Sunday, September 25, 2016

So Ashamed....

From Greg Browning:

"Wednesday, Sept 21st, the Indiana Fever decided to make their voices known about the social injustices occurring in our country these days. The entire team locked arms and didn't stand while the National Anthem played, but instead took a knee. The Fever made national news this morning, not by how they performed during the game, but instead by being the first professional sporting team to protest by not standing during our anthem. I have mixed emotions about this, because as long as I can remember, I've always stood. As a small child, I can recall doing this before our t-ball games. I asked my parents why we stand and put our hand over our heart. They explained it's out of respect and love for our country, and for the men and women who fought to make the U.S free. So I am saddened to see the Indiana Fever not standing last night. It was disrespectful. Also, these ladies are roll models to children...and adults for that matter. I understand that they are exercising their freedom of speech and wanting to draw attention to a serious concern, but to what end? What if every player on both teams had some cause they were passionate about, and refused to stand? Or EVERY PERSON at the game refused to stand because they wanted to protest the 'issue du jour'? Hell, let's just stop playing the National Anthem, because according to these athletes the anthem and our flag isn't something to be respected and proud of, but instead they're selfishly using it as a platform for their own interests. I will give the Fever this much credit...they are at least protesting peacefully, unlike those clowns in the news who are rioting in North Carolina last night. They're only damaging their community further. There's a group that I wish would take a knee."

Ever since that Quarterback-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (why give him more SEO??) protested disgraced himself by refusing to stand during the National Anthem, a lot of other sheep athletes have followed his example lead.  All in the name of 'let's protest this issue of white cops killing unarmed blacks'.  

Yes, they have a right to protest.  And they're doing it peacefully, unlike the idiots who riot and cause more dissension in their communities.  Guess what?  Several of these victims were NOT 'unarmed'.

Let me veer away from my topic a moment, and reiterate something I heard:  If we as parents teach our kids to respect officers (black or white...I don't care!) and to not run away/brandish a gun/smart off to them, your kid may not get into worse trouble.  Yes, there are always circumstances in which it might always work in your favor, such as mistaken identity (hey, it DOES happen!), but for the most part, if you're respectful to the cops, they'll be more inclined to treat you decently.  If you act guilty, they're gonna assume you're guilty, or have something to hide.

Back to the subject at hand:  You live in our country.  You play for our country. Therefore, RESPECT  our flag and our National Anthem.  I'm not particularly happy with our present leaders, but for some misguided reason, the majority kept them in office four years ago, and I respect that.  I don't have to agree with everything, and I hope to God we elect the right person to lead us during the next four years.  I do not want to live in fear of being beheaded; lose my constitutional rights; or enter another Depression or even nuclear war.  I'm too young to remember the events of 1979...I hated politics at the time and yes, made fun of the president at the time, and I did believe in our leader at the time in the 90s, and am now not happy about all the lies told, but he was the lesser of two evils at the time, and I liked the gas prices!  But the current nominee....I'm jumping ship.

I watched the 60 minutes segment on Libertarians and realize my values line up better with them, though I doubt they'll ever be a majority party.  I'm Pro-Choice, though I wouldn't personally do it, but I'm not going to begrudge others their choices.  I'd rather it be safe than women resort to back-alley tactics again.  In the meantime, I don't vote one straight ticket; I vote on the issues.  But what about the Primary?  I vote whichever ticket I recognize the most names.  During this year, I voted for BS, just to keep the other person from getting my vote.  The spouse and kids voted the other party, so they cancelled me out.  I don't care; they voted their conscience; I voted mine.

Not every candidate is infallible.  Our founding fathers probably would not have been voted into office, had 24/7 news coverage been available at the time.  They did what they thought was best for our country, not what was best for them.

Oops, I digressed again.  I used to follow the Indiana Fever.  I applauded when a few Purdue grads were chosen for the team, and was happy to see another Women's team.

 But I'm not proud of their decision to protest follow the misguided theory this will bring change.

We all need to remember the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others and stop believing hyped up idiots who think they're doing the right things when they're only driving the dissension further.

You want our country to fall into ISIS control?  You WANT our country to be like pre-WWII Germany?  Or Communist China?  Socialist Russia?  By all means, you have the right to live wherever you want.  I want to live in a free society. where I don't have to live in fear of the government taking away my rights.

Stand up and be a proud American.  Honor our flag or leave.

Your choice.

Friday, September 23, 2016

FlashbackFriday: Wonderful Opportunity!

Sept 2006:
Take a look to the right.

See the picture captioned 'Sara's Book'?  That's my daughter's 6th grade picture on the title of her story, 'Frisky', a dog who ventures out of his yard and goes on an adventure, meeting up with other stray dogs and eventually finding his way back home.

How did this happen?  She arrived home from school, all smiles, saying every kid in her class was told to write and illustrate a story, and it would then be published.  Parents will be given the chance to order copies only ONCE.

She showed me the story she was working on, and her drawings.  All very cute!  A few weeks later, she brought home the order form, and we ordered 5 or 6 copies:  One for each of the three grandparents; one for her; and one for us.  Not sure if we ordered a 6th for an aunt or not.

The books arrived, and I was touched that my daughter had dedicated her book to me:)  We laughed over the other kids' dedications....some had dedicated to their best friends, or even 'boy/girlfriends'.  But the fact was, there were now TWO published authors in the family!

My oldest son didn't get this opportunity, and no word as of yet if my Tween will get it either.  But this was definitely a Proud Mama moment.

The house hunting continued, with friends at church praying we would find something.

Next Month:  One Last Effort; The Letter; Making The Choice.

Present Day:
Anxiously awaiting the call that lets us know our closing date!  It was supposed to be yesterday, but earlier this week it was delayed, due to the underwriter realizing our homeowners insurance would make our down payment $20 more, then looked at our ($1600) bank account balance and suspended everything.  Our lender was furious, since she hadn't spoken with him 1st.  But since our deposit came in on Wed, the new screenshot was taken yesterday, and we're hoping we get the news today when we'll close and if we can take a few hundred dollars and put food in the house again.  I'm literally down to one chicken meal; pork chops; one flat-iron steak; hot dogs; and a clean-out-the-fridge-night meal.  Last night, I used our final pound of hamburger to make Wacky Mac, and didn't have any salad or garlic bread.  Couldn't even MAKE garlic bread, since I'm out of garlic!  Grrrrr....

Last Sunday at KABB, I sold 2 books,  Very disappointing, but at least it paid for my gas home.  Plus, my voice began going year, there's talk of doing the event during a downtown event, so I'll give this one more year.

On Monday, my voice was gone.  It's now Friday and it's still husky, so didn't go to karaoke last night (though I could've sung Watermelon Crawl, lol!), and don't know if I'll go tomorrow night.  I didn't go last week, since I had to be up at 5:30 am.  But if I do, it will be Bon Jovi Night:)

Fall is now here, but Mother Nature didn't get the message.  We're supposed to be in the 90s until next week.  Tonight is Homecoming, and my Tween is in the parade, plus we have a football game tomorrow morning.  Last week, his team won both days:  18-14 on Sat and 38-0 on Sunday!  Both games the temps were in the low 80s.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Theory.....

Twenty years ago, an unspeakable tragedy occurred the day after Christmas.  A little girl was found murdered in her home, along with a ransom note.

Over the next several months, we watched, baffled, as the story unraveled, and we wondered why the parents were allowed certain liberties, such as being on CNN; being interviewed together; mishandling of the crime scene and little girl's body, etc.  Several fingers were pointed at various people, but later, no indictment ever happened.  Sadly, the mother passed away during the 10th anniversary of her daughter's death, and the mystery remains unsolved to this day.  The father and brother have faded from the news.

The past two days, CBS aired a two-part special investigation with top authorities to recreate the scene, test theories, interview witnesses, and shed some light on just what the hell happened that evening.

I watched with particular interest as never-seen-before footage was shown, and paid attention to the body language of the little girl's brother, who was not quite ten at the time.

I also discovered facts about the evening that I'd forgotten, or hadn't even known.  Here's a brief description of the events leading up to the discovery:

-The family arrived home; little girl was asleep and put to bed.
-Brother is given a bedtime snack of fruit and instructed to go to bed.
-Mother probably wakes up little girl and taken to bathroom, then returned to bed.  Mother goes to bed.

-Little girl is now wide awake, goes downstairs and probably playfully swipes a piece of brother's fruit.
-Brother is enraged at sister's actions and gives chase, grabbing flashlight and hits her in the head ala 'Don't touch my food!'
-Little girl is rendered unconscious; brother pokes her with part of his train set to see if she's awake.
-Mother comes down to see what's going on; goes into panic mode and alerts father.
-In order to cover up, plan is concocted and set into motion, including all efforts to direct attention away from what really happened.

Twenty years ago, we'd been told the mother had a temper, and we speculated maybe she'd snapped and hit her daughter on the head, then panicked when the injury was more severe.  We also speculated that maybe the brother had been involved.  Remember, this was before 24/7 news coverage; in fact, it might have been at the beginning of the 'news frenzy', began the previous year when the OJ trial was going on.

As I watched the interviews with the brother, and having a background in child psychology, the body language and his demeanor struck me as odd.

-He seemed matter-of-fact, instead of sounding fearful, as in 'Will this happen to me?'
-He never referred to her as 'my sister'; he says 'the body'.
-When the interviewer asked about what happened, he piped up 'Oh I know what happened!', but then picked up some sort of toy and ran it over his head as he backtracked and reiterates 'Dad said...' Then, when speculating HOW it happened, he eagerly put down the toy and acted out stabbing or hitting her.  THIS IS NOT TYPICAL BEHAVIOR WHEN SIBLINGS HAVE BEEN KILLED, UNLESS CHILD HAS BEEN INVOLVED!!
-At this point, I wondered if the brother was an actual sociopath, but then I saw the interview when he was a little older.
-Brother is laid back, acting cocky, and even sits on his knees, with his hands under his legs, even getting 'up close and personal' with photographs.
-When asked about the fruit, and it comes out about the bowl being on the table, he hems and haws around, as if he's thinking, "Oh no.....they KNOW!", and not knowing whether to own up to it or to keep covering it up.  His answers go all over the place, and are very inconsistent.

So yes, I'm reasonably convinced at this point that the theory is the correct one, and the parents, after going into total panic mode, did everything they could do in order to deflect attention away from their son.  When in, fact, it was all a case of accidental homicide, and he probably would have gotten off with probation.

We also found out last night that grand jury voted to INDICT the parents, but the PROSECUTOR disregarded it and dismissed the case.  He also refused to speak with the team in the show.  In fact, many people refused to speak to anyone.

So if anyone asks me about this case in the future, I can tell them about my theory, based on what I know now.

-Basement window was broken, and open  Despite fact spiderweb was undisturbed and any adult would have taken it out.
-Suitcase under window, indicating 'escape route'  Despite the fact debris would have been evident, and none was found.
-Ransom Note Why would intruder leave a two-page, long-winded note, then kill and leave the child?

NONE OF THIS HELD UP IN TEST, as you can see in the blue comments.

SHAME on the law enforcement for caving into political pressures to 'protect' the family, and SHAME on the family for covering up the truth.

This was also around the time of the infamous 'I did not sleep with....' conversation our own leader was undertaking.  Are baby boomers just the 'deny deny deny' generation??

I'll admit, I've told my share, but never to this extent!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Flashback Friday: House Hunting

Sept 1996:
We knew the time was quickly approaching to make a decision about the kids' education, and decided to contact the realtor who'd sold Great-Grandma's house to see if he could find one for us.  We looked at several in rural Marion and Hendricks county, and even two around the Moorseville area, but nothing seemed to come together.  D fell in love with one particular property, but wasn't crazy about the fact it was down in a valley.  We drove down after a few days of heavy rain, and sure enough, the flooding was close to the house.  We said no to it, and kept looking.

We'd fallen in love with the concept of a manufactured house, and found two floor plans we liked, including one company's who was building a neighborhood of 5 acre lots.  We both liked the fact several lots were wooded, and decided to think about it.

In the meantime, K was making friends with kids who had moved in near us, and was enjoying playing with other kids.

One thing I forgot to mention:  K learned the hard way about trusting others.  When we bought him his 1st 'big boy' bike the previous year, we instructed him NOT to leave the bike alone.  One day he'd ridden down to the other end of the green space, but wouldn't come home when called.  D went to get him and found him in tears.  Apparently, one of his so-called 'friends' had twisted up the training wheels in order to ride it, therefore ruining them.  K didn't want to push his bike home, and couldn't ride it, plus knew the rule for leaving it behind!  Lesson learned:  Don't let kids older than you ride your bike.

D was able to bend them back into place, and K didn't play with him anymore.  The boy's sister ratted him out; apparently they were Hispanic and the kid was the only boy, so was able to pretty much do what he wanted without repercussions.

Present Day:
A slight glitch has pushed out closing on the house back a week or two....maybe.  Apparently when the homeowner insurance binder arrived, it caused our downpayment to be $20 more than originally planned.  Instead of consulting with our mortgage lender, the underwriter pulled up our account, saw we only had $1600 in it, and suspended the mortgage, due to 'insufficient funds'.  If he'd spoken to our lender, he would have been told the rest of the $$ was going to be deposited the day before we close!  So now we don't know if we'll close next week or closer to October 1st.  Our landlord called; she'd given our house to a local church and we'll need to be out by December 1st.

What's that?

What house, you ask?

This is our new house, a 3 Brm, 2 full bath, and it comes with not just one, but three city lots:)

Back yard, including the car port D plans to turn into a garage.  There's also a space past the car port where a barn once stood, so he'll be building another one:)  We'll also have to fence in part of the yard for the dogs.

The Tween has two football games this weekend (one's a makeup game from last week, due to rain), and I'm headed to Jeffersonville on Sunday for the Kentuckiana Book Blitz.  Sales were good last week, so I hope to continue the trend:)  Plus, I handed out 94 copies of the poem I'd written.  I'm desperately out of business cards, plus sold out of Wild At Heart, Love Weighs In, and Hotel Stories, though more copies of HS should arrive either today, tomorrow, or Monday.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
It's Bon Jovi Night!
Living On A Prayer
Living In Sin
You Give Love A Bad Name
Blaze of Glory (if there's time; I plan to leave at 11:30, so I can get some sleep. Have to be on the road by 6:30 am).

Friday, September 9, 2016

Flashback Friday: Making Weird Choices....

September 1986:
Brief Recap:  JD and I were definitely over, since he chose his summer fling over me; I'd met JF during my final weeks at summer school, and we had definitely 'clicked'; plus I was enjoying my FWB relationship with TH.  Now, I was about to start my final semester at VU....

Ah September.....this was one of those times when if I could go back and reverse some choices, I would.....

First of all, I left out a person I'd met, a guy who enjoyed Trivial Pursuit as much as I did.  We had several games which lasted DAYS, and we went for long platonic walks.

Until the day he screwed up his courage and kissed me.  Tiny sparks were there, but I was already with JF, so I discouraged him further.

Speaking of JF....he was sending out confusing signals.  I knew he'd just gotten out of a divorce, so I figured he wanted to take some time before diving head first into a solid relationship again.


He would frequently introduce me to his friends, then say something like, "Why don't you date him? He's got a lot of money/He likes to dance/He likes Star Wars as much as you do."

I wanted so badly to tell him, "I don't want to date your friends, I want to date YOU!", but I held back, thinking I was rushing him.

Yeah....if I could go back......

Mistake #2 was when I met Bennie, TH's roommate.  I thought he and I would be a good match, with the exception of the fact I was maybe half an inch taller, and the fact I was now with JF.  Bennie and went out one evening and ended up play-acting, which ended up in me wearing his HS ring.  I gave it back after a week, choosing to be with JF instead.  I have to say this much; JF was extremely tolerent of this flip-flop!  I think it helped I'd only kissed Ben, and nothing more.

Mistake #3 was when a freshman danced with me one night, and we went for a walk.  One thing led to another, but when I refused to see him again, he bad-mouthed me for a week.  Yeah, I was stupid....

Mistake #4 happened with the AF officer came home.  I stupidly believed him when he said the girl he brought home was for someone else, then didn't believe his mother when she told me otherwise.  BUT....After meeting him and TS in the lobby (it was TS I threw my arms around, incidentally!), then being left alone for two days w/o so much as a phone call, I was beginning to suspect he'd lied to me. One evening, he called me, obviously drunk, from a party, and wanted to come get me.  I said no; it was midnight, and I was in bed.  After a heated argument, in which he threatened to never speak to me again if I hung up and I had replied 'Good, so I can get some sleep!", he paused and said, "Now,let's think about this for a moment."

"There's nothing to think about.  I have a test in the morning and I need my damn sleep."

TS got on the phone and talked me out of my mad.  Since my roommates were now yelling at me to either hang up or go out in the hall, I relented and agreed to meet them outside in a few minutes.  I crawled out of bed to hang up the phone and all three of my roomies cheered!

BUT.....'a few minutes' turned into an hour.  I had just decided to return to my warm bed when they pulled up.  I almost didn't go out, but I wanted to see TS again. To my surprise, T didn't drive me to a party; he drove to a cornfield.  When I found out what S wanted, and T wouldn't leave the car, my temper blew.  They took me back to campus and I was so furious, I had trouble getting back to sleep.  I DID make it to class on time, and I DID pass my test.

But the biggest mistake I regret?  When BG and I went to sign up for our classes, she stated she thought she'd seen TS.  I argued with her, saying she couldn't have possibly seen him, since he was attending the University of Illinois.  When I saw him that night of the yelling match, he'd transferred to VU.  I could have saved myself some major angst if we'd reconnected before Labor Day.

Present Day:
Revealing Secret Project #2:
We've been approved for mortgage, and will be closing on our new house in two weeks!  We're getting it for an absolute STEAL, since it's part of an estate and the owner, who knows the spouse's family very well, just wants to get rid of it.  I applied for the mortgage July 1st, and everything has been smooth sailing.  I'm looking forward to cleaning it up, moving in, and having 2 bathrooms!!!

This weekend, weather permitting (it's supposed to rain, ugh!), I'll be setting up my booth at the Bicentennial Celebration (Indiana turns 200 on Dec 11th) both days, and looking forward to seeing the torch arrive around 8pm on Sunday.  Tween also has a game on Saturday at 3; I may have to miss this one.  Also, really hoping the heat cools off!

Karaoke Songs For Tomorrow:
Live Like You Were Dying-Tim McGraw
Live To Tell-Madonna
Longer-Dan Fogleburg
Long Goodbye-Brooks and Dunn
(Back Up Song): Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee-Grease

Friday, September 2, 2016

Flashback Friday: Impressions of New Teacher

Sept 1976:
Did I mention Sid, our Basset Hound, had a bad habit of following the school bus?  After weeks of having to keep him indoors every day after school until the bus disappeared, I don't remember if I suddenly decided to trust him, or if this happened on a weekend.  Anyway, my parents received the distressing news that Sid had been found on the highway (a quarter of a mile from our house).  Sid had been a wonderful addition to our family, causing hilarity when someone fed him leftover Rice Krispy cereal and forgot to put it in his special food bowl, the extra-wide one, to accommodate his ears!  Sid had the cereal on both ears, until someone caught him and washed it off!

I don't remember when Jaime, the golden retriever puppy, came to live with us, but there's a picture of me holding her in September.  I think we gave her away after a few weeks, because she chewed everything, plus had a hard time being house-broken.

After my tough year in 4th grade, I was still thrilled to find out AF was in my class again, though Mr. M had placed girls on one side of the room and boys on the other.  I was against the blackboard, while A was clear across the room by the divider.  A few weeks into the school year, Mr. M moved the boy in the last row, behind A, and asked for a volunteer.  I held up my hand, and moved my desk, not realizing this would place me in the hot sun every afternoon.  Mr. M caught me fanning myself and reminded me it had been my choice to move.

I resolved to stay on his good side, since he'd told us on day #1 he DID spank students, and had the paddle hanging behind his desk on the wall.  I would live in fear of that paddle the rest of the year.

Movies seen:  Gus (Walt Disney) and Logan's Run (though I didn't completely understand it!).

For TV, I was hooked on Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Charlie's Angels.

Present Day:
We have to take the granddaughter to Urgent Care, since she's broken out in a rash/bites all down her legs and tummy.  I'm praying it's not scabies!

Tonight is the Wine, Cheese, and Art Festival in Washington, and I'm hoping to do well tonight, since I sold 5 books in 2014 and six in 2016:)  I'll be handing out free copies of my poem, The Sounds of Indiana, and selling samples of the Adult Coloring Book.

Karaoke was cancelled last night, due to technical difficulties!  Jerry was singing "Queen of Memphis" when just as the 2nd verse began, the sound quit.  Brower tried to fix it, even rebooted the entire system, but still no sound.  He's hoping to have it fixed this weekend!  I think the family was surprised to see me home after only being gone an hour, lol!

Saturday, I plan to sing the following:
Little Toy Guns-Carrie Underwood
Little White Church-Little Big Town
Little Willy-Sweet
Let's Hear It For The Boy-Deniece Williams

Some upsetting news:  Tween came home, asking if I'd gotten the message from the principal.  Apparently, he'd taken a marker and drawn on some lockers and the wall, and now had an In School Suspension (ISS) for the next 2 days.  I called Mr. Pfoff, and told him I was in his corner, and to have him also do some janitorial work, like sweeping the cafeteria and wiping down the tables!  He's not allowed to clean up the marker, because of the chemicals (according to Mr. Pfoff).  He's just lost his PS3 privileges again, having gained them back for homework issues in August.  He's also lucky he doesn't have a game this weekend; we would have 'benched' him.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sept Reading List

Sooooo......August has gone and my score card for the goals look terrible:

-Do well at Watermelon Fest  Sold 2, and 4 samples of new coloring book:)
-Finish paying for KABB  Nope.
-Start paying for Imaginarium Nope
-Pay B  Not even close.
-Pay for OA Honestly, I can't remember if I owe him $20 or $40...
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist Nope.
-Finish Ghost Story  Added about 2K....
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Still owe $135...
-Make progress on Heart Song  Nope.
-Progress to Stage #7 on Secret Project #2  Made it to Phase #6-C....
-Complete Phases C and D of Secret Project #1  Am ready for Phase D:)

What HAVE I been doing this month, besides working on Ghost Story?  I've had dryer issues; homework issues; teacher meetings; football meetings, and granddaughter issues.  I've also binge-watched Brain Dead, the Olympics, and as of this past weekend, Season #5 of Once Upon A Time.  I'm also keeping up with Big Brother 18 and Deadliest Catch.

Despite all this, I have managed to read 9 books, 7 print and 2 e-books, and added 19 songs to the Karaoke 'Good' list:)  I've also managed to lose 2 pounds, despite going on a blackberry cobbler craze and eating 3 of them in 2 weeks.  With help, not just all by myself!

With that in mind, here are the September Goals:
-Do well at Wine and Art Fest  Bleh....sold one key chain. Everyone wanted Hotel Stories, which I was sold out of.
-Pay for and attend the Eminence Fall Festival???  Not looking very promising.....
-Do well at Bicentennial Celebration  Sold 11!!!!
-Finish paying forAND do well at KABB  Check; sold only 2, but handed out several copies of the poem!
-Start paying for Imaginarium  Only have to come up with car rental and $30, plus food!
-Pay B
-Pay for OA
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist
-Finish Ghost Story
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show
-Make progress on Heart Song
-Progress to Stage #7 on Secret Project #2  Check!
-Complete Phase D of Secret Project #1

Reading Schedule:
Slow Hand-Victoria Vane  Good story:)
Her Perfect Mate-Paige Tyler  Loved the sample!
Hungry Like The Wolf-PT  Ditto:)  Want both of these books!
Perfect Scoundrels-Ally Carter  Very good!
The Darlings In Love-Melissa Kantor  Very good:)
Ditched-Robin Mellom  Interesting story....

Wild Irish Heart-Tricia O'Malley  Decent story!
Forbidden Hunger-Teresa Gabelman  RR!  Really enjoyed this, even though the ending seemed a little.....convenient....
The Vampire's Mail Order Bride-Kristin Painter
Shadows of Jane-Amy Hale  Interesting book.
Rattled-Jane Chari  RR!  At first I thought it was going to be something different, but after the 1st chapter, I could NOT put this down!
All That Remains-SM Shade
Betrayal-Aleatha Rom

Karaoke Songs (Thurs)
Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day Slightly low, but not too bad....
Final Countdown-Europe  Nailed it:)
Walking in Memphis- Marc Cohn  Was told it was good:)
Walking on Broken Glass-Annie Lennox  Not too bad:)
Walking on Sunshine-Katrina and the Waves Nailed it:)
Wannabe-Spice girls  Was told it was good:)
I was hit with laryngitis on the 18th and while the voice did eventually return, I cannot sing above high 'C'.  Then complications with the karaoke computer on the 29th meant I could only sing one song.  :(

Little Toy Guns-Carrie Underwood  DNH
Little White Church-Little Big Town Nailed it:)
Little Willie-Sweet  Did fairly well...
Let's Hear It For The Boy-Deniece Williams  Not too bad:)
Live And Let Die-Paul McCartney and Wings  Was okay....
Live Like You Were Dying-Tim McGraw  Not too least I was on pitch!
Live To Tell-Madonna  Nailed it:)
Again, laryngitis prevented me from singing on the 24th.  Tried to do Longer (D. Fogleburg), but voice decided to mimic a teenage boy going through puberty, so told Mark to take me out of the rotation!