Monday, January 25, 2021

Life In Lumber: Week #77

 Day 340:

Woke up to text from Mgr T, asking me to come in at 4.  I said sure. 

Went in; discovered our entire CS team in quarantine, due to S testing positive for CV.  We're down to 10 total cashiers.  Things were fairly slow; was able to get my LU done and two more sections of my lesson plan accomplished.  No AP4Me, but I did a few of the FE4Me.  Matt sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, had to hop on #2 due to no $1. Matt had already pulled the trash and done some sweeping; I did my usual sweeping, then slowly began mucking out under the mats.  Only #1 and C's were really dirty.

Began sanitizing at 8, and had final customer at 9:05.  Only needed one o/r the entire shift, and it was early on.  Kylie came down and approved the 3 marked down ceiling fans.

Despite being short-handed, HC M cleaned me out at 9:10; I ran the trash down and returned a few items to plumbing, paint, and hardware. Clocked out at 9:30 after helping M do some minor closing stuff up front. Told her I was willing to come in early the next 2 weeks if they needed me.

Outfit:  Black/white long-sleeved tee, black vest, faded jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 341:

Discovered I'll be going in at 4 the rest of the week, so yay!

Arrived; needed 2 o/r immediately, so was happy Mgr B was there!  Then the lumber wouldn't ring up, so he found the item # for me, and discounted it.

Things settled down after that; did pop count, discovered my broom handle was missing, so swept up and used the broom as a whisk broom....until I found the handle outside in a trash can!  Screwed it back in and all was well again:)

Was sent to lunch at 6:50; when I returned, rang up Customer A....then discovered I wasn't logged in yet.  Customer B was fine, but Customer C had discounted paint, that turned out NOT to be discounted, so he didn't want it.  He also had some electrical wire that he wanted discounted, but wasn't happy with the 10%, so he bought the regular one.

Sanitized; put the soda away; gathered trash, and clocked out at 9:30 after running some bags back to Lumber after returning a tarp.

Outfit:  Brown gauze shirt, black vest, faded jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 342: If It Ain't Broke.....

Arrived, and discovered a new log-in system.  Took me 45 (FORTY-FIVE!) minutes to get logged in!  Also did the LU and more of the training before the directions were finally handed to me.  Neither Marci nor HC C could get me logged in!

Shift was rather slow, due to the snowfall.  Did my prelim duties after Marci left, and was sent to lunch at 6.  Came back and decided to completely sanitize #2 and 3.....the HC M called and had me hop to #2.  "But I just cleeeeeaned it..."  Had nearly everything done by 7:30, but paced myself, lol!  Filled the soda, and sanitized everything (including #2 again, ha ha!).  Had 3 customers the final hour.

Outfit:  Red/white turtleneck, faded jeggings, blue plaid mask.

Day 343: 

Received text, asking if I can work Sat, so will be working 10-7. 

Arrived at work and found out we're getting hazard pay next month!  Whoot!

Did pop count while Marci handled customers, then helped her out until 5.  Was fairly steady until I went to lunch at 6:15.  Managed to do prelim duties 1st.  When I returned, swept and did closing duties in between customers.  Had everything done by 8:30.  Final customer left at 8:50.  Locked the doors; James took trash down; I returned 2 tape measures and 3 rugs.  Bought new ice scraper before shift.

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabella's sweatshirt, faded jeggings, Monet mask.

Day 344:

Arrived and discovered there were only two closing cashiers tonight, so Marci was needed at the front for an hour.  I did the soda count, then was steady until 6:30!  Did the prelim duties, and wasn't feeling that great; spent as much time as possible in front of the heater.  Needed 2 o/r, one for a door and the other for discounted OSB.  Close to 7, I asked Mgr B if he would mind the store while I made a pit stop.  When I returned, HC D sent me to lunch.  Came back and was again steady until 8:30.  Finally had a woman buy the cull pack!  And dealt with some grumpy customers tonight, about why we were so busy, and so-and-so wouldn't refund their money for a tool, and why didn't the man with three carts let the guy only buying a 5 gal bucket of paint go ahead of him?

Also had an honest customer return; they had 30 pieces of barnwood. I only charged 'em for one.  I thanked her:)  Told her I thought it was one door!

Checked out final customer at closing, and locked the doors.  Was only able to sanitize the register areas.  I'll be more thorough tomorrow.  Returned a tape measure to tools, some electrical outlets, and some hardware items.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Red hooded sweater, dark jeggings, Monet mask.

Day 345:  Rare Saturday

1st half of shift went well, though I was half-asleep.  Marci went to lunch when I arrived, and things were steady all the way til 2pm.  Matt arrived at 12:30, so M went up front for the rest of her shift.  Went to McAllisters at 2, and when I returned, did the soda count while Matt rang up customers.  He went to lunch at 4, and had an issue I couldn't solve....guy's phone # wouldn't take.  Called HC A down, so while she was working on it, I hopped on Charlie's register to ring up the card-paying customers.  Had just loaded an LAR on #2, then rang up the guy on C's when Mgr T, who had come down to assist A, asked me to get on #2 "To take care of your customers."  Ummmm....thought I was, but stopped arguing and just hopped on #2 for 5 mins, then back to #1 when the issue was resolved!

Started sweeping, and when Matt returned, he was asked to do an internet order, so I began the prelim duties.  At 6, I took a quick pit stop, then from 6:30-7 I sanitized #2 and 3, and sanitized all but #1's plexiglass.  Matt pulled the trash, and after I returned two items to LG, went back and pushed the trash to the hopper and clocked out at 7:10.  Told HC M I was planning for 4pm next week, unless told otherwise.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Monday, January 18, 2021

Life In Lumber, Week #76

 Day 335:  MLK Jr Day

Arrived; was busy for a solid 90 mins.  Had a CFH who wanted a delivery, and had to send Cam to look up insulation and how many sheets of drywall was on a pallet.  Then he wanted to pay for his invoiced tile, and paid $3700 in cash.  First we set the delivery date, then he wanted to change it.  Then, instead of ringing up the $3700, it rang up $37, which meant I had to whip out my calculator to find the difference.  Next, it refused, so I keyed in what he would pay on his card, THEN rang up the remaining cash.  Devon managed to change the delivery date (while I was doing all this, she was ringing up the other customers!), and they blissfully left me alone.  It was definitely a 'why-didn't-you-go-to-somene-else's-line' moment!!!

Customer B had a special order return, but it rang up $0, so when I switched it to the $8 price, I had to have and o/r.

Customer C had several items of lumber, and it took 3 tries to get the correct number of each size, due to the fact he'd forgotten how many he'd gotten.  I had it right the 1st time, then he insisted I was wrong, so finally after the 3rd time, he was happy.

Gathered paperwork around 7:30 and chewed Justin out when he threw his empty pop bottle into the clean trash can.  Swept the floor, then helped Haley put away the soda.  Sanitized everything between 8:15-8:45, then checked out one more customer, and locked the doors at 9.  I was sooooooo ready to get out of there!

Outfit:  Blue multi-colored sweater, red tank, new jeggings, SW mask.

Day 336:

Was called in at 4; was fairly steady all the way til 6.  Was able to get the pop count accomplished, but didn't really begin doing any preliminary closing duties until 6.  Matt had already gathered the paperwork, and I had two more tax exempts come in.  Needed two o/r, one for discounted wire and the other for a discounted door.

Went to lunch at 6:30, and when I returned, began the rest of the closing duties around 8, since I swept the floor for a while.

Outfit:  Black/gray long-sleeved tee, black vest, new jeggings, SW and tools mask (SW was hurting my ears).

Day 337:  Inaugeration Day....bleh.

Arrived; was steady until 6, then started prelim duties, including pop count.  Jillian relieved me at 6:40, and when I returned, only had a handful of customers, so began closing duties at 7:30.  Had to switch to #2 when #1 ran out of $1s.

Final customer arrived at closing, and after my drawer was cleaned out, returned items to tools, paint, and hardware.  Teased Scott about when I was getting my 1 year patch....

"I've been here 2 years and still don't have one....or am I still on probation?"

That got me a laugh!

Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Maroon shirt, new jeggings, Starry Night mask.

Day 338: 

I knew this was going to be a good shift when I pulled into the lot and saw there were more employee cars than customers!  Had my pre-closing duties done by 5:30, and really didn't have any irratations, other than when it came time for my break, a customer grabbed me and used up ten minutes.  So went to the restroom, grabbed my lunchable, and went back to Lumber.  Ate my food in between the two customers I had between 7:05-7:30, then began sanitizing.

Matt was having issues finding the 935 1x3x8s, so he watched the register while I went on the hunt.  Turned out they weren't marked.  Oh well; got my out from behind the register for a while!

Returned 4 black iron pipes to #16, then some sandpaper to Paint, put up my vest, and clocked out.

Outfit:  Black/gray leopard stripe tee, black vest, new jeggings, SN mask.

Day 339:

Fairly quiet day; only needed one o/r, but everyone was up at customer service, helping with the sudden influx of customers.  Hopped on #2 to ring up the others while we waited.

Only had one pissy moment; shortly before taking my break, HC D asked me not to eat at the register.  WTH?  If I can't take my break, then yes, I darn well WILL eat my lunch!  Matt told me later she wasn't talking about snacks; just my lunchable.  *eye roll*

Also made a mess at the end:  Had 10 mins til close, so decided to wipe off the top of the Monster cooler.  But when I moved two over, they fell off....and had a fountain of Monster spraying everywhere!  Darrin hopped over the stack of water and gatoraid to pick up the boxes and the ones which had fallen out, then mopped up the mess with the paper towels I handed him.  It's been a while since I've made a mess!  Told James, "We created a Monster Pond!"

Bought K his bathroom vent with the blue-tooth, and clocked out at 9:15.  Discovered we're NOT allowed to borrow each other's discount cards; it's a 'fireable offense on both sides.'  Oops........

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt, red plaid leggings, elephant mask.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Life In Lumber, Week #75

 Day 329:

Arrived; was steady until 6:30.  Jillian had already done the pop count, so all I had to do were my usual early chores.  Swept the floor, then Matt relieved me at 7.  When I returned, he and I laid down the new 'Thank You' and 'Wait Here' signs.  Had zero customers from 8 until 8:45, so got everything sanitized and trash pulled.  Also did my LU and AP4Me (one video).

Took back two plumbing items and some paint rollers. Tried to find the tablet holder, but no one knew where the display was.  Kylie said she'd take care of it.  Met my new lumber associate, Justin, who's a history major at VU.

Found out Marci's going to have to have her right breast removed, and the cancer is NOT in her lymph nodes, thank god!

Outfit: Gray sweater, faded jeggings, Monet Mask

Day 330:

Arrived; was fairly slow all day.  But every time I logged in to do my LU, I'd get a customer.  Finally, the 4th time was the charm:)  Did my usual early prep, and while I was on my 15 min break, Matt swept the area behind the counter.  When I returned, I swept the rest.  Got three phone calls on 252, and was thrilled when no one called me again!  Sanitized everything at 8, and needed two o/r:  One for discounted light and another for the wrong price on the 30 lumber boards.  Locked the doors after final customer.  Tried to sell a cull pack while ASM Scott was around, but the guy decided $330 marked down to $165 was still too much.

Returned several electrical items and one tape measure, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.  As I was leaving, I told Chris 'see you tomorrow.'  He asked if I was closing, and I told him I always close.  "You're stuck with me!"  

He laughed!

Outfit:  Blue thermal shirt, faded jeggings, blue mask.

Day 331:

Brought in more chocolate chip cookies, which everyone appreciated.  Shift was slow and steady, and only had one customer between 8 and 9.  Only needed one o/r; a couple brought down two rolls of carpet, each with the same item #, only one was marked $5 per foot.  Asked HC A if I should mark all of it down, and she said yes, so I marked down the 14' roll also.  While they paid, A got in touch with Flooring, and after the customer left, we discovered only the 8' roll was supposed to be discounted.  We literally let $71 walk out the door.  Oh well.....

Took my break, and when I returned, did the rest of the closing duties.  A came down with snacks and the soda (Alexa had done it earlier, when I was busy), then sanitized everything.  Stood around and chatted with Justin about Disney World and theme parks in general.  All in all, good shift.

Outfit:  Red/yellow plaid shirt, black tank, faded jeggings, blue mask.

Day 332:

Arrived; discovered Aggie had brought in cupcakes, cookies, and two other cakes, 'to be kind'.  I took the final piece of chocolate mousse down to lumber.  As I was looking for a fork, Mgr T askes, "Weren't you supposed to be at your register a few mins ago?"

"Yes; I'm running slightly late."  I marched off to Lumber.

Helped Jillian with a complicated order, then she left, taking the soda count with her.  I was steady for an hour, then did my early duties and thoroughly swept my area.  Cust A had a little girl who was VERY interested in helping me, so I allowed her to use the gun on an item, which thrilled her.

Had an eye-roll moment when Sacred came down to 'help'....I had three customers in line, but one was writing a check.  She rang up one at the same time I rang up the 3rd.....I had everything under control; I don't know what the problem was!  If I had 5-6 in line, that would be one thing.....

Cust. B had taken pics of their items, so I didn't have to look them up.

Cust C had one item which refused to ring up or even be keyed in, and my phone app was throwing a fit, so had to look it up on the website.

Cust. D left their bag at the counter and returned for it an hour later.

Took my break, and finished off the CM cake, then took my lunchable back to lumber!  Did the closing duties and sanitized everything, then locked the doors and returned three plumbing items.

Discovered I need to use my 30 hours of vacation time by the 29th or I'll lose 'em.  Not sure what I'm gonna do, since I thought they'd roll over.  Damn it....

Outfit:  Blue/white sweater, faded jeggings, HP mask

Day 333:.

Shift was steady until 6.  Did the early chores, and was surprised when Alexa relieved me at 6:10 for break!  Afterwards, put the soda away and began the closing duties.  Was slightly miffed when she told me she'd only had one customer while I was gone....why couldn't she have put away the soda?  Strange...

Anyway, discovered my invoice from 2 weeks ago was still active; Brenden showed me how to delete it.

Had two customers between 8-9; locked up and returned items to tools, paint, hardware, and Household.

Had to go out and retrieve carts; I was huffing and puffing by the time I pulled two Lumber carts to aisle 19!  Then helped Krissy with a return to Electrical.....she had her hands full and a foil ductwork under her chin!

Finally clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, new jeggings, HP mask.

Day 334:

Was called in to work; two people called in.  Walked in and discovered I was on everyone's 'good' list, for coming in, ha ha!  Arrived at 2:45 and was told to go up front, so hopped on #13 and stayed there until 7.  Had to re-learn the new system, and all was fine until after lunch.  Had a guy who wanted to only pay for his washer, so removed it from his invoice, but then he wanted to split the payment.  We tried 3 different ways, and HC Devon had to switch to the old system for it to work.  Then she asked me to do the front soda count, and pull it.   Then, had to  hop back on #13 due to rush.  Finally, she asked if I'd go down and give Jillian her break.  I did, then asked if I could STAY there, ha ha!  All day I'd been hearing 'You're at the wrong end of the building!' or, 'What are you doing here today?'

Got a compliment:  Justin said he prefers to work with me rather than Jillian!

Scott's going to simply pay out my vacation pay, so yay! 

Pulled trash, swept, and sanitized the plexiglass and #1 and #2 register counters.  Saw Joe Frey, whom I'd mentioned to D I hadn't seen in a while.  Returned items to Tools, Electrical, Flooring, and Seasonal, then clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  Gray 'Home Grown' sweatshirt; new jeggings; Tools mask

Monday, January 4, 2021

Life In Lumber, Week #74

 Day 324:

Ever just want to throttle someone?  I did.

Arrived, and took over for Hannah.  Was steady for an hour, then managed to sweep, consolidate the trash, and gather the paperwork.  Rob was my only tax exempt!  Normally, I arrive to find a stack; I wondered if I'd have any at all, then he walked in, lol....anyway, took my break, and when I returned, was steady for another hour.  Then all hell broke loose:  Customer A told me about cabinets having a coupon.  The one I'd had was expired, so HC C sent one to my printer.  While I was waiting, I hopped over to Charlie's register and Customer B said he was paying with card, so began ringing him up.  He had carpet, so called off the numbers to Darrin, then we figured out how many feet he had.  D did it wrong, so I corrected it.  Went to ring him up and turned out he wanted to pay part with card, the rest with cash.  Charlie's won't take cash, so had to put him on hold while I contacted C again.  In the meantime, got Customer A rang up and sent on his way.  C came down, and told me to call Jess.  J came down and told C to call IT.  So after I rang up 3 more customers and put away the soda, IT manages to move it to Reg #1.  Guy pays and is on his way.  I apologized profusely to both C and J; I'd been trying to multi-task!  Neither of them seemed upset, thank god!

Traci brought down the garden cart that Toni set back for me last week:)  Turns out it's slightly damaged, so got it for $5.

At 8, began sanitizing after doing AP4Me.  Will have to schedule more time for LU; I have 6 questions over Bias training.  Ugh.

Locked the doors and had to wait for K to return with hopper.  Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  White plaid shirt, black tank, dark jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 325:

Arrived, and things were slower today.  Was able to finally get my LU finished, and passed my refresher course on biases.  Discovered my broom was missing.  Consolidated trash, gathered paperwork, and did the pop count.  Customer A arrives and realizes his card keeps declining.  Asked me if we could set it aside while he went to the bank.  I said sure, and invoiced it.  By 7pm, I realize he's still not returned, so put his Mt. Dew back in cooler.  Went to break shortly after, and then began my closing duties.  Customer B dumped a lot of plumbing; rang it up, then he decided he didn't need 6 items.  Loaded his LAR, and he was out the door.  Customers C-D didn't cause me any issues, and locked the door behind them.

D called me as I was heading up front, and said he'd take me to Denny's!  As soon as I clocked out, and my van was defrosted, I joined him.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, dark jeggings, Starry Night mask.

Day 326:  Marci's Back!

Arrived and gave Marci her Bridges copy, then was steady until 6.  Did pop count, only to discover we weren't doing it, and did the preliminary closing duties.  Located my broom outside, so was able to do a thorough sweeping, and mucked out under all the mats and trash cans.  Alexa relieved me at 7, and my phone shut itself off.  When I returned, was slow until 8:30, so sanitized everything.  Only had maybe 3 customers after that, and locked the doors after the last customer.

Asthma acted up; puffed once before work, again at the beginning of my shift, and a 3rd time around 8pm.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, black tank, dark jeggings, Starry Night mask.

Day 327:

M told me today they found cancer in one of her breasts.  She goes to dr on Mon to discuss treatment and meet docs.

Arrived; did LU before clocking in.  Things were slow for the 1st hour, so was able to do my lesson plan (explaining wages, breaks, OT, etc) and pop count.  Customer A decided to give me change as soon as I took his $$; forgot to calculate the dollar.  Thankfully, the guy behind him paid in cash.

Customer B couldn't find his card, so set his bag aside.  He returned later and said he'd go get it; it was found in the street by his mom's house!  He arrived again and said he was going to get a key made.  Thought I saw him coming and rang up his items....then realized it wasn't him!  Both had same jacket, lol!  Rang up C, then B arrived and paid for his items.

Customer D had countertops; only 2 rang up, but thankfully she had the pictures with the item #s!  Told her she was my fave customer of the day.

Only needed 2 O/Rs....a discounted light and a cull pack.

After my break, did the closing duties and had three customers at the end.  Put away the return items and clocked out.

Outfit:  Red long-sleeved shirt, black/white 'butterfly', dark jeggings.  Blue Plaid mask.

Day 328:

Arrived; for the first 30 mins, Matt rang up the customers while I did the soda count and gathered paperwork.  Took over for him and was steady until 7.  Managed to sweep the floor.  Matt came down and relieved me long enough to make a pit stop and collect my lunch, then ate it between customers.  Began sanitizing at 8, and had zero issues with customers.  In fact, the one with the countertops had the item #!  Told her she was officially my favorite customer of the day.

Had the dropsies again.  Knocked the bag stand off #2, dropped the hand sanitizer bottle and a few plumbing fittings.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, faded jeggings, Blue Plaid mask

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Amazing Race 2020, Ep 10-12 (Finale)

 Episode 10:  Cambodia

Beards' boat breaks down, but restarts after other teams pass.


Fish                     Farm

Beards-2nd          GLBTQ-4th

NFL-1st                H/Ch-3rd

Sibs-U-turned by NFL; has to do both.

Roadblock:  Making Tiles



NFL-4th (12 attempts, b/c he didn't watch the entire demonstration before jumping into it!  Therefore, missed the 'greasing' step)



NFL:  Lost Tuk-Tuk driver-gets caught by tree removal.


Episode 11:  Phillipines

Meeting with Phil:  City Sprint!  0 Roadblocks, 0 Detours.  Scavenger Race-style

1 Traffic Cop:  Beard, NFL, GLBTQ, H/Ch

2) 500 meter Dash In High Heels:  Beards, NFL, GLBTQ (who enjoyed this a little too much, lol!), H/Ch

3)  Lions:  NFL, GLBTQ, Beards, H/Ch

4)  Feed Horses:  GBLTQ, Beards, NFL, H/Ch

5)  Music:  Beards, GBLTQ, H/Ch, NFL

GBLTQ, Beards, and H/Ch collaborated to solve the order and didn't clue in NFL.  NFL took 2 hour penalty, which got them eliminated.

End of leg:




Episode 12:  Finale, New Orleans

Beards lost on way to park to retrieve clue.

GBLTQ 1st to arrive at Bourban St and collecting 50 gold and 50 red large bead necklaces

H/Ch 2nd

Beards 3rd

Next:  Search For Baby In King Cake

GBLTQ 1st, but lost lead b/c of having to eat 3 beignets each.  Will had issues, since he'd eaten some of the king cake.

H/Ch-had trouble finding baby; had to re-search all cakes. Still finished 2nd

Beards 3rd

Jump For Clue, then Rappel Down and Push Ball

GBLTQ (can these guys NOT make a mistake this leg?)



Transform Ball into Globe of Earth

GBLTQ finishes 1st, and arrives 1st at finish line.  Will drops to one knee and proposes to James.  

Damn it....I wanted the Beards to win!

Hung and Chee finish 2nd

Beards 3rd.

Oh well; it was an exciting race!  One Million Miles!

Friday, January 1, 2021

January 2021 Goals

This was a strange month, with Mom in 'solitary confinement', due to a CV outbreak at her facility (not in her area, thank god, but 2 night nurses did test positive, so she was confined to her room as of 12/22)

 -Lose 5 lbs (starting 243)

-Earn enough to pay the bills Check!

-Buy another scale Nope

-Finish cleaning bedroom Nope

-Organize basement Nope

-Decorate house for Christmas Daughter put up tree and outside lights 12/2; Morty in place 12/11

-Bake cookies Check....

   -6 doz O/R; 6 doz Choc Chip; 6 doz M/M 12/17

   -3 doz M/M; 3 doz Choc chip 12/23

    -3 doz frosted sugar cookies 12/30

-Hang pictures

-Have a good birthday Check!

-Finish Watching Gilmore Girls (DVR, check; NetFlix, still watching) and SVU 12/27:  All caught up!  Hope to stay on top of new DVR'd episodes.

Health Update: Cold weather triggers my asthma, but otherwise fine.

Books Read: 6
            Print: 5
        E-Book: 1
             DNF: 11...nine, I just wasn't in the mood to read; one wasn't my preferred genre, simply helping out a friend, and one I read maybe 6 chapters, only to realize I really didn't care to read the rest.

Karaoke Songs Added:  4

Updated Book 'Tour':
-Evansville Women's Conference (Oct 29th) $125 ($100 reg, $25 lunch) Pd 7/31 Postponed until Jan 21, 2021; Postponed again until April 8th
-Cil-Con:  Cancelled, unless someone else decides to take over leadership.  Means I'll get my $50 back.

2021 Goals:

-Publish M/M Tales (working title)

-Find artist for kiddie book and start collaboration

-Save as much $$ as possible

-Edit Defending Your Life story

-Add words or even finish Heart Song, RiKar, Paranormal Preacher, Time Travel and publish something.

-Write 'Mixed Nuts' story

-Survive this damn pandemic/political climate

-Buy monthly promo items 

    -10 red stylus ordered 1/3

    -10 blue stylus ordered 1/15

-Pay off St. V medical debt Check!  Thank you stimulus $$!!!; pay down GSH and hearing aids medical debt; pay down CC.

-Get eyes and teeth checked/fixed

-Get carport roof fixed

-Green house torn down

-Brown house sorted

-Scrap hauled away

-Shelf in Bdrm

-Shelf in MB

-House re-wired

-Taco and Butterscotch to the vet

-Mom's room organized

-Mom's storage unit sorted

-W's things sent to her

-Attend the following Conventions/signings: (Most are already paid for)

      -Jan:  StoryCon at Benton Co. Public Library Not gonna happen this year

     -April:  Evansville Women's Conference (April 8th); Kentuckiana Book Fair, Dale Library 

    -May:  ComicCon (not paid for)

     -June:  Corning Irish Festival, PrideFest, Weekend with the Authors (Nashville, TN-Pd 1-14-21)
     -July:  InConJunction, Imaginarium, Heroes For Kids
     -Aug:  Watermelon Fest (not paid for)Royal Readers at Mall of America, State Fair
     -Sept:  Penned Con, Non-Con
     -Oct:  Art Walk, CCC (not paid for)
     -Nov:  ICGAHS, Rivet, Art Walk

Do you think that's realistic?

2021 Expenses:
-Book Lovers Con Book signing Sat (April 10th??) $10+ travel expenses; Nashville, TN
-Liberty Writers-New Jersey (Same day as BLC, so???  But Jean's gonna be there!) $50-175 +gas/hotel/food
-Kentuckiana Authors Fair (April) -$78 for hotel; $36 (gas total); $15 (approx Arby's); $2.12 (iced tea); $16 +$2 tip (Sweet-n-Savory Food Truck) 
-Weekend With The Authors 2021 (Table fee waived??? or $225-300 table fee; hotel/gas/food/rental car
-Writer's Workshop (April 2021) Nashville, IN Fee pd
-Farmer's Market (June 6, 2021) $15 
-PrideFest (June 20, 2021, $25 donation)
-Corning IrishFest (June 21, 2021) 
-InConJunction (July 5-7, 2021) Fee pd 
-Imaginarium (July 12-14, 2021): $100 food, $200 hotel, gas. Fees pd 
-Heroes For Kids (July 20, 2021, $50 Fee pd)  Perrysville, MO  gas $40, hotel room, $140, food $40

-Watermelon Festival (Aug 8-9) $45?????
-Indy State Fair (Aug $100-200 Fee pd gas $30, $15 admission; $24 parking fee; $20 food; $6 ride
-Minneapolis travel expenses (Aug 10) ($200-hotel, $120-food,$100- gas)
-Penned Con: $225 half table (6') (Paid 12/21) Hotel/rental car/food/gas
-Cil-Con Cancelled, unless someone picks it up???
-Saluki Con , $203 ($25 refunded after stay) hotel. $66 food and $40 gas.)  
-Indiana ComicCon (May 5-7 or Oct 15-17, 2021) $225 +Gas, hotel, food

-ICGAHS:  $340 booth fee Pd,  hotel/gas/food

-Rivet CF (Nov 21st Fee pd)

January Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting)

-Buy a scale

-Finish cleaning out bedroom

-Organize Basement

-De-decorate house 1/14-Check!

-Hang pictures

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls Finished DVR Dec; now SE1-4 on Netflix

-Begin watching Mandelorian

-Type up Dad's/my stories Check!

-Begin artist search

Start socking $100-200 away per month Check!

-Buy 10 more styluses  Check! (red)

January Reading Schedule:

The Broker-John Grisham Good!
Key of Valor-Nora Roberts DRR!  Loved this re-read:)
The Household Guide To Dying-Debra Adelaide DRR!  Very good, and tugs at the heartstrings in final chapter:)  Very funny in places!
The Kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang
The One and Only-Emily Giffin
Breaking The Bro Code-BB Swan
Breaking The Cycle-BBS
Breaking The Barriers-BBS
Little Disasters-Sarah Vaughan
Fire and Blood-George RR Martin
Hook's Little Mermaid-Suzanne Lynne
Going Down In Flames-Chris Cannon
Blackmail Boyfriend-CC
The Dating Debate-CC
99% Faking It-CC

Written On His Heart-Cathy Jackson
Achieve-Jade Waltz

Karaoke Songs:
Take It Like A Man-Michelle Wright Good, but camera batteries failed.  Will re-sing.
Runaway-Bon Jovi Slightly low and scratchy, but a crowd pleaser!
Magic Power-Triumph Felt like singing this one to end the night!  Another crowd pleaser:)

Take It Off-Kesha Nailed it!
Running On Empty-Jackson Browne Slightly low on verses, but otherwise good
Danny's Song-Anne Murray Verses way too low, and the words could NOT come out of my mouth on Vs 2!
Take Me Home Country Road-John Dever (with J Trian)Nailed it!
Truly, Madly, Deeply-Savage Garden (with Gary) Nailed it!

Take It On The Run-REO Speedwagon Good!
Running With the Night-Lionel Richie DNH
Do You Know The Way To San Jose-Dionne Warwick Had another 'I can't read' moment; otherwise, it sounded good!
High Enough-Damn Yankees Nailed it!

Take It To The Limit-Eagles Nailed it:)
Take It Like A Man-Michelle Wright Finally got it on camera:)
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me-Culture Club Ugh....too low, but had fun with it:)