Monday, September 30, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #27

Day 132:
Went in at 5, and just felt sluggish, sort of like 'Convention Hangover' or 'Adrenaline Let Down'.  Had one customer want us to price match a rival store, but it wasn't the same brand or thickness.  I would have done it, but was overruled by HC Cindy.

Our final customer of the night took a long time to load up their trailer.  Myself, Karlie, and Cassie ran carts while Kyle was helping them.

I got mad at whomever worked over the weekend and didn't empty the outside was FULL, and had to empty part of it into another bag just to to be able to tie it off!

Got to see both Hunter Mundy and Logan (blonde Hunter's sister)

Cindy asked me to come in at 3 the rest of the week, since Tiff's still hospitalized.

Outfit:  White 'Faith' tee, faded denim capris

Day 133:
Shift began on a high note; was in a good mood for the first two hours, and then all of a sudden, got hit with a wave of sleepiness that I couldn't shake!  Just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.  Had one gentleman get upset (apparently!) when I was on Reg #2, ringing up a customer until the ones on Reg #1 returned with the correct water heater.  He stepped up at the same time #1 arrived, so I opted to finish ringing up #1.  #2 laid his items down and left.  Not sure what his issue was; #1 was rung up within minutes!  Oh well....

D brought my lunchbox with four lunchables and a bag of Dark Chocolate Oreos, which I shared with several coworkers before placing them in my locker at 6.  Shared Benjamin's Lil' Caesar pizza, then went back to work.

We had a few rushes between 6:30-8:30, but everyone cleared out by 8:45.  Was able to get all closing duties finished, and we clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Black square neck blouse, dark capris, zirconian stud earrings.

Hoping tomorrow is another nice, relaxing day!

Day 134:
Tiff showed up today!  Turned out she'd had pneumonia.  Thankfully, I got to Lumber before she did....they sent her to LG.

I felt as if I was underwater all day....and about 45 mins into my shift, I experienced an intestinal issue and had to go home to change.  Rachel came down to relieve me, and Courtney was able to run me home.  D took me back, and I wondered if I'd get my 30 min break.  Did NOT; just a 15.

Reg 1 ran out of pennies, plus the scanner rebelled, so swapped them out.  Went back to Reg 2 and stayed there (swapping back the scanners), since we had no HC.  Soda didn't get pulled, and again, we had no customers after 8:45. so was able to get all closing duties finished.

One thing pissed me off, though.  Saw an email about new attendance policies, and Mgr T was in the break room, so asked her.  "I'm on lunch."

WTH?  You can't take a few minutes to tell me the new policies?  Geez....

Outfit:  Purdue tee, faded denim capris/patterned leggings, gold patterned hoop earrings.

Here's hoping Thursday is another nice, relaxing day!

Day 135:
Shift began, well, on a strange note!  I'd gone to lunch at McAllister's, and was running slightly late.  Went directly to Lumber to drop off my tea and log in (at 2:58!), but the 1st computer was balky.  So moved to the 2nd and logged in, then walked as fast as I could to the break room to get my vest.  When I returned, rang up a few customers, then couldn't find my phone.  Shut off my light and went back to break phone, but took the opportunity to take a fast pit stop.  Returned to register and was about to call CS...when I spotted said phone beside the 1st computer!  Geez....

Showed Courtney how to do the soda count, and we were slow the rest of the day.  Had a 'rush' around 7, and that's about the time when #1 ran out of pennies, and had to use #2 the rest of the night.  Again, Lumber was empty by 8:45, and HC Mel had me cleaned out by ten after 9.  Shut off the fan, returned a paint roller, then went to my locker.  We all clocked out at 9:20.

Found this when I went up front:

I never dreamed I was the top cashier for the week, in terms of Scan vs Hand-Key, since in Lumber, I have to hand-key in certain codes that won't scan!  I did check my Dashboard this morning and found out I was up to 87%!  Normally I hover between 83-85%.

Here's hoping Friday is good; it's Homecoming, so thinking we should be slow all night.  Hope I don't jinx it!

Outfit:  Black lace tee, patterned leggings, copper oval larimar earrings.

Day 136:
I have to be fighting something off, because this is the 5th day in a row I've felt 'off'.  Just want to crawl into bed and sleep for the next 12 hours!  The first hour of my shift was slow, then I got hit with a rush at 5 that lasted the next 90 minutes.  When Jill relieved me at 6:30, I was finalizing a Delivery order, that turned into a Pick Up Later.  When I returned at 7, I'd just missed our Indian lady who always wants everything discounted, and I guess she got vocal about wanting her insulation 70% off, and was upset when it wasn't authorized.

The last two hours were busy, and went by fast.  Lumber customers were gone by 8:45, so locked the doors on time and had my cash register emptied by 9:10.

Tonight surprised me; I thought surely with Homecoming happening tonight, we'd be slow!  Apparently the cooler weather energized everyone?

Outfit:  Temps were only in the 70s, so layered my light blue sweatshirt over my blue floral tee and older jeggings.

I'm scheduled back to 5-close for next week, and right now, the schedule still says I'm working on Friday.  Need to talk to Tasha to make sure it's changed!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

BB 2019 Thoughts

I've been quiet about this year's BB, simply due to the fact I've got a job, plus have been extremely busy this summer, with signings.  I think I've only had a handful of weekends off, and they've been spent relaxing!

First of all, a disclaimer:  I have NOT watched any Live Feeds or After impressions are taken solely from the show and private diary comments made.

1st Controversy:
The whole idea of JM 'banishing' the minorities being 'racist' is ludicrous.  I disliked Kemi from the get-go, and the other three were willing to stick out their necks for Camp Director.  I don't fault Jackson at all, for putting his potential rivals in that position.

2nd Controversy:
The whole Jack aka 'white jason mamoa' aka 'Mr. Dreamy' making fun of anyone....I didn't see it. I saw it on some of the Google pages, but BB didn't show it, so the fact he did apologize to K (and was the only one who owned his mistake!), was huge.  Did it merit an apology?  I'm not sure; I think some of the PC police are working overtime.

3rd Controversy:
Was Jack's decision to exclude Nicole from the HOH room an act of bullying?  I'm not sure.  Sometimes when we have tunnel vision and have a specific course of action planned.....some people get excluded.  Could it have been handled better?  Absolutely....IF he'd had the presence of mind to let her in, and just let Gr8ful wait until she left before they 'celebrated'.  But hindsight's always 20/20.

I'm beyond thrilled that the final 3 were Michie, Holly, and Nicole.  Michie won, Holly 2nd, and Nicole was Fave Houseguest (I thought for sure Tommy was a shoe-in!).  BUT.....what would have happened if Nicole and Cliff had kept Tommy instead?  I honestly think Tommy might have won the whole thing.  But we'll never know.

I seriously hope we'll see more of House Guest Dreamy again!  He's absolutely yummy to look at!

One last thought:  Why did they have to bring up the Nick/Bella/Kat 'triangle'?  Or for that matter, even the controversy?  That was just an eye-roll moment that prompted this post.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #26

Day 126:  Store Meeting
Enjoyed hearing we were #1 in the region for sales, and the fact we'd beaten HD!  Answered a question correctly and won a $10 gift card to Wendy's. Discovered the #1 complaint this past week on the survey was the fact the Christmas decorations were out! Took home a few doughnuts.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver tee, black leggings.

Day 127:
Shift went well!  It was steady, and time moved fast.  Cassie relieved me at 7:30 and when I returned, I was able to get the soda cooler stocked, and my closing duties accomplished.

Checked the flow chart for Thurs; there's no one scheduled for my shift, so I'm guessing I can show up and work it?  I still can't see the other cashiers' schedules, since the computer still thinks I'm at the CS desk.  *eye roll*

Outfit:  White tee, green vest, dark denim capris.

Day 128: Eye Roll Night....
Was asked to come in early; went in at 4.  As I was walking toward Lumber, one of the new staff members asked me where the wood glue was.  Told him either Paint or Hardware.  Took ten steps and a customer asked me about flooring trim.  We were in front of that aisle, so I told him to try looking there, or go down to Flooring.  Started up aisle #19, wondering if another question would be thrown my way, and another newbie staff member asked where we kept the 2x10s.  Told him aisle 20:)  Arrived just in time to check out Karaoke Steve, and discovered I had a 'shadow'...a newbie who was in training for a Specialist.  Also discovered we have a new Lumber Associate, Will.

A brindled Pit came in, very friendly!  1st half of the shift went very well, then I was sent on break at 6.  Returned at 6:30 and the next hour was rough....had to have two overrides, plus ones and pennies!  Things settled down after that, but around 8, HC MK came down and 'caught' me parking an 'H' cart by the 1st lumber stack, and reprimanded me, saying the other managers complain when they see me 'wandering'.  Ummmm...why?  I'm helping out my associates, and if I'm not allowed to go ten feet past the register, then I can't even *technically* lock the doors, or even wash them, or even empty the coffee pot trash!  Makes no sense....Told Cassie about it and even SHE rolled her eyes!

We did manage to finish up by a quarter after nine!  D took me to Denny's, since I'd only had 2 Snicker bars for 'dinner'.

Outfit:  Rebel Be Free tee, faded denim capris, zirconian earrings

Day 129:
Was asked to come in at 3, and the minute I arrived, HC Mel asked if I could come in Thurs at 3.  I said sure:)  Clocked in at 3 and we were fairly steady until 6pm.  Sacred relieved me at 6:20, and when I returned, she said she'd had maybe 5 customers in that time.  It was also an evening of returns, arriving with items not needed, and a printer malfunction.  A woman returned half a pallet of concrete, then purchased 42 more, then decided to only take 30 with her.  AFTER I set up the other 12 to be picked up later, she changed her mind and decided to take it with her.  I tried to print out the loading ticket, but printer refused to print.

Discovered after I pulled all the trash our dumpster was missing, so had to haul all the trash to the compactor, in addition to the lighting, tile, and hardware items to return.  We did clock out around 9:20:)

Outfit:  Blue safety tee, faded denim capris, gold hoop earrings (larger ones).

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 130:
Had a weird thing happen when I tried to clock in.  I already knew I'd have to add a note, since it was *technically* my day off, but after I hit the button, it asked, 'Are you clocking in?'  Yes... 'You are clocking in late.  Your shift was to start at 12:59...'  WTH?  No it was NOT!  Everyone got a kick out of the obvious glitch...

Shift was steady all the way to 7:30; I barely got the soda count finished by 5pm.  HC Aggie came down and was taking a survey; I handed her the sheet.  She had a few Diet Mt Dews and waters, then brought the rest down around 7.  Had a few stragglers at 8:30, then a woman came in 4 mins before we closed.  She didn't check out through me, but I watched her walk across the parking lot at 5 after.

Told Scott I'd be willing to work from 3-5, but if I HAVE to, I'll work the entire shift and drive down afterward.  I don't want to have to do that, but they're extremely short-staffed tomorrow, and I don't want to have to do that.  So I'm praying it's resolved by the time I call in tomorrow at 1pm.

Outfit:  White spatter tee, black/white vest, faded denim capris

Day 131:  I Have An Attitude....
....and it actually made my shift go well!  No real issues tonight, except for when I went to tie my shoe and used one of the shelves as a support....and it gave way.  Jordan spent the rest of the night trying to repair it, only to discover the main support had been damaged when he'd hit it with the forklift last weekend! 

Got to see Tracy, Elaine's hubby, and another guy from Karaoke, whom we're actually not very happy with.  He divorced his wife and started dating someone else....well now he's married her...'3rd time's the charm', he says,  We'll see how this plays out....

I did let one couple swap out two electrical boxes, instead of doing a 'proper' return....told them they'd caught me in a rebellious mood, and they had my blessing to do that!  They bought 4 more, and those are the only ones I rang up!

At the end of the shift, AMgr Scott thanked me for coming in, and I told him that in two weeks, I'd need Friday the 11th off, since I was not about to drive to Louisville at midnight.  He said he'd take care of it, and smiled when I said I only had two more shows during the week, and had requested one Tues per month off, so I could attend my writers meeting in Washington.  Hopefully, he'll fix it.

As I write this, I have safely arrived in Carbondale, Il for Saluki Con, and am headed to bed.  See you next week!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Flashback Friday: Catching Up 1999

Aug 1999: 
Registered S for kindergarten, and K began 3rd grade.  I knew this was going to be a rough year, schedule-wise, since S only went half a day, so I'd take both kids to school, either go home and write, or do any errands, then return at 10:30 to pick her up and feed her lunch, then work/do errands until 2:30, when it was time to pick up K again.

Met the new people who moved into one of the back lots, and it turned out their daughter Shelby was in S's class. Their son, Zach was also in the 3rd grade, but he had the other teacher.

Another little girl, Rosemary, caused drama when she brought a kitten to school in her back pack, and it turned out her mom was the new Daisy Scout leader.  I eagerly signed S up, and at first the meetings were fun.  K had joined Cub Scouts the previous year, so I looked forward to having two Scouts in my family, since I'd also been a Girl Scout, and enjoyed it.

Next Month:  I Take On A New Role.

Present Day:
I have the weekend off!  Plan to relax and get some work accomplished at home.  At our writers meeting yesterday, we announced our next project will be based around the subject of Bridges or Dead Beats.  I'm already envisioning incorporating the Sunshine Skyway into a story.  Stay tuned....

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thank God Social Media Wasn't Around 40 Years Ago!

The PC police have lost their minds.

First it was a certain political commentator getting fired for simply wondering why it's considered racist to put on makeup at Halloween, if you choose to go as a member of another race.  Social Media backlash had her issuing an apology, and ultimately got her fired from the show/network.  OMG....

Then pictures surfaced of a governor wearing blackface at a college party.  Social media was again in an uproar....but he still has his job.

Now the Canadian PM is on an apology tour, all because TEN YEARS AGO he dressed up as an Arab, with makeup to darken his face and hands.  Plus, he admits he dressed up as a Latino in HS for a talent show.


I remember in the 4th grade when we had to read biographies, then dress up as the main character.  The first book I'd read was about an African-American female who organized schools.  The second one was Abigail Addams.  Who did I choose to dress up as?  The 2nd, because I was the only one with a black character, and didn't want to 'stand out'.


Another (male) classmate picked up that book and decided to dress as the MC.  He showed up in drag, in full blackface, for that hour or so we had our 'character hour'.

I guess he's lucky there were no pictures of the event and the fact he's not in the public eye?

Does the A/A have this issue?  If any choose to chalk their face in order to dress up like, say, a Disney princess, will they receive backlash?  Or dare wear an authentic Disney mask?  I just don't get it.

I found a book with Little Black Sambo in it in August.  I didn't have the funds to buy it at the time, but I did read it and fondly remember a childhood story that is now banned for its 'racist overtones'.  I love Uncle Remus, the movie Song of the South, and the stories of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Brer Fox.

But that doesn't make me racist.....I have friends of all color, religions, and cultures!  My own family has biracial members.  So where is the line drawn, or is this an elaborate attempt to be overly 'socially conscious' so we don't (god forbid!) 'offend' anyone?

People have forgotten it's IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone.  Christians' rights are being quashed for public prayer, just because some non-believers objected.  Patriotism is being quashed because some misguided people think our flag is offensive.  BUT, if we stand up, we are loudly trounced as being 'racist', 'offensive', and 'wrong'.

It's a no-win situation, and if something isn't done with the extreme left, we're going to reverse 400 years of progress.  Where is the next 'new land' to start over?  Where are this generation's Founding Fathers?

Or are they already here and we need to let them speak?

Monday, September 16, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #25

Day 121:  Cut Back To 20 Hours
Was asked to come in at 3, due to several call-ins.  Spent two hours in Lumber, then was sent up front, where I stayed the rest of the shift.  Things were fairly steady, with some mild 'rushes'.  Nothing really stood out, other than the fact we were able to leave by 9:15!

Did have one gentleman ask me if I wanted to go home with him and help him install 20 rolls of insulation....I told him that was a little outside my area of expertise, though if pizza was involved, I'd be happy to go along and supervise the project!  He got a kick out of it.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 122:  Back Up Front....
Got called in early again, but this time, due to laundry issues, I arrived at 4.  Saw Dave and Connie Combs, and rang up their new washer and dryer.  Saw one gentleman 3 times, and another mother/daughter duo twice.

We were slow, so again was able to clock out by 9:15:)

Outfit:  Blue/white 'wings' shirt, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 123:  Back In Lumber!
Was thrilled to be back in my 'happy place'!  Shift went well, all but for two incidents.  A)  Woman came down and said Jordan had given her half off her insulation, due to being out of the double pkg, and that she'd spoken to a manager that morning and he authorized her entire purchase to be 45% off.  HC Cindy reluctantly agreed, but wasn't happy about it.  Then, close to closing time, Jordan gave a couple a trash can full of scrap lumber for free.  Mgr Scott happened to see them loading it up and asked me about it.....then informed me we NEVER give away the scraps for free.  He chewed J out, saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'.

Otherwise, got all my closing duties accomplished, including mucking out under all the mats and wiping down the counters, and even the top of the soda cooler.

Outfit:  Smart Women tee, faded denim capris.

Day 124, 9-19-19
Tonight went well!  Took my break at 7:30, so only had little over an hour to finish my closing duties.  Even got the windows washed:)  Cindy called down and asked if I'd be willing to come in at 3 tomorrow...I said sure:)

Outfit:  Brown shirt, faded denim capris, brown and clear cluster earrings.

Day 125:  TGIF!
Again, shift went well:)  Didn't have any real crisis.  Aliscia relieved me at 6:15 for lunch, and when I returned, had to hop on #2 to help her out.  Woman came in to get one sheet of drywall; I found the one she wanted and rang her up, then Jordan loaded it for her.  A short while later, a man returned it, saying she'd gotten the wrong one, and was upset because someone had been rude to her.  I apologized for any slight toward her, and tried to help him find what he needed. 

While I was sweeping the floor, a man stopped me and said 'This is the cleanest Lowes I've ever been in!'  I smiled and thanked him.

At 8:45, we had six people in line; Karlie came down to help me ring everyone up.

Outfit:  Blue sports tee, patterned leggings.

I'm off for the weekend!  We have a store meeting on Sunday, and will get paid for two hours to eat and talk to Steve:)

Friday, September 13, 2019

Flashback Friday: Roller Coaster Month

Sept 1989:
I'd begun my new job at Crossroads Rehabilitation as a driver a few weeks earlier, and fit in well with my new coworkers:  Louis, our boss; Cindy, John, Ron, and Debbie, another rookie.  D and R were from the same side of town; C and J had been there several years; and that left me, the 'baby' of the group with the boss, dynamic-wise.

John was the one who took me around my route, and showed me where all my 'kids' would be picked up, and I would practice my route.  One afternoon before school began, we got to meet the parents and all our kids.

I drove a station wagon, and in the mornings would have one or two kids in the front, 3-4 kids in the middle seat, and two strapped in the very back.  I remember sweet Sherrie, who would sit beside me and sing along to the radio; one girl whose yard was never mowed; another whose mother would send her down five flights of stairs with her older sister; Joni, who had a seizure when we returned to school; Jamal, who sat behind me and ground his teeth, plus would sometimes still be asleep when I arrived so his mom would bring him in, or I could swing past on the way back and pick him up (he lived literally 3 blocks from the facility!).  There was also sweet little Brooke, whom I would pick up at two different places, depending on her mom's schedule; Jenna, who was picked up at a liquor store parking lot; and another kid who always sat in the way back.  In the afternoon, there was Joey, who loved to sit next to me and pretend to talk on the CB; April, whose parents moved every three months; sweet little Dusty, who quickly became my 'pet', and two more whose names I can't recall at the moment.

My route was the longest; I'd begin at 30th and Fall Creek, travel down 30th to Speedway, then go south beyond the airport and down to nearly Mann Road before heading back.  Joey and Sherrie lived in the same complex, only S went in the morning and J in the afternoon.  My route would have been sooooo much shorter in the morning if S could have been switched; I had a full car every morning, while only 5 in the afternoon.

I'm A Brat, But He Still Pops 'The Question'!
J and I had the occasional argument,but nothing major.  One night he arrived to pick me up, and I knew we'd planned to go downtown to Union Station for dinner.  However, when he arrived, he was all dressed up, while I came down the stairs in jeans.  I quickly ran back upstairs and yelled for Natalie, the teenage daughter of Bob and Ann, to help me pull something together, since I had a limited wardrobe.  N and I were about the same size, so she pulled a skirt and light sweater from her closet, and I ran back down.

We ate at Salvatore Salvatini's and split a carafe of wine, then caught ourselves talking about kids names, where we wanted to live, and even dream weddings.  But as soon as we realized it, the topic was switched.  After dinner, he suggested a carriage ride, and I agreed.  But when we went outside, it was beginning to rain, and I balked.

He cajoled me into going, which I griped about during the two-block walk.  Then the driver asked where to go, and J said canal, while I said Monument Circle.  J insisted, and so did I, but in the end, our driver agreed to go both places, but took us by the canal first.  I was still pouting about being slightly wet and now not getting my way.

At one point, I was looking at the canal when J said something to get my attention.  I turned my head and he was on one knee, holding out a ring.  I couldn't breathe....couldn't speak.  He put the ring on my finger and I was still in shock!  He kept asking, and by the time we'd reached the Monument, I thrust my hand out the window and told a random stranger, "Look what I just got!:  Then turned back to J and said 'yes'....then burst into tears, because I'd been so nasty to him!

We went back to Union Station to walk around the top part.....but all I wanted to do was go home and be with him.  When we returned to the house, we broke the news to Bob and Ann, who broke out the champagne.  The cork popped and foam sprayed all over Bob and down his lap!

About a week later, we went to Lafayette and broke the news to my parents, who were happy for me.  I think later that month, my Aunt Janet, Uncle Bob, and cousins Zach and Caty arrived for a visit, and were able to meet him too.

My Best Friend's Wedding
Sept 23rd will forever stand out in my brain because of three events:  Two happened at one wedding, another happened later that night at another wedding.

First of all, EY and DS had set the date, and E decided to have someone make the bridesmaids' dresses.  I took JL with me to my fitting, and we started out hungry, but mine disappeared as I tried on my dress, and E and I talked.  Then, driving him home, I suddenly became starving, so decided to go to Denny's, despite the fact JL had wanted to go somewhere else.  Argument #1.

#2 happened the night of the rehearsal.  Me, Lisa, Billie, and Cathy (rest of bridesmaids) had planned to spend the night at E's house.  J, however, wanted me to spend the night with him.  Since we were on shaky ground, and I wanted to patch things up, I approached E and asked her opinion, and she gave consent for me to spend the night away.

HOWEVER.....I helped J take care of his rabbits, and woke up with allergy eyes.  I took as many Benadryls as I dared, and while the swelling went down, I still had a small lump under one eye, and could barely wear makeup.  The wedding went off without a hitch, other than the ring bearer tried to stand on her dress,

My cousin was getting married later that day, so as soon as pictures were taken, we headed to the reception and got something to eat before heading off to Indpls for Michele's wedding.

I had no choice but to go in my bridesmaid dress, and enjoyed the ceremony, esp when the ring bearer decided to sit down and the flower girl punched him!  The Shell nearly fell over backward during the ceremony.  Then it was off to the reception.

We had a good time dancing and eating, then the DJ asked for all single girls to line up for the bouquet toss.  I got in line (and didn't catch it) and promptly angered JL, since because I had an engagement ring on my finger, I 'wasn't single'.

I laughed and said 'engaged' didn't necessarily mean I couldn't catch the bouquet!  He was furious; I got mad and it ruined the rest of the evening.  We argued all the way back to his house, and I think I even returned to Bob and Ann's house for the night.

Next Month:  Winter Comes Early

Present Day:
I'm headed up to Indianapolis for the Indy Author Event:)  Looking forward to finally meeting Sandra Sookoo, Regency author!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #24

Day 117:
Shift was busy!  Wasn't able to do my soda count until nearly 5, and then only got the left side before more customers arrived.  Marci relieved me for lunch at 5:10, so I finished the count when I returned, while she was ringing up three more.  Things slowed a little after 6; I was able to get the closing duties accomplished by 8:30, and emptied the outside trash.

Just realized I'd left the bags on the counter, and forgot to shut off the fan.  Oops....Also need to talk to Tasha; I've got the 26th off instead of the 27th, AND it says I'm supposed to come in on a Sunday, from 7-9 AM???  We don't open til 9 on Sunday....not sure what's going on there.

Outfit:  Blue flowery tee, dark capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well?

Day 118:  
Shift was again busy, but did get my soda count finished before 5.  Marci relieved me at 6,and after lunch, did my closing duties.  A new Return policy was implemented, since sometime yesterday a $550 mistake was made (not by me).  So now, we have to call down the HC to do a return.

Several people had called in, but Jordan arrived as Ian was leaving, so we had a loader.

Had a kid want to scan an item, so I let him, and he was thrilled!  (Kindergarten age)  Told him to come back after he graduated from HS and work during the summers between college semesters.  His mother was amused....

Found out about Sunday the 22nd:  It's a store wide meeting, to discuss the past three month's progress.  Told Tasha about my issue on the 26th-27th; she said she'd take care of it.  Whew!

Outfit:  White Flamingo tee, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well!

Day 119:  Final Long Day....
Ran late, due to a stopped train, and didn't get a chance to go anywhere for lunch, since we were out of Miracle Whip, and there wasn't any time to make something hot.  So I toughed it out for three hours until Scott Shipman from Helping His Hands showed up and began talking food.  When I jokingly complained about being hungry, Scott bought me a Snickers.....and 5 minutes later, Brenda arrived to relieve me.  We'd been fairly steady, but I was able to get the soda count finished.  After lunch, things sort of died down, and I was able to get most of my closing duties finished by 8.  A gentleman arrived, wanting roofing shingles, but didn't understand why our price was higher than the Terre Haute's price.  Called Tasha, who came down to look at his receipt, and said she wasn't willing to price-match; that TH was in a different region, and therefore, different prices.  IMHO, she let an $685 sale go out the window b/c she wasn't going to drop the price $200.  Guy said he would go to TH for his shingles in the morning and walked out.  I locked the doors, helped bring in the rest of the carts, returned a container of screws to Hardware, and went to my locker.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as well as today!

Outfit:  God Bless The USA tee and faded denim capris, for 9/11

Day 120
Shift went well!  Steady, but not slammed.  Brenda relieved me at 5:30, and when I returned 30 minutes later, she informed me it had been non-stop the entire time!  After I took over again, things slowed down so I could get my closing duties accomplished, even washing the main doors for the first time in 2 months.

Robert came in with ten minutes left, and I jokingly told him 'time's ticking; hurry your ass up!'  It was also extremely hot and humid, and Scott was bringing in the carts, wringing wet.  I offered to throw water on him, and he began avoiding me, ha ha.....

Outfit:  Florida tee, faded denim capris

Three day weekend and PAYDAY!  Whoot!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Flashback Friday: Disaster In Chemistry Class

Sept 1979:
It didn't take long for me to realize my chemistry partner had no interest in what we were doing, so I found myself reluctantly taking the lead in all our experiments.  But the thing I remember the most is when Rick decided, for whatever conceivable reason, to shove a paper towel into a test tube, the try to float it out by adding water! 

I ended up spending the hour scraping that towel out of the darn test tube.  Needless to say, I didn't get it all, and at the end of the hour took it up to the teacher and apologized for my partner's stupidity.

In Health Class, a rivalry of sorts began between myself and Mike F.  He would answer most of the questions for the guys, while myself and Rhonda A would take turns answering on the girls' side.

Next Month:  Halloween Disaster

Present Day:
I'm off to Cil-Con in Mattoon, Il for today and tomorrow!  I managed to get into 'Brian's Love Shack' area, and was dismayed mildly amused at the fact we'll be right in front of my favorite clothing store. my table or go shopping?  Decisions, decisions.....

Also hoping to pick up some swag before I leave town.  I need notepads, Kleenex, and a few more prizes for the 'special' basket.  Praying my budget is on track!

See you next week, and have a wonderful weekend:)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Goals

How well did I do in August?
-Enjoy trip to Indy for spouse's Dr. Appt Check!
-Mail pkg to HS friend Not yet
-Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk (am skipping Watermelon Festival as vendor this year) Sold 2:)
-Do well at State Fair the 6th (0), 7th (Sold 9!), and 8th (Sold 9!  Total:  18!)
-Do well at Collectors Carnival Sold 4:)
-Do well at MOA (Sold 5!) as well as SAFE trip Check!  5 detours going, only 2 returning, lol!
-Enjoy visit with family Check!  Even got to see Kristin, Steve, Megan, and Alec:)
-Add words to Regrets #2 Nope; other wip taking over brain... and new WIP Check:)....and type it up not yet
-Organize more basement Filled two more totes!
-Work on both Green and Brown houses
-Order Dreamscape ($10 sent; still need to send rest.) CR (Check!), and Whispers copies Check!
-Lose 5 pounds (starting weight:  232:)  Gained 2 pounds; too much pizza and good food this month??

Ortho Update:
I've been upgraded to an As-Needed status, and still need to keep an eye on my shoulder.

Books Read:  2
           Print:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:  6

September Goals:
-Do well at Cil-Con Sold 2:)
-Do well at Indy Author Event Sold 2:)
-Do well at Saluki Con Sold 7:)
-Mail pkgs to MN and Carmel 9/2:  Have envelopes addressed! 9/9:  Ready to seal up! 9/13:  On their way!
-Organize more basement
-Do some work in Green house Check!
-Order inventory (Dreamscapes (Check!), CR, HLC (Check!), Bad Decisions (Check!) and FL (check!)
-Lose 5 pounds (starting:  234)
-Add more words to Regrets #2 and new wip, plus type it up

Payment Schedule:
Aug 24-30:  37
Aug 31-Sept 6: 18
Sept 13th Payday hours:  55
     -Projected income: $559 + $50 Winning Together bonus=$609
          -$60 to church; pay (Neuburgh) medical bill ($50).  Bank all funds ($499) for Indy Author Fair+ $20 CC sales + $43 left over from CC= $562-$44 (present for future DIL)=$518-$60 (IC award banquet Check!)-$60 (promo)=$398-$140 (car rental)=$258-$45 (Rivet Craft Fair Check!)=$213-$5 food items for work=$209-$15 (lunch)-$20 (gas)=$174-$38 (Walmart)=$136-60 (2020 MOA 1/2 payment)=$75-$10 (other items)=$65 banked-$15 (FL copies)=$50
                 7-13:  24
                14-20:  25
Sept 27th Payday hours: 49 
    -Projected income: $536
          -$53 to church; $50 (Maurices Check!); Bank all funds ($433) for Saluki Con + $37 (banked) +20 IAF sales=$490-$70 (fundraiser check!)=$420-$28 promo=$392-$40 cash=$352-$2 (tea for trip)=$350-$188 (hotel)=$162-$73 expenses=$89 banked-$51 (Dreams copies ordered check!)=$38 banked.  Order TP ($61 credit card check!)
                 21-27:  29
                 28- Oct 5:  16

Payments/Expenses List:
-Cil-Con expenses-Sept ($340 car rental, $112 hotel, $30 food, $15 gas)
-Indy Author Fair expenses (Sept 13-15):  $340 rental car,  $12 Food/$38 gas
-Saluki Con expenses-Sept ($340 car rental (credit card), $203 ($25 refunded after stay) hotel. $66 food and $40 gas.)  
-Imaginarium (Oct):  $125 (9/9-Check!)+$60 award banquet(9/13-check!)+ expenses ($130 hotel, $340 rental car, food, gas)
-ICTAHS:  $240+expenses (gas/rental car/food/lodging) (Sept-Oct) ($50 sent 5/10; $50 sent 6/ owe $140)
-Rivet Craft Fair:  $45 (Sept 16th Check!)
-2020 MOA table fee $110 (9/17:  Pd $60)
-Weekend With The Authors 2020 and 2021:  20 (reader ticket, hotel/gas/food/rental car); 21:  $225-300 table fee; hotel/gas/food/rental car
List is shrinking!  Nearly all booth fees are paid; all that's left are ICGAHS (Nov) and WCC Christmas Craft Show (either Nov or Dec)!

September Reading Schedule:
Quiet Strength-Tony Dungy DRR!  Excellent book of faith, determination, and never giving up:)
Life Expectancy-Dean Koontz  Amazing story!  Did NOT see the first, or even second, twist coming!  I MUST go buy this book! (read it in the break room at work from the 'library'.)

Karaoke Songs:
Unbeautiful-Lesley Roy DNH
Roll To Me-Del Amitri Voice cracked a few times; so-so
Brass In Pocket-Pretenders Nailed it!  Better than the 1st time I sang it, imho!
F'ing Perfect-Pink  Nailed it:)  Crowd pleaser!
9/7:  Mattoon, Il
White Liar-Miranda Lambert Felt like I was singing acapella; couldn't hear myself in the speakers.  Still, did well:)
Who Knew-Pink Blew the 2nd verse, but otherwise, okay
F'n Perfect (clean)-Pink Not bad, considering I had to cough, but couldn't!
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around-Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty Nailed it:)
Magic Power-Triumph Did well!
I Will Be-Leona Lewis Nailed it:)
Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers Did well:)
Roll With It-Steve Winwood Blew a few lines, but over all, not too bad.
Build Me Up Buttercup-Foundations Did fairly well...
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-Paul McCartney Surprisingly enough, he had this one!  Did well, and had fun singing it! May need to resing, since the camera batteries, the FRESH ones, died.  Ugh.  UPDATE:  Apparently I failed to hit 'record'???  Geez...*headslap* 9/26:  Did well AND caught it on camera!
Roll With the Changes-REO Speedwagon Nailed it!
Under The Boardwalk-The Drifters Ugh....too low on verses.
Behind These Hazel Eyes-Kelly Clarkson Did well:)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Life In Lumber: Week #23

Day 114:  Labor Day!
Today's shift was weird.  Arrived; went down to Lumber, only to discover Tiff was there.  Went back up front to confirm, and was asked to hop on a register to help with the crowd.  Remembered I'd not clocked in yet, so after Customer A was taken care of, shut off my light and clocked in at paint.  Went back up front, but crowd was gone.  HC Cindy sent me to Lumber, just as Kem was leaving.  Tiff wanted #1, so I hopped on #2.  Customer B paid by check....and locked up the printer.  Called HC Aggie down to see what was going on, and ended up moving his order to #3, so the check could be processed.  Customer C paid with his card, but printer refused to print the receipt.  By the time Customer D arrived, I was fed up and had moved to #3.....just as Marci arrived and told me to go back up front to #9!

So back up front I went....and stayed there until 6:30, when I went back to Lumber to give Tiff her fifteen minute break.  Spent the rest of the shift up front, and had issues with #13....the scanner acted up a few times.  Cassie was filling the soda machines, so took over #10 for the rest of the evening.  After we closed, I emptied the bathroom and break room trash, then we clocked out.  Turned out I'd been given a blessing; Tiff had an issue with a customer at the end.

Here's hoping everything's back to 'normal'??  I want a nice steady evening, not slammed, but so I have time to both write and do my closing duties!!  Might end up being late tomorrow, due to the spouse's eye appointment, and if his eyes are still dilated at 2:30.

Outfit:  Black square neck blouse, dark denim capris, dangly heart earrings.

Day 115: Back to Normal:)
1st half of the shift was steady, and only froze up the register once, lol!  After lunch, things tapered off, though still steady, and was able to get my closing duties finished.  Locked all doors, then left my trash for Jordan and went to empty the bathroom trash.  Walked into the break room to put my vest away and collect my keys (hubby's eyes were dilated earlier, so I had to drive myself) and saw Cassie walking out the other door.  There was someone in the Men's room, so flushed all the toilets in the Women's room and emptied the trash, then did the same to the Men's.  Went to get bags, then heard C page me....found a phone and told her, rather snippily, that I had one more trash can to line, then take the trash to the compactor before I'd be up front.  Told HC Cindy later that the LEAST Cass could have done was HELP me!

Had to get two gallons of milk before going home.  Discovered why I couldn't do the 'swap shift' on the computer; according to it, I'm supposed to be in Customer Service this week instead of Lumber!  Told Tasha I'd double-check with Makayla and fill out the request form up front.

Outfit:  Yellow tee, dark denim capris, small gold textured earrings.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

Day 116:
Shift went well!  First two hours was crazy, with Kim handling a $3K transaction, full of flooring, cabinets, and lumber, and tying up both #2 and 3!  After the customer finally paid and got everything loaded, things settled down.  I went to lunch at 5:20, and when I returned an hour later, was able to do all my closing duties.  Discovered M wants more hours, so I've got tomorrow off.  Requested my October days off (4th and 11th), and accidentally put in for the 10th as well (head slap!).  They really shouldn't allow me to request my own days off....

Outfit:  Purdue tee, patterned leggings.

Next week should be rather normal, I hope!


My initial reaction to this was, 'Yup...', but then my brain woke up.

1)  There's usually a 5-10 day grace period on rent

2)  If you have direct deposit, paychecks will be there Friday morning, or even Thursdays (I was surprised over 4th of July when I was paid a day early!)

3)  People living paycheck-paycheck already know how to budget their funds to prepare for the holiday weekends:  Food stock up, bills paid, no unnecessary funds spent.

4)  If you don't have a bank account, your paycheck will be loaded onto a debit card, so overdrafts can be avoided.

I think the 'working poor' is more savvy than people give them credit....when they're not dependent on government assistance.