Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Flashback: Baseball Season Again!

June 2003:
Story thus far:  After undergoing two open heart surgeries and being told a test tube with his  name on it had tested positive for TB, plus our oldest had experience minor bullying, and were once again enduring baseball/softball games four times a week.

Spouse received the 'all clear' to return to work, and since several people had told me they enjoyed Love Is Sober, I began to actively promote it.  I took it everywhere with me, and also to libraries, bookstores, and to family events.

Baseball was winding down.  In tournament, two of our players were injured in an ATV accident, plus others were tired from swimming in the pool.  The team we slaughtered last month?  Went on to win the entire tournament while we were knocked out in the 1st round.  Karma can be a bitch.

Daughter's softball went well, until she was hit with the ball in the final game.  S would hang up her catcher's gear forever.  I think her team nearly won the tournament, but the other team rallied to win.

The kids went to Grandma's for a week, and I set up my booth at both two local fish fry's.  One woman came through my tent and bought the book.  Day #2, she passed me and told me she was enjoying it and was looking forward to more.  Day #3 she made a beeline for my booth, slapped her hands on my table, and exclaimed, "I loved it!  I could not put it down...when's the next one coming out?"

"Ummmm....when I get a publisher??"  I then handed her a 'sneak peek' to book #2.

Next Month:  Strange symptoms.....

Present Day:
Going through a slight crisis with the daughter.  Asking for prayers; I need wisdom and guidance.  Hopefully all will be settled next week.  Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Currently Reading:  Picture Perfect was wonderful!  It only slightly mirrors my own paranormal story, so it gave me hope that when I do finally finish mine, the premise CAN be plausible:)  Also finished Desiree Holt's Eagle's Run and Cindy Spencer Pape's Eagle's Redemption.  WOW!  All three of these are Recommended Reads from me:)  Print-wise, I finished Nora Roberts' Heaven and Earth and now I want to read the other two in this series.  Opened up Regina Carlysle's Eagle Refuge and am about halfway through JD Robb's Reunion In Death, which is only my 2nd Eve Dallas story.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the scenes with Eve and Roarke:)

Edit Update:  As I mentioned yesterday, Steve's death hit me harder than I thought.  I'm finally getting back on track, and finding my motivation.  I'm currently on page 64, and still have to add 3 pages to Ch. 4.  Slow internet last weekend, plus no motivation, really hindered me this week.  But with the help of crit partner BC Brown, I was able to knock out ten pages:)

Who was your first friend?  Do you remember all the stupid stuff you did together?  Are you still friends today?  If not, do you remember why?  And what kind of friend are you to others?

The first (girl) friend I remember is Kim.  She lived just down the street from me, and was closest to my age. She was the youngest of three; I was the oldest of two.  We'd listen to her sisters' records, play Barbies, or pretend we were practicing for the circus on her jungle gym.  I swam in her pool in the summer; we rode bikes together; and our parents threatened to take down our swing sets/jungle gym when we got the idea to perform our antics on the very TOP bars, and got hung up on the screws.  Our dads rescued us at least twice, plus we ripped many shirts before that threat was issued.

Why did we stop being friends?  I can trace it back to when I was in the 4th grade and she in 3rd.  I think she realized I wasn't a 'cool kid' in my grade, and she wanted to hang out with the 'cool kids' in hers.  And it really came to a head three years later when she asked me NOT to choose her for the 6th grade tour of the middle school when I was in the 7th grade.  Fine; I chose two other 'un-cool' 6th graders I liked, and the three of us had a good time.  I don't even remember speaking to Kim after that.

The few girls I reached out for friendship in my own grade rejected me or made fun of me behind my back.  My best friend in the 5th grade moved, and we didn't reconnect until after my senior year of HS.  The few female friends I had in HS either went to other schools or were a year ahead or behind in school.  My BFF was male, though we went through a 'love-hate' relationship for about six months, when he stopped listening to his friends' lies about me.  We realized neither one of us would judge the other, though we did reserve the right to (loudly) voice our opinion of the other's 'stupid' actions:  Me taking back my on-again/off-again boyfriend; him for taking the Head Cheerleader to the prom instead of me, lol!

In college, I met my first female BFF.  Something 'just told me' we would end up being good friends when we spoke for 2 hours on the phone.  Took her seven months to realize it, lol, but she's my best friend in the whole world and I love her dearly.  We tried to have our girls at the same time, but my 'firecracker' popped out 3 weeks early, while hers 'cooked' for two extra weeks.  Both girls graduated this past year, and are on two entirely different tracks:  Hers is headed to Indiana State University, to possibly go into Occupational Therapy while my baby girl is now a single mom.  I'm hoping she decides to continue her childhood dream of being a Vet Tech.  She's not that great with people, but outstanding with animals!

Even in my adult life, I have many acquaintances, and a few close friends.  I learned the hard way not to open up too fast, because you might get burned.  My current BFFs in town are just now hearing stories I've watered down in the past 4 years, because of trust issues.  And you know what?  They still love me, even though one is about to move across the country.  But what I learned seven years ago when I moved away from my friends in Morgan County was that with Face Book, we can still keep in touch.  Plus, with unlimited calling on cell phones, there's no longer the need to limit a call to 10 minutes or huge phone bills and angry spouses yelling 'You talked to her for HOW LONG/HOW MANY TIMES?'

Ahhh yes....the good ole days....NOT!

I digress.  The point of all this rambling?  Though it takes me a while to warm up to people or open up (I would probably be one of the 1st to be voted off Survivor or else fly under the radar and be the 1st on the jury, if I could stand it that long, lol!), if you become my friend, you've got a friend for life.  I can tolerate an amazing amount of conflicting values and opinions as long as you don't try to force your beliefs down my throat.  I'll usually give 2nd chances, or even 3rds, but too often and I'll hold you at arm's length.

I am the keeper of secrets; the one who will cheer you up when you're down; the one who'll comfort you in pain.  If I disagree with a choice you make, I may yell at you one minute, then hug you the next.  After all, it's YOUR life, not mine.

So I ask you again:  What kind of friend are you?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just A Quick Post.....

Apparently, I'm taking Steve's passing harder than I thought.  I am having trouble staying focused; staying on task; or even finding my motivation.  I've had a blog post swirling around in my head, but I've gone blank every time I sit down to write it.

So have patience; this occurred to me this morning, after being upset with myself for lack of motivation to do anything but stare at Face Book and share memories with Steve's wife.  And when I didn't care or not if I got out of bed this morning....well, let's just say the eyes were opened and I recognized depression setting in.    I have been able to snap myself out of it in the past, and am taking steps to ensure I don't fall over the edge.

I should be back on Friday to at least keep up with my Friday Flashbacks and to report what I'm reading:)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Loved Julia's story the best in The MacGregor Brides and now I want to go buy The MacGregor Grooms!  Recommended Read, if you don't mind head-hopping.  I'm now about halfway through Heaven and Earth, and now I want the other two stories in this trilogy!  (H&E is #2)  Also read Jayne Rylon's Driven and really enjoyed it also!  I'm getting ready to read Jayne's Picture Perfect.

June 1993:
Baby T's mom had been downsized at her job, and her husband had been fired several months before.  Fed up with his refusal to look for employment while he studied for his EMT training, she took little T to her parents' home in Arkansas.  After a week, she called and revealed she'd given her spouse an ultimatum.

"I told him I had a rental house, plus jobs for both of us if he doesn't get his butt down here.  Otherwise, I'm filing for divorce."

C took the warning to heart, and went to be with his wife.  They will celebrate 23 years of marriage next month, and have since relocated to Florida.  Baby T is now in college, and has been joined by a brother K who graduates next year, and a sister S who will be in the 1st or 2nd grade this year.

Also,little B's mother announced B was going to spend the summer with his dad, per their custodial agreement, so suddenly I had the summer to spend with 18-m/o K, with no obligations to be awake at 6 am, other than to kiss his father goodbye in the mornings.

We spent nearly every afternoon at the pool, then I'd put K down for a two hour nap while I showered, wrote, and planned dinner.

Present Day:
I spent yesterday at a dear friend's visitation and funeral, and really enjoyed meeting his wife of 8 years.  My memories of him will begin in another two years, so I hope I can recall them without crying.  Shared a few of them with local friends and with his sister.

Also, my daughter moved home again yesterday, so I'll be baby-proofing the house again for Miss Alex.  This weekend we have my younger son's final baseball games before the playoffs.  Temps have shot up into the upper 80's/lower 90's, so summer is officially here:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GLBT Blog Hop

*Forgive me if I'm not around much today; I lost a dear friend early Monday morning and am getting ready to attend his funeral in the morning.  To read my tribute to him, go here.  Yes, he was my 1st muse.*  

For other blog posts this month, go here.

When one of my college roommates came out to me in 1988, I knew I had to include her story in my Arbor University series.  I've taken some flack from my parents, who objected to the topic, and a good friend who objected to my original blurb, plus some of my personal views on the topic.  But, this is a bi-curious, coming-of-age story, set in the late 1980's, when the GLBT community was not yet widely accepted, at least not in my state.  I've tried to portray a balanced view of both sides of the argument, and hope it helps with anyone struggling with the decision.

Searching For Love:
Stephanie Ridgeman is sick and tired of watching her best friends go through heartache and question their goals, all in the name of love.  When she meets a young woman who introduces her to another lifestyle, Steph’s curiosity overwhelms her.  She discovers there are different ways of expressing love, although society shuns her new views.  When she learns her parents disapprove, will it affect her choice?

Jodie Armstrong lost a partner to AIDS the previous year, and is intrigued by the young woman whose friends’ antics rival those of a soap opera. She patiently answers Steph’s hesitant questions concerning her lifestyle choices and encourages Stephanie to follow her heart.  Will Steph ever figure out which world she belongs in, and will her friends accept her decisions?

Buy links: SCP Amazon and Nook

“One of the people I work with was telling another person about their weekend. They had gone to a gay bar, and she specifically mentioned you.”

Stephanie felt the color drain from her face. “No,” she whispered. “Oh, my God, can’t be happening...” She closed her eyes and curled into a ball.

“It’s okay, Steph. Talk to me. I’m not going to judge you or anyone. What’s going on?” Stephanie flinched when she felt a hand on her shoulder and pulled away. “Steph?”

“Go away. Please, Aim. Just go away!” Steph buried her head in her pillow.

“I’m not going anywhere. Sit up and talk to me.” The bed frame squeaked, and she knew Amy took up residence beside her.

Steph sighed, rolled over, and reached for the Kleenex. “I guess if I have to tell somebody, it might as well be you.” She blew her nose. 
“Okay, but you have to keep this between you and me. Swear?”

Amy nodded, crossing her heart. Stephanie told her about Jodie, how their relationship began, and lately, her confusion over the whole issue.

“I promised Jo I’d attempt to come out of the closet, but it’s harder than I thought. My parents will disown me. I don’t dare tell Caitlyn because of her holier-than-thou attitude, and I’m not sure about the others.”

Amy’s tone was neutral. “I’m surprised at you...we’re your friends. We love you, no matter what happens. Yeah, this is a shock, but it doesn’t change anything between us, does it? I mean, you aren’t attracted to any of us, are you?”

“No, Aim, I know you’re straight.” Stephanie began crying again. “Part of my problem is I see all of you going through your bad times—you and Matt, Caty and Bryan, and I just want to scream at all of you to get your heads out of your asses and dump the s.o.b.’s. You can do so much better than that. At least Gretchen finally wised up.” She grabbed one of her pillows and hugged it to her chest.

Amy laughed. “I guess she did.” She looked at her watch. “Well, the others should be arriving soon. Why don’t you wash your face and compose yourself?” She got up and held a hand out to Stephanie. “Unless you want them asking questions...”

“No way.” Steph slid off the bed and hugged Amy before going into the bathroom and shutting the door. Whew! I knew Amy would be the one to tell first, but I didn’t think the conversation would take place this soon. It’s just as well...they’re going to start finding out, sooner or later. Maybe she can help me with how to tell the others.

Want to win a free copy?  Simply leave me a comment, along with your contact information and what format you'd prefer:  pdf, Nook, or Kindle.

Happy hopping!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday: Florida, Summer School, And Drama

Currently Reading:  Almost finished with The MacGregor Brides:)  I'm loving this book, and can hardly wait to see how Julia's story develops!  She's resigned herself to working with a man she can't stand, but sparks are flying:)

June 1983:
Instead of going to band camp after school let out, I decided to accompany our church choir on tour to Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.  We took a bus down, and I roomed with my bff's Kelly, Melissa, and Janna.

In Alabama, Melissa and I stayed at the home of a sweet elderly lady the night before our church service performance.  Then we drove to Panama City, Fla, and stayed in dormitory-style housing right on the beach.    We were separated into groups for Cooking and KP for our 3-day stay, and my group had to clean up the first night.  Had a wonderful time swimming in the ocean, walks on the beach, and being a little envious at some of the other girls' antics.  One met a guy from a neighboring hotel and went walking with him at night, returning with a hickey on her neck (her 1st).  She was in a panic about how to hide it during the performance; thankfully, we wore white Oxford shirts and blue slacks.  So for an extra 'fashion statement', we decided to wear bandanas around our necks, on the inside of our collars.

I also woke up the 2nd morning with an idiotic crush on one the guys I'd hung out with on the 1st day.  I'm living proof you can make an ass out of yourself and still live to tell the tale.

We went to a water park on the 2nd day and enjoyed ourselves.  On the 3rd day, we were given a choice:  Shopping for souveniers or returning to the water park.  Since I'd been to Florida many times, I didn't see the need to go shopping.  I opted for the water park.

And discovered I was the only girl with about a dozen guys.

We had a great time!  The guys took turns with me as we did different antics on the slides.  One time, I laid down on Rob's back as we went down, but fell off halfway down and grabbed his swim suit to hold on, nearly de-pantsing him!  We tried going down triple-stacked, but that didn't work.  And I stayed away from my crush.

Knoxville, TN was wonderful!  Kelly, Melissa, and I stayed with a young college girl, and persuaded her to take us to ShowBiz Pizza Parlour (now called Chuck E Cheese), and pigged out on pizza and Pac-Man.  We also had the best showers of the entire week!

Part of the reason for wanting pizza?  We had a brand new dietician along, and I swear....everywhere we went we were served pimento-cheese sandwiches.  I can't stand pimento-cheese, so I think I existed on peanut butter and milk the entire week.  We did have some good meals in Florida, but by the time we hit Knoxville, my body was craving pizza.  And Kelly and Melissa agreed with me:)

Our final performance was back home, and we poked fun at one of the leader's egg-making abilities during one of the skits, plus other inside jokes were added.

Summer School
Monday morning, I had to be at school at 7:30 am for my two-hour Government class.  I was able to get ten more minutes of sleep each morning, due to Mr. McCaffrey shutting off the lights and watching the morning news.  Even though I sat up front, I'd put my head down and snooze until he turned the lights back on.

I was grateful I was taking this class in the summer, for it was a presidential election year, and I hated politics.  I wasn't allowed to vote yet, so who cared, as long as Ronald Reagan won?  And I'd heard horror stories from previous classmates about having to write papers on candidate's debates.  So I escaped all that.

At 9:20, I had a ten-minute break, and then was off to my typing class for another two hours.  We learned the keyboard and how to type simple sentences on a manual typewriter.  At the end of the first week, I went to my  mom's office, put a piece of paper into her typewriter, and quickly typed 'Hi Mom, I love you.'  She found it later that day, and hugged me.

After lunch, it was off to Guard Practice.  Then a two hour break, then full band practice for three hours.

"You're Letting A Sophomore Teach You The Routine?"
Since I hadn't been to band camp, I missed out on learning the routine to our first song.  The first day, I'd made friends with some of the new sophomores, and helped them with some skills, like the double-time spins.  And in turn, I received some one-on-one instruction on the new routine, and the scuttlebutt from band camp.  Turns out, the other three senior flag corps members had let their seniority go to their heads.

And I was even singled out for their scorn.  I had zero interest in standing in front of the group and barking out orders.  I much preferred to help a struggling guard member by pulling them aside and working one-on-one for a few moments.  And finally one hot sticky day, I'd had enough of Jody, Roberta, and Dani's taunts and yelled back, "Who cares who teaches me the routine as long as I learn it?  I don't see you offering to help me!"

That shut them up momentarily, but I'd also had my meltdown within earshot of our arriving Guard Instructor.  A meeting was called; I professed my anger and frustration with the way J, R, and D were running things in his absence; a few of the underclassmen came to my defense; the decision was made to bring back one of the guard members who had graduated the previous year to lead us, since I was adamantly against being the leader, and J, R, and D were more interested in being the BOSS.

Then, to complicate matters, J began asking me about B.  Apparently he'd taken it upon himself to observe a few practices, and I hadn't known he was there.  I told her we were just friends, and she laughed.

"But he's watching you.  I've known him since forever, and he's never come to any of our practices in the last two years.  So there's something going on between you two."

I rolled my eyes.  And called him later; turns out he was just killing time before his tennis practice, and was about to begin working at the Frozen Custard.

Next Month: I can't keep my eyes open!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Flashback

Currently Reading:  Finished Cybil's story in The MacGregors:  Robert and Cybil and it sooooo mirrors an old relationship of mine!  He was concerned with financial stability, while I wanted to pursue my dream of being published.  My dream wasn't moving fast enough for him, so we went our separate ways.  We're the best of friends now, but he still laughs at my 'small' royalty checks.  "Let me know when you get that 10K advance," was one of the last things he told me.  "It's gotta be bankable to be called a career."  So we've agreed to disagree on the subject of me and my publishing efforts.  Anyway, yes, this is another Recommended Read!  Warning; Nora head-hops, so if you can't stand it, then don't pick it up.  Forgot to mention that issue the other day.

Next up:  The MacGregor Brides.  Yes, I'm reading them slightly out of order.  And no, haven't been back to the kindle books just yet.  I think I'll save them for the trip later next month....or not.  Keep checking back.

I oopsed last week and forgot to post my Friday Flashback.  And since it was a good one, I decided to post it here, rather than have a extremely long post tomorrow.

So here we go:)

June 1973:
My grandparents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hotel, since Grandpa handled all the money for IMS.  They were told it was just going to be family, but when we arrived, all their friends were there to celebrate with them.

I remember helping Mom collect photographs for the display table, and helping clip dollar bills (they might have been twenties!) to the Money Tree.

During dinner, I was thrilled to sit next to my Uncle Bill and his fiancee Debbie (I would later be asked to be a flower girl at their wedding, but it was later called off), and my new cousins Tammy and Richie (their mom had married my Uncle Ed a few months earlier).  The three of us, plus other friends, ran around the reception afterward, ate cake, and took turns climbing in and out of the scale model Indy Car.

Lots of pictures were taken, including one of me 'photo-bombing' the picture of Uncle Bill and Debbie; my sister and I in the Indy Car, with me at the wheel; and another of myself, Roxanne Wells (three or four years younger than I), Tammy, and Richie (twins a year older than me) with our arms around each other.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HDH #16

This week's list of participating authors can be found here:)

Thought you'd enjoy a snippet from Book #5, Endless Love:)  And yes, that's Mr. Romance Himself, Jimmy Thomas, on my cover.  Caitlyn's so lucky!

Caitlyn McCarty plans to marry her high school sweetheart, Bryan Johnson, and teach elementary school after graduating from Arbor University.  But after Bryan's life turns upside down with an unexpected turn of events, Caty begins to question her goals and every decision she’s ever made.

Peter Criswell fell for green-eyed, opinionated Caitlyn when he first met her.  However, her determination to hold onto a dream frustrates him.  Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time, and falling for a woman who’s caught between her parents’ wants versus her own desires isn’t always easy.

When the foundation of Bryan Johnson’s relationship with Caitlyn is tested not once, but twice, he faces the possibility of losing the only girl he’s loved since high school.  When Caty does make up her mind, will she stand by her man or run into the arms of another?

Bryan Johnson found it hard to breathe as he exited the highway and drove toward Caitlyn’s apartment. The news he was about to drop on Caty was going to devastate her, and he wasn’t sure how he was going to put it into words. She stood by me when I needed her last winter, maybe she’ll eventually forgive me for what I’m about say. He sat outside the house for a moment, looking up at the large windows on the second floor. Better get this over with. He got out of the car and retrieved his overnight case. Bryan walked up the stairs, his heart heavy.

Caty opened the door before he knocked.

“Oh, Cait,” he breathed, taking her into his arms after entering the apartment. “You look beautiful!” Which makes it even harder to tell you the truth.

“Thanks.” She blushed and kissed him. “Hungry?”

“Starved,” he lied, wondering when the time would be right for his news. He knew it was going to destroy her. “You cooked? What's the occasion?” He set down his duffel bag and followed her into the kitchen where a candlelight dinner for two awaited him. Bryan laughed, sweating a little. “Am I forgetting something here?”

Endless Love is available on Amazon and Nook

Currently Reading:  Still on the Cybil's story:)  I should finish it tonight.  Also, finished formatting Love Weighs In and sent it back to editor!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sharing The Spotlight

Currently Reading:  Finished Nora Roberts' The McKane Brothers:  Rafe and Jared and now want to get Devin and Shane's book!  Definite Recommended Read!  Now I'm on The MacGregors:  Robert and Cybil.  Finished reading Blade and Darcy's story last night, and am about halfway into to Cybil's.  And discovered I'm actually reading these out of order.  Ah's nice to see the back story!

Kenzie's being interviewed again over at the Wild Child Publishing blog:)  Go over and say hi?

I've been riding this wave of edit-submit-edit-release-promo now for almost two complete years.  Can you believe it?  From 2007-March 2011, I bemoaned the fact my friends were releasing books every few months while only two of my 'babies' were out there and not garnering much attention.  Then in May 2011, SCP took me on and suddenly the deluge hit.

Plus, my other publisher remembered Kenzie's existence and her last three were published.

So picture my booth last Sat.  Two tables, one with 'Molly' items; the other with 'Kenzie' items.  A woman walks up.

"What are these?"

"They're e-books.  Do you like to read?"

(Eyes widen)  "You wrote these?"

"Yes.  If you like romance, then my Kenzie titles are for you.  But if you prefer your romance scenes more sensual and not so in-your-face, the my Arbor U series might be a better fit."

(Woman picks up Balancing Act cover flat) "So you're....Molly?"  (I nod)  "So who's McKenzie?"

"I'm also Kenzie."  I give a short explanation about why the two pen names, and I see the light bulb go on in her brain.

She moves back to Kenzie's table and points to 50 SOG.  "But you didn't write that one."  ("Oh no.")  "I've been debating on whether or not to read it.  I'm not into the graphic stuff, though I have heard it's toned down in the 2nd book."

We have a brief discussion on that subject, then she asked, "So where can I get your books?"

I tell her, and she sighs.  "I don't have a Kindle, but I want one."

So even though I hate to do it, I tell her about my two self-pubbed print ones.  "I know someone's buying them, because I get 72 cents from AuthorHouse last week.  By the way, are you interested in mysteries?"

Her eyes light up.  "Oh yes!"

I hand her a green card, plus dig through my promo box for a white postcard.  "Both of these ladies are in print, so check them out. I also love Carol's A Kitchen Affair."

She thanks me and walks off, after taking a lip balm and one of Mahalia Levy's pens.  I was completely out of Sandy Sullivan's compact mirrors by this time!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wild Night At Youth Baseball

Currently Reading:  I've reached Ch 3 of Locked and Loaded:)  Plus Ch.7 or 8 of Rafe's story in The MacKade Brothers.

LWI Edit Update:  I've reached pg 50 out of 165:)

First of all, Kenzie's over at Jamallah Bergman's blog today.  I don't know what she ate or drank, but boy is she in a strange mood!

Next, someone fed our boys Cheerio's or Frosted Flakes before the game, because 7/9 boys on our team were on fire after inning #2!

Blake struck out once, but made base hits, plus a single home run.

Brennan was walked; had one strike out; and scored once or twice.

Peyton hit a two-run homer, plus a single, and scored twice.

Tristan hit a double and a single, scoring once.

Joe hit a double, plus scored twice, and as catcher, tagged a runner out at home.

Jaden walked, but was held up at 3rd base.  Still, he managed to move the others around the bases.

Braxton got a base hit, after two strike outs.

Will hit a foul ball, but struck out.

Final score:  Team ONB (us) 9, Team Raben Tire 8.

Our exciting 3rd inning was been posted on YouTube:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HDH #15

Currently Reading:  Finished When We Meet Again and I'm still disappointed there wasn't a knockdown brawl between Ethan and Hart!  This was another book which made me want to pop into the story and shake Brynn and Ethan, and sic the local pit bull on both Hart and Nancy.  A very good depiction of two people whose choices took them away from each other, yet found themselves together after 25 years.  Proves there's always a second chance to correct mistakes, if the feelings are mutual!  Just ask my friends Beth and Paul, who drifted apart, then met again at their 20th HS reunion.  They're about to celebrate 9 years of wedded bliss.  Next up:  Locked and Loaded by Sam Cayto.

I know; I've only participated in fifteen out of how many?  But sometimes Life just gets in the way.....
For links to other HDH posts, go here.

Today's snippet is from Balancing act, book #4 of Arbor U.  Thought I'd post one of my more challenging scenes.  Ever try to get your characters together finally, only to have internal objections fly up in your face?  Pay attention to Troy's response.  That's the only way I could get them back on track.  Enjoy!

“You really care for Amy, don't you?”

Troy looked startled. “What do you mean?”

“You're protective of her...and...I'm not supposed to know this, but I know you tried to have
a relationship with her once.”

“How...” Troy swallowed. “How did you find out?” His arm dropped from her shoulders as
he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, hands on his hips.

“When Stephanie gets drunk, she not only snores, but she also talks in her sleep.” Gretchen
shrugged. “It's okay, Troy. She's my friend too. I think it's great that you look after her. Just remember, she's on the rebound.”

Troy relaxed and continued walking with her. “I'll admit, I did think she and I would have
made a great twosome, but there is only friendship between us.”

“Are you sure?” She glanced at him. “I mean, if Jeri's back in Matt's life, then what's to stop
you from pursuing Amy?”

“This is the strangest conversation I've ever had.” He turned to face her, hands on hips. “If I had thoughts of
pursuing her, as you put it, why would I be here with you?”

Balancing Act is available at SCP, Kindle, and Nook

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Graduation Pics

Currently Reading:  I was finally thrilled to be reading Jaydyn Chelcee's Too Close To The Fire, but when I got to the end, I was disappointed to learn that after all that, they were still trapped in The Kimberly, Australia, and hadn't been rescued yet!  WTH???  Now I'll have to read Wild's story.  And was so fed up with their bickering, I skimmed most of it, looking for the rest of the story.  Now I'm loving Dawne Prochilo's When We Meet Again:)  I'm tickled; she wrote this story in the same format I wrote another WIP in.  Can hardly wait to finish this, though I'm wondering why Hart let Brynn go so easy.  Something was left out, and I'm hoping he comes back and gets his comeuppance.  Also began reading Nora Roberts' The MacGregors Rafe and Jared.  Rafe's story is first, and I'm on Ch 4.  Very good so far!

I know; so much for that 'I'll be a better Blogger' comment yesterday.  But we had to get groceries.  And I needed a shower.  Then I had to fix lunch....blah blah blah.  Here you go!

Our graduate:)  I spent the majority of time during graduation with my shoes off and shooting videos of the ceremony.  Am especially proud of Adoptee #4, since she graduated, despite changing schools, then moving back home.

Miss Alex, future graduating class of 2031!

My beautiful daughter in 'girl clothes'!

Did I mention daughter finally had enough and kicked the baby daddy to the curb?  Well, two days later, she began a relationship with C, who adores Alex, plus treats my baby girl like a queen.  Here they are, taking a nap together, lol!  Just don't drop her C!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Reading Schedule

Currently Reading:  Finished The Caline Conspiracy and OMG!  Loved, loved, LOVED it!  Definite Recommended Read!  Found a few pdf's on my computer yesterday, so also re-read Sandy Sullivan's Meet Me In The Barn and Taming The Cougar.  Both Recommended Reads!  I especially liked TTC best.  Loved the raw emotion and humor.  I'm on Ch 2 of Jaydyn Chelcee's Too Close To The Fire, which is book #3 in her Mountain Men series.  I've been waiting for this book for about 3 years, or even more.

Hold onto your hats!  I hit a yard sale last weekend and found 9 paperbacks (mainly by Nora Roberts) to supplement my reading habit.

Print Books:
Key of Knowledge  This was a reread; I saw this on the table and HAD to reread it, since my other copy is buried in storage somewhere.  And I couldn't  remember how Dana finds the key.  LOVED it!
The MacKade Brothers:  Rafe and Jared RR!
The MacGregors:  Robert and Cybil RR!
The MacGregor Brides Loved Julia's story!!
Heaven and Earth Now want to read the other two!
Reunion In Death (as JD Robb) Excellent!
The Ravenscar Dynasty-Barbara Taylor Bradford
The Reluctant Suiter-Kathleen Woodiwiss

The Caline Conspiracy- MH Mead  LOVED it!!
Taming The Cougar-Sandy Sullivan  Loved it!
Too Close To The Fire-Jaydyn Chelcee  Enjoyed it.
When We Meet Again-Dawne Prochilo Very good:)
Black Irish Rising-Marie Rose DuFour
Locked and Loaded-Sam Cayto WOW!
Driven- Jayne Rylon WOW!
Picture Perfect-JR  Very good:)
Eagle's Run-Desiree Holt RR!
Eagle's Redemption-Cindy Spencer Pape Wonderful!
Eagle's Refuge-Regina Carlysle Well done!
The Couple-Harlie Williams
Innocent-Mary Martinez
Red Carpet Romance-Jean Joachim
Vegas Miracle-Liz Crowe
Cheeky Blonde-Liz Crowe

I'll try to be a better blogger this month, also.

Looking Ahead:
This month looks pretty full, with three or four signings on the weekends (look to the right for book signing schedule), plus baseball games, and finding time to house-hunt and edit book #7, Love Weighs In, since it's due to be released in August.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

End Of The Month Recap

Currently Reading:  Had to force myself to put down The Caline Conspiracy at 1:30 this morning.  Really enjoying this!

Books Read:  Print:  2
                        E-book:  14
                        DNF:  3 (Beware of free reads)

Publishing Efforts:  Both Kenzie's Wild At Heat  and Off The Clock released this month.  Now she has to write again.

Health:  Tried putting a foam wedge under my left heel, and oh what a difference!  But the knees are still stiff after sitting too long.  Guess I'm officially middle-aged now.  And got the notice on Thursday:  As of July 1st, my insurance will be be canceled.  So now I'm gonna have to find my own.  This sucks.  I was happy with my hubby's, until he retired.  Then I went on Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), and was fine with it for two years.  But since the disability kicked in last year, and now I get SSI because of his disability, I now make about $50 too much for the HIP.  There oughta be a gray area....

Karaoke:  Went at least twice, and only sang a few songs on my 'good' list, in order to 'wow' the crowd.  But starting this month, I'll be diligently working on the rest of my 'D' titles.  And showing up before 10pm, in order to be able to sing at least 3 songs every Saturday.

Graduation:  I managed not to cry when my daughter received her diploma!  We spent a happy week together, getting 'beautified' (re-dying her hair and high-lighting mine); shopping for clothes (she looked beautiful in a white shirt, khaki slacks, and black sandals, and I now have two new pairs of Capri pants and her cast-off sandals!!  Wonder if these come in white or brown?  Must go back to Shoe Show...); and spending time with the grandparents.  She also traveled to see her BFF from her old school, and catch up.

And the best news of all:  Monday, May 27th she officially said goodbye to the baby-daddy!  She packed everything up and moved home again.  And we discovered the next day, one of the baby-daddy's friends was fed up with E's treatment of her, and asked our permission to become her champion.  They've now been together for 4 days, and have already rented a 2 BRM house.  C adores Miss Alex and my daughter, and even though we think she's moving a bit too fast, they've both assured me things are progressing SLOWLY. (I know; I hear you....they're probably only telling me what they think I want to hear!)  I'm choosing to trust them and keep my eyes open.  And hopefully my daughter has her self-confidence back and will refuse to accept less than she deserves.

Heartbreak:  My AF officer, my muse for The Arbor U series, has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and it's spreading fast.  I'm so torn between praying for swift relief of his pain and wanting him to fight this with every thing he's got.  I've not seen him face to face since 1997, unless you count the (very stilted and awkward) video chat in February.  He was my 1st adult love, and the entire reason the AU series was even born.  I'm hoping to go see him before he passes, and if I don't, then his wife knows I'm keeping them both in my prayers, and hope to at least attend his funeral.