Saturday, February 28, 2009

Batteries Charged!

Ahhhh...boy do I feel wonderful! I crashed about 8:30 last night and woke up at 7am this morning. I'm energized and ready to tackle today's schedule!

My kids were flabbergasted last night. They don't often see Mom getting into her pj's at 5pm! But the adrenaline/caffeine rush/whatever you want to call it was wearing off, and I decided after this hellish week, I deserved a night off from 'Mommy Duty':) D took S to see the Jr. High play (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and brought home KFC. I ate a few chicken strips, a small amount of mashed potatoes, and finished off the cole slaw (I loooooooove KFC cole slaw!). We watched Thursday night's episode of Survivor; I crawled into bed, finished reading Eclipse, and turned out the light at 8:30. Only woke up once during the night, around 4am, because of a dry throat. Yes, I sleep with my mouth open.

I've had my morning coffee; caught up on the One Tree Hill episodes I taped during the week (the ones which had taped on a previous Saturday were lost, due to a power outage); and have checked my email. The rest of the family is due to leave in an hour to go clean out the storage unit up north; I'll have peace and quiet for most of the day.
Change of plans: Our U-Haul truck fell through. I'm NOT getting rid of the family, after all. AAARRRGGGHHH!
Okay, tantrum over. See Anny's blog for more on the subject of 'Life's Detours', day I'll look back on this and laugh...

To-Do List:
-Sign my bookmarks and staple the excerpt pages together
-Double-check contents of rolley cart
-Wrap W's presents (after they leave, obviously!)
-Remove posters (and remember where I posted them, lol!)
-Come home and READ! Relax, and maybe finish the damned laundry...

Saturday's Stupid Saying (and I may have already posted this one, but what the was in my home town!):

USED CARS: These cars won't last long!

-sign in front of a used car dealership (which has since closed) in Lafayette, Indiana

Have a good weekend; we have one more hectic day tomorrrow, and things should slow down around here next week.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

I'm having one of those weeks in which there is so much to do, but so little time in which to do it. Something's gotta give, and last night it was sleep.

The upside? Did the laundry. The kids helped, somewhat, but just didn't stay on top of it. Since hubby took me to dinner after the viewing, the caffeine in my iced tea kept me up until 4am. So I'm operating on only 2 hours' worth of sleep.

The downside? I have another busy day from hell and will probably crash in the afternoon.

-Funeral at 10am, which means I have to shower, drop W at the neighbor's, and be on the road by 9am.
-Hang the rest of my posters...yeah, I ran out of time again yesterday...
-Pick up bookmarks from Office Max
-Retrieve my rolley cart from storage
-Order W's cake
-Figure out what the hell we're doing for dinner! At this rate, I vote for pizza. Although, I'll probably fall asleep around 5pm and let everyone else fend for themselves.

I'll be back tomorrow. Check out the blogs to the right and have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love vs Lust

Currently Reading: Still on Eclipse. With all the craziness around here, I've only been able to read a chapter a night, other than the toddler's book of the week, Tootle. Remember that one? W insists we read it at least three times each night; I read it first, he 'reads' it back to me, and we 'read' it together before he snuggles down and goes to sleep.

First of all, sorry for disappearing for a couple of days. It's been crazy around here, with me trying to do edits; kids having early release from school; the death in the family; and doing our best to 'stimulate' the economy with our tax money. I still don't have a couch, inventory, or a new hairstyle, but the bills are paid; S and I have new bedding (mine's a comforter, hers is the complete bed...she was getting tired of Spongebob sheets and comforter!); there is an ample supply of food in the freezer and cabinets; D has a new toolbox; W has birthday presents stashed all over the place; K has money on his phone and some movies. And yes, there is still some left over...I'll have to wait on the couch till next summer, but at least I'll get my inventory ordered next week, and my new website paid for today. It's still being built, but the domain name will be mine, and not attached to citymax. More on this when I have more to share.

Secondly, an interesting topic came up at the Laptop Society: How long can lust last? The usual assumptions is that lust is instantaneous, burns brightly for a few weeks, and then fades into love or disappears altogether.

But one of the members stated he's been in a lust relationship for over 10 years! There's been no 'love' words spoken; they simply see each other once a month and are very happy with this arrangement. So what's your take? I say they're either in love; just not admitting it, or they have simply fallen into a habit and are too lazy to change anything. (Yes, I'm posting this with permission...just no names will be displayed)

He's also stated that if they do miss a month, due to scheduling problems, it seems to intensify the passion when they do reconnect! And the email/phone/texting is more frequent, with the 'I miss you' and concern for each other's well-being expressed more.

So are they secretly in love and too scared to admit it? Or are they deluding themselves and just using each other?

The To-Do List:
-Laundry. There are two sets of sheets in the chute, and K was complaining this morning he didn't have any clean pants.
-Editing Chapter #2...if I get around to it.
-Hanging the rest of my posters around the university. I got chatty yesterday and had to return home before hanging all of them.
-Taking D to eye appointment. K will pick him up, due to next item on said list...
-Taking W to his physical..."The dr has to check you over in order to let you turn 5..." This worked with my older two! Unfortunately, I think shots are on the agenda today, since he starts kindergarten next fall...
-Traveling an hour northeast to the viewing and hope the relatives behave themselves. Since I'm a 'married-in', and did not live here after we married, I'm considered an 'outsider', especially since we had the audacity to find a better life outside of Knox County! And just because we're back doesn't make up for the 16 years we were gone.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forgot to Mention...

I'm Tierney O'Malley's Featured Author for the next week or so. Go check it out here:)

Another priceless 'kid' moment:

"What do you want on your birthday cake, W? Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Thomas?"

"I want the Hulk, 'cause he's big and ME!"

Found out another one of my 'adopted' grandparents passed away last week. This gentleman perked up every time we brought Lucky in to see him. His smile and kisses will be missed, but like Cece, he's in a better place.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of The Mouths of Babes...

Currently Reading: Finished Picture Perfect and loved it! I'm now on chapter two of Eclipse. And since I know you're all wondering what e-books I bought yesterday, here's the list, in no particular order:
-To Hate and To Hold by Ms Rebel (yeah...don't even have Naughty Nooners yet...)
-To Catch a Casanova by Erica Scott
-Lover's Stone and Soul Stone by Elyssa Edwards
-NovelTea Next Door by Cindy K Green
-Anyone But You, by Ms Jones
-Liquid Heat and Submissive Dreams by Ashley Ladd
-Jake's Return by Liana Leverentz
-Caught and Spanking Good Time by Elizabeth Black

Now the dilemma...which one to read first??? Since I'm already reading vampires, I might as well stay with the genre...

D received a clean bill of health yesterday:) His artificial aortic valve is still doing its job; it's in good condition; and that sugar spike two weeks ago is to blame for his cholesterol being so off the charts. His cardiologist has him on two new meds, one to help with his blood pressure meds. Other than greeting him with, "I see you're still growing that thing" (she's not a fan of his beard), she was pretty happy with him.

After his appointment, he hopped over to see J and the kids, and treated them to Chinese for dinner. A informed him she was "taking care of his alarm clock" and her brother J was "taking care of his fan" until he returns.

At dinner:

"Here, A...try this. It'll put hair on your chest."

"But I don't want hair on my chest! I don't want to look like a BOY!"

J piped up, "Hey, gimmee that. I wanna be a MAN!"

His mother promptly choked on her egg roll. He's only six!

Family News
-No word yet on funeral/viewing arrangements. I'm going to call one of the aunts in about an hour to inquire on how things are going. Update: The viewing is Thursday and the funeral is on Friday.
-My MIL took the news well of her brother's passing..."He's in a better place now..."
-K's getting his paperwork together to present his Eagle Scout Project to the Eagle Board sometime next month. I have to call the office to get his records; somewhere in the move, all of his Boy Scout merit badge cards have been misplaced. The only ones I can find are his Cub Scout ones...go figure!
-We have another reason to travel to Evansville now; we have to visit the BSA store, in order to outfit my nearly six-foot-Scout with new uniform pants. He wants to look proud when he goes before the Review Board.
-S is sooooooo not looking forward to the ISTEP test again in March. This is the transitional year, so they have to take it twice. Too bad they didn't specify the ones who DIDN'T pass have to retake it...oh welll; it won't kill her!
-W (who turns 5 on Sunday) keeps asking if tomorrow is his birthday and when will we go see Grandma and Grandpa? (We're meeting them on Sunday, but he's not figured out this concept called TIME yet...)

Me? I have to go over to campus and get my poster approved, so I can print out the rest of them. Then I'll plaster them all over the residence halls, the Humanities building, the library, and Student Union. Maybe even the Social Sciences building...

Don't know if I'll make to to Guild tonight. Depends on when the viewing is. And I feel bad, because a potential new member contacted me, and from what she's told me about the content of her writing, she might be a prime candidate for Ellora's Cave or even TEB's submissions!
Yes, I will be there tonight...see above:)

Told you I'd be cheerier today...don't you feel better?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back Tomorrow...

There's been a death in the family. D's favorite uncle passed away last night, after a 3 day hospital stay. Since D's gone for his cardiology appointment, it falls to me to tell his mother.

More tomorrow. Check the blogs to the right for cheery news.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Ramble

Currently Reading: Finished New Moon and now I'm waiting for my daughter to finish Eclipse. I also picked up Jodi Picoult's Picture Perfect while I'm waiting for my e-book buying spree...the money's there, we just haven't transferred it yet. He's hinted about buying me an e-reader...don't know if one is on the agenda when we go to Evansville this week to check the old computer hard drive!

I'm doing the happy dance...the snow is melting!

Checked this site yesterday afternoon and nearly had a heart attack...couldn't see any words! I figured it was just a glitch in the system, so I went off and checked my email, Facebook, and other sites, then returned.

Still nothing.

Okay...were too many people complaining about yesterday's topic? Aaaaa...blogger removed me!

And then I got the bright idea to scroll down and click on the archive. Ta-da...there it was!

Just a few moments ago, the same thing happened. So I don't know what the heck is going on, but apparently if you want to read this blog, you'll have to click on the archive/topic in order to read my rant yesterday!

Of course, if you don't care, then don't worry about it. Maybe the problem is with my computer, not yours, and it's a non-issue??

I'm off to do some non-computer stuff today. See you tomorrow:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Keep Out!

Trespassers Will Be Violated!
-sign by a gas station in Warrenville, Ill

Did You Hear?
The California Attorney General's office contacted an agency called Angel's Helpers (or something to that effect...the note I jotted to myself has disappeared). The agency has offered to provide round the clock care for not only the octuplets, but for their siblings as well. The babies will be cared for at their facility, and the mom is encouraged to be involved.

As of yesterday morning, there was no word yet whether or not the offer was accepted.

WHAT??? I guarrentee that if someone offered me FREE HELP, I'd have jumped on it, and I only had one small child at the time my daughter was born! Does this mother honestly think she can do it all?

"I'll have to think about it..."

No, you DON'T have to think it over! This is a no-brainer, lady!

Because the Attorney General stated that if the offer is refused, they will consider taking the eight babies away from her and putting them in foster care, in fear of 'failure to thrive' issues. This is what I was talking about a week or so ago, about her ability to take care of eight newborns!

I personally was exhausted the first three months of my children's lives. K had his days and nights mixed up, and didn't sleep through the night until he was nearly 12 weeks old; S was a little nicer, by sleeping through the night at one week, but she was a good baby who didn't seem to mind if her feeding was a bit late, due to her demanding older brother and her tired father coming home from work at the same time she was ready to eat! And W...well, he turned out to be a totally different child who needed held constantly; he nursed very well and was extremely vocal if his schedule was interrupted (we called it his 'I need new parents!' scream)! He also did not sleep through the night until he was nearly 10 weeks old (he was 12 weeks old when we took him to Disneyworld, and was sleeping through then), and while he no longer needed held all the time, he refused to let me get very far from him...if I left the room, I could literally count to ten before the yelling started!

So I cannot fathom taking either K or W's first 3 month 'baby life' and multiplying it by 8!

Let's put it this way: Do you want to keep your family together Nadya, and have healthy, thriving kids, or have them end up in the system?

Like I said, it should be a no-brainer!

Hopefully, this is the end of my ranting on this issue. I know you're all sick of hearing about it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy Friday...

Several things are happening today.

-Tax money hits, and the first thing we're doing (hopefully, anyway!) is to either go buy a new printer/scanner/copier/whatever-else-the-thing-promises-to-do OR take my old CPU to Circuit City and hope/pray that my files can be recovered from the hard drive! And hope/pray they are still open????

-Attended Pampered Chef party last night, and racked up a modest $120 wish list. We will negotiate it down to about $50, as I have until Monday to place the order. I seriously want three scrapers and the new measuring cups. The rest can wait until my friend D's party in April:)

-The toddler does not have school today, so we'll probably go out to lunch. We've already been promised Long John Silver's for dinner, as hubby has a taste for fish. I'm not a fish-eater, but I LOOOOVE LJS's chicken planks:)

-I've 'earmarked' ten e-books for purchase today, including one of AJ's, two of Ms Black's, two of Ms Elyssa Edwards', and one or two by someone 'rebel' who writes about vampires...

-Oh yes...and finishing up the laundry. A fun job...I've been so wrapped up in New Moon, I fail to hear the dryer buzzer and remember about 3 hours later!

-And doing all this while living on Advil all day long...damn muscle cramps!

Have a good day:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Call This Customer Service??

Currently Reading: Still on New Moon. Boy is it getting good! One more day till I can buy books again!

Okay; I just had a rather disturbing phone call.

I received an email from my second publisher, inviting me to take advantage of their new email marketing campaign. I called my author rep, and was surprised when a new voice answered the phone! Apparently Anthony, my beloved author rep, has been promoted and a snotty BITCH has taken his place.

First of all, Anthony could look up my book/author ID under my book title. This one very haughtily informed me, "You should ALWAYS have your book ID number with you when you call us."

Next, she went searching for the file to send to me, and how 'important' it was. I softly chuckled, knowing I probably wasn't going to pay them any more money, and she jumped on me. "What are you laughing about?"

I took the coward's way out and lied, saying I was laughing at my son. I told her I'd call back when I located my number.

I almost DIDN'T call back, but the longer I sat there, the more I was curious to know how much the email campaign was going to cost. So I went to the website, pulled up the info, and made the call.

She seemed to thaw out somewhat, when she realized she used to live in this town. But then I received her information and very nicely said it was a bit pricey for me. I asked about Anthony, and she said he'd been promoted, but she'd be happy to assist me with any questions I had.

"Actually, I have a new book contract with an online publisher, and I just wanted to let him know."

"Oh, that's too bad."

I stared at the receiver, stunned. Bad? Bad, because I'm not paying your company anymore? What about 'Oh, that's good news about the new contract'?

What part of customer service does this woman NOT understand?

I will NOT be contacting her further. I'll deal with the book ordering people, but as far as anymore questions about specials? Forget it. I'll call the office and have them connect me with Anthony.

Wonder if I could file a complaint?

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back In Control

Currently Reading: Still on New Moon. Two more days 'till the book buying spree!!!

So know we know what happens when the spouse has PMS and Molly has no chocolate! You, dear readers, get the privelege of seeing me lose my temper:) Proof that Twix Peanut Butter candy bars should be mandatory in my house...

Update on Spouse:
He continued to go off on the rest of the family, and my sharp oldest son called him on it.

"Dad...if you're tired of the excuse 'I forgot', then why haven't you called ____? You had Mom dig out the bill so you could call them on Monday!"

"Oh....Um...yeah...your mother forgot to remind me."

Writer's Group
We had three new potential members last night, who will be great additions. One's another English teacher; one writes poetry; the third has a fantastic suspense/thriller in the works and is seeking motivation to finish and wanting publishing advice. I also called up Ginger's Tuesday Trivia questions and discovered I was wrong on a couple of them. After I quizzed them, Ginger's email arrived, with the correct answers! winner for me this week.

Update on Walking:
Managed 4.4 miles yesterday! We walk again on Thursday.

Update on Possible Family Addict:
Spoke to them yesterday and the pain management is better! No more getting up at 3am to pop Darvocets, and more excercise is being pursued. Will continue to monitor this situation.

Today's To-Do List:
-Finish laundry
-Mop kitchen floor (although I should make HIM do it, hahahaha...)
-Fix Beef Roast for dinner
-Work on the new wip, and await phone call from mother concerning news of what caused the death of my classmate.
-Check website of zoo; daughter has a chance to be a 'junior zookeeper' this summer, and Purdue Vet school now requires volunteering in animal hospital or other experience. If this child is serious about wanting to go into Veterinary School, this will be a fantastic opportunity to see if she'll like it. Any advice/tips, Cindy???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabin Fever

Currently Reading: Enjoyed KT's How To Cure a Cajun Cold. Sweet story, and like me, he sprinkles pop culture references in. There were several songs I'd forgotten about! And it's always nice to read something written from a guy's point of view!

My spouse has it. And unfortunately is taking out his frustration in a rather childish way.

WARNING: The following is a rant. If you want good news, check the blogs to the right. I'm rather pissed at the moment.

Some background info: This is a man who doesn't take responsibility for ANYTHING, unless it gives him an excuse to play the martyr. Then he fully embraces his 'responsibility', since it gives him the reason to whine and complain about his situation. Get over it already! But I digress.

His blood sugar went off the charts last week, and through added medication, healthier snacks, and a slight increase in activity, it is down to 240 (yesterday's test). He's used this info to complain about my cooking habits (which, as it turned out, when I followed the diabetic cooking guidelines, not that much had to change!), this town (normal complaining), and the kids' habits in general.

But he's added a new twist. For instance, someone spilled something on the top shelf of the fridge. He had "too many things in his hands" as he was reaching for the jar of pickles, and it stuck, causing my bottle of creamer to fall to the floor. So what's his response? "F--- it. I'm not cleaning it up." And though he did pick the bottle off the floor, he did NOT clean up the teaspoon of cream which leaked out.

Fast-forward to yesterday. He informs me the fridge needs a thorough cleaning, as this incident happened SATURDAY night, and he's 'too tired' of cleaning up other people's messes. Oh, and he also tossed in the dig that 'now you're a famous author, you can't be bothered to do menial tasks like clean the fridge or fill my medicine tray.'

HUH???? (head scratch moment...)

Let's recap something.
-For the past 6 years, I have faithfully doled out his medicine. I keep track of when it needs reordered, and I know exactly how much each dose is.

-I'm not 'famous' yet. And yes, that has no bearing on my thinking I'm 'too good' to take care of my family!

-If the position were reversed, and I had left the spill on the floor, I would have cleaned it up, not waited 3 days to tell anyone! But hey, that's just me. I spill something, I clean it up immediately...not wait for the maid or my mom to do it...oh wait. We don't HAVE a maid, and his mom is in the nursing home...

-If I HAD left it on the floor (or even if one of the kids had done it), do you think he would have been understanding? Nooooo....I can hear him now..."Get your ass in there and clean the damn thing up!"

-The Head Start moms are starting a 'Walk off the Wiggles' program, and I invited him to start walking with me today. His response? "That 10-block walk to CVS with S the other day damn near did me in..."(Round trip) So he got the exercise bike out of storage. Has he used it? No, but the toddler loves to sit on it and try to use it, and my daughter discovered she can pedal and play Guitar Hero at the same time (and only miss 4 notes! I was impressed...)!

And when I asked him, in a very neutral tone of voice, why he was choosing to act this way, he blamed the weather, his upbringing, and the fact he reeeeeeaaaaallllly wants to go back to the pipeline, and he hopes the economy lets him have a job this year. And then he started slamming the politicians, which I won't go into.

So in other words, he's depressed about the economic situation; he's feeling the pressure of being the sole wage-earner; he's beginning to panic about how to pay for K's college tuition; and the added pressure that he can't retire at 55 after all, because of the toddler and because the way the health insurance is set up through the union. But does he acknowledge any of this? Nooooo, because then that would mean he is (gasp!) responsible for his actions!

For the past 18 years, I've observed him gripe about the way his dad rigged things together, never doing it 'right' the first time. Well, guess who now does the same thing, only he doesn't recognize the fact he's doing it? 'I'll fix it later, after I get back to work...'

His relatives don't own their problems. Everything is the fault of everyone else; never because of their own actions. It drives me crazy, and after we interact with them, he complains about their 'constant griping' about everyone else! Hmmm...maybe I ought to start recording some of his rants and play them back sometime...

Okay; rant over. I'm off to shower and go walk off my frustration and interact with people who don't tear me down on a daily basis.

Also discovered one of my old HS classmates died last night. We had briefly reconnected on FaceBook two weeks ago. I remember sharing a class with her our sophomore year, but didn't really know her. Still, it's scary to think someone my age has died. And no clue as to why.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Newsworthy or Tabloid Fodder?

Currently Reading: Still on Cajun Cold and New Moon. And counting down till Friday, when I can resume buying e-books!

Breaking News: Dakota's new book is released today! Go over to her blog and congratulate her!
(No, that's not what the title of this post is about! See below...)

I was flabbergasted by a news item this morning on the news.

Roland Burris was called into question about an afidavit he gave during the Blogjeviich impeachment trial. His testimony said he was not contacted by the govornor, members of his staff, or even the govornor's brother; just some of his friends. But the afidavit claimes the brother did contact him on several occassions, asking for donations.

Burris made a statement citing he never gave any money to the govornor's efforts, and stated it 'might be a ploy to curry favor'.

But what got me was the news anchor questioned several 'authorities' on the action, who all claimed:
-Burris is NOT in legal trouble;
-Statement changes after testimony in impeachment trials are common;
-Yes, the senate COULD choose to oust him, but it is highly unlikely;
-The ONLY problem this could cause would be Burris' reelection attempt.

My question is, why did this make the news? Sensationalism? Slow news day? People out to 'prove' the ousted Illinois govornor did manage to pull one over on the Senate?

Stop the witch hunt and give me REAL news, please? If I want to read 'possible issues', I'll read the Inquirer!

Moving on...
Saw that Spinal Tap is going back into the recording studio! Woo Hoo! And even got to see the video of 'Hell Hole'! (Which, according to my spouse, sums up this town we're currently living in! I'm happy here, but then, he grew up here and couldn't wait to leave it!)

Later today, I might get out my copy of 'This is Spinal Tap' and watch it again. I don't think I've watched it since I bought the DVD a few years ago. Anyone care to join me in singing?

" what the flower people say..."

"Big bottoms, big about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em..."

"Gimme some money..."

"Livin' in a hell hole...don't wanna die in this hell hole...girl get me outa this hell hole..."

"Sex farm woman, doncha see my tractor risin' high, high..."

And let's not forget the quotes:
"It goes to eleven...I call it 'Mock Bach'...the title? Lick My Love Pump." (Nigel, talking about his amplifier and his beautiful piano piece.)

"Armidilloes in our trousers..."

"People spontaneously combust every day; it's just not widely reported..."(One of their drummers 'blew up' during a performance)

Okay. Getting off of here and beginning my day. The toddler has no school today, so we're going to play his rhyming game and finish up his homework! I also had another storyline pop into my head yesterday, so might do some more work on it the afternoon. Right now, it's a page and a half long.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: How to Cure a Cajon Cold, and I forgot to mention that last weekend, S was all wrapped up in Twilight. I'd bought the book for her, but wanted to read it first. She caught me reading it before Christmas and turned up her nose at it. So I kept it! So what sparked her interest in the book? A classmate told her he'd pay her $20 to read it. She's now $20 richer...and wanted to read the next one, New Moon. She borrowed it from a friend, and finished reading it last night after returning from the party. I'm going to be reading it next!

And yes, Dakota...your vamps are more interesting, but I can see the appeal to the younger crowd! This series 'sets them up' for your vampire romances! Just my humble opinion here...I didn't even think I'd like vamp romances until I read yours!

This was actually yesterday's...I posted the wrong one! Enjoy:)

From: Oregon Knife Shop
Sent: Feb 6, 2007
Subject: Say I love you with a knife....and free shipping.
Valentine's Day Knife Sale

actual sales email

Remember the TV Show Married With Children? They celebrated Christmas on Dec. 26th; the Fifth of July; Halloween on Nov 1st...

We're doing the Bundy Valentine's Day this year.

Why? Everyone scattered yesterday and did their own thing. S went to a birthday party; K spent the night at a friend's house; D decided yesterday would be an excellent day to clean the basement!

I tried to make the cake, but I discovered S had used the icing last week. And since I was in no mood to go to the store, I decided to hold off until everyone was home.

Today, we're going to church and out to lunch. Then after a quick trip to the store and a visit to the MIL, I'll make the Valentine's Day cake for the kids! And next week? A trip to our favorite hour away!

As soon as my tulips open completely, I'll post a pic of them.

Have a great day, and let me know how YOUR Valentine's Day went!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying...and Happy Valentine's Day!

When asked to walk in a straight line after being pulled over on suspicion of DUI...

You're going to have to give me a little longer. This is tougher when you've been drinking.
Illinois woman, quoted in the Bloomington, Indiana Pantagraph.

Earliest Valentine's Memory
I remember the 4th grade party. I 'just knew' I was in love with A; we played together on the playground and we always picked each other for study partners or in Gym. On Valentine's Day, he presented me with a beautiful, handmade heart made of tissue paper and tucked into a shoebox lid frame, with 'Be Mine' in the center of the heart.

We lived a mile from each other, him uphill from me. I was allowed to ride my bike to the railroad tracks, probably 100 yards from his house. Being the well-mannered child I was, I'd ride my bike to the tracks and stand there for a few minutes each day during the summer. Sometimes he'd be waiting for me on his side of the tracks, and we'd talk for a while before turning around and returning home.

Why didn't I simply cross the tracks and go knock on his door? My little sister, age 5, was usually with me, and I knew she'd tell on me if I broke the rules! She also informed the parents why I was making so many bike trips!

By Halloween, we had moved on to other 'love interests'!

Modern Day Valentine's
Bought my spouse some sugar-free candy; the kids have the 'I Heart U' candy, and the toddler has his tiny heart of chocolates. I bought myself a Ghiridelli heart, and the spouse let me pick out beautiful red tulips the other day. I got the ones that hadn't opened yet; they are still only slightly closed, and the one bud on the plant has turned scarlet and is still green at the tips.

What did your sweetie (or kids) do for you? Or did you have to buy your own too?

Since we're not getting our tax money until Friday, I'll be fixing a nice meal and a red velvet cake decorated with candy hearts. Next week, he's promised me a trip to Terre Haute!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And In Other News...

Currently Reading: Finished Captive Heart last night! Wow...this one had more twists in it than I imagined! Great job, Kelly! Also finished First Patient, and now I'm getting ready to read How to Cure a Cajun Cold by KT Bishop.

The LA Times is reporting a 49-yr-old woman is pregnant with quadruplets. Her IVF doctor? The same one responsible for the octuplets!

He took the eggs of a 29-yr-old donor, impregnated with the woman's husband's sperm, and implanted 7 embryos, of which 4 have survived.

Fertility doctors are outraged.

The woman has said they only wanted one child, not four, and has since denied the doc was involved.

Let's hope she has the support of family and friends too, in order to provide a loving and safe environment!

Moving On...
My signing is tonight:) I have to go pick up my new bookmarks; I had neglected to tell Office Max the new book is NOT part of Arbor U, so she very nicely redid them for me:)

And I got to see my name in lights! Blue Moon has a new message sign, and as I was showing my hubby where the gallery was located, the sign was announcing I would be there on Friday:)

Also on the To-Do list is go print out the excerpt. I really need a new printer...this deal of going to the library and paying 10 cents per page sucks!

Am I superstitious about Friday the 13th? Not at all. History shows it's been rather good to me:

-In 1983, a friend and I were pronounced 'people', and as he was the President of whatever sports club, he began referring to me as his 'First Lady'. On the Friday the 13th, he held open the door for me, walked me to class, and in general treated me like his 'First Lady'. I was thrilled, and we continiued the joke for several years!

-In less memorable years, we've gotten our tax refunds on this date; I've had good writing days; I've been able to spend the day with friends.

The one time I for whatever reason took it to mean that 13 bad things would happen, they did! I decided to quit worrying about the date and relax.

And as my dad pointed out,
-M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, and my initials growing up were MM.
-Our street address was 6313.
-If you add those numbers together, you get 13.
-So why be afraid of 13? We're not moving; we're not changing our names; so why not embrace it as a Lucky Number?

So far it's working!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Takes a Village...

Currently Reading: I'm up to chapter 17 on Captive Heart!! And very close to finishing First Patient...

And a whole lot of money/resources/help/strength/etc....

I forgot about the Dr. Phil show until 20 minutes into it. But when I DID tune in (unleashing a flood of complaints from the toddler about how it 'wasn't fair Mommy turned off SpongeBob!'), DP was speaking to a pediatrician about the potential medical costs the mother with the octuplets was now facing. They break down to:

Birth/Hospital care: $1.7 Million
Formula: $16,640 per year (not counting should she apply for WIC)
Vaccines: $28,000
College: (The dr told DP to 'forget college'!) $1 Million
Diapers: $29,200/yr

And if she chooses to breastfeed? She'll spend 30 HOURS A DAY doing nothing but nourishing all eight. Yes, you saw that right. And given there's only 24 hours in a day...

My daughter was watching with me, and even her ears caught that! She asked me how they came up with that last total, and I reminded her of when W was born. I spent 20-30 minutes a day, every 2-4 hours as needed feeding her little brother. And supplimented at night with formula. I did this for nearly 4 months. And I don't believe wet nurses exist anymore...correct me if I'm wrong. So she'll HAVE to have formula, because I don't think little babies are going to understand they need to wait their turn.

Next, DP interviewed Kate Gosselin, who has eight children; a set of twins and sextuplits. She's also in a show called Tom and Kate Plus Eight, showing on some network, about life with eight children. And written a book titled Multiple Blessings. Kate claimed that in addition to having a supportive spouse, it took about 50-plus volunteers in that first year in order to cope with the responsibility. She said she literally did not sit down that first year, except for when the volunteer of the day forced her to sleep or go sit on the patio for fifteen minutes while they changed diapers, made meals, fixed bottles...anything which needed to be done. On top of that, Kate prepared herself ahead of time to recognize the signs of post-partum depression, and to ask for help.

Kate broke down the cost of caring for 14 children in this manner:
Food: $22,000+
Housing: $500,000+
Transportation: $225,000+
Clothing: $90,000+
Health Care: $125,000
Day Care: $150,000
Estimated Total: $1.5 Million

I agree with Dr. Phil that the doctor needs to be held accountable for his actions. Clearly, he ignored the ethics of allowing an unemployed mother to use IVF so many times. And I also agree CPS needs to keep a close eye on this family. We can't blame the children for the choices their mother and doctor made; they are innocent victims. But what we CAN do is make resources available to the mother so the appropriate care can be given.

The thirty minutes I saw did not address the issue of should the mother be allowed to keep the children. And they did not have time to get into the issue of people thinking she's trying to be like Brangelina. As one friend put it in the preview..."If she's hoping Brad Pitt will swoop in and rescue her, then she needs to wake up and get a clue!"

If you want to join the discussion on DP's message board (and I'm sure it overloaded the system after the show aired, imho!), go to and voice your own concerns.

Yes, it is not fair to the taxpayers to foot the bill for this irresponsible act; it isn't fair to the millions of infertile couples out there who would dearly love one shot at IVF. But is it fair to let these kids slip through the cracks? Let's hope the state of California takes notice and helps these kids out in any way, shape or form. And that a support system is set up in case Mom does go off the deep end. I know Grandma is feeling overwhelmed...what happens after all eight babies arrive home?

Okay; I'm done ranting.

Hubby's still getting his sugar under control. It was down this morning to 340, so that's an improvement! Just for fun, I tested mine: 104.

I also have finally heard from an editor:) My first edits will be on the way within a week. I know...crazy that I'm looking forward to this, after reading my blogmates woes about edits and FLE's...but come on, 'fess up. Weren't you just a little excited when your first book was going through this process?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids, Pets, Spouse, Writing

Currently Reading: Still on Captive Heart. Sorry Kell...a friend loaned me the new Michael Palmer book, First Patient, so I've been devouring it at every opportunity!

It's only Wednesday, and yet this week has been eventful!

K's mousetrap car (was going to post a pic, but guess who hasn't taken it yet???) did well in his physics class. On Friday, his placed 2nd as far as distance, and he won his heat, advancing to the final race on Monday. He made a few minor adjustments and decorated the thing with old movie ticket stubs, empty Walmart gift cards, and whatever else he dug out of his drawer. On Monday, his adjustments didn't make the car go any farther, but the other two cars failed to catch up to him, so he won:) He was pretty pleased with his efforts, and his dad was thrilled the kid actually LISTENED and even IMPLIMENTED his idea for using an old fishing pole and rubber bands to drive the wheels. Just goes to show that while daddy didn't take physics, being an operater has taught him some stuff after all:)

S has discovered the joys of eating breakfast. This may not sound particularly remarkable, but the kid has actually been out of bed every morning before 7:30, and has actually gotten to school on time. Particularly since it's her dad who's been cooking the hash browns, the eggs, and occassionally the sausage. Why doesn't Mom cook breakfast? Too busy getting everyone up and dressed. Also, attempting to wake up herself...neither myself nor my daughter are morning people, and we'd rather sleep in!

W is growing. He'll be five in less than 3 weeks, and is working diligently on his name. Last night, apparently his 'hollow legs' kicked in, and he not only ate his entire pork chop, mashed potatoes, veggies, and fruit, but half a cold sausage link out of the refrigerator and a few hot dogs before climbing into bed. He also complained (and shed a few tears) about Daddy's willingness to read to him. "Mommy always reads TWO!"

Update on Pinky/Mikey/Oreo Comedy Hour:
I have really got to get this on video.

Yesterday, Oreo stood staring up at the rat cage. Pinky stuck his nose through the wire. Oreo jumped up and took a swipe with his paw.

Pinky saw it coming and pulled back, sticking his nose out as Oreo hit the floor with a thud. "Ha missed!"

Oreo jumps again. Again, Pinky pulls back in time, takes a lap around the cage, and sticks his nose out again. "Woo hoo! Didja see that? Miiiiiiiiissed meeeee..."

Oreo jumps a third time. Pinky pulls back, sticks his nose out, and I swear I saw his tongue pop out. "Ppppthhhhh...."

Oreo gave up and went over to the couch to give himself a bath.

Pinky stuck his head out farther, looked around, pulled his head back in, and went over to the water bottle. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha...chased that big bad cat away..."

Health Issues
Spouse had some balance issues last week, so I dragged him in to see the doctor. When it came out his A1-C levels hadn't been checked in a while, he ordered a fasting blood draw. The numbers which came back were off the charts:

Blood sugar: 414
Cholesterol: 484
Triglycerides: 3,982
Protime/INR: 1.4

He's convinced there's been a mix-up at the lab; his cholesterol has NEVER been that high, and certainly never that high of the triglycerides! And as for the Protime (clotting time for blood), this is the second week in a row it's been lower than 2, so his coumadin intake has been pumped up. We'll see how he does next monday, when he gets re-tested.

Myself? I'm healthy, knock wood!

Good News!
The 'editor' of our Laptop Society read my updated first chapter of Forbidden Love, and LIKES it! She said it still needs some more description here and there, but overall, my characters are believable and well-formed:) So I'm getting back to work on it this afternoon.

How's your week going? Any comedy or accomplishments you want to share?

If you watch Dr. Phi (which I'll occassionally tune in, if there's an interesting promo/topic), today he's asking the question if that woman who had the octuplets SHOULD be allowed to keep her babies, given her situation! That show airs at 5pm around here; think I'll tune in today to see what he says. I've been ranting about this on other blogs; no need to add more. But tomorrow, I just might have to speak up...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remembering Cecelia

On Sunday, I discovered my 'adopted' Grandma had passed away 2 weeks ago. I've known her for over a year; she was my honorary aunt's roommate, and the two ladies were proud of my writing progress, and enjoyed reading my first two books.

They also loved the banana bread, pumpkin bread, and any other treats I brought in, to break up the monotony of nursing home cusine.

Both pics were taken before Christmas; her son is to the right (yeah, I've got to stop cutting people in half!), and in this picture, she didn't hear me say 'Smile!' She was happy to see that it was me holding the camera, and gave me a big hug and kiss before posing for the next one.

After my aunt died, I teased her about her 'gentleman friend', who would sit in the hallway with her, holding her hand and another lady's. Kenny used to complain she never shared any of the goodies I'd brought, and shortly before New Years', I took him his own little sack of cookies. But Cecelia still gloated over the fact she had the larger bag, ha ha!
Due to widespread illness in the nursing home the first two weeks of January, we were advised to stay home. Two weeks ago, we made it out to see the MIL, and I popped down to Cecelia's room to see how she was. She wasn't in the hallway; she wasn't in her room, and her bed was neatly made up as always. No nursing staff was in sight, so I concluded she was either in the shower or her son had come to take her outside for a while.
Last week, the stomach flu was raging through our family, so we stayed home.
Sunday, Kenny was alone in the hall; I shook his hand, gave him and received a kiss, and asked where his 'girls' were.
"Well, you know one of them's gone."
"Gone? You mean...Which one?"
He nodded. "Cece. The Good Lord called her home two weeks ago. One minute she was fine, and the next...she was gone."
I squeezed his hand again and joked, "Well, I guess you won't have to fight for any treats now!"
He smiled broadly and asked, "So when's the next delivery? You've short-changed me the last two times!"
Cecelia's 79th birthday would have been next week. Think I'll make up a special batch for Kenny.
Wonderful Weather!
It may hit 70 degrees today! I've already arranged for some bookmarks to be made for my signing on Friday, and later today we'll be going down to storage to inspect the contents of my rollie cart.
It's also laundry day, and I've laid out some pork chops. We're cooking out on the grill tonight.
Now if the kids would just find my gloves...I thought they might have been under the snow. But no, they are still frolicking around somewhere. Looks like I'll have to go buy new ones next year, or if winter returns!
That will teach me to loan them out to teens whose own gloves are soaked from building snow forts!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonder of Wonders, Miracles of Miracles!

Currently Reading: Captive Heart by Kelly Kirch. I'm up to chapter 7:)

We're getting a refund, after all! PTL!

That six months of unemployment hurt, but not as bad as we thought it would. So this means:
-New couch
-New website/domain name
-Promo items
-$$ for at least two conferences
-Trip to favorite butcher
-$$ in savings
-Trip up north to clean out the storage and move it down here.

Miles to Go Before I, Sign
And the freaking laws keep changing! Back in 2004, when I first started keeping track of the mileage, the tax preparer only wanted to know the total miles. Wonderful; I didn't have to keep track of the damn mileage; just keep track how many miles it took me to get from point A to point B and back again. I did this in '05, '06, and '07.

But yesterday, I walk in, and realize I've left my mileage 'cheat sheet' (the little book where I'd kept track of that info) at home. And so I quickly jotted down a rough estimate of the miles while the preparer was entering the W2 info. And then he got to me.

"What was your beginning mileage?"

"Ummmm...." I take the calculater, add up my estimated miles driven, and go outside to check the odometer. I then subtract the EMD, but he's still not happy. No problem; our house is only 3 blocks away, and I know exactly where that little book is. I take the keys and make a quick trip home.

While I'm at home, I also happen to snag my notebook where I've haphazardly written down beginning/ending mileage! Which turns out to be a good thing...

I arrive back; my book only has the total miles! BUT, the notebook has the odometer reading from trip #3 to Purdue! Fantastic...all I do is subtract the mileage from the VU signing (2 miles) and my first trip to Evansville (120 round trip), and offer that reading to the preparer. He's satisfied!

Am I the only one with this problem?

The spouse just announced he's taking me to Denny's for breakfast! I'll be back in an hour, so check back! And in the meantime, amuse yourself with either the pictures from yesterday or the blogs to the right!

And I've been instructed to keep better mileage records this year...

Thoughts and prayers to Australians in the aftermath of the fire storms.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

Remember this from last week? The snow fort before (That's W to the right...Mom cut him in half, ha ha!)...

And after! Yes, we had three days of weather that was actually above freezing:) And today, we almost didn't even have to wear coats! I even wore my dress boots to church, instead of my snow ones.
Have a good day; check the blogs to the right. We're getting our taxes done in a few hours, and I should be my usual cheery self tomorrow! Esp if we get a nice refund, ha ha ha....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Sloane's Photo Op was interesting! Next up is AJ's Anyone But You.

Spokeswoman Susan Seenan said, "We know from talking to patients and clinics that there is only one active sperm donor covering the whole of Scotland at the moment."
-from the Glasgow Herald

Last Night Recap
Bridget's show last night was good! She had a fairly decent turnout, and I noticed several people buying things in the gallery. And I was able to get away from the kids for an hour and be an adult:)

My characters are getting closer to the end of their story. Now if I can just get them there...

Asthma is acting up again. Time to hit the inhaler.

Spouse's appointment went well; he's scheduled for a fasting blood draw on Monday, to check his A1-C's. They've not been checked in a while.

I'm heading downstairs to watch my Saturday morning reruns. Later I'll come back up and see if I can write some more, or if other plans are in the works. Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Ramble and a Recommended Read!

Currently Reading: Recommended Read: Anny Cook's Love Never Ending!! I had a very hard time putting it down, and there were several scenes I'd love to share with you, but can't! Just go to Ellora's Cave, purchase the book (and any others you see!), and pay attention to pages 70-73 and page 129!! And if you agree with me, or can't wait to find out what the heck I'm talking about, email me privately at

Next up: Sloane Taylor's Photo Op. I won it over the weekend:)

One of my HS classmates dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the world of FaceBook this week, and it's become mildly addicting. I haunt my email, wondering when I'll get another message, or friend request, from someone I've not heard of or seen in over twenty-five years! He even dared drag out the old senior yearbook, and wow do we look YOUNG! It's amazing...we thought we were soooooo grown up back then! I'd like to go back in time and give myself a slap upside the head for some of the idiotic things I did! But I guess it was a learning experience, and I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Over at the Writer's Evolution, they've been talking about the ways they avoid writing. My main way of avoiding my wip (work in progress, Trish!) is to blog hop, or claim writer's block. But the past 3 days, it's been FaceBook...updating my info, posting pictures, and chatting with old friends I hope to see again in July.

Mission Accomplished!
I finally got my characters in Off The Clock to admit their attraction to each other, and to finally share that all-important first kiss! About time...and I also wrote like a maniac for an hour to move on to chapter five. Daughter wanted to go to bed and the spousal unit was griping at me to 'get off the damn computer'. At least I got the idea and wrote before I went to bed; Wednesday night, I settled the toddler down and then came scrambling out of bed to write the scene! D just shook his head at me firing up the PC again at 11:30 pm...but hey, that's what happens when you get the urge to write! Better get it down while it's fresh and demanding to be written. Otherwise, it's gone forever.

Today on the To-Do List
-Vacuuming. D complained the floors are like walking on a gravel road. I'm sure he exaggerates; I mean, I did Maybe it was last Saturday? God...where did the week go? Oh wait...I had the flu. And Facebook issues. And reading Anny's story...all valid excuses for not doing my Domestic Engineer job, yes?

-Laundry. Yeah, it's that time again. K was complaining he's running out of socks.

-Dinner? It's 'clean-out-the-fridge' night. Or maybe we can persuade D to order pizza...

-A photographer friend is having her show tonight at the local art gallery, and I've invited S to go with me. She expressed a desire for art lessons a few weeks ago; maybe we'll discuss the possibility tonight.

-Attempt to finish chapter five and get my characters into bed.

-Check my email frequently....

Have a good weekend and check out the blogs to the right:) And if you're on Facebook, feel free to friend me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Waving the White Flag of Peace...

Currently Reading: I've made it to chapter 15 on Bishop! Oooooooh this is getting good! Anny, my favorite scene (so far) begins on page 70. I LOVE IT! Hopefully I'll finish today. I'm not getting any writing accomplished, but this book is a great read!

For two reasons, actually.

First, thank God my spouse woke up or that I happened to shift my position earlier at 3am.


He'd dreamed Great Danes were surrounding the house, preventing him from leaving (ala Hitchcock's Birds). He was reaching for one of the dog's necks in order to break it and kill it so he could get to the car.

He woke up as he was reaching for ME!

He apologized; I said (not knowing about his dream yet), "It's okay; I was turning over. You didn't hit me."

The dream shook him so badly he had to climb out of bed and get a drink of water. He then came back to bed and informed me of what he'd dreamed!

So....maybe on a subconscious level, he blames me for the move? Ridiculous, since it is his mother (and a joint decision) that we move down here in the first place!

Secondly, there is another blog feud. If you want to see Kenzie's take on the subject, click here. I decided to keep as much negativity as I could stand out of this blog. But sometimes I can't control my fingers, so I posted it there, which isn't getting a lot of traffic. But that's okay.

New Template
How do you like the new look? That Pepto-Bismal pink was beginning to get to me. I'd love to have Dakota's blue swirly background along the sides; don't you think that would look pretty? Or my favorite flower. Some bright red and yellow tulips, since apparently the groundhog saw his shadow in the camera lights! No's going to be 30 today, 40 tomorrow, and then in the 50's for the next week! I'm dancing over here!! Now if it would only stay that way until April...but we usually get a late snowfall around Easter! I can live with rain, but more snow? I want my spouse to go back to work!

I'm off to check the blogs. There's good news over to the right; I just have to remember which 'teaser' I saw it on! I think it was Kelly. Go check for yourself!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mama Mia

Currently Reading: I'm still on chapter 8 of Bishop's story. Got on a creative streak yesterday and wrote all afternoon instead of taking a break to read. Maybe today I'll get another 4 chapters read, or even the rest of it!

On Saturday, the boys took off on a balsa wood hunt. K has to make a moustrap car for his physics class, and there is no balsa wood to be found in this town. (Sidebar: There is plenty of it in either one of our storage units, as the spouse is a model railroad buff, but Lord only knows which unit it is in, and which box it is located!) So they loaded up the car and took off to the closest hobby store, an hour away.

Thirty minutes after they left, S looks at me and says, "Hey Mom? Can we watch Mama Mia?" 14-year-old just asked what? She actually is willing to spend time with me? Not just disappearing into her basement room with her laptop, MP3, and the other TV? Hell yeah I jumped on that offer!

And then the funny part happened.

"Mom...don't sing...please?"

"How do you know all the words? I just unwrapped the DVD!"

"Euuuu...oo7 should so not sing!" (I'll agree with her there...Pierce has many talents, but singing is sooooo not one of them!)

"How do they manage to sing and still run all over the place?"

I guess I really need to watch this with my sister; after all, we spent many happy afternoons with our mom's ABBA tape, standing on the furniture and doing our own antics to 'Dancing Queen', 'I Do I Do I Do I DO', 'SOS', and 'Waterloo'. Somewhere, I also still have my 45 of 'Take A Chance On Me':)

I could kick everyone out of the house this weekend and invite friend D over...just everyone within a mile or so radius, please plug your ears and don't call the cops on us? We're just reliving our childhood ABBA memories!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Pictures

Oreo meets Pinky. I tried to get one of them nose to nose, but wasn't fast enough. And then Oreo attempted to bite Mikey, so S put the rats back in the cage!

W's first attempt at a snowman. Not bad, considering the powdery snow!

W's friend I inside the snow fort (W refused to have his picture taken inside)

The snow fort K 'built' (more like tunnelled out) for the little ones
Want to see another picture? Kenzie got her first book cover last night! Go over and see it here:)
Media Blitz
What's the boo-hoo over Michael Phelps? So the kid made a mistake. He's not in training yet! Leave him alone; he already knows he did something wrong! Speedo is already issued a statement saying they're still behind him, so move on to the REAL news, people!
Weather Update
We received another inch of snow this morning. The kids went from a 1-hour delay to a 2-hour delay to CLOSED! For once, the toddler went back to bed! But now he's up again and eating his special pancake Daddy made (in the shape of a W).
To-Do List:
-Laundry. I dragged myself downstairs last night for one load. Time to finish it today.
-I've got a free teleseminar tonight with the SFWA, featuring Brenda Novak.
-Will the Laptop Society meet tonight? Depends on the weather!
-Spouse just announced he's making Boy Scout meatloaf for dinner tonight (made in the cast iron skillet with potatoes and carrots on top. YUM!)
-Finish Bishop's story??

Currently Reading: I've made it up to chapter 8 on Bishop's story!

Here's the February reading/buying schedule:

Feb 2-I've been trying to buy Grace Tyler's books His and Her Dalmations and The Husband Checklist, but the buy site is down. So some of these may be moved up...

Anyone but You-Amarinda Jones

Feb 9-Caught-Elizabeth Black
To Catch a Casanova- Erica Scott
Liquid Heat-Ashley Ladd

Feb 16-NovelTea Next Door-Cindy K Green
A Psychic Hitch-Bekki Lynne
Lover's Stone-Elyssa Edwards

Feb 23-Spanking Good Time-Elizabeth Black
Masked Encounter-Samantha Gentry
The Best New Toy of the Season-Elaine Cantrell

Mar 2-Soul Stone-Elyssa Edwards
Jake's Return-Liana Leverentz
French Kiss-Sloane Tayler

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday Recap

Currently Reading: Enjoyed Kama Sutra Lovers, and am now on chapter 5 of Bishop's story:)

I was laid low by the 24-hour bug yesterday. Our party went on as scheduled, though I told them to come over 'at their own risk'. And since the bug has been travelling through their family, what the heck. Our teens probably gave it to each other anyway! (Okay...that sounds soooo wrong! Get your mind out of the gutter; I'm talking FLU bug!)

I spent the morning in bed, and when my stomach settled down around 3, I dragged myself into the shower, put on my blue and white Colt's jersey (every year they don't make it, I wear my Colts gear in protest!), and parked myself on the sofa. I was fine as long as I stayed in a horizontal position, but at the end of the 1st quarter I tried sitting up....and the Cardinals got a touchdown!

Friend D and I cranked up the volume when Springsteen took the stage (the kids protested, but as I pointed out, 'The Boss' told us too, ha ha!) and when spouse D objected, it was nearly over anyway, and I backed it up and DVR'd it. I told friend D when I felt better, we'd rock out when the kids were gone:)

And it was a good game! Esp the final 3 minutes! I got what I wanted...sort of. I was hoping the Cardinals would win, even though I thought the Steelers would prevail. But I didn't want it to be a blowout, so I was reeeeeaaaaallly happy during that last quarter! Even though by then I had to be horizontal again.

And I wasn't able to enjoy any of the food. But that's okay; my spouse has it today, so leftovers will be served for dinner tonight.

Which commercials were your favs? Mine was the Budweiser ads with the Clydesdales. Esp the one who 'fetched'!

I'll have a cheerier post tomorrow; I promise. But for now, time to lay down again. My energy is still not up to par just yet.

And the damn groundhog saw his shadow! Will someone please bring him out in the SHADE??