Friday, September 30, 2022

BB24 Winner: Competitor/Strategist or Resiliancy?

 Another BB season in the books.

Final 3:




Final HOH Pt 1:

Hold onto Your Weenie

Taylor drops 1st, then Monte

Turner wins!

Pt 2:  HOH and POV Titles

Monte does it faster!!!!

Pt 3:  Know The Jury:

Turner and Monte tied for the first 5, then split on the last two, with Monte winning.

He stupidly chose his showmance over Turner.

Final Pleas:

Monte showcased his resume, but Taylor played to the emotions and 'who's the best representation of this season' crap.

And the winner is....


Damn it....

Jury votes 8-1 for Taylor (Turner voted for Monte)

America's Vote:

Top 3:




Miss Beauty Queen won, making history.

I may not watch this show ever again. But then again, who am I kidding?

Monday, September 26, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W31

 Day 135:  $7,453 (and 29 cents)

Arrived; fronted all soda, filled the gatorade. Did the prelim duties, rang up customers. Went to break at 8, and when I returned, did my AP4Me and LU, then swept and sanitized both the counters and registers.  Only needed one o/r, for flooring.

Returned items to Plumbing, Millwork, and Hardware after HC C cleaned me out. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit:  Rebel tee, gray hooded sweatshirt, faded jeggings, large zirconians

Day 136:  $$9,444 (and 65 cents)

Shift began; discovered #1 was out of 5s and 10s and called HC Ju, who said they'd be down.  90 minutes later, after my line slowed and I gave a customer $10 in quarters, hopped over to #2.  Went to break at 8:30, and when I came back, swept, put away the soda, and sanitized the registers, mucked out the mats, and wiped down the counters.

Had 3 incidents:

A) Customer wanted 30 1/2" OSB; rang him up, but AM and K were busy.  Several mins later, he decided to get a refund.  So I sent him down to CS....JUST as the guys came to get it.  So he changed his mind again, and left with everything.

B) Customer wanted 12 standard decking, but 8 Premium was pulled.  Loader K had to remove and reload.

C) Fight in the canopy.  #1 shoved a cart in front of #2's car; #2 got out of car to tell #1 not do it again.  #1 lost his temper and a 3rd car may or may not have been damaged.  Police were called; a report was filed.

Clocked out at 10:18 after returning items to Electrical and Lights.

Outfit: Strange Smell tee, blue sweatshirt, faded jeggings, thick gold hoops

Day 137:  $5,799 (and 49 cents)

Arrived and did the prelim duties, plus swept and fronted the soda. Customer bought a bag of the salsa chips; I mentioned I wanted to try them; she offered one to me.  Took one bite and regretted it!  Had to get a Bueno bar to get the spicy taste out of my mouth! (they laughed at me, ha ha!)

At 8, ASM K came down, so I decided to finish sweeping.  I got to the end of the candy and I hear, "10 feet!"  So I reswept between 1 and 2, fuming.  Went to break at 8:30, and when I returned, did my LU and sanitized the registers and counters, pulled the trash, and wrote more on Paige's story. Tossed Loader AM the trash, then moved the concrete signs for him so he could bring the pallets in.  Brought in all 3 cull carts, and checked out a last-minute customer with one box of flooring.  Returned items to Electrical, Paint, and Tools, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, Bless This Mess sweatshirt, faded jeggings, thick silver hoops.

Day 138:  $8,084 (and 20 cents)

Arrived; did prelim duties. If I was ready to walk out last night, tonight reminded me why I love my job:)  Had a rush at 7:30, went to lunch at 8:30. Mucked out the mats, did my LU, printed out the October schedule and pulled trash, then helped bring in the sidewalk carts.  When HC K cleaned me out, returned items to paint and Hardware, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Only needed one o/r for discounted tools.

Outfit:  Journey tee, SC hoodie, faded jeggings, thin silver hoops.

I'm off to Lexington, KY for the Reader Envy event!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Life In Lumber: Y4, W30

 Day 131:  $5,964 (and 90 cents)

Shift began with me going in early to scope out a new dryer. Then soured after I clocked in, and Pro S complaining about W writing her up.  Began to get emotional, but had to supress it when ASM J arrived for a phone order, then shook her head when I didn't know how to put someone on hold, or even dial out!

Was busy until 7, then began the closing duties. Fronted all soda and filled the gatorade cooler, then began sweeping. Went to break at 8:30, and picked up some large trash can liners. After sending Marilyn back, finished sweeping the horseshoe, then mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers. Pulled the trash, and supervised the guys bringing in the cull carts.  Returned items to Electrical and Paint after ASM K cleaned me out.

Outfit:  Gold tee, cut off capris, Lt blue studs

Day 132:  $10, 139 (and 85 cents)

Slow shift.  Fronted the soda, did the prelim duties, and twiddled my thumbs. Had a small 'rush' at 7, then began sweeping.  Shortly before 9, friend Randy B walked in, and rang he and his friends up before I went to my break at 9:30.  Afterward, pulled the trash and locked the doors at 10.  Monitored the door while Loader E did the safety pallets and brought in the concrete.  Loader K took my trash; met new Loader G.

Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Brown tee, cut off capris, Lt blue studs

Off tomorrow; heading up to take Mom to her eye appointment!

Day 133:  $8,165 (and 41 cents)

Day began with a text from Mgr A, asking if I'd work til close; Em has CV.  So began my shift with learning none of the Pros were there, and my loader was at lunch.  OF COURSE that's when everyone needed a Pro or help!

Finally both AM and AL showed up, and needed 3 o/rs for paint, flooring, and two plants. Went to lunch at 7:30 and when I returned, did the closing duties and mucked out the mats. Sanitized the registers and tried to empty the outside trash, but had the wrong size trash bags.  Oops...

Returned an item to Fashion Bath and put up my vest.  Got to see BWG, and even got a peck on the cheek from him:)

Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, SC hoodie, cut off capris, Lt blue studs.

Day 134:  $9,705 (and 95 cents)

Shift began with me up front until 4:30, then went down to Lumber.  Was fairly dead (it was Homecoming) until 6, when it picked up slightly.  Did the prelim duties and fronted all the soda. Kelly relieved me at 7:30, and went on my hour lunch (McA's). Came back a few mins early to find some LARGE trash bags, and found them at the CS. After lunch, swept and sanitized.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Blue whitehorse sweatshirt, faded jeggings, Lt blue studs

Friday, September 16, 2022

Passive-Aggression In Action???

 Finally got around to watching this week's POV and Live eviction episodes, and I'm pissed.

The Final 5:

Monte (HOH)



Brittany (chopping block)

Alyssa (chopping block)

Why am I pissed?

1) The first part of the POV episode was all about how Monte did NOT want to be in a position where he would be forced to put up Taylor or Turner as a replacement nom, and face a potential tie, or watch him be the last man standing with 3 women.  He and Turner wanted Brittany gone.


They were rudely awakened in the wee hours of the morning, and told to get to the backyard in 2 minutes, or be disqualified.  Monte, up in the HOH room, pulled himself out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed his face, did his business, and THEN grabbed his clothes and booked it downstairs.

The buzzer went off just as he reached the door.  He's not allowed to play.

So now he's forced to watch from the sidelines as Turner and Brittany go head-to-head on the cuckoo clock puzzle, with Brit winning seconds ahead of Turner.  She, of course, takes herself off the block.

Instead of putting up TURNER, fearing Tay and Britt would vote him out, he puts up Tay, and hopes he doesn't have to break a tie.

But in the MEANTIME, Monte ends up smooching Tay, since she's been sleeping in his bed, and as he says, Britt's married; Alyssa is not in his alliance, and it's been 70 days since he's been alone with an attractive female.

Britt is torn between breaking up a showmance or sending Alyssa out the door. But Alyssa makes some strong points to stay, so Britt votes out Tay.

Turner, on the other hand, wants to keep Alyssa, but she gets on his nerves with her crying, so he ends up voting HER out.

Tie vote.

Monte evicts Britt.

2) HOH comp:

All about fashion.  Monte can't compete, and Turner takes an early lead, but blows it on the 5th question. The ladies catch up, then have to go to a tie-breaker.  Tay wins it with a low ball amount, and FINALLY wins a damn competition.  (She pulled out of the last POV or HOH comp, because she couldn't handle the scary dark room.)

My guess is, she nominates Monte and Turner, and does everything in her power to evict Turner, taking herself, Brittany, and Monte to final 3, with a goal of her and Brittany (both women) or herself and Monte (showmance) to the final 2.  We'll find out next week how it all plays out.

I'll bet Daniel, Nicole, Ameera, Pooch, and the others not in jury are watching in shock as Tayler, the self-centered beauty queen, is holding the power right now.  They tried to get her evicted from the 1st.

Oh, and this "I want to be the 1st black woman to win BB..."?  Wasn't Kaycee (BB20) black, when she won against Tyler??????? 

(blows raspberry)

Oh, if only we could play an alternate-reality version of this game.....




Tay decided to put up Turner and Britt.  In the POV comp, Britt nearly won the thing; she just had one competition numbered a day early.

Monte finally won, and made out with his showmance.

I predict he'll keep noms the same, and send Britt packing....UNLESS Tay persuades him to vote out Turner.

Find out Friday!

Monday, September 12, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W29

 Day 125:  $5,562 (and 50 cents)

Arrived; B informed me the new system was working and to use Genesis. Had to refresh my memory about how to look up items and do the tax exempts, but the rest came back to me:)  Did the soda count, but realized we weren't going to pull it with only 3 closers.  Learned Juan and Loader AL got into a near-fist-fight Sat, and J quit.  AL had called in, so AM was all by himself.

Went to break at 6:30, and Marilyn said the new system was fine, so used it the rest of the night.  Not sure what B's issue was earlier.  Did my AP4Me and LU, plus some other training.  Swept the floor at 9 and mucked out the mats, then sanitized the registers. Returned items to Plumbing and Tools, then took HC C's vest back with me.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Both C and ASM M are on vacation the rest of the week.

Outfit:  Red LU tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops.

Day 126:  $7,248 (and 7 cents)

Arrived and was sent to LG to give Pat a break. Went to Lumber, but B had already taken his, so was up front until 5:20, when they sent me back to Lumber. Did the prelim duties, and LU, then got to hold $4K in my hand for a brief moment. Swept and gathered trash, then was sent to lunch at 8:30.  Had to show Kerrie how to find the LU, and when I returned, mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers, and brought in the cull carts.  After HC J cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  I Like...tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants.

Day 127:  $8,462 (and 23 cents)

Shift began on a rushed note; was busy as soon as I checked in, and had to set up a delivery.  Got everything invoiced so customer could go get the hardware she needed, then moved on to Customer 2, who had discoumted paint.  Charlie did my o/r, but while I was waiting, #1 arrived, and I brought her up on #2.  Charlie finished her out while I went back to Reg #1 and customer #2.  Got around to the prelim duties around 6, then went to break at 7:45.  Came back and swept, then loaded the gatorade cooler and fronted the rest of the soda.  Mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers, then the final customers arrived.  They showed up at closing, then after I'd loaded the LAR and rung everything up, it was discovered they'd grabbed the wrong items.  I had to call for an approval code, and ended up closing out his account and refunding the $$ we'd just loaded onto it.  Took the trash to the hopper as HC J was cleaning me out, then returned a box of screws and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Final customer also helped me bring in the heavy cull cart while we were waiting for the shoppers to show up.  Then Daw complained b/c J had let Kel and Lex go at 10, w/o ASKING if he'd stay.  Jeez...4 years ago, NONE of us were allowed to leave early!

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants

Day 128:  $4,873 (and 46 cents)

Arrived to find two carts full of soda waiting to be put in the coolers.  Spent the 1st two hours doing so, in between ringing up customers.  Began closing duties at 7, and went to break at 8:30.  Came back and swept, pulled trash, mucked out the mats, did my LU, and santized the registers.  Saw Melora right before my break and checked her out.

At 9:55, I brought in one of the cull carts, and after HC J cleaned me out, Loader AL showed up with the hopper, so tossed all the trash in. Returned items to Tools and Aisle 17, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:25/

Outfit:  Bon Jovi tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants.

Day 129:  $12,111 (and 54 cents)

Arrived and nearly fell over in shock; ASM K was on a register!  My entrance was blocked, so waited patiently.  K told me to come on over; the customer moved the cart out of the way.  I stated I was being polite, instead of barging through; K said she just barges through. Next, I had to load an LAR using a check, and it took me a few mins to remember how to do it on the old system!  I was thinking, "Thank you for making me look like an incompetant a$$ in front of my boss..."

Then I discovered #1 was out of 5s and 10s, so hopped over to #2 until someone could come down and reload it, which didn't happen until my break at 7:45!  Got the prelim duties done and the soda fronted, then swept the entire area.  After my break, mucked out the mats and reswept the 'problem' areas.  Locked the doors at 9:59 and brought in one of the cull carts.  Tossed the trash to the hopper when Loader AL brought it, and walked newly-trained HC K to the front, and put up my vest.  Got the onlooker's version of the Juan/AL spat last weekend.  J just had had enough, and snapped.

Outfit:  Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, sea horses

I'm off until Sunday!!

Day 130:  Rare Sunday $12,328 (and 27 cents)

Arrived and took over for Em, and things were fairly slow the 1st hour.  Em left at 4, and the crowd came in.  Was slammed until 6, then discovered my broom was missing.  Couldn't sweep, so fronted all the soda and filled the gatorade cooler. Gathered the trash at 7, and final customer left at 8:05.  Returned items to Hardware and Halloween, then put up my vest.

Had two CFH....

-A wanted a discount on windows, so sent him back to Millwork. He told me he wanted the top bundle of 7/16 OSB, and ONLY the top one.  

-Woman came up 10 mins before closing to ask about wire.  Finally found Charlie, who took her back to Electrical.

Also had a guy who wanted the busted concrete, and said he'd return in a bit.  When he came back, Loader AL was swamped, and it took maybe 15 mins before AL could get to him.

Had another customer tell me he couldn't get all his lumber in his truck, and that he'd be back for it 'in a little bit; I'm only going cross town.'  When I locked the doors at 8, he still hadn't shown up for it.

Clocked out at 8:20.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W28

 Day 122:  Labor Day  $10,090 (and 32 cents)

Arrived at 3 into chaos.  Customer was sent from CS with an online order staged 'somewhere'; Pro S 'whining' about how long she had to be there (6pm); ASM K left 90 mins early (thank god!); and just BUSY!  Things settled down after 5 and was able to finish the soda count and start the prelim duties. Kel sent me to break at 7:15, and before I went, returned items to Aisle 21 and Paint.  Returned half an hour later and started sweeping. /Did my LU and AP4Me.  Probably only had maybe 10 customers from 8-10, due to the rain. Mucked out all the mats and sanitized the registers. After HC C cleaned me out, returned items to Electrical, then put the trash in the hopper and put a damaged printer in Receiving.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  White flag tee, cut off capris, small textured hoops.

Day 123:  $7,838 (and 84 cents)

Arrived to discover B had called in, so spent my entire 4 hour shift (3-7) in Lumber.  Things were slow when I arrived, but picked up, and we were slammed between 4:30 and 5:30.  Needed 3 o/r; one for doors, another for an SOS item; the third for discounted countertops.  When Em arrived at 6:30, I logged off and pulled and filled the soda.  Clocked out at 7:50 after doing my LY in the training room while eating a cupcake.

Outfit:  Classy tee, cut off capris, copper and laramite danglys.

Off tomorrow; taking Mom to the beauty shop!

Day 124:  $6,325 (and 64 cents)

Arrived; did the prelim duties. Things slowed down around 7, so took my time with the closing duties.  Went to break at 8.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Alaska HWY tee, cut off capris.

Off to Mattoon, Il for Cil-Con!

Saturday, September 3, 2022

WTH Did I Just Watch?

Before I begin this post, I want to be clear:  I am NOT a racist.  Yes, I admit I'm a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP), but I have friends in all ethnic groups, and once you get to know me, I tend to forget about skin color.  

With that said, I was blown away by what I witnessed on a certain reality show the past two days.

In full disclosure, I did NOT watch the previous season, so when the Cookout Alliance was mentioned, I didn't know what it referenced, only that an alliance was formed based on race.  So what?  I've watched many seasons of this show, and others, and yes, people of a certain ethnic group will come together, based on race/things in common/other factors, such as competitive nature or winning streaks. It happens.

****Warming:  If you are triggered by anything I've already said, please stop reading*****

Two weeks ago, a naive, sheltered individual mentioned he'd heard about how three people seemed to be in an alliance, and two others of the same ethnicity possibly could become two more numbers for that alliance, and possibly be in control of the house at some point, because one member had already been HOH a couple of times.  In talking strategy with a member of his own alliance, he referenced the five people 'could possibly become' another cookout situation.

Then he had a similar conversation with another member, who was closely working with the 1st.  In all fairness, #2 DID carefully try to say that his thought process was traveling a dangerous path, but K didn't pick up on it.  The conversation/thought process never happened again, and K probably thought the matter was dropped.

Then a twist shook up the house, and the eight people were divided.  K was outside of his alliance members and spilled the beans to the HOH about what was going on, and managed to target another member of his now-former alliance. 

Inside the house, there were four members of the Leading Alliance, and they voted out the one member who was not in it.

Outside the house, there were three members of the Leading Alliance and two non-members....but one of the Nons was HOH.  K didn't want his showmance to go (she was not a part of the alliance), so he turned his back on one member of his alliance, who hadn't won anything, and persuaded the HOH (and his NEW alliance) to get out J, who was closely alligned with another member inside the house.

So sorry if this is confusing, but I'm getting to my point.

Anyway, Leading Alliance Plan worked, and an annoying person was sent to jury.  Non-Alliance Plan worked, and instead of K or his showmance A being voted out, it was the current target, who tried to save himself by spilling the already-spilled beans, making him look as if it was a last-ditch effort to shift the blame/

Once everyone was back together, the Leading Alliance was shocked to see Showmance A still there, and another member of the LA was in tears b/c her wannabe showmance was voted out.

It was at THIS POINT that the two members of the Leading Alliance decided to let everyone else know about the conversations which had taken place two weeks ago, and all hell broke loose.

Only ONE member questioned the TIMING of this disclosure, after his emotions died down, and he could think clearly again.

Yes, K was shocked to find his words coming back to haunt him, and didn't think he'd sounded racist at all; in his mind, he was making an OBSERVATION.  But with the conversation being related in a carefully spun way, it painted a bad picture, and no amount of explanation was going to change the minds of the three minorities left in the house.  Unfortunately for K, the person he'd initially had the conversation with had won the POV, and his close ally was on the block.  He took her down, and K went up.

Members of the Leading Alliance:                Member of the Non-Alliance:

Monte                                                             Allysa

Taylor  (nominee)                                           Terrance

Michael (POV winner)                                  Turner (HOH)

Brittany (nominee, taken down)                     Kyle (replacement nominee)

So what happened on Eviction Night?

5-0, Kyle voted out. 

All because two people decided to break up the showmance, save both members of their own alliance and take one down, and get this naive kid out of the house.

Kyle is now left with a broken heart (Allysa broke up with him), a confused, guilty conscience, and a little more wiser about talking strategy.

Yes, the timing of this blowup sucked. Yes, I think if the three minorities had thought it through a little more, and other people were on the chopping block and had someone ELSE won the POV, it never would have come to light, or K might even still be in the house.  Somewhere, in an alternate timeline, this happened.

But since we live in THIS timeline.....I still hope Alyssa wins HOH and puts up Brittany and Taylor, and either annoying T goes home, or is able to back door Michael.

But at this stage of the game, I see Terrance, Alyssa, and Turner being picked off, leaving Annoying Taylor, Hunk Monte, Strategic Brittany, and Comp Beast  Michael left to battle it out.  As long as Taylor doesn't win, I'm fine.  Come on Monte!


So why the title of this post?

I guess maybe it's just the evolved culture war of the past several years.  It's as if we're back in the 60s, having these same conversations about integration, only now minorities have decided to separate themselves.  I've heard of colleges having dorms were people of the same ethinc group, clubs of the same ethnic group, and I'm royally confused.  Because if a WASP like me decided to have a 'WASP-only' group/dorm/club, we'd be tarred and feathered.

So help me out here:  What the hell kind of existence are we living in today?  

Certainly not Dr. MLK's vision.....which is what I thought we were working toward....


As you know, I had to disable the comment feature on this blog, due to multiple SPAM messages. 

Direct all comments to the above email address, if you feel the need to disagree, agree, inform. 


I'm only expressing an opinion. You are entitled to your own.

Friday, September 2, 2022

September Goals

 I know what you're thinking.

"What happened to August?"

I was a little busy.  So busy, I didn't even realize I'd not posted my goals until halfway through the month! I also caught CV-19 after Imaginarium (not sure if I caught it from attendees or at the Evening Job; it was making its way though our dept finally! But it was nice to get a paid, 5-day vacation!). What were my symptoms?  Acted like a very BAD sinus infection!

So here's a catch up:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 219)

-Have relaxing 4th of July Check!  Didn't go anywhere except to the fireworks:)

-Do well at Imaginarium Had a relaxing time, but only sold 3...

-Do well at Heroes For Kids Had to cancel, due to illness.

-Work enough hours to pay for everything Barely...

-Order Rex Copies Nope

-Order other inventory Nope

-Add words to existing WIPS Began another Beach Story....but otherwise....nope.

-Have a good time with my sister and Mom's b-day YES!!!

Books Read:  13

           Print:  12

       E-book:  1

Karaoke Songs:  0  Was sick and I need to find a new venue.  Willie's is no longer doing it.

2022 Events:

-Penned Con, St, Louis, Mo Pd 2020 Postponed again until 2023

-Cil-Con Mattoon, Il Pd $100 10/21/21  Sold 4!

-First City Music Festival $50 Need to pay $100, since check was never cashed for 2021 Update:  Same day as Lexington, so will send them a check for $50....

-Non-Con Middletown, OH Skipping this year, due to gas prices.

September Goals:

-Lose 5 pounds (beginning:  220.  Mom's birthday put a pound on me.  Not too bad...)

-Do well at Cil-Con  Sold 4:)

-Order Rex (Check 9/8 and 9/26!) and other books for holiday season

-Work enough to pay for Lexington Had to pull out of Lexington, due to van not shifting gears and Toledo trips

-Add words to existing WIPS Check:)

-Build up savings account Check....thank you Indiana refund check!

Sept Reading Schedule:


Reader-JS Lenore Excellent!  The series is taking a different turn than I expected, but still want to keep reading it:)
The Book of Two Ways-Jodi Picoult DRR!!!  Amazing book and LOVED this!!  It's been a long time since I've 'lost' myself in a good story and didn't want to put it down!!!!
Pride and Publishing-DeAnna Julie Johnson Enjoyed this!!!