Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life As A Red Vest (Ghost), Week #35

Day 159:  "When Can You Come Back To Work?"
Me:  Today????
Mgr T:  Yes....what time can you be here?
Me:  It's almost 2....I'll be here at 4.

Arrived; couldn't clock in.  T was leaving for lunch, so she told me to partner with Mgr B, who turned me over to Mel, who put me on a register.  My 1st act:  Change my password.  2nd act:  Had to ask how to do a tax exempt, since I'd left my notebook in my locker!  3rd act:  Customer walked me through the LAR.  4th act:  Had to ask how to do a military discount.  5th act:  How to load a damn gift card!  Thankfully, customers were more 'normal' after that....then at 5:30, Aggie sent me out to L and G, 'just until 7'.

Had three customers until 7:30....and freezing my butt off....and wondering if maybe A had forgotten me???  Had three more between 7:35-7:45, then finally A showed up and closed down LG.  I emptied the trash, then went back into the blessed heat and took all the trash to the compactor.  Took a potty break and ate my candy bar, then went back up front as the store was closing.  Took a cart back to RTM, then another trip back to the trash compactor, then helped wipe down a few baskets.  T had me wipe down all the office door handles, then took off my vest.  Couldn't clock out, so told T to mark me down from 4-9pm for the day.

Only screwed up once; out in LG, had to run a check, only it wasn't working.  While I was getting help, customer went ahead and loaded his mulch.  Mgr T came down and was NOT happy the customer was outside, already loading his truck!  I thanked the customer for his honesty after giving him his receipt.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid shirt, black tank top, blue compression sox, gold textured earrings.

Day 160:  "You Can Have All The Hours You Want..."
Woke up at 10:10 am to a text sent at 7:30:
"Scott told me to give you all the hours you want....can you come in and work 10-4?"

Texted back....
"Just woke up....let me get some b'fast and get dressed.  Blame my 2.5 hours in LG, freezing my ass off!"

"You'll be in LG, so dress warm."

"Oh geez....(thinking to myself, do I really WANT to go in today?) ....thanks, at least you gave me a head's up!"

Guess I'm low man on the totem pole?  At least it's supposed to be a little warmer today!  Also woke up to a deposit from LHI for $150, which was a nice surprise!

Actually enjoyed myself in LG....place was fairly quiet from noon-2, with the occasional customer, but the sun came out and so did every gardener in town!  (Just kidding....was extrenely busy between 2-3!)  Only upset one customer, who wanted to know about straw bales, and I need to preface this with the fact only one phone works, and it was Reg 19.  So when I called to find out about another place straw would be, then reported it, she naturally asked the price, and I said I 'assumed' it would be the same price!  When I offered to call again (keep in mind, there were three other customers in line!), she said no and left.

I also couldn't get the check machine to take a check; had to call Mel down, and think I've discovered my issue....I wasn't pushing it in far enough.

When I was relieved at 4, I asked MK if I was needed; she didn't know.  I took off my outerwear, and a pit stop, plus ate my sandwich, then went to find her.  Worked in Lumber for an hour, then went to the store for some Lunchables and other items, then went out to Walmart for Rise of Skywalker.  Came home, ate dinner, and watched the movie:)

Was also asked to take over Jill's schedule this week....tomorrow, 3-close, and Sat, 6AM-3pm.  No clue what her schedule is next week.  Am I insane?  But then again, it's hours.....it's $$....

Outfit:  Black/gray long-sleeved tee, red sweatshirt (for outside), Colts hat, blue compression sox, blue stud earrings.

Day 161: "You're Back In Lumber!"
Was thrilled to be back in my 'happy place'!!  Marci and I enjoyed two hours together, and things went rather smoothly.  Found out this month, we're all getting a $2 raise....and as of tomorrow (Friday 4/3), we close at 7pm instead of 8:30.  I also talked to Don in HR, and he's going to put me back into the computer system!

Only had to call for one override.....and had to switch registers b/c it was out of ones...then the 2nd one's scanner went dead!  MK brought me the ones and the rest of the evening went well.  Had to sanitize the carts and plexiglass and doors, then walk the trash down to the far door.  Went up front and was told to sanitize the chairs in the break room, then we could go back up front.

Oh, Mel also told Marci and I we could switch shifts for Sat, so now mine is 10-6pm:)

Outfit:  Blue Lowes tee, black long-sleeved tee, light blue earrings, yellow/teal compression socks.

Day 162:  "You're Back!!"
It's nice to be greeted by co workers who are HAPPY to see you again!

Worked Lumber with Marci again, and everything went smoothly.  Took my 1st break around noon, and lunch at 3.  Went to McAllister's and picked up my order, then discovered my sandwich was on BREAD, not a ciabatta bun.  Enjoyed my chicken caesar salad though!

After lunch, Marci left at 4, and Brea came down.  We were slow until 5:30, and when she went to leave at 6, I asked her to wait while I ran to make a pit stop.....which turned out to be a good thing, b/c I was SLAMMED until closing!  At 6:50, I had three customers backed up, and thought it would be okay....but then EVERYONE came down!  Kyle jumped on a register, b/c I had flooring that wouldn't ring up....turned out they'd left out a number.....then it was discounted, and needed an override!  Overall, good shift.  Emptied trash, sanitized the carts and counters, then filled the soda machine.  Left at 8:15.

Outfit:  Blue Cabella's hoodie, small silver hoops.

Day 163:  Palm Sunday in LG
New policy:  Only 30 people at a time in LG, so once people exited the outside doors, they had to return via the store entrance.  Needless to say, some people weren't too happy about it.  Emma was called a 'cunt'; Aggie and Nancy were cussed at.  Bryce said someone cussed him out in hardware.  Even Steve lost his temper at an employee.....and I guess that NEVER happens!

We were fairly steady through 2pm, when I was sent to lunch.  When I returned, I hopped on Reg 21, and the credit card reader refused to read Customer A's card, even after several attempts, and even trying a different card!  Aggie messed with it, and was able to get it to work.  Customer B's card worked fine, but by the time Customer C arrived, my price gun decided to quit.  An hour later, after Aggie re-booted the system, she sent me for my 2nd break, then it worked just fine.  I took over for Emma on 20 when she took her break, and around 5:30, that scanner decided to act up!  Learned we were shutting down LG at 6, so after we closed up, I sanitized everything, took the trash to the compactor, and was told I could leave.  Left at 6:30.

Outfit:  Red turtleneck, red hooded sweatshirt, blue fingerless gloves, thick gold hoops.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

March Goals

February was a busy month!
-Finalize Starter Collection and order inventory Check:)
-Continue formatting and editing Second Chances and send it off to Leanne, along with payment (March??) (Still on Ch. 7!)
-Pack rest of Den (got half of it packed and desk dismantled), Family Room (Check!), and most of Kitchen (Check!) and Living Room (Check!)
-Rent storage room (Check!)
-Make arrangements for boxes of keepsakes to be shipped home (6/22 taken home) and to my sis BIL taking a few items home on plane) 
-Lose 5 lbs (Starting 247) 2/21:  241
-Get good news at Doctor's about leg wound Check!  Keep bandage on and follow up 3/6
-Secure hotel arrangements for March trip
-Hang onto my funds for April trip (So far, so good!)

By the time my BIL arrived on 2/28, I'd packed up all the books and knick-knacks, except for one set of shelves in the Family Room (her bell collection).  On Sat 2/29, everyone sprang into action and we dismantled (my) roll top desk and moved it to the storage unit, plus made at least two more storage run trips with stuff from said desk.

Books Read:  1 Print

2020 Expenses:
-Book Lovers Con Book signing Sat (March 2020) $10+ travel expenses; Nashville, TN Cancelled, due to health issue, Coronovirus.  Rescheduled???
-Weekend With The Authors 2020 (April table fee waived, due to generous person having to cancel and donating her table to me; $5 General Admittance or $200 Reader Ticket for Mom) and 2021:  20 ($600 hotel/gas/food/rental car);$50 charms (Paid 12/13). Cancelled, due to CoronaVirus. Rescheduled??? 21:  $225-300 table fee; hotel/gas/food/rental car
-Writer's Workshop (April 25, 2020) Nashville, IN $45 Paid 2/29
-Farmer's Market (June 6, 2020) $12 Doubtful I'll do this...
-PrideFest (June 20, 2020, $25 donation)
-Corning IrishFest (June 21, 2020)
-InConJunction (June 3-5, 2020)????? Falls on daughter's birthday, so unsure if attending
-Imaginarium (July 10-12, 2020):  $100 early bird booth fee (PAID!); $35 banquet (PAID!); $100 food, $200 hotel, gas. ($186 hotel, $371, $35 food, $10 gas)

-Heroes For Kids (July 18, 2020, $50)  Perrysville, MO Gas $40, hotel room, $140, food $40=$472 total)
-Watermelon Festival (July 31-Aug 1, 2020) $45 ?????
-Indy State Fair (Aug $100) ($100-200) Gas $30, $15 admission; $24 parking fee; $20 food; $6 ride
-Minneapolis travel expenses (Aug 8, 2020) ($200-hotel,$120-food,$100- gas=$648 needed)
-Penned Con: $225 half table (6') (Paid 12/21Hotel/food/gas
-Cil-Con 2020 ($75 Paid 12/21) plus $112 hotel, $30 food, $15 gas)
-Saluki Con expenses-Date Changed To Jan 2021 $203 ($25 refunded after stay) hotel. $66 food and $40 gas.)  
-ICGAHS:  $340 booth fee,hotel/gas/food $100 paid 1/31; Bal:  $240.

March Goals:
-Get Mom settled at Cumberland Point 
     -3/2:  Moved her in 
     -3/8:  Unpacked 4 boxes, put dresser and cube in closet, a few books on shelves.
     -3/9:  Unpacked 8 boxes; placed all her 'pretties' on the kitchenette shelves, and remaining books on bookcase.
     -3/10:  Was informed of new guidelines beginning 3/11; will have to enter/exit from main entrance.
     -3/11:  New guidelines implemented, though now only workers and residences allowed access.
-Get my stuff moved home and rearranged 
      -3/5:16/18 boxes taken home; desk dismantled and put in storage
      -3/15-16:  Doll cabinet and safe moved; table in garage loaded up.  More stuff taken to storage and donation.
      -3/21: Brought TV, doll cabinet, marble tables, and majority of boxes brought home.
     -3/23-24:  Packed up everything; brought what we could home; took another load to storage; another load to donation; another load to Mom.  Put everything to come home into garage; left the 'junk' in the living room, plus a few things in the three bedrooms and den for Jerry to haul to the transfer station.
-Put house on market
-Get truck (Signed over to Schoolhouse Auctions for sale) and van titles transferred to my name
-Get Mom's finances secured
-Finish formatting/editing Second Chances and send to editor, along with payment (Now I'm thinking release date in June??  Unless I kick it into gear, not gonna happen in next 6 weeks...)
-Lose 5 pounds (starting 241) 3/20:  239
-Enjoy Nashville trip (21st to Book Lovers) Cancelled
-Pay for two tix to SC in Atlanta May 11th (Check!) and secure hotel accommodations Rescheduled for Sept 13th
-Hang onto funds for April trips Check; since trips are cancelled, will use some of the funds to buy vertical banner.

March Income: Due to c-virus, all spring events have been cancelled, and Shelter-In-Place order in effect until May 1st.
   3/5:  200 $20 to church; Pay Maurice's ($50 Check! +daughter's $50), Pay GSH ($61 Check!)=$69 banked (Total:  $164 banked.  Bought concert (on bank card) tix AND Meet-n-Greet (on credit card)tix)
  3/12:  200  $20 to church; Pay credit card ($50 Check!), Pay Nancy ($50 Check!); Pay Pegasus ($25 Check!)=$55 banked; total $180 saved
  3/19:  200 $20 to church; Pay Neuberg Medical bill (FINAL! $50.47 Check!), Pay GSH ($61 Check!)=$71 banked
  3/26:  300 $30 to church; Pay Heroes For Kids ($52 Check!); pay (April) health insurance ($89 Check!) send $100 (Bal $75?? Check!) to Suzanne for ICTOHS=$29 banked (Total Banked:  $290)
    NOTE:  Need inventory/promo:  $100???

March Reading Schedule: Print:
Bloom County:  Read On The Throne-Berkely Breathed  Loved this!
Yukon Ho!- (Calvin and Hobbs)- Bill Watterson Enjoyable!
Hotel New Hampshire-John Irving Enjoyable as always!
Sacajawea:  Indian Girl with Lewis and Clark Informative!
The Nightmare Collective-Brian K Morris, et al

Sugar and Spice-Phoebe Alexander Very enjoybable storyline:)
Now and Forever:  A Love Story-Jean Joachim
The Flip-KL Montgomery