Wednesday, October 28, 2020

BB All Stars Week #12: Finale!

Enzo: If he can win the HOH, he has a good argument for winning:

            -Won when he needed to

            -Friends with everyone

            -Never on the block

Cody:  Comp Beast (7 wins)

            -Never on block

            -Won when he needed it (final 4 veto)

Nicole:  Only former winner to make it to finale

            -Good social strategy

            -Won when she needed it

            -Survived triple eviction night, even though nominated twice.

Keesha, Kaysar, Jenelle, Bayleigh, and Red Nicole Debate Final Three:

Bay, pull up your damn shirt!  You don't need to advertise the girls.

Jen, are you even wearing makeup at first?

Okay, so there's good arguments for everyone.

 HOH Pt. 1: Scary-Go-Round

    -Oooh, Cody's feet fell off, but he recovered!

    -Enzo falls!

    -Ooooh Cody....recovery #2!

    -#3 gets Cody!

Nicole wins!!!!

HOH Pt 2:  Camera Hogs

Enzo:  Reads #3 wrong

Cody:  Flies through

E:  37:38

C:  4:49

Cody Wins #2!!

Enzo goes on a rant, he's so mad at himself.

Jury Debate:

Oh DaVonne.....pull on your big girl panties and put aside your personal feelings!!!

WTH is Dani wearing?

Ty, do you own any pants that aren't ripped?

WTH is up with Kevin's scarf?  It doesn't match his outfit!

Pt 3:  Cody vs Nicole 'Vinyl Exam'

Cody:  8/8

Nicole:  Missed 1st one....7/8

Cody Wins HOH!!!!

Dude.....distressed pants for finale, really?

****Spoiler Alert****

I saw a teaser on FB this morning about the winner, so I already know who C takes to the end.

Cody Evicts Nicole and Takes Enzo!!

Nic is very emotional about her exit.

Jury's Reaction:  

"If they're smart, they'll evict Nicole"

Vote:  Cody wins, 9-0!!

America's Favorite Houseguest:  Tyler or DaVonne?


Life In Lumber, Week #64

 Day 286:  Short Week!

Arrived; Marci had already started the pop count, so double-checked it and noted the Monster cooler stats.  Due to the weather (overcast with a hint of rain), things were slightly slow, but I did manage to get all my paperwork finished and the floor swept before Brea relieved me for my break.  Afterward, I pulled the trash and wrote a little before starting the closing duties.

Had a running joke with Cam about putting a few customers' items on his tab, ha ha!

Discovered we're dressing up in costume tomorrow.  I'm unsure if I want to go as Aging Cheetah Girl or Pirate, or go shopping for another costume.

Outfit:  Yellow/maroon plaid shirt, red tank, darker jeggings, Star Wars mask.

Day 287:  I Dress As....

'Deaf Leappard/Aging Cheetah Girl'!

Was called 'cute' and 'adorable':)

Shift went well.  Was fairly steady until 6:30, then Matthew relieved me for my break.  Had already finished the pop count, so after I returned, gathered the trash and continued ringing up people.  Had a 'rush' around 7:30.  Customer A was picking up 78 bags of insulation, so I filled out the insulation form and rang him up while K was looking for a spotter.  Customer B needed some drywall, and the concrete tool was missing a pole.  Invoiced the rest of his order while Casey helped him, and rang up C, D, and E.  Then Jess helped him get his drywall; Casey determined the pole was MIA, so was finally able to ring him up.

Mel brought me the soda and some bad news:  Mgr T doesn't want me to write while on the job anymore.  "Brea's not supposed to have her Suduko, either."

Okay...if she's up front and doing it, that's one thing.  But to my knowledge, I've never neglected a customer OR my closing duties due to being engrossed. (I do admit to having to be told there's a customer, but that was LAST year!)

I was pissed.  1) I don't write every shift, esp when I'm busy, but our slow time is coming!  What happens when the work's done, there aren't any customers, and I'm bored?

I'll find a way around it.  I'll use a smaller pad, write on the back of the schedule, use register tape....any time I get a brainstorm.

Put the soda away, and did my closing duties.  Didn't write anymore, but I fumed.

Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  Black leggings, Leopard print sweater, cheetah ears and tail.  SW mask.

Day 288: Friday!

Dressed in my new Halloween shirt, and wore the headband with the straw hat.  Everyone thought it was cute, but Scott said it made my head look big!  Shut up, Scott....

Arrived; bought a bottle of Drano, and clocked in at 5:02.  Oops!  Finally arrived in Lumber at 5:10, and Gracie went on her break.  We were busy all night, but was able to get the pop count done and paperwork gathered before Matthew arrived at 6:55 to give me my break.

Told him the cart behind the counter belonged to Customer A, who would return with his wallet, or send his wife.

Customer B ordered several pallets of insulation, but we only had half the order.

Customer C arrived with his internet order of insulation PLUS the insulation blower reserved.  Customer B wasn't happy when he learned the machine he needed wasn't available.  He asked if he could go to another store, and I said yes.

I started off to the break room, and was flagged down by Customers D, in the pipe aisle, wanting to know if the coupling was the correct one.  Fortunately, Brandon arrived and was able to answer their questions.

After my break, I saw them again in by Windows, and they flagged me down again to ask a question.  I wasn't able to scan the code, but I did spy the price tag.  They weren't satisfied, so I found Bryce, who was busy with another customer, and repeated D's question.  Bryce answered, so I relayed the info.  They thanked me and went on.

When I finally arrived back at Lumber (a full 10 minutes late!), Customer A's wife had arrived.  I helped Matthew ring it all up, so everyone was happy.

Bagged the trash, continued sweeping, and then was hit with a wave of customers.  At 8pm, Customer E had a bunch of discounted stuff, so had to call HC Mel down for overrides.  Managed to sanitize everything in half the time, since my final customer left at 9:02.  I locked the doors behind them, then did my Lowe's U questions.

Oh, at 8pm, Customer D returned a cabinet they had bought.  Loader Jacob refused to push it down to cabinets, so after M cleaned out my register, I pushed it back.

Outfit:  Orange/black Halloween shirt, black v-neck tunic, black jeggings, SW mask.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #63

 Day 280:  

Was supposed to be off, but my writers meeting in Washington was cancelled.  Mel had texted me about working, so when I received it while at a light in Terre Haute, I called her, and told her if they needed me, I could come in.  So arrived home around 3:30; unloaded the car and left for work at 4:30.

1)  Had to explain to Kronos why I was clocking in.

2) I was NOT on the daily schedule, just the flow chart.

3) Still no glass cleaner, even after I requested some.

4) No one had done the pop count, and thankfully Olivia came down for it right after I did it.

5) Had an eye-roll moment when a customer asked about using his boss's account.....but then used his credit card???  Not sure if he forgot or what the hell happened....

6) Had another customer tell he was going to 'ruin' my day, because he had two carts full of plumbing items.  1) It was all organized; 2) the guy knew exactly how much of everything he had; and 3) I joked he was keeping me from trash detail!  No problem!

I did get the floor swept, the trash taken care of, and the register areas sanitized.  Just didn't have time to fully wipe down the counter and didn't have any cleaner for the plexiglass.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Was able to do both the AP4Me and Lowe's U

Outfit:  Blue/white fleece shirt, darker jeggings, Star Wars mask

Day 281:

Arrived and relieved Jill, then was busy for an hour.  Was able to get pop count done, and was sent to break at 6:15.  When I returned, I put away the soda (we now have Green Monsters!!  Whoot!) and things slowed down.  Had a few customers here and there, and since Aggie had sent down glass cleaner, was able to clean all the plexiglass, and wipe down the counters.  I'm going to have to get bleach water; containers are running low.  

Checked my email, and discovered Mgr Brandon 'rejected' my clock-in for yesterday???  Also did my Lowe's U.

At closing, I locked the doors and took the trash down, then put up my vest.

Outfit:  White/black plaid, blue tank, darker jeggings, Star Wars mask

Day 282:

Arrived early and filled the bleach water containers.  Clocked in and did the LU, then returned to Lumber and spent an enjoyable 90 minutes, ringing up customers and re-checking Jill's pop count, before logging the Monster Count.  Brea relieved me at 6:30, and discovered Josh and another associate in dino costume!  After break, I did the closing duties, and rang up a very complicated order at closing.  Still, we managed to get everyone rung up and out by 9.  

Accidentally tossed my mask into the hopper, but was able to retrieve it!  I'll have to wash it first.

Outfit:  Indian Motorcycle shirt, jegging capris, Monet mask

Day 283:

Crazy weather today.  At 4pm, I was still in a short-sleeved tee and capris, but it began raining and the temp dropped FAST!  Ended up going to work in jeggings and taking a sweatshirt.

Things went well; Jill had already done part of the pop count, so all I had to do was check it and finish it, as well as run off more copies of the charts.  Checked out an insulation machine, then checked one back in.  Matt came down to get the pop count and apparently smacked Kyle with the clipboard.  Later when he brought me the soda, he pushed me into the counter with the cart, so we had some good-natured ribbing going on.

Was sent to break at 7:05. and when I came back, did the closing duties.  Got caught moving a cart to the insulation aisle...."please don't go that far from the register..."

HC MK cleaned out my register; I took the trash down, then put up my vest.  I work the weekend for Marci, so getting 16 more hours:)

Outfit:  Fuzzy Socks tee, darker jeggings, HP mask

Day 284:

Arrived to find out Jill had called in; myself was on alert, since D wasn't feeling good.  Things were non-stop all the way to 7:30!  Brea came down to help out before she was sent back up front.  Then Mel came down and gave me my break, as I was looking for gutter elbows that refused to ring up, as well as the downspout and the gutter itself.  Went to the bathroom, then returned.  Sara and Panda arrived and bought me a Reesees PB, which I finally finished around 4.  Managed to get the pop count finished, then was sent to lunch at 4:30.

After lunch, it slowed a little, but was still steady and full of customers with either missing barcodes, or codes which wouldn't ring up.  Also had one customer tell me (after I'd rung everything up) their ceiling tile was wrong and the doors were wrong.  Took off the wrong items, then invoiced it, so we could find it easier after they got the correct items.   Then Brenda relieved me at 6:30 for my 2nd break, and things finally slowed down at 7:30!  I was able to get some of the closing duties accomplished in between customers (swept, sanitized the registers, washed the outside of all the plexiglass).  Cam took the trash at 9, and we got out of there at 9:15.

Outfit:  IU sweatshirt, darker jeggings, HP mask

Day 285:

Kronos wasn't working, so we had a sign-in sheet.  Thankfully, today was a LOT slower!  I arrived; Jill went to break. Marci gave me my bag of goodies she'd bought from Kentucky:) At 1:50, Mel came down and asked if I'd had a break.  I hadn't, so I told her I'd just make a fast pit stop.  When I came back, Brea told me to take my break; I told her I'd just taken it!  She hopped on #2, since Jill was at lunch.  When J returned, I went to McAllister's for an hour.  Returned; logged my lunch time, then did the pop count.  Only had to have one override; a woman had discounted carpet.

Jill left at 6, and Brea hung out with me until 7.  She had the most surveys done, so Mgr T came down and took her picture, then gave us both new tote bags.  Sanitized the registers and some of the plexiglass, then locked the doors at 9.  Logan took my trash and Cam did the safety thingies, and I closed the door behind them.  HC C cleaned out my register; I took 3 things to Electrical and put my vest up.  Scott let me out after showing me where the Jimmy Johns and candy were located.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt; darker jeggings; HP mask

BB All Stars, Week #11

 HOH Comp:  Chess



Enzo wins!!

He and Cody were 'supposed' to block Christmas and take her out 1st, but Enzo let Cody do all the dirty work.

Noms:  Nicole and Christmas


1st of all, A Luxury Competition!  Clash of the Comics!

All four had to 'draft' the BB comics to their team.

Christmas:  Mrs. Claws, Regulater, Bandanimal, King Kaysar

Enzo:  Meow-Meow, Abra-Curl, David/Goliath, Bayleigh??

Cody:  Cali-Fury, Podmaster, Dirk Starmaster, Birthday??

Nicole:  Blonde Bombshell, Memphist, Cereal Killer, Day Dreamer

#1:  Birthday vs Podmaster:  Podmaster wins! 

#2:  Dirk vs Mrs. C:  Mrs. C wins!

#3:  Bay vs D/G:  D/G wins!

#4:  Mem vs Cereal:  Mem wins!

#5:  Day vs BB:  Day wins!

#6:  Regulater vs Meow:  Meow wins!

#7:  Cali vs Band:  Cali wins!

#8:  King Kaysar vs Abra:  Abra wins!

#9:  Podmaster vs Mrs. C:  Podmaster wins!  Christmas:  Eliminated.

#10: Abra vs Day:  Day wins!

#11: Cali vs D/G:  Cali wins!

#12:  Meow vs Mem:  Mem wins!  Enzo:  Eliminated

#13: Podmaster vs Mem:  Mem wins!

#16:  Cali vs Day:  Day wins!  Cody:  Eliminated

#17:  Day vs Mem:  Memphist wins!  Nicole wins $10K!!!

POV Comp:  Hamster Wheel!  3 strikes, you're out.

#1:  Christmas X

#2:  Enzo X

#3: Enzo XX

#4:  Enzo XXX

#5:  Christmas XX

#6: Nicole X

#7: Christmas XXX

#8: Cody X

#9: Nicole XX

#10:  Nicole XXX

Cody wins POV and Noms obviously stay the same:)

Eviction Episode:

Memphis joins jury!

-Shut up, don't know everything.

-Get over yourself Da'Vonne, and this 'own your truth' stuff.  I'm sick of it.

Ooooh Kevin!  You finally found your backbone!!  Good for you!!!

Evicted:  Christmas!!

Aaaawwwww.....the final 3 get love from home!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #10

 HOH Comp: Teeter-totter challenge; transporting plastic pumpkins across and keeping them in the basket.

With 2 pumpkins left, Christmas drops one, and has to reset.

Enzo:  Has issues keeping even 2 pumpkins in the basket.

Memphis:  Right on Christmas' tail, but drops one and has to reset.

Nicole:  5 pumpkins behind C and M, and is hopeful when they have to reset.

Nicole Wins!!!!

Noms:  Memphis and Christmas

Veto Comp:  BB Comics!

Cody:  16:08

Nicole:  11:21

Memphis: 31:56

Enzo: 28:19

Christmas:  27:45

Nicole Wins!!!!

Noms Stay The Same:)

But are Cody and Enzo on board to vote out Memphis, like Nicole wants???  Stay tuned!

Eviction Episode:

Cody and Enzo hatch plan to split votes and force Nicole to choose.

Aaaahhhhh......jury gets love from home!!!

Evicted:  Memphis, 2-0 YAY!!!!!

HOH Comp:

Kaysar's back!  Find out Mon:)

Monday, October 12, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #62

 Day 275:  Hours Cut Again, 5-close

Arrived; Jill was ready to leave, so I immediately took care of the next two customers in line, then did the pop count.  Matt came down to get it just as I was finishing up at 5:30.  Was fairly slow; did all the sweeping and gathering the trash, then did my AP4Me.  Brea came down at 7 and sent me on my 15 min break, and when I returned, rang up a few customers and did some writing before starting on the closing duties at 8.  Scott came down and complimented me on my 15% LPP close rate, then joked he didn't have to yell at me for the door being open (I'd closed it about 30 minutes before!).

Kyle took my trash down at 8:30, so when HC C came to clean me out, I was ready.  Returned a tube to plumbing and three items to Paint, then put my vest away.  Took my final Tax Exempt to CS, then we all clocked out at 9:15.

Was approved for the 20th off and the 17th, though think she meant 19th???  Will check next time I see Mgr. T.

Outfit:  Teal flowered long-sleeved tee (it rained), faded jeggings.

Day 276:

Arrived; Jill had already begun the pop count (yay!), had bagged the trash, and sanitized Reg #2 and 3. Things went well for fifteen minutes, then Jerry K asked me to load his LAR.  I'd already rung him up, so used Reg #2 to do it, then returned to 1, and he needed an approval code.  I had 4 people behind him, so called for a Code 3, while we spoke to the approval person.  At one point, had to turn it over to Jerry to verify things, and when we finally got the code, he paid and was on his way.  Double-checked the soda count, then handed it over.

Next, had a guy buy the LPP, and we got stuck in a loop.  I'd total it out; enter his phone #; it would return to the sale page; I'd total it and lather, rinse, repeat.  Had to call HC C down to take care of it.  I hopped on Charlie's register and took care of the next person in line, and when I was finished, C had solved the issue and that customer was on his way.

Third, the system wouldn't find a veteran, so after three attempts, I gave up and used the promo code.  This would also happen two more times during the evening.

Brea relieved me at 6:30 for my break, and put away the pop for me.  When I returned, things went smoother, and was able to finish all closing duties.  Got mildly ticked at Olivia, who took my trash before I began the closing duties, but calmed down and filled another trash bag.

HC MK cleaned me out at 9, so I took that lonely bag of trash to the hopper and put my vest away.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid shirt, Livin' On A Prayer tee, dark jeggings.

Day 277:

Arrived and was able to chat with Marci for a few mins before she left; our 5 pm rush lasted until 6:30.  Was able to get the pop count done and the trash consolidated before being sent on break.  Mgr T called and said she was trying to find someone to cover my shifts next Mon and Tues.  HC C told me we were hoping to close up shop as close to 9 as possible.

After break, I bagged the trash, swept the floors, and handled customers....then at 8, began the cleaning.  Had everything wiped down by 8:50, and my last customer walked out the door at 9:01.  Locked the doors; HC C cleaned out my drawer, and when Cam brought the hopper back, I went to put up my vest.

Outfit:  Las Vegas tee, dark jeggings.\

Day 278:

Arrived; swapped places with Marci, and had an enjoyable shift:)  Only had two 'oopsies'....Dan V was in, to get insulation.  I thought he was taking it with him, but after ringing him up, he wanted to pick it up later.  So sent him down to CS to fix it.  Turns out VU 'retired' him, so he's bought a house in Decker to fix up and live in.

My 2nd 'oopsie' came at 7pm.  Had a customer who was just approved for a credit card, but her coupon was expired.  Took Aggie three tries to find the coupon, but it didn't take the 20% off.  She called Mgr T while I rang up Nancy's parents.  Turns out it takes the 20% off at THE END.  Good to know.

Also had a customer griping about the price of tools....apparently the one he wanted yesterday was now $50 higher, and the toolbox is sold out.  Customer C also shook his head over the price of lumber, and when I explained I'd gone to Vegas and the price went up when I returned, he said it was MY fault!

"Soo....I should go back to Vegas and see if it reverses itself?"  *wink*

Alexa relieved me at 7:40 for my break, and she was scared; she didn't know how to work the old system and we couldn't get #2 to switch to the new one.  Told her I'd be speedy.

Aggie cleaned me out at 9, and we were clocked out by 9:15!

Day 279:  Hazard Pay and Off To Kokomo!

Good news!  Mgr T called and said she found someone to cover my shifts both Mon and Tues!

I was in a good mood, and things went well.  Was running low on glass cleaner, so only wiped down the register plexiglass.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, white v-neck tunic, faded jeggings

Thursday, October 8, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #9

 HOH Comp:  BB Yoga Studio!  Remove your costume while holding onto 3 buttons!

-Christmas, out

-Nicole, out

-Enzo, out

-Memphis, 5 mins

-Cody, 3 mins.


Noms:  Tyler and Christmas

Veto Comp:  Baseball-themed, Snapshot Shuffle

Everyone plays! 

Nicole:  7:11

Memphis:  8:16

Enzo:  25 mins

Tyler:  25 mins

Cody:  4:57 Winner!

Christmas:  12:04

Veto Meeting:  Noms stay the same.

Eviction Night:

Everyone's talking....oooooh, please keep Tyler!!!

Eviction:  Damn it, Tyler went, 3-0.

HOH Comp:  Teeter-totter transport.  Find out Monday who wins!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week 61

 Day 270:

Arrived; did Lowes U. Discovered #1 wasn't working, so spent entire shift on #2.  Things went well, and went to lunch at 6:20, and when I returned, was fairly steady until 8:15, when I began my closing duties.

Joked with Mr. Rogers that I had a "$100 smile", since his order was $100, and I said he was there for my smiling face:)

Outfit:  Maroon/gray plaid shirt, gray tank, faded jeggings

Day 271:

Was slightly grumpy when I went into work; I was emotional yesterday and somewhat today.  Griped that no one seems to do the pop count; they leave it for me.  Things were busy all the way til 6, when Sacred relieved me for lunch.  When I returned, things got hectic.   I rang up Customer A, who then informed me they needed to go get their card, so I invoiced it and pushed it behind the register.  Then Customer B arrived, and discovered his windows wouldn't scan.  Called Millwork, who said they would call Mgr T.  Meanwhile. I was able to ring up Customers C and D on Charlie's register.  Afterward, I tried to print A's pick ticket, but couldn't figure out which one.  Called CS, who told me to call HC M.  She and T came down; I hopped on #2 to take care of Customers E-G.  Customer A returned, and got their invoice recalled and paid for.  Meanwhile, T apparently got everything fixed with B and he left.  Before I could return to #1, however, I had more customers get in line, and it was 7:30 before I could hop back over!  

Did the closing duties, and my final two customers were at 8:30.

We also received our Front End Appreciation Gifts:  I got a sticky note pad, Kleenex, a Butterfinger (put it in Mel's locker), $100 Grand bar (consumed it right away, YUM!), and a Chocolate Granola bar (gave it to Noel), as well as some nice notes from Mgrs Steve, Scott, and Tasha.  Teased Scott when he came down; he asked me why the door was still open.

"You're going to take back all the nice things you said, aren't you?"

"Was yours about the positivity?"

"Yes.....'thank you for being so positive, even though you forget to close the damn door...'"

He laughed!

Signed up for vision and dental insurance for next year.  Instead of only $41 taken out of my check, now I'll lose $86, but at least I'll have insurance for a dentist visit and to get my eyes checked!

Outfit:  Brown 3/4 length sleeve blouse, faded jeggings.

Day 272:

Warmer today, and was in a better mood.  Sold Crosroads Antho to Marci, and discovered we were playing Cash Register Bingo.  At the end of the night, I had one across, but HC Mel told me it was 'cover all'.  Awwww.....

Anyway, the first two hours went FAST!  We were fairly steady, AND the new plexiglass protectors were in place. Brea relieved me at 6, and when I returned at 6:30, began the closing duties in between customers.

Had one customer show up with drywall, and they asked me for a special price.  Told them I wasn't authorized, but they insisted, so called for an MOD.  Scott called, listened, then said no.  I relayed the message, then pressed them on who had offered them a deal.  Turned out it was TODD, who was fired last spring! Called Scott and informed him, who laughed.

Had my final customer at 8:30, so we were able to clock out around 9:15.

Outfit:  Blue striped tee, dark capris, paper mask.  Gonna need a new one tomorrow.  Went home and watched the VP debate.

Day 273:

Marci and I enjoyed the hour we worked together, and the next hour flew by also, as I did the pop count and gathered the paperwork.  Brea sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, she had a small line, so I hopped on #2 to help her out.  After I was able to move back to #1, the lady I'd helped while on my way back up front showed up with her load, but Bryce said he'd check her out.

Started the closing duties, and was moderately busy until 8, then things slowed down.  Checked out a woman who as it turned out, did craft shows, so we talked shop for a while and exchanged FB pages.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Black/white poncho shirt, faded jeggings, red Monet mask.

Day 274: Payday!!

Paid off my Maurice's card today!  Whoot! 

Took myself to McD's before my shift, and spent a happy hour with Marci before she left, doing the pop count and ringing up the occasional customer.  After she left, it was steady, and it wasn't until my phone alarm went off that I realized I'd not been sent to lunch yet!  Waited until 6:45 before calling the HC....they hadn't forgotten; just short-staffed.  Desiree came down at 7.  

When I returned, I had to do a cart test, and passed, since I double-checked the Craftsman container AND knew how to ring up the carpet.  Did most of the closing duties; had a few customers and didn't have time to wipe down all the counter tops.  Just did the register counters, the stools, the phones, and the registers.

Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Colt's jersey (#88 Harrison), dark capris. 

Friday, October 2, 2020

October Goals

 How well did I do in Sept?

-Transfer van title to my name and buy new license plates Check:)
-Home School Teen He's loving Bio, but hates English, Algebra, and World History
-Lose 5 lbs (starting:  248) Don't know; bathroom scale broke!
-Work enough hours to pay bills Check!  Even paid off two of them!
-Type up Bridge story (Check!) and Defending Your Life (Check)
-Add words to Time-Travel, Rikar, or Heart Song
-Purge bedroom of unused items Getting there!
-Take remaining scrap to Dumes Not yet....
-Organize basement Not yet....
-Do well at Non-Con Sold 7!

Books Read:  9
            Print:  6
        E-book:  3

Updated Book 'Tour':
-Autumn On Main (1st Friday in Oct???) Cancelled
-Kokomo Con (Oct 17th) $99 Pd 10/2
-Evansville Women's Conference (Oct 29th) $125 ($100 reg, $25 lunch) Pd 7/31 Postponed until Jan 21, 2021
-Collectors Carnival (Oct 31st-Aug fees roll over to this date)
-Rivet Craft Fair (Nov??) $45 PD 9/8

October Goals:
-Lose 5 lbs (starting:)
-Work enough hours to pay bills Check!
-Finish new Bridge Story and type it up Check!
-Add words to Time-Travel, RiKar, and/or Heart Song Began a new one instead
-Purge bedroom of unwanted items
-Take remaining scrap to Dumes
-Organize Basement
-Do well at Kokomo Con Sold 6!!!
-Do well at CCC

Sept.19-25: 24  (due to Imaginarium meeting)
         26-Oct 2nd: 25
         Oct 9th projected income: 49 hours=$506 (received $.19 raise!...$12.38-$12.57!)+$35 NC sales=$541
$54 to church; pay Maurices ($46-Balance Check-Paid Off!); pay credit card ($150 Check!);pay BSU CC ($100 Check!)  pay St. V ($140 Check!)=$51

     Oct 3-9:  25
         10-16: 20 (hours cut to 4/day)
             Bonus 10/16:  $150+$75 left over=$225+$45 Kokomo sales=$270
           $20 to church; pay GSH past due balance ($167 Check!)=$83-$45 (travel expenses)=$38

        Oct 23rd projected income:  45 hours=$477
$48 to church; pay GSH medical ($160 Check!); pay hearing aids ($120 Check!)=$149-pay credit card ($150 Check!)+ $38 left=$37

October Reading Schedule:
Eleanor and Franklin-
Trial of Billy Jack-Frank/Teresa Christina Good story!  Hadn't watched the movie, so wasn't sure what it was about.
ABCs of Dee-Danielle Bannister DRR!!!  OMG, I loved this book sooooo much, I had to finish it in one day!!!  I thought I knew who Dee would end up with, and I was right, but OMG....the twists and turns this book took....Well done!  Looking forward to this author's other Rom-Com titles!
Doppleganger-DB DRR!  Oh wow.....enjoyed this soooo much!
Must Love Coffee-DRR!  Excellent story from the man's POV:)
Taking Stock-DB DRR!  Really enjoyed this story:)
A Touch of Magic-Sela Carson DRR!!  Really enjoyed both stories!!
A Kiss of Magic-SC DRR!  Thoroughly enjoyed this!

Yours and Mine-Jessy Lin Good story!  Loved the 'realistic' emotions in this:)
Found-Jade Waltz Wonderful story, though I wasn't crazy about the 'tentacles'....and it seemed to drag at times.  Turned out I was wrong about one mystery, and now I'm intrigued enough by the final chapters to get the rest of the series.

Karaoke Songs:
Til I Kissed You-Everly Bros Bleh....slightly too low, and I botched the bridge.
Rubber Band Man-Spinners Did fairly well; got off rhythm on 2nd verse, but not too bad!
Chains of Love-Erasure Not too bad, considering it was slightly too low.

Tainted Love-Soft Cell Ugh....too low!
Rumors-Timex Social Club I love this song, but again, slightly too low, and a 'misunderstood lyric' in 1st verse!
Had so many singers, I was only able to sing two.

Tacky-Weird Al DNH
Rumour Has It-Adele Did well, except for the bridge.  Will sing this again at a later date, after more practice!
Chevy Van-Sammy Johns Slightly too low, but I've loved this song since the 2nd grade!
Rolling In The Deep-Adele Nailed it!
Seven Bridges Road-Eagles (with Peppers) We nailed it:)

Take A Bow-Madonna Slightly too low, but good!
Rumor Has It-Reba McEntire Messed up on the melody of the 1st verse, but overall, good!
Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd Verses were good, but chorus was slightly too low.  Not bad!
Take Me Home Country Road -John Denver (with Gary) Nailed it!
Just Give Me A Reason-Pink (with Gary) A few hiccups, but did well!

Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill Good:)
Bring Me To Life-Evanescence Nailed it, and was complimented!
Call Me When You're Sober-Evanescence Did well:)