Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback Friday: Preschool!

Sept 1995:
After a year of hit-and-miss weeks of taking little K to his weekly Mother's Day Out program, I decided to make more of an effort to get him there every Wednesday.  He enjoyed his Yellow Room teacher, and was thrilled to have more time with his 'girls', Kailani and Shelby.

S also wanted to join in, and while I was getting K settled, would wander over to the blocks or the play table and join in. I had to sometimes remove her from the room, kicking and screaming!

S and I would go get breakfast, or do some errands before having lunch, then returning home for her nap.

We also met some new neighbors, who didn't have kids yet, and adored ours.

Next Month:  Halloween Party

Present Day:
I'm fighting a slow-moving virus that zaps my energy.  I overdid things on Wednesday, and paid the price yesterday.  Trying not to make that mistake again!

S began working at our local bakery, and so far enjoys her new job.  She quit Steak-n-Shake after they kept shorting her pay and not giving her the promised raise.

K has his truck up and running again; now it just needs to have the alignment fixed.

Miss A is doing very well with the potty-training, and woke up with a dry diaper this morning!  She loudly protested when I put her in said diaper last night.  Is it possible this is finally the last bag of diapers we'll have to purchase???????

If I DO go to karaoke tomorrow, these are the songs I'll sing:
I'm Already There-Lonestar
Cool Change-Little River BandI'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
I'm With You-Avril Lavigne

Friends BC Brown and Tabby Garcia are in town today, so hope to see them both!  Plus, J. Trav and Stormi are getting married tomorrow!  Best wishes to them both:)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Flashback Friday: Mixed Signals

Sept 1985:
Story Thus Far:  Back in college for my sophomore year, I'd met a guy on Day #3, who had invited me not only to the weekly dance, but to a party afterward. After an enjoyable evening, I thought I'd found a new boyfriend.  But reality was about to smack me between the eyes.

N had mentioned an upcoming beach party, and told me to invite my friends.  He had also indicated he'd like me to stick around for Labor Day weekend, so while everyone else set off for their hometowns, I stayed behind.

9pm arrived, and there was still no sign of N.  He didn't have a phone installed, so I walked the 9 blocks to his house, only to be told he'd gone to the party he'd 'invited' me to.  Confused, and a little shy about walking to a strange party, I called a friend for an escort, but R brought several others with him.  They walked too slowly for my taste, so I grabbed my courage and went on ahead, since I didn't know the others, and let's face it....I didn't want criticism for what I was about to do.

When I arrived, and tracked down N, he was dancing and paying a lot of attention to someone else.  I was devastated, so I left and returned to the dorm.  Fortunately, E called to find out how I was, and when I told her about the disaster, she sent her dad down to get me the next day.

EY and I went out Saturday night with two friends of hers, E and J. We had a good time hanging out and singing to the radio, then E and I went for a drive to give J and EY privacy.  We made out a little in EY's driveway, since her parents were asleep, and I didn't have a key.  We agreed not to go any farther until he and J came down to see us, and we fell asleep in the front of his truck until EY appeared and woke us up.  She and I went inside and went to bed.

The next morning, we went to church, then I met some more of her friends, and we ended up chaperoning a video arcade birthday party.  Monday afternoon, her mom drove us back.

By Tuesday, I'd cooled off about N, and went over to see if the beach party was still on.  He said yes, and told me what time to be at his house the following Saturday.  He acted happy to see me, so my hopes soared.  But by Saturday, I was the only one willing to go.  I climbed into N's cousin's car, then ended up being a glorified babysitter to B's 4 y/o son.  I missed out on the food, since T and I were in the water, and by the time B took his son home, N was again snuggling up to one of the other girls. While I waited for B to return, one of the other guys asked me for a back rub, then spoke to me more, even asking me to go for a twilight swim. I flirted with him, but after we returned to the camp site, the police arrived and told us to leave.  I panicked; my ride wasn't back yet.  So D offered me a ride back on his motorcycle, and since I had no desire to be carted off to jail, gladly accepted!  After arriving back in town, we first found the rest of the gang, but by then, I was tired, hungry, and cold.  I told D to take me back to my dorm and we'd order pizza.  I hopped in the shower, but when I came out, one thing led to another, and when EY arrived shortly after midnight, the three of us spoke, played UNO, and she told me she approved.  At check out time, D kissed me and told me he'd be back to see me in a few days.

But our schedules never jivved after that.  He came by while I was in the shower, but didn't stick around.  Later, I'd just come from class and was told he had been by the window.  He never tried to see me again, so once again, I felt jilted.

After the annual Tube Race, I went to a party with K, and ended up spending the evening with N's roommate, G.  He took me bowling, and even though he had a girlfriend back home, he said he enjoyed hanging out with me.  N and I were finished; G was happy to do things with me, so we kept it platonic.

Next Month:  Disaster at the Halloween Party, plus mistaken identity.

I'm off to the Louisville Book Blitz tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2015

September Reading Schedule

Where did August go?  How did I do on my goals?
-I. Will. Write. Heart, Song!  I did write Ch. 3, though...
-Pay for Christmas Toy and Hobby AND Book Blitz Check:)
-Buy promo for Wine and Art Fest Still in progress....
-Promote Orion Anthology  Check:)
-Get computers in shape for K12 year  Nope...
-Drop 5 pounds  Almost:)

Books Read:  1

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  7

September Goals:
-Self-publish Best of Both Worlds (check!), Heart's Last Chance, and NiKoh's Chosen
-Write Heart Song (now due October 31st)
-Do well at all three signings this month:
     -Washington Wine and Art Fest  Sold 6!!!
     -Cherry Ghost Coffee Shop Sold 4:)
     -Palace Book Blitz  Sold 5:)
-Buy copies of HLC (check!) and NiKoh (check!), plus BOBW, once it's up
-Clean up Kira and send it off to RP.
-New phone???

September Reading Schedule:
The Bridal Contract-Sandra SMidookoo
As Simple As It Seems-Sarah Weeks  Cute story!
The Dead Girls Detective Agency-Suzy Cox Wonderful story!!!
Midsummer Melody-Rebecca Kelly Wonderful story!!!
Plum Lovin'-Janet Evonovich Not bad....
Plum Lucky-JE  Not bad....
Light From Heaven-Jan Karon  Loved this!!!  DRR

Karaoke Songs:
Don't You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
The Climb-Miley Cyrus Not bad....
Consider Me Gone-Reba  A little rough, but not bad:)
Everlasting Love-Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet
Heaven is a Four-Letter Word-Bad English
I'll Be Your Shelter-Taylor Dane Video sounded better than I thought:)

I'll Stand By You-Pretenders Sort of nailed it....
I'm a Survivor-Reba McEntire  Did well:)
I'm Already There-Lonestar
I'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
I'm With You-Avril Lavigne
I'm Your Angel-Celine Dion/R. Kelly

Friday, September 4, 2015

Flashback Friday: Hay Fever!

Sept 1975:
Something awful happened a few weeks after school began.  I couldn't stop sneezing, and instead of carrying around a box of Kleenex, I opted to carry a hankerchief like Dad did.  But suddenly, the other kids seemed to avoid me.  Who wanted to be around someone constantly blowing their nose all the time?

I'd sunk to the very bottom of the pecking order.

No medications were available for my sudden onset of Hay Fever.  My head refused to dry up.

A cute new boy appeared in my class, but even he kept his distance from me.  Suddenly very self-conscious of the way I appeared, I began withdrawing from everyone.

But at home, my mom let us dress up in her old formals, and we spent many happy afternoons clomping around in Mom's high heels and I began dreaming of attending dances with my future boyfriend.

KE and I also had an enjoyable afternoon with Dad (thank you Mom for catching it on camera!).  He turned us both upside down, held us over his head, and in general, had a good time:)

Next Month: Art Class Disaster

Present Day:
I'm still reeling from the news that my beloved publisher has closed its doors. I've removed all links from my website, so please be patient while I figure out the ins and outs of self-publishing, or go about finding another publisher.  Kenzie has still taken over the brain, so I will let you know where things stand on the Arbor U series:)

Later today, I'm off to the Washington Wine, Cheese, and Art Festival!  I've been up in Indianapolis since Monday, taking care of MDQ and ME while their mother is in the hospital. She was released yesterday, so as soon as the festival is over, I'll head north again, and stay as long as she needs me.

I'll get the September Reading Schedule posted soon:)