Monday, April 25, 2022

Life In Lumber, Y4, W9

 Day 38:  $9,173 (and 71 cents)

Arrived and was immediately busy.  Managed to get the soda count done by 7:30, only to be told we probably weren't going to do it.  Things slowed down when I returned from break, but didn't get all the prelim duties done until nearly 9.  Started mucking out the mats at 9:15, and final customer was at 9:45, so told Loader Al and E to go ahead and do the safety pallets and concrete.

Only needed on o/r; a customer had scaffolding that was on sale, and had the pic, but it was the wrong item #.  AL went back and confirmed it WAS the right one, so we changed the price.

Also noshed on snack mix the first 3 hours; I was hungry!  Did my LU and AP4Me around 8:30.  Clocked out at 10:15.

Outfit:  Gray leopard print, new dark jeggings, small gold textured hoops.

Day 39:  $8,933 (and 89 cents)

Went in and asked if they needed me; the answer was yes, since Ryan had called in.  So took over for Em, and was immediately busy, but then tapered off to the point I had to soda count done by 6:15.  Em came down for it and at 7, began putting it away and doing the prelim duties. Went to break at 7:30, and when I came back, swept the place and mucked out the mats.  At 9, sanitized the counters.  Had final customer at 9:45.  Locked the doors, and when HC A cleaned me out, took the trash down and put up my vest.

Only needed one o/r:  Final customer had a discounted door.  Clocked out at 10:15.

Outfit:  Maroon shirt, new dark jeggings, silver fancy cross earrings

Am calling in tomorrow, since I have to go to Lafayette.

Day 40:  $2,647 (and 57 cents)

Arrived and took over for B, rang up two customers, then did soda count.  Had it done by 5:45, then started on prelim duties.  Even had the place swept by 7, and did my LU and checked my schedule.  Re-requested the dates for Superman Celebration weekend and Rainbow. Went to break at 7:45, and when I returned, re-checked trash, then pulled it, and swept the horseshoe. Wrote a little on Frank's story, then at 9 sanitized the counters and registers.  Had final customer at 9:30; brought in our cull cart at 9:50.  Em came down and got my trash, so when HC C cleaned me out, walked her up front and put up my vest.

Mgr G showed me how to recall the cull carts;  333-333-1610.  He asked me, "You've worked here HOW long and you don't know how to do this?  How do you ring them up if there's no sheet?"

I said, "Scan everything and reduce the pre-tax price by 50 or 75%.  No one's showed me how to do it on the new system yet!"

It's now in my notebook....

Clocked out at 10:15.

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, silver fancy cross earrings

Day 41:  $7,571 (and 68 cents)

Arrived and saw ASM K at the CS desk, and when I took over for B, saw she was closing.  But she didn't stay in Lumber very long, so it was a peaceful evening!  Had the soda count done by 6, and the prelim duties and LU accomplished by 7.  Swept half the area, then Em relieved me at 7:40. After break, I finished sweeping, then sanitized the counters and registers. Filled the snacks and soda, then brought in two cull carts.  HC J cleaned me out at 9:55, so locked the doors and sent the trash down with Loader K. Waited while he put the safety pallets, then ASM K arrived and said she'd watch the door.  Put up my vest and put away the borrowed dust pan I borrowed from the break room.  Clocked out at 10:15.

Outfit:  Gray v-neck shirt, new faded jeggings, silver fancy cross earrings.

Day 42:  Rare Saturday $14 (roughly)

Was asked to come in, so after I'd had it with the rain and wind at the Wine and Brewfest (around 7:30 pm!), I headed in and clocked in at 8:30.  HC C had me do soda count for all coolers, and I even hopped on a register to ring up one customer.  After filling the coolers, I helped Dawson do the closing duties down in Lumber, and showed him how to ring up a cull pack.  Took trash and RTMs down, and clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  I Like Coffee tee, new faded jeggings, gold hoops.

Day 43:  Rare Sunday $14,803 (and 1 cent)

Arrived; customer says to me, "You spend as much time here as I do."

I replied, "I work here; what's your excuse?"

He laughed and moved on.

I relieved Em and was immediately busy.  Reg #2's pinpad quit, so hopped over to #3 until it was fixed.  Em went to lunch at 1; I was slammed and had to call for a code 3 at one point.  Em returned, and we did manage to move soda over to the Lumber cooler and bring in carts.  I went to lunch at 3:30 (McA's) and when I returned, I price-matched some 2x10s and 2x12s, and discounted some 2x16s to the 2x14 price.  Em left at 6; I started the closing duties and did my LU, as well as my training.  Pulled trash, did the soda count, and started sweeping.  Talked Rob into buying me a candy bar, lol!  Got the soda put away and the counters and registers sanitized.  Took the front end's trash to the hopper.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  White V-neck tunic, new faded jeggings, fancy silver cross earrings.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W8

 Day 32:  $3,472 (and 95 cents)

Arrived to discover Mel's final day is Sat; she was offered the Fullfillment job in E'ville. Also, Deb's retiring, and today was Noel's final day.  She'll be working in the office at one of the nursing homes.

Took over for B, and was busy ringing up customers for the 1st hour.  Did the soda count, then while things were slow, set up an LBA, only to have to call for a reference #.  I then realized the line is beginning to back up, so called for a Code 3.  Got the customer approved, then hopped over to #2 to help with the line.  Customer B had an estimate that wouldn't ring up.  Switched back to #2, then called HC A when it still wouldn't ring up. Ended up ringing it up in Genesis.  Then their card needed approved; they only had $800 available.  Customer argues they just paid it off.  Got a hold of a CSA, who explained there was a 'hold' on their $6K payment until May 5th.  Customer began to write a check, but then their bank wouldn't transfer any funds.  Her hubby used his card, and the payment went through.

Continued with the prelim duties, and was sent to break at 8.  When I returned, started sweeping.  I'd just finished with the horseshoe when four policemen arrived with a Hispanic guy.  Not knowing the protocol, I logged onto Casey's register to pretend I wasn't eavesdropping.  Apparently a caller had reported 'suspicious activity'.  The guy had no ID, and after a lengthy conversation, he was let go.  I finished sweeping, then Loader N and AM took out the trash and brought in the concrete.  I put away the soda, and locked the doors at 9. HC A cleaned me out; I took the remaining trash bag to the hopper and walked her up front, locked the middle doors, then grabbed a small roll of trash bags and filled all mine.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabela's sweatshirt, faded jeggings, small textured gold hoops.

Day 33:  $4,636 (and 89 cents)

Shift began well; I had the soda count done in an hour, and the customers were nice and steady.  Then Customer A arrived and began to give me a list of things for delivery.  Line began to back up; we discovered he needed to go get item numbers, so I hopped over to #2 and rang up the line.  A returned and we finished the order....but delivery fee was wrong, so called ASM N, who came down while I was on #2. I went back and finished A's order, but the delivery was still wrong, so sent them down to CS to get it fixed.

I went to lunch, and when I returned, Customer B arrived, and tried to pay by check.  Turned out the owner of said check was on the phone, and the 1st time I ran the check, it needed the drivers license #.  B took too long and it timed out.  2nd time, it declined.  We tried to manually imput it, but still declined. So saved it and logged into Genesis, but could not recall the invoice.  Rescanned everything, and promptly forgot how to do a phone order, so had to call HC J, who refreshed my memory,  Got them finally rang up, with me apologizing all over the place for the delay.

Things slowed down, so got the place swept.  Customer C arrived and asked about the altercation last night.  I rang him up, he put his card in, and when I told him the total, he was shocked.  He thought two items were only $17; they were $119!  Printed his receipt and sent him to CS to get it refunded or fixed.

Tracy A arrived and wanted to know if he could get a very warped plywood for half off; I said sure, so needed an o/r.

Loader K took the trash hopper and set the safety pallets; I returned a can of paint, and clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Red turtleneck, faded jeggings, copper hoops

Day 34:  $5,560 (and 29 cents)

Arrived and took over for B, and did the soda count and prelim duties.  Rang up customers, then began sweeping around 7. Went to break at 7:30, then came back and brought in some carts, re-swept the walkway, mucked out the mats, and sanitized all the registers.  Locked the doors at 9:55, and took the trash to the hopper while HC J cleaned out my register.  Nice, steady night.

Outfit:  Black/gray shirt, faded jeggings, red sweatshirt, copper hoops

Day 35:  $7,334 (and 54 cents)

Began my shift by filling the snack rack, and one of my customers, Leon, asked me if I had any free ones.  I said no, but when he mentioned he and his wife were going to La Fiesta, I told him to bring me some chips.  "Oh, you want chips, but I don't get any Oreos?"  He winked and went shopping.  Later, he showed up with his doors and paid with a refund card, and the balance was $27.  He rolled his eyes and opened his wallet.  "Do you have enough to still take US to La Fiesta?" I teased.  "Yes, MOLLY." and handed me $40.  I smiled, gave him his change, and sent him on his way. His wife was cracking up the entire time!

After I filled all the snacks and soda, I did the prelim duties and brought in some carts.  Around 7:30, L's wife came in and handed me a small take out container!  I thanked her, and she said, "I wanted to bring you these, because you brighten our day every time we see you."  Awwwww......

I went to break, and when I came back, noshed on those chips for an hour while sweeping, then mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers and wiped down the counters.  When HC J cleaned me out, I locked the doors and waited for Loader Al to finish setting the safety pallets and bringing in the concrete.  Took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:15 and went to karaoke....

Bill showed up around 12:30!  Tried to take a pic with him, Vickers (it was his b-day), and Elaine, but he pulled his sweatshirt over his face.  So I took one on the sly.  He's growing a gray/white beard, so didn't recognize him at first.  Stormi was also there, and Elaine won $100 on the tip board.  She got drunk and wrote 'Spank me' on Steve's cup!  Got home around 1:30 to a very grumpy hubby.

Outfit:  Whitehorse sweatshirt, faded jeggings, small gold textured hoops.

Day 36:  $12,666 (and 69 cents!)

Arrived and immediately rang up one customer, then gathered the paperwork and began the prelim duties.  Ended up being very busy from 6pm-7:30; went to break, and when I returned, had time to gather the rest of the trash.  Didn't start sweeping until nearly 8:30, and finally sanitized the registers around 9:30.  Filled the bags; tried to do my LU, but the screen wouldn't load.  Returned items to electrical, hardware, and tools.  Clocked out at 10:15.  Good night:)

Am off to Nashville, IN tomorrow with Loader Matt.

Day 37:  Rare Sunday $17,177 (and 79 cents)

Arrived slightly late, and discovered #2 was down.  Hopped on #3, then ASM N came down and fixed #2, which worked maybe an hour, before I was back on #2.  Em went to lunch at 1 and we were slammed!  Even had a 'traffic jam' at one point.  E returned around 2 and the madness continued until 3, when things settled down. She swept, while I shuffled the soda.  ASM K ticked me off; apparently Cait hadn't taken out the trash, so K asked me to please take it out tonight.  Gritting my teeth, I said I would.  And rolled my eyes...I ALWAYS TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!!

Had an interesting exchange with LCS....customer I recognized needed an approval....I called, CS says b/c her hubby's not with her, I'm 'not supposed to process' her card.  I did get her to tell me the credit amount left, agreed with her, and hung up.  I then told the customer we could process X amount on card (so she'd get her discount), then the balance on another card.  Problem solved; I've worked with this customer before, and she had her hubby's photo ID on her phone. She thanked me profusely; I told her she was lucky she came to me, b'c the 'young ones' would have politely thanked her and refused to process it.  I'm working on Year 4, and knew how to do it.

Went to lunch at McA, after selling M Lewis her keychain, and when I returned, I took over #1 while Em went to break.  I did the soda count, then HC J told me we didn't have anything, so I kept it for tomorrow.  Reg #2 went down again, and HC A came down and fixed it.  She's taking ASM N's job, so now we need two more HCs, since Haley quit.  After Em left at 6, I started on the closing duties, and finally got the place swept by 7:30.  Swept the mats and even the concrete outside, and my final customer left at closing.  Let Loader C out for the safety pallets and concrete, then rode a scooter to the front, taking back items to Plumbing, Paint, and Hardware.  Returned and discovered HC J had taken my final bag of trash, and had forgotten the tax exempts, so pushed a LG cart up front, then grabbed a roll of trash bags, put one in the can and the rest in the plastic container, THEN put up my vest and took the paperwork up front. Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Blessed G'ma tee, new dark jeggings, small gold hoops

Monday, April 11, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W7

 Day 28:  $5,1110 (and 59 cents)

Arrived and took over for B. Was fairly steady for an hour, and then #1 decided to act up. Finally moved over to #2....I rebooted #1, and it still wouldn't work. Did my LU and AP4Me, and put away the soda. Cait relieved me at 7:45 for lunch....30 mins!!  When I came back, I started the closing duties and swept. Sanitized the registers and counters.  When HC J came down to clean me out, I took the trash down, then let Loader E outside to his ride. Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit: Bless this mess sweatshirt, dark jeggings, small flower diamond earrings.

Day 29:  $6,710 (and 78 cents)

Arrived; discovered #1s light was burned out. Began ringing up customers and doing the soda count; finally finished soda count at 7pm.  Did the rest of the prelim duties, and Liv relieved me at 7:50 for a 20 min break.  Afterward, did my LU and swept, then mucked out the mats.  Final customer was after HC J began cleaning me out, so hopped over to #2 and rang him up.  Took the trash down, brought in his cart, then returned items to Tools, Plumbing, Paint, Hardware, and LG.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Had one o/r; couple bought a water heater that rang up $580, but was on sale for $459.  ASM M came down for it.

Outfit:  Blue sparkle tee, dark jeggings, copper Larimar earrings.

Day 30:  $3,467 (and 52 cents)

Arrived; B was on #1, since #2 had just begun to act up.  We swapped places; I did the soda count, only to find out it had already been done, AND the soda was already behind the desk!  Filled what I could, then rang up customers just as the deluge began. Had a 'rush' between 6 and 7, then things slowed down. Did the prelim duties, did my LU and my Safety Training. Cait sent me to break at 7:30, and when I returned, swept and mucked out the mats, then wiped down the registers and counters.  Took the trash down after HC J cleaned me out, then put up my vest, took the remaining soda to the cage, and clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Red v-neck, black/white poncho, dark jeggings, diamond flower earrings.

Day 31:  $7,525 (and 48 cents)

Caught a 90 car train, so was slightly late getting to work; clocked in at 4:59. Took over for B, who said it had been a busy day (no rain!), and collected the paperwork, then started on the soda count.  Had it done by 6, and rang up customers, plus did my LU. At 7, finished the prelim duties, and was sent to break at 8:15.  Came back and swept, put away the soda, and brought in carts from the sidewalk.  HC J cleaned me out at 9:50, since we had no carts, and Loader Al had already brought in the concrete. Loader Al took the hopper out, so while I waited for his return, filled the snacks and reorganized the carts.  ASM K and N came down and brought in 'Doc', then closed the door.  After I finished the final cart, I unlocked the door and told Al he'd have to go around back, since 'Doc' was in the way.  Relocked the doors and hung up my vest, then took the tax exempts and loading tickets to CS.  Clocked out at 10:30, only to discover my clock in hadn't been recorded.  Neither had Brenda's, Noah's, or Kelly's.  Weird.

I'm off to Comic Con and Saluki Con for the weekend!  Everyone have a safe and happy Easter weekend!

Outfit:  Black/white shirt, black vest, dark jeggings, copper/larimar earrrings

Monday, April 4, 2022

Life In Lumber, Y4, W6

 Day 25:  $8,602 (and 72 cents)

Arrived and took over for B, and was busy for an hour, when I finally got the soda count done. Was fairly steady until 8, when I went to lunch, and when I returned, did my LU and AP4Me, then began the closing duties.  Got everything swept by 9:30, then wiped down the registers and counters, and swept the mats. Locked the doors at 9:55, and watched Loader Al being coached by AM on the forklift, as he set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete.  Took the trash to the hopper after HC J cleaned me out. Clocked out at 10:15 and went over to BW3 to watch the championship game between Kansas and UNC.  Checked my phone; it was halftime, and UNC was up, 40-25. (WTH,'re the #1 seed!) But at the 12 minute mark, Kansas pulled ahead and stayed there, finally winning 73-69!

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, black tank, black jeggings, copper/larimar earrings

Day 26:  $5,709 (and 66 cents)

Arrived and helped B with the line; he was busy with a customer and didn't get away until nearly 5:30. Was fairly steady for an hour, then began the prelim duties, and even got the floor swept. At 7, did my LU and the new XDT training (why I have to know that, I don't know; it doesn't pertain to cashiers!). At 8, had to use the bathroom so badly, I called ASM M to cover my register. Then thirty minutes later, Marilyn showed up to relieve me for my break. Afterward, I brought in the carts, pulled trash, and swept all the mats. Only had maybe 3 customers the final hour.

Told ASM M I might be running late tomorrow, due to hubby's colonoscopy.

Outfit:  Brown gauze, new faded jeggings, thin gold hoops.

Day 27:  $2,878 (and 73 cents)

Due to the colonoscopy, didn't arrive home until nearly 6, and clocked in at 6:30.  Took over for Kelly, who had already put away the soda.  I did the prelim duties and rang up a few customers....then began sweeping, mucked out the mats, and even sanitized the registers and counters.  Went to break at 9, and worked on a short story after doing my LU and printing out my check stub.  Locked the doors at 10, then discovered I'm Cashier of the Month for April, so ASM N took my picture (I wore his vest, lol!)

I'm off to Indy tomorrow for my semi annual Dr. visit, then off to La Grange, KY on Friday and Saturday for the Kentuckiana Book Fair.  Told N I could work Sunday, if he needed me.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, Fuzzy Socks tee, new faded jeggings, thin gold hoops.