Friday, June 29, 2018

Flashback Friday: A Trying Month

June 2008:
I was having computer/internet issues, and having to go daily to the VU library in order the post my blog and check my email.

My friend T and I met briefly; although his divorce was now final, he was still stressed out.  L had cleaned out their son's college account, so he was hauling her back into court.  Their son copped an attitude with him, and stated he wanted to live with his mom.  T was still upset with my choices as far as publishing; I quietly reminded him we'd agreed to disagree on the subject.  He sighed and looked away.

I realized he'd thought the divorce would put an end to his stress, but it had only escalated it.  So our chat was brief; he returned home and I returned to the library to finish whatever I was working on.

BB came over one weekend and set up at the Wine and Art festival.  We sent so many people to the Winderwald tent, the owner brought us each a bottle of wine in exchange for our books!  Her friend TG arrived and invited me to the local Writers Guild meetings.  I was thrilled!

Next Month:  Family Stuff, Writing Stuff, and A Visit From The Grandkids!

Present Day:
I'm at the parents' house, and we celebrated my dad's 'un-birthday' yesterday by having lunch with three friends.  Today, I'm heading downtown to see if I can find someone to host me for the Gallery Walk next month, and going to karaoke with friends.

Tomorrow, I'm getting together with another friend for lunch at McAllister's, and going on a low-carb snack hunt for Mom, ha ha.  Sunday, the family arrives and I'll either go home with them, or continue to stay through next week.

The heat is here!  Mid-90s, with heat indexes in the 100s.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Flashback Friday: Coach vs Coach

June 1998:
During practices, our assistant coach ran the practices.  Our boys hit the ball, and continued to do well in their positions, though we did have issues with some picking dandelions in the outfield, sifting sand through their mitts, and even skipping around the bases instead of running.  But during the games, our regular coach had a hard time getting the boys to hit the balls, since he didn't know how to pitch to them!

One day, our assistant coach had finally had enough.  The game started, even though our HC hadn't shown up yet, so the AC went out and began to pitch to the boys.  The HC arrived and insisted the AC give up the ball.  He refused, and chaos ensued.  Parents began getting involved; tempers boiled over; moms began yanking their kids off the field.  One of the League officers was summoned, and our AC agreed to give up the ball so play could continue.  There were still grumbling going on, and some players refused to play.

I had the whole thing on tape.  When the HC asked to see the footage, I lied, saying the camera had malfunctioned.  I didn't want him to hear my own biased comments against him.

One good thing did come out of that; the HC began making an effort to show up at games!

One day while working on batting, my hubby told one of the boys if he hit a home run, he'd buy him one of the giant candy bars.  Next crack of the bat sent that ball over the fence.  Yup, he earned that candy bar, and it became a contest to see who would get the next one!

Next Month:  Taxi Mom

Present Day:
I'm getting ready to set up the yard sale again tomorrow, AND set up at our town's 1st PRIDE celebration.  I'm slightly anxious about it, but I was invited, and I did write a bi-curious book.  So we'll see if I get any flack from it.

Sunday, I'm off to Corning Irish Fest, and next week, I'll be in Lafayette.  Mom fell three weeks ago, and wants me to come up.  Mike and Becky are home from vacation, so I no longer have to man the gallery three days a week.

Today for lunch, we have reservations at the Old Chicago Pizza and Brewery!  My friend Ben now works there, and the menu looks delicious!  Just hoping it's not pricey.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Flashback Friday: Hottest June On Record??

June 1988:
I started summer classes at BSU, and EY and I shared a room in one of the All-Girl dorm.  Life at the country club was going well; I was getting to know some of the regulars, and quickly realized I enjoyed working the Dining Room at lunch, but the Porch at night and on the weekends. 

During the golf tournament, temperatures soared into the 100s, and at one point, the power went out, but only for a few minutes.  We were so hot, I volunteered to fetch anything from the cooler, ha ha!

I loved working Sundays.  It was mainly a buffet, and then I was paid $5 an hour to sit on my butt between 3 and 5pm, folding napkins and eating chocolate mousse cake.

Relationship-wise, things were getting stale between myself and DB.  I'd gone out to a local bar, the Par 4, with my co-workers one evening, and was none too happy with the couple across the room.  The girl was drunk, and kept shoving her tongue down the guy's throat, and his head up her shirt.  One of our salad girls knew him, and mentioned the next day he was intrigued by me.  But if that's the kind of female he enjoyed, then count me out, I said.

Fast-forward two weeks:  EY had accompanied my new friends and I to the Sheridan bar, and we sat near the dance floor.  All of a sudden, another rum and coke landed in front of me.

"I didn't order this..."

"It came from a guy at the bar."  The waitress pointed, but I couldn't see anyone.  Until someone got up and left.....and I thought I recognized him.  When he returned, I gathered my courage and went over to thank him.  I tapped him on his shoulder.....and yes, it was J, the guy I'd seen previously at the Par 4.  I invited him to join us, and we spent the next two hours dancing....talking....and even exchanging kisses and phone numbers.

I honestly didn't think he'd call, but when he did, EY was home, and she was none too pleased.

"Tell him you have a boyfriend!"

So I 'fessed up, but also told him things were rocky.  When EY left, I called him back, and we made plans to see each other again.

Meanwhile, another trip to the Par 4 with my coworkers after payday pissed me off:  My entire paycheck was stolen after I'd cashed it, and left it in my supposedly locked car.  I'd only taken $10 in with me.  That was the last time I'd ever give anyone a ride to the bar after payday!  I still suspect one of the sous chefs pretended to lock his door, then returned and took my cash.

Another thing marred my experience at the country club:  Marlon, one of the bus boys, took a liking to me, and began making sexual advances.  I kept managing to put him off, but he made me very uncomfortable whenever we worked the same shift.  I was happy when he eventually quit.

Next Month:  More Relationship Drama

Present Day:
I've enjoyed setting up at the Open Gallery three days a week (Tues, Wed, and Friday).  I've sold one book, garnered interest in others, and averaged 5 people a day coming in to see the gallery.

I'll be setting up at Celebration On Main St in Washington, In tomorrow.  Hopefully sales will be good:)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Flashback Friday: Colorado Bound!

June 1978:
I started my summer vacation by getting braces on my teeth.  I'd have to wear a head gear for 16 hours a day, and I hated it!  The day after I had them put on, we went to Raccoon Lake with friends Don and Cathy C, and baby Paul, who would turn a year at the end of the month.  He was the first child I ever baby-sat.  The second day of camping, my mouth hurt so badly, I couldn't eat, but enjoyed hiking the trails and wading in the lake.

My family also made plans to spend two weeks in Colorado.  I was thrilled; I'd get to see my friends S and D again.  Dad spent a week or two building a platform to place over the back seat of the car, so my sister and I could sleep comfortably side-by-side at night.  It also meant we'd have more freedom during the trip.

We arrived in Ft. Collins and soon determined the four of us kids would camp in the yard.  We set up our 2-person pup tent, but as soon as the parents went inside, W and I grabbed our sleeping bags and moved into the larger tent with the two boys, where we talked, joked, and eventually fell asleep.

The next day, I'm not exactly how it happened, but S and I were sitting on his bed, talking.  He suddenly stretched out his arms and said, "As long as you and I have been going together, I doubt we'll ever break up."

This caught me by surprise.....he and I were going together?  Suddenly, at the tender age of 12, I had my 1st official boyfriend!  We did everything together after that.  Sat by each other at the table, had numerous conversations and fun, and even slept beside each other in the tent on that 3rd day.  In the morning, S's older brother apparently decided to play a prank on us.  He woke up D and W, and collapsed the tent on the two of us while we slept.

The day before we took off for the rest of our camping trip, my sister and I got into a knock-down, drag-out fight.  I pinned her up against the wall and knocked out one of baby teeth.  Yeah, not my finest moment......

We also celebrated my dad's birthday, and I made up a song for him to the tune of 'Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee', his favorite hymn.

"It's your birthday, Daddy dear
Yes it is, yes it is....
We hope you enjoy your presents
Yes we do, yes we do.

I've made something very special,
Something especially for you.
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday, Daddy dear
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday, we love you.."

Cheesy, yes.  In the end, I was to bashful to sing it in front of everyone, so sang it to him in private, even though I'd been practicing it for three days in front of W, S, and D!

Next Month:  Week #2 of Camping and Florida!

Present Day:
I've had an enjoyable week, opening the Open Gallery on Tues, Wed, and today, and have even sold one book.  I wanted to go to MDQ's baby shower tomorrow, but neither we nor S have the gas $$ to drive up there.

There wasn't any karaoke last night; Brower's laptop malfunctioned.  I was able to upload and delete pictures, freeing up space to re-download the Square app on my phone.

Miss Alex turned six yesterday, and we celebrated with pork chops, veggies, and an ice cream Trolls cake from DQ.  She received $12, a Baby Alive, two books, and new shoes:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2018

June 2018

School's out!  It's that time of year when I'm fighting for computer time, craft fairs are in full swing, and the spouse may or may not follow through on his plans, depending on the heat.  One thing is certain this year:  No Extra Kids!

Mr. Energy will be in summer school, and Miss Drama Queen is 8 months pregnant, due July 16th.  ME might be down for a week or two in July, but that's pending.

I was hoping my sister and her family would be able to come down, but with the craziness that landed in her lap last month, she forgot to renew her passport, and is in the process to do that.  She's also nearly finished with her Canadian Permanent Residence card, but in the meantime, she can only travel in Canada.

So How Did I Do Last Month???
-Put food in house and try riced cauliflower Riced cauliflower is GOOD!  Mashed, bleh.
-Enjoy anniversary and Mother's Day Anniversary...check:)
-Set up at 1st Friday  Check:)  Sold 8!
-Empty storage unit, putting $80 back in budget  5/11:  Nearly done!  5/15:  Check:)  All done!
-Lose 5 pounds (5/4:  241)  5/12:  238!  5/25:  241.  Booo.....
-Dispose of junked appliances  Not yet
-Continue getting rid of mags in Brown house  Not yet
-Find 'home' for sinks, windows, and doors in both Green and Brown houses  Thought so, but it fizzled out.
-Get Green House On City List For Demolition!!!  Maybe????
-Begin buying AU inventory  One of each....
-Start Ch. 6 of Heart Song  Not yet....
-Continue work on new short story swirling around in head  Check:)  5/15:  Added 2202 words:)
-Watch SE 2 Stranger Things  Check:)  Now for 'Beyond Stranger Things'!  Check!  Looking forward to Ch. 3!
-Do well at Farmer's Market  Sold 6:)
-Enjoy Indy 500  Check:)  Will Power won, with Ed Carpenter in 2nd:)
-Survive the month with various kids' activities/appointments  Check:)

Aside from putting back on the 3 pounds I lost, doing well.  Right ankle still acting up at times, suck as the entire day at the track.  Wasn't able to get MRI; my insurance would only pay if I'd been injured in an accident.  Hip no longer in pain, but still have it in the right thigh.

Books Read:  9
           Print:  6
        E-book:  3
            DNF:  1

Karaoke Songs Added:  12
                            Thurs:  2
                                 Sat:  10

June Goals:
-Lose 5 lbs.  Starting at 241
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Have fun in Nashville with Granddaughter's Birthday Party  Check:)
-Do well at 1st Friday  Sold 4, so check:)
-Take good care of Open Gallery for 2 weeks  Check:)  Becky may even make this a summer thing:)
-Attend MDQ's baby shower No gas $$, so stayed home.
-Do well at Celebration On Main in Washington  Sold 4:)
-Do well at PrideFest  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Corning Irish Fest Sold 5:)
-Dispose of appliances in Green House
-Take sinks and doors to auction
-Get OSB out of brown house and start working on carport
-Dispose of carpets and magazines in Brown House
-Buy more AU Inventory
-Buy more WHH inventory Check:)  5 more copies ordered/shipped
-Continue working on Earl and Wanda

June Reading Schedule:
America's First Daughter-Stephanie Dray/Laura Kamoie  Very informative!

Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan
 -For The Love of a Cowboy  Very good!

Karaoke Songs:
6/7:  Karaoke laptop malfunctioned
Never-Heart Nailed it:)
Who's Johnny-El Debarge DNH
Alone-Heart Nailed it:)
Who's Sorry Now-Connie Francis Did rather well on this....
Everything-Stereo Fuse A little low, but I love this song!

Who's That Girl-Eurythmics Was okay....distracted by idiot who thought I was hitting on his g/f....
Numb-Linkin Park Nailed it!
6/28:  Out of town

Play Me-Neil Diamond  Still think it's too low, but the chorus sounded good!
Play The Game Tonight-Kansas  Nailed it!
Please Don't Go-KC and the Sunshine Band Nailed it:)
Please Don't Leave Me-Pink  A little shaky in spots, but otherwise good:)
Please Forgive Me-Bryan Adams  Did well:)
Please Mr. Postman-Carpenters  DNH
Please Mr. Please-Olivia Newton-John  Nailed it:)
Pocket Full of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield  DNH
Point of No Return-Kansas  Nailed it:)
Point of No Return-Expose Wasn't too awful...
Poison-Alice Cooper Sang it in the wrong key....bleh.
Poker Face-Lady Gaga  Completely butchered it.  Apparently this is one I CAN'T sing!
Pontoon-Little Big Town Nailed it:)
Poor Poor Pitiful Me-Linda Ronstadt Did very well:)
Possession-Bad English DNH
Pour Me-Trick Pony Thought it sounded good:)
6/30:  Out of town