Friday, August 31, 2018

Sept 2018

So How'd I Do In August?
-Resume clean up of both green and brown houses  Finally took the doors and some other stuff to auction (brown house)!
-Do well at Watermelon Festival  Bleh....only sold 2.  Nancy also sold 2, so we broke even.
-Buy AU inventory Check:)
-Buy HS inventory Check:)
-Buy TP inventory Check:)
-Pay for Imaginarium and reserve hotel room (check)
-Do well at Mosey  Bleh....only sold 1.
-Do well at Petersburg VFW  Very disappointing....less than 20 people showed.  0 sales
-Do well at ISU-Con  Day 1:  Sold 4:)
-Write/add words to SOMETHING this month! Check:)  New story....WOW!
-Continue to help my mom  Check:)
-Spend a few days with the kids  Check:)
-Lose 5 pounds (or more!)-starting wt:  234  Bleh....went wrong direction.  Back to 241.
-Finish current cross-stitch project and get more.  Not yet; GOT taking up my spare time...

Neck Update:  Still improving:)

Books Read:  8
           Print:  7
       E-book:  1

Karaoke Songs Added:  8  
                            Thurs:  4
                                 Sat:  4

September Goals:
-Do well at ISU-Con Day #2:  Sold 2; Day #3:  Sold 2; Total:  8  Tied my InConJunction total:)
-Do well at 1st Friday  Ugh.....rain out.  Did hand out 9 copies of the 'sneak peek' and found out a woman had TP on her kindle, but hadn't read it yet!  YAY!
-Do well at Eminence Harvest Fest  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Vandeburgh Craft Fair  Sold 9:)  7 Sat, 2 Sun.  Reversal of last year, lol!
-Successfully move all books to KDP  Check:)
-Have a successful launch of Whispers
-Finish cleaning out Green House
-Finish cleaning out front room and DRM of Brown House
-Resume clearing out magazines in Brown House  Check:)
-Order more AU inventory  Check:)

September Reading Schedule:
A Storm of Swords-George RR Martin  Good!
Revenge of the Wannabees-Lisi Harrison Great!  My only confusion was they acted more like HS girls than 7th graders!
The A-List-Zoey Dean  Very good, but disliked ending.  Why spend 3/4 of the book on one 24 hour period, then wrap everything up in the last chapter?  Hope this continues in the next book in the series, if I ever find it.
Everybody Needs To Forgive Somebody-Allen R. Hunt Good!  Spouse really needs to read this...
Prep-Curtis Sittenfeld  Was rather disappointed in the last chapter/ending.  Still, liked the fact that there is a brief description of everyone ten years later.

Drive Me Crazy-Mysti Parker  Very enjoyable!  RR:)
Big Bad Wolf-Elle Doolittle  Enjoyable, but what drove me crazy was they would just begin to discuss their pasts when all of a sudden, they'd stop.  WTH???

Karaoke Songs:
Wide Open Spaces-Dixie Chicks Not too bad!
No One Is To Blame-Howard Jones Nailed it!
Wild One-Faith Hill Did well, even though I was out of breath half the time!
Wild Thing-The Troggs  Not too bad!
No Air-Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown  There were parts that I hit, and others that were waaay off!

Promises In The Dark-Pat Benetar  Did well!
Proud Mary-CCR  Nailed it!
Puff The Magic Dragon-Peter, Paul and Mary Started off slightly too low, but not too bad!
Puppy Love-Paul Anka Bleh.  Waaaay too low.
Purple Rain-Prince  Goofed a few times, but overall, not too bad!
Push-Matchbox 20  Ugh....waaaay too low, though Kelly liked it!
Proud Mary-Tina Turner Not too bad!
Put A Little Love In Your Heart-Jackie DeShannon  Nailed it:)
Put Your Head On My Shoulder-Paul Anka Slightly low, but not too bad...
Perfect-Ed Sheerhan  Also low, but made it through....even though had to stop due to 911 call!  Did well on restart, and cracked up some people with my quip about having 911 called about my singing!
Que Sera Sera-Doris Day  Nailed it!
Queen of Hearts-Juice Newton Only flubbed two lines; my tongue got twisted!
Quit Playing Games w/My Heart-Back Street Boys  Did well:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

BB20...Oops, Forgot To Update!

You just gotta love how an episode can end on a possible mind-blowing cliffhanger.....then the next day it all goes away.....

When We Left Off.......
Faysal was dumb-struck at the suggestion he put Haleigh up when Brett removes himself from the block.

Level 6 was wondering if he was dumb enough to do it; Haleigh was doing everything in her power to convince him of how STUPID that plan was!

Veto Meeting:
Brett took himself off; Fessie put up Kaycee, in order to ensure Scottie would go to the jury, and to get rid of his 'romantic rival'.

Scottie eliminated in 1st unanimous vote.

Angela won, and put up both Haleigh and Fessie:)

What They DON'T Know....
There will be a Battle Back competition between Bae, Rockstar, Scottie, and whomever they send packing this week.  I'm hoping Scottie wins; he'll be the least 'revenge-minded' one of the four.

Another update coming soon, since tonight's the veto comp between H and F!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Flashback Friday 2008: Catching Up

I was invited to join Policy Council at Head Start, plus decided to attend the weekly Writer's Guild meeting at Zander's coffee shop.  K began working in the potato fields, and reported wildlife coming down the conveyor belt (a live skunk, snakes, and even a bird).  At the end of the month, he was scheduled for a tonsillectomy.  S turned 14 and received a laptop.....before I did!  D bought me a rolly cart (milk crate on wheels with a top), and I sold 2 books at Border's Bookstore.  A and J arrived for a visit, and I took them to the pool and for ice cream before meeting up with their mother in Terre Haute.  Author Kelly Kirch and her family ended up staying in a motel in E'ville; S, W and I went down to spend a few hours with them.  I also spent all of the 4th of July weekend writing All She Ever Wanted:)

I managed to get myself elected Policy Council secretary; I also set up at the State Fair for the Author Showcase and only sold one book, but passed out a LOT of promo and hung out with KC, though she drove me nuts at time.  I thought I was going to get a sale, when she distracted the woman about something, and she forgot all about my two books.  We went on the Midway and I rode the hang glider ride, Ferris Wheel, and Bobsleds.  Took home deep-fried cookie dough, and my daughter even climbed out of bed w/o a fuss and tried it, declared it delicious, then got dressed and was at school on time.  Took the kids to the county fair, and everyone had a good time.  Another author sent me the info about her publisher's call for submissions for an anthology, so I sent off my two short stories, All She Ever Wanted and Appetite For Desire.  Started counting down the days until W started school!

Next Month:  Being Passed Over Again....

Present Day:
Dad has had issues with his blood pressure ever since I returned (no, I'm not the cause, lol!), so I've driven Mrs. Sato the past two days.  Mom has PT today, then I hope we'll go out to eat:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I've been mostly silent on this season's cast, because there were so many unlikable cast members!

Swaggy C:  Disliked him from the get-go, and was thrilled he was one of the early ones voted out.

Bayleigh:  Disliked her 'diva' attitude, and I was thrilled when she was finally gone, the 1st member of the jury.  When Swaggy met her parents, I couldn't believe they accepted him, though it might have been just because it was televised.  Her family is as entitled as she is.  If this 'romance' continues, I hope they both know what they're in for....when she went apeshit over Haleigh's news that H was the hacker, I knew she'd be evicted..

Caitlyn:  Cracks me up she didn't 'sense' her own eviction....snort.....

Steve:  Sorry just happened at the wrong time.

Rockstar:  I like quirky characters, but she irritated me with her feud with Brett.

Rachel:  She panicked, and became a liability to Level 6.

Scottie, Haleigh, Faysel:  All that's left of the other half of the house.
Winston:  Plain and simple, you ended up on the wrong end of the vote.

Samantha:  I really like her!  I was worried her emotions would get in the way, but she managed to get herself under control when Haleigh was HOH.

JC:  I love his energy!

Level 6:
Tyler:  I've loved him from the get-go, and the way he convinced Caitlyn to vote with L6 when they needed!  He's playing a skillful social game:)

Angela:  She was wrong about Bayleigh being the 1st hacker, but she managed to get B out of the house, so yay!

Brett:  Sometimes he gets on my nerves, but you gotta admit, he had Rockstar snowed last week!

Kaycee:  Love her enthusiasm!  Good for you keeping your hacking skills to yourself, and getting out Rockstar!

Now, For What Is Happening This Week......
Faysal wins HOH.
JC convinces him that Brett voted to keep Rockstar, even though it was really Scottie.  THEN JC further plants the seed that Scottie has a crush on Haleigh, b/c when she was the hacker, she took Scottie off the block.  Faysal demands to know who is lying.
Neither budges, so both Brett and Scottie go on the block.
Haleigh is furious, since he's one of 'them''.

Veto Comp:  The Trash-the-House-as-You're-Looking-For-the-Hidden-Item
Tyler finds Angela's (oven)
Scottie finds Tyler's (Sam's pants)
Tyler finds Faysal's (drawers)
Faysal finds Haleigh's (ottoman)
Haleigh finds Scottie's (bathroom cabinet)
Brett wins veto, and will take himself off!

Faysal thinks about who he could put up.  Sam and Scottie wonder if there's any way he could be convinced to put up Haleigh up, rather than any of the others.  Sam presents her arguments to Faysal, whose mind is blown, and think she's crazy for even suggesting he put his showmance.  Scottie then suggests it, and Faysal realizes he and Sam are working together.  Now I'm wondering if Sam will become his 'pawn'.....but wouldn't this just be a coup if Level 6 pulls this off and convinces F to put BOTH his alliance members up for eviction????

Stay tuned til just can't make this stuff up!

Unbelievable!!!  Someone paid attention to the way Paul played the game last year, lol!!!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Flashback Friday: State Fair Fun:)

Aug 1998:
We attended our 1st Little League banquet, and I was surprised at the fact K received a participation trophy, even though his team hadn't done very well.  This was the 1st time we were introduced to this concept.  One of the dads on our team accepted the position of League VP, and our assistant coach decided he'd coach the kids next year, asking D to be his assistant.

I took the kids to the State Fair one day, and we happened to park near a special Indpls Colts area, which proved to be a major advantage in getting the kids to leave at the end of the day, ha ha!  They rode a few rides, tried out all the tractors, and we ate our way through the fair.  Afterward, I let the kids go on the giant blow up slide/obstacle course, and they slept all the way home.  This might have even been the day it rained around noon, and we arrived later in the afternoon, when most of the fair goers had been scared away by the rain.

Back To School!
K began 1st grade, and I decided to re-enroll S in her Mother's Day Out program.  Turned out she was still with the same group of kids; the school had added an 'Orange' room, to bridge the transition between the younger kids in the Green room (2 and 3) and the Yellow Room (typically 4 years).  S was thrilled to be back with the friends she'd made as a 2 year old.  Since she was now fully potty-trained in the daytime, she was welcomed back with open arms, and went every Wednesday.

T's Son Makes The News!
We were still taking the Indy Star, and I happened to see an article about '3 y/o Makes Hole In One!', along with a picture of Matt S!  I called T to congratulate him, and he said it had been a circus for the past week, with everyone wanting interviews!  They had decided to pass on Leno, in favor of doing Rosie O'Donnell's show, but Rosie had then cancelled them.  T did have an interview on Bob and Tom, so that made his day!  Just wish I'd heard it.

He and I were able to meet for a few hours, 'to get away from all the craziness', he said.  Titanic was in theaters, and it was SO GOOD!  Very much a tear-jerker at the end!

Next Month:  Labor Day Trip To Crown Point

Present Day:
I've been back home since Tuesday, and have caught up on the laundry, the cooking, and karaoke.  Tomorrow, I head to Petersburg for an event, and will head back next Tues, after taking the vanity to J's house.

Happy early birthday to my niece Rachel, who turns 13 on Sunday!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Flashback Friday

Aug 1988:
Near the end of the session, working 50+ hours, studying, and juggling my love life took its toll.  After two wonderful weeks with J, I called it off, especially after one selfish night of going out with E and DB, then knocking on J's door at midnight.  I woke up the next morning and asked myself what the hell I was doing.....and decided to stop seeing J.  Especially after DB bought me a 1st Promise ring.

I also got testy at work, so Betty very nicely took me off the schedule for a week.  I went home to rest and relax before tackling my final year at BSU.

I needed that week off, to recharge.  I had survived my trying year, of taking more Gen Studies courses, and could now focus on my final 3 classes.  I was ready to tackle my senior year, with a Promise ring on my finger, and high hopes!  I could do this, right?

DB had moved into Vigo Hall, 'the campus Hilton', sharing room with NK.

Next Month:  Enjoying Being A Senior:)

Present Day:
Heading back to Lafayette today!  School began yesterday, with Alex in 1st grade with Mrs. Bradburn and in Rm 5 of Washington Christian Center, since Vigo is being renovated this year.  Took her to BTS night Tues, and things seemed to go well.  Only two kids from her kdgn class are in her room, but I think she'll be okay.  We have until Christmas to get her reading level up to par:)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Flashback Friday: My 1st Kiss!

Aug 1978:
We had an unpacking party two days in a row for S's family, and on the 2nd night, as we were getting ready to leave, S wanted to talk to me alone.  I helped drag his brother from the room, then returned and asked S what he wanted.

He came over and kissed me on the cheek!  Alarmed, I pushed him away, then looked at his unhappy face and kissed him back, whispered, "See you tomorrow", and ran out of the room.  During the half hour ride home, I kept touching my face and reliving the touch of his lips.  So this is what love felt like!

I also began 7th grade, 'junior high' as we called it 'back then', and was soon used to the routine of changing classes.  I loved my English and Choir teacher; my Science teacher scared me; I was alarmed when I learned I had to take an Art class.  Ugh.  I don't remember if I had PE that semester or not.  I just remember being thrilled that I now had a secret; I'd been kissed, just as EM had in the 5th grade:)

Next Month:  Disaster In The Lunch Room

Present Day:
I'm home for the next week, getting ready to set up at the local Watermelon Festival, and to take care of the Back To School stuff before the kids return to school next Thurs.  I'm hoping to get some things accomplished in my Brown house, and maybe some writing accomplished.

Mom and I drove down yesterday and checked into the Holiday Inn Express, and we all went to dinner at Denny's.  Dad is expected to arrive later today, and I need to go to the Dollar Store, Office Max, and either Walmart or Lowe's.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Aug 2018

First of all, wishing my mom a very happy 76th birthday!!!!!

WOW....July has flown by!  I managed to accomplish some of the things on my list:
-Lose 5 pounds  Starting 239 7/5  7/24:  236 AAAK!
-Do well at InConJunction Conference Sold 8:)
-Do well at the Mosey Down Main St Sold 9!!!  Tied my one-day record at a craft fair:)
-Do well at the Gallery Walk  Sold 6!!  Was also invited back any time:)
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song  Nope....
-Finish Tea Pot needlepoint Check:)
-Begin wood embroidery  7/24:  Mountain is beginning to take shape!  7/26:  Finished it!
-Dispose of appliances in Green House  Nope...
-Take doors and sinks to auction from Brown House Nope....
-Get OSB boards out of BH attic and dispose of carpets/mags  Nope....
-Buy more AU inventory Not yet...
-Help Mom organize her papers  Somewhat...
-Meet new grandson Phoenix, due July 16th  Check:)  He was born July 14th at 3:31 am, weighing in at 6lbs, 9 oz, and 19.5".  In NICU, so all I could 'hold' were his tiny feet, and he held my finger for a few moments:)
-Add words to Earl and Wanda  Nope....
-Add words to #2 Regrets story  Nope....

So what DID I do?  
-Helped my mom cull some stuff on the shelves in the den
-Got my mom in and out of bed every day
-Took her to appointments
-Hung out with a few friends
-Set up at two different events and sold 15 books.
-Lost and gained back 5 pounds.  I blame the blackberry cobbler from 2 weeks ago AND all the eating out we did last week!

Neck Update:
Still having some tenderness on the left side, but nothing compared to the pain earlier last month:)

Books Read:  8
           Print:  4
        E-book:  4

Karaoke Songs:  0.  Wasn't home.

August Goals:
-Resume clean up of both green and brown houses  Finally took the doors and some other stuff to auction (brown house)!
-Do well at Watermelon Festival  Bleh....only sold 2.  Nancy also sold 2, so we broke even.
-Buy AU inventory Check:)
-Buy HS inventory Check:)
-Buy TP inventory Check:)
-Pay for Imaginarium and reserve hotel room (check)
-Do well at Mosey  Bleh....only sold 1.
-Do well at Petersburg VFW  Very disappointing....less than 20 people showed.  0 sales
-Do well at ISU-Con  Day 1:  Sold 4:)
-Write/add words to SOMETHING this month! Check:)  New story....WOW!
-Continue to help my mom  Check:)
-Spend a few days with the kids  Check:)
-Lose 5 pounds (or more!)-starting wt:  234  Bleh....went wrong direction.  Back to 241.
-Finish current cross-stitch project and get more.  Not yet; GOT taking up my spare time...

Aug Reading Schedule:
The Hamilton Affair-Elizabeth Cobbs  Enjoyable!  I know so little about Hamilton.
Springtime In London-Jen Selinsky  Good story, but needs better editing
Karaoke Jane-BC Brown  Very good!
Game Of Thrones-George R. R. Martin Loved it!  Want to read rest of series!!
Treasure Island-Robert Louis Stevenson  Bleh.
Jefferson's Daughters-Catherine Kerrison  Very interesting, esp the part about Harriett
Crosstalk-Connie Willis Interesting premise, but conversations wandered around so much, I had to keep putting it down, in order to give my brain a break from it!
Clash of Kings-George R.R. Martin  Loved it!!!!!

Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan  Very good series!
 -A Cowboy's Promise Very good!  Enjoyable way to wrap up this series!

Who's That Girl-Madonna  Did well:)
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under-Shania Twain Nailed it!
New Divide-Linkin Park  DNH
As Long As You Love Me-Backstreet Boys Crowd pleaser, lol!
Why Can't this be love-Van Halen Did well!
Why Can't We Be Friends-War Did so-so....
Never Walk Away-Journey  DNH
Babe-Styx  Another crowd-pleaser:)
Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers Did well!  Even had dancers:)
Birmingham-Amanda Marshall  Nailed it:)

Power-Kansas  DNH
Power of the Dream-Celine Dion  Did well on the 1st two verses and chorus, but just can't do her descant, lol!
Pray-Sam Smith DNH
Precious and Few-Climax  Ugh.....too low
Precious Time-Pat Benetar Did well:)
Pressure-Billy Joel Ugh....let's put this in the never-sing-again column!
Price of Love-Bad English DNH
Pride-U2 Nailed it!
Private Dancer-Tina Turner Bleh.....too low
Private Eyes-Hall and Oats Not too bad:)