Monday, January 30, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W49

Day 205:  $7107

Was supposed to go to Mike Wayne's funeral this afternoon, but when I checked the weather, it was snowing, and supposed to be slick. I opted to stay here. Arrived and took over for B, then learned the only two forklift drivers in the building were on lunch.....and had flooring to be brought in, plus another customer wanted 80 sheets of drywall.  When he learned I couldn't give him the Pro discount, he said he'd wait til tomorrow. So Cust A gave me his truck keys, so he could go do the rest of his shopping, so when Isaac arrived, he could go ahead and unload the flooring, w/o having to chase down the customer. Needless to say, I had a headache by 6, but things calmed down.

I did the prelim duties and had the floor swept, plus the mats mucked, by 7. Seb brought down the Monsters; I filled the cooler.  Then he brought down the snacks at 8, when I realized I wasn't getting my break.  Joked they were torturing me, leaving a hungry cashier with all the snacks!  Had them filled by 8:45, and rang up my final three customers. Finalized the trash and pulled the outside trash, and when HC C came to clean me out, I closed the large door and walked her up front. Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:25.

Outfit:  B/W LS, black vest, faded jeggings, :LJs, black and silver danglies

Day 206:  $6391

Arrived and took over for B, then found out we had no forklift license again.  Fortunately, didn't need one until 7, and again at almost close, both for drywall. Was fairly dead for the most part; fronted soda and did the prelim duties, then since my dustmop was MIA, mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers. Lex sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, I pulled trash, looked at my schedule, and did my LU. Dalton and Blake brought in the hopper and the concrete, then after HC K cleaned me out, I had to wait for the final 34 sheets of drywall to be loaded before I could close the doors. Took the trash down to the hopper, then returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, and Hardware. Clocked out at 9:20.

Discovered I'd packed my EMPTY TINS in Adriane's X-mas bag! home and yup....her cookies are on my bedroom floor!  Will take them to her tomorrow.  

Outfit:  Blue/white striped sweater, white vest, dark jeggings, LJs, blue danglies

Day 207:  $9086

Today was shit show #3. Arrived, and discovered I'd be working with Mgr G as my lumber associate.  fine; I know he can run a forklift, so this will be good. WRONG!  He went to lunch as soon as I arrived, and within 15 minutes, someone wanted drywall.  Fine; got a hold of the LG guys, who took care of it. G arrived and again within minutes, a lady wanted 24 sheets of drywall pulled while she shopped. Then after he pulled it, another man wanted 20 sheets. After they pulled it, I didn't know where the customer had gone, so Mgr J was slightly irritated with me. Adriane showed up to send me to break at that time. After I returned, did my LU and spot-swept, plus pulled trash and sanitized the registers. At 8:45, a couple appeared with three carts, and they weren't done loading until after 9:15.  G asked me to take some carts down to the front; I pushed them into the aisle, and after he brought in the concrete, I closed the door, then had no idea where the hopper was, so pushed it up front after dropping off items in Plumbing. Mgr J told me she'd take care of it, so I asked Jaylee if she'd go get the carts. She did, and I put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:40.

Put gas in my van, only to leave the gas cover on the pump. Went back to get it; it's gone.

Outfit:  White sweater, black CBS tee, dark jeggings, LJs, FLG, green/bronze danglies.

Tomorrow, taking mom to drs appt!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W48

 Day 201:  $4004

Arrived slightly late; I'd fallen asleep on the couch and awakened at 4:30!  Made it on time for clocking in at least...

We weren't busy at all. Had all the prelim duties finished by 5:30, so did my LU and AP4Me. Had to send Loader E2 on a hunt for my dustmop and dustpan, then was able to start sweeping. Kel sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, continued sweeping and chatted with Randy B, showing him my calendar of planned events. Pulled trash at 7:30, mucked out the mats. Locked the doors at 9 and brought in the one cull cart, then took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to ISLG.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Only had one 'oopsie'....customer was wearing a B'fast Club tee, and I 'fessed I didn't care for the movie.  We started talking about John Hughes movies and I forgot to give them their change.  ASM S opened my drawer, since ASM A was stuck at CS, covering a break.

Outfit:  Blue crew Cabela's sweatshirt, red polo, new dark jeggings, LJs, FLG, Mickey earrings.

Day 202:  $7162

Arrived at 3 and took over for Kem, who had a drs appt, and discovered B had called in, as did two of our HCs. Finally got to meet the new one, Maria. Since we were short-handed, I asked Pro S if she minded covering my 30 min lunch, and I'd go at 5:15.  She agreed, so that's what I did.  She left at 6 when I returned, and Kel arrived shortly after.   Told her we'd already taken care of it, and I'd call if I needed a pit stop (I didn't). My dustmop and bucket were MIA again, so did all the closing duties except those needing a broom. Had a fairly easy night, thankfully!  At 9, I brought in the cull pack, locked the doors, and helped Loader AM get the outside trash.  ASM K cleaned me out, then after I let AM out, I returned items to Drywall, Plumbing, Tools, Electrical, and Lights.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Gray sweater, red polo, faded jeggings, LJs, FLG, red and clear danglys.

Day 203:  $9278

Arrived and found only Sandy up front, so took over for her from 3-5 at self-checkout (and endured hearing 'aren't you at the wrong end of the store?' or 'are you lost?'). Took over for B at 5, and things were fairly slow at first. Did my LU and printed out my check stub, then things picked up around 6. Was sent to lunch at 7, and when I returned, I pulled trash, including the outside, and had a steady stream of customers. Rang up the last one at 8:55, then locked the doors. HC K cleaned me out, and after Loader E brought in the concrete, Charlie came down and told me he'd watch the door.  Took the trash to the hopper, then returned items to Tools, Batteries, and Hardware. Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  White plaid, black LS, black vest, faded jeggings, LJs, red and clear danglys.

Day 204:  Rare Sat  $4731

Arrived and took over for Em.  Was slightly busy the 1st 30 mins, then the place died. Mucked out the mats and swept, then things picked up again around 7:30. I'd already pulled the trash, and was ringing up a complicated order when Jaylee arrived to send me to break.  Customer walked off to get something else, so J hopped over and rang up another I invoiced mine and gave her the phone #, then took my break at 7:45.  Returned and swept again, then wiped down the counters. Locked the doors at 9, then was suprised to see a customer coming toward me. Helped her find her butane, then tossed the trash at Loader E1, and waited....and waited....and waited for HC C to arrive.  She finallly cleaned me out, and I walked her up front, returning an item to Tools and Hardware. Put up my vest.

Had two interesting customer encounters:  1) "Can you tell me where the (mumble) Earth (mumble)?" E says Aisle 10. I asked E what he'd said...'Furnace filters'.  Oookaaay.....2) I didn't hear the machine take his card, so asked him to swipe again.  He does, still nothing, but the screen changed.  Okay; I enter his final 4 digits and ask about a PO.  He says something..."TD?"  He repeats.  "ET?"  Turned out it was HEATING.  Geez....I can hear the radio; my co-workers, but two feet from my face? Nada.  I made a joke about getting my hearing aids checked!  They and the next customer got a laugh out of it!  Oh, and began my shift by slicing my finger on a box of flooring and ending up with a tiny paper cut on my left hand, middle finger.  Bandaid took care of the bleeeding.  

Clocked out at 9:40.

Outfit:  Light gray IN sweatshirt, Fuzzy slippers tee, faded jeggings, LJs, Mickey Mouse.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W47

Day 196:  $10,961

B was on forced vacation, so took over for Kem, and the first thing I did was knock over my water all over my counter. After I wiped up that mess, was busy for two hours.  Had a rush at 5:30, then did the prelim duties. Did my AP4Me and LU, and started sweeping. Kel sent me to lunch at 7:30, and after a brief moment of trying to help a customer in Millwork, Shaun showed up and I was able to take my break! Afterward, I pulled the trash and mucked out the mats.  Locked the doors at 9 and after Steve from OSLG took the trash and brought in the concrete (Loader E2 doesn't have his forklift license yet), took the loading and tax exempt tix up front.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Home Grown sweatshirt, CBS tee, new faded jeggings, LJs, FLG, small diamond hoops.

Day 197:   $12,850

Arrived and took over for Kem, and things went very well all shift.  It was 'Super Hero Day', so I was 'Super Mom'. Printed out my tax info and saw that ASM A hopefully has approved my Indy 500 Sunday off!!!  Went to break at 7:30, but first had to retrieve a nail gun from Tools, which meant tracking down the tall ladder, then finding said item!  Then Tim K flagged me down, and I helped them in the Lumber aisle.  THEN took my half hour break!  Saw Eddie Th and little Joey Frey. After break, swept, pulled trash, and mucked out the mats. Locked the doors at 9, took the trash to the hopper, and put up my vest. Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Black Mom tee, red v-neck, r/w/b caftan (my cape, ha ha!), new faded jeggings, LJs, small diamond hoops.

Off tomorrow!

Day 198:  $7315

Arrived and took over for B, and was busy for an hour.  Swept at 6 and did the prelim duties, fronted the soda (ASM K was dealing with a customer, so wanted to stay busy). Took my break at 6:45 and bought a small fan (75% off!), then pulled trash, including the outside one. Had a difficult customer; since we don't price-match the website, she wanted to buy her cabinets online, but had issues with her card, that she claimed had paid off. In fact, when we checked it, showed 0 balance.  But calls to the customer care center were fruitless; it kept trying to give me an offer, and I could NOT get a CS on the line!  They finally just paid with another card and went on their merry way.  I mucked out the mats and brought in the cull cart.  Locked the doors at 9, and took the trash to the hopper.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Brown 3/4 length sleeve shirt, LJs, new dark jeggings, diamond hoops.

Off tomorrow!

Day 199:  Rare Sat  $7379

Arrived and took over for Em after returning an item to Tools and an another to Paint. Did prelim duties, then had to have 3 o/r:  One for a door, one for wire, and another for a price match. At one point, I had 3 registers going.  Pro S asked me to give her neighbor 12% off; I thought I did, but he came back and it turned out he only got it on the door.  Dude, 1) You could see I was busy; 2) You could have waited until I was finished; and 3) It could have been fixed the next day!  Oh well....

Went to break at 7:15 and when I returned, began the closing duties:  Pulling trash, did my LU, sweeping, and fronting soda. I also mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers.  After Loader E1 took the trash, brought in the concrete, the cull pack, and both forklifts, I put up my vest and returned items to Aisle 10, Aisle 29, and Hardware. Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Teal green LS tee, black vest, new dark jeggings, thin gold hoops

CRAP!  Forgot to ask if I could come in later....Joyce DeWitt interview at 3.  Waaaahhhhh.....

Day 200:  Rare Sun  $6817

Arrived and took over for Em, who was headed to lunch.  Wasn't that busy, but had a few 'rushes'. Angie left at 4; Em returned shortly afterward. She swept, then filled the soda coolers. I went to break at 5:30, and when I came back, she took her final break.  Did my LU and recorded my schedule, then began sweeping.  HC J cleaned out #2 and 2 and sent Em up front; I did the closing duties and at 9, locked the doors and waited for Loader E to take the trash after HC J cleaned ME out. Returned an item to Lights and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Black sweater, red polo, new dark jeggings, LJs, FLGs, sea horses.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Life in Lumber: Y4, W46

 Day 193:  $9031

Knew my shift was going to be challenging when I woke up and realized my eye appointment was this morning.  Therefore, my eyes were still dilated when I arrived at 3. (Good news is, eyes look GREAT, and I was able to get the dreaded glaucoma test over after only 2 tries per eye!)

-1st customer had a marked down table saw.  All managers were in a meeting, and HC C was manning the front registers.  She didn't realize (much like me two weeks ago!) that she could let Self-Checkout do it all while she gave me and o/r.  Therefore, I had to hop to #1 (B worked 6-3; K was on vacation) and call for a Code 99 every 5 mins until she came down.  

-Register 2 acted up; shut it down, then rebooted....same issue.

-Was ringing up Cust B when 'error' arrived.  Did it twice more, then had Pro Kim watch the register.  Turned out to be a can of paint that did NOT need the formula scanned.

Went to lunch at 6:15.  When I returned, I started the closing duties and swept the floor, mucked the mats, did my LU and AP4Me (ASM K left at 6!!).

-Rang up C and before I even hit 'pay', it was processing.  Closed it out and brought it back up; worked that time.

-Customer D discovered his LAC was at home; he called home for it and fortunately we got it entered.

-Customer E had the same issue, only it was her bank card.  Had to ring it up as a phone order in Genesis.

-Customer F tried to pay with his debit card; I mis-read the screen and told him he'd only paid $72.  HC C told me to total it out and she'd refund it (turned out he'd PAID $556!)  After I printed out the receipt, I was confused by the 'change back' until C sorted it out.  They went back to the CS desk and he paid it.

-Customer G left her driver's license in the car with 5 minutes before we closed.  Another customer arrived with a large order; HC C took care of F while I rang up H.

-J told me he had 'preferred lending'....I didn't know how to process it, so HC C sent Kyle down.  He ended up having to take HIM back to the CS desk, due to needing an o/r on the table saw.

I hope tomorrow goes smoother....clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Lavander sweater, black vest, dark jeggings, LJs, silver chain links.

Day 194:  $5322

Today was much more low-key.  Took over for B at 3, and by 4, the place had cleared out.  Temps were in the 50s, so it was GREAT!  Got my closing duties done early. all but the mats and trash.  Went to lunch at 7, then pulled trash and mucked out the mats.  Locked the doors, then a customer came running up; she'd left her phone in the store last night.  I told her to run, and boy did she!  Relocked the doors behind her.  Returned two items to Tools, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Gray hooded sweatshirt, dark jeggings, LJs, small textured hoops

I'm off the next 4 days!!!!

Day 195:  Rare Sunday  $7470

Arrived and took over for Em, who went to fill the soda cooler.  She left at 4 and I pulled trash and rang up customers. Swept the floor. Jax #2 sent me to break at 5, and when I returned, I mucked out the mats, printed off my check stub, requested Super Bowl Sunday off, as well as Feb 17-19 (Quad Con) off, and emailed Kylie about Race Day.  At 7, I reswept the floor, pulled trash, and did my LU. Locked the doors after my final customer and pulled the outside trash while Loader E was doing safety pallets and bringing in the concrete.  ASM A cleaned me out, and a few mins later, E took the trash down.  I closed the big door and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 8:15.

Had one 'oops'....went to give a customer his $34....and tried to give him 34 CENTS!  Geez....

Outfit:  Brown/white striped fleece shirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, FLG, diamond hoops.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Happy 2023!

 2022 was rough.  I made some bad financial decisions; the family made some questionable some way, I'd like to go back to April and start all over!  But we can't, so here's looking forward to this year, and maybe we'll learn from our mistakes?  One can only hope.

So what did I do last month?

-Lose 5 lbs Bleh....according to Oldest Son's scale, I gained 4.  Still not bad for not weighing myself since October....

-Order copies of Whispers Tried....

-Mail on WA to customer Not yet; at this point, I'm going to send her Beach, with a note attached.

-Bake cookies Check!

                12/9:  Choc Chip:  12 doz

                12/10:  Oatmeal/Raisin: 6 doz

                            M&M:  2 doz

              12/12:  M&M:  9 doz

             12/17:  Choc Chip:  12 doz 

             12/23:  M&M:  9 doz

-Decorate Check....

-Take Mom to dental appt Postponed until Jan 5th.  She has bronchitis

-Learn my part of Cantata Check!  

-Have a GOOD performance Check!  Even performed The Star at the worship service on 12/18!

-Enjoy birthday karaoke 12/15:  Postponed due to my not getting home from Lafayette until 9; 12/23:  Postponed due to weather; 12/29:  Had a WONDERFUL time!  Got to sing 7 songs!!!

-Have an enjoyable birthday Check!  Watched Eureka and Pitbulls and Parolees, ate dinner at El Corral, followed by a trip to see the X-mas lights around town.

Have a relaxing Christmas Check!  12/23:  Postponed til 26th, due to weather; 12/26 postponed til 1/2 due to Sara being sick.

Have a relaxing NYE Check!  Watched Dierks Bentley concert, drank a glass of wine, and kissed the dogs at midnight.

Health:  Depression level was high; think I cried EVERY DAY from Nov 5th to January 2nd.  I just didn't want the hassle of the holidays; I was stressed out over gift-buying and getting the house de-scented (we have a dog with urinary issues again. I noticed when I woke up on the 3rd or 4th my mood seemed to be better.  Then went to Lafayette on the 5th and had an enjoyable day with my mom and the youngest son, plus meeting friends for dinner at the Olive Garden.

Books Read:  3

            Print:  2

        E-book:  1

2023 Events:

Feb 18-19: Quad Con, Peoria Northpark Mall, Peoria, Il Cost????

April 1st:  SI Comic Con, Benton, Il Pd 4/2022

22nd:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, In $75 

28th:  North HS Craft Fair, $40 (bring own table)

May 5-7:  Indianapolis Comic Con, Indiana Convention Center $300

June:  IABE, Peoria, Il

June:  Superman Celebration

July 9-11:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner

July :  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo Hoping the $$ I paid last year 'rolls over'....

Aug:  State Fair??

Aug:  Hanna House

Sept:   15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

Oct:  TBD

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60

I'm really hoping this year is a better financial year.  No 'side' trips are planned

January Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (start: 229)

-Order copy Whispers Check!

-Mail Beach to customer with note Check!

-De-decorate house Check!

-Give A her gifts Check:)

-Take Mom to dental appointment Snowstorm; plus C was able to take her.

-Add words to existing WIPS

-Buy new laptop screen/laptop?? Bought external keyboard instead.

-Work enough hours to pay for upcoming events

January Reading Schedule:


Private Screening-Richard North Patterson Good!  I was happy to know I was correct about the idenitity of Phoenix, but the twist still shocked me:)


The Marquess She Loved-Jessie Clever RR!  My only 'complaint' was the fact that several 'inner musings' seemed a bit repetitive.
The Earl She Ruined-JC DRR!  Possibly my favorite of the trilogy, since I've not read the 1st one yet.

Found last year's goals:

-Save as much $$ as possible  HA!  Ended up depleting my savings in order to pay for stuff, and never recouped it.

-Edit Defending Your Life story I DID send it off to a beta reader....

-Add words or even finish Heart Song, RiKar, Paranormal Preacher, Time Travel and publish something. I DID add words to Preacher and another WIP....published 2 short stories.

-Publish Rex, Beach Antho, and one or more of the previously stated titles Check, Check, and nope.

-Write Beach story (edit the wip??) Wrote 2...

-Survive this damn pandemic/political climate  Still pending....

-Buy monthly promo items HA!  Higher prices =less funds.

    -Rex keychains Had MAJOR misunderstanding of price.  Only paid for 5; still need $40 for rest.

    -Styluses No funds

-Pay off (current) GSH bill and start working on next one; pay down hearing aids and gall bladder medical debt; pay down CC. Check, but now I have to pay half my check to bill consolidation.  We've settled with everything except 3 CCs.

-Tithe better Again, it's been a struggle.

-Get teeth checked/fixed Not yet

-Get carport roof fixed Not yet

-Green house torn down Not yet

-Brown house sorted Not yet...

-Scrap hauled away No

-Shelf in Bdrm  No

-Shelf in MB No

-House re-wired No

-Taco and Butterscotch to the vet B'scotch disappeared; Taco went for allergies.

-Kitchen floor redone No

-Mom's storage unit sorted Not yet

-Attend the following Conventions/signings: (Most are already paid for)

      -Jan:  Saluki Con (Jan 15-16) Carbondale, Il

      -Feb:  Knox Co Public Library, Vincennes, In 2-4pm

     -April:  Weekend With The Authors (April ) Nashville, TN; GSH vendor fair; Dale Library skipped this

    -May:  Elwood Home and Garden Expo skipped this

     -June:  Corning Irish Festival skipped, PrideFest, QuadCon, Did PopCon instead Superman Festival
     -July:  Imaginarium, Heroes For Kids caught CV; had to cancel
     -Aug:  Watermelon Fest (not paid for)Royal Readers at Mall of America skipped, State Fair skipped
     -Sept:  Penned Con (paid for), Non-Con Penned postponed; skipped Non  Went to Cil-Con
     -Oct:  Art Walk, CCC (not paid for) skipped all events due to vehicle issues and spouse falling down the stairs
     -Nov:  ICGAHS, Rivet, Art Walk Skipped Art Walk and Rivet was cancelled.

Guess I'll post these in another post and see how well we do this year????

Monday, January 2, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W45

 Day 189:  $11,789

Arrived; was up front for an hour before sending B on his break, then we were so busy, I stayed down there.  It was 'let's-go-over-our-credit-limit' time....Cust A was over, but disputed it; called back a 2nd time and the CSA spoke to her.  I asked her what was said, and the customer shrugged.  "I didn't understand what she was saying."  And paid cash.  $3300!  Cust B (right behind them!) turned out to be an inactive card, so HE used his other credit card.  I was ready to go home!!!

Anyway, things settled down.  Did the prelim duties, and by 6:30 things were so slow, I went ahead and swept, mucked out the mats. Em sent me to lunch at 7:10, and when I returned, I fronted the soda, did my LU and AP4Me.  Locked the doors at 9, and took the trash to the hopper.  Accidentally locked ASM K outside....oops...

Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Gray V-neck tee, faded jeggings, LJs, silver links.

Day 190:  $6479

Was called in at 3; SM J asked me, "What are you doing slumming up here?"

"You can't seem to get enough cashiers, so I have to fill in!"

If I'd have thought about it sooner, I'd have said," Someone needs to make sure the Front End is doing its job.." or something to that effect/!

Was only up there for 90 mins, then sent to Lumber.  Took my break at 5:30 and when I returned, started the closing duties, sweeping, pulled trash.  Mucked out the mats, and final customer left at 8:55.

Accidentally tried to do two cash transactions after HC J cleaned out my drawer....oops.

Returned items to Paint, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, LJs black vest, dark jeggings, thin gold hoops.

Day 191:  Rare Sat  $4691

Arrived; met Angela, who seemed a little put out by the fact I was late (Theresa needed to chat). Rang customers up until 6, then began the closing duties.  Went to break at 7:30. then pulled trash, swept, mucked the mats, and sanitized the registers.  HC C brought down the Monster and Red Bull that we needed; I got it filled before we closed. 

Had one irritating customer who had a bunch of items without barcodes.

Rebar:  What dimension?  I don't know.

The man gave a tool to me and said he didn't want it.  Then he handed a pick ax, and I thought he said the same thing, then walked off.  I asked her if he wanted it.

I don't know....  She rattled off to him, then said yes, and indicated the cart.

I finally managed to ring everything up.

After my last customer left, I locked the doors and had Loader E take the trash.  Then had to wait for Loader AM to take the trash and bring in the concrete.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, LJs, flower diamond studs.

Day 192:  Rare Sunday  $7091

Arrived and relieved Angie for her break; I took back the returns while Lex rang up what few customers we had.  I filled the soda and at 4, Lex clocked out. I began the closing duties, since we weren't too busy; things picked up an hour later.  At 6:30, Angie sent me to my break and when I came back, I swept, pulled trash, sanitized the registers, and mucked out the mats.  I also swept the loading area.  Final customer was at 8, then waited while Loader AM brought in the concrete and took out the trash.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Red hooded sweater, dark jeggings, LJs, silver crosses