Monday, August 31, 2020

September Goals

 August was a whirlwind of activity!  How did I do, goal-wise?

-Work enough hours to pay bills Check!
-Lose 5 lbs Nope....gained 4.  Bleh.  Damn Vegas.....
-Enjoy trip to Vegas and 29 Palms Check!
-Watch Indy 500 on TV (or online) Listened on radio; for whatever reason, the DVR didn't record it.
-Do well at Watermelon Festival Sold 22!!!!
-File Lost Title on van Check!
-Change driver's license Change of address, Check!
-Finish Bridge story Check! and finish typing up Defending Your Life story No.....
-Home school Teen Finally got him into the LHS Virtual Learning, and started 8/28.

Books Read:  7
            Print:  5
        E-book:  2

Updated Book 'Tour':
-Farmer's Market (Sept??)
-Autumn On Main (1st Friday in Oct)
-Evansville Women's Conference (Oct 29th) $125 ($100 reg, $25 lunch) Pd 7/31
-Collectors Carnival (Oct 31st-Aug fees roll over to this date)
-Rivet Craft Fair (Nov??) $45 PD 9/8

September Goals:
-Transfer van title to my name and buy new license plates Check:)
-Home School Teen He's loving Bio, but hates English, Algebra, and World History
-Lose 5 lbs (starting:  248)
-Work enough hours to pay bills Check!  Even paid off two of them!
-Type up Bridge story (Check!) and Defending Your Life (Check)
-Add words to Time-Travel, Rikar, or Heart Song
-Purge bedroom of unused items
-Take remaining scrap to Dumes
-Organize basement
-Do well at Non-Con Sold 7!

Aug  22-28: 16-20: 24
          29-Sept 4: 15 (due to D's kidney stone surgery)
          Sept 10th projected income: 39 hours=$374 +$180 bonus=$508 
     $51 to church; pay credit card ($100 Check); pay Colegard ($203 Check PAID OFF!); pay St. V ($70 Check)=$84  Buy stickers, notebooks, and kleenex (Check!)

            5-11:  25
          12-18: 31 
          Sept 25th projected income:  56 hours=$564      
      $56 to church; pay GSH medical ($120 Check!); pay hearing aids ($120 Check!); $172 Check! (Alex fundraiser)=$47  Buy stickers; Trip to Cincy??? Paid off Med 1 ($214) with BSU card

September Reading Schedule:
Beneath The Attic-VC Andrews Interesting prequel....spoiled, entitled teen meets the handsome Mr. Foxworth, and despite warnings, feels daring enough to be alone with him, and he takes advantage of her.  Pregnancy, marriage, and he completely manipulates her parents and his new bride, then a shocking secret is exposed in the last four pages.  Wonder what happens in the next one?
Your Heart Belongs To Me-Dean Koontz Interesting concept; ended up skimming to the end.
Best of Me-Nicholas Sparks RR! OMG, this made me cry, even though I figured out what was going to happen.
Mountain of Deception-Carol Preflatish Had to laugh; I've already read this!
Homecoming To Murder-Carol P Very enjoyable!
Billy Jack-Frank/Teresa Christina Good story!

Games of Love-Pamela Aares
     -4:  Love On The Line Enjoyed this!
Blood Mates-Brynn Paulin RR!  Really enjoyed this one.
The F List-Alessandra Torre DRR!  OMG....this was fantastic!

Karaoke Has Returned!!!!
Uptown Girl-Billy Joel Wasn't too bad....sang 'Uptown Man', lol....
Rock-n-Roll Girls-John Fogarty DNH
Rockin' in the Free World-Neil Young Did better on this one:)
Take Me Home Country Road-John Denver Gary and I NAILED this one!
Complicated-Avril Lavigne Slightly gravely at start, but still did well:)

Urgent-Foreigner Not too awful; don't think Lou Graham is going to ask me to fill in, lol...
Rough Justice-Bananarama DNH
Round and Round-Ratt Wasn't too bad....
Cool Change-Little River Band Love this song, but it sounded better when it was me and YouTube, lol....

9/17:  Skipped; felt too lousy

Us and Them-Pink Floyd Thought this went fairly well!
Royals-Lorde This was slightly scratchy, but one bar patron complimented me.
The Flame-Cheap Trick I love this song, but tonight, my voice was warbly and stuck in the 'high' register.  Plus, the batteries on my camera died halfway, so maybe I'll attempt it again for a 'T' song???

Life In Lumber: Week #56

 Day 247: Hours cut, 4-close

Messaged Tasha over the weekend about cutting my hours, and she said she took care of it.  Mel messaged me around 1, asking if I'd called in.  I said no, and explained.  Went in at 4, gave Aggie her keychain, and went to Lumber.  Was a fairly quiet shift; only needed 2 overrides.  Matthew sent me to lunch at 6:30, and had all my closing duties finished by 8:30.

Outfit:  Bon Jovi tee, new capris, blue mask.

Day 248:

Had to take the spouse to E'ville today for urology appt.  X-ray shows the 6mm kidney stone is moving along the kidney; dr very nicely agreed to 'blast' it out of there on Friday, due to D's not eating, and slight bit of pain.

Went to work; chatted with Marci for 5 mins before she was sent to LG.  Day was nice and steady; was able to get all my closing duties accomplished, and didn't need any overrides.  The only 'gripe' of the night was Kyle and Austin were playing 'pass the customer' with one lady, who was getting irritated when K chose to help Mr. Lewis instead, and 'if A doesn't come, I'll help her after I help him.'  A didn't return for nearly 15 minutes; he claimed he was in the bathroom.

But overall, good shift.

Outfit:  Gold tee, dark capris, blue mask

Day 249:

Received a phone call around 2 from the urologist, stating D's surgery was being moved from Friday at 7am at the outpatient clinic to 3:30pm at the main hospital.  So when I went in, I told HC Mel and C, and they passed it along to Mgr T.

Shift was slightly rocky.  Had two overrides; ran out of quarters; and had a customer complain "This place sucks.  You'll (another customer buying 50lb concrete bags) probably have to load them yourself."

I somehow managed to keep a smile on my face.  "I'm sorry, sir.  We're short-handed in Lumber at the moment." (Jacob had gone home sick or called in; I head two different stories)

He pointed to K, on the phone.  "There's a kid just sitting there." 

"He's trying to find a spotter for the forklift.  He's not allowed to use it without one during store hours."

That shut him up, somewhat.

Did my closing duties after lunch, and we clocked out around 9:15.

Learned that we can no longer wear masks with any sort of pattern, or 'controversial' tees, since an associate was shot and killed in Indpls for wearing a tee with a blue line.  Geez.....

As we were walking out, I checked the flow chart, and T said she'd been too busy to find a replacement for me tomorrow, so I needed to call in.

I'm not that date, I called in (half day, at least!) in June for an asthma attack; once in July for exhaustion; and once in August, since we weren't back yet.  Can't remember if there was another one; I'll have to check.  I'm not comfortable racking up call ins, but as Scott told me last month, they like me, so maybe I'm safe?????  (I know; famous last words....)

Outfit:  Purdue tee, dark capris, blue mask

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #55

 Day 244: 1st Day Back After Vacation!

Shift went fairly well!  Remembered how to clock in; gave MK and Marci their bag of goodies, and put Mel's in her locker.  Jill's bag went in my locker; she said she'd get it before she left, but didn't.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.  Discovered the 12212 OSB was no longer at the end of Aisle 19, and the last shelving unit of Tools had been removed.   A couple of new people have been hired.

1st half of shift went well; we weren't too awful busy, and was able to show Jill, my loaders, and a few choice customers my vacation pics that were still on my phone.  Gave Kim the OK Bison keychain, and Gracie the NM one.  Tasha was thrilled with her dangly TX one, and gave HC C the dangly AZ one.

Went to lunch at 5 when Gracie relieved me (McAllister's), then was able to get my closing duties finished by 8:30.  Closed down lumber at 9:05, and took back my returns.  Clocked out at 9:20, and told T I was going to have to cut my hours back starting next week, due to home schooling the Teen.  She said no problem, and to let her know when to start....I told her it would depend a lot on how this week went, and if he was motivated to do it on his own.

Had one irate customer who just left his items on my counter when I informed him the charge card was at a zero balance; he would have to reload it.  Pushed everything around the corner, thinking maybe he'd return, but he didn't.  Jacob was less than thrilled to learn he'd have to put it all back.

Outfit:  Blue Vegas tee, new capris, HP mask

Day 245:

The first seven hours of my shift were fairly routine.  Nice and steady.  We were about to close when Mel alerted me to a sketchy couple meandering their way through the store, and sure enough, they showed up at my lane.  I scanned EVERYTHING thoroughly, then noticed a bar code taped over a few items ringing up $2.  I pried them off, then double-checked everything.  Total came to $140; they looked at each other and started taking items off...even returning the Kobalt drill bits to Tools without ringing them up.  Total came to $90; she went to go get her $$.  Ten minutes later, she drove up and handed me a $100 bill, and took her change, then asked for a price check on something garden-related.  It was $16, so she declined, and they left.

I showed Mgr T (who'd stayed down there the entire time they were there) what I'd found on 5 of the items; she did a RWD report, and I gotta an 'atta-girl' from Desiree, Chris, and T.

Had eaten lunch at McAllister's again, and Kyle came in for a propane exchange, and used my discount card. Also learned we're getting a 'winning together' bonus on the 1st Sept check:)

Outfit:  Indian Motor Las Vegas tee, new capris, blue cloth mask.

Day 246:  Payday!

Arrived and discovered several people had heard about the previous night's incident.  Strange to be greeted with 'Good job last night'!  First several hours were routine; then Hurricane Laura showed up at 3 and poured rain four times.  Fortunately, it was dry and sunny when I went to lunch (McAllister's)!

Met my new loader, Austin, a transfer from E'ville, and observed him chewing and spitting in a Dr. P bottle (fortunately, it was only once, and we were NOT busy), and then listening to his phone (HS football game) as he swept the floor and brought in carts.  Again, we weren't busy, so didn't say anything to him.

Helped Casey in Millwork navigate the cash register twice; once for a door he'd sold and the other was on Reg #2.....the paint can threw him off, and he had to ring everything up again.  Told him it was a Rite of Passage, ha ha!

Clocked out on time tonight:)

Outfit:  Blue 'baseball' tee, new capris, blue cloth mask

Monday, August 10, 2020

Life In Lumber Week #54

 Day 241:  Another Short Week/Making My Own Hours??

*We're going on vacation either Thurs or Fri, so M-T and maybe W I'm going in at 4, to see if they need me, and to get a few hours so I'll get a paycheck on the 28th.*

Tried to go to the BMV, but they were closed.  So went home and got on the online chat....and as I did, Mgr T texted me.

"Did you know you were on the schedule?"

"No, I did NOT!  I'll be in asap."

I arrived at 2:30, and promptly did the AP4Me after a while, plus took over for Jill when she went on her break.  Kem left at 3, and we had a bit of a rush from 3:30-4.  At 4:30, they sent me to lunch, so walked over to McAllister's for a salad.  J left at 5, so when I returned to lumber, I first swept in between customers, then gathered the trash and filled the soda cooler.  Had to ask Aggie for a pit stop at 7, then Brea came down at 8 to give me my break. Sanitized everything....was actually in the middle of it when B called down to ask if "my crap was done'.  After I wiped everything down and sprayed the carts, I called back...."Tell A my crap is finished!"

After we closed, I took my trash down and returned 7 items before taking off my vest.  Went back up front and everyone had left!  Mgr Brandon let me out.

It also began looking ominous outside at 8:10, and began raining around 8:30.  But by the time I clocked out, it had quit.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, dark capris

Day 242:  Regular Hours

Arrived and was fairly bored from 12:30-3.  We were slow, so did the pop count and worked on the Bridge story.  Took my break at 2:30, and when Kem left, had a few customers.  When Audrey relieved me for lunch, I had an entire line, so didn't get away until 4:15.  I'd brought a salad and sandwich, and even took a ten minute nap.  From 5-close, we were fairly steady.  Still managed to get the closing duties finished, and we all clocked out around 9:30.

Did have one customer who inserted her card, punched in her PIN, then pulled out the hand sanitizer.  She didn't want to touch the pad, so I hit the print button, then handed her the receipt, which she took.  *eye roll*

Outfit:  Rebel tee, dark capris

Day 243:  Short Shift!

Shift went well!  Didn't have time to fix lunch, but Desiree had bought a Lil' Caesar's sausage pizza she couldn't finish, and left it for whomever.....I ate the rest and thanked her!  Discovered I'd forgotten to clock out for lunch, and fixed it at the end.  Nice, slow steady shift.  Only issue was, had customers still in the store at 9:15!

I'm officially on vacation until the 25th!  Whoot!

Outfit:  Yellow Fla tee, dark capris

Monday, August 3, 2020

August Goals

How Well Did I Do In July?
-Work enough hours to build up my bank account, now that most of my 'extra' expenses have been paid Sort of....
-Enjoy Sara's birthday (what I can of it, anyway!) Check!
-Enjoy the fireworks with family No fireworks this year; we skipped it.
-Lose 5 lbs (starting???)
-Find and transfer van title Not yet.....
-Close on Mom's house (Check!); close her unnecessary account (Check!), and ship train to Mr. D Check!
-Finalize SC for publication (Check!) and order inventory Check!
-Order BOBW inventory Not yet....
-Order vertical Banner Check!
-Order cover flats for SC (Check!) and get prize wheel prizes Not yet; with the CV-19 issues, I may not use the prize wheel for a while.
-Take 'stuff' to brown house (brm and cedar chest) A few things....
-Type up Dad's stories and sent to Nancy (Typed poem and one story)
-Haul remaining scrap metal to Dumes Not yet...
-Do well/enjoy HFK Cancelled as of 7/3
-Get Will's driver's permit (Check!) and change my own driver's license Not yet...
-Type up Defending Your Life story (Got most of Ch 4 typed) and begin working on Rikar's story Not yet...

Books Read:  9
             Print:  5
         E-Book:  4
              DNF:  1

Health Update: 
My thyroid meds are working!  My 1st test was 54; the one I had last week, I tested 3.  Normal range is 1-7.  I had my tetanus booster shot (didn't hurt), and was told my fasting glucose level was a 114, meaning I'm pre-diabetic, and to lose weight and cut the carbs.  Weight was down from 247 to 244. Otherwise, he's happy with me.

Updated Book 'Tour':
-Watermelon Festival (Aug 7-8) Pd 7/23
-Farmer's Market (Sept??)
-Autumn On Main (1st Friday in Oct)
-Evansville Women's Conference (Oct 29th) $125 ($100 reg, $25 lunch) Pd 7/31
-Collectors Carnival (Oct 31st-Aug fees roll over to this date)
-ICGAHS:  $340 booth fee,hotel/gas/food $100 paid 1/31; Bal:  $240; $100 paid 3/28, Bal $140 Paid In Full 4/24 Update 8/12:  Cancelled.  All Fees rolled over to next year
-Rivet Craft Fair (Nov??) $45

August Goals:
-Work enough hours to pay bills
-Lose 5 lbs
-Enjoy trip to Vegas and 29 Palms Check!
-Watch Indy 500 on TV (or online) Listened on radio; for whatever reason, the DVR didn't record it.
-Do well at Watermelon Festival Sold 22!!!!
-File Lost Title on van Check!
-Change driver's license Change of address, Check!
-Finish Bridge story Check! and finish typing up Defending Your Life story
-Home school Teen

       July 25-31: 40
        Aug 1-7: 24
           Aug 14th projected income: 64 hours=$637
        $64 to church; pay GSH medical bill ($160 Check!); pay hearing aids ($120 Check!)-Med One (medical-$100 Check!)=$193- pay Tipmont ($64-half payment Check!)-$129 + $160 (Watermelon Festival sales) = $289-$16 to church=$273-$15 (lost title Check!)-$9 (driver's license Check!)=$249-$10 (grocery)=$239-DSA copies ($60 Check!) -CP's books ($40 Check!)=$139

            Aug 21st:  $150 Hazard Pay
        $15 to church, pay Tipmont final ($63.31 Check!) use funds for souvenirs of trip??? Marci-post cards Check!; Jill, T-shirt (med Check!); MK, t-shirt (small Check!); Mel, flamingo key chain (Didn't make it to the Flamingo; bought T-shirt instead)
              8-14:  23
            15-21:  0 (due to Vegas trip)
             Aug 28th projected income:  24 hours=$222
        $22 to church; pay Maurice's ($50 Check!); pay credit card ($50-minimum, so no late charges added Check!)=$87 banked + Amazon Royalty $1.19=$88.19- Rivet Craft Fair ($46)=$42.19

Aug Reading Schedule:
Eleanor and Franklin
Lady In Waiting-Anne Glenconnor Really enjoyed this!  DRR!
My Not-So-Perfect Life-Sophie Kinsella DRR!  Loved this!
Red, White, and Royal Blue-Casey McQuiston Interesting.  Didn't know about the LGBTQ wonder one of my more liberal friends 'loved' it! 
The Bookish Life of Nina Hill-Abbi Waxman DRR!!!  LOVED THIS!
The Women in Black-Madeleine St. John Interesting story!
Beneath The Attic-VC Andrews
Your Heart Belongs To Me-Dean Koontz
Best of Me-Nicholas Sparks
The Kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang

Games of Love-Pamela Aares
     -2:  Thrown By Love Good story:)
     -3:  Fielder's Choice So far, my fave of this series!
     -4:  Love On The Line
Blood Mates-Brynn Paulin
The F List-Alessandra Torre

Life In Lumber, Week #53

Day 237:  Short Week!
Made it to my writer's meeting this morning, but kept getting interrupted by phone calls (confirming dr appts, a call to K-12 to see if the documents arrived).  Arrived at work to find Jill on #2, so I hung around and helped out, then did the AP4Me, and found our broom.  J went to lunch at 2, so it was Kem and I.  I did the pop count, and went to break at 2:30, then from 3-4 it was J and M 'happy hour', as we joked around.  I went to lunch (Wendy's) from 4-5, then it was 'happy hour' until 6, when J took her break, then I took mine, and she left at 7.  From 7-9, I rang up customers and did my closing duties.

Found out the boss was on a firing spree....Aliscia got sacked a few days ago, and today was Cory and Lane, both for attendance issues.  I'm thrilled Scott's already said they like me; otherwise, I'd be slightly worried, but then again, I've only called in twice, though I've been slightly late a few times last month.

Outfit:  Gold tee, new capris

Day 238:  
Did something to my shoulder; slept on it wrong or something, so was in pain all day.  Fortunately, things were nice and steady, with one exception of the 3-4:00 hour.  Gigi came down to help out, and left too soon, but we managed.  Reg #2 is deteriorating, and needs replaced.  I went to lunch at Hardees, and Jill had already turned in the pop count and emptied the trash.  Started the rest of my closing duties around 7, and had to switch to Reg #2 around 8, due to being out of dollar bills.

Talked to Mgr T about my schedule next week; she's going to put me on for Sun-Mon-Tues.

Outfit:  Classy tee, new capris.  Off tomorrow!!

Day 239:
Nice, low-key day at work!  Things were slow until 6; thankfully Marci came down at 3 to help out and stayed until all customers handled around 6:10.  I ate lunch at McD's, and took my final break at 6:50.  Had all closing duties finished by 8:30.

Mgr T pissed me off; I was CLEANING and my mask was on the counter.  She asked where my mask was, and why I didn't have it on.

"There's no one down here, so I took it off."

"It's a fireable offense if you don't put it on."

So I complied.

But funnily the end of the night, the ONLY staff member with her mask on was T!  I guess the CV 'magically disappears' after we close???  

*eye roll*

T does know how to take a I was walking out, I told her to call me if she put me on the schedule.....she asked if I wanted to come in at 10....I said or 4....she asked if I wanted to close, and work noon-8.....I said yes, or even 4-8.....she told me to come in at 4:)

There was a woman wearing a 'Don't make me put my foot down' tee.....I unzipped my vest and showed her mine, saying 'I like your shirt!"

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, dark capris

Day 240:  
Walked in at 4; wasn't on the flow chart.  Was sent down to lumber to cover Marci's break (and to deliver the books I'd left at home...oops!), but she'd already taken one, so covered Jill's break.  Then went down to LG to cover Brea's break, but she'd already gone, and they weren't busy.  Chatted with Rachel for a few until customers showed up, then went back inside. 

Helped Toni figure out the lawn chute product, then went back to lumber and did my annual safety training.  Did the pop count and pulled the soda, then Marci left at 6.  I rang up customers while J filled the cooler, then I returned the ones we didn't need, since J decided she wasn't going to put all of it.

She left at 7, so I did closing duties and rang up a handful of customers until we closed.  Had to take my trash to the compactor, since Logan took the bin out through the back and forgot about mine.

Sara arrived around 5:30 with M's books, which also thrilled Jacob, lol!

Outfit:  Blue/black dress shirt, dark capris.

I'm not on the flow chart for tomorrow, but I'm going to show up around 4 to see if they need me.