Friday, May 26, 2017

Flashback Friday: Catching up 2007

The kids and I took off for Morgan County, in order to rendezvous with my dad at friends Ray, Jan, and Michael M's house.  Only our van had different ideas.

I noticed issues just as we drew closer to Martinsville, and made the decision to stop at my friend Sara's house.  But the van died just as we turned into their lane.....and then Sara and her family weren't home.  One of her neighbors drove us to the rendezvous point, and fortunately, my dad was there.  He drove us to D's job site, where we explained the problem, and D said he'd look at it after work.  Dad then drove me up to Fishers, dropped me off, then took the kids to Lafayette.

I hurriedly checked into my room, changed clothes, and took a deep breath.  I went back downstairs and spent the next several hours talking with other writers, editors, and hobnobbing with Dick Wolfsie.  Later that evening, D showed up and told me the van was going to be a $12 fix; he'd left his truck at Ray's, and would simply spend the weekend with me.

On Sat, he went back to work, and I attended my conference.  Afterward, I walked across the street to Applebee's, where I reconnected with an old friend, EKC, from my 1st year of college, and her son.  I gave her a copy of LIS, and apologized for anything 'too personal'.  Later that evening, friends KC, GFW, and NC arrived.  G asked the others to go get something out of the car and the door hadn't hardly closed when G whispered, "I think they're gay!"

"Really?  I was going to ask you the same thing, but wait until they at least reached the elevator!"

We shared our suspicions, but dropped the subject when they returned.  D arrived around ten, and the party broke up.

The next day, he and I surprised our friends by attending church, then drove home.  My parents arrived later that day with the kids.

At the Indy 500, Peyton Manning waved the green flag, and I was able to get several pictures of him:)  It was also the 1st race I'd attended with a rain delay that resulted in continuing the race, which Dario Franchiti won under yellow.

The older kids did well in school, with K passing 9th grade and S the 6th.

Next Month:  Beginning To Promote Myself!

Present Day:
I'll be setting up tomorrow at the Opening Day of our Farmer's Market, then heading on up to Lafayette for the race:)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Flashback Friday: Catching Up 1997

In preparation for our move, I began boxing up stuff.  I also wanted to get my manuscript printed out, so went to see TS, who offered to do it.  He read it over while getting things set up and was amazed at the story I'd put together.  But afterward, we got into an argument over expectations.  What I perceived as an innocent gesture, he thought his neighbors would take the wrong way.  And when he found out I'd told a friend about him, he lectured me on the need for privacy.  Furious, I decided to leave him alone for a few weeks.

I helped my upstairs neighbors move to Greenwood, and two weeks later, they announced their intention to divorce.  K 'graduated' from Mother's Day Out, and we prepared for an enjoyable summer before our move.  The 500 was rained out, and rainy again on Monday.  They decided to run it on Tuesday, and D refused to let me get a babysitter for the kids.  I was so pissed, I declared a TV-free day so I could listen to the race on the radio.

Next Month:  The Pool:)

Present Day:
We have access to both the other houses now!  Last week, someone broke into the brown house, so Ed brought over the keys to both houses and told us to do whatever we wanted with the contents, and give him a percentage of whatever we sold.  So now we're in the process of going through everything.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Flashback Friday: Breaking The Rules

May 1977:
It's hard to believe that I would break the rules, but I did....twice.

Our school had painted the bathroom stalls in vibrant colors, and it wasn't long before people began to chip away the paint.  I found a particularly large area in one particular stall, along with a barrette someone had left behind, and over the period of a week, slowly chipped away at it.  But one day I got careless, and forgot to make sure no one was in the next stall.  I went back to class,.....and it wasn't long before I was called to the office.  Another girl, GC, was also in the office, and accused me of vandalism.

I covered my fury with her, and embarrassment at being found out, and put my acting skills to the test.  I protested that I couldn't possibly have done it; I was a rule follower, not a rule breaker!  Thankfully, the principal bought my act, and I escaped back to class.  Over the rest of the school year, I continued to chip the paint away, a small flake at a time, and always made sure the other stall was unoccupied.

A week or two later, I decided to play hooky from school.  I told my sister I was going to board the bus at the other stop, but instead, skipped around back and hid in the tree house.  Mom had already left for work, and I heard the bus honk several times.  When the coast was clear, I came out.....and promptly discovered I'd left my house key inside.

That sucked; I had no way of getting into the house.  I couldn't go to a neighbor and ask for the screwdrivers needed to take out a window; I couldn't even break into the garage.  So I resigned myself to a boring day....and decided to walk down to the creek.  What I had NOT counted on was a neighbor calling my mom to ask why I was outside.  Mom soon arrived home, and took me back to school.  I was humiliated, and though I don't really remember what excuse I gave, Mom says I was upset over other girls teasing me.

I do know that one girl, Tobey, came up to me later and angrily said she had been trying to be my friend; I didn't believe her, and was happy when she tossed her head and walked off.

Mom also graduated from Purdue, getting her Masters in Health Ed.  I was allowed to attend the graduation, and my sister and I were sad that our weekends with Dad ended afterward.  We asked Mom to go back to school, but she said no!

Next Month:  School's Out.....and A Surprise For 6th Grade!

Present Day:
I've spent the past week with my parents, and Wednesday was our 26th wedding anniversary.  I went to Cheddars with Mom and Dad, and tomorrow we're all meeting at the Beefhouse in Covington.

Had fun at the Author's Fair last weekend, but the rain and storms knocked out the power to the surrounding area, so sales were down.  I only sold 1, and others didn't sell any.

Rain is supposed to stop this weekend, so everyone have a safe and happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Reading List

May is here!  Did I meet my April Goals?
-Buy copies of Crossroads Check:)
-Add words to Ghost Story (finished it!  Total WC:  7989!) and Heart Song (nope)
-Do well at Vendor Fair on the 15th was a bust.
-Do well at Author's Fair on the 29th  Storms....only sold 1
-Make another payment to cover artist(s) Not yet...
-Lose 5 lbs Almost; lost 3!
-Finish cleaning up yard 75%!
-Start clearing out junk in green house  Don't have keys yet...
-Hang pictures/pretties  Had to pay IRS $900, so this is tabled until May...
-Have a good Easter  Check:)

Books Read:  8
           Print:  3
       E-book:  5

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  15
                                                   Thurs:  3
                                                       Sat:  12

On Memory, I did fine until the break....then when I came back in, I was in the wrong key for a line or two!  Oops....

The Author's Fair this year apparently pissed off Mother Nature; there were storms, tornadoes, and 6 inches of rain fell in the span of maybe 6-8 hours?  At any rate, both I-64 and US 41 were shut down with flooded areas in the afternoon.  Thankfully by 5pm, the water had receded and we were able to get home w/o any problems.

May Goals:
-Add words to Heart Song
-Edit Ghost Story and find a title!
-Lose 5 lbs  Check:)  Lost 7 (I THINK!)
-Make payment to cover artist  Check:)  One more payment to go....
-Do well at Birds of a Feather  Sold 3:)
-Have a successful B&N signing  Collectively, we sold 20:)
-Finish cleaning yard (nearly done!) and start emptying storage unit
-Enjoy the Indy 500  Check:)  Takuma Sato won!!!
-Hang pretties/pictures/shelving
-Get hair redyed

May Reading Schedule:
The Liar-Nora Roberts  DRR!  Loved this!
Blinded By Blood-George Kramer  LOVED this!  If you don't mind graphic description, pick this up!

The Boss Too-Lexy Timm  Enjoyable
Who's The Boss Now-LT  The angst was finally too much, and I ended up skimming the last few chapters.
Love Life-LT  Finally finished it!  Wanted to smack Blake.  Too drawn out.
Unwilling-K.D. Wood  Bleh.  Too tedious.  Finally skimmed the last twelve chapters, just to get through it.
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus:  The Beginning-Lydia Sherrer Definitely interesting, but not really my fave genre to read.  Really didn't hold my interest past the 1st story.
Dan Alexander, Pitcher-Jean Joachim  Absolutely LOVED this!  Thought more was going to happen at the end, but it all turned out to be 'on the level'.  DRR!

Karaoke Songs:
What About Love-Heart  Did well, even though I couldn't hit the high note....
Just Between You and Me-Lou Graham  Nailed it:)
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted-Jimmy Ruffin  Think it was okay....
What Have You Done For Me Lately-Janet Jackson  Did well:)
Last Name-Carrie Underwood  Think I nailed it:)
What I've Done-Linkin Park  DNH
What Kind Of Fool-Barbara Streisand/Barry Gibb  Nailed it:)
Lead Me On-Amy Grant Did well:)
What Do You Say-Reba McEntire Bleh.....

Midnight Blue-Melissa Manchester  Did well:)
Midnight Blue-Lou Gramm  DNH
Miles To Go-Celine Dion  DNH
John Waite-Missing You  Nailed it:)
Missionary Man-Eurythmics  Nailed it:)
Misunderstanding-Genesis  Did fairly well:)
Million Reasons-Lady Gaga  Nailed it:)
The Sweetest Thing-Juice Newton  Nailed it:)
Miracle-Jon Bon Jovi  Nailed it:)
Modern Day Delilah-Van Stephenson  DNH
Money Changes Everything-Cyndi Lauper  Not too awful...
More Than I Can Say-Leo Sayer  Nailed it:)