Monday, October 28, 2019

Life In Lumber: Week 31

Day 148:
Woke up this morning to a text from Mel, asking if I could come in from 5-close?  So I did, and was sent to Lumber.  Was busy the first hour and a half, and wasn't even able to get the soda count done.  Cassie came down and did it, plus even filled it, then sent me to break.  Before she did, however, I had to call Aggie down 3 times for overrides:  A $2.50 discounted can of paint; a damaged door knocked down to $16, and a $40 cull pack for $10.

After I returned from break, I discovered I needed to change my PW, so did; then everything went downhill from then.  A veteran, for whatever reason, had his discount applied, but then it disappeared.

Another customer showed up with three carts full....then after he paid, I noticed the bucket of paint on the floor of the scooter.

Customer C tried to pay, but his boss hadn't loaded the card yet.  When others appeared in line, I saved his order, rang up the other two customers, then rang up C successfully.

I was sweeping up and moved a cart around when one of the guys from another dept decided to tell me to stay by the register.  So I did...which both pissed me off and stacked up carts in the area.

AMgr T and B told me to make sure I was scanning everything, due to the fact inventory had shown sooo many discrepancies.  We're only supposed to use the quantity section for items over 10.  Ummmm....I already DO that, unless there's a back up!  Yes, I've been guilty (today) of tabbing over for 4-7 of the same item....

After my final customer left, T cleaned out the register and told me to take my trash down.  After we clocked out, she asked if I could come in at 3 on Tues; apparently Tiffany's been calling in this week.  Gives me more hours:)  Whoot!

Here's hoping tomorrow isn't as crazy as today was?

Outfit:  Halloween shirt, faded flex jeggings, skeleton earrings, sides of hair pulled back in a clip.

Day 149:  All Over The Place!
Showed up at 2; Mel said, "'re not supposed to be here."  Informed her of Tasha's request; Cindy told me to come up front at 3 and they'd let me know if they needed me.

Turned out they did, so I clocked in and worked Reg #11 for a few minutes, then was told to go to Lumber and let Kem go home until Tiff returned.  That took five mins, so went back up front.  Worked until nearly 4, then was told to go to LG and sent Taylor inside.  Was out there for 2 hours, and only had 10 customers.  Aggie called once and laughed when I told her I was in the Arctic, then called Cindy at 6 to request a bathroom break.  She came down at 6:15 and closed down LG, then told me to take my lunch.

Tried to thaw out, and at 6:45, went back to Reg 11, then at 7 took over Reg 9 and stayed there for the rest of the night.  Tasha took me into the office at 8:45 and we worked the calendar to give me a few more hours the rest of the month, then we closed up.

It had been a nice slow day, with no screw-ups!

Outfit:  Cabella's hooded sweatshirt, faded flex jeggings, skeleton earrings, hair in ponytail.

No clue if they'll call me the rest of the week, but I volunteered to work Sat 12:30-8 or close.  Hoping things go as well as they did today!

Day 150:
Went in at 12:30, and for an hour, was paid to stand around and talk to Sandy.  Had maybe ten customers between us.  Close to 2, Mel had me go swap places with Rashad in Lumber, who hugged me!  I spent the rest of the day down there, in 'my happy place', with Jill until 3.  Took my lunch break at 4:15 when Billy came down; met the hubby at McAllister's.  Was busy all the way until 8pm. but did manage to get all the closing duties accomplished....even though I didn't empty the trash until 8, after loading the soda cooler.

Wore the same outfit as Tuesday, minus the earrings.  Nice day with no screw-ups:)

Friday, October 25, 2019

Flashback Friday: My Football Player:)

Oct 2009:
Our weekends were full of football games, including Homecoming, Senior Night, and Sectionals.  K rode in the parade, played only on Senior Night and mostly in one game (the one we actually WON), and froze our butts off at our last game.  Never have I ever been so happy to see a game come to an end, because I was freezing!

S and I embarked on the Great Picture Hunt, as we make a poster of embarrassing pictures for K's Senior Night, and decorated a sheet for Homecoming with spray paint.

In The News...
Letterman was being blackmailed by a former lover; body modifications were becoming more and more popular (specifically, tongue splitting, being suspended by hooks in one's back-I'm still squeamish over that one!-and tattoos); and liposuction.

W was Spiderman, and S was 'Vampira'.  One of her friends went as a Dark Angel.

Next Month:  Football Winds Down; Time To Finish Up Eagle Scout!

Present Day:
I'm off to the Collectors Carnival tomorrow in Princeton, at the Gibson Co Fairgrounds.  Weather is supposed to be rainy; here's hoping it doesn't last ALL day, and sales are good!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #30

Day 146:
After three days off, it was refreshing to be back at work! many people actually say that???  Had several regulars ask where I've been; had one customer gruffly tell me he was in a bad mood.

"Shall I get out my kid gloves?"

He chuckled.  "You're all right."

Another customer told me not to go over $5.  I rang him up.  "That will be $5 plus $101..."

"You paying the $101?"

"No; I don't get paid until tomorrow."

(sigh)  "Oh, all right...."  (winks at me)

Only had to call for two overrides; one for carpet and another for paint.  Rachel relieved me at 6:15, and when I returned 30 mins later, she was dealing with a customer getting an insulation blower....but the cord was missing.  I hopped on #2 to take care of the others in line, and her issue was finally solved.

Began my closing duties and noticed the trash was piled up, both at the Pro desk AND outside.  Will had to take the entire can to the dumpster; there was just too much.

I also couldn't find the correct bags to line the outside one, so we made do with the square ones.

One of my final customers bought a Dewalt something that needed propane, so he told me he wanted two propane tanks.  I was confused, but sold 'em to him.

Another customer said he had 4 2x2x8s; took me a while to realize they were all cut in half.  One was damaged, so I knocked off $2, which made him happy.  His daughter was a 'chatty Cathy', who held me up for 5 minutes.

My only other issue was a guy wanted to buy a toolbag and a bunch of tools, but only had $93 on his card.  Had to call HC Cindy down to fix it.

My only other problem was my hair.  I'd bought a new clip, but my hair kept falling down!  Finally figured how to make it stick, but still had to readjust it every half hour or so.  I don't recall having to do this the past two days I've worn it!

We got out of there on time:)  Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

Heard several complaints from the staff in 'inventory hell'.

Outfit:  Brown 3/4 sleeve shirt, older flex jeggings, brown 'dream catcher' earrings.

Day 147:
We were BUSY today!  Turned out Kyle knew how to run a register, so I logged him in on #2 and he helped me out for an hour.  Then....I discovered my 'tab' button on the scanner wasn't working, which alarmed me; I don't know how many items weren't rung up.  Scott did NOT look happy when I told him.  He took the scanner, so I tried using the one on #2, but that 'tab' button wasn't working either, so I switched to the #3 scanner, which DID work.

Scott came down again to give me an override, and I joked, "You want to just hang out down here with me?"

"Ah, no."

Upset one customer accidentally.  His bill came to $97; he told me he wanted to pay half, but handed me a $100 bill.  Without thinking, I used the entire amount....then realized what he'd wanted.  Apologized profusely, but told him the only thing he could do was go to the CS desk.

Over all, everyone was in a good mood; I was able to go to lunch at 7, and HC Aggie brought down a cart full of soda for me to fill.  Was steady all the way up until the end, and managed to finish stocking the cooler right before we closed.

I'd only made one pass with the broom; I did get the trash collected, but didn't wipe anything down.  Still, was happy to be working again.

Scott asked me if I was on vacation next week, and I said no; the computer hadn't given me any hours.  Both he and Aggie said they'd call me in if they needed me.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, black undershirt, flex jeggings, and treble clef earrings.  Hair pulled back with a clip.

Here's hoping I get some hours next week!  I'm off to the Collector's Carnival tomorrow, and I'm reaally  hoping the rain holds off, comes early, or misses us all together!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Flashback Friday: Early Winter!

Oct 1989:
J convinced me to look at an apartment in Arcadia, and after consulting with Dad, he gave me the money for the first month's rent, and I prepared to move in.  It was in an old house, and I had my choice of two apartments:  Ground floor with a bathtub, or upstairs with a shower.  I opted for the shower.

The weather began to work against me, however.  The day we planned to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch, it was so cold, I could hardly enjoy it!  Thankfully, I did have my winter coat by this time, but was in desperate need of some thermal underwear.  One of my kids, T, came out of the house one morning in a thin t-shirt, and I made her go back inside and put on something warmer.  Her mother later thanked me!

It snowed the following week, and I slid through an intersection, thankfully with no kids in the car.  I didn't hit anyone or anything, nor did anyone hit ME!  Lesson learned; slow down.

I also learned a valuable lesson in traffic patterns:  If I left my apartment at 6:29, I'd arrive at work by seven.  But if I left a minute or two later, I'd arrive anywhere around 7:30, provided I didn't get stuck in traffic.  I think Louis, my boss, was soon growing irritated by my lateness, and wished I'd still lived in town!

For Halloween, we threw a party for the kids on the playground, so I went as a farmer and carried 'Blue Boy', the solid blue Checkered Giant that J had given me.  We named one of his litter mates 'Frisky', and J planned to show her the following spring.

Next Month:  Thanksgiving, Farm-Style!

Present Day:  
We're launching Bad Decisions tomorrow, with an Open Mic Night!  Hoping for a good turnout, considering the boys can't make it.  B has to work and JT is officiating a wedding.  I have to sing at 5pm, so I'm hoping to drop off my supplies at 4, then arrive as close to 6 as possible.  I sold two copies last week, plus will have copies of Dreamscapes on hand.

I'm also setting up at the Farmer's Market (weather permitting), so hoping for a good turn out and good sales.

Have a great weekend!

Happy early anniversary Mom and Dad!  56 years tomorrow!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Imaginarium 2019

First of all, a recap of what I resolved to do differently from last year:
-Leave Teen at home (unless the YouTube panel/workshop will be presented.
-Double-check panel descriptions and ONLY ATTEND MY PANELS!!!
-Try to fund a full table ($110) and leave my display racks at home.
-Spend more time at my table!

Did I Follow My Own Strategy?
Sort of....left Teen at home and only attended my panels.  I did have a full table, but shared it with Nancy.  Not sure why I wanted to leave my display racks at home....

Picked up the rental car, dubbed the 'Mint Green Monstrosity' aka Ford Fiesta, and got a late start, due to the rain.  Grabbed lunch at Arby's at I-64, and headed to Louisville.  Arrived at 2:28, parked, ran into the convention, spotted Holly behind the desk, and said, "I'm going to watch the movie (Hand of God), then check in."

"Go ahead; I know you're legit!"

The room was dark, but I finally found a seat and watched maybe the last 5 minutes.  I couldn't read the subtitles, but still managed to get the gist of the short ten minute film.  The sound was too loud in places, but afterward, Holly stood up and talked about some things that had happened behind the scenes of filming it, such as the director having the actors sit with their feet in ICE, to create the uncomfortable look on their faces and posture.

After checking in and getting both badge and table assignment, I moved my car closer to the door and unloaded with the help of friend Brian K Morris, who also helped me set up my table.  Checked into the hotel and was dismayed to discover we were NOT on the 1st floor, but the 2nd (2220).  Put my suitcase away, then returned to the convention.  Nancy arrived, and we got her set up, then returned to the room.  Thought we might split a pizza with Carol, but as I googled Papa John's, I discovered we weren't that far from Panera Bread, so N and I decided to go there instead.  Then, N had a coupon at B&N for BOGO cookies, and I ended up buying three books and a journal.  Returned to the room and went down to Rm 1116, the Per Bastet party, and were there for about an hour before heading back upstairs and going to bed.

Ate a delicious breakfast of a bagal and waffles downstairs, and initiated 'The Cool Kids Table' with other attendees, then I had a panel to get to at 9, so we wrapped it up at 8:30.

Blending Religion Into Stories
I was thrilled to be on a panel with Lacy Marie, and though there were only a few audience members, we had a good discussion and some great questions thrown at us.

Afterward, I headed back to the table and signed up for two Prime Signing slots, then went around with my camera and got nearly everyone.

Popped into Amy McCorkle's screening of Letters To Daniel, and enjoyed it, even though there were minor sound issues, and a continuity issue with one of the scenes in the car.

Did my ten-minute Author Reading of Teacher's Pet and a snippet of Bad Ass Fairies, to about three people, then laughed when two of them left immediately afterward, just as Daniel Dark arrived for his slot.  

"Thanks, drove them away!"

Did my Prime signing, then sold my 1st two books after returning to the table.  A guy named Shawn, who's writing his first book, was thrilled to talk to me, and bought Bad Decisions and Heart's Last Chance.

Awards Banquet
I ran back to the room to do a quick change into my brown shirt and earrings.  Was startled to realize I needed an actual ticket, but was able to pull up my email and show her the receipt.  Sat with friend Beverly Ovalle, and enjoyed the belly dancer and the acrobats, though we couldn't really see them much.  Dinner was a disappointment; the alfredo sauce was cold; the veggies were empty.  I went ahead and bought a rum and coke, for whatever happened during the awards.

We did come in 2nd to Neil Gaiman's Twisted Tales of Terror, so my drink turned into a consolation drink.  N and I went back to the room.  I showered and worked on the Hotel Stories upload; she went to bed.

Ate another identical breakfast, then made the rounds and finished my picture-taking, then it was panel time.

Pushing Through:
Mysti Parker and Tommy B were on the panel with me, and this one was very well attended.  I got laughs when I told them about BICHOK or BICFOK (Butt In Chair, Hands/Fingers On Keyboard), but had several people come up afterward and thank us for sharing our tips.

Cross-Genre Author:
Another panel that was very well attended, and had lots of questions thrown at us.  Because of it, once I was at my 2nd Prime Signing, Robb Hoff and I did an even swap.  Then, Mysti arrived and bought Bad Decisions.  Back at my table, another young lady bought Heart's Last Chance.

Paid $20 for an autograph of Jeffrey Reddick for Sara, and posed for a picture with him.  Then found Arlen Andrews and bought his book for the hubby.  Finally, I bought Sara Marian's book.

N was in her depressed mood, since we'd only sold one copy of Hotel Stories the previous day, and bemoaned the fact I'd sold four, and she only one.  I tried to remind her that at other venues, she'd outsold me!  But she wasn't in the mood for a pep talk from anyone, not even when Brian tried to talk to her.

Met a guy who has a brilliant idea for audio books and for selling e-books, yet N thinks we can do the same thing with the e-books on our own.  Will do some research to see which way to go.

So Did My Strategy Work?
Yes.  I spent more time at my table; I talked with nearly everyone. and was thrilled when I saw 'Holly Bargo's' table....couldn't remember where I 'knew' her from, until I turned over her book and saw 'Hen House'....The Blog Challenge!  Probably spent too much $$ this year, but I still have funds to save for the next payday,so I'm happy.

I will be entering Bad Decisions into Best Antho, and maybe my short story Family Matters for Short Story.  Not sure if Catered will fit the criteria for Best Single Author Antho or even Romance book, since it's technically a re-pub.  I'm also going to make an effort to take advantage of the early table discount.  If N chooses to attend next year, great.  If not, that's fine too.

Life In Lumber: Week #29

Day 141: Cool Day...
Arrived; Brenda announced she'd finished the soda count (yay!).  I took over and was steady all the way up til 6:30.  Had to change my hearing aid batteries, plus discovered Loader Will had his vest and was on his own for the night.

Had to consult my notes in order to print a ticket for Chelsea's customer, but got it done.  Cassie relieved me at 7:50, and when I returned, began my closing duties.  Sent Will around with the returns, since he seemed at loose ends.  Put the soda away, took out the trash, and swept the entire front end of Lumber by 8pm.  Wiped down the counters at 8:45, and locked the doors at 9pm.  Had to chase down a roll of outside trash bags, but finally found them.

Outfit:  Blue/pink plaid shirt, original jeggings.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly:)

Day 142: Rain Threat....
Arrived, and as I clocked in, a gentleman placed his items on the counter and told me to 'get off the internet, please, and ring me up.'

I kept a smile on my face as I finished clocking in, then logged onto the register.  "Sorry about that; my boss frowns on me doing my job off the clock."  I didn't know if he thought he was joking or not, but customer #2 asked me if I liked diet soda or regular.  I said regular, and he promptly handed me the Pepsi Zero!  Ummm, thank you....I spent the next hour trying to give it away, and finally found a woman to take it!  We had a good laugh a few minutes later when she returned for another item and I joked she wasn't getting another free soda!

Went on break at 6:30, and when I returned, had maybe 10 customers until close.  Did closing duties and asked Scott about my schedule next week, since I'm still off M-W.  He said I wasn't in trouble or anything, but to enjoy it.....I said I wasn't sure I'd know how to act with three days off!

We all clocked at out 9:15, since Scott had to be back at 5am.

Outfit:  Blue sporty tee, lighter flex jeggings, twisted silver 'bell' earrings, hair worn with sides pulled back.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly!

Day 143:  Chilly Day!
Arrived early and clocked in before heading to Lumber, then was fairly steady for an hour.  Got backed up when a couple had three light fixtures marked down, so HC Cindy called Jill down to help out.  At 6, after everyone was taken care of, J told me to go to break; it was 'now or never', so I went.  When I returned, began the closing duties, and had no customers by 7:30.  Wiped down all the counters, including the top of the Monster soda cooler and the two shelves holding the large waters.  At 9:04. had two men walk in the garage door; I told them we were closing and to be quick.  At first they were....but at checkout, one asked if he could go back for 'just one thing'.....and HC Cindy had to page for someone to help him in Aisle 17 (plumbing)!  He finally arrived with 4 T-pipes, a box of steel somethings, and a roll of wire.

Jordan forgot my trash, so after Cindy cleaned out my register and I shut the door, I returned a wrench to Tools, took the trash to the compactor, dropped off an endplate in Cabinets, then went to my locker.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes nice and smooth!

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabella's sweatshirt, lighter flex jeggings, gold hoop earrings.

Day 144:  
Arrived; did the soda count; was fairly steady until 6:30, when Rachel relieved me.  Did closing duties when I returned, and apparently was spared a rude customer, who wanted to know if they could refund several items, then rebuy them so they could take advantage of the special discount.  Ummm, no....apparently, this went over their heads and they got mad at both Will and Rachel.  Will thought the whole thing was hilarious; Rachel was indignant.

Managed to wash the windows, and we were all set to clock out at 9:15, but Brandon was dealing with someone at the CS desk, so we didn't get out of there until closer to 9:40.  I've been asked to come in at 3 tomorrow, but HC Cindy didn't get an answer, so I have to call in tomorrow to check.  Tomorrow's also Jordan's last day, so need to buy chocolate cupcakes for him.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, light flex jeggings, gold hoop earrings.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well as the past four days!

Day 145:
Shift began slowly; I did the soda count and reminded everyone of the cupcakes I'd brought, to celebrate Jordan's final day.  Was slightly steady, then had a 'rush' from 6:15-6:45.  Rachel came down to help out, then loaded the soda cooler and left.  At 7, I needed a bathroom break, so called HC Cindy, who was annoyed I'd not taken my break yet.  Brenda came down to relieve me.  When I returned, I did some of the closing duties before getting extremely busy again. 

When the shift was over, I'd not swept or wiped anything down, but since I'd kept it fairly clean all week, it was okay.  Helped J load the final lumber into a guy's trailer, then hugged him and took off.

Outfit:  Colts Jersey, black long-sleeved tee, original jeggings, tiny dangly earrings, hair in a messy bun.

I'm off until next Thursday:)  Going to enjoy relaxing at home, getting some stuff done in both hoarder houses.

Came home to find out A had told the school Papa had hit her.  CPS came out and filed report.  S said the bruise they reported came from when she and W were roughhousing on MONDAY, so not sure if any further action will be taken.  A claims W 'bullies' her....but there's also 8 years between their ages.  Yes, W doesn't know his own strength, and has repeatedly been told to check his temper, but then A does tend to goad him into action.  It goes both ways; think sibling rivalry.

Anyway, I'm off to the Farmer's Market and Open Mic night tomorrow!  Plan to spend Sunday watching Survivor and This Is Us.  Maybe even Bull.  Depends on the weather, and if we can work outside.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Flashback Friday: I Answer The Challenge

Oct 1999:
The new neighbors kids had proved too much for their babysitter, so I volunteered to take a shot at it, since our kids were all in the same grade, and Sara and Shelby were even in the same Kdgn class.  The two girls got along well, and Shelby loved our climbing tower and swing set.  Zach wasn't thrilled with the fact Kyle was a go-getter who did his homework the minute he arrived home, and I was thrilled with the additional funds in my pocket.  Their mom was a CNA who would sometimes work late, and I had no issues feeding the kids dinner.  For Halloween, all four kids ran around the neighborhood in costume:  Sh was Princess Atta from Bug's Life, Sa was Queen Amidala from Star Wars, and the boys were dressed as Scream characters. 

Next Month:  Thanksgiving:)

Present Day:
I am off to the Imaginarium Convention!  Whispers is up for Best Anthology in the Imaginn Awards tomorrow night, so fingers crossed we beat the other finalist!

I'm on 3 panels:  Saturday:  Working Religion Into Stories
                             Sunday:  Pushing Through and The Cross-Genre Author
Friend Brian Morris won't be there until Sunday, so hopefully we won't spend all the time chatting and ignoring the guests!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Life In Lumber: Week #28

Day 137:
Shift went well, in spite of my lousy day.  A)  I'd discovered our health insurance needed renewed; B) My SSI was being discontinued as of next March; however, W's would continue for 2 more years; and C) school called; W had kicked a kid in the shins, causing him to fall against the lockers and bang his arm, causing a skin break.  He's suspended from school, and has to report to the courthouse on Wed, for a face-to-face meeting with the judge, then perform community service as well as doing his school work.  Cost:  $15/day.

Was busy until 7, but did manage to do the soda count.  Cassie relieved me at ten after, then when I returned, did the closing duties.  HC Aggie came down around 8:50 and 'hung out' with me until close.  I took the trash down to the dumpster for Jordan to deal with, then went up front until Aggie said we could put up our vests.  We have two new trainees, Nate and Kasey.  After clocking out, I discovered D wasn't out there.  Texted both S and answer.  Called answer.  Called S....she checked, and found D asleep in his chair, so Aggie brought me home.

Outfit:  Gold tee, original jeggings, gold hoop earrings.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

Day 138:
Shift began with me buying D 4 pair of work gloves, and seeing Mgr Scott and Tasha, to let them know I'm still on the schedule for Fri.  Scott told T to fix it, so she sat down at the computer and I went to pay for the gloves and clock in.  T paged me as I was in the middle of paying, and when I tried to call back, it didn't work.  So being pressed for time, I clocked in, threw on my vest, and headed down to Lumber.  Paged for T to call me, but she didn't, so maybe I'll see her tomorrow???  Did the soda count, and was busy for the next hour.  Taylor came down to relieve me for break at 6:10, then when I returned, did the closing duties in addition to the steady flow of customers.

HC Aggie closed me down at 9:10, and I took the trash down, returned two items to plumbing, then headed to my locker.  D was on time, ha ha!

Outfit:  Maroon/gray plaid shirt, white Flamingo tee, original jeggings, silver hoop earrings.

Did manage to get health insurance, thanks to a call to our State Farm agent in Evansville.  She put me in touch with her agent, it was very painless:)

Here's hoping everything goes well tomorrow!

Day 139:
Today was good; took W to court and signed him into SHAPE, then picked him up at 2.  He returns tomorrow, then back to school.  Shift went well; got the soda count done; went on break at 6:30; received my 'Bingo' card for the Cashier Appreciation Game, and was able to get all closing duties accomplished, including mucking out under all mats and wiping down all counters and phones.  Tasha made me happy; she said Cassie was taking my shift on Friday.  Yay.....I can leave for Louisville around 10am!

Had one gentleman try to add money to his LAR, but couldn't find him under his phone # or his name.  Called HC MK, who told me to have him call the credit services.  I put a 'pick up later' note on his cart and pushed it behind the counter.  Half an hour later, he was back with another phone #, and I noticed his name was NOT hyphenated.  So I backed out and searched with his name w/o the popped up!  So now we know how to look him up:)  He called his wife, who had the card, but she had gone home and didn't want to return until the next day.

Had another customer super speedy, and we joked about him having that issue ever since HS!

Outfit:  Yellow Florida tee, gray hooded sweatshirt, original jeggings, sapphire/diamond tiny hoop earrings.

Here's hoping things go the same tomorrow!

Day 140:
Was early to Lumber, and after I clocked in, things were steady for an hour.  Brenda had already done the soda count, so all I had to do was add to it.  Gathered up the tax exempts and loading tickets and got them ready....then HC Adrianna relieved me for break at 6:30.  After break, things were slow; was able to do all closing duties, including washing the windows.  The gentleman from Wed returned, but when we tried to load his LAR, the card kept getting rejected.  First it was with the Lowe's card (who knew you couldn't load an LAR with another Lowe's card?), then her American Express.  So they simply paid for it with the Lowe's card, then are going to come in again tomorrow and have Bob give them more of a discount.

Thanked AMg Scott for fixing my day off tomorrow!

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, everflex jeggings, silver hoop earrings.

I'm off to Louisville and the Imaginarium Convention tomorrow!  Also went to writers meeting and picked up my ten copies of Bad Decisions!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Flashback Friday: I Get Cheeky

Oct 1979:
I was beginning to open up to people.  I loved my History teacher, Mr Israel, and was thrilled when I discovered I could answer the questions w/o fear of ridicule.  I still remember how to pronounce Ft. Duquesne (Du-cain), due to the weekly spelling tests, and one memorable day, 'Cincinnati' was on the test, and when he checked our answers and go to that word, he had me stand up and face the class.  Turns out I'd worn my 'I Love Cincinnati' tee....and had forgotten it!  He gently teased me about cheating if I'd spelled it correctly, and we all had a good laugh!

The rivalry in Health Class was heating up.  Mike F and I continued to 'compete' to prove who was smarter, girls or boys.  Of course, friend Rhonda A, who sat behind me, was my 'voice of reason', but Mike and I had history which went back to the 5th grade.  He had called me names, and I'd gotten back at him for watching him get spanked by the principal, and told everyone.  I was feeling bold about the fact Health was not only my favorite subject, but also the fact I had a solid A in the class, and was answering the questions in a confident manner, instead of being shy and quiet.

When we reached the Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation unit, Mr. P chose myself and Mike to demonstrate.  He jumped up on the table and puckered up; I pinched his nose hard and simply said 'Puff', which also drew laughs.

But disaster hit on Halloween.  My sister, friend K, and I decided to go as cheerleaders.  They dressed 50s style; I decided to go as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.  My hair was shoulder-length and wavy; I had electric blue shorts, black boots, and wore a tube top with a green front-tie shirt over it.  Not exactly the outfit, but surely people would 'get it', right?  Mom took our pictures and commented on how good we all looked.

One of the new neighbors had girls who were both older and younger than me.  The one in the 9th grade dressed like a Playboy Bunny, and I remember raising my eyebrows at that choice of costume, but didn't say anything.  At the end of the night, I was slightly alarmed, because I thought I heard the voice of Eddie F, who was one of Mike's BFFs.  I dismissed it, thinking that now the night was over, we'd enter November, the best month of the school year, since we only went one full week due to Teacher's Inservice days, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Thanksgiving.

I was wrong; things were about to get much worse.

Next Month:  Being Publicly Humiliated

Present Day:
I have the weekend off!  Saluki Con was GREAT last week, and I sold 7 books, got my picture taken on the Iron Throne, and hung out with author peeps.

This weekend, we're doing Bug Control and hopefully cleaning out more of the Green House.  The temps are finally dropping into the 70s (we had 90s M-W, then low 80s yesterday!), so might swap my wardrobe around, since I'm probably going to want to wear jeans today and next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'l see you back here next week!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Goals

How Well Did I Do In Sept?
-Do well at Cil-Con Sold 2:)
-Do well at Indy Author Event Sold 2:)
-Do well at Saluki Con Sold 7:)
-Mail pkgs to MN and Carmel 9/2:  Have envelopes addressed! 9/9:  Ready to seal up! 9/13:  On their way!
-Organize more basement Filled two more totes....
-Do some work in Green house Check!
-Order inventory (Dreamscapes (Check!), CR, HLC (Check!), Bad Decisions (Check!) and FL (check!)
-Lose 5 pounds (starting:  234) Nope; gained a pound.
-Add more words to Regrets #2 (nope) and new wip (check!), plus type it up Not yet...

Books Read:  2
            Print:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:  8

Oct Goals:
-Do well at Imaginarium Sold 4, plus even trade:)  So 5 total??
-Enjoy Imaginn Awards Check.....came in 2nd to Neil Gaiman, lol!  Damn it....
-Order copies of TP ($61 Check!), Dreamscapes ($51 Check!), HLC ($40 Check!) and Hotel ($80 Check!)
-Lose 5 lbs (starting:  235) 10/11:  233...lost 2:)
-Do well at Farmer's Market  Sold 3:)
-Have a good Open Mic Night/Launch of Bad Decisions one showed.
-Do well at Collector's Carnival Rained; managed to sell 2
-Add words to Regrets and new story, plus type it up
-Work enough hours to meet expenses
-Do more work in Green House
-Organize more basement
Payment Schedule:
21-27:  29
28- Oct 5:  28
Oct 11th Payday hours: 57
     -Projected income:  $594
        -$59 to church; pay (GSH) medical bill ($61 Check!); pay credit card $45 (Check!).  Bank all funds ($429) for Imaginarium+$75 (banked)=$504-340 (car rental)=$164 -$3 (book bought)=$161-$64 (20 HS copies)-$39 (10 HLC copies)=$58 banked +$200 (refund)=$258-$65 expenses=$193-$100 (pay ICGAHS Check mailed 10/15)=$93 banked.
Oct 5-11:  18
      12-18:  22.5
Oct 25th Payday hours: 42.50
    -Projected income:  $432+$84 banked=$516
       -$43 to church; pay GSH medical bill ($61 Check!)= $412+20 (CC Sales)-$30 (gas)-$20 (food)=$382 (REMEMBER:  NEED $440 ON WED 11/6 FOR CAR BEFORE PAYDAY ON 8TH!!)
      19-25:  11
      26-Nov 2:  10??  Hoping to get  a phone call for some of those days...
Payday hours: 21
    -Projected income:  $200???
        -$11 to church; pay Maurices ($50); pay (GSH) medical bill ($61). Bank all funds ($228) for ICGAHS USE ICTAHS sales $$ to pay Neubergh medical ($50) and part of GSH!

Expenses List:
-Imaginarium: Expenses ($186 hotel, $371 rental car (prepaid $30 gas), $35 food, $10 gas)
-ICTAHS:  $240+expenses (gas/rental car/food/lodging) (Sept-Oct) ($50 sent 5/10; $50 sent 6/21; $100 sent 10/ owe $40)
-2020 MOA table fee $120 (9/17:  Pd $60)
-Weekend With The Authors 2020 and 2021:  20 (reader ticket, hotel/gas/food/rental car); 21:  $225-300 table fee; hotel/gas/food/rental car
-Liberty Writer's Workshop (April 4, 2020) New Jersey $50 plus hotel, car, gas and food expenses
-Book Lovers Con (March 2020) $400?? (Query sent for JUST Saturday's book signing)Nashville, TN plus hotel/car/gas/expenses 
List is shrinking!  Nearly all booth fees are paid; all that's left is ICGAHS (Nov) and rental car for cousin's wedding (Nov 23rd)

October Reading Schedule:
Texas Free-Janet Daily Finally finished this; good story!
China Rich Girlfriend-Kevin Kwan DRR!!!  Loved this, esp the 'keep your friends close and enemies closer' twist at end!  WOW!
The Summer Everything Changed-Holly Chamberlin RR....though slightly hard to read, due to the subject matter.  As a survivor of this issue myself, I could tell where this story was going, and some of the teen's introspective was both similar and frustrating at the same time.  I applaud the author for this.
A Spark of Light-Jodi Picoult DRR!!  Loved loved loved this and couldn't put it down!!  Was also surprised by the fact that seven other characters' lives were intertwined, but didn't realize it, AND the surprising twist about three others:)

Karaoke Songs:
Under Pressure-Queen/David Bowie Slightly too low, but a crowd pleaser:)
Roll Over Beethoven-Beatles/ELO DNH
Born To Be My Baby-Bon Jovi Waaaay too low.  Ugh.
Undercover Angel-Alan O'Day Did well on it:)  Guy hi-fived me as I was about to start.
Rolling in The Deep-Adele Nailed it!  Received applause also, and Brower complimented me on it.
Can't Buy Me Love-Beatles Did okay on this; voice was scratchy.
Unwritten-Natasha Benningfield Not too bad!  Flubbed a few words, but not too noticible.
Romeo's Tune-Steve Forbert Did well:)
Can't Fight This Feeling-REO Speedwagon Nailed it, albeit slightly low.
Up Where We Belong-Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes Did well!  Elaine was my 'Joe', and we sounded rather good:)
Rough Boy-ZZ Top Thought it was good!
Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas Nailed it:)
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill Nailed it:)
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone-Glass Tiger Nailed it:)
F'n Perfect-Pink Had time to squeeze this one in; nailed it!  Was very surprised not more people were in costume!  Bob and I were pirates; a fairy, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf showed up, plus another guy with his face painted as I was leaving.