Monday, April 24, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W9

 Day 40:  $6951

Arrived and took over for B, then learned I was closing with the new guy, Woody.  Was busy at first, then was able to get the prelim duties finished. Did my LU and AP4Me, then around 8 had to call for a bathroom break.  Noel came down to cover me, and when I returned, started the closing duties.  Loader W found my dustpan, so was able to get the floor spot-swept, the mats mucked, and everything sanitized. Pulled the outside trash, and when ASM M came down to clean me out, I'd already locked the doors and brought in the cull carts.  Took the trash down, then waited for Blake to bring in the concrete.  Returned an item to Aisle 50, then put up my vest.

Randy B showed up and we had some teasing back and forth before I rang him up....then he cut himself, so had to pour water over his finger and give him a paper towel.  I teased him....'first you insult me, then you bleed all all over my clean floor!"

Clocked out at 10:35.

ASM K apparently had some bad sushi and called in.

Outfit:  Gray leopard stripe, black vest, LJs, faded jeggings, small gold hoops.

Day 41:  $9489

Arrived and was surprised to see Seb; B had called in.  Took over and was slightly busy, then learned I'd be closing with Loaders W and H. Did the prelim duties and swept up the insulation in front of the Pro desk. Did my LU and rang up customers, then HC K asked me to do the soda count.  Mack sent me to break at 9:20, and when I returned, started the closing duties.  I'd already pulled the trash, so mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers and counters.  Even wiped down the wall by the coffee station. Mack and I filled the soda coolers, then clocked out at 10:35.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, LJs, faded jeggings, small textured gold hoops

Off the next two days for choir rehearsal and performance!

Day 42:  $12,930

Shift began with ASM K smashing the bathroom door against my hand; she was coming in, I was reaching for the door handle.  Thumb was slightly tender for a few mins.  B said he'd done $15 K during his 8 hour shift; wait until I see him on Mon to show him tonight's stats!  Was busy all evening; barely had time to do the prelim duties, but managed to get them done by 6.  Wasn't able to start sweeping until 9, and got the closing duties finished around 9:45.  Locked the doors at 10 and brought in the cull cart,  plus helped bring in the rest of the carts.  Loader W hurt his elbow and left around 7:30; Loader E brought in the concrete and took the trash. HC C had already cleaned me out, so shut the large door and put up my vest, then took the loading tickets to CS. Didn't get my break, but had Loader E watch the register for a few mins.

Customer Eric M razzed me three times:  First I was a 'chatty Cathy'....then I was holding up the line....last, I was slow ringing up people.  Told him he was rapidly getting on my last nerve, ha ha!

ASM K left at 7.

Outfit:  Maroon blouse, white vest, dark jeggings, LJs, red/clear beads

Tomorrow, I'm off to the Evansville North HS craft fair!

Day 43:  Rare Sunday $8669

Got my hopes up when I arrived and saw ASM K walking out the door...then remembered it was was 3, not 5.  Yup...she went to lunch.  Helped a customer get a tool (had to have Diana from HW unlock it for me), then helped Marilyn in Tools.  Brought in carts, and let her go to lunch at 3:50, then was slightly slammed until 5:30.  Did the prelim duties, and discovered whomever had taken over for Daw's break yesterday had been extremely rude to Nan.  Still trying to figure out who it was; Nan didn't remember her name. Got a credit app, so Loader AM 'captured' a flag for me from Flooring. Think my last one was in Jan or Feb???  Anyway, had Loader E watch the register for me while I took a pit stop, then began the closing duties.  My broom was MIA, so pulled trash and sanitized the counters and registers. Locked the doors at 8 and pushed the trash down to the hopper. Then returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Tools, Paint, and Hardware.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, dark jeggings, LJs, Mickey Mouse earrings.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W8

 Day 36:  $8487

Arrived and took over for B.  Was slow at first; did the prelim duties, my AP4Me, and LU.  Tried to request off for June 2nd (Spring on Main), but something was wrong with the site.  Had a CFH do a phone order.  Rang him up, plus 40 concrete blocks and 42 bags of 80 lb concrete….then watched as they TRIED to load it in the back of a pick up.  I’ve got pictures of the back wheels bulging, and the guys told me the front ones had the rims on the ground.  They were NOT listening to the loaders; finally ASM M told them no, they weren’t going to be able to take all of it at once.  I wrote on their receipt, plus wrote K a note about it.

Saw Matt E!  He’s just been extremely busy.  I need to email him the Imaginarium website.

Had an intestinal emergency and spent 15 mins in the bathroom. 

At 8:30, began the closing duties.  At 9, sanitized the registers and counters.  Pulled the trash (outside was fine).  Locked the doors at 9:55…no cars in our lot.  Loader N brought in the concrete and took the trash to the hopper,  After HC K cleaned me out, returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Tools, Paint, Hardware, and ISLG.

Also had a customer who reeked of bad pot.  Ugh.

Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Blue LU outfit, new dark jeggings, diamond and gold ovals

Day 37:  $6611

Arrived at 3, and took back the returns, plus checked my schedule. We were slow for 2 hours.  As soon as B left, the 'floodgates' opened, and I was busy for a solid hour.  Ran out of $1s in #1, so hopped to #2.  Jaylee sent me to lunch at 6:30 and when I returned, was still fairly steady, until I ran out of $20s and 10s.  ASM S brought $$, and was able to get back on #1. Did get all the prelim duties and the closing duties accomplished, but didn't sanitize.  Did get the floor swept and the outside trash gathered.  Discovered Loader H graduated from Lafayette Harrison in 2021!  He used to work at Tropicanoe Cove.  Small world! 

Locked the doors at 10, and ASM S cleaned me out.  Walked him up front, then put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, faded jeggings, diamond and gold ovals

Day 38:  $4810

Arrived late, due to Billie Jo's funeral. Took over for Marilyn, and helped her do the soda count, then rang up a few customers.  Did the prelim duties, then swept.....and wrote.....went to break at 8:15, and when I returned, pulled the outside trash and did the closing duties.  HC K locked the doors as I was dealing with my final customer.  Had to wait until ASM K brought in the concrete (loader H had already taken my trash to the hopper), then returned an item to Hardware and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Black/gold blouse, black jeggings, silver and pearl antique danglies

Tomorrow:  Off to Kokomo!!  (Kokomo Con is Saturday)

Day 39:  Rare Sunday $10,013

Arrived and forgot it was only 3.  Mack took her break, then she did her AP4Me while I rang up the customers.  Only twice did I have to ask her to help out. She left at 5 and I started the prelim duties. Ran out of $1s around 6:30, so hopped over to #2, where I stayed the rest of the shift. Swept and organized the paperwork (no one had turned it in from Fri and Sat). Took my break at 7:15, and when I returned, pulled all the trash and mucked under the mats. Loader A took the hopper and brought in the concrete. I brought in the cull cart and locked the doors at 7:55. ASM S cleaned me out; I returned items to Aisles 19 and 17.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit: Red turtleneck, black vest, LJs, faded jeggings, gold oval danglies

Monday, April 10, 2023

Life in Lumber: Y5, W7

 Day 30:  $12,980

Arrived at 3 and took over for K; things were slow. Pro Se needed sales numbers, so I stayed on his sales ID for an hour, and racked up 4K for him. Then everyone left, and the 'fun' began....

I ran 3 registers at one point, b/c #1 needed an o/r on carpet AND needed an item # for the other roll. #2 was tied up with insulation...first a price check, then  adding more to the LAR.  I rang up at least 5 people on #3 before 1 and 2 were finalized! Began the prelim duties, but kept getting distracted by having to ring up customers. Didn't get trash pulled until nearly 8pm/ At 7:30, had a customer ask me to do a VSP on him; had to call ASM J for instructions.  Turned out to be a fairly simple process.  Only took me 3 tries before he paid and was out the door. Trin sent me to break at 8:20, and when I returned, finished the trash, spot-swept the floor and mucked out the mats. Didn't get a chance to sanitize anything; had another customer at 9:50 decide to buy 4 bags of the discounted concrete. Finally locked the doors at 9:10.  While HC J was cleaning out the registers, I took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to Aisle 50. Walked her up front, then returned items to Electrical, Lighting, and Fashion Bath. Clocked out at 10:40.

ASM K left at 3:)

Outfit: Gray LU tee, red v-neck, new faded jeggings, thin gold hoops.

Off tomorrow, for QuickBooks workshop at Pantheon:)  Of course, I could still get called in....

Day 31:  $7415

Arrived and took over for B; was busy for a few mins, then did the prelim duties. Around 7, things started to slow, so spot-swept the area.  ASM S sent me to break at 7:30, and when I returned, mucked out the mats  At 8:30, pulled the trash and did the closing duties. Locked the doors at 10, and ASM S cleaned me out. Took the trash down to the hopper, then walked S up front, returning items to Tools, Hardware, and ISLG.

Had one alarming moment:  Customer arrived, clutching his chest.  I asked if he was alright, and he said no, he'd been having heart issues.  I called for Loader E1 (he's the only one now; E2 was fired last night), and customer griped that he was okay and didn't need special treatment. The longer we talked, the better he felt, but I still watched him all the way to his truck and back, then again as he left.  He told me he'd had a pacemaker installed on Sunday.  I hope he's okay.

ASM M asked me to bring up the new ads from the training room, so got a flat cart from 21 and did so, then returned the cart back to Lumber. Clocked out at exactly 10:56; I'd clocked in at 4:56.  I kinda like it when the times match up, ha ha!

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  L/S black/gray tee, Blessed G'ma tee, new dark jeggings, gold and diamond ovals.

Day 32:  $5182

Arrived and took over for B, and was slow at first, so fronted soda and did the prelim duties. #1 was out of $5s and 10s, so hopped to #2. ASM S came down with a customer, and we bantered back and forth, esp when I asked about the $$ he was supposed to bring me, ha ha!  Soon, HC K came down, and for whatever reason, ASM S began talking like a muppet (Fozzie?  Gonzo??); I joined in; HC K showed ASM S how to take the doors off the Pepsi cooler, and it was Comedy Central for about 5 minutes when she couldn't get it back on!  I went back to #1 and the 'rush' ended around 7. Spot-swept the floor and finished the prelim duties, then at 7:30, things got busy again.  My phone rang; I ignored it. It rang again; I silenced it and texted W 'I'm at work'.  Then S called...and called....the 3rd time I apologized to the customer and answered it....then discovered W had chest pains so bad he was on his knees and Dad had taken him to the ER. I finished with the customer, called HC K, who sent Dawson down.  I clocked out and went to the ER.

Turned out NOT to be cardio-related; they're fairly certain he has costro chondritis, or the inflamation of the chest wall, caused by when the truck collapsed on him last year.  And he needs to quit smoking.  I dropped off his prescription and went back to work, only to discover ASM K had said not to come in; things had slowed.  I went down to Lumber and helped Dawson finish the trash, brought in 5 carts, and took his returns back.  Looked at my sales numbers, grabbed 4 HB and 4 hot dogs and brought them home.

The HBs had something spicy on them; I tried to eat one before work and my tongue was on fire.

ASM K also told me, "We don't stop our work to accomodate someone wanting the broken concrete..."  I informed her that in E2's defense, the bag had broken as he was putting it in a bag, and THAT'S why he was shoveling it after hours.  She just rolled her eyes.  I also told her after I returned that things were okay, and she acted as is she could have cared less.  Just shows what a bad mgr she is.

Arrived at 4:56; clocked out at 8:06.

Outfit:  Purdue tee, new dark jeggings, diamond and gold ovals.

Day 33:  $6673

Arrived and took over for B; was immediately swamped and didn't get a chance to do the prelim duties for an hour. Things died down for a bit; was able to sneak in my LU and read my email. Was swamped again at 7, and one customer in particular ticked me off.  "I have a card on file."  Okay....couldn't find it under the LBA or the LAR.  "The morning lady knows where to find it..." ( I soooo wanted to say, "Do I look like her??", but refrained.) and had him call his boss, who then complained, "This happens every time....the card is on file!" So ran it as a phone order, and things went through. Jaylee arrived to help with the back up, thankfully!  She sent me to break at 8:15, and when I returned, began the closing duties. Spot-swept the floor and mucked under the mats, sanitized the registers and counters, and even pulled the outside trash.  Brought in the cull cart at 9:50 when we had NO CARS in the lot, and locked the doors five minutes later.  HC K cleaned me out; I walked her up front and returned items to Tools and Batteries (Loader E had already taken the trash to the hopper.) Loader H got his vest tonight!

Outfit: Black Def Leppard tee, new dark jeggings, diamond and gold ovals.

Learned ASM K has the weekend off!

Day 34:  Rare Sat  $11,046

Was asked to come in at 3, so I did, and spent the first 15 mins in LG, covering Patty's break. Three customers later, my back was killing me.  P returned, so went down to Lumber, where we weren't that busy, thank god.  Was able to stretch out my back, and then was called to go back to LG to cover P's LUNCH!  So I did, and was constantly busy.  Had one customer who said two plants were $4, but when we checked, no....$17. She didn't want them.  Went back to Lumber after P returned, and Jaylee stayed until after 5:30 to help with the line. I finally got on #1 around 6, and did the prelim duties, plus swept the area.  Was sent to lunch at 6:30 (1 hour!), and when I returned, started the closing duties, and it's a good thing I did:  Had a 'problem child' who wanted the VSP, but needed to change a few things. Through trial and error, we got it done....but set it up for delivery, and they discovered they couldn't get their preferred delivery date.  So tried to set it up for P/L, and the system wouldn't let me.  Ended up setting the delivery date to May, so they could come in and pick it up.  THEN the circular saw didn't zero out, and by the time we got it figured out and totaled (Josh came down to help and I hopped on #2 to ring up a few customers), we discovered Josh hadn't known I'd run it through VSP.  He rerurned/rebilled; ASM S came down; we ended up redoing the entire thing with the 11% discount, and this time, on a P/L!  They left at 10:05.  I had already pulled the trash, so locked the doors.  ASM S cleaned me out, then saw the Coke cooler and asked if I could stay til 11.  I said yes, so filled what I could of both the Coke and Pepsi coolers.  Clocked out at 11:05.

Outfit:  Rob Strong tee, new dark jeggings, thin gold hoops

Dat 35:  Rare Early Sunday $11,576

Barely made it to work on time; clocked in at 7:59.  Adrianna's jaw hit the floor..."YOU?  At 8 AM?"  I said, "Yeah,...don't get used to it." Went down to Lumber and Loader N was unlocking the doors.  Logged on to #1 and watched 2 people enter.  Didn't check anyone out until maybe half an hour later? Did the Monster count, my LU, and some reorganization. Things picked up around 10.  HC J arrived at 10:30 for my break; I brought my book and coat back with me. At 11 Jaylee arrived with doughnuts. I went to lunch at 12 (McAs), and when I returned, J said she'd just had a rush.  We were both a little busy for maybe half an hour, so when things eased up, I filled the Monster and the Red Bull coolers.  At 3:30, J went to lunch, and I was a little busy, but not too bad.  J came back at 4:30; I took my coat and book to the back.  Clocked out at 5:15.

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabela's sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, sea horses

Saturday, April 8, 2023

April Goals

 -Lose 5 lbs (start: 231)

-Get a good report on Bone Density Scan Check!  Normal:)

-Order copies WHH, CR, and Hotel, plus maybe Whispers.Check!

-Add words to Sage's story Am up to Ch 6!

-Get taxes filed Check!  Bad news:  Owe both Fed ($3100) and State ($250)

-Pay for April QuickBooks workshop at Pantheon Check:) Pd 3/17

-Do well at GSH Vendor Event Check!  Sold 12:)

-Stress-free month at work Not too bad....

-Work enough hours to pay bills and save up for upcoming trips Check:)

-Finish watching Charmed Am up to final season!

-Finish watching Pit Bulls and Parolees Almost; there's a few coming up I've not seen

-Start evicting items from Brown House Not yet; too cold

Other than being tearful over the fact Cheyenne was about to be sent over the Rainbow Bridge, it was a fairly upbeat month. Celebrated Will's 19th birthday at Chavez without me, then D's birthday at Chavez, courtesy of Kyle. Dexter had a cancer scare, but both biopsies (cyst removed from his side and sample taken from his neck) were clear; just fat deposits.

In Basketball, Purdue got beat in the 1st round, which really took the excitement away.  I did watch a few games at BW3 on St. Paddy's Day.

Books Read:  2

            Print:  0

        E-book:  2

2023 Events:

April 1st:  SI Comic Con, Benton, Il Pd 4/2022 Did well!  Sold 9 and paid for my booth next year:)  $40 for 5/3-4/2024

22nd:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, In $75 4/7: Have set aside $25 for BKM  Sold 10, plus 1 keychain:)

28th:  North HS Craft Fair, $40 (bring own table) Pd 2/3 Sold 5 and swapped 2:)

May 5th:  First Friday Art Walk

May 6th:  SpringFest in Washington ($65) 4/21:  $35 set aside Update:  Decided to skip, due to sketchy weather pattern 

10/11:  GSH Vendor Fair (GSH company picnic) 1st and Buntin

June:  Superman Celebration ($100)

July 9-11:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner Pd 4/21

July 15th:  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo (vendor fee rolled over from 2022) Bring own tables:)

July 22nd:  Peoria Quad Con On Waiting list...

Aug:  State Fair??

Aug:  Hanna House $20

26th:  Evansville Museum Geek Con, Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, 411 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville, IN

Sept:   15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

23rd:   Hoosier Indie Author Book Fair, The Big Tent, 5502 South Evans Rd., Gas City, IN

Oct:  TBD

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60; 3/3: Pd $60; 4/7:  Pd $60; 4/21:  Pd $30 (Owe $140); 5/5 $30 (Owe 80 (missed a payment somewhere!))

April Goals:
-Lose 5 lbs
-Finish Sage Not yet; been busy with short story
-Finish new short story Check! Now to add more to it....
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses
-Do well at SI Comic Con Sold 9!
-Have a relaxing Easter Check!
-Do well at Kokomo Con Sold 10, plus a keychain:)
-Do well at Craft Fair Sold 5 and swapped 2:)
-Order inventory 4/7:  Ordered 5 HLC, 5 CR
-Take over files of FCB anthos?
-Learn QuickBooks at Pantheon Check:)
-File taxes Check:) 
-Work enough hours to pay for bills, events, and inventory
-Finish watching Charmed and Pit Bulls/Parolees on last season of Charmed, and currently checking all the other PB
-Start evicting/cleaning up Brown House Not yet
-Have a good performance at Robert Ray concert Check:)

April Reading Schedule


Christine-Stephen King Very good!


Fury of a Storme-Sandra Sookoo DRR! Think this might be my favorite of hers:)  LOVED this story of a woman whose disabilities alienated her family, but one person saw through it and encouraged her to live her best life:)
Kaleidescope Hearts-S.E. Winters, et al Fairly decent antho:)  Some stories I liked better than othrs.
Pandemonium In Peoria-Rochelle Bradley, et al Interesting story!
The Duke and the Lass-Jessie Clever RR!  Enjoyed this:)
Son of A Duke-Jessie Clever DNF....sorry; just wasn't in the mood for all the spy stuff.
If I Loved You-Jean Joachim Excellent reread!
Memories of Love-JJ Another excellent reread!
Movie Lovers-JJ Great reread!
Love's Last Chance-JJ Great reread!
Lovers and Liars-JJ Great reread!

Monday, April 3, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W6

 Day 25:  $3328

Due to a telephone call to insurance, I was 15 minutes late. Clocked in, then spent 10 minutes in the restroom before reporting to Lumber, where it was a madhouse.  Cust A needed 25 bags of concrete; Cust B needed 90 concrete blocks; Loader T was MIA (turned out he was also in the restroom!). Finally got it all sorted out and loaded. Kem took off; B and I handled everything. After B left at 5, things slowed way down. Did the prelim duties, plus tried to set up an LBA account for a customer (he was denied). Did my LU and AP4Me. HC J sent me to break at 7, and we discovered I'd been on Pro Se's account for 2 hours!  Left him a note to recheck his sales stats. At 8:30, Mack sent me to lunch; I took back all the returns first. When I returned, spot-swept the floor, mucked out the mats, pulled the trash, and wiped down the counters.  HC J arrived to clean out #2 and 3, so took the trash down, then walked her up front after #1. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 4.

Outfit: Brown blouse, dark jeggings, brown 'dream catcher' danglies

Day 26:  $8591

Arrived and was told to fill the soda in Lumber.  Did the count, and loaded up a cart, but was called to help out twice on the front line.  Pushed the cart to lumber, then took over for Scott, who had to leave at 4.  Was on Self-checkout (and successfully printed out my own QR code!  It's my Genesis log in info, NOT red vest!) for 45 mins, then ASM SW sent me to break, then to lumber. Took over for B and did the prelim duties, and filled the Pro Coke coolers. Spot-swept, and at 7:45, Jaylee sent me to lunch. Came back and began the closing duties..,,,pulled trash, mucked the mats, swept the hardi board area, and sanitized the registers and counters.  Final customer was at closing, and needed an 0/r, so HC K stayed down there.  Had customer help me get the trash outside, then locked the doors and took the trash to Receiving, where Mike helped me toss it in the hopper. Clocked out at 10:20.

ASM K off today.

Outfit:  Teal patterned blouse, new faded jeggings, large zirconians

Off to Lafayette tomorrow!

Day 27:  $9486

Arrived back in town in time to drop my bag, brush my teeth, converse with the spouse, then head out. Turned out it was my day to mis-read everything. 1) thought I was 3-7; nope, 3-close. 2) Thought Loader E was supposed to arrive at 5; he arrived shortly after 6. 3) Told a customer that what they were looking for was in 'Bay 1'....turned out to be AISLE 52 BAY1, NOT Aisle 21!  Anyway, was with B for 2 hours, then by myself, and fairly steady, though I did manage to get the soda fronted and the other prelim duties accomplished. Marilyn sent me to lunch at 7:45; returned an item to Plumbing and an RTM, then enjoyed my meal. After clocking back in, did my LU and got started on the closing duties. Mucked out the mats, spot-swept the area, pulled all trash, and sanitized the registers and counters. Even took the step stool and got more off the top of the ice machine. When HC K came to clean me out, I locked the doors and took the trash to the hopper.  Walked her up front, then put up my vest.  ASM K let us out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Blue crew-neck Cabella's sweatshirt, red polo, new faded jeggings, small flower diamonds.

Day 28:  Good Friday $8573

Arrived and took over for B, who said he'd done over $20K in 8 hours!  WOW! At first, I wasn't that busy, and did the prelim duties, then spot-swept while ASM K was getting slammed over the phone by a customer, who then became rude, K hung up on her.  I honestly had to admire her restraint. I didn't think she had it in her to say, "I'm trying to help you, but you're being VERY direspectful and insulting to me..." She left at 7, after contacting SM J to fill him in. DID overhear her say she had the weekend off!!

I did my LU and read my email, and did some writing....then got busy around 8. Think it was mainly the 'I-hate-self-checkout' people, but I also had 3 customers in a row with multiple carts of lumber. Mack sent me to break at 8:45, and when I returned, mucked out the mats, pulled trash, and sanitized. Final customer was at 8:50. Walked HC K to the front, then locked the doors and took the trash to the hopper. Helped zone Aisle 10 before clocking out at 10:30.

Outfit: Blue/white fleece sweater, new faded jeggings, small textured hoops

Day 29:  Holy Sat $11,176

Was asked to come in early; clocked in at 4:20. Covered Self Checkout for 5 mins, then took a cart back to Garden, and went to Lumber. Helped Loader E1 on register 2, then took over for him. At 6, Marilyn left, and the place sort of died out. Did the prelim duties, had a 'rush', then things slowed down again. Em brought in cookies! Around 7:30, asked Olivia to watch my register so I could make a pit stop....then did the closing duties. Pulled trash, mucked out the mats, spot-swept, sanitized all registers and the counters. At 9:30, called HC K for someone to cover me for another pit stop. Locked the doors at 10, and when HC K arrived, took the trash to the hopper, returned an item to roofing, and put up my vest.

Only needed one o/r; we price-matched some of the PVC boards.

Teased SM J:  "You're actually here on a Saturday!"  Then when he saw me in my vest, he tossed it back:  "So nice of you to grace us with your presence on a Saturday!"

ASM K was off today, and we are CLOSED tomorrow!  Happy Easter!

Outfit:  Black/white l/s tee, black vest, new faded jeggings, silver and pearl antique danglies