Monday, March 25, 2024

BB2020: Weeks 11, 12, and Finale

Week 11: 

Final 4: 





HOH Comp: 

Kaysar returns to host! It's the ultimate chess game:)

Enzo decides NOT to help either Cody or Christmas box the other in.

Christmas boxes in Cody and boxes in herself.

Enzo becomes HOH for the 1st time:)  Cody and Nicole aren't happy with him.

He nominates Nicole and Christmas.

Luxury Comp:  Clash of the Comics:

Bayleigh's Comet vs the Podmaster:  Podmaster!

Dirk Spacemaster vs Mrs. Claws:  Mrs. Claws!

Birthday Girl vs David and Goliath:  David and Goliath!

Mem-Fist vs Cereal Killer:  Mem-Fist!

Da Dream vs Bombshell:  Da Dream!

Regulater vs Meow-Meow:  Meow-Meow!

Cali-Fury vs Bandanimal:  Cali-Fury!

King Kaysar vs Abra-Curl-Dabra:  Abra-Curl-Dabra!

Podmaster vs Mrs. Claws:  Podmaster and Team Christmas is OUT.

ACD vs DD:  Da Dream!

CF vs DAG: Cali-Fury!

MM vs MF:  Mem-Fist and Team Enzo is OUT!

Pod vs MF:  Mem-Fist!

CF vs DD:  Da Dream and Team Cody is OUT!

DD vs MF:  Mem-Fist and Team Nicole wins $10K!!

POV Comp:

Round 1:  X-mas gets a strike

Round 2: Enzo gets a strike

Round 3: Enzo gets 2nd strike

Round 4: Enzo is eliminated

Round 5: X-mas gets 2nd strike

Round 6: Nicole gets a strike

Round 7: X-mas is eliminated

Round 8: Cody gets a strike

Round 9: Nicole gets 2nd strike

Round 10: Nicole is eliminated; Cody wins Veto, which means nominations will stay the same.

Week 12:

Cody chooses to evict Christmas...whaaat???

Final 3: Enzo, Nicole, Cody


HOH Comp Pt 1:  Hanging onto the rope while standing on disks, as it spins, and contestants hit the moon and the building.

Cody's feet slip off, but he recovers; Enzo falls off 1st.   Cody then falls off; Nicole wins and advances to part 3:) 

HOH Comp Pt 2: Cody vs Enzo:  Timed Camera Hogs

Enzo:  37:38 (he had issues with the pigs, then the final clue)

Cody:  4:49

Cody wins Pt 2:)

Enzo has a meltdown about how he sucks at comps, and is twice the age of the other two.

HOH Comp Pt 3:  Nicole vs Cody

Cody gets all 8 questions correct; Nicole missed the 1st one.  Cody wins final HOH and chooses Enzo to sit next to him.

The Final Vote:  Cody wins!!!!  9-0

America's Favorite Houseguest:  Da'Vonne:)

Life In Lumber: Y6, W5

 Day 18: Mid 50s

Arrived and took over for Alice; did my LU, training, and AP4Me, and the prelim duties. Was sweeping by 7; sanitizing by 8; pulled trash at 9.  Took a pit stop at 8, since HC Shel R told me my break would be at 9:30 (Jared watched the register). When HC Shel came down, I first returned items to Electrical and Millwork, then went to get more trash liners.  Sat down for 5 mins, then went back to my register. Locked the doors at 9:55 and after HC Shel cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper.  After Loader Charles brought in the concrete, I put up my vest and returned items to Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:35.

Outfit:  White V-neck tunic, new LU MVP tee, dark jeggings, white button studs

Day 19:  Good Friday Low 70s!

Arrived and took over for Kem; things were steady, but was able to print out my April schedule and do my LU. Had to have ASM Charlie watch my register while I took a pit stop, then HC Brit sent me to lunch at 7:45. Took an item back to Paint and an item to RTM, then clocked out for 30 mins. Returned and pulled trash and began sweeping. Around 9 I sanitized the registers and fronted all the soda. After we closed, I locked the doors; ASM Charlie brought in the concrete; HC Britt cleaned me out; I took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to Tools.  Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Black V-neck tunic, yellow plaid vest, dark jeggings, turquoise 'crinkle' posts.

Day 20:  Holy Saturday Mid 70s!

Arrived and took over for Austin. Did the prelim duties and LU, then began sweeping.  Had a 'rush' around 6, and had to call Matt in Millwork to hop on a forklift and get some deck boards down.  Mucked out the mats, and took my break at 8:30. Returned and pulled trash, finished sweeping. Final customer left at 9:45. Jeffrey brought in the concrete (Jax left at 9) after I locked the doors. HC Shel R cleaned me out; I closed the garage door and took the trash to the hopper.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Spare parts tee, new faded jeggings, peach studs

Off tomorrow for Easter!

BB2020: Weeks 9 and 10

Week 9:

 HOH:  Cody wins!!!  Christmas was eliminated first, followed by Nicole, Enzo, then Memphis.

Nominations:  Tyler and Christmas.

POV:  Putting pics in order

Nicole:  7:11

Memphis:  8:16

Tyler:  25 mins

Enzo:  25 mins (he couldn't figure it out and timed out)

Cody:  4:57  

Christmas:  12:04

Cody wins, and keeps noms the same.

Eviction:  Tyler is evicted, 3-0

HOH comp:  Giant teeter-totter and placing pumpkins on the paddle.

Week 10:

HOH:  Nicole wins!  She nominates Christmas and Memphis.

POV:  BB Comics!

Cody:  16:08

Christmas:  27:45

Enzo:  28:19

Memphis:  31:56

Nicole:  11:21

Nicole wins and keeps the noms the same.

Eviction:  Memphis is evicted, 2-0!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

BB 2020: Week 7 and 8

 Week 7:

HOH Comp:  Memphis wins!  And nominates  Da'Vonne and Kevin, though he wants to backdoor David.

Have-Nots:  Cody and Christmas

VETO Comp:  Zingbot's back!!!

Tyler wins Tiger King in 2:55, beating Memphis' time of 3:29. Dani was close with 3:44. but Davonne was over 6 mins, and Nicole and Kevin were both over 5 mins.  Tyler doesn't use it.


Da'Vonne is voted out, 5-2.  Dani and Nicole voted to keep her.

Dr Will In Da House!!!

HOH and POV:  Power or Prizes?

Week 8:

HOH Comp:  Dani activates her Replay power, so Memphis can play in the game:) 

Tyler:  Pr:  3  Pow:  14

Nicole:  Pr:  0  Pow:  10

Memphis:  PR:  0   PO: 18

Kevin:  PR:  0  PO:  0

Dani:  PR:  3  PO:  0

David:  PR:  0  PO: 7

Christmas:  PR: 0  PO:  0

Enzo:  PR:  0  PO:  0

Cody:  PR:      PO:  2

Cody wins HOH; Tyler and Dani split the $10K!!

Cody nominates Kevin and David.

VETO:  OTEV is back!!!

Rnd 1:  David takes the $10K instead of the winning answer???

Rnd 2:  Tyler's out, b/c he couldn't find a T-shirt with the correct answer.

Rnd 3:  Kevin's out in a head-to-head race with Cody up the ramp

Rnd 4:  Nicole's out b/c she couldn't get up the ramp.

Rnd 5:  Enzo's out b/c he couldn't remember Bayleigh's name

Winner:  Cody!  Noms stay the same.

Several are upset by David's decision to take the $10K...


Triple Eviction Night!!!

Kevin is evicted 6-0!!!

HOH:  Memphis nominates David and Nicole

POV:  Christmas beats Nicole in a split second; keeps noms the same.

Eviction:  David is evicted, 3-2

HOH:  Tyler nominates Dani and Nicole

POV:  Dani and Nicole both fall off their balance beams; Tyler wins and keeps the noms the same.

Eviction:  Dani is evicted 4-0!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

BB 2020 Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5:

HOH:  Christmas.  

BB Basement:  3 new powers are up for grabs:

                     Replay:  Dani.  Crap.

                     Disruption:  David:)

                     Blocker:  Christmas:)

Nominations:  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne

POV:  Christmas wins it:)

Tyler has a meltdown and up in his feels, and tries to orchestrate a scenario where he goes up as a replacement and goes home.  But X-mas isn't buying it, and keeps the noms the same.


Cody gets a letter notifiying him of his grandfather's passing, and the house comes together to console him.

Feud between Da'Vonne and Christmas, with poor Ian stuck in the shower with no one listening to him to give him a towel!  3 women, all convinced they're right, and tempers running too hot to be rational.

I reeeeeaaaaaallllly want Bayleigh to go home!!!  

Bayleigh was voted out!!!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!  Unanimous vote!!!

Week 6:

HOH Comp:  Endurance.  1st 3 to fall are Have-Nots.

HN: Da'Vonne, David, and Ian

Dani wins...ugh.  Memphis, Cody, and Nicole threw it.  Bleh.

Noms:  Kevin and David....but David has the disrupter power!  He uses it and Dani puts up Tyler.

VETO:  Da'Vonne wins the stacking of the microbrews!  And pulls Kevin down, meaning Dani puts up Ian.

Evictions Night:

Ian is evicted, 5-3, and is the 1st member of the jury.

HOH comp:  Building a fire hydrant 3-D puzzle:)


Monday, March 18, 2024

BB 2020 Week 3 and 4

 HOH:  Tyler 

During the Have-Nots selection, Nicole accidentally blurted 'someone who likes to talk about me' and nominated Janelle, which ignited a feud.

Safety Suite:  Enzo wins, and takes Christmas as his Plus 1. For her punishment, C ends up being the 'proud mommy' to 12 demanding baby stars:)  There's a running joke that Enzo is the father, and they need to go on Maury for DNA identification!

Nominations:  Janelle and Kaysar

POV:  Cody wins and keeps noms the same.



Oh David, David, David.  You opened your mouth and mentioned a bit of gossip about DaVonne, and now she pissed.  Don't piss off anyone! Now Ty's considering keeping Janelle!  NOOOOOO......

WTH???  Dani voted to KEEP Janelle????  Did someone get in her ear last minute????

With a vote of 9-2, Janelle is voted out!  Whoot!  Pull your boobs back into your's NOT attractive.  You're married; who are you trying to impress, anyway?  It's not like there's a live audience!  For god's sake, woman, you're 40 years old and NOT a celebrity!

Kaysar, I love you.  I've been a fan since you first entered the house the 1st time.  Do. NOT. Do anything stupid the next week to get you put on the block\?  Whomever wins, PLEASE put up Kevin/Bayleigh/Dani up?  Or even David???   Get some of these 'I don't wanna make waves' players out.

HOH Comp:  ENZO WINS!!  

Week 4:

Have-Nots: Tyler, Day, Dani.

Noms:  Kaysar and Kevin!  I don't think Kevin knows he's a pawn though.

POV:  Kevin wins an endurance comp!  Pulls himself off; Enzo puts up Christmas as another pawn.  I was hoping he'd put up Dani, to try to get her out (she slipped up in front of her alliance), but grrrrr....


Kaysar is unanimously, but not after exposing the alliances.

HOH Comp:  Christmas!  Da'Vonne almost had it.

Life In Lumber: Y6, W4

 Day 14: Mid-30s (brrrr!)

Arrived to learn #1 was down, so was on #2 most of the night (later, I learned #1 had been fixed...damn it!). Did my AP4Me and LU, plus the prelim duties. ASM Shan brought down 2 carts of snacks and asked me to fill in the gaps when I had time, so that's what I did until 8:  Ring up customers and figure out how to 'stuff' the shelves. At 8, ran out of $5s and low on $1s, and THAT'S when I learned I could use #1!  By now, the snacks were filled, so I filled the bags and emptied the trash. At 8:45, took my break. When I returned, I found my broom and dustpan and started sweeping. Mucked out the mats; fronted the soda. Final customer walked in at 9:30 and near close, I attempted to ring him up.  1st his check was stuck in the machine (it was slightly curled), so I hopped over to #2. Rang him up again, and had to discount the bucket to get the same final cost, lol....Machine refused to do his check; ended up doing it MANUALLY. He finally got his lumber pulled (8 2x12x16) and loaded at 10:20.  

HC Kay cleaned me out at 10; I returned items to Tools, and took my trash to the hopper. Jace closed the garage door; I put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Black l/s tee, B/W sweater poncho; faded jeggings, red 'crinkle' posts

Day 15: Low 50s

Arrived and took over for Alice. Did the prelim duties and fronted the soda, then brought in carts. Did my LU. We weren't that busy, but I was fairly steady from 6-7. Swept the entire place, and was sent to break at 8. Returned and pulled trash, mucked the mats. HC Shelby R pulled my drawer at 9:30; I hopped over to #2 for the final half hour.  No customers. Locked the doors at 9:55; HC Shel cleaned out #2. ASM Charlie brought in the concrete and took my trash. Closed the garage door and returned items to Electrical and Hardware. Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Maroon 3/4 sleeve blouse, black vest, faded jeggings, r/w/b buttons.

Tomorrow, off to Lafayette with Sara and kids to spend the day with Grandma Sally and to see Reagan, then Thursday, off to see Jeff Dunham in E'ville with Kyle and Jeanna:)

Day 16:  Low 60s

Arrived and took over for Kem. Really wasn't too busy the 1st hour, but then it picked up.  Was able to do my LU and print out my check stub, and do the prelim duties. At 7, I had to call a Code 3 for someone to watch my register so I could take a pit stop. ASM Ian had bought pizza and I consumed several slices. HC Britt sent me to lunch at 7:30 and politely requested I only take 30 mins. Ate my JJ sandwich:) Afterward, swept the place, mucked the mats, and pulled the trash. After HC Britt cleaned me out, returned items to Plumbing and Electrical and Millwork. Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Black baby cable sweater, red NHRA polo, dark jeggings, red 'plate' posts....ones Erica bought for me in 1985.

Off to Washington Fundraiser for the NYC trip in May:)

Day 17:  Palm Sunday Low 60s

Walked into a mess today.  Lumber associate called in; with the wind, it was cold. When Marilyn left at 4, did the prelim duties. Took my break at 4:45. Came back and did my LU, fronted soda, and began sweeping around 6. Pulled trash and had to shoo people away at closing.  HC Shel R cleaned me out; took the trash to the hopper and returned items to Plumbing, Tools, Hardware, and Pets.  Clocked out at 8:55.

Outfit:  Brown gauze blouse, black vest, dark jeggings, silver crosses

Sunday, March 17, 2024

BB Catch Up

 We decided to get rid of our DISH, and go with ROKU. I'm also paying for Peacock, and since I wanted to watch the Oscars last week, I began paying for Paramount.  I'm currently watching this season's Survivor and 2020's season of All Stars BB #2 on Paramount, and L&O SVU and Organized Crime, plus 2.5 Men on Peacock.

I just finished Week #2 in the BB house, and wow.

Week 1 Recap: 

Here's the cast of characters:


Cody (the one who came in 2nd to Derek)

Memphis (didn't watch his season)

Tyler (surfer dude-YAY!  I loved him!)

Enzo (another YAY!)

Ian (former winner-YAY!)

Kevin (LGBTQ dude)

David, who was eliminated after the 1st challenge back in 2019.

Kaysar (Middle Eastern-YAY!)


Janelle (ugh)

Bayleigh (ugh)


Keesha (didn't watch her season)

Nicole F (former winner-YAY!)

Nicole A (YAY!)

Christmas (YAY!)

Dani (Evil Dick's daughter-bleh)

Cody wins 1st HOH, puts up Keesha and Kevin.  Enzo wins POV, and kept the noms the same; Keesha goes home unanimously.

I was fine with it; I don't particularly like Keesha, and Kevin was getting on my nerves for doing the EXACT opposite of what he said he was going to more whining (he whined); no more passive-aggressive BS (he didn't know how to approach Cody, to build a relationship).

There's also a new twist for the next 3 weeks:  The Safety Suite.  Janelle and Kaysar got wind they might be put up, so they both competed. K won, and named J his 'plus 1'. J had to wear a sparkly yellow star outfit for her punishment, but they were both safe, hence the K and K noms.

Week 2:

Memphis wins HOH and nominated Nicole A and David.  He also won POV, so noms stay the same. Nicole is voted out, 10-2.

Safety Suite:  Several played, and Christmas won, with Ian as her Plus 1.  He ended up having to act out several scenes over and over from a BB space drama as his punishment.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W3

 Day 9:  Cool; mid 50s

Arrived and took over for Alice, who was in for Kem. Was busy for 2 hours, then did the prelim duties. One customer had two carts and argued with me over how many deck boards he had; I finally let it go and finished ringing him up. Swept the place thoroughly; HC Shel R sent me to lunch at 6:20. Returned and pulled trash, did my LU and AP4Me, mucked the mats, and sanitized the registers and coffee bar. Keith came in and bought me a candy bar. Locked the doors at 10 while Jace brought in the concrete and took the trash to the hopper. Closed the garage door, and after HC Kay cleaned me out, returned items to Hardware, Seasonal, and Shop Vacs. Bought D a KIND bar, myself a Bueno, three pairs of Eclipse glasses, and paid for the Dasani I swiped last week.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, small blue/white buttons

Day 10: Mid-60s

Arrived and took over for Alice on #2; Pro Kath was ringing up a customer whose card wouldn't work. By the time I was finished with my line, the customer was MIA; Kath had left; the cart full of bagged items was still there.  I just left it alone and hopped back over to #1. Ran out of $1s around 5:30, but didtn't get them until after 8pm. Did my LU and the prelim duties, then Dawson sent me to break at 6:40. Returned and began sweeping, plus mucked the mats. Pulled trash around 8:30 and sanitized the registers, counters, and coffee bar. Tuned in to 'Between The Brians' for a bit. Locked the doors at 10 and after HC Kay cleaned me out, returned items to Fashion Bath, Hardware, and ISLG. Clocked out at 10:30.

Talked the hubby into taking me to Denny's!

Outfit:  B/gray leopard stripe, new dark jeggings, gold 'Celtic Knot'.

Tomorrow and Thurs:  GSH Vendor Fair!

Day 11: Mid-50s

Shift began on a rocky note. HC Hannah said #1 was acting up, so I showed her how to reboot the system. Went to ring up Customer #1 and was shocked to find the 7/16 OSB had shot up $2 more! Tried to lower it, and couldn't get the o/r to cancel. So hopped back over to #1 and rang 'em up again....and could only take 50% plus the change off w/o an o/r. Then had a customer with a bad leg come in; I arranged for ASM Charlie to get his boards while he went up front for a scooter and some hardware and stain.  He couldn't thank me enough! Next customer was a sour puss.  

An hour later, I needed an o/r on paint, and the line began to back up. Hopped over to Pro Jer's register to handle the CC transactions, then one needed to pay cash, so hopped over to #2 as I saw ASM Charlie arrive.  I ended up taking care of 3 customers; C took care of 2 more.  He logged off; I went back to #1. Did the prelim duties and my LU, then discovered my broom and dustpan were MIA. Fronted the soda, then at 8:15 when Amy arrived, we had another rush.  Took my break at 8:45, plus emptied the coffee and retrieved a roll of the large trash bags. Returned and pulled trash, found my broom and dustpan, and began sweeping. Locked the doors at 10, and after HC Shelby cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper and returned items to Paint, Hardware, and Flooring. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:35.

Outfit:  Red turtleneck, faded jeggings, gold 'knots'.

Day 12:  Rare Sat Mid 60s

First of all, let me say I got up waaaaay too early (8am), and didn't take a nap. Arrived and joined Austin, then my earring fell out of my ear. I'd lost the back, so out them in my pocket. Even swept the general area; no luck. Rang up Customer #1, no problem. Customer #2, the printer malfunctioned, and I was forced to jump to #2.  Then a customer arrived with $15 paint, which needed an o/r. I activated #3 to help a customer while HC Shelby finished up with the customer on #1.  Got snippy with Jared when he kept moving the carts.  I'd deliberately shoved them over so I could get in and out of #2 without tripping or hitting my butt on a cart. Was so darn busy that 8pm arrived before it slowed down. Did the prelim duties and fronted the soda, and swept. Realized HC Shel had forgotten my break by 9, so I asked Brighton to cover me while I took a pit stop and cleaned out the coffee dispenser (Loader E had called in). Returned and pulled trash; discovered HC Shelby had FIXED the printer issue on #1, so was happy to be back on it for the final hour, even though I only had two customers. Got the place swept; the registers, counters, and coffee bar sanitized, and wiped down the soda cooler. Locked the doors at 9:55, and after HC Shel cleaned me out and Brighton brought in the concrete, I closed the garage doors and took the trash to the hopper.  Returned items to Hardware and put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:35.

Royally got ASM SCH:  One of the night shift workers asked him if he'd ever told anyone he used to be a woman in Mississippi.  While we were laughing, I turned around and asked, "More specifically, does your WIFE know?" The others laughed and told me 'good one!"  Scott replied, "Don't encourage them!"  

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, faded jeggings, yellow posts.

Day 13:  Rare Sun Mid-40s

Arrived and found Marilyn ready to head home, ha ha....apparently it had been a zoo until 4. I hopped on #2 and rang up a few customers, and brought in carts, and checked the trash. Put the larger items that were behind the counter on a cart and pushed them into the Lumber aisle, so I could reach the trash can. M left at 5; I was fairly steady for an hour.  Had one weird thing happen:  Lady paid me in $20s; I gave her $18 back:  A $10, a $5, and three $1s. She walks out the door, turns around, and says I didn't give her a $10.  I was positive I had, but I called down to see if they wanted to audit my drawer, check the cameras, or what.  They ended up checking the cameras, while I rang up several more customers, and in the end, the camera clearly showed I'd given her a $10 bill. Where it went after that, who knows....I looked under the tool cart, behind the water....nada.  She went on her merry way, and things slowed down. Did the prelim duties and fronted the soda...then did the soda count.  Did my LU. At 8, locked the doors and checked out my final customer, then had to stop another from coming in. HC Kay cleaned me out; Loader Charlie brought in the concrete; Jace took my tiny amount of trash to the hopper. I put away the soda and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 8:35.

Outfit:  Pug Crawlin' St. P's Day tee, l/s black tee, faded jeggings, sparkly shamrocks.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W2

 Day 3: mid 70s

Arrived and took over for Kem. In between customers, worked on the closing duties. Had an irritating thing happen; customer arrived with paneling and announced ASM SW had authorized the price match. However, HC Shel refused to honor it, since S was in the manager's meeting, and by the time I made contact with him via Messenger, he'd already left. I even flagged down new ASM Shan, but she refused, saying it was SW's responsibility.  So now we had an irate customer, who even contacted the other store's manager, but HC Shel refused.  Customer paid for drinks and left. I finally got the prelim duties done by 5 and started on the soda count. Had it finished by 6:15, when Austin sent me to my break. Came back and things had slowed, so did my AP4Me and LU, then was busy again. Didn't have time to sweep or sanitize; Austin brought the soda down, so in between customers, I was stocking the coolers. Also pulled trash. Finished stocking the coolers at 8:30 and finished pulling the trash. Locked the doors at 9 when HC Shel cleaned me out, then waited for ASM Charlie to bring the hopper.  Tossed in the trash; ASM Ian brought in the concrete. Closed the door and returned items to Plumbing and Millwork, then put up my vest, cleaned out the carafe, took a pit stop, and returned items to Hardware. Took the paperwork to CS, then set my purse and water on the counter and returned the carafe to Lumber. Clocked out at 9:25.  District is due in the morning.

Outfit:  Beige sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, silver sea horses

Day 4: Rain, mid-60s

Arrived to find K discounting yesterday's paneling one at a time. Apologized to customer for not trying to do that yesterday. Took over for her and was busy for 2 hours, then did the prelim duties and fronted the soda. Was told my break would be at 7, but by 7:15 I needed a pit stop, so ASM Charlie watched the register,  I no sooner returned then HC Shel arrived. Afterward, I pulled trash and sanitized the registers and coffee bar.  Locked the doors at 9, and after ASM Charlie brought in the concrete, took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

District didn't show up.

Outfit:  Black/gray LS tee, new faded jeggings, silver and turquoise danglies

Off tomorrow to take Mom to pick up her glasses!

Day 5:  Cloudy; mid 50s

Arrived and spotted a dustpan!  Confiscated it and took over for K. Was busy for 2 hours, then did the prelim duties, then began sweeping.  At 7:30, Madi arrived to relieve me, then asked if I'd done the soda count. So I quickly did #2's coolers, then turned it over to her. Had an enjoyable lunch, then returned and did my LU, then began mucking the mats. HC Britt brought the soda; I put it away. Final customer left at 9. Locked the doors; Loader Charlie brought in the concrete and took my trash to the hopper as HC Britt cleaned me out. Returned an item to Aisle 10, then put up my vest and took the extra soda (Madi didn't realize the Coke cooler only held 4 per row, not 5) back, then took our busted Spider stool and a box of busted primer to RTM. 

K had told me before she left that she was scheduled to leave at 12:30 the next day; I wasn't scheduled until 5. Brought it to ASM SC's attention, and he okayed me to come in at 12:30 tomorrow.  Whoot!  More hours!  Clocked out at 9:40.

Outfit:  Black/white new sweater, new faded jeggings, black vest, silver stars

Day 6:  Rain, 50s

Arrived at 12:30 to a) discover my appearance was a shock and b) everyone was in a tizzy over the 75% clearance items!  Also heard several customers ask me, "what are you doing here so early?"  LOL...took my 1st break at 2:30, since Alice's was at 3. Ate a lunchable, since I was hungry, and D had dropped off 8 more. Returned and Alice mildly ticked me off by asking how long I'd been gone.  *eye roll*  She claimed she was bored....when she was gone, I fronted the soda, brought in the carts, and straightened the papers on the coolers.

She left at 5, so I started the prelim duties, only to be told by HC Shel to go take my lunch.  Spent the 1st 20 minutes shopping and taking the items to my car. When I returned an hour later, did the prelim duties and started sweeping. HC Britt sent me to my 2nd break at 7:15, and when I returned, sanitized the registers and coffee bar, and pulled trash.  Final customer left at 9; locked the doors. Loader Charlie brought in the concrete and the final carts; I closed the garage door.  After HC Britt cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper, returned an item to Plumbing, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:35.

HC Shel ticked me off after lunch:  1) she wasn't going to honor the 75% for everything, then I talked her into it; 2) she had refused to let one of my customers use his Pro card, b/c he didn't have his ID on him, therefore robbing him of his 5% off.

SM Jeff told me he approved my time off for the NYC trip!  Whoot!

Found out Keri in Fulfillment is taking over ASM Shan's DS spot, while HC Shel is taking Keri's old Fulfillment Lead slot.  We also trained a new HC, Shelby R.

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, diamond studs

Day 7: Rare Sat Cloudy, 40s.

Arrived and took over for Austin; was fairly busy for 2 hours. Did my LU and the prelim duties, then began sweeping. One customer ticked me off:  Asked for some foam board; I told him aisle 49.  He asked if someone could get one for him; I stated they were fairly light, and in aisle 49.  He asked again if someone was available to help him; I told him Jax was on his lunch break, but I would try to find someone.  Fortunately, Jared walked in with carts, so I flagged him down and had HIM take the customer back to aisle 49.  A few moments later, the customer arrived, carrying his one board.  I refrained from making a snarky comment!  HC Britt sent me to break at 8:30, and I ate 3 slices of pizza, then took two more with me back to Lumber.  Things slowed waaaaay down; only had 2 customers between 9-10.  Did the soda count; mucked the mats; sanitized the registers, counters, and coffee bar; put away the soda. Jeffrey brought in the concrete and took my trash to the hopper; I locked the doors and returned items to Tools, Plumbing, Appliances, and Seasonal. Clocked out at 10:50.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, small gold hoops

Day 8:  Rare Sun Mid 40s

Arrived to discover I wasn't supposed to be there until 5, but clocked in anyway, which turned out to be a good thing, b/c Lunber was slammed.  Marilyn left at 5 and things calmed down a little.  Did my LU and the prelim duties, swept the area, and fronted all the soda. Learned our HC went home sick, so Matt was in her shoes. At 7, I asked one of the other associates to watch my register while I took a pit stop, then continued to ring up customers. Pulled trash at 7:30, and locked the doors at 8 after the last customer. While I waited for Conrad to come down, had to shoo away a customer who didn't know we closed at 8!  HC Shelby R cleaned me out, then Conrad brought in the concrete. Waited until Barry was finished bringing in all the carts, then closed the garage door and put up my vest. Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Hot cocoa sweater, new dark jeggings, gold studs

Sunday, March 3, 2024

March Goals

Did everyone enjoy the extra day in February this year?  A friend of mine decided to have her baby at 7:45 am!  

And my Youngling is still moaning over the fact he wasn't born until 3:30 am March 1st.....he rather likes the idea of only being '5' years old instead of ordinary 20.....sorry babe...

Anyway, how did I do this month?  I'M NOT SICK!!!  Whoo hoo!

 -Lose 5 lbs (start:  236) Bleh....gained 2 lbs.

-Get cover art for CYBL Check!  Now to make a decision.....

-Add words to any existing wips:  PP, Singer, TT Added maybe 100....

-Get hair cut Check!

-Cut carpet out of S's old room didn't cooperate

-Pay next installment for NYC trip ($600) Managed $250, thank you BIL!

-Work enough hours to pay^^^^^ Nope

-Upload digital copies to Patreon Nope

-/Begin short story due in June Not yet

-Finish short story for BKM Not yet

-Finish SE3 of L&O: Organized Crime Check!  All caught up!

-Finish SE2 of 2.5 Men Check! Well into SE4...

-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44) Nope

-Read more in evenings Too stressful

Health:  Aside from being able to breathe and talk normally again, my left ankle has been giving me issues, ever since starting physical therapy.

Books Read:  5    
           Print:  3                   
       E-book:   2                  

2024 Events:

March 1st:  Arts and Drafts. Vincennes Brewing Co, 2nd and Main, 5-8pm 0 sales, but did hand out plenty of cards!

March 13-14:  GSH 7-5 Sold 4; 2 each day.

March Goals:

-Lose 5lbs (starting 238)

-Make final decision on cover art for CYBL Check!

-Add words to existing WIPS Check!

-Do well at GSH Vendor Fair Sold 4

-Have an enjoyable time at Jeff Dunham show (March 21st) Check!  Laughed so much I nearly had an asthma attack!  GREAT dinner before at Outback!

-Cut carpet out of S's old room Not yet

-Pay next installment for NYC trip ($600) Pd $350

-Work enough hours to pay^^^^^ Thank you discretionary bonus!

-Upload digital copies to Patreon Not yet

-/Begin short story due in June Not yet

-Finish short story for BKM  Not yet

-Finish SE5 of 2.5 Men Check!  Now onto SE6...

-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44) Nope

-Read more in evenings Check!  Reading e-books in evenings

March Reading Schedule:
The Mad Gasser Cheerleader of Calhoun County-Karl Witsman Enjoyable story!  Formatting was rather wonky....
The Mad Gasser Cheerleader Returns-KW Again, enjoyed the sequel!  Formatting was still wonky. Not sure if this was a Lulu issue or just the way he set it up.
Woodstock Dreams-Donna Carlene Finished 4/2  Great story!
A Veteran's Homecoming-Santiago Cirilo   Finished 4/3:  Good story!  Slightly confusing, and Ch 16 was on the same page as the end of 15, but for a first novel....not too bad!

Crowne of Lies-CD Reiss Good story, just LONG!
Free Me-Laurelin Paige Good story, just LONG!
Broken Trust-Nana Malone Gah....399 pages???? finished 4/3 Good story