Monday, February 27, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W1

 Day 1:  $7658

Arrived; things were slow until B left, then WHAM!  Everyone came in, and I was busy until 7. At one point, was waiting for a price-match on #1, so was on #2 until ASM S came down to approve it. Adriane sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, things were slower, so was able to do the closing duties and sweep. Had a customer clean me out of $10s, $5s, and $1s, so went back to #2, where I stayed the rest of the time. Pulled trash, mucked under all the mats, and fronted the soda, plus did my LU and AP4Me. Checked and read my email, and submitted May 12th and 14th off (S's baby shower-may have to go get Mom on the 12th and return her on the 14th). After ASM S cleaned me out, I walked him up front, then put up my vest.

We have new music on the overhead!!!  It's tuned to a country station.

Outfit: Maroon 3/4 sleeve blouse, white vest, faded jeggings, gold and diamond loops.

Day 2:  $3425

Arrived and took over for B.  Pro Seth was leaving, and told me to keep an eye on a certain cart. Weeeeelll....two hours later, that cart was missing.  Asked Loader E2 about it, and he thought it was the cart with the shingles.  /Fingers crossed he's right....

Did the prelim duties and fronted ALL the soda (nearly cleaning out the far Coke one!). Did LU, and swept thoroughly. Adriane sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, began the closing duties.  Found some light bulbs with Mercury in them in the outside trash; sent E2 to the recycler with them. Mucked the mats and sanitized, and rang up final customer at close.  ASM K brought in the concrete, then ASM S cleaned me out.  Returned items to Millwork, then took the trash to Receiving. Clocked out at 9:30.

As Lex and I were waiting to be told to clock out, the middle exit alarm went off, and we discovered the doors weren't locked. 

Discovered we're getting a bonus this week!!!

Outfit:  Blue 'snowflake' sweater, red tank, faded jeggings, dark blue studs.

Day 3:  $7636

Went in at 3, and was told to go to Lumber. After K left, B and I sort of twiddled our thumbs, so I took inventory of the soda coolers and filled them, finishing up around 4:30. I went to the back and refilled my cup (we were out of water up front), then shooed B out the door.  I think EVERYONE showed up at the same time, for I was slammed for about 30 minutes. Then things quieted down and I got the prelim duties done. Had another rush at 6, and was unable to find a customer's P/L loading ticket. Adriane sent me to lunch at 7, and when I returned, started the closing duties, did my LU, swept, pulled trash, mucked out the mats, and sanitized the registers as well as the countertops for #1 and 2.

Was pissed at a customer who wanted three 50 lb concrete bags to be put into the cardboard bags,  This AFTER Mgr G and E2 were unavailable!  Fortunately, a customer stepped up and helped her.  She didn't understand I wasn't supposed to be away from my register that long, not with a line of people waiting!

HC J cleaned me out; I locked the doors and shut the large one at 9, then walked her up front and took my trash to Receiving.  Clocked out at 9:30.  ASM K had the day off!

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, faded jeggings, dark blue studs

My bonus on Fri after taxes:  $124.  At least I can catch up on last week's bills....

Day 4:  $6495

Kelly asked if I'd take her shift, so I did.  Was up front, and since it was raining, we were a little slow. Jax went to break at 6:30, then I was supposed to go at 7, but decided to wait until 7:15, which proved to be a good decision, since we had a minor 'rush'. I took my break at 7:15, then at 7:30, went to Lumber to give Em hers.

When I returned to the front, hopped on #9, since Lex was waiting for an o/r, and helped with the line.  After HC K cleaned out #8, I hopped on #10, and filled bags, swept, and helped Jax pull trash. Locked the doors at 9, then helped take carts down to Lumber. We all clocked out at 9:30.

ASM K had the day off!!

Outfit:  Red/yellow plaid, red tank, black vest, dark jeggings, LJs, thin gold hoops  

Day 5:  Rare Saturday $1895

Was called into work; Camille called in. Was up front, and alternately did Reg 10 and Self-Checkout. Pushed a lot of carts back to the front! At 7, I took over SCO from Caleb, then Brenda took her break. I took mine at 7:30, then gave Em her break. When Em returned, I took her returns to Tools and ISLG, then resumed my post at SCO until close.  After locking the doors, I took two carts down to Lumber, then told Em I'd stick around so she could leave (she wasn't feeling well), Fronted her soda and finished emptying her trash and general straightening up, then after HC J cleaned out #1, I returned items to Paint and Hardware, then pushed four more carts to Lumber and put up my vest. Clocked out at 9:50.

ASM K left at 6.  ASM S also told me he'd fix the schedule, so I could have Friday the 10th off, to go to the hockey game where granddaughter A and her choir is singing the Nat'l Anthem:)

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, LJs, thin gold hoops.

Day 6:  Rare Sunday $11,225

Arrived and took over for Angi, then was slightly busy until Em left at 4. Then I had 2 complicated customers....1) couldn't locate the right phone # for their LBA, so I finally saved it and they moved away, and 2) customer thought she'd activated her card, but didn't.  Did it over the phone, and everything was fine.  In the meantime, I paged for help, and Adriane came down for 1/2 an hour.  Things slowed, somewhat, and was able to start the closing duties...fronted soda, pulled trash.  Had to look up a contractor's P/L form, and once Loader Tim had it pulled, printed out the ticket.

Brenda sent me to break at 6:30, and when I returned, spot-swept and pulled the outside trash. Final customer left at 8, and literally locked the door behind them. Sanitized the registers and wiped down the counters.  HC J cleaned me out, and returned items to Electrical, Tools, and Hardware before taking the trash to Receiving.  Clocked out at 8:30.

ASM K left at 5; I didn't even see her.

Outfit:  Red hooded sweater, dark jeggings, LJs, small diamond hoops, tennis bracelet, diamond heart necklace.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W52

 Day 216:  $7672

We were freaking busy tonight!  Weather was warm; nearly 70, and once I took over for B, I barely had time to do anything the first hour, except ring up customers. Drywall aisle was nearly empty; B said Pro K had sold a lot of it. Truck is expected tomorrow, and another one on Friday.

Around 6:30, I was able to front the soda, and started sweeping. Kel sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, she was still dealing with a customer, so I consolidated the trash, then pulled it. Around 8, I started mucking out the mats, and did my LU and AP4Me, finishing it after locking the doors at 9. Brought in the rest of the carts, added what snacks I could to the rack, and took my trash to Receiving. Returned items to Electrical, Paint, and ISLG. Clocked out at 9:30.

ASM K left at 3:)

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, sapphire and silver hoops

Day 217:  $4680

Had a good shift!  Went in slightly early to buy trash bags, then took over for B. Did the prelim duties, and had the floor swept by 7, plus all the mats, and did my LU. Jax sent me to break at 7:30, and when I got back, I pulled the trash, filled the bags, and pulled the outside trash.

My sense of humor reared its head:  I was rounding the counter, for I saw a customer approaching.

Him:  "Don't run away from me..."

"I'm just getting into position..."


"I'm assuming the position."

At this point, it hit me what I'd said, and thankfully, the older gentleman took it in stride! 

"I'd like to ask you out for a cup of coffee, but I'm guessing your husband wouldn't like it very much."

"No, he would not. But thank you anyway."

Something else was said as I was totalling him out, and I joked, "We just went there.  No."

"You're right; we did," We both laughed.


At close, after I'd dusted off the Pepsi cooler, and HC K was cleaning me out, I locked the doors, then took the trash to Receiving, then put up my vest.  K asked me to take the front end's trash down, and return a shelf to Aisle 29, so I did, and ended up collapsing 20 or so tiny battery boxes.  As I was on the final one, Mike popped his head out if his office and told me I didn't have to break all of them down.

"NOW you tell me!"

Clocked out at 9:30. ASM K left at 6:)

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, new darker jeggings, LJs (it was only 50 degrees!), sapphire and silver hoops.

Day 218:  $3832

Arrived and immediately helped B with his line. He took his final break, then left.  The crowd thinned; ASM S came down and asked if I had a duster, to dust the sunglasses and Gatarade boxes.  I didn't, so he brought one down, and I dusted everything I could, including the ice machine.

Pro S didn't realize I was married.  "But you don't wear a ring."

"I outgrew it 19 years ago, with Child #3."

Wasn't that busy, so after I printed my pay stub and March schedule, fronted the soda, then did the soda count. Did the other prelim duties, then realized my dustmop was MIA, so only mucked out the mats. Kel sent me to break at 7:30, and when I returned, pulled trash and began putting away the soda after she brought it down. Things were going well until 8:30, when I got a rush. Was nearly finished putting away the soda when my final 2 customers decided to be CFH....A wanted to cut their foam board, and laid it all out behind the Pro desk to measure it out; B had some items on delivery and some she still needed to pay for. It was 9:15 before everyone left, and 9:30 before I pushed the trash down to the hopper. Then grabbed HC C's loading tickets, the return items, AND the extra soda and went up front. Returned items to Tools and Lighting, then had Adriane put away the soda while I took a tool over to ISLG, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:50.

ASM K left at 3.

Outfit:  Black leapard stripe, faded jeggings, sapphire and silver hoops.

Day 219:  $3413

Shift began on a high note, since I arrived at 3 and 'knew' I was going to be in Self-checkout for a while.  But it was CRAZY!  First, my QR code didn't work, and neither did my sign in, so Sandy ran off one for me. Then, customer's gloves were significantly discounted, and finding a mgr was hard.  Fortunatly, Scott showed up at the right time. Then it was military after military....all 4 lanes were taken up....had to hop on #10 to do a customer decided, in the middle of the transaction!!, to apply for a credit card.  Kem took him down to Pro to do it, so that tied up one register, Another customer didn't understand there were 3 more, and was confused....finally another customer stepped in and helped me clarify!  I rang him up with no issues.  Another customer paid, then needed a wheelchair to go use the restroom.  A customer on a wheeled scooter offered his; I handed the woman her purse and pushed her cart to the side, so she didn't have to push it all the way to the back with her hubby.

At 4, Jaylee showed up, and HC C sent me to LG for an hour.  Only saw 3 people.  One customer wanted to know if we still had push mowers; I sent her Aisle 28 and never saw her again.  Had a 20 minute conversation with Dalton. Rang up former employee Jessica:) Then at 5:10, called HC C to find out if they'd forgotten me. HC K came down; she had forgotten I was there.  B called as she was locking up LG and told him I was on my way. I took everything down, then put my sweatshirt back and took a pit stop.  

At 5:30, Mgr G and Pro S left; I did the prelim duties and fronted the soda.  Discovered 2 of my former Pepsi coolers are now Coke.  Good thing I'd not printed out the spreadsheet yet.....Lex sent me to lunch at 7, and when I returned, did my LU, pulled trash, swept the floor, mucked out the mats, sanitized the counters and registers. At 8:30, had three CFH....A wanted a tool with a free battery; the battery didn't zero out. Charlie tried it; HC K tried it. She finally ended up making it a penny so it would satisfy the customer. B wanted to know the price of an entire bunk of 7/16 OSB....then 44 sheets of 3/8 drywall, and wanted me to write down the particulars. C was one of my regulars, who arrived with a bucketful of washers, but no idea how many.  HC K and I counted and separated out the small ones....81.  Jokingly told him to get the hell out!

Also had a woman who wanted to make a payment on her card, but her CC didn't work.  Her total was $105, so when she handed me that amount, I thought she was just going to pay cash. Turned out, that was supposed to be the PAYMENT on the card. Oops....

Locked the doors and hauled in the cull carts, then returned items to Tools, Paint, Hardware, and a Gift Card, then took the trash to Receiving, as well as returning an item to RTM. Clocked out at 9:20.

Only saw ASM K at close.

Outfit:  Red turtleneck, faded jeggings, LJs, sapphire and silver hoops.

Off til Monday!!

Still trying to find out the songlist (Getting closer!!!  One left!)
I Knew You Were Waiting For Me (G. Michael/A. Franklin)
Again (Lenny Kravitz)
Not The Only One (Bonnie Raitt)
Budapest (George Ezra)
Hourglass (Squeeze)
Breathe (Faith Hill)
Every Day is A Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause (John Couger Mellencamp...only 1st verse??)
Lessons In Love (Level 42)
You're An Ocean (Fastball)
The Difference (Wallflowers)
Circle In The Sand (Belinda Carlysle-again, only the 1st verse??)
No Good For You (Megan Trainer (2nd verse)
Glory of Love (Peter Cetara)
Here I Am (Bryan Adams)
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
Fascination (Human League)
Why Don't You and I (Santana w/Nickleback)
Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)
(Sarah Baralles?  Cobie Callait???)

Monday, February 13, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W51

 Day 212:  $4753

Arrived and took over for B; was fairly steady for an hour. Did the prelim duties, and fronted the soda. Discovered we have a new Coke cooler....ooooooh booooy.....

Kel sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, did my LU, AP4Me, and the Disturbance training, in addition to the closing duties. At 8:30, pulled trash and did a quick sweep, since Dalton and Steve were bringing out the hopper.  Then they brought in the concrete and locked the side doors for me. Loader E2 accidentally knocked over my water, so that took 5 minutes to clean up!

Alexa brought in her basset hound early, and first it peed, then did its other business father down aisle 20.  E2 didn't want to clean it up, so I had him stand at the register while I did it.

ASM J and new ASM S cleaned me out; I'd handed the returns to Dalton when he returned for his phone. He also bought me Chex mix, and another customer bought me a Kit Kat.

Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Lt gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, small gold hoops.

The bright part of the evening?  ASM K left at 3:)

Found out Pro S 'stormed out' last Friday????

Day 213:  $3168

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!  The SU took me to Old Chicago for a heart-shaped pizza.  Chose sausage, and it was a little spicier than normal. Note to self:  Do NOT get it again next year; crust never really 'set up'.  Was a little soggy.

Arrived and was at Self-Checkout for an hour, then went down to relieve B. Did prelim duties, and ended up sweeping the desk area, due to debris. Checked my email, and swept the entire area with the dustmop. Marilyn sent me to break at 7:30, so I returned items to Electrical, Tools, Paint, and Hardware. When I returned, fronted the soda, pulled the trash, sanitized the registers and all 3 counters. Had no customers from 8:30-close; HC C cleaned me out at 9; I took the trash to the hopper after locking all the doors, then returned shutters to Millwork and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Had a MAJOR brain fart:  Former ASM T arrived and wanted me to look up her card #.  Completely blanked on her 1st name.  Talk about a moronic moment.....told her I'd had pizza for lunch, and was suffering from 'brain fog'.

Outfit:  Red sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, thin gold hoops, diamond heart necklace.

Day 214:  $4875

Accidentally on purpose went in at 4, and was on #9 for an hour before heading down to relieve B. Took over and was fairly busy for 30 mins, then Pro Seth wanted to leave early, so had him watch my register while I took a pit stop. After I returned, and S left, started the prelim duties., did my LU, and swept the area. At 7, Kel sent me to break, and when I returned, rang up customers and began the closing duties. Pulled all trash, including outdoor, mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers. 

It was so nice outside, we kept the large door open until 8:45, when my final customer left. HC C went ahead and cleaned me out, and I accidentally ticked off the final customer, who tried to pay with a merch card, but it wasn't his:  His driver's license wasn't attached to it.  He stormed out, and I locked the doors behind him. Returned items to Millwork, Electrical, and Plumbing, then took the trash to Receiving. Put up my vest, then FOUND my dustmop up front!  Took it back down to the Pro desk, then helped one of the overnight guys find the portable turtle-killer.  Clocked out at 9:25.  Hope that still qualifies me for a full 5 hours....

Outfit:  Red ls shirt, B/W light poncho; new dark jeggings, textured gold hoops.

ASM K left at 3:)

Day 215:  $4893 (didn't have to round up or down!  WOW!)

Arrived and took over for B, then did the prelim duties, and swept up a mess in front of the Pro desk. Wasn't too busy at first, due to the rain, but it picked up around 6,  I don't even remember Pro Seth leaving! Jax sent me to break at 7:30, and after retrieving some of the large square bags, I pulled trash, fronted all soda coolers, sanitized registers, and wiped down all 3 counters. Final customer walked out the door at 8:45.  Locked the doors at 9, took the trash to where the hopper normally is, then returned an item to Flooring. Clocked out at 9:15.  ASM K closed, but barely said a word to me.

Outfit:  Gray/black ls tee, black vest, new dark jeggings, LJs, black danglies

Still trying to find out the songlist:
I Knew You Were Waiting For Me (G. Michael/A. Franklin)
Again (Lenny Kravitz)
Not The Only One (Bonnie Raitt)
Budapest (George Ezra)
Hourglass (Squeeze)
Breathe (Faith Hill)
Every Day is A Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause (John Couger Mellencamp...only 1st verse??)
Lessons In Love (Level 42)
You're An Ocean (Fastball)
The Difference (Wallflowers)
Circle In The Sand (Belinda Carlysle-again, only the 1st verse??)
Glory of Love (Peter Cetara)
Here I Am (Bryan Adams)
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
Fascination (Human League)
Why Don't You and I (Santana w/Nickleback)
Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)
(Sarah Baralles?  Cobie Callait???)

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

This Came Across My News Feed....

 Two controversial news items caught my eye on my phone a few moments ago:

"Judge Orders Mom To Stop Breastfeeding"

"Class Trip Cancelled Due To One Child's Complaint"

Let's look at both,

1) The mom in question is breastfeeding her 6 m/o infant, and the father wants overnight visits.  The court ordered her to adjust the child's feeding schedule to accommodate the father's petition.  Allegedly, the child dislikes the bottle, and has to be fed every hour.

First of all, let's discuss the parents.  Is this a mom with a legitimate concern?  My own granddaughter is 7 months old and refusing the bottle.  My DIL has made every effort to find a bottle she'll tolerate, and is even introducing baby food into her diet, to wean her off the breast.  She even pumps out her excess and freezes it, so when there are times when she can't breastfeed (appointments, errands, or whatever), she's got a back up plan.  

If this is the case, then yes, I don't agree with the ruling.

BUT....on the other hand, did the parents split amicably, or is this a way the mother is using her child's feeding schedule as a way of controlling how much time the child spends with its father?  The article only says effort has been made to change the feeding schedule to allow pumping/bottle feeding.  So if Mom is a control freak....yeah. I agree with the ruling.

I'm assuming a social worker or CASA worker assessed the situation.  But even then, mistakes can be made.  Why did the parents separate?  Was there abuse involved?  The article doesn't say.

2) The child in question was excited about a field trip to a water park, until she learned she was going to be paired with the 'least favorite child in the class'. I have several issues with this.

A) Normally, aren't children allowed to pick their own partners?  We were, and my kids were. Article says the teacher had a habit of pairing 'good' children with 'naughty' children, in order to keep some semblence of control.  Wait, WHA?T?  I know from my own experience, if I were paired with a kid I couldn't stand (and knew about it in advance!), I'd complain also.  But at the same time, it's a water park, and you only have to tolerate your 'buddy' on the bus. Once in the park, you can join your friends and ignore your 'buddy'.

B) Who tells you to pick a buddy in ADVANCE?  Our groups were formed the day of the trip.

C) It says the child was paired with the 'least-liked child' who 'picked his nose'.  Okay, I was that 'least-liked child' in the 4th grade, due to my allergies rearing its ugly head. Who wants to be friends with the child who has a constantly runny nose and has to use a damn hanky all the time? I did NOT pick my nose, but it probably looked as if I did. It's not like it was back then; we didn't have access to travel-sized kleenex, and I didn't want to make several trips to the teacher's desk for the Puffs. It would only call attention to my ailment and cause even more teasing. this a case of an entitled, spoiled brat who runs with the 'popular crowd' and doesn't want to be seen with the someone farther down the pecking order?  The parents further entitling their precious darling by agreeing to let her stay home that day, or are they genuinely tired of this teacher's 'archaic attitude'?  

Is this a teacher who has 'archaic attitudes' about children, or is she trying to foster cooperative attitudes?

Eight other parents hopped on the bandwagon and the trip was cancelled.  Again, the article makes no mention about the age group of the children.

What's your take?  I had to disable the comments, due to getting too many SPAM comments.  Put BLOG in the subject line and send them to 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W50

Day 208:  $6150
Arrived and took over for B, who informed me I needed to find a forklift driver and spotter. One page later, I had 'em. Then another customer wanted 36 sheets of drywall....and yet another customer was getting our cull lumber and drywall, and another stack of cull 2x4s.  But it took soooooo long to get any o/r!!  That first hour, I think I was actually on #2 longer than 1, and also rang up customers on Sonjia's.  At one point, I was getting ready to ring up a customer when S logged me out so she could use it!  Um, thanks....

After S left at 6, that's when the customers with the 2 cull carts caused me issues, and think it was an HOUR before they were finally rung up, overridden, and paid, and out the door. Marilyn sent to me break at 7:30, and when I returned, managed to pull the trash, front the soda, do my AP4Me, E-mail Shaun,  LU, AND request my March and April dates off.  Put in for May 3 and 5-7th, and forgot about the 12-14th.  I'll do that tomorrow.

Did NOT have time to properly sweep.  Final customer realized after we closed he'd been given the wrong door, so HC C and I left Loader E2 in charge of the door while we took the $$ up front.  I put up my vest, then HC C got it straightened out, and had me put up HER vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Thank god, I'm off tomorrow....ASM K left at 6.  Whoot!  ASM M closed.

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabela's sweatshirt, dark jeggings, LJs, sea horses.

Day 209:  $3615
Arrived and Lumber wasn't that busy, so copied the medical sheets for D, looked at my schedule, requested off for the 13th. Then decided to fill the soda, so did that.  Got hit with a severe gas pain, so took my break early and spent it in the bathrooom.  Note to Self:  No more eating all 4 tiny tubs of chicken salad and crackers!

Em arrived at 5:30, and she helped me fill the soda coolers. She and I both rang up customers and worked on the side stuff; I pulled the trash and helped a customer find the floor jacks. At 7, Em took her break; I filled the bags and started on my LU, then checked my training and did that.  Also printed off my paystub.  Endured a quiet admonishment from Mgr G, due to an irate customer waiting 20 mins for drywall.  Em had paged; I had paged...yeah, in hindsight, maybe one of us could have gone down to get G and Loader E2's attention; she was ringing up customers, I was finishing up the coolers.

I finally clocked out at 8:10.  ASM K was off today!!

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, thin gold hoops.

Day 210:  $7518
Arrived and took over for B, then was fairly busy until 6:30. Managed to spot-sweep, do the prelim duties, and muck out the mats, then Jaylee sent me to break at 7:30. Afterward, pulled trash and sanitized the registers. Wiped down all 3 register counters, and pulled the outside trash.  HC C came down and told me the 23rd will be her last day; she's moving to Kohl's after being passed over for Front End Supervisor.  Checked the schedule; I'm the 13th senior staff member, not counting MST and stocking depts. Loader E2 didn't show, so Blake and Brighton came down to sraighten up and bring in the concrete. After ASM K cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Brown sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, silver chains

Day 211:  $5641
Arrived and took over for B, then discovered Theresa was selling GS cookies at  the other exit.  Spent the next 3 hours telling every single customer about it, and T even brought me 1/2 a box of Thin Mints as a Thank You:)  ASM K bit my head off, b/c I found Pro S's apron in the trash, and asked if she'd quit.

"Is your name S?" (snotty attitude)

She left at 6 and things were smooth sailing after that.  Did the prelim duties, fronted the soda, and got the floor swept, and even my LU. Did NOT get the mats mucked; too busy. Em sent me to break at 7:30, and when I returned, rang up customers and got the trash pulled. Wiped off #1's counter, pulled the outside trash, brought in the cull cart, and waited while Loader E1 took the hopper out. He returned and said he had other stuff to do, so left him in charge of the door and put up my vest. Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid, black vest, black LS, new faded jeggings, LJs, triple loops with black sparkles.

Decided to keep track of the songs:
I Knew You Were Waiting For Me (G. Michael/A. Franklin)
Again (Lenny Kravitz)
Not The Only One (Bonnie Raitt)
Budapest (George Ezra)
Hourglass (Squeeze)
Breathe (Faith Hill)
Every Day is A Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause (John Couger Mellencamp...only 1st verse??)
Lessons In Love (Level 42)
Circle In The Sand (Belinda Carlysle-again, only the 1st verse??)
Glory of Love (Peter Cetara)
Here I Am (Bryan Adams)
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
Fascination (Human League)
Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)
Why Don't You and I (Santana w/Nickleback)

Friday, February 3, 2023

February Goals

Is it just me, or did January fly by?  I did get several things accomplished:)

-Lose 5 lbs (start: 229) Bleh....gained 2 lbs.

-Order copy Whispers Check!

-Mail Beach to customer with note Check!

-De-decorate house Check!

-Give A her gifts Check:)

-Take Mom to dental appointment Snowstorm; plus C was able to take her.

-Add words to existing WIPS Check:)

-Buy new laptop screen/laptop?? Bought external keyboard instead.

-Work enough hours to pay for upcoming events Remains to be seen....

Health:  Depression lifted, but it's been cold and I've eaten WAY too many carbs!  Took Mom to dr on 2/2, and didn't dare go near the scale; I was afraid of what I'd see. Plus, I've been wearing 3 layers in order to stay warm.  Damn groundhog saw his shadow:  6 more weeks of winter. Ugh.

Books Read:  3

            Print:  1

        E-book:  2

2023 Events:

Feb 18-19: Quad Con, Peoria Full, plus too expensive.  Might go as a fan, though....

April 1st:  SI Comic Con, Benton, Il Pd 4/2022

22nd:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, In $75 

28th:  North HS Craft Fair, $40 (bring own table)

May 5-7:  Indianapolis Comic Con, Indiana Convention Center $300

June:  IABE, Peoria, Il

June:  Superman Celebration

July 9-11:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner

July :  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo Hoping the $$ I paid last year 'rolls over'....

Aug:  State Fair??

Aug:  Hanna House

Sept:   15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

Oct:  TBD

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60

February Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (start: 231)

-Have an enjoyable Valentine's Day Check!  Talked the spouse into taking me to Old Chicago for a heart-shaped pizza.  Note to self:  Do NOT do this next year.  Crust was soggy.  Ugh.

-Finish Sage's story

-Research Mailchimp Check!

-Order business cards Check!

-Get taxes filed

-Buy better accounting notebook

-Order copies of Hotel, Catered, and WHH

-Have a stress-free month at work

February Reading Schedule:


Dragonfly In Amber-DG

Looking For Mr. Goodbar-Judith Ransom Interesting it, wondering if it was the same as the movie I remembered as a kid (wasn't allowed to go see it), and it is.
Christine-Stephen King
Darkness-John Saul
Fever-Robin Cook
Creature-John Saul
Lovey-Mary McCracken
Second Child-John Saul
Calico Joe-John Grisham
The Glassmaker's Wife-Lee Martin
Evergreen-Sara Goodwin
Piercing The Darkness-Frank Peretti
Propher-Frank Peretti
Let The Drum Speak-Linda Lay Shuler
Kalahari Typing School For Men-Alexander McCall Smith
Cupboard Full of Life-AMS
A Quiet Strength-Janette Oke
Valley of the Shaman-Arlen Andrews
Joyful Poems For Children-James Whitcomb Riley
I Heard God Laugh-Matthew Kelly
Life Is Messy-Matthew Kelly
Franklin and Eleanor


 Disguised In Tartan-SS Good Story!  Her favorite phrases this time were 'a little bit of fiction' and 'tea and crumpets'.

Rescued-Cynthia D'Alba, et al
Soul of a Storme-SS
Fury of a Storme-SS
Kaleidescope Hearts-S.E. Winters, et al
Going Home Again-Carol Cassada
Love In Copper Mill-Deb Julienne, et al
Turn The Page-Sydney Logan
To Love Or Not To Love-Jean Joachim
The Christmas Party-JJ
The Dream Runner-Kerry King
A Picture Out of Place-Kerry King
When The Lady Must Wed-Jessie Clever