Saturday, September 29, 2007


9:30-Final WC: 3619. I don't know what muse has been whispering in my ear, but I hope it stays with me for a few more days! I'm heading into chapter 5, and things are starting to heat up for all 4 of my main characters!

3:00-Word Count: 2503. I've got to stop and run some errands, else hubby will not have anything to take with him for lunch tomorrow! As always, I'll post the final word count before I go to bed:) I'm on a roll!

Currently reading: Lauren Bacall's autobiography

I'm about to contradict myself.

I came across another author's blog entry discussing which romance notion is better, the service kind, where the man does something for you without being asked; the romantic gesture, where he just happens to bring you flowers or a candy bar 'just because' he was thinking about you; or the connection, where you both do things for eachother, like knowing without being told you need a break and he shooes you off to a hot bath while he takes care of the kids?

I've been griping about my marriage lately, but after 16 years, we do have a connection. I was 'in the zone' yesterday, so he took the toddler with him on errands; he fixed me a bowel of ice cream and made sure the kids left some chocolate syrup in the bottle for me. And even though we'd had a disagreement earlier, he still backed me up when the kids complained about my computer usage (surprise...he didn't say a word today!) and complimented me on what I fixed for dinner.

There haven't been that many romantic gestures, unless you want to count the unexpected trip to Applebees 2 weeks ago...but then again, we were all getting tired of Chinese after church, and there aren't that many places to eat in this town outside of burgers and fries.

Service-wise, he did show up with $100 worth of meat from our favorite butcher up in Morgan County...

Maybe this was his way of apologizing for his less-than-acceptable behavior toward me the last couple of weeks?

New Author on the Web:)

Word Count: 2734 I've had a fairly creative streak going, and I'm well into chapter 4! My goal today was another 2000 words, and I've surpassed it. The only reason I'm quitting for the night is it's 9 pm and it's time to finish the laundry and clean up the kitchen!

Seriously. Where did the month go? I'm not quite ready for fall yet!

I'm happy to inform everyone that my friend Jackie has been re-bitten by the writer's bug! With that said, please check out her blog today and meet her cast of characters. She writes dark; I've read a couple of rough excerpts from her WIP, and I think it has potential. But I'm biased; we've been friends for almost 7 years, although I've known her hubby for nearly 20.

I'm off to nurse a sinus headache. That's another reason I'm not ready for fall...allergy season!

Note on the Lucky photo: It seems the picture I wanted to post is not on my computer yet, and the only halfway decent photo of this loveable creature has her sporting a pair of sunglasses!

Friday, September 28, 2007


(8:30) Final WC:2047. Dinner's finished; I'm off to relax before bed. It's been a good day:)

(3:15)Updated WC: 1740. Took an hour off; don't know when I'll get back to it:)

Word Count (so's 1:30, and I've got to rest my wrists!): 1503. I'm definitely at the end of chapter 3, and I may pick this up again in a few hours. But I've done well for the past 3 hours!

Okay....time to lighten the mood a bit with one of my favorite stories about our old dog, Fudgie!

Fudge (Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge, as my sister christened him when she was 11) came to us as the runt of the litter. My aunt had a Great Dane that chose to pick her own mate that year, and soon this Black Labrador puppy with the huge paws and legs a mile long came to our house in February 1982, having been born on Christmas Day, 1981. He was adorable; the long tongue that hung past his chin when he panted, the long legs which tripped him up as he grew into them; the silky ears which when rubbed earned you the big brown eyes looking soulfully at you saying, "I love you!"

He wasn't a licker, even with that long tongue. No, Fudgie was a sniffer. He once insulted the cat by sniffing him all over while curled contentedly in my mother's lap, but later forgave the dog when he discovered he was an excellent 'doorbell' for my mother. Both animals were put outside for the night; my mother got up at 5 am to do her Quiet Time before the rest of the family was awake. About half an hour later, Fudge would realize someone was awake and start barking. My mom would let him in; the cat would jump down from his insulated cat house and dart between both Fudge and Mom's legs and into the house. Mom would then feed both animals, return to her QT, then shower and wake the rest of us up if it was a school day.

But the funniest story about this dog occured after he discovered a love of chewing sticks. We lived 5 miles out of town, and had 13 trees in our yard. Fudgie spent many happy hours peeling the bark from the various sticks which fell, and he'd even retrieve them if thrown. He also loved frizbees and balls, but his first love (apart from my sister!) was clearly bark.

My dad enjoyed walking him in the Purdue Horticulture Park, and over at the Co-Rec area (Fudge attracted many admireres, and I think Dad enjoyed the female attention! It also worked for me with the college boys, ha ha!). One day, after their normal hike through the trails, they returned to the truck and Fudge decided to leave a little something behind. He squatted and proceeded to do his business...and it kept coming...and coming...and coming.... Dad looked down to see why it was taking so long, and noticed what was coming out appeared to be rather long and compacted. Upon further inspection, he realized it was also solid. Being the helpful man my father is, he reached into the truck and found some napkins from McDonalds, and reached down to assist the dog with his straining. And it kept coming...and coming... and by this time, a couple of people had given him some weird looks, and even made some comments. And when it was all over, Fudgie turned his head with a look that plainly said, "Oh thank you!"

Dad said the compacted bark was at least 2-3 feet long! Says something about the digestive tract of a dog, eh?

Fudgie lived to be 12 1/2. He left us in 1994, right before my daughter was born. He spent his last day playing with my 2 year old son and seemed to be having a good day, instead of the arthritis bothering him. When we left, he simply wagged his tail, sniffed our legs once more, and retreated into his doghouse for a nap. Mom called me later that night with the news he hadn't come out for his dinner. We have many pictures of him, but none that I can upload. I'll try to post a picture of my current Black Lab, Lucky. She's a close replica, but there will never be another Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Merlin's Wand Needed...

Word count: 1144, and I'm undecided if I'm at the end of Ch 3 or still have another scene...I'll decide that tomorrow!

I want a magic wand.

Or a magical cure for invisible illnesses.

You know the kind; they mysteriously infect your teenager every morning, rendering them hoarse; making their heads pound so badly you'd swear alcohol was involved; 1000 reasons why they can't go to school. No fever; and they gladly obey the directive to go back to bed and stay there the rest of the day.

When I discovered the joys of staying home sick, there were Happy Days reruns, followed by Laverne and Shirley and Three's Company. And a wonderful game show called Wheel of Fortune; Match Game; and of course, The Price Is Right. I'd gladly stay in bed until my parents left for work, and then I'd hit the couch and devour my morning television. The afternoon was spent reading; putting on my faux rock concerts; listening to my records. And then I'd be perfectly normal until 6:30 the next morning, when my throat was sore, my head was aching...but my mom (a school nurse) would take my temp and insist I return to school. Especially if I slipped and mentioned I would miss a test.

That's not the case around here. My children know if they stay home, they have a mother who tapes Charmed every morning (at least, for the next month or so anyway!); I'll be on the computer throughout the day; I'll have my 'old people's' music on (so my daughter complains!). And there will be no video games allowed. So given this strict environment, what child in their right mind would even WANT to stay home? She's taken her meds; she's asleep; I've instructed her to gargle salt water every hour on the hour (I'd really hoped that would have changed her mind...but no...), and she's going to help me move the furniture in the LRM and help wipe down the baseboards! Yeah, I'm a hard one today.

But the child has no fever; her throat's not swollen (it was on Monday); she was perfectly fine last night. And I apparently was behind the door when God passed out the ability to look down a throat. I can't see spots, colors, or see swollen tonsils. Hubby has that ability, and he won't be back until tomorrow night. And since my family doctor is 2 hours away, I don't think a sore throat is grounds for a trip to the ER.

Unless her dad comes home and sees a problem in her throat...I just hope I've not aided a case of strep throat to contaminate the entire 7th grade!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wedding Vows Revisited...

Word Count: 1860...and I've hit chapter 3:)

One bit of good news before I launch this: I successfully faxed of my galley corrections, and I hope there won't be any communication problems this time around!

I have several married friends who are struggling in their marriages, so I thought I'd revisit the marriage vows. Before anyone sends me hate male, this is strictly based on observations and personal experience from the FEMALE perspective...I've got some male friends, and I acknowledge each relationship has its own unique situations...don't yell at me if you think I'm male-bashing; I realize love and conflict is a two-way street!

"For Better or Worse"...Does worse indicate having a permantent bad attitude, living apart temporarily, and having a serious case of perpetual car trouble?

"For Richer or for Poorer"...Let's see...richer, sure. But does it mean being jealous of my success, and not supporting me in my time of honor? I've worked hard at becoming a productive member of our community, and my time is valuable too...and no, I'm not neglecting my family by attending meetings!

Poorer...Financial woes happen. It's a fact of life. But constantly blaming me for getting pregnant? It takes 2 you know...I did not artificially inseminate myself! And all the doctor get sick; they get injured. Get over it and don't yell at me because the insurance won't cover everything! And dentist visits are also important...just because your parents didn't take you does not mean our kids' teeth have to rot...and no, this was not a ploy to keep you mad at me...I derive no satisfaction from it.

"In Sickness and in Health"...Concerning the fact you've been close to death 5 times in the past 4 years...enough said. I've added 'pharmacist' to my endless list of jobs under the heading "WIFE".

"To Love, Honor, and Cherish"...Where does this give you the right to try to tear down my self-esteem? I didn't have to say 'yes', you know. I CHOSE you. Nobody held a gun to my head before the ceremony!

I honor you by backing you up in disciplinary actions; I feed you; wash your clothes; schedule your doctors' appointments; look after your mother. I pay the bills, discipline the kids, make sure they get to school on time, and check their academic progress.

Arguing with you gets me nowhere. I swallow my anger and express it later, in a more calm and logical manner. And no, it is not always 'that time of the month' or even PMS when I can't take it anymore and burst into tears. I carry a burden of responsibility you just don't seem to understand, and need some 'ME' time. Not as a wife, not as a mother. But as a (desirable!) WOMAN.

Honestly, love has given way to mere tolerance. Only Divine Intervention and sheer stubborness to avoid becoming another statistic can ressurrect us. I don't feel like a wife; I'm more of a housekeeper. And sometimes a single parent.

We're learning to live separate lives; however, our children need both of us. As long as the situation stays current, we can only hope to endure the next several months, and hope we don't implode in the process.

If we should happen to make it to that 25th anniversary, I propose a new set of vows:
"Mutual respect";
"Active listening to each other"
"No verbal put-downs"
"Love, Honor, and Willingness to Admit when Wrong" (couldn't resist:)
"No belittling old friends... I'll see them by myself and not subject you to our quirky relationship...and vice versa!"

Think this will help?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hindsight's 20/20...

Hmmm...seems my little comment about not wanting to be seen with 2 or more men has some people curious! Let me explain...

20 years ago, as a single young thing enjoying a night out with my male coworkers, an incident occurred which today I still have trouble explaining.

We were at a small neighborhood bar; I was teaching one of the guys how to play darts; there were 3 men and myself. We were laughing and having a good time; I had been briefly involved with one of the men, and was flirting with the idea of maybe enjoying some more one-on-one time with him. Suddenly, we noticed police were walking around, talking to various patrons; uneasiness set in, and of course, we speculated on why they were there.

It turned out a man had been nearly beaten to death, and since none of us had witnessed it, we merely gave the nice officers our names, addresses, and phone numbers as requested, and continued to sit and finish our drinks until they left (The dart game was forgotten, as the mood in the bar had changed to subdued!). One of the guys said we'd better not leave right away, as the police had seen we were drinking and would probably tail us and we'd get slapped with a DUI. My 'date' brought up the fact the bar paid for taxis...he went to investigate, and came back with the news the owner/bartender would only pay if the taxi went to a motel.

Keep in mind, I'm in my hometown; my parents had no idea I'd even been going to this particular bar, and too many people knew my mom. I was not about to have it reported, via the grapevine, that I was seen getting out of a taxi at 1 am with three men at the Holiday Inn! I put my foot down; the men let me have my way, and they pooled their cash for a taxi to take us to Denny's.

Hindsight, I guess I could have said okay to the free trip, and then we could have WALKED to Denny's...but again, when you're young and have just had your first brush with having to give your name to an officer of the law, the brain doesn't always think of other options!

Oh, and the fight? I don't know if they ever caught the attackers...and apparently, the fight occurred right outside our table...but the blinds were drawn, the music was loud, and I was busy playing my favorite bar game and enjoying the company of 3 rather good-looking men! So of course I wasn't looking out the gaze was planted on the man who ended up paying for my breakfast!

In other happy news...

A HAPPY (belated!)18TH ANNIVERSARY to my best friend, Erica and her husband Deland:) And since they've technically been together since 1986, it's actually been time flies!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Group Discussion, Pt 2

I held a 'group discussion' between 3 of my female characters last week; now it's the guys' turn! Since I swore back in 1987 I would never be seen in a hotel with two or more men, I've chosen to interview them in the comforts of my imaginary spacious office. Eric Timmons is five feet, ten inches tall; very solidly built for an ex-football player. He has brown hair and eyes, with the aura of someone who's very much at peace with himself, and in control of situations. Matt Slagal, on the other hand, arrives wearing a striped polo shirt and blue jeans, carrying a pack of cigarettes in his hip pocket. His short, sun-streaked blonde hair is tousled, and his lanky, six foot, one inch frame drops easily into the nearest chair.

I realize you two have never met. Eric Timmons, this is Matt Slagal, the male lead in Love Finds A Way. Matt, meet Eric, who captures Elicia's heart in Love Is Sober.

E(extending hand): Hey, man.

M(clasping hand): That's Lieutenant Matt Slagal...hey, what's up?

Matt, I've got a few ground rules. Please watch your language and please no smoking during the interview.

M: Sh--! You're as bad as Amy!

I created her, didn't I? Eric, I'm going to start with you. How did you like the way your book turned out?

E: I thought you rushed the ending a bit. And I loved the scene where she realized I'm not that bad of a guy.

M: I don't read anything except aircraft manuals and my personal letters. Can you give me an idea here?

E: Sure...I took her to a party and watched some drunk chase her around the bonfire. She came over to me and asked me to play along that I was her boyfriend, and by the end of the night, she was all mine.

M: Wait a minute...Elicia, you say? What's she look like?

E(fishing picture out of wallet): Here.

M: Hey, I did meet her! She and some other dude were in a car accident a couple of weeks after I met Amy! She's your chick? She's hot!

E: Thanks. I think so! (Replaces picture and puts wallet back in pocket)

M: No offense, dude, but how'd you end up with her?

Brent died in the crash, Matt. Elicia developed a problem with alcohol and met Eric in AA.

M: No sh--?

Matt...So Eric, did you like the way I wrote you?

E: Pretty much...although Elicia told me I'm not mentioned in #3...what's up with that?

I'll have to write you in. There's a few details I left out, because you didn't exist, other than an unnamed boyfriend...

M: I'm confused. If he doesn't exist in #3, then how come he exists here?

I wrote the books out of order. First was you and Amy; then Gretchen and Troy; Keri and Kyle; Caitlyn and Bryan; Elicia and Eric.

M (sputtering): Troy? As in my best friend?

Yes. You'll meet Gretchen in #4.

M: I'll have to warn him...if she's anything like Amy, that relationship won't last long.

E: Why not? Gretchen's pretty, and she's smart!

M(shaking head): Anderson's in for a shock. The women he usually dates are airheads.

You never know...people change. Look how you and Amy turned out! You didn't think she was your type, yet you fell in love with her...

M: You didn't put in that embarassing proposal scene, did you? Oh god...please say you didn't...

Which one? I thought they were both rather touching.

M: Do you know what you're doing to my reputation? I'll never be able to look my fellow airmen in the eye again!

E: At least you proposed. I'm trying to outshine a ghost!

(Knock at the door, and Troy enters, closing the door behind him and stands, hands on hips. He's dressed in khaki slacks and a bluish-gray polo shirt. His chocolate brown eyes are flashing a warning...he's upset, but in control of his emotions)

T: Molly, I want to ask you something.

Oh hi, Troy...Eric, this is Troy Anderson, Matt's best friend.

T(nodding at the two other men): Gretchen told me about the interview last week. What I want to know is, why did you feel it necessary for me to approach Amy in the bedroom? I never touched her!

M: I forgot about that! You put that in too?

(sigh) I knew I'd catch some flack for that scene...I did it to prove Amy's loyalty, and I wanted to establish a strong connection between you two. What better way to establish a strong, platonic friendship between two people of the opposite sex, something totally alien to your way of thinking?

M: I'm not following you.

T: Neither am I.

Okay, let me put it this way. You were drunk; she hadn't been drinking. She felt a strong attraction to you, but didn't want to betray the man she loves. So she intentionally hurt your feelings in order to make you leave before something happened you would both later regret. And're good friends; your friendship with Matt is intact; you'll rely on Amy's friendship in me.

T(relaxing and sitting down): Okay. Oh, and Matt, don't forget I'm the one who planted that seed in Amy's head about moving to California.

M: I know...and you shelled out the airfare for her and Caty...

T: Yeah, about that. Where the hell did I get the money for that?

You won big at cards? Independantly wealthy? You tell me...I didn't even invite you to this, and you show up anyway!

T: Actually, I owe you big time. That girl you had me paired with turned out to be a psycho.

See there? I did you a favor. Okay, gentlemen, we're out of time. Thank you for coming to talk to me!

M: I want a cut of your royalties. You wrote my f---ing life story!

Language, Matt. I run a clean blog around here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Here:)

The good news: The galley to LFAW arrived!

The bad new: I've proofread the first 50 pages and have already found 12 mistakes that are mine, and 5 that are not. And out of the 12 that are, only 2 would be considered 'major'...a word was inverted, and a "0" where a dash should be. The others are simply an extra space between two words! Why my MS Word spell-check didn't catch it, I don't know...unless I accidentally hit 'ignore' too many times?

At any rate, it's my choice...I'll have to pay a $25 flat fee, but at $2 a correction...the extra spaces will probably end up staying in, except for the ones that weren't my fault. And hey...when LIS came out, I found 11 more corrections that I'd missed, plus the gigantic error my publisher refused to fix, because of the communication breakdown the day of the editing panal! It was a choice...let my hubby go through life-changing surgery alone, or have a properly edited book...Hmmm...I chose to be at the hospital!

Have you seen the weird twists and turns the blog serial has taken? Log onto and check out today's installment!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Problem Solved!

I discovered what yesterday's problem was. My daughter had, for whatever reason, decided to change the entire text font to the smallest possible. Is it a plot to drive Mom crazy? Or simple teenage 'logic'...she forgot to change it back?

Attended a 'webinar' last online seminar on marketing my book in the non-traditional way, and how to boost holiday sales...yes, it's sneaking up on us again! I had to leave 15 minutes before the session was over, and they were just getting to the 'good' part...the part that dealt with how to approach gift shops and other outlets for books. Maybe they'll offer it again? I've already approached a few of the suggestions, on my own, before last night. I've placed my 1st book at 2 gift shops, and in one college bookstore. I've even lined up one signing...I'm to be the 'headline' for the Christmas Kick-Off Sale in November at the Lost Mermaid here in Vincennes. I've also spoken with the manager of the VU bookstore, and since LFAW didn't get released as early as planned and I missed Back to School Weekend and the fall Parent's Weekend, I'm tentatively scheduled for the Spring Parent's Weekend, and should have a good turnout.
I've also planned to approach a couple of other Indiana colleges when my 2nd book comes out, and the webinar reminded me to approach the Alumni Associations as well.

My first week of my son's new schedule has gone well. I take him to school at 7 am for a physics class which can't be taught during school hours because the regular teacher has been called up for military deployment, and a qualified substitute cannot be found. The class was told they could either drop it with no penalties, or take it before school. Mine obviously chose to do so. And since he's also joined the swim team, he has practice from 5-7 pm every night. I drop him off; go spend an hour with my mother-in-law; go home and cook dinner; pick him up; we eat! The only one who objects to this is my daughter, who is left to watch her baby brother for an hour. The horrors of having to yesterday, I took him with me and gave her a break. (Note to self: When teen daughter is hormonal, take toddler with you! Do not fight; do not pass Go; do not collect $200...)

I really don't know what hubby has planned for the weekend. K has a scout planning meeting all day tomorrow, and I'd like to start weeding out the trash in our storage unit, now that we've gotten it organized. I guess it all depends on if he comes home in a good mood and stays in that good mood. Otherwise, it will be a repeat of Labor Day...him in front of the TV, me doing the Laundry Goddess duties, and older children playing video games:) I'll also be writing in longhand, as to avoid another conversation about my 'computer usage'!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wanted: New Eyes!

Updated Word Count: 2131...I did a little better today:)

Word Count: 350...I know, pretty bad. But with a child at home with a sinus infection, and another child involved with swim practice, I haven't had the time this week! And this was yesterdays...check back later. It might improve:)

Currently reading: An American Love Story, by Rona Jaffe. It's pretty good:)

I guess my age (or the family genes) are finally catching up with me. Why? I have to take off my glasses to see what I'm typing!

About 3 years ago, I was watching TV and realized the morning news anchors had no faces, only blurry images where eyes, nose, and mouth are supposed to be. This also coincided with the awareness I was suddenly uncomfortable driving after dark. So, I did what any responsible person does...I went to the eye doctor.

To my surprise, my eyes hadn't worsened; one of my eyes had actually improved its sight capasity, and the other eye just hadn't kept up. Verdict? Either regular lenses or no-line bifocals, which I was probably going to need in a few years anyway. Since my hubby is a stickler for spending money on things like glasses, dental exams, and the cost of doctors (yes, we have insurance, but not dental or eye!), I opted for the bifocals, realizing it would probably be a while before I would be able to shell out another $200 on myself.

Now it's 3 years later...and for the past 2 months, I've had to remove my glasses in order to read. Earlier this week, I found it easier to remove them while reading Kelly, AJ, and Anny's blogs...and last night, my Home Page on Yahoo decided for whatever reason to shrink the print size...and it's affected nearly every page I click on, including this one!

So, I'm typing without my glasses, and hating every minute of it. I asked my teen geek squad if they had any idea why my internet was suddenly ganging up on me; he hadn't a clue.

So if anyone reading this has any concept of why my screens are suddenly ant-sized, please let me know? It probably has something to do with javascript of something...and everytime I get that message 'javascript disabled', and try to re-enable it, my computer settings tell me it's already on! I just have to suffer until the technology gods decide to quit messing around and fix this on their own, or do I just have to get a new computer in 3 months?

Or, do the adult thing and go back to the eye doctor?

Hubby's eyes are first; then Sara's. I'll be lucky to get mine by Easter...okay, Tax time. Unless hubby decides he can pay for all 3 at the same time without wincing at the check he's writing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Big Brother finale was last night, and I was surprised...Evil Dick won! Apparently, the other houseguests found Daniele the more annoying of the pair, and decided outspoken Dick was the master this season. Hmmm...wonder who would win a showdown, Dick or Dr. Will? Seriously, I'm glad Dick and his daughter were able to work through their differences this summer, and happily reconcile. One of the best moments was during the final HOH contest when Daniele told her dad she loved him.

Surviver China starts tomorrow, and I hope it lives up to the hype. I almost quit watching, but as it's NOT set on a beach, this should be interesting!

I have a guest blogger today. My friend Jackie is 'blaming' me for taking up her writing skills again! Here's a sample of her work:

This is the way I write! far diferent from yours though.

I just know somewhere a child is being hurt. In Darfur, families are being ripped apart. Mothers are threatened by beasts while another takes her child away, dragging the child out into the dirt and publicly and violently brutilizing her. As the little girl or boy has starved for so long there only so much fight they can offer the beast. The kicking and screaming only lasts for so long. Afterwards they are either killed in a terrible way or left to crawl or drag themselves back to their terrified family and left to slowly die of hunger... because there JUST is not enough food for everyone there in the encampment.Somewhere else, here in the US, children, both boys and girls are being dragged and forced to endure the terrible, painful violation from a stranger. Someone who has tricked them into feeling safe with them. A stranger who forces the child to summit to acts never imagined in their safe worlds of love.The abuse is finished with either death, enslavement, or even if the child is released afterwards, they are FOREVER scarred, humiliated, terrified...and shattered.Also theres cruelty innocent animals are suffering. Sometimes tied up, abandoned there to slowly die of hunger and thirst. Feeling, slowly, the pain of the hunger, the loss of muscle abilities, movement, trust. This animal will eventually lay down and not to be able ot get up, and suffer as its body shuts down.There are other things that happen to all the above. Things I've left unsaid. Call me stupid but I don't understand. Why can't these things be stopped. I know in my heart there must be a way. Whether its money, volunteering, education, involvement, caring, talking , yelling....Whatever! I don't know the answer to the solution, but I believe... if there are enough of us to listen, to watch and then to take action. It may not happen tommorrow, but maybe, just maybe it can stop.WE JUST HAVE TO CARE ENOUGH TO GET INVOLVED! Can't they be?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Book Cover:)

Mon Sept. 17

I was inspired yesterday.

Kelly has interviewed a couple of her fictional men; AJ interviewed her two pen names. I was wondering how an interview of my own would go with some of my characters, and then all of a sudden, there they were, 'talking' in my head. I asked them to slow down and let me moderate...
We're in a plush hotel room...Amy Callahan, heroine of the book due out in November, Love Finds A Way; Elicia Keller, heroine of Love is Sober; and Gretchen McLaren, who appears in both book, and whose story will unfold in Love the Second Time Around, the current title. Amy and Gretchen are both blonde; Gretchen's hair is golden and flows past her shoulders, while Amy's ash-blonde curls brush her collar. Elicia holds herself regally, her blue-black wavy hair falling just under her ears.

Greetings, girls! I've asked you here to get some feedback on the books from your perspective.

E: Well I for one think the editing in my book could have been a little better...

G: Oh, one gets it perfect on the first try!

Thank you, Gretchen. I've already explained about the communication problems, Elicia. After the others are published, I'll re-pubb yours with "Love On the Rocks" as the title.

E: That will be fine.

A: But wait! That was my title! Why did you change it? It certainly fit me and Matt's rocky road!

G: I like the new title. I thought LIS was horrible.

E: So does the rest of the publishing world.

Okay, so we've established no one is happy with the way Elicia's story was published. It was my first venture, and I'll admit I could have edited more closely. What about the content?

E: I never realized I was coming off as such a stuck-up snob. Only why, why, WHY did you have to kill off Brent?

Unfortunately, it was necessary for your spiral into self-destruction. And besides, you found love again!

A: Yeah...about that. You never finished her story! Did you and Eric ever get married?

E: No. I wanted to live in the city, and he got a job out in the middle of nowhere. I was not about to bury myself in a small town again, so we broke up. And speaking of which, why didn't you invite me back for the reunion? Gretchen said everyone but me is back in the finale!

G: We'd lost touch, Elicia! I tried to find you...

E (interrupting): I registered with!

G: I know. I sent you an email, but you never answered.

E: Why should I pay that much just to post pictures? There's always the phone book and something called 'information'...

G(rolling her eyes): See there? You could have been invited, if you were really interested about hearing from me!

A: I liked Elicia's story. I never really had a chance to get to know her, and it would've given me some insight to Matt's behavior.

E: I haven't read yours yet. It's not available. But I've gotta hand it to takes guts to stand up to the parents and move across the country to keep your man faithful.

A: Apparently, that didn't even help.

Let's not reveal too much, ladies. Remember, Amy's story won't be revealed for another 8 weeks or so.

E: Okay then...My question to you, Amy, is how did you manage to only have sex twice a year? That must have driven you crazy!

A(smiling and winks): You didn't read his letters!

G: I'm just glad you didn't sleep with Troy...oops, I'm revealing again. Sorry.

E: Who's Troy?

Never mind...we're getting off track.

G(stage-whisper): He's a sexy, Air Force lawyer I meet, and wow, is he ever good in bed!

Gretchen, your story doesn't come out for maybe 2 more years. Do you want me to have to rewrite it?

G: No, no...I like the way you wrote me, except for the way I lost my virginity. I thought I was smarter than that.

E: I did too. Sheesh! Give the girl some male attention and the clothes just fall off...

G: You're one to talk. An entire bottle of wine and you strip-tease...

A: That's why I don't drink.

G: Maybe you should have. On the other hand, Matt's got some hot friends. Good thing you kept your head.

A: In the original version, I did sleep with Troy. But Molly thought it seemed too slutty, so she re-wrote it.

I didn't think the readers would accept Troy being with you first, then falling for Gretchen, and the two of you becoming friends. That's why the change.

E (raising eyebrow): Have YOU ever slept with a friend's cast-off?

That's none of your business.

A (sitting up straight): No, that's a good point. All of us are facets of your personality; I'm a fictional version of the 1st love of your life; Gretchen's story shows what clearly happens when you lose faith in yourself. So if we're parts of you, and you had me sleep with Matt's best friend, who's to say it didn't actually happen?

I'm pleading the 5th. Thank you for coming, ladies...

G: Not so fast...why weren't Keri and Caitlyn invited?

They were. Keri was out of town, and Caitlyn had plans with Bryan.

A (sighes): Typical Cait...

E: So Amy, how would you rate Troy as a lover?

A: I don't kiss and tell...but since the scene was changed, had I not been so ashamed of myself, I'd have to agree with Gretchen. That man knows how to please a woman!

Again, ladies...too much information. Thank you for coming, and we'll do this again in a few years.

A: See what happens when you talk to yourself?