Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback Friday: Getting Closer!

June 1994:
I was now entering the home stretch of my pregnancy.  I attended BFF E's baby shower, her 1st, and was delighted to learn we were still on track to have our babies within days of each other:)

I ended up doing some crisis management when another friend tried to commit suicide, and his friends were beside themselves grief.  The friend lived, but another went on a three week bender and ended up in the hospital to dry out.

I took my 2.5 year old to the pool nearly every day, and ended up getting ticked off at several moms.  K knew how to hold his breath, and sitting on the steps was getting painful for me.  Not to mention the steps were rather crowded, so I sat on the edge of a deck chair for just a moment.  Unfortunately, K tripped and went under.  Not one of those moms reached out to grab him!  I struggled to my feet and pushed two of the moms away, reaching K the same time as the pool monitor.  K wasn't hurt, and hadn't swallowed any water.

The pool monitor lit into me; I glared at the moms and stated if I saw a child in trouble, I'd grab him, not just look on helplessly.  I hauled him out of the pool and went home.  The rest of the month, we went to the other smaller pool.

Toward the end of the month, I suddenly put on ten pounds.  I waddled into Dr. S's office and informed him, "Don't razz me about my weight; I brought my husband; he can hurt you."  (Dr. S hadn't wanted me to gain any more than 30 lbs; I'd now put on 40.)

He checked me over, then scheduled an ultrasound for June 29th.

I couldn't help it; I cheated and found out we were expecting a girl.

Present Day:
I am off to my 30th class reunion!  Meeting at a bar tonight, then the Taste of Tippicanoe tomorrow:)  Hoping to meet up with LK, BC, FD, SB, MS, and KE, as well as TP, MW, LK, and MS.  Hopefully I'll have pics next week/

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to go pick up my rental car:)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday: Florida!

June 1984:
After graduation and Memorial Weekend were over, I packed my suitcase and headed to Florida with my grandparents.  I had a ton of thank you notes to write; I was looking forward to spending an entire month swimming and being pampered by my grandparents:)

But after a week of solitude, I was bored.  Yes, I missed my little sister and the antics we used to do together in the pool, like trying to both get on Grandpa's inflated raft (we never could); diving competitions; and walks at low tide.

Grandma and Grandpa did take me to Wiki Wachi, to see the mermaids, and Grandpa and I posed as 'King Neptune and Pretty Mermaid'.  We also made the usual round of restaurants, the Oyster Bar, Peter Pan, Pelican, and Sand Dollar.

I was also a little upset with my uncle, who married the previous month, and hadn't made it to my graduation.  Plus, they were now on their honeymoon, so I wouldn't see either of them.

I continued to entertain the grounds crew with my antics on the diving board, and later in the month, two little boys were thrilled when I listened to their stories and played Sharks and Minnows with them.  And when my sister arrived for the last two weeks, Grandma drove us over to Uncle Andy's Ice Cream Parlor several times after dinner.

Present Day:
I'm headed to E'ville tonight to see the Women of Duck Dynasty with friend Mel:)  Hoping my camera will be allowed; plus we each get an autographed book.

Tomorrow is my tribute to S at karaoke.  He passed away June 17th last year, and since I'll be at my HS reunion next weekend, I decided to sing the following songs:
Crazy For You (Madonna)-Our first song
Let It Be (Beattles)-We sang it to each other once
All Or Nothing (O Town)- I discovered it fit our relationship
Go Rest High On That Mountain (Vince Gill)- Just suitable

Friday, June 6, 2014

Flashback Friday: Weekend in Cincinnati!

I goofed.  I forgot to post last week.  So here's a double Flashback for your reading enjoyment:)
May 2004:
I wasn't able to attend the Indy 500, since I was breast-feeding W.  We attended church, then went to Walmart to get groceries and get the pictures developed.  All of a sudden, there was a loud clap of thunder and the lights went out.  We were told there was a tornado in the area and to please gather in the center of the building.  Several minutes later, the lights came back on full strength and we were told the danger was over.    We listened to the start of the race, then went home and watched it on TV.  After the race, torrential rains hit the race, with another possible tornado in the vicinity.

I was worried about my parents, but couldn't call with the bad weather.  Later, I did get a hold of them; turned out Mom had gotten sick so they left halfway through the race and had been in no danger.

June 1974:
Our family took a weekend trip to Cincinnati with another family.  On Saturday, we toured the zoo and it rained.  The rides were shut down; we spent most of our time in the monkey house and reptile exhibit.

The next day was bright and sunny, and we enjoyed ourselves at King's Island on the rides and eating pizza and cotton candy.  There's a great picture of me, W, and Roxanne sitting in a bunny-themed ride.  I remember the disappointment of being in the rain at the zoo, and the excitement of a wonderful day at KI.

Present Day:
I am currently running Aunt Molly's Boarding House for Wayward Children or Aunt Molly's Daycare For Children Whose Parents Work During The Summer or Don't Have Anything To Entertain Their Kids.  Miss Drama Queen and Mr. Energy are back 'just for a few weeks' (where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah...2011, when they were here the entire summer!), as well as my usual low-maintenance summer kid C.  And the neighbor kids, whom I've not seen all winter, B and CN.  Their moms don't work, but 'it's more fun at your house, Aunt Molly.'  Gee, thanks.  Go eat lunch at your house.  There's a reason I only put out 6 popsicles per day:  They would all be gone in a day or two!  Three packages of cookies, purchased on Sunday, were gone by Tues.

I'm getting a break this weekend, since we're headed to my mom's to celebrate Miss A's 2nd birthday.  MDQ and ME's mother is collecting them this morning, and C is going to her dad's.  And next week, MDQ and ME will be at their other grandparents, for the annual Holiday World trip.  So yay, a mental health week for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who bought my books back in February!  I hope you continue to enjoy my series and I hope to get the remaining books written soon!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Reading List and May Recap

Youngling passed IREAD and did well on ISTEP tests; we were also approved for the K-12 home schooling program,  Yay me....I'll be homeschooling a 4th grader next year.

I was also very happy with the outcome of this year's Indy 500!  If I have any time on my hands this week, I'll post pics.

Books Read:  9, with three DNF.

Karaoke:  One more song added to 'good' list:)

Health/Exercise:  Managed to lose four more pounds:)  Total loss:  20 lbs since Sept:)  Also took a free hearing test and discovered I have 60% hearing loss in my right ear.  Dr is right after all; there IS no fluid behind the eardrum.  I'm simply experiencing true deafness in that ear.  Good news is left ear is working perfectly:)  Just need to get some wax out of it.

Writing:  Began another wip, for a submission call for RP.  Received my highest royalty to date; sold 36 copies of Endless Love in Jan, thanks to that Best Of award:)  (Came in 2nd).  Still no word on alien book acceptance/rejection.

MDQ and ME are back for the summer, and as I write this, we've had them just over 24 hours and I really need to go get a bottle of wine tomorrow.

Reading Schedule:
Princess Pain-Michael D'Ambrosio trying to read this, but the editing is horrible!  Got my blue hilighter out.
Haunting Obsession-R.J. Sullivan Minor issues, and enjoyable story!
Inferno-Dan Brown Loved it!  RR!
The Women of Duck Commander-Robertson women RR!  Wonderful inspiring book!
Shopoholic and Baby Needed a good 'escape' book:)  RR

Almost A Virgin-Berengaria Brown Loved it!  RR
The Vicar's Virgin-BB Loved it! RR
A Promising Virgin-BB Very good!  Want more Deborah:) RR
Sweeter than Sugar-Sandra Sookoo RR!  Loved this!
What To Read After FSOG:  Gemstone Collection-Liz Crowe, et al Over all, great bundle!  Loved some better than others.
Second Chance Love-Jennifer Labelle Enjoyed it
Desires-Holly J Gill Bored halfway through, but good.
The Reunion-Adrianna Kraft Too far outside my comfort level.
Libby's Fireman-Tracey Steinbach RR!  Loved it:)
Sacred Waters-Lydia Michaels Very well written!
The Great Gatsby-F Scott Fitzgerald Boring...hope movie is better!  It had its good parts./
The Man in the Blue Flowered Shorts-Susan Lodge

Karaoke Songs:
Gunpowder and Lead-Miranda Lambert Nailed it!
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves-Cher Little wobbly on 2nd verse
Go Rest High On That Mountain-Vince Gill Not bad:)  Managed to get through it w/o crying.
(7th-out of town; 14th-Steve Tribute (1st anniversary of his passing); 21st-HS reunion; 28th- finish 'G' titles)