Monday, June 29, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #48

Day 214:  Start of 9 Day Stretch....
Day began on a high note; I arrived early and spoke to Steve about our vacation in August, and he approved it:)  The first four hours went well, then I went to lunch at Wendy's, and when I returned, did the soda count and swept the place thoroughly.  Only had 4 CFHs.....A had items I didn't recognize, and accidentally rang up three of his item twice.  Called down to the CS desk and told them I was sending him down for a refund.  B ended up calling me, saying he was missing a bag with pencils and glue.  I didn't have 'em, and they weren't in the cart.  Told him to return tomorrow and we'd make good.  After I hung up, I wondered if maybe the items hadn't rolled out of the bag and were in his truck???  C was a guy who was mad at the flooring dept; he wanted to order 36 feet of carpet, but was told it wouldn't be ready.  All he wanted to do was PAY for it.  Chat calmed him down and we took care of the transaction. D was Chad at the end....the item he grabbed was mismarked, so had to wait for Mel to come down for the o/r.

Charlie the Great Dane came in to see us, and the first thing he did was put his massive head on the counter ala 'Where's my treat?'  Kem didn't have any at #1, but I knew we had some at #2, so he eagerly followed me over there, sat, held out his paw, and greedily gulped two treats before following his owner.  When they returned, he laid down and gulped two more:)

Got my closing duties finished in a timely manner, so while I was waiting for Mel, I locked the doors and finished spraying down the carts.  Also, did the AP4Me between 1 and 2, and am #15 in rank.  Also was notified to change my PW.  Grrrrr.....

Tomorrow, I get to learn the new system.  Oh joy.....why do they have to fix something that's not broken??  Apparently all the newbies love it!

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, dark capris, HP mask

Day 215:  We Have A New System!!
Good thing we had two lanes going in Lumber....1st customer took me 5 minutes as I navigated the new system!  By the time Kem left, I was getting speedier on it.  Had planned to stay on Reg #2, but before K left, someone returned an insulation blower and left it in front of #2.  So we'll see how tomorrow goes....

Around 3, my CFH from yesterday with the carpet arrived, and was upset no one could find his order.  Turned out it was MY fault....I didn't know I was supposed to leave Flooring a note about his Pick Up Later.....oops...tried to explain it to him, but he wasn't listening.  Aliscia thought he was high on something.  Anyway, he told me at 4 he'd be back in an hour, and told Brandt he was ready to slap someone.  His carpet arrived at 4:45, and the guys were not amused he'd left.  I went to lunch at 5:15, and when I returned, he STILL hadn't come back.  He finally showed up at 7, very subdued.  He asked if I needed to see his receipt, to which I replied, "No, because I'm the one who rang you up last night!"

Had to call HC Cindy around 8:30 for a pit stop, then thought I was about to get in trouble, since Jess walked by, pushing carts, as I was ringing up a customer w/o my mask on.  I grabbed it as soon as I was finished, and acted as if I was drying my face.  Jess walked back and said, "I was about to ask you where your mask was!"

"I had to let my chin dry out a little!"

Just hoping she doesn't decide to check the videotape....I hadn't worn the darn thing the entire shift, except for maybe an hour on Reg #2???

Anyway, had the closing duties finished by 8:30, so when I returned from my pit stop, I finished the trash, locked the doors, and sorted the return pile.  After Cindy cleaned me out, I returned 5 items, emptied the trash, took off my vest, and took the loading tickets/tax exempts up front and clocked out.

Outfit:  JHS Band shirt, faded capris, multi-colored mask.

Day 216:  #3 of the 9-day stretch....
Shift started on a high note; I was on Reg #2 and doing well with the new system, and learned 4 more things about it:  a) can't look up gift card balances; b) how to edit the cart; c) how to do cull packs; and d) Pick Up Later is confusing and couldn't figure it out!  Took my 1st break at 2, then stayed on #2 until they sent me to lunch at 4:15.  Marci relieved me; I went to Hardee's, and spent the rest of the night on Reg #1.  Had some confusion over the deck boards; apparently earlier in the day there were 96 available for a customer, but when he came to get them around 7, they were nowhere to be found.  Think he got his $$ back.  Had a customer tell me I was 'prettier than' his project (sewer pipe), and he kept telling me 'this is my last trip in here.'  He came in 3 times!

When I was learning the cull pack, I asked Scott how to do it, and he said, 'I don't know.'

"And you call yourself a manager."  I teased him, then I played around with it until I figured it out.  Aggie even complimented me on the new system, saying I was picking it up faster than she was!

Had all closing duties over with by 9, and clocked out.

Outfit:  White flamingo tee, faded capris

Day 217:  My 'Short' Day, 1:30-close
Day began with Will getting his driver's permit....stay off the sidewalks!  LMAO...seriously, the kid's doing fine.

Walked into the break room and discovered the table was covered with cookies, fruit, cake, and pie.  Ate two sugar and two chocolate chip, then clocked in.  First three hours were fine; we were steady, but not slammed.  After K left, I stayed on #2 until the credit card machine locked up, so switched to #2.  Went to lunch at 5 (Arby's), and when I returned at 6, tried to get the pop count done, but due to customers, didn't finish until 7:30!  Dallas came down and relieved me for my 2nd break.

Saw Stan and got the skinny on he and S's breakup, and it was as I suspected....he was tired of the drama.

When I came back at 8, it was 'let's-buy-out-the-store'.  Had Stan with four carts; another guy with five carts plus a window, door, and drywall....oh, and a few other odds and ends; another customer with drywall and two more carts.  I didn't get the closing duties even STARTED until after I locked the doors at 9:15!

Saw the customer from Mon, who'd lost a bag.  Turned out he'd grabbed the wrong bag from his truck!  I knew I didn't have 'em!

Also had two customers 'clean out' my drawer....A handed me $200 for $104 total, and cleaned me out of everything.  B was a combination of two customers, who by the 2nd one, I was counting the ones for $12 in change.

Accidentally sprayed Aggie with the glass cleaner while she was closing out Reg #2.....I said, "thought you needed a shower!"

Outfit:  Brown tee, dark capris

Day 218:  My Daughter turns 26 and Payday!!
Had insomnia last night and didn't get to sleep until after 5.  Woke up at 10, paid my bills, and went to Walmart to get S's present and to pay for my banner at Office Max.  Something was wrong with the final stage of the order, and since I'd woken up to the wonderful news HFK was cancelled, told Jerod I had plenty of time, so told him I'd be back in on Wed.  By the time I left W/M, it was noon, so called work and told them I'd be late.  Made it in by 1.

Things were fairly steady, and I'd saved my pop count sheet from yesterday, so used it as a guide.  K left at 3, so I took a quick pit stop before she left.  Went to lunch at 5, after being reminded to 'scan everything' (*eye roll*), and took myself to McD's.  After lunch, it was a little slower, and managed to get all my closing duties accomplished before close.

Outfit:  Blue patriotic tee, patterned capri leggings.

Day 219:  Happy 4th of July!
Today was fairly low-key.  Was steady but not slammed, and it was Jill's b-day.  She left at 3 and they sent me to lunch at the same time, so I splurged and went to McAllister's.  From 4- close, it was the same; was able to get all my closing duties finished by 7:30.  Loader Logan went MIA; had to call LG for a forklift driver so we could get the FL inside.  At 7:15, a woman hobbled in; I told her to sit down and I'd call for the motorized cart.  She thought she'd broken her foot, but needed a door before going to the hospital.  By 8, she still hadn't appeared; HC C closed out my register; I took the trash down, then spotted her making her way to me.  She paid; Sara and Gracie helped her load her door.  EVERYONE was rolling their eyes at this CFH who probably should have gone to the hospital instead of shopping for a new door!

Outfit:  White flag tee, patterned capri leggings.

Day 220:  Past The Halfway Point!  I Can Do This....
Couldn't sleep, so called only 2nd time to miss a scheduled work day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Life in Lumber, Week #47

Day 211:  12:30-close
Arrived and discovered I was to be up front, even though there were 4-5 other cashiers there, but barely any customers.  Went to training room and did AP4Me, then went back up front around 1:30.  Checked out maybe a handful of customers, and chatted with Dallas and Matthew.  Was anxious about K and J's wedding, since J had called the venue to double-check the time for the rehearsal, and was stunned to learn they 'weren't open' this weekend.  Ummmm....when were they planning to inform the bride and groom about this development????

Was sent on break close to 2, and K texted they'd been approved for the KC Fairgrounds.  Answered prayer!  I had given him several ideas for venues while driving to work, and had even reached out to a few people on FB for ideas.  I'm glad they were able to get on on short notice, since the Catholic Church would frown on having a Harry Potter-themed wedding at one of their venues!

Business picked up between 2-4, then I went to lunch at Wendy's.  When I returned, HC Aggie sent me out to LG, where I stayed until 7:45, when she closed me down.  Took my 2nd break, then spent an hour up front, taking care of customers while Matthew took out the trash.  Sanitized the registers, and we all clocked out around 9:30.

Day 212:  12:30-close
Arrived, and found myself up front for a while.  Was on Reg #8 until it was pulled for an audit, so hopped on #10.  Watched the self-checkout for a few mins also, then sent on my break, and then to Lumber, where I stayed the rest of my shift.  Managed to get the pop count finished by 5:30, then took myself to Arby's.  When I returned, did closing duties and teased Chad at the end, for after scolding him about putting his trash in the wrong container, I rang him up....and forgot to pull his $5.  Told him that was his 'fee' for not putting his trash in the proper place, lol!  HC Aggie seemed amused by out good-natured bickering!  C even took the trash down to the dumpster for me, after threatening to keep me with him during HIS shift, 'since she's not done....I guess she wants to keep working!'
Nope....I went to put up my vest and helped Eli take out the trash in the break room.

Outfit:  Classy tee, patterned leggings

Day 213:  12:30-close
Discovered I was to be in lumber all day, so yay!  Joked at 3, when the pros were leaving, that 'I've had a shower; you're all leaving me??  Geez...'  Shift went well; D and W showed up with Arby's for me at 3:30, though the fries were cold.  When I went to lunch at 4:15, decided to go to McD's for more fries, and it took 20 minutes!  Did closing duties between 6:30-7:30, which turned out to be a good thing; I was slammed at 8:30 and didn't get the doors locked until after 9.  Had a couple of CFH, but got through it.

Found out why K walked out on Mon; she was frustrated by needing an o/r, only no one coming.  Apparently she copped an attitude, either over the PA or toward the customers in line, and HC C chewed her out for it.

Tonight, HC MK chewed out the front line b/c they put up their vests and didn't lock the doors before MK had even cleaned out the registers!  A big no-no.  Brandon even called her by her correct name as he told her to calm down!

I didn't clock out until after 9:30.  I'm off for the next 4 days!

Outfit:  Lowe's tee, patterned leggings.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #46

Day 206:  12:30-close
Arrived, and discovered Kayleigh was at #2, so did the AP4Me, checked my email, and put in my request for July 31-Aug 2nd off.  K needed help with an LAR, so showed her how to do it.  Soon, Aggie came down and sent me up front, where I stayed until after lunch.

Discovered Brandy and Jasmine had both quit; J over 'drama'...apparently MK was 'showing favoritism' toward her, and no one knew why B left.  Also, all of the other closers today had called in.

Got some unpleasant news; realtor called saying we were going to have to put out $5500 to drill another well, since the existing one is 'too close to the septic field'.  I was furious, but remained calm, and told him to call Mom.

Went to lunch (McDs) at 4, and got a hold of Mom to give her the news, who simply said to take a few days and to pray about it.  After lunch, I went out to LG, because apparently neither Bree nor Eli are allowed out there anymore, b/c 'B wanders around and we can't find her' and 'E spends too much time on his phone'.  I said I'd worked with both and hadn't seen either behavior, but not my call.  I was elected to go outside from 5-7.

Found Jill training a young lady, who was getting fed up with the treatment she was receiving, and managed to make the shift 'fun' for her, so hopefully she's staying.  She was a blessing in disguise, since she was able to go help a customer load her car when the boys were busy.  Also found out Autumn will be in the paint department this fall:)

Customer arrived with the Marauder's Map mask; I pulled mine from my pocket and we had a an enjoyable conversation about Harry Potter and masks in general.

Apparently, another piece of scuttlebutt is all the new seasonal workers are in a panic over who's being let go at the end of the month.  I reminded them that I began my job as 'seasonal', and I'm still here!  Tried to calm Eli down about it.

After closing down LG, we went to Lumber to give K her 15 min break, then took ours.  Went up front at 8; B took off to clean the bathrooms; E sanitized the front while I handled customers.  I emptied the trash at closing time, and we all clocked out around 9:30.  At 9pm, J thanked me for making her experience 'enjoyable'.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, dark capris.

Day 207:  12:30-close
Had another good day:)  Arrived; discovered I was to be up front.  Good-naturedly complained to HC C, who told me it wasn't anything I did.  When I arrived, there was no where for me to be, so asked HC A if I was supposed to give someone a break.  Was told to go to Lumber, to relieve G, then Kem.  Ended up staying down there all evening.

Went to lunch at 4 (Wendy's) and was told the mistake of last week was an honest one.  Was doing closing duties by 6:30, and things went smoothly.

Outfit:  Purdue tee, faded capris.

Day 208:  12:30-close
Had an AMAZING day!
-Discovered my paycheck had $30 more than originally thought;
-Mom told Dave she wasn't going to shell out any more $$ for the house; he found another buyer 15 minutes after she texted me;
-BG showed up right before I went to lunch....with his wife, I might add, but we enjoyed 'ganging up' on him and teasing him!  He asked me if I worked all over, and told him I'm primarily in Lumber.  When he left, I told him to come back more often, ha ha!
-Took myself to Arby's to 'celebrate';
-From 5-close, it alternated busy and slow.  Jill was with me until close, then Eli came down to help bust the line, and Sara hung out with me from 8:30-9.

Outfit:  Black square neck, dark capris.

Day 209:  12-close
Day started on a weird note.  Had dream K and J decided, at the beginning of their wedding, to push it back a few more months.  I ended up on a pay phone trying to cancel a restaurant reservation in St. Louis, then telling them to make it for the following year.  My alarm went off; I said, 'I'm busy' and shut it off.  Woke up at 9:30.

Arrived, only to have customer #1 with marked down carpet.  Took 20 mins for a HC to finally arrive for my o/r....after I'd already logged onto #3 and helped out another customer.  Was sent on my break at 2, and rode a cart up front, then saw Danielle from RICA and spoke to her for a few mins.  Aliscia came down at 3:30 and helped out until my lunch break at 4 (Subway, plus pasta salad from home), then things were kinda slow-steady until 8:30.  Had another break at 8, then finished the closing duties.

Outfit:  Gold tee, dark capris.

Day 210:  Payday!
Met the family at Denny's for brunch, and was 10 mins late to work....but then discovered my schedule had been changed!  Time clock asked if I was clocking in extremely early or late, or if my schedule was changed.  I clicked 'late', but then noticed on the new one, I wasn't due in until 5:30!  Called Mel, who asked if I could still stay; it hadn't changed on the flow chart. 

The first 4 hours went well, then I went to lunch at McDs and the kids showed up to buy D's Father's Day gift.  Sent Matthew to lunch at 5, and things were fairly steady until 8:30.  Did the closing duties and clocked out at 9:30.  Thank god I have the weekend to recupperate!

Outfit:  Yellow Florida tee, faded capris

Monday, June 8, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #45

Day 201:  12:30-close
Arrived; within 5 mins, was asked where my mask was by Brandon G.  Told him I was under the assumption I didn't have to wear it while asthma acting up...was told to put it on anyway, so I did.  Mel told me I needed a dr's note....but Tasha said even with the note, I'd still have to wear it.  So got in touch with Dr. Steve's office and decided NOT to bother with it.

Didn't have any issues; went to lunch at 4 (Wendy's), and when I returned, did mainly closing duties.

Outfit:  Brown short-sleeved tee, dark capris.

Day 202:  12:30-close
Began my day at the BMV with Teen, as he tried to get his Learner's permit.  While he was taking his test, I returned home for the rest of the documents for my Gold Star on my license.  When I returned, he was outside....he'd missed three signs in a row...'slippery when wet', 'low clearance', and 'low shoulder'.  Have to try again next week, when they accept walk-ins.

The weather was doing it's 'will-it-or-won't-it-rain', so business was slow until 4, when Aliscia tried to send me to lunch.  She shooed me out around 4:10, and when I returned an hour later after getting lunch at Hardee's, she was still busy.  I took over, and it slowed to a trickle again.  Around 8, I started closing duties, and was able to lock the doors around 9.  Finished sanitizing everything, then went to my locker. The 'mask police' weren't around after 7, so was able to enjoy having my face free:)

Outfit:  White 'faith' shirt, faded capris.

Day 203:  1:30-close, my 'short day'
Day began okay, though I soon developed a backache.  Took lunch at 4:20 (Arby's)....didn't get either of my 15 min breaks.  After 8, had a customer try to pay for items, but his card kept getting declined, so I invoiced it to be picked up later.  Then he found his internet order, but something went wrong and he ended up only taking one item.  I hope he gets his issue fixed soon.

Was informed Mgr T was writing up staff wearing masks improperly...*eye roll*

Had two LOLs buying plywood; they bickered the entire time I was ringing them up, and fought over who was going to pay.  Then one comes back in and announces they've also got 4 concrete blocks.

"Which ones?"

"How should I know?  The kid loaded them....they were $1.80 a piece.  We needed them to weight down the plywood."

So I went through all the c-block scans and on the 3rd one, I found it:)  The other customers (and me!) were CRACKING up!  Texted Erica and told her I'd 'met' our 'future selves', ha ha!

Was too tired to sweep; did everything else though.

Outfit:  Maroon JHS Band shirt, black capri leggings.

Day 204:  12:30-close
Not long into my shift, customer says, "Excuse me, I want to lodge a complaint.....what lumber store runs out of LUMBER?"

Other than my back bothering me occasionally, shift went fairly well.  Rachel relieved both Kem and I for our 15 min breaks, then me again at 3:45 for lunch (Subway), and again at 6:15 for my 2nd break.  Things slowed down at 7:30, so was able to do my closing duties, and had all but the carts sanitized by 9.

Outfit:  Brown elbow-length shirt, dark capris.

Day 205:  5:30-close
Day began with an asthma attack, so called in and explained the fact I'd given myself a breathing treatment, drank Tussin, and was still exhausted.  Told Mgr T I was more than willing to come in later when I felt better.  By 4:30, I couldn't get a hold of anyone, so texted Mel and told her I was coming in.  Got in around 5:15, and she put me to work at the front.  Saw Tracy and Elaine, and when I told Brandy to charge him double, he pointed to the lawnmower and said, 'If I have any issues with it, I'm bringing it to YOU!"

I pointed to Mel.  "Good, so I can turn it over to HER!"

Over all, shift went well.  I had three O/ for a discounted gate, another for a discounted plant, and the third for a discounted grill.  At the end, I took all the trash to the compactor and cleaned the Men's room.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver Aquarium tee, faded capris.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

June Goals

How well did last month go?
-Enjoy anniversary (check!  BW3, Monical's pizza, and frosties!) and Mother's Day (Check!)
-Work enough hours to get bills paid, buy inventory, and build up bank account (Check!)
-Lose 5 lbs (starting: 237) Bleh....with all the 8 hour shifts, weight is going the OPPOSITE direction!  241 last weigh-in...
-Transfer van title Not yet; can't find title.
-Close Mom's unnecessary account Hoping to do this in June
-Edits and cover art Check! of Second Chances Edits should be arriving soon!
-Finish rearranging belongings Furniture, yes;still have 'pile' in bedroom
-Do something in Green and/or Brown House Did get Green House cleared!  Now to haul away the rest of the scrap metal.
-Finish Isolation story Not yet

Books Read:  4
           Print:   4
            DNF: 3        
        E-book:  0

Leg is healing nicely; had back issues over Memorial Weekend that haven't returned, thankfully!  Treating myself to a 30 minute massage on the 3rd.

Updated Book 'Tour':
-Farmer's Market (July 11, 2020) $12 May 30-June 13th, Gregg Park (only food vendors)
-PrideFest (June 20, 2020, $25 donation) IF they're allowing vendors....6/8:  No Vendors
-Corning IrishFest (June 21, 2020) IF they have it....6/8:  Cancelled.
-Heroes For Kids (July 18, 2020, $50 Pd 3/27)  Perrysville, MO Gas $40, hotel room $150, food $40=$230 total)
-Watermelon Festival (Aug 7-8) Will set up Fri during Art Walk (if allowed), since I'm doing the Collector's Carnival on the 8th at the Gibson Co Fairgrounds, Industrial Bld 1, Booth #14.
-Indy State Fair (Aug 8-10 and/or 10-12??? $175-200) (Gas $30, $15 admission; $24 parking fee; $20 food; $6 ride; will need hotel room this year. 6/4:  Canceled 1st time since WWII
-Cil-Con 2020 ($75 Paid 12/21) plus $112 hotel, $30 food, $15 gas)
-Autumn On Main (1st Friday in Oct)
-ICGAHS:  $340 booth fee,hotel/gas/food $100 paid 1/31; Bal:  $240; $100 paid 3/28, Bal $140 Paid In Full 4/24

June Income:
       May 16-22: 17
               23-29:  36
      June 5th Projected Income:  53 hours= $509 +Bonus $=$580
       $58 to church; pay Maurices ($50 Check!); pay credit card ($100 Check!); pay Nancy ($80 Check!); pay Colegard ($51 Check!)= $241 banked. Alex's birthday $80
     May 30-June 5: 32
                       6-12: 36
      June 19th Projected Income: 68 $683
       $68 to church; pay (GSH) medical bill ($120 Check!); pay hearing aids ($120 Check!); pay MA Labs ($54 Check!)=$321-$55 (Tipmont REMC Check!)-$112 (D's Father's Day gift Check!)-$50 SC inventory ($104)
      13-19: 40
      20-26: 24

     July 3rd Projected Income:  64 hours

June Goals:
-Work enough hours to build up my bank account, now that most of my 'extra' expenses have been paid Not quite....
-Enjoy Alex's 8th birthday Check!
-Lose 5 lbs (beginning 241)
-Find and transfer van title Not yet
-Close Mom's unnecessary bank account Not yet
-SC edits (Check!) and buy inventory not yet
-BOBW reboot Check! and buy inventory not yet
-Put away corner 'pile' in bedroom sort of???
-Move book box to Brown House not yet
-Enjoy K and J's wedding Check!
-Add words to Isolation story and/or Defending Your Life (Check!) story
-Find Murder file or retype for Isolation Anthology Check!
-Finish hauling scrap metal to Dumes One load, yes:)
-Purchase vertical banner from Office Max Ordering July 3rd
-Reserve HFK hotel room ($75 per night) Check!

June Reading Schedule:
Eleanor and Franklin
The Whispering Room-Dean Koontz Weird....but good!
The Partner-John Grisham Interesting, and slightly confusing, with all the lawsuits going on.  Surprised by ending!
The Last Victim-Karen Robards  Very good!  Kept me guessing:)
The Burning Man-Phillip Margolin  Very good:)
Bloodline-Sidney Sheldon So good!  I see shades of 'Master of the Game' in this!  Kept me guessing til the end:)
Rogue Lawyer-John Grisham Very interesting!

Now and Forever:  A Love Story-Jean Joachim RR!  Enjoyed reading this story again:)
The Flip-KL Montgomery Enjoyed this!
Heartsight-Kay Springsteen DRR!  Excellent story!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #44

Day 198, 10-7
Today was another good day:)  We were steady, and no one had any issues.  I only needed one override, and Brendan was already there to take care of it.

Went to lunch at Fazolli's at 2, and discovered we had PEACEFUL protesters by Planet Fitness and out by Walmart.  Tomorrow, they're gonna be out by the GRC Memorial.

Took my break at 5:45 and when I returned, I did the AP4Me, and 'mucked out' Reg 2 and 3, to help out Pam.  At 6:30, Mgr T came down and asked if I'd go up front, to help out.  I did....and rang up 2 customers before being thanked and told to return to Lumber.  Then at 6:50, was asked to help out again....again, rang up 2 customers, then it was time to go home.

Outfit:  Gray 'Rebel' tee, dark capris, thick silver hoop earrings.

Day 199, 12:30-close
Began the day on a high note, but was soon dizzy and feeling sick to my stomach, so after an hour when things were NOT getting better, I called Mel, who told me to go home; they had 5 other closers.  I probably should have had S come get me, because I nearly hit a dump truck backing into McD's.

Outfit:  Blue flowered tee, dark capris, thin gold hoops.

Day 200, 10-7
Arrived ten minutes late, due to both my own lateness (had to fold my whites) and a stopped train.  Discovered one of our Pro's had been escorted off the premises by police, due to selling some merchandise 'under the table'???  Apparently, they'd been watching him for 6 months before taking action.  Also, our Pro Loader was fired for using a racial slur in the presence of a mixed-race co-worker (which I thought was a little harsh and snowflakey on the part of the co-worker, imho!).  I stared at Kim.

"I leave for 3 days and the place goes to hell?"

By the time Pam arrived at 12:30, I was getting sent to break, and when I returned, I did a few returns; Tasha called and told me to do my AP4Me (which I'd already completed on Monday), so I decided to run carts with the guys.  Kem left at 1:55; I rang up one customer and was sent to lunch.

Went to McD's, and when I arrived back, the family was in the parking lot.  They came in to buy the water line materials to run to the icemaker; they took possession of my phone the rest of the day.  D also took the van to get it checked out; turned out to be a low tire sensor.

After lunch, we were steady, but no issues.  I left at 7.

Outfit:  Lowe's tee, patterned leggings, gold hoop earrings.