Monday, July 31, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W23

 Day 99:  $6363

Was called in early, due to being short-staffed. Was in LG until 5 (had 5-6 customers; one every 15 mins, lol...), then went to Lumber and took over for B. Was slow at first, so did the prelim duties, LU, and AP4Me. Brent, my ex-work hubby, showed up with his doggy:)  At 8:15, HC B came down and gave me a brief pit stop (no time for a proper break....means more $$ on the check!), and when I returned, pulled trash, swept, and sanitized the registers and counters, plus mucked out the mats. Tripped over the concrete pallet at closing, but didn't fall, thank god! Loader N brought in the concrete and took the trash, then HC B cleaned me out. Locked all the doors and returned items to Electrical. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Red LU tee, cut off capris, Ecquadorian danglies

Off the next two days to Lafayette for Mom's birthday and to take her to an appointment!  Hoping to get her storage units swapped.

Day 100:  $6834

Arrived and was told to take the survey, so did.  Relieved B, and was busy for half an hour before I could start the prelim duties. Rang up customers and swept, then was told at 8 that Jaylee 'quit'; she changed her hours of availability and basically availed herself  out of a job. As a result, HC K wasn't able to give me a break until 9:30, at which time my eyeballs were about to turn yellow. I'd already pulled the trash, mucked out the mats and sanitized everything, so all I had to do was check out the final 2 customers and lock the doors.  ASM K brought in the concrete; Loader E took the trash. After HC K cleaned me out, I returned items to Electrical, Tools, Paint, Hardware, and Flooring.  Put up my vest and we clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Black square neck blouse, dark capris, small silver hoops

Off tomorrow for First Friday, then going to St. Louis with Alex and her choir on Saturday (they're singing the Nat'l Anthem at the Cardinals vs Colorado Rockies game), and recupperating on Sunday.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W22

 Day 92:  $6374

Arrived and was immediately busy. Things slowed by 5:30, and did prelim duties, then rearranged some of the soda.  The lime-flavored water was up on the top shelf by the diet dew, so moved it over to the Pro Pepsi cooler, then moved the diet dew back up.  Did pop count and had it done by 7. Did AP4Me; forgot to do LU. Oh well. At 7:30, Kari sent me to break, and when I came back, HC C brought down the soda, so I put it away. Swept, then pulled trash. Dawson came down and took all but my little one. Mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers and counters, dusted Gatorade and waters. Locked the doors at 9:55.  HC C cleaned me out; I took the final trash bag to the hopper. Loader N brought in the concrete, and we closed the big door.  Returned items to Electrical, Fashion Bath, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6:)

Outfit:  Blue LU tee, cut off capris, copper/Larimar danglies

Day 93:  $5836

Was called in tonight; two people didn't show. I shooed Marilyn out of lumber, then double-checked the trash; she'd already pulled the small ones. She overlooked the tax exempts, so gathered the paperwork and fronted the soda.  Filled the bags. Was fairly steady. Started sweeping at 7:30, and at 8:30, pulled the trash.  Seb sent me to break fifteen mins later, and when I returned, mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers.  Locked the doors at 9:55 when HC C cleaned me out.  Returned seeds to LG, and clocked out at 10:20.

ASM K was off; ASM SC closed:)

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, sea horses

Day 94:  $6619

Arrived somewhat late, then took over for B. Did the prelim duties, and just after DS G went to lunch, needed a pallet of concrete.  Paged several times, not knowing Loader E had also gone to lunch.  Customer found SM J, who found Charlie, and was able to get the pallet taken care of.  Then I needed an o/r, and had to call Josh from Flooring, who was none too happy about it. Rest of the night went smoothly.  Started sweeping at 7:30; Kari sent me to break at 8. Came back and finished mucking out the mats, and the closing duties.  Helped her put away the soda, then sanitized the registers and counters. Final customer left at closing. DS G brought in the concrete and took the hopper around. Closed and locked all doors, then when HC J cleaned me out, returned items to Paint and Hardware. Clocked out at 10:30 and J, Adriane, and I stood outside and chatted for 15 mins.  Decided we were all going to wear yellow on Sat.

ASM K was off; ASM SC closed:)

Outfit:  Gold tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops

Day 95:  $7455

Arrived and took over for B, then was busy for 30 mins. Did the prelim duties and swept, and was fairly steady all shift.  Seb sent me to break at 9, and boy was I about to burst!  Even called down to CS and asked if they'd forgotten about the old lady with the 3 hour bladder?  (Yes....) I had already pulled the trash, so sanitized the registers and counters, and locked the doors at 9:55. Final customer was at closing. Loader N brought in the concrete, then I closed the large door.  HC K cleaned me out; I took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.

Think ASM K had taken her prozac; we actually had 2 (TWO!) civilized conversations!!  But then learned she went off on the girls who work overnights....their supervisor had okay'd wearing tank tops and bike shorts, since the a/c was turned off, and the LOW was 77.  The high was in the 90s, with a 107 degree heat index.

Outfit:  Gray Indiana tee, cut off capris, red/clear danglies

Day 96:  $11,396

Arrived to what I'd hoped to be a nice, quiet shift, since B said he only did $10K.  Was only slow the 1st half hour, when I did the prelim duties, then realized we had more than enough people to do a soda count.  Between customers, had it done by 7:30. HC B came down at 8:30 to send me to break, and when I returned, I pulled the trash and began sweeping. Another wave hit at 9, and my final customer left at 9:55.  ASM J wasn't too happy I was preoccupied with loading an LAR to realize my line was backing up, and called for a Code 3.  HC B came down and helped check out one customer while I handled the other 3. Returned items to Electrical, Paint, and Tools after Loader E brought in the concrete and took the hopper around.  Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6:)

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe tee, cut off capris, antique silver/pearl danglies

Day 97:  Rare Saturday $6590

Arrived and helped Kait with a complicated Millwork items, then took over for her. Things slowed a bit; did the prelim duties, then Loader N left and Loader E went to lunch.  Fifteen mins later, a customer wants a bundle of drywall.  Steve and Wyatt finally came down to help. Then another customer wanted concrete....another needed help in tools....another needed plumbing.  E and A returned, and Brenda sent me to break at 7:30. When I returned, the sky was darkening as the storm rolled in.  For whatever reason, my brain registered the time as nearly 9, so went ahead and pulled all the trash and started mucking the mats.  Then realized I was an hour watched the clouds and lightening, and rang up the occasional customer.  Had to ring up another customer's washer/dryer in Genesis, due to needing the 10% off.  After a comedy of errors (I lost it and we had to call Appliances for the item numbers, then couldn't remember LD instead of DL, and first marked it as PL), we finally had them rung up correctly and the customer paid and left.  At 9:30, a customer walked in with a small gray kitten in her T-shirt.  They left at 9:55.  I locked the doors; E brought in the concrete and took the trash to the hopper; I closed the large door and when HC J arrived, returned items to Aisle 17, Electrical, Paint, Pets, and Seasonal.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Also scored a credit app!

ASM K was off:)

Outfit:  Yellow Fla tee, cut off capris, sea horses

Day 98:  Rare Sunday  $8254

Arrived and gave Mari her break, then was busy until 4:30.  Decided to fill the soda before she left at 5, so did that, then took over.  Did the prelim duties and swept, then was busy from 6-7. Pulled trash, mucked out the mats, and sanitized, then was slammed at 7:30 and final customer left at 8.  Charlie locked the doors, and that's when I found out we had some guy circling the store on his bike.  Marty took the trash, then Charlie and Loader E brought in the concrete. HC J cleaned me out; I returned items to LG and Hardware, then put up my vest. Clocked out at 8:40.

Got mildly irritated at ASM J; I was helping Kari restock the soda (she sent me to break at 5:30), when a customer walked up.  I only had two more Gatorlytes to put away and she brought it to my attention there was a customer.  I KNOW!  I had turned around and TOLD him I'd be there in a moment (it was one of my 'frequent flyers')!  As if I'm just supposed to drop EVERYTHING???  *eye roll*

ASM K was off:)

Outfit:  Black/gray square neck blouse, cut off capris, double pearls.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W21

 Day 87:  $10,024

Arrived and took over for B, then was busy ringing up customers.  At 6, began the prelim duties, and had to print off a loading ticket. Did my AP4Me and LU. Around 8, began sweeping the floor.  By 9, needed a pit stop, so Haley came down.  When I returned, began the closing duties, and at 9:30 was mucking out the mats. Right before we closed, a customer wanted 25 boards that Pro J was supposed to have ready.  They weren't, so thankfully HC C was there to help come close to the price the customer was quoted! Locked the doors behind him. Loader W (on loan from LG) took my cart to the hopper, and I returned items to Aisles 21 and 10, Plumbing, Lights, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6:)

Got an email from ASM S saying I was in 2nd place with 4 credit apps.  Emailed him back....."There's a glitch in the matrix if I'm in 2nd!"  LMAO.....

Outfit:  Gray LU plank tee, dark capris, thin gold hoops

Day 88:  $9178

Arrived; was busy for maybe 20 mins, then things died.  Did the prelim duties, filled bags, fronted soda, and did my LU. Popped into a friend's release party, and swept the floor.  Things picked up at 7, then at 8, Seb sent me to break, and when I returned, rang up 2 complicated orders, one waiting for the $$ guy to show up, and the other needing an o/r.  Finally got everyone rung up and out the door....then HC B asked me to do pop count.  At that point, it was already 9 and I still hadn't even pulled the trash!  Did it quickly (Coke and Pepsi only), then pulled trash and sanitized.  Didn't have time to muck out the mats. Dawson brought down the soda and I helped him fill what he'd brought. Locked the doors at 10.  Loader N took the hopper and brought in the concrete.  When HC B cleaned me out, returned items to Electrical, Tools, Aisle 10, Paint, Hardware, and Seasonal. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Brown blouse, dark capris, copper/larimar danglies

Day 89:  $6133

Arrived and was instantly busy; B left maybe 15 mins later. Things died down at 5:30, so did prelim duties, did my LU, and swept. Went ahead and mucked out the mats. Was sent to break at 7:30, but spent it in the bathroom and getting large trash bags. Sanitized the registers, and final customers left at 10 .Locked the doors behind them, ha ha!  After HC B cleaned me out, returned items to Paint, Hardware, and Electrical. Loader E brought in the concrete and took the trash. Had to take another item to Paint, then needed a pit stop. When I went up front, called ASM SC, who told me to zone until he got there, so worked until 11.

Jaylee's taking my shift Friday!!!  Told ASM SC to call me in, even if it's just to fill the soda.

ASM K was off!

Outfit:  Gray Purdue tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops

Day 90:  $1971

Was called in to work appliances, and after being terrified for a moment, I watched ASM SC interact with customers and settled down.  Got one sale, and watched Katy from Flooring handle it.  So when the next one came, I thought I could handle it, got it all set up for delivery, and they paid.  Then ASM SC took a look....and I'd forgotten to ask about the delivery men hooking up the water, which would mean buying a hose.  Oops.  They're not going to be too happy with me on Tuesday....SC reminded me to please call Katy or him if another one took place.  Fortunately, it didn't.  I did help one couple who was 'just comparing', another man who wanted a small fridge in black, and would return the next day; a 3rd couple who were 'just looking'.  Went on 2 cart runs, finished Ch 5 of Sage, and took two stress-free pit stops.  Plus, while bringing in carts at the end, hopped on #2 and checked out one of my favorite customers, since Haley was dealing with a difficult one.

Good night!  I didn't check the schedule to see if ASM K was there or not.  Clocked out at 10.

Outfit:  Blessed G'ma tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops.

Off to Lafayette tomorrow to take Mom to the eye doctor, then off to the Foreigner/Loverboy concert!

Day 91:  Rare Saturday $6486

Arrived and took over for Milee; did prelim duties.  Was in a great mood, and teasing all my regulars. At 8, a new girl sent me to break.  When I returned, started the closing duties and swept. Sanitized the registers and needed one o/r for marked down lumber.  After HC C cleaned me out, Loader N brought in the concrete and took the trash.  Locked the doors and closed the large door, then returned items to Paint, Hardware, Tools, and Pets. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6; never saw her.

Outfit:  Gray USA tee, dark capris (forgot to change them when I got home from Foreigner/Loverboy concert), blue sapphire hoops

Monday, July 10, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W20

 Day 83:  $14,998

Was called at 9:30 to see if I'd come in early, due to B being sick, and K on vacation.  I went in at 1:15, with a full 'convention hangover', and managed to work 8.5 hours.  Was tired; low energy; and hungry. Took my 1st break at 4:45, and when I returned, Cust. A was ready to check out and the pros were already gone, but at least J had invoiced everything except the 3rd transaction! Went to lunch at 6:45, and only took half an hour, due to being short-staffed. Came back and did my AP4Me, plus got a credit app. Took my final break at 8:30.  After I returned, finished my AP4Me and started the closing duties. I'd already done the prelim duties at 3, so pulled all the trash and sanitized the registers, and spot-swept. Locked the doors at 10, and after Loader N took the hopper, closed the door and returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Tools, Hardware, and Flooring.  Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6:)

Outfit:  Gold tee, new dark capris, Yukon Colors

Day 84:  $11,887

Was asked to come in at 3, due to B still being sick. Arrived, and was in a MUCH better mood!  Did the prelim duties, then at 5, when things died down, started sweeping.  Brea came down at 5:30 so I could take a pit stop, then Seb sent me to break at 7:15. When I returned, began the closing duties, and checked out maybe 10 more customers until my final one at 10. Sanitized the registers, did my LU, and mucked out the mats. Locked the doors at 10, and took the trash to the hopper when HC C and ASM S cleaned me out. Returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Tools,Paint, and Hardware. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.

Discovered I'd gotten a raise around March....$14.52-$14.76.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Red LU tee, cut off capris, flower diamond studs

Day 85:  $10,970

Arrived at the normal time and took over for B, who'd had bronchitis. Did the prelim duties, as well as showing off pics of baby Ramsay, who was born this morning at 11:35, weighing 8 lbs, 6 oz, and measuring 22 inches!

Rang up customers, fronted soda, and swept the area.  Em sent me to break at 7:45 and when I returned, did the closing duties and sanitized the registers. Final customer left at 9:50.  Locked the doors; took the trash to the hopper and left Loader E and DS G in charge.  Returned items to Tools and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:20.

ASM K left at 4:)

Outfit:  Blue flowered blouse, dark capris, lg white hoops....until the back popped off left one and it fell out of my ear.  Ended up taking them off for entire shift.

Day 86:  $5565

Arrived late, as I'd been to the hospital to see Baby Ramsay.  Arrived at 5:07 and discovered I was going to have a trainee with me, T, whom I'd met on Momday in the Training room.  She knew her way around a cash register, so only had to help her with a few things.  Showed her how I close Lumber, and she helped with the sweeping. Knowing she was leaving at 9, I took a pit stop at 8:15, then we pulled trash. She left at 9 and I mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers and counters.  Final customer left at 9:45; locked the doors at 9:55. HC C cleaned me out; Loader E took my trash.  Returned items to Millwork, Hardware, and Pets.  Clocked out at 10:20.  ASM K didn't say ONE WORD to me all evening, not even a comment on my purple hair.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, dark capris, thin gold hoops

Tomorrow....Off to Louisville!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

July Goals

Is it just me, or did June sort of drag out?
-Lose 5 lbs (Not yet)
-Finish Sage (Not yet, but making progress!)
-Finish new short story (For BKM, not yet; singer, just started; Tales, plotted out)
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses (Not yet)
-Do well at Spring On Main Sold 6:)
-Do well at Superman Celebration Sold 19:)
-Do well at Farmer's Market Sold 1....
-Do well at Pride Sold 6:)
-Pay for InConJunction Pd 6/16
-Pay for Magic of Books (Not yet)
-Pay for Hanna House Check!  Pd 6/23
-Enjoy singing in Pepper Choplin concert Check!  LOVED it!!!
-Order inventory??? (need BD, Bridge, and Whispers)  (Not yet)
-Take over files of FCB anthos?  (Not yet)
-Set up Fed Tax payment  Check!
-Work enough hours to pay for bills, events, and inventory Check!
-Finish watching Charmed (Check!) and Pit Bulls/Parolees  (Check!  Just trying to catch Liz and Moe's wedding episode.
-Watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel  Going to have to watch it on D's account....
-Start evicting/cleaning up Brown House 6/2: FINALLY got rid of the ATV on porch!!!
-Move Mom's storage to one with better door Not yet.

Books Read:  10

          Print:  1

       E-book: 9

2023 Events:

July 7- 9th:  InConJunction, Indianapolis, In ($95) Pd 6/16  Sold 14:)

July 14-16th:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40  Sold 6 and bartered 2:)

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner Pd 4/21

July 15th:  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo (vendor fee rolled over from 2022) Bring own tables:) UPDATE:  Discovered HFK and Imaginarium were booked on same date, so cancelled HFK.  Will do it next year:)

July 29th:  Farmer's Market 2nd and Busseron ($15)

Aug:  Hanna House $20 (Pd 6/23)

26th:  Evansville Museum Geek Con, Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, 411 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville, IN ($40)

Sept 9th:  Magic of Books, Columbus, In ($40-50)   

Sept 15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

23rd:   Hoosier Indie Author Book Fair, The Big Tent, 5502 South Evans Rd., Gas City, IN

Oct 14-15th:  VoltCon, Wyndham West, Indpls Subbed application.  No word on cost.

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60; 3/3: Pd $60; 4/7:  Pd $60; 4/21:  Pd $30 (Owe $140); 5/5 $30 (Owe 80 (missed a payment somewhere!)); Pd $30 6/16 (owe $50)

July Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 239)
-Finish Sage 
-Finish new short story (BKM)
-Finish short story #2 (singer)
-Finish short story #3 (Tales)
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses
-Do well at InConJunction  Sold 14:)
-Do well at Imaginarium Sold 6 and bartered 2:)  Had a GREAT time!
-Enjoy the Foreignor/Loverboy concert  Check!  Went with Erica and had a BLAST!  I now own a T-shirt:)
-Work enough hours to pay for bills, events, and inventory
-Finish watching Pit Bulls/Parolees (Check; now just watching for Liz and Moe's wedding episode)
-Finish watching The Crown  (Check; final season coming sometime this year)
-Watch H&M  Check:)  Found it to be somewhat enlightening.....but I still don't like her. I sympathize a little more.....time will tell as to whatever version of the truth prevails.
-Watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel
-Start evicting/cleaning up Brown House 
-Move Mom's storage to one with better door  7/23:  Rented new unit:)

July Reading Schedule

HRH-Danielle Steele Still plenty of head-hopping, but an unusual romance story.  Very good!
Fever-Robin Cook
Creature-John Saul
Lovey-Mary McCracken
Second Child-John Saul
Calico Joe-John Grisham
The Glassmaker's Wife-Lee Martin
Evergreen-Sara Goodwin
Piercing The Darkness-Frank Peretti
Propher-Frank Peretti
Let The Drum Speak-Linda Lay Shuler
Kalahari Typing School For Men-Alexander McCall Smith
Cupboard Full of Life-AMS
The Wedding Veil-Kristy Woodson Harvey
The Lost Five-K.L. Wilboorn
The Whispers From Beyond -KL Wilborn
That Certain Spark-Cathy Marie Hake
Stars of Fortune-Nora Roberts
The Other Queen-Philippa Gregory
The American Way-Helene Stapinski/Bonnie Siegler
Dino Horrors-Matt Schorr
The Faerie of Central Park-Bruce McGraw
The Fable of Wren-Rue Sparks
Marathonarium Anthology-Carma Hadley Shoemaker, et al
She's Not Broken-Kelsey Day (Sandy Lender)
A Quiet Strength-Janette Oke
Valley of the Shaman-Arlen Andrews
Joyful Poems For Children-James Whitcomb Riley
I Heard God Laugh-Matthew Kelly
Life Is Messy-Matthew Kelly
Franklin and Eleanor


 Come Undone-Jessica Hawkins Very interensting, and dialogue unlike what I would write if this was my story!  Not sure if I'm invested enough in getting the 2nd one, was exhausting to read.

Hannukah Hearts-Jean Joachim
Riding The Storm Out-Desiree Holt
Til Death Do Us Part-Rachel Rivers
Independence Day-Elle James
Her Trust-Silkie Companion
The Spy Who Was Out Cold-Marilyn Barr
Too Late For Goodbye-Jean Joachim
Behind Every Great Man-Roz Lee (computer download pdf)

Monday, July 3, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W19

 Day 81:  $7980

Arrived and took over for B; rang up a few customers, then did the prelim duties. Things really died down around 6:30, when Em sent me to my break. Came back and swept entire area, mucked the mats, and sanitized everything. Did my AP4Me. Final customer was at 9:45. Locked the doors and took trash to the hopper, which was already outside. HC C cleaned me out; put up my vest and went up front. Ended up checking out DS C (paint), Isaac, and ASM K before clocking out at 10:30.

Outfit: White flag tee, cut off capris, blue danglies

Day 82:  Fourth of July $1501

Worked 5-8:30.

5-6:  Took over for B; rang up three customers, fronted soda, consolidated trash, collected paperwork, dud LU.

Sales:  $476

6-7:  Swept entire area, snaitized registers and counters, mucked the mats, checked out 2 customers, took a 20 min break (pit stop, getting trash bags from Receiving, eating one hamburger); checked out 2 more upon return.

Sales: $493

7-8:  Rang up several more customers ( more at close); chatted with HC C,  chatted with other customers, shuffled soda, filled bags and register tape. Pulled all trash, and when HC C cleaned me out, took trash to hopper, then after Loader E brought in the concrete, returned items to Roofing, Plumbing, Paint, and Hardware.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 8:30.

Sales:  $533

Outfit:  Blue 4th of July tee, cut off capris, large white danglies from Grandma G.