet Phoenix Russell James aka 'Master P':)

Last week, this tiny child arrived, weighing 6 lbs, 9 oz, and 19.5" long.  He spent his first twelve hours enjoying the company of his mommy, 2 grandmas, his great-grandma, a great-aunt, and a cousin.

By the time he was a full day old, he was in the NICU, having experience a few small seizures.  Apparently before being born, he'd let loose with his bowels, causing his amniotic fluid to become infected and his mother to spike a fever.  MDQ recovered from her fever, but Master P's tiny body needed some extra care.

When I saw him at the 36 hour mark, he was alert, happy, and seemed to enjoy the fact that I was willing to stroke his tiny ankles.

He also held one of my fingers in his tiny fist:)

I was rubbing the back of his right foot, then decided to stroke the left one.  He quickly pulled it up, so I stopped, and resumed my ministrations to his right.  Suddenly, a tiny foot wiggled its way into my palm, so I stroked both with different fingers:)  This went on for several minutes, until he needed a diaper change:)

"No pictures..." said my step-daughter.  "I don't like nudie pics of newborns."

So I filmed it:)  I just wanted to capture my granddaughter's first attempt at changing her son's diaper, and we had some good laughs over what little boys do when they're no longer confined in a Pampers.

Master P behaved himself, and did NOT soak down his mom, the bed, or the assisting nurse:)

Here he is at 48 hours.....

Four days old....

Six days.....I think he's going to have MDQ's lips....

And finally, his one-week picture, out of the hospital and home in his new little bed:)

I've been told I can't hold him until his other Great-Grandma gets to, so I'm hoping it's SOON!  I'm only going to be an hour away for a few more weeks, and I'm dying to hold more than just his tiny feet!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Flashback Friday: 2nd Summer Session!

July 1988:
The first summer session ended; I had the entire room to myself.  I was only taking one class, but only worked evenings.

I continued to see J after work; sometimes we'd meet for a drink, then go back to his house.  If I worked late, I'd call him and drive over.

One particular nice date with J ended with us in the middle of the road, between our vehicles.  J kissed me and said between kisses, " you...."  All the while unbuttoning my uniform blouse!  I realized what he was doing and pulled away, then followed him to his house.

Another time, I needed to call my mom, and while we were speaking, J decided I'd talked long enough and began fooling around.  When I began having trouble stringing coherent thoughts together, I said goodbye to my mom and hung up.  I never brought up that conversation with her again, for fear of her knowing what was going on!

This sounds bad, but I was beginning to get bored with DB, who was working at Pizza Hut for the summer.  He knew my schedule and would call me every day about the same day I simply shut off the ringer and enjoyed a quiet afternoon, reading and listening to music.  Right before 5pm, when I knew he'd show up (and I wasn't scheduled to work, so it must have been a Monday, when the club was closed), I turned the ringer back on and opened my door.  He arrived a few moments later and seemed perplexed as to why he couldn't get a hold of me.  I told him I'd been in and out all afternoon, with various campus activities.  He bought it, and took me to dinner.

But What About Your Class?
I confess to putting off an important paper until the last minute.  I pulled an all-nighter to get it typed, then promptly slept through my alarm, and was late getting it turned in.  I did pass that class, but not with the high mark I wanted.

Next Month:  Back To School!

Present Day:
I'm praying the rain holds off/moves north or south tonight for the Gallery Walk. Going to go downtown and see about an indoor host, in case it does rain.

Update On Mom:
Went to her cardiologist yesterday, who was VERY alarmed at her condition, and set her up with an MRI and another appointment with a back specialist for a 2nd opinion.  FINALLY a doctor who's interested in getting answers!

Update On Phoenix:
My great-great-grandson was born last Saturday (6 lbs, 9 oz), and later that day, was admitted to the NICU for having small seizures.  Got word that the spinal tap revealed no menningitis, but we discovered that little P had had a BM while in utero, which infected his amniotic sac, and caused his mommy to run a fever.  I went down to see him last Sun, and stroked his tiny ankles, which he seemed to enjoy.  He was very alert and responsive to all of us, even throwing his tiny hands over his face when he got tired of all the pictures.  Hoping he'll be able to go home soon; MDQ reports he's eating, and doing well:)

Taken Sunday.....

Taken Tuesday....Both J and MDQ say he looks like his mommy:)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Flashback Friday: Camping In Colorado!

July 1978:
After a week of sleeping in a tent in Ft. Collins, we hit the road.  1st stop was the Denver Capital building, and climbing all the way to the top of the dome, then the excellent chocolate chip cookies in the basement, after touring the Mint. Flourescent Fossils was next, followed by a trip to the Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, and we finished with the Durango-Silverton train ride.  During the entire time, S and I sat side by side; we held hands while at the Denver airport to pick up his dad; he would shake out my napkin and put it on my lap, and even hold the doors for me.

I was upset that we were leaving after the train ride, but we promised to see each other again the following month.

We spent the entire trip that week listening to "You're The One That I Want" and other songs from Grease.  I also (under protest!) wore my headgear whenever we were in the car.

After arriving home, my mom, sister, friend C and one year old P and I left for Florida.  My sister and I spent the first week of vacation at the motel next door to Grandma's apartment complex, and we were thrilled, since its pool had a slide.  We befriended a kid named Andre, who was the grandson of the owners, and we were soon pool-hopping.  I had a terry cloth bikini, and one time went I went off the diving board, my bottoms slid to my knees.  I surfaced at the same time Andre did, choking and laughing.

"I saw your suit fall off!  I saw your suit fall off!"

I confess to actually coming close to sending S a 'dear John' letter, since I was spending so much time with Andre, but reconsidered.

P and C only stayed a week, and entertained the little old ladies at the pool, since they were taking 'Mommy and Me' swimming classes.  At one year, P could hold his breath and swim a short way by himself.  Of course, at first, the ladies had hysterics, thinking a child was drowning, but by the end of the week, they were smiling at his antics.

Next Month:  A Huge Milestone!

Present Day:
I got into the Mosey On Main St in Lafayette!  Made a quick trip home on Wed to take D to the eye dr yesterday morning, and to collect my tables, canopy, and the shipment of Crossroads.  Granddaughter A was induced last night.....the doctor she likes is on call this weekend, so she doesn't want to take a chance on having one of the docs she's not comfortable with delivering Baby Phoenix.  Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes too, but ultimately, it's her decision.

Update On Mom:
I've taken over the duties of getting Mom out of bed in the morning (unless she gets up with Dad) and to bed at night.  We did 'find' her desk this week, so hopefully we'll get to her filing cabinet soon.

Dad and I have been having 'Movie Afternoons', and have watched Ben Hur, Lost Horizens, and Brigadoon.  Next up is Chariots of Fire.

How Did I Do At InConJunction?
Sold 8!  Had a fantastic time and can't wait til next year!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July Reading Schedule

We're halfway through the year!  How did I do this month?
-Lose 5 lbs.  Starting at 241  Got down to 138 on 6/22....forgot to get on scale at end of the month.
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song Not yet....
-Have fun in Nashville with Granddaughter's Birthday Party  Check:)
-Do well at 1st Friday  Sold 4, so check:)
-Take good care of Open Gallery for 2 weeks  Check:)  Becky may even make this a summer thing:)
-Attend MDQ's baby shower No gas $$, so stayed home.
-Do well at Celebration On Main in Washington  Sold 4:)
-Do well at PrideFest  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Corning Irish Fest Sold 5:)
-Dispose of appliances in Green House Not yet...
-Take sinks and doors to auction Scheduled for July...
-Get OSB out of brown house and start working on carport  Nope
-Dispose of carpets and magazines in Brown House  Nope
-Buy more AU Inventory Nope
-Buy more WHH inventory Check:)  5 more copies ordered/shipped
-Continue working on Earl and Wanda  Nope.

So What DID I Do In June?
I watched the gallery; sold 18 books; ordered 15 more; and spent one week with my parents.  Also spent the day in Louisville with BC Brown and a few members of her family.

After the trip to Louisville, and trying to decapitate myself twice getting into the car, the left side of my neck has bothered me.  I also (slightly) pulled a muscle in my left shoulder, and now washing my hair or putting my hair in a scrunchie aggravates my neck muscles.  I think I need to go see Jen and get an hour long massage.

Books Read:  2
            Print:  1
         E-book:  1

Songs Added To Good List:  10
                                   Thurs:  4
                                        Sat:  6

July Goals:
-Lose 5 pounds  Starting 239 7/5  7/24:  236 AAAK!
-Do well at InConJunction Conference Sold 8:)
-Do well at the Mosey Down Main St Sold 9!!!  Tied my one-day record at a craft fair:)
-Do well at the Gallery Walk  Sold 6!!  Was also invited back any time:)
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Finish Tea Pot needlepoint Check:)
-Begin wood embroidery  7/24:  Mountain is beginning to take shape!  7/26:  Finished it!
-Dispose of appliances in Green House
-Take doors and sinks to auction from Brown House
-Get OSB boards out of BH attic and dispose of carpets/mags
-Buy more AU inventory
-Help Mom organize her papers
-Meet new grandson Phoenix, due July 16th  Check:)  He was born July 14th at 3:31 am, weighing in at 6lbs, 9 oz, and 19.5".  In NICU, so all I could 'hold' were his tiny feet, and he held my finger for a few moments:)
-Add words to Earl and Wanda
-Add words to #2 Regrets story

July Reading Schedule:
The Last Juror-John Grisham  DRR!  Loved this!
Airframe-Michael Crichton  RR!  Some of the airplane jargon made my eyes glaze over, and disappointed we don't learn who the 'goons' are, but was impressed that only one death occurred:)
More Stories From Grandma's Attic-Arleta Richardson Enjoyable:)
Great Expectations-Charles Dickens (Children's version)  Bleh.  Was  happy when I finished!

Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan
     -Tempted by The Cowboy Good:)
     -Forever Kind Of Cowboy  Very enjoyable:)
     -Kiss Me Cowboy  Very good:)
     -Cowboy and A Country Song Enjoyed this; only slightly tedious at times.
     -A Cowboy of My Own  Very enjoyable:)

7/5:  Out of town
7/12:  Out of Town
7/19:  Out of Town
7/26:  Out of Town

7/7:  InConJunction Conference
7/14:  Out of Town/Mosey Down Main St
7/21:  Out of Town
7/28:  Out of Town

Thought I'd be home at least SOME TIME in July, but no.....