Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Week of NCAA...

Currently Reading: Wyoming. I'm nearly finished with the second story, Plains of Promises.

E-Book: Sweet Dreams, by Dakota Rebel. Was so busy this weekend, I didn't get a chance to start on it. Maybe later today!

Barb, March Madness is stretching into April. The Final Four, UNC, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA battle it out next weekend for the final two slots. And then a week from today, April 7th, the final two teams will go head to head. And yes, I only picked 2 out of 4. Davidson put up a hell of a fight, losing by only 2 points! So kudos to them! Who will I pick? Tune in next weekend!

Attended a discussion on cultivating one's fan base. Admittedly, it wasn't much of a discussion; only 3 of us showed up. The only thing I learned was the suggestion of sending out a twice-yearly newsletter to everyone on my mailing list, and to include the Community Relations Managers of all bookstores I've frequented. I sort of send one out, via email. And BB Walter had an excellent idea (and I may have already mentioned this). She set out a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard and invited everyone to sign up for her newsletter. I may start doing the end of the two hours, she had several names and email addresses!

Otherwise, I blog; I show up at chats to support my fellow authors; I held a contest last month. And whenever I have breaking news, or a signing is coming up, I send out a mass email to remind everyone I'm published and to please come and say hi. I unashamedly bribe children with M&Ms and Reecee Cups, so their adult companions will come over to my table! It didn't really work last Saturday, but it was wonderful at Christmas!

So what do you do to keep your name 'out there'? And do you think the chats help with sales? The general concensus last night was no, but I beg to differ. I know that's where my TBB list has a tendancy to grow and take on a life of its own. Case in point: Cindy Spencer Pape decided to list every single book she's written, and now my list is well over the 70 mark. And I had a reader contact me because the link I provided didn't work. So I know I've sold at least two books on chats!

Want to read a good rant? Go to I personally left 3 comments over there! Why 3? I hit 'send' too soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meet BB Walter

As I stated yesterday, I met a fellow author who writes fantasy. Here's a blurb for her first book, Sister Light:

Beware the child with the pale blue eyes.

A unique fantasy filled with intrigue, both mystical and political, where characters from very different strata of society become inexplicably intertwined. Sister Light sweeps you away with an all-consuming need to walk in both the shadows and light.

Want to read more? Go to and read an excerpt! I'm going to see if she'll agree to an interview.

And yes, since she writes about the Middle Ages, I gave her Anny's website and told her all about the fantastic group of authors I've met in the last several months! Hopefully she's reading this right now and will decide to click on the links to the right! Sorry Bron...I neglected to tell her about Ronan...I'll pop over and correct that oversight.

Final Four decided today...

And so far, I'm 50/50: UNC won by a ten-point margin, 83-73, while Xavier was pulverized by UCLA. (My son's happy; His Final Four is intact, ha ha!)

And Memphis spanked Texas, 85-67. Now if Davidson can work the same upset as they've done all along...that game will be underway in a few minutes. I'd like to be right about 3 teams, not just 2!

Hanging on...

Thanks for all the prayers for my aunt. I stopped in to see her briefly and she was awake and happy to see my son and I briefly. She didn't have her hearing aids in, and my asthma was starting to act up, so rather than cough in her face, I kissed her on the forehead, smoothed her wispy gray hair and told her I'd be back in a few days. She smiled and squeezed my hand.

Home Sweet Home

Daughter arrived home safely! My younglings have all returned to the nest, and chaos reigns again. Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa washed their clothes, so everyone has plenty of clean socks and underwear. Which is good, because I had insomnia last night and was awake from 3 to 6 am. What did I do? Got up and read the first story in Wyoming! I'm in to the second one and can't wait to get back to it! Another Spring Break has gone, and my next 'vacation' will be in June, during Vacation Bible School:) Or, oldest son's BSA summer camp. In the meantime, I have to start getting up with the alarm again!

Maybe if I go to bed at nine?

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I had a fantastic time at the signing:) I sold....


I know, that may not sound like a whole lot, but two people actually bought a copy of both Love is Sober and Love Finds a Way:) I was psyched:) Especially when I sold two copies of LFAW before I'd completely unpacked my tote!

Another author, BB Walter, was also there, signing copies of her first book, Sister Light, book #1: Of Shadows. It's the first of a fantasy trilogy. I'll post more about her tomorrow.

And the even more exciting news? B&N is hosting an author event in September, with several authors scattered around the store. Both BB and I have been invited back for it; BB's second book will hopefully be published, as well as my third. More on this as September approaches.

Arrived home and my family took me out for dinner. And also received news that my aunt is back on the 'any day now' status. Apparently, she's suffered two strokes this week. I saw her on Wednesday, but she was sleeping, so I didn't go in her room. That's okay; I spent 30 minutes with her last weekend. Maybe she'll have a lucid moment and I can show her the new bookmarks and the pictures I took today; I know she's proud of me and loves me, even if I don't get to show them to her.

How's everyone else's weekend going? So far Xavier's getting pummelled by UCLA...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Basketball Ups and Downs

Currently Reading: Won Dakota's contest last night, so she sent me Sweet Dreams. I've not had a chance to begin it yet, but maybe later tonight. Thanks Dakota! As you know, I loved Hello, and raved about it everywhere. So I'm sure I'll enjoy this one as well!

I suppose I need to clarify some parts of last week's post to my international friends; I had thought I had said clearly that March Madness, the college basketball final tournament that grips sports fans every March, was upon us.

I happen to like college basketball, and I am married to a non-sports lover. Shocking. A male, who doesn't watch sports? I know; I can hear you....How did you get hooked up with him? Luck of the draw, I guess. And to be perfectly honest, I don't pay attention the rest of the season; it started by a friendly bet between one of my guy friends during the final 4 one year; we continued it the next year; before you know it, I'm watching the Bracket Selection Show and selecting my favorite teams. And that's how it started. Sometimes I win; sometimes I don't. And that's okay, because the only thing bet was a dollar. Well, inflation. Now it's a meal somewhere:) And only for the final game; never for all the games!

With that said, I went 50/50 last night. And since I didn't have to be quiet at midnight last night, my hubby sat there and watched me scream at Western Kentucky every time they missed a basket or a rebound! And then did the same at Tennessee.

Let's hope I do better tonight....

Davidson-WON! 73-56:)
Memphis-WON! 92-74:)

Yes, I've finally picked Davidson. They are this year's Cinderella team, and I like to cheer on the underdogs! I've not checked the schedule to see when they play, so I hope it's not during Anny's chat tonight!

Sat am:

Want to get my picks in before they start tonight!
Xavier (yes...still cheering on the underdogs, even though they may get smoked...but I hope they put up a good fight against UCLA!)

I'm still 50/50. Not bad:)

Back on Campus

I had a blast this afternoon! Went over to campus and hung posters on doors, bulleting boards, and even called attention to myself. Walked into what used to be the 'Campus Hilton', wondering which entrance had the most traffic, and stopped inside the doorway with my jaw hitting the floor! The young man sitting at the desk laughing with his buddies asked, "May I help you?"

Proof my brain and my mouth weren't working together. Instead of politely and professionally asking for a few pieces of tape, I blurted, "WOW, has this place changed!"

One of the guys laughed and looked at me.

I walked over to the desk and asked for my tape, and added, "I know I'm dating myself, but when did they brick in the other entrance?"

"Uh, ten years ago?"

We all laughed, the ice broken, and they asked what I was putting up. They seemed impressed to meet an actual author!

I had similar experiences in the other dorms, and actually had two rapt audiences of girls, wanting to know about my series and what the campus had been like twenty years ago. And I was equally dumbfounded by the fact that the opposite sex still has to be checked into the rooms by leaving their ID's at the desk!

"Too bad there's not a Virgin Hall, a Slut Hall, and Cohabitational Hall," one of the girls joked.

"Yeah, but what parent wants to place their darling child in Slut Hall?" I asked. "According to parents, their girls are all virgins!"

And even got some great storyline ideas, just from talking to them!

Home Sweet Home

My sons arrived home; daughter is staying a few extra days. The toddler acts like he's not seen me in a month, and it's only been 4 days! But it was good to cuddle with him and hear him talk about what he did at Grandma's house. And then he was off to watch his Nickelodean shows!

Since tomorrow is the signing, I probably won't post until later in the evening, if I post at all. So have a good weekend, everyone:)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet 16:)

Currently Reading: Finished North Atlantic Nights, by Emmie Graham:) Fantastic book! It's long, 216 pages, but well written, and CLEAN! No language, no buzz words, no sex! Don't fall off your chair...yes, this book is one I'll invite my teenager to read, if she chooses. I hope Ms. Graham writes another one:) You can buy it at Cerridwen Press.

I finished Seattle last night, but really couldn't get 'into' the last 2 stories. I'm now starting on Wyoming, by Colleen Coble. And from reading the back cover, I think all 4 stories are post-Civil War.

Next E-book on the list? My Cheri Amour, by Shara Azod or Camouflaged Hearts. Stay tuned:)

First things first: Here's my pics for tonight's games:

Xavier-WON! 79-75 in OT:) Whew! I was worried there for a moment...
UNC- WON! 68-47:)
W.Kentucky (even though I heard someone say UCLA...these guys are tough!)-Lost:(

Limericks are Back:)

Kelly Kirch brought it it my attention that another 'ditty' is in order. Why? Anny Cook has the much-anticipated final book in her Flowers of Came-A-Lot series, Daffodil arriving tomorrow! I'm really eager to learn how Pansy the Tooth Fairy plays a part in this story...

So without further ado, here's my ode to Anny. Enjoy:)

There once was an author named Cook
Whose books make you sit up and look
At the sex lives of Flowers
Blue people with Powers
Daffodil-EC-Buy the Book!

I've also got one I can't finish, so if anyone has some suggestions, feel free to comment!

There once was a grandma named Anny
Who wrote about Chrys, Honey, and Daffy
Chrys has her King
Honey gave two men a ring

What the heck...I'm in a good mood. If anyone can finish the last one, I'll send you a free download of Love Finds a Way! How's that sound? What a better way to celebrate a relaxing week w/o my kids, even if it is raining at the moment.

To-Do List:

Have to go pick up my bookmarks and posters, and depending on the rain factor, hang the posters around campus in every residence hall and public area possible.

Grocery shopping for a few items. I have a craving for lasagna.

Chat tonight on LRC with Dakota Rebel. I totally forgot that Survivor's not on tonight! So I can chat for 3 hours and keep track of the scores at the same time:) And maybe even convince my hubby to go downstairs to watch his shows??? And yes, I'll be wearing my fuzzy slippers! I might even pick up a four-pack of White Russians. I'm on vacation; I'm entitled to indulge now and then!

Speaking of indulging...

Did anyone catch Big Brother last night, and Chelsia's passive-aggressive tantrums? Whew! I knew the girl had a temper...remember when she blew up at Ryan for back-dooring James? She really showed it when she knew she was about to get axed! Even though James turns me off with all of his tatoos, I still like the kid. I hope he wins. But first, they gotta get rid of Natalie! And...that's going to be hard, since she's HOH this week. Crap!

Stay dry, all! AJ, I'm sending my rain your way. You need it more than we do!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dressing For Success

I've been a FlyBaby now for a couple of years (housecleaning system. Works well!) and one of the first concepts that was hard to grasp was putting on my shoes every morning.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? I mean, come on! Can't my fuzzy slippers double as shoes? They're comfortable, and why do I need to put on my sneakers or dress boots if I'm not leaving the house?

Hahaha....after a while, I GOT it: Getting dressed and especially putting on the shoes flips a switch in the brain that means productivity.

Case in point: I goofed off yesterday. Shocking, for me. Relaxing, yes! But I've lost a day and can't get it back. But that's okay, because I actually needed a vacation day!

Here's what I did:
-Stayed in my pj's until 11am.
-Just when I was ready to shower, the electric company knocked on the door and announced they were shutting down the power for an hour in order to tighten up the power lines.
-I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt and read for an hour.
-After power was restored, I fired up the computer again and finished what I was doing.
-Chose to watch Enchanted, since it had to be returned by midnight. Halfway through, I was partially bored, so stopped it and went to spend 2 hours with the MIL and pay her rent.
-Suddenly came down with sharp pains in my lower abdomen, and after ruling out appy attack, hubby brought me home and I changed into pj's again, took more Advil, and discovered all the broccoli I'd consumed the night before was causing my ailment. (Need I say more?)
-Watched the rest of Enchanted and ended up loving it!
-Mixed my Pesto sause while hubby reheated the hamburgers and devoured them! Also ate the rest of my broccoli chedder soup. (Damn I've found a great recipe!)
-Spoke to my kids and miraculously 'cured' toddler's homesickness with a kiss through the phone line.
-Watched Big Brother.
-Read the first chapter of North Atlantic Nights.
-Shut down the computer and crawled into bed, reading another chapter of Flickering Flames.
-Chuckled with hubby that at 11 pm, I was in bed and ready to sleep, while he was watching TV. "It's finally happened....we got old!" (H)
"Speak for yourself!" (Me)

So this morning, I woke up with the determination to be productive! My pains are gone; my sinuses are behaving; my body is clean; I'm wearing my blue jeans, favorite black sweater, and my black dress boots. I've emailed; I've printed out my MapQuest directions and discovered the time difference. Great...I can leave at 1:30 pm and arrive at 1:30 pm! No need to rush...and I might even leave earlier than that, so we can grab lunch and browse around!

My next item on the To-Do list is to get my bookmarks and posters made. And then I'll eat lunch and write for a while.

Brynn left a comment wanting to know why I was writing in longhand. My arms were killing me when I typed too long, and even posting my blog caused a dull ache below the elbows. I spoke to a friend who actually HAS carpel tunnel, and after hearing my symptoms, she declared me to not be having carpel symptoms, but pinched nerve. So I took a few days off from typing and the pain went away.

But the creative urge didn't, so I wrote in longhand. And now I wish I had that software that allows one to speak into the computer and see the words being typed as one talks! Either that or hire a typist...but first I would have to find someone who could actually read my handwriting! Sigh...I'll just have to wait until the next 'dry spell' so I can type it up in small amounts every's only 12 pages currently, so how long could that take? I'll let you know when it happens:)

Oh, I forgot to mention: I love attending chat sessions dressed in my pjs and fuzzy slippers! Dakota, I'll pop in and out on Thursday before and after Survivor(it's not on the calendar, but I'll still check in!), and I'll be all eyes on Friday during Anny's!

Have a great day...I'm going back to work:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break!

Currently Reading: Seattle, by Colleen L. Reece. I finished the first story; now I'm on the second.

E-Book: Finally getting around to Emmie Graham's North Atlantic Nights!

Page Count on current WIP: I'm writing in longhand, and just hit the 12-page mark! BTW, found out I'm NOT having carpel issues; it's a pinched nerve in both arms! Advil is my new best friend...

I did the happy dance last night, the one where finally, my kids have ALL gone to Grandma's and I no longer have to fight for computer time, or hear "Mom! He's picking on me..." or "Mom! Can I pleeeeeeaaaaaase get online?"

Unfortunately, sinuses chose to gang up on me. Do you know how hard it is to read or write when your right eyeball is threatening to explode? Not pleasant.

But finally, after a drug coctail of:

1 Sudafed
2 Advil
3 Tblsp Robitussin
4 Herbal suppliments (just was only 2, but 4 caplets total!)
Peace and Quiet
TLC from my hubby

I felt well enough to go out to Applebees for dinner. I drank a Chocolate Martini and 2 iced teas, and even though I walked in the door craving a Tyler Florence Bruschetta Burger, the menu has changed and I decided to try something different.

We started with a trio of Mini-Chicken Ranch Stackers, Buffalo Wings, and Mozzarella Sticks. And ended up with double the wings, for our platter contained BBQ wings instead of the Buffalo ones. And just as hubby discovered it, the manager appeared with the right ones, and said not to worry about the BBQ ones; they were ours.

Main course was a Chicken Spinach Salad with Chili dressing for him and a Garlic-Herb chicken with herb potatoes and steamed broccoli for me.

Dessert? We were stuffed. Came home and had ice cream about 3 hours later!

I will be returning for more Chicken Ranch Stackers! They were lip-smacking delicious! I hope Applebees keeps them around!

Calling the Geek Squad...

Congratulate me...I finally figured out how to edit my AOL address book.

Okay, I hear peals of laughter at my lack of techno-savvy. Let me explain:


And I finally went in and deleted duplicate addresses, and added 'Author', 'Reader' and other additional titles so I wouldn't get confused as to who was whom in my online address book! This way, fellow authors aren't bombarded with the occasional forwarded emails that I sometimes get and accidentally click on the wrong person to forward it to.

4 Days and Counting...

I'm gearing up for my 1st booksigning this year. I'm having bookmarks and posters made; I contacted people to obtain permission to hang the posters; I've double-checked to make sure all is in order for Saturday. What do I still have to do? Call my BFF and find out if she's still going with me. Decide on what the hell I'm wearing. Make sure my kids (and hubby!) know where I'll be. MapQuest the directions, because I didn't particularly like the route I took last June.

Dinner Plans...

I also found a Pesto Sauce packet I picked up by mistake, but kept it. I'm going to attempt to recreate Tyler's Bruschetta Burger for dinner tonight. I might even try to find it online first! Otherwise, hubby and I are cleaning out the fridge tonight. There is plenty of food; I probably won't have to cook until Thursday:)

What's everyone else up to? The only thing which would make this week even better would be temps in the 70's and hubby returning to the workforce. Unfortunately, that would leave me without a car, so maybe it's better that he's home!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Stuff

Currently Reading: Finished Marriage Mart, by Kelly Kirch...another excellent read by her! As I said earlier, I'm going to have to reread it when I can devour it in one afternoon. I loved the interaction between the girls, and there was a plot twist I didn't see coming. Looking forward to Marriage Plot, coming in...June? And now I also want to reread her interviews with her characters!

In California, the 4-story anthology, I enjoyed the middle stories the best. A Gift from Above by Dina Leonhardt Koehly and Better Than Friends by Sally Laity, who also writes for Hearsongs Presents inspirational novels. Next up is Seattle, another 4-story anthology, this time by Collen L. Reece.

Sinus headache that won't go away. Meds should have kicked in by now, but haven't.

I'll be back tomorrow hopefully in a better mood:)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Currently Reading: I've reached chapter 16 of Marriage Mart! And darn it...was going to comment on a particular scene...but that was a couple of chapters back and now I don't remember what it was that I found so humorous...guess I'll have to go back and re-read it! I've also reached the 3rd story in the anthology. I'm going to have to post the authors of these stories...they are fantastic! The first one was slightly preachy, but #2 and 3 so far are more what I like in inspirational romances!

3pm-I found the part I loved! It is in ch. 13, when Ester manages to logically throw Marcus' words back in his face! So far the entire book has been a delight to read, full of wit and humor among the four girls. I should have waited until I had the house to myself to read this...the interruptions have been irritating! Okay...back to reading, since my b-ball has been overruled...

Christ the Lord has risen today, Halleluia!

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail
hippity, hoppity, Happy Easter Day:)

Here's my pics for today's games...and hopefully they will go in my favor today???

UNC-WON! 108-77:)
Louisville-WON! 78-48:)
Tennessee (even though I would love to see Butler take it!)-WON! 76-71 OT
Villanova-WON! 84-72:)
Memphis-WON! 77-74:)
Texas-WON! 75-72:)
W. Kentucky-WON! 72-63:)

Woo hoo! 7 out of 8 today...not bad:)

The Easter Bunny hid 9 eggs in our living room for the toddler and now I can only find 8. Hopefully toddler's eyes will be sharper than his mother's....I found the 3 in this room, and can account for all 12 of the teenager's! Typical....there's always one egg that eludes everyone!

One year, we lost one while growing up. Several weeks later, the smell led us right to it. Dad was none too thrilled the egg had rolled into such a good hiding place that no one could find it!

Happy Easter, everyone:)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Round Two...

Currently Reading: I'm on chapter 7 on Marriage Mart:) I like it! I'm also on the second story of the anthology.

Here's my picks for today. They get a little harder!

Notre Dame-Lost:(
Michigan State-WON! 65-54:)
Kansas St.-Lost:(
Stanford-WON! 82-81:)
Texas A&M-Lost:(

Yikes! Only 3 successful picks? Let's hope I do a little better tomorrow...

Shopping Trip from Hell

I don't remember how old we were; it may have been when I was either 14 or 15. But Mom took my sis and I to the Mall so we could get our Easter dresses. I found two I liked; tried them on; one fit, the other didn't; Bingo....choice was made.

Meanwhile, my sister picked out two and one was the wrong size. Mom took it back to the rack to get another size, and returned with it plus another style. Again, one was the wrong size. I don't remember how many trips my mom made to and from the racks, but every time she spotted another dress she thought my sister would like. And every time, one of the dresses was either too small, or too large.

I was bored by all the waiting, and was on the verge of offering to make the returns so there would be NO MORE DRESSES for her to try on, when apparently she was fed up with it as well and made her choice.

Maybe that is when my aversion to shopping began? I know what I want; I go in and look for it; if I find it and like it, I buy it and leave. Occasionally, I'll linger, but not that often. And I usually only get the urge to power-shop (for myself) twice a year. Christmas shopping doesn't count.

Today on the agenda? Coloring Easter Eggs and keeping track of the basketball scores. I was only able to watch a few minutes of two games yesterday. So we'll see what happens today:)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Currently Reading: Kelly sent me Marriage Mart! Surprise, surprise...I was planning on getting it May 1st, when I finally get to meet her! I opened up my Christmas pistachio nuts and settled down to read, but the TV became available. Basketball....e-book. Sorry Kell...the Purdue game won the battle. I shall now be forced to eat more pistachioes tomorrow, when Purdue takes on Xavier, ha ha:) No, seriously. I'll read it this afternoon, when all TVs are occupied.

And it is good in more ways than one. My kids have no school, so we slept in. What is 'sleeping in' for me? Seven-thirty. I know, shocking. Normally, I would have slept until nine or so. Especially since I went to bed shortly after midnight!


Here are my picks for today's games:

N Carolina-WON! 113-74:)
St. Joe's-Lost:(
Louisville-WON! 79-61:)
Butler-WON! 81-61:)
Tennessee-WON! 72-57:)
Villanova-WON! 75-69:)
Georgetown-WON! 66-47:)
Memphis-WON! 87-63:)
Miami (Fla)-WON! 78-64:)
Texas-WON! 74-54:)
W Kentucky-WON! 101-99 OT:)

Hmmm...not bad! 10 out of 16 today:)

Yesterday, I picked 13 out of 16. Hubby says he's going to start betting! But knowing my luck, he'd actually bet money and I'd miss every single one, LOL:) That's why I bet meals.

Easter Memory

When I was 12, the Easter Bunny gave my sister and I hula hoops. Mine was blue; hers was red. After we'd dressed for church in our new dresses, we decided to try out our new hoops. The morning was a rare warm snow, but we did have to wear light jackets. My dress was lavendar, and the skirt reached to my ankles.

Well, imagine the horror on my mother's face when she called to us to take a picture and I was running up and down the street, chasing my blue hula hoop and doing a fairly good job of keeping it upright!

The picture shows me in the street, the hem of my dress slightly wet, holding my hoop steady. My younger sister is in the foreground, her pink jacket gaping open as she holds her hoop around her middle, her white stockings and shoes slightly wet from the dew on the grass.

Mom was none too thrilled with either of us, but since I was the oldest, I 'should have known better'!

Ahh, memories! Tomorrow, the 'Shopping Trip From Hell'.

Have a great day...we're doing a quick cleanup, and then dying eggs for the toddler! Or maybe we'll dye the eggs tomorrow...depends on the motivation of the other 4 people in the house. And whether or not I get to watch basketball all day...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy Thursday!

Currently Reading: I LOVED Dakota's book Hello!!!!! This is definitely a must-read for everyone within reading distance of this blog! It is fast-paced; funny; and will keep you riveted to your computer/e-reader screen until you finish the last page! What are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Also, Katie Blu's first release is today! Hot Under the Collar sounds hilarious as well as sexy! Kelly's got the details on her blog; go to and check it out!

I'm reading California, a faith-based anthology with 4 authors. Yes, Grandma is a devout Baptist and passed these gentle romances on to me. There are at least 4 more coming up. The first story is about a career-driven woman who learns she has MS and falls in love with her neurologist, a devout Christian. I'm at the point where he's referred her back to her 1st neurologist, so there's no doctor/patient rules being broken!

Am posting early for several reasons:
1) The NCAA tournament begins in a about an hour and I want my pics to be public before the 1st game is played, so you know I'm not lying about my pics:)

Here's who I've picked to win today:

Notre Dame-WON! 68-50:)
Washington State-WON! 71-40:)
Kansas-WON! 85-61:)
UNLV-WON! 71-58:)
Wisconsin -WON! 71-56:)
Michigan State-WON! 72-61:)
Pittsburgh-WON! 82-63:)
Stanford-WON! 77-53:)
UCLA -WON! 70-29...are you kidding me??? UCLA killed them:)
Texas A&M-WON! 67-62:)
Purdue-WON:) 90-79:)
Xavier-WON! 73-61:)
Duke-WON! 71-79:)

I'll check back later to see how I did.

2) Hubby's birthday is today, and he's suffering from a nasty cold. I'm fixing him a nice roast beef dinner, and trying out a new pasta recipe I found...I think it's a Wolfgang Puck. Pasta with Mushroom sauce. I think it sounds yummy. And since he and I both love mushrooms...the kids can warm up the leftover potatoes from the other night! 'Poison Mushrooms' is a family joke; the kids refuse to eat them.

3) My carpel symptoms seem to be doing better, so I'm going to get to work on my edits, in between checking on the scores! Toddler gets out of school by the time the games start, and hubby doesn't like to watch sports, so unless he lets me have the upstairs TV, I'll have to rely on the internet.

4) Also have to bake his cake and go rent his gift. Before you go off half-cocked, I tried to buy him the new Stargate movie, but he rebelled and made me put it back on the shelf. So I'm heading over to Family Video this afternoon and renting him several sci-fi flicks.

What's everyone else up to?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Stuff...

Rain, rain, go away...
Come again another day...

Or then again, get it over with before Easter?

My carpel symptoms are back with a vengeance. I'm wearing the splint; writing in longhand (no pain); and trying to see which pain reliever helps the dull, annoying, ache in my elbow down to the mid-section of my arm. And now it's also on the left arm.

Good news? I've written nearly 8 pages on my new wip.

The bad news? Soon I'll have to type it up!

More good news: Got my chapter back from my critique partner, and only have to rewrite two sentances. So I'm doing something right!

Plus, got word that the MIL is being released from the hospital. Hubby's catching a cold. Son left for school with my car keys in his pocket. Fortunately, I found the spare set! I think this rain (we got 4 inches yesterday and it's raining right now) is affecting everyone. I want to curl up in bed and go to sleep, but if I do, I won't sleep tonight. Lots of things going on in Mollyville today!

Oh, and got word that the packages I mailed yesterday have already found their way to their new owners! How's that for speedy mail? Mr. McFeely lives, ha ha...

I'm off to reward myself with Dakota's book. See you tomorrow:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too Funny:)

Currently Reading: Fault Lines, by Anne Rivers Siddons. Don't have a clue what it's about, because it arrived with no book jacket. Just my aunt's name inside:)

E-Books: North Atlantic Nights by Emmie Graham and Hello by Dakota Rebel (Yeah, I broke my rule...but hey, since I made it in the first place, it's all right!)

I have a fan!

My toddler's teacher informed me this afternoon that a box of old books came into her possession. She picked out the ones she wanted to keep, and then sent the rest with her hubby to GoodWill.

Her grown daughter came home and asked where the box went. Upon being told they were no longer in the house, she exclaimed,

(And I got a huge kick out of this!)

"There weren't any Molly Daniels books in there, were there? Please say no, Mom!"

Thankfully, none of my books had been donated, and the daughter was relieved her signed copies were still on the shelf!

Just what I needed on this rainy day! Yes it's a dreary, gray day, but I'll take rain over snow!

We just need the sun to come back for the Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday.

Stay dry everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O' The Morning To Ye!

Can you tell I've been having fun on photo bucket?

I really like this one!

I'm wearing a white turtleneck with brightly colored leaves on it, and yes, green is one of the colors:)
Have you got yours on? If not, then...

MIL is doing well. They've admitted her to the hospital for a few days, and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, everyone!
I'm starting to get ready for my signings. My marketing materials finally arrived last week, and I finally put the prize packages together. They will go out tomorrow! I'm also shipping my two 'babies' off to be reviewed...I hope they are well received:)
My tote is put together, with my white tablecloth; five copies of each book; pens; business cards and holder; bookmarks; stapler and box of staples; 'sneak peek' at Forbidden Love; overview of entire series; and announcement sign. I need to go get posters made of Love Finds a Way, so I can put them up in the dorms on campus and other strategic places, as well as some LFAW bookmarks. Then I need to call B&N and check to see if there's anything else I need to do; MapQuest the directions (I wasn't happy with the route I took last year); and email everyone I know.
And since March Madness is in full swing, I'll be posting my pics for the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, before the games begin! The last two years, I've been moderately accurate, and have a friendly bet going with a friend every year, in which the loser takes the winner out to eat! Hopefully, I'll be consuming another meal in two weeks, ha ha! So if anyone else out there is a college basketball fan, feel free comment on the weekends!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sick MIL

Spent the afternoon at the hospital with the MIL; she has pneumonia again.

Happy Palm Sunday....I'll be back tomorrow!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chauvanism 101

Nine years ago, I witnessed first-hand the workings of a chauvanistic man. There were 4 of us in his Navigator, going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to work the concession stand during time-trials. I happened to be in the back seat, right behind the driver.

Before I go on, just let me say that I practically grew up around the track. My grandparents lived only a few blocks away; we attended time trials every Mother's Day, and when I got to college, spent a great deal of time in the infield. My parents also get the same seats in the paddock area, not far from the start/finish line. My first job after college, I drove a 'bus' (it was actually a station wagon) for an agency, and my route took me to the area every day. I know how to get there; where to park; and the shortest route. Plus, I lived 2 miles from the track as an adult for seven years. So yeah, it's safe to say I know the area very well.

We were traveling north from Morgan County, where the driver had lived his entire life. I'd only been a resident of the county for less than two years. He pulled onto 465 N and proceeded to drive towards the exit, intending to pull off at Crawfordsville Rd instead of 38th st. Fine; no problem. But it was when he turned left onto High School Rd that the following conversation took place:

"I think High School will take us up to 38th; maybe we can even get in the back way."

"If you turn onto 34th, it will lead to Georgetown and we can park in the Coke lot."

"Oh, here's 3oth. I wonder if it will take us over to Georgetown."

"No, it dead ends. Go up one more traffic light."

So what did he do? Turned onto 30th.

"Oh...dead end. I wonder where this street goes?" Abrupt left turn.

"It leads you to 34th..."

"Hey...34th...will this take us over to Georgetown?"


I rolled my eyes and turned to the president of our baseball league, sitting beside me. "My main problem is, I'm female and in the back seat!"

Wonder of wonders...the following year, the men let me drive!

Have a good weekend, everyone:) My carpel is acting up, so I'm getting off of here to go read some more. If you're dying for some eye candy, visit and feast your eyes. But be prepared...I almost went blind when I saw one of the pics! So...enter at your own risk! And then drop by Barb's and give her your opinion on pear martinis...Since I avoid liquid fruit, my personal opinion is yuck. But don't take my word for it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Wondered...

Currently Reading: Still on the Bridesmaids. It is telling the story of Princess Grace, and offers some great insights to girls growing up in the 1950's! I'm on chapter 5. And this empties another box downstairs! In the next box are a bunch I brought home from my paternal grandmother's house last summer; mainly fiction.

And my marketing material finally arrived! 3 separate packages, the last one arriving yesterday. Why didn't they just ship it all in one large package?

After listening to several people griping about the rising gas and food prices, the thought occured to me....

Are we doing the same thing our grandparents did when their prices went up?

I mean, think about it. Hubby remembers being aghast when gas prices rose to (gasp!) 60 cents a gallon! How many of us would love to see 99 cent gas again? Yet thirty years ago, that's how much it 'rose' to.

I don't remember gas ever being lower than a dollar, except in the early '90's when a gas station dipped the price to 79 cents occassionally.

And I remember paying $1.19 for a pound of shaved ham.

Bread? Around fifty cents.

And even laundry detergent was around the $3 mark...for the generic Tide that I used to use, but can no longer find.

$1 for eggs, butter, and my Plent-i-Pak of gum.

$2 for milk, cheese, lunchmeat, and various other items.

And yes, I'll toss this out: Fifty cents per candy bar! Now it's more like an entire dollar?

What will our kids grow up thinking? Prices high or 'normal'? And how many of us shook our heads at our granparents and cheerfully paid for something they eschewed, because it was 'too high'?

I did.

I used to take my great-grandmother shopping. She was in her 90's at the time, having been born in 1902. She'd always clipped coupons and bought the brands that were on sale. Myself at the time, if my brand wasn't on sale, I bought it anyway, or stayed with the generic. Grandma would ask me, "Do you need any soap?"

"In about a week; why?"

"I've got a coupon for Irish Spring."

"Sorry Grandma; we use Zest."

"But I've got a coupon...use it anyway."

And being the docile grandchild I am, I would take the coupon, buy the Irish Spring, and then donate it to GoodWill, because no one in my house could stand the smell!

I caught myself doing this when milk jumped so high. I flat-out refuse to spend more than $3 on a gallon of milk. When it's on sale at CVS, the grocery store, or even the gas station, I'll buy several during the length of the sale and freeze it. And it never fails...the price of milk falls, and my kids won't drink it. But now I'm having trouble finding it at my price, and my kids have suddenly developed an insatiable thirst for milk! Classic law of supply and demand...

In the meantime, I've slightly adjusted the calculator in my head and can still make a pretty close guesstimate as to how much I'm going to spend at the store, as long as I stick to the list. Add in a husband and 3 kids, and I pretty much can bet it will double.

And that's okay...I'll let you in on a little secret: I estimate high, so there is a built-in margin of error so we're not completely caught off guard.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reality TV

Currently Reading: Wow! Finished Thief of Mine last night...I enjoyed the 'insights on the thief's life', and the cat-and-mouse antics, and I also loved how Stella was at war with her brain and her body! Totally relatable here...great job, AJ! Next up is North Atlantic Nights and Camouflaged Hearts. And maybe My Cherie Amour. The next AJ book will be Seducing Celestine:) But not for a couple of weeks.

I've tried not to bore you with my opinions on my favorite TV shows, but after last night, whew! I am glad James is still in the Big Brother house! I wish Ryan had gone ahead and back-doored Matt, but the next HOH (Head of Household) can do that next week, or maybe even get rid of Natalie I-can't-keep-quiet! She's becoming increasingly annoying with her 'I love Mattie' comments when he told her to her face he wasn't interested in her! Get a clue, chick! Time for both of you to go.

And then there's Chelsia...I thought I liked her. I like the fact she and James seem to really care for each other, but her claws royally came out when Ryan put James on the block. And thankfully, he came back, although it would have been nice to see Alex as well. Yes, I find James' tattoos unnerving, but the kid seems to have a good heart.

Last week, the news reported that a kid in California is trying to get a 'No Cussing' campaign started. Frankly, I think BB ought to implement this idea...with all the bleeping in the dialogue of the houseguests, you'd think someone at CBS would call a meeting of said guests and told them to clean up the language! Even Julie told James to 'keep it clean' a few times. How about the next time a guest can't find another word or phrase to use, they have to be gagged? Not literally...remember last season, when America's Player had to abstain from talking to another player? Same concept, only not talking for 24 hours, PERIOD!

Survivor...boy am I glad I'm still watching! This is getting good! A fake idol will be found; Jonathan having health issues; and according to next week's TV Guide, this will happen AGAIN next week! Woo hoo...although with the clues Jeff Probst left, I wonder if next week's victim will be Chet. That guy seems to be wasting away before our eyes...

Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa was sent home last week! Happy dance...although, gotta admit, she and Piers' verbal battle made for a 'must see' week after week. So now it's down to Tito, Piers, Trace, Stephen, and Carol. Who will it be tonight? And last week, TV Guide said someone was going to shirk their duties and go to a bar instead of working. Never saw it. Maybe they goofed and it will happen tonight? Or maybe the editors thought it would be a non-issue and it ended on the cutting room floor. Who knows?

What's going on in your world? I'm battling rising gas and food prices. It is also beautiful in my little corner of Indiana! We actually cooked outside on the grill, and even made s'mores last night. And K got out the telescope and looked at the tiny sliver of moon. The toddler has even spent a couple hours with his big brother at our local skate park, enjoying his skate board. The first day, he sat down on it and rode it down one of the ramps, running over his own hand and cutting it open. Yesterday, he was thrilled he can go down a tiny slope and still stay upright. If the rain holds off until after sundown, he'll most likely go back again. The activity has increased his appetite and he's gone to bed without complaint! It has been wonderful, at least from Mom's stand point!

If this keeps up, we might see him on X-Games in ten years. I'll probably be totally gray by then.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interviews Past and Present

Currently Reading: The Bridesmaids, by Judith Balaban Quine and I came across an old book I loved, The Children's Guide to Knowledge. I 'self-taught' myself a little bit of Spanish, French, and learned to say 'hello' in several different languages. This book has a little bit of everything...plants, animals, insects, world cities, ancient wonders, science, and space exploration.

E-books: I cannot say enough good things about Honeysuckle! I loved it:) If you've not read it, go buy it! Now I can hardly wait for Daffodil! Today I hope to read AJ's Thief of Mine.

I've changed a lot since my first job interview. Don't roll your eyes and say 'duh!'...I simply mean my approach to the interview process is a lot more relaxed.

Twenty years ago, I did everything I could to make myself presentable for whatever job I thought I wanted...I'd build up whatever skills I thought were necessary, and be willing to try almost anything.

But two years ago, I walked into an interview knowing I didn't want the job, just a practice interview. And told the guy so when he asked, "So why do you want this position?"

"Actually, I don't. You want someone to go out on sales calls; I'd rather work in the front office."

Today, I was very up front: "I'm not a teacher, I'm a tutor. I'm great one-on-one and with a small group, but toss me in a class with fifteen or more by myself and I'm likely to go screaming down the hall..."

And right now, my hours are limited. Since my kids are in school, and the baby only goes until noon, I can only work until it is time to pick him up. BUT....during the summer, I'll be able to do more, since the older ones can watch their little brother!

So we'll see what happens. And ran into my friend Robin, who informed me she went in to talk to the woman who interviewed me and sang my praises! Thanks, I really want to do this?

Yes, put it on your blog several months ago and now I'm holding you accountable!

Oh sh..., that's right! Note to self: Do. Not. Put. Anything. in. Writing. That. May. Be. Used. Against. Me. in. The. Future...

Switching gears, how many checked out Kelly's book, or even bought it yet? I'll will be a couple of weeks before I buy list is long, and there are other authors ahead of her. And besides, I don't usually like to buy the books the day of the release...I like to give them a little hard-earned money a couple of months later, when most of the buzz has died down. Why? Don't really know...I just got a late start on these fantastic authors and now I'm playing catch-up. And it would be nice if some of them would stop cranking them out faster than my budget allows...

Kelly's New Book

Maybe when you read this you'll
Automatically want to purchase Kelly's
Regency romance?
It is full of
Adventure, romance, intrigue, and
Gentle sexual scenes (I think!), but still

Myself, I'm looking forward to reading it
And seeing the characters evolve.
Remember, go to
To purchase Kelly's true 'baby', even though it was published second.

(If you'll look to the left, Marriage Mart is spelled down the side! No, I've not lost my mind...)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My 'Real' Job

Currently Reading: The Face of a Stranger, by Anne Perry.

E-Book: YES! I finally own Honeysuckle and Thief of Mine! I'll hopefully get to Honey's story later today:)

Many of you know I wear many, wife, mom, Laundry Goddess, Head Cheerleader (in some cases, anyway!), Head Chef, and part-time social secretary. Well, I'm about to tackle another role: Substitute Teacher's Aid.

I love kids. I always have. I especially like them when they're too young to cop an attitude...okay, who am I kidding? I've baby-sat some temperamental 3-month olds! And it's really nice when, at the end of the day, they go home to their own parents.

Authors are sometimes dealt a bum wrap, unless your name happens to be at the top of the Best-Seller's list. When sales are going good, our SO's are gunning for us, saying "Go baby, go! Sell your little heart out!" But when sales are down, we hear those dreaded words "So...when are you going to get a REAL job?"

Real Job: n. A job that pays a regular paycheck, and is often defined by actually leaving the house once in a while. Usually 9-5, but not limited to these hours!

I have my first interview in seven years tomorrow. I know I'll most likely get it; I just have to go through the formality since these people have never heard of me. And the beauty of it is that if they do need me, I can still say 'no' if I've had insomnia, or my characters are screaming at me to write. And I can still go on my book tour on the weekends.

Speaking of which, it looks as if Kelly and I might actually get to meet in PERSON! Imagine we've chatted on a semi-regular basis, typing frantically to keep up with everyone else's trains of thought, and yet we live in opposite corners of the state. But next month will change all that. We've been offered our choice of two booksigning dates; so far everything looks good. I just hope my vehicle cooperates and holds together for the trip! When everything is finalized, I'll post the date and time under my Calendar to the right.

In the meantime, Kelly's second book, Marriage Mart, is released today! And no, I do not have a witty ditty (hahaha...what's that called, a hink-pink?) prepared. Maybe tomorrow. Check back:)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy Monday

Currently Reading: Started Garrison Keillor's Leaving Home last night. A funny collections of stories around Lake Wobegon, Minnesota.

Calling Bobby Flay...

We celebrated the toddler's birthday at a favorite steakhouse in Terre Haute yesterday. Everyone's meals were fine, except for my oldest son's T-bone. He ordered it 'rare'; it arrived 'medium'. So he sent it back. And chowed down on his cheese fries. His new steak arrived; he cut into it; great! It was 'rare', just like he likes it.

But three bites in, he noticed it was very salty. His dad tried it; his grandmother tried it. Both agreed the salt content was extremely high. So we waved the server over and sent it back again.

By the time the kid finally got his steak, he had snacked on his second round of cheese fries; everyone else at the table was finished; the toddler was opening up his presents. Steak #3 arrived, with another side of cheese fries (K said each pile was bigger than the first!), but cooked correctly and not overly salty. But after three bites, the kid was full! So it came home in a doggy bag, and he ate it later that night. He's 16 and has hollow legs!

The manager was very nice and only charged my father for the one steak, and offered us free desserts, which I chose cheesecake and my mother, daughter, and toddler went with small chocolate sundaes. She seemed concerned about losing us as customers, but like we told her, we ate there back in December with no problems, and will most likely return in a few months or so.

You just never know where you're going to find potential readers...

Moral of this snippet: Always carry business cards! Why?

Mom and I had visited the facilities and we were discussing books. She loved the two I had given her last August, and I filled her in on the one I was reading (more on this in a minute). As I'm washing my hands, a woman comes out of the next stall and asks me about the book. I whipped it out of my briefcase; she looked it over and said she'd have to remember it. I promptly pulled out my business card, adding that I was also a new author, and wrote Jamie's information on the back of it. She then asked what my books were about, so I told her. My mother, who by this time has washed her hands, pipes up, "And I wish they would be required reading for every high school senior!" and starts singing my praises!

So you just never know....

Introducing Jamie Carie:)

A brand new Indiana author, Jamie Carie's first book, Snow Angel, is a fantastic story about a woman who is determined to find gold in the Yukon Territory. Her problems are numerous...unfamiliarity with the harsh climate; secrets she holds from the past; even larger issues with trust. Set in the late 1800's, this story will keep you turning the pages as you follow Noah and Elizabeth on their journey from strangers, to friends, and ultimately to love.

Snow Angel is available at and her second book, The Dutchess and the Dragon, is coming in April.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Superhero Quiz

Currently Reading: Leaving Home, by Garrison Keillor. Finished The Cat Who...last night. I found it hard to follow...maybe it was just the sinus headache that interfered with my reading ability, but I did enjoy the ending...I'll have to put this one back with a note that says, 'read when in a better frame of health' or something like that!

E-book: Finished Ronan's Grail, and now I wish all men would take lessons from Ronan on how to treat us ladies...I want chivalry to come back! Not that we can't do without them, or protect ourselves...I just enjoyed his protective and loving nature!

As I stated earlier, I'll be buying Thief of Mine and Honeysuckle this week. And maybe a third. Don't know yet.

Ashley Ladd tagged me for the Superhero Quiz. I was surprised...I was always a Wonder Woman or Aquaman fan, or even Jana from the Wonder Twins. Remember them? Well imagine my surprise when my answers were tallied, and this is what came up:

Superman....what the hell? I said NO CAPES! I'm shaking my head. I'll simply have to go back and redo my answers...

Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Have a good day...after church, my oldest has a confirmation meeting, and then we're off to have a steak dinner and birthday cake with the grandparents! And maybe a marketing meeting for myself as well...who says you can't multi-task at your son's birthday party?

AJ has a bunch of idiotic rules on her blog today Go over and tell her which ones you like to break. And then check out the links to the right and see what everyone else is up to. Is Anny still being interviewed by Dancer and Eppie? What quote has Kelly posted? Have Dakota, Bron, and Brynn dug themselves out of the snow? Did the snow manage to miss Barbara again? You'll never know unless you check out their sites:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Days of Innocence

Currently Reading: The Cat Who Went Up the Creek, by Lilian Jackson Braun. I've never read any of hers before, although I've certainly seen plenty of the books in the stores! It's fast-paced, and being a cat lover myself, some parts are definitely holding my attention.

E-Book: Ronan's Grail, by Bronwyn Green. I've had computer issues and a sinus headache, so I'm only on chapter 3 or 4. Hopefully, I'll finish it tonight.

Update on the birthday party: We're meeting Grandma and Grandpa at the LoneStar Steakhouse in Terre Haute tomorrow. Good...I can make a side trip to Books a Million to talk to the manager and fill out the form...The snow missed us, Thank God...we only got maybe an inch, and it's currently melting:)

A recent question posed by the Novel Sisterhood was, What was the name of your 1st boyfriend? My fiirst thought was, which one?

Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain! I've always been a 'guy's girl'...most of my friends were boys. In kindergarten, there was Kent, and we used to count pennies together. My next door neighbor until the 3rd grade was Tad. I was also an honorary member of our neighborhood gang, since my house had the front yard with no trees, and the perfect spot for the kickball field, not to mention the backyard with the awesome two-story treehouse! I was allowed to stay up after dark to play hide and seek with the 'big kids' until Mom and Dad finally insisted everyone go home.

In the third grade, I had my 1st crush, but since he ended up getting held back...well what self-respecting girl wanted to date someone who couldn't pass the third grade? I ended up focusing my attentions elsewhere, until the object of my next crush pointed out he didn't feel right 'going' with someone who was considerably taller than he was.

But by the end of the sixth grade, I was positive I had met my man. Except for only one thing: We only saw each other once a week, and maybe for only an hour or two.

So how did we meet? Our parents were friends, and during a wonderful two week vacation, we camped in Colorado, went sight-seeing, and tried to hold hands. Not in front of the parents, please! My sister and his two brothers teased us unmercifully, even collapsing the tent on us one morning. Yes, the first week, my sister and I moved our sleeping bags into their larger tent and I got to sleep side by side with my 'future husband'. All very platonic, but when we went actually began traveling around Colorado, my parents took over the pup tent and my sis and I ended up sleeping in the back of the station wagon.

After we left Colorado, my family went to Florida for three weeks. When we got home, we went to my 'boyfriend's' house for two unpacking parties. On the second night, he actually screwed up the nerve to kiss me. It landed near my ear, and I pushed him away. And then walked out of the room; turned back and kissed him on his cheek. Then I ran out of the room and saw stars all the way first kiss!

We thought meeting in an empty classroom to kiss each other on the cheek when he had to leave before me was daring. When he got braces on his teeth, we had pet names for each other...mine was 'Metal Mouth' and he was 'Brace Face'. Again, his brothers teased us about getting our braces locked.

"That's orthodontist is in the sanctuary. We'll just send someone to get him," I shot back.

But times moved on; our hormones eventually kicked in, and we discovered other members of the opposite sex at our separate schools. We grew apart, especially when I entered the 9th grade and got involved with the high school youth group. He was still in the junior high group, being a year younger than I.

What's my point to all this rambling? The thought of taking things past hand-holding never occured to us. That just wasn't done until marriage. Nowadays, you see teen pregnancy and STDs ramant in both high school and middle schools. And sadly, sometimes even in elementary. Maybe it was our upbringing; maybe it was just the fact we weren't as exposed to all the sexual themes back then. I've been fortunate with both of my older kids that they seem to have good heads on their shoulders, and even my daughter, whose best friend seems to be 'in love' with a new boy every month or so, complains about her friends' obsession with the opposite sex. Her hormones haven't kicked in yet.

And my son's? Yes, he recently had his first girlfriend. And yes, I met her. They spoke on the phone, they went for walks, they hung out in our basement. But they seemed quite content not to be joined at the hip, or spend excessive amounts of time together. And now it's over, and he's still the same sweet kid.

Maybe I've done something right? So far, both kids have their sights set on college. I hope it continues.

Oh, and whatever happened to my first 'love'? He's happily married and has three children. I even went to his wedding. And we still keep in touch through our parents!

Friday, March 7, 2008

An Open Letter to my Muse

Currently Reading: I won Bronwyn's book, Ronan's Grail!!! I'll be reading it later today:) I'm also rereading Mountain Laurel, by Jude Devereaux. I used to own this book, but loaned it out and never got it back. I'm glad I found it in one of the boxes...I'd completely forgotten this one!

Dear Muse...

I'm really happy you have finally returned from your extended vacation! I'm thrilled to be writing again. But I have a question:

Why, oh why do you return on the day when I'd planned an all-out attack on the mountain of laundry? I woke up this morning, determined to stay on task and finish it all, including the bedding the little one's bladder soaked, and instead, I find myself returning to the computer as soon as possible, my fingers itching to write what you're dictating.

And granted, you've thrown me some curveballs in the past, but a borderline anorexic ex-wife? A gorgeous hunk who likes mangos and kiwi? A heroine with a love of passion fruit? May I remind you, I can't stand citrus food? And now I have to eat some, or at least have people describe the taste to me, so I can effectively put some adjectives in besides 'sweet' and 'juicy'?

Or is this just a cry for help from my taste buds to please travel to another city and eat in a good restaurant again?

I appreciate you NOT bringing the blizzard with you...although, the kids were released early and will now be clamoring for computer time. And maybe we can have the birthday party tomorrow, provided the guests are willing to venture out into the cold. And I sincerely hope you decide to stick around a little longer this time...I'd like to accomplish a couple of pages a day, or preferably 1500 words again.

As long as I don't catch a lot of flack from the other occupants of this house, we'll coexist just fine:)

Your Author

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Again!

E-books I'm buying next week: Thief of Mine, by Amarinda Jones, Honeysuckle, by Anny Cook (I tried to win it twice, but no luck!), and either North Atlantic Nights by Emmie Graham or Camoflaged Hearts.

We're getting more snow tonight. AARRRGGGHHH!

Okay, tantrum over. But seriously...why? It's March! Time for the temps to quit being so cold and time to start warming up! But no...this year, Mother Nature is tossing us below normal temps and another doozy of a snow storm heading straight for us.

And hubby wants to know why we all keep getting the sniffles?

Maybe, just maybe, if the weather cooperated, and here's a thought...stayed the same temperature for more than one day here and another couple days there...these germs would get a chance to actually move out of the house??

Case in point: Sunday and Monday, it was beautiful outside...high 60's, lower 70's...we opened every single door and window and let the warm air freshen the house. But Tuesday, temps plummeted back into the 30's and time to bundle up in coats, hats, and gloves again. By Wednesday, even the dh had the sniffles. And now we're in the path of a snowstorm that may or may not shut down the town. The weathermen don't know which path the storm is going to take. If it goes to the east, we'll get rain, or just a little bit of snow. If it stays to the west, well, we're in the 3+ snowfall line.

And the other bad news is, we've got a birthday party planned for Saturday! But if this weather may get pushed back another week!

And since my sinuses don't like low pressure, I'm going to take a decongestant and go lie down. The baby's got a doctor's appointment in an hour, and if I don't, then I'll end up being the patient!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strange Friends I've Got...

Currently Reading: Same two books. What is everyone else reading?

4:00- Finished Born Again...Good book! Hubby was asleep, so I also read Cheryl Dragon's One Hot Experiment. If you want a fast read, this one is good too. Slightly predictable, but good!

Ever have conversations like this?

The phone rings. "Hello?"

"Hey Mol...Dave (not his real name) is trying to get in touch with you."

"Does he not check his email? Next time you talk to him, tell him to check it! I sent him one last week, but I'll shoot him another one."

One week later...

"BTW, Dave came over last night. He said to tell you he does read all your emails."

"So....does he not know how to hit 'reply'? Tell him I said that if he's so desperate to contact me, hit the little button in the corner, type what he needs to say, and hit 'Send'!"

That was yesterday. Have I heard from him yet? No. Maybe if he reads this blog he'll call me up or email me and chew me out.

At least then I'll know what the hell he wants!

Anyone else out there with friends who contact other friends about you, but you never hear from them directly? What's up with that?

Check out We're both on estrogen overload. And pop over to and meet Katie Blu, the newest Aussie author on the blog. And a hearty Congratulations to Dakota and Barbara, our newest Best-Selling Authors! Leave them messages and Barb's link to the right...I've got to go look it up...try If that doesn't work, her link is to the right!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Photo MeMe...

Currently Reading: In Bed We Cry, by Ilka Chase

E-book: Born Again, by Rena Marks Finally finished both of Claire's, and they were good:) One had a scene I didn't particularly care for, but the subplot was very well written!

Ha! I finally figured it out:) With the help of my teen geek squad...but I'm the one who realized, through trial and error, you have to post the pics FIRST, and in REVERSE order! Then add words...yeah, I did it....enjoy:)

(No, I'm not tagging anyone else.)

Age on my next birthday:

A place I'm dying to visit:

My favorite object(s)

My favorite place:

My favorite food:

Favorite animal (how can you resist that face?):

Favorite color (and car, btw)

Town where I was born:

Town where I now live:

Name of my pet:

Name of the man I love:

My nickname (couldn't find it, so this will have to do):

My middle name:

My bad habit (reason my jeans are tight:):

First job:

Grandma's name:

My all-time favorite book:

Monday, March 3, 2008

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to....


She correctly answered all seven questions:)

I've decided to award a consolation prize, being the nice person that I am....



The answers....

First clue: How many books do I have, either in progress or published? (Looking for a total)
16 books mentioned.

Which two EC authors signed my guest book on August 1, 2007?
Anny Cook and Amarinda Jones

What movie did I write my own ending to at the tender age of 15?
Star Wars

What E-book did I finish on January 11, 2008?
On Your Knees, by Brynn Paulin

Clue #5: Who is my favorite musician? (Hint: Check MySpace)

Clue #6...How many books in my Arbor University series are completely written?
8. Yes, two are pubbed and a third's in the submission stage...but five more have 'The End' written: #4, Love the Second Time Around; #5, Endless Love; #6, Searching for Love;#7, Love is Weightless; and #14, Reunion. I'm working on chapter 4 of Love is Color Blind; Love is Ageless is only 80% complete. Sorry for the confusion!

Last clue...What are my 3 favorite Reality shows?
Surviver, Big Brother, and Celebrity Apprentice

BONUS: How many books, both electronic and print, have I read since January 1, 2008? (Not counting Claire's and Nicholas and Alexandra...still reading:)
I accepted 2 totals; 34 and 43. One of the books was an old Literature book, but since I listed the titles I was reading in that book, the TITLE count was 43.

Thanks to all who entered; I'll do a random draw when the blog hits the 200th post! I won Sommer's right before Christmas, not knowing about the contest.

Thanks to my techno-savvy kids, who showed me how to post pictures in this blog of mine! I'll post my photo Meme tomorrow...if photo bucket doesn't cause my computer to lock up, as it did last night...

Finished a hilarious 'Blooper' book last night, full of Johnny Carson and various game show quotes!

Today, winter is setting back in. Temps will be falling from 60 back into the 30's...Barb? You want winter dear? Come on over! Or go to Michigan if you really want the snow...Dakota, Brynn, or Bron will gladly welcome you in...or be willing to switch places! Hey, there's a reality TV show...Author Swap? Hahahahah....okay; too much like Wife Swap. Can you tell I'm not quite awake yet? Just finished cup of coffee #2...time to go get dressed and get my little guy to school. Have to go buy his cupcakes for his birthday celebration; Scrapbooking at 10 (I'm finally filling out that application and turning it in!); lunch and cake with his class; we've promised him we'd take him to Burger King after school, since we overruled him on Saturday and ate dinner at Ponderosa! Time to let him burn off some energy in the playscape...and then we're off to the grocery store for Kleenex and other paper products. This wacky weather has everyone's sinuses going crazy.

And yesterday, hubby shooed a BEE out of the house! Bees in March...the 2nd day of March, mind you...How insane is that?

Okay...shutting up now and getting ready.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Heat Wave!

Oh, it's wonderful outside! Temps in the 60's, and rumored to be in the 70's later!!

Doors and windows are open, to let fresh air in...

Blinds are open to let in the sun...

And I managed yesterday, cut off from my computer, to finish 3 books! Yup...finished Nicholas and Alexandra; one called The Black Swan (can't remember the author...I'll go downstairs and look it up!) and Rock Hudson's biography.

And last night, finished reading Claire Thompson's "Golden Boy". I'm already up to chapter six of "Golden Man".

If it's warm where you are, go out and enjoy the sunshine! I'm heading back outdoors.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday:)

My toddler turned 4 today.

It's been a relaxing day, concluding this evening with a trip to see his grandmother and several 'adopted' grandparents at the nursing home; a trip to Ponderosa (wasn't planning to go there, but Iron Chef did Challenge: Elk, and it made us all hungry for steak!); and of course, ice cream and cake. Yes, I'm still abstaining from ice cream; I've only blown it once, and that was a lunch trip to Burger King: No iced tea, so I requested a chocolate shake. And then remembered.... shake=ice cream! Oops!

Ah well...abstaining's optional anyway...

And next week is the other celebration with more presents, more cake, and a trip to the local middle school to see the band. And oh yes, cupcakes with his class, and a sticker that reads, "It's my birthday!"

I'm not posting any books I've read, as the contest ends at midnight tonight. I've had a great time collecting answers so far...I have readers I didn't even know about! Thanks everyone! I'll toss all the names in a hat and draw out a winner on Monday.

I found out yesterday I'll be doing a booksigning up at Purdue University on April 12th. I'm excited...there's a lot of my old classmates who still live up there whom I've not seen in four or more years. Dare I hope some will show up out of curiosity?

Brynn tagged me for a photo meme...when I figure out how to do it, I'll post it. Anyone want to email me instructions?

So far, March has come in like a lamb. Which doesn't bode well for the end of the long as it doesn't rain/snow/become ungodly cold on the 29th, who cares about the 31st? Oh yeah...just hubby and the kids....

Asthma's acting up again. Time to get off and go puff the inhaler!