Monday, July 25, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W22

 Day 96:  $5091 (and 95 cents)

Arrived and took over for B; was busy the 1st hour with customers and soda count.  Did the prelim duties, my LU and AP4Me, and submitted my Sept and early Oct dates.  Went to break, and when I returned, put away the soda and did the closing duties.  Brought in the cull carts and two more carts and locked the doors.  Clocked out at 10:20

Outfit:  Blue LU tee, cut off capris, small dangly crystals.

I'm off tomorrow!

Day 97:  $11,804 (and 11 cents)

Arrived; my sis called from Toronto; her flight was due to leave at 6pm, and arrive Indy around 7:30.  Welcome back to the Eastern Time Zone!  Took over for B, who told me he'd done $12K. So for me to do nearly the!  Did soda count and prelim duties, then brought in carts.  Kelly sent me to break at 8, and when I returned, I hunted down my missing brooms and found them in the closet by the saw. Swept; pulled trash, and put away the soda.  Clocked out at 10:30 after bringing in the cull cart and returning items to Electrical, Millwork, Paint, Seasonal, ISLG, and Hardware.

Outfit:  Alaskan highway tee, cut off capris, large zirconians.

Day 98:  $6,979 (and 26 cents)

Arrived and took over for B; had soda count done by 6. Did the prelim duties, and at 7, began sweeping. Kelly sent me to lunch at 7:30; tried to help a customer in Plumbing, then went to Receiving and got small and large trash bags.  When I returned, I finished sweeping, then put away the soda, and wiped down the counters and registers, and mucked out the mats, even under them. Put away items in Hardware and Seasonal, then put some more kids projects on the hook and took the box back to Receiving.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Did my LU before clocking in, due to ASM K closing.  Had an irate customer at 5:30; the wrong boards had been loaded earlier, and both ASM K and Loader Al had gone to lunch.  Fortunately, HC C arrived and found someone to take the forklift to swap out the boards.  Needless to say, he was in a MUCH better mood afterward!

Final customer of the day loaded $2K onto his LAR, and kept me busy for 20 minutes, ringing up both of his carts.

Outfit:  Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, sea horses.

I'm off to Lafayette tomorrow to see my sister and celebrate our mom's 80th birthday!  Party on Sun, her actual b-day is Monday.  W and Co leave Tues, and I'll leave around noon that same day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Life In Lumber: Y4, W21

 Day 92:  $6,876 (and 62 cents)

Arrived; realized I'd forgotten my lunchables, and took two tries to get W.  The coolers were in bad condition, but decided to only pull everything forward, and only fill the Gatorade one.  Was fairly busy for an hour, then began sweeping.  Dawson sent me to lunch at 7:30 (D dropped off the sack at 6), and when I returned, pulled trash and mucked out the mats.  Sanitized all registers and the three counters., did my LU and AP4Me...brought in carts....reswept as necessary.  At 9:55. locked the doors and brought in the drink cart.  When ASM A cleaned me out, took trash to the hopper and put up my vest.

Outfit:  PU tee, cut off capris, red sparkle mask

Day 93:  $4,55 (and 73 cents)

Arrived; did soda count and put away snacks.  Kellie sent me to lunch at 7:30, and when I returned, did the closing duties and swept.  Did my LU, and locked the doors at 9:55. Brought in the drink cart, and returned items to Paint and Hardware.  Gathered as much soda as I could remember (HC C lost my paper) and took it down.  Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Classy tee, cut off capris, blue sparkle mask

Day 94:  $7,068 (and 57 cents)

Worked a weird shift today, 3-7pm.  Arrived and did the soda count, then rang up customers after B left. At 5, Brenda came down to give me a break; ended up helping a woman in Fashion Bath for a few mins. After my break, I pulled trash and swept.  Em arrived at 6:30 and I brought in carts and took two items back to plumbing before clocking out at 7:15.

Outfit:  Blue baseball tee, cut off capris, sea horses

Day 95:  Rare Sat  $8,848 (and 90 cents)

Worked another weird shift, 5-9:30, though the spreadsheet said 9.  Sent Em to lunch, and was busy, but was also able to do the soda count. Things slowed down by 7 and was able to pull trash and sweep.  Em sent me to break at 8, and when I returned, put away the soda. At 9, Em came down to send me home, but did my LU and put away the returns in Tools, Electrical, Hardware, and Seasonal. Clocked out at 9:45.

ASM N called me over to talk about my attendance (which is good), but from 7/3/21-6/1/22, I've called in 10 times.  6 I agree with; I was at Cons in July and Sept, and had the stomach flu Christmas Eve, and June 1st was the hubby's appendectomy.  But they counted the week I was in the hospital having my gall bladder out?  Strange.....when I brought it to his attention, he said 6 call ins would still require the notice/talk/whatever.  But I'm still in good standing, esp when you note I hadn't called in from December 24th-June 1st!  And I know I had to call in twice more in the last month, due to D's wound issues.  But I don't plan to call in again unless I'm really sick.

Outfit:  Yoda tee, cut off capris, diamond flowers.

Off til Monday!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Life In Lumber: Y4, W20

 Day 89:  $9,228 (and 4 cents)

Arrived early and checked my email, which made my blood slightly boil.  ASM K had forwarded an email about postloads, where a loading ticket isn't printed, and so when it's printed, it's called a post load. I KNOW how to print a ticket, so don't need to ask her how to do it.  The only tickets I've not printed are the one where the printer was down, and when I can't find said ticket.  Otherwise.....yeah, I know how to do it.  Resolved to be cheerful, and succeeded:)  Asked Pro J about it, and he said Mgr G told him to do it, and that Corporate is cracking down on some idiotic stuff.

Did soda count and prelim duties, and was sent to lunch at 6:30 (pasta salad in break room).  Went out to the car to get the two charms for Lee, who's making me a pair of earrings.  When I returned, pulled trash and swept the entire area, mucked under the mats, did my LU and AP4Me (ASM K had left at 7:30), and discovered so far, I'm #3 in the AP4Me:)

Met our new loader, Jake.  Loader AL took my trash while HC J cleaned me out.  Returned items to Hardware and ISLG.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, original capris, silver pearl chandelier.

Day 90:  $6,515 (and 16 cents)

Chatted with CB about my employment status; turns out I need to finish the hiring paperwork. He's going to talk to the DM and see if they can resend it, since I accidentally deleted it.

Arrived and was shanghied by Misty, who wanted me to do my LU, then a special Pro one.  So I did, and was 10 mins late getting to my register.  I already knew ASM K wasn't there; what I didn't know was she had gone home feeling sick.  I hopped on #2 since Kem needed and o/r, then took over.  Did the prelim duties, then the soda count.  Took a 15 min break at 6:30, then went to lunch at 8.  I'd already pulled the trash and swept, so when I returned, all I had to do was muck out the mats. I'd also cut my break short so I could go get some of the soda!  Filled it, then straightened the carts, brought in the cull packs and the drink station.  Teased Loader AL b/c when he brought in the concrete, one of the bags ripped, and he left a trail.  Told him, "You're supposed to use cookies or bread crumbs to find your way back!"  He just gave me a look.  "I hate my job."

Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Def Leppard tee, original capris, dangly hearts.

Day 91:  $11,467 (and 12 cents)

Spent the morning in bed, and took a CV test at 1. Should find out in the next 12 hours if I'm sick or not.

Arrived; talked with ASM N and told him of my possible exposure over the weekend, and he approved of me masking up.  Took over for Kem and did the soda count and prelim duties, then at 5:30, I felt myself going downhill again.  J sent me to break, and at 6:30, ran out of $1s, so hopped to #2, where I stayed the rest of the evening.  Called down at 7:30 to see if someone could come send me to a pit stop, and J returned, telling me to take my lunch break.  Told him Loader AL had called in, so Mgr G was the associate.

After lunch, pulled trash, swept, and was so cold for 30 mins, was wearing my thick red hoodie. Mucked out the mats, and when HC C cleaned me out, walked with her after taking the trash to the hopper.  Took C's vest back and brought her keys, then we all clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit: Indian Motorcycle tee, original capris, r/w/b mask

Thurs:  Tested Positive For CV....ugh.

Life In Lumber: Y4, W19

 Day 87: $6,045 (and 61 cents)

Arrived and clicked through the LU articles, then clocked in and took over for B.  Did soda count and prelim duties, and ASM K left at 6:30, did my AP4Me. Went to break at 7:30 and when I returned, swept the floor and did more LU before moving on to the Data Privacy test. Had to take it 5 xs before I passed.

Brought in carts, cull carts, and drink station, then returned items to Hardware and Electrical. Cocked out at 10:40.

Had a 'WTF' moment:  Customer bought a Red Bull.  "Is there cheese in it?"

Confused, I said no.  He showed me 'carbohydrates' on the label.


"No, Cheese is Dairy.  That's carbs and sugar content."



Outfit:  Rob Strong tee, cut off capris, lg zirconian

Day 88:  $4,683 (and 26 cents)

Arrived; did soda count and prelim duties.  Was fairly steady until 7, when I started sweeping.  Kelly sent me to break at 8, and when I returned, brought back some large trash bags, and finished the sweeping, then sanitized the registers and mucked out the mats. 

Loader AL informed me he and Kaitlyn were now officially dating as of July 4th, and "I'm gonna marry her."

Returned items to Tools, Electrical, and Millwork.  Clocked out at 10:15.

Outfit:  Tribble tee, cut off capris, sm flower studs.

Off to Imaginarium Convention!!

Life In Lumber: Y4, W18

 Day 82:  $10,989 (and 82 cents)

W only worked until 2, so I went in at 4; rang up customers and did soda count, even filled the lumber cooler and Red Bull. B left and was busy for 2 hours, then Adrienne tried to send me to break, but I helped her get the line under control. Went at 7:20, and when I returned, things were slower.  Did closing duties, and at 9:30, did a quick sweep and sanitizing.  Did my LU and AP4Me.

HC C came down; took back items to Tools, Paint, and Hardware, then helped Kate put the soda away up front, then took the rest to Lumber.  Took trash to hopper, then put up my vest. Helped HC C put awau the carts up front.  Clocked out at 10:50.

Outfit:  Journey tee, cut off capris, small gold hoops.

Day 83:  $10,093 (and 19 cents)

Tried to go in early, but forgot my ears and had to return home. Bought batteries, chips, tide, and bleach , then clocked in. Good shift! Did soda count, then was busy until 7, and started the closing duties, Went to break at 7:30, and when I returned, swept and pulled trash. Didn't get around to LU....oops!  Helped AL finish up; brought in cull cart and 3 other carts, plus the drink station, and clocked out at 10:30.  Returned items to Hardware and Lighting.

Outfit: JHS tee, cut off capris, sm textured gold hoops.

Off tomorrow!

Day 84:  $9,228 (and 12 cents)

Arrived and began ringing up customers. After B left, began soda count, and was busy from 6:30=8:15, when Brenda arrived for my break. Retrieved some small trash bags and after eating, found my broom and mop, then found my dust pan outside. Hopped on #2 to help with the line, then did the closing duties. Right after HC J cleaned me out, brought in the cull pack and drink cart, and returned items to Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit: IN tee, cut off capris, silver hoops with blue and pink stones.

Day 85:  Rare Sat $18,649 (and 9 cents)

Arrived and was surprised when Em announced she was off; they're cutting hours. Was extremely busy until 4:30, when was sent to break! Came back with bags, and was able to do the soda count. Went to lunch at 6:30, and just sat in the break room. Came back and did closing duties. Thoroughly swept the floor, mucked out the mats, and sanitized registers and countertops. Returned items to Electrical.

Outfit: White flag tee, cut off capris, blue earrings

Day 86:  Rare Sun (Sara's 28th birthday) $13,726 (and 44 cents)

Arrived and was immediately busy again. Could NOT think of the word 'fastener'! Kaitlyn came down and sent me to break at 2:45, and thinks slowed a little. Went to lunch at 5:30 (ate pasta salad in break room) and when I returned, did closing duties. Final customer was 8pm. 

Outfit: Blue patriotic tee, cut off capris, white dangling earrings.

Life In Lumber: Y4, W17

 Day 77:  $7,427 (and 49 cents)

Arrived and did the soda count, plus the prelim duties. Went to lunch at 7:45, and when I returned, did the closing duties, put away the soda, and did my LU and AP4Me at my register, since ASM K was closing.

Loader AM had discovered the tool cage open, with the lock on top; no word what the cameras caught.

Clocked out at 10:30, after returning items to Electrical, Plumbing, Tools, and Seasonal.

Outfit: Rebel tee, original capris, silver crosses

Day 78:  $8,054 (and 50 cents)

Arrived and listened to AM gripe about W's poor work ethic.  Took over for B and discovered MST had dumped an entire cart for us to put back. Did soda count and prelim duties; rang up a cull cart, but couldn't get an o/r, so customer gave up.  Had to call ASM N to delete the invoice, and got a credit app.

Swept and put away soda when it dawned on me it was 9pm and I'd not been sent to break! Loader AL took over register while I took a pit stop. Afterward, did my LU, brought in the cull cart and drink cart. Took back items to Aisles 21, 10, 52, Tools, Harware, and ISLG. Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit: I Like Coffee tee, original capris, sea horses

Day 79:  $6,559 (and 59 cents)

Arrived; did soda count.  Easy night.  Had last min customer.

Outfit: Strange Smell tee; original capris

Day 80:  $9,335 (and 37 cents)

Arrived; B indicated it had been a slow day, but was steady.  Did soda count and was able to sanitize and sweep.

Outfit:  Mom tee; original capris, small gold hoops

Day 81:  Rare Sun $13,604 (and 18 cents)

Arrived in a good mood, but things happened.

-A said 14 pc toolkit was $8.98, and showed me a picture.  Was expired, but honored it.  Later, told Chloe in Tools about it, and she found it and removed it. 

-#2 register quit around noon, and had to be on #3.  B's check refused to validate, so had to run it through #3.  Shut down #2, and it still refused to work.

Went to lunch at 3 while ASM A and HC C were trying to swap out the printers.  Returned an hour later; it hadn't worked. Turned out to be an issue with the internal computerl

Em left early and I was swamped from 6-7:30. Did get floor swept

-C asked, "Where can I find cement patch kits?"  I point to right.  "Did you check over there>"  "No, I just walked in.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone....

Clocked out at 8:20. 

Outfit: Fire and grace tee, cut off capris, sea horses

Saturday, July 2, 2022

July Goals

How well did I do last month?

-Lose 5 lbs 219 on 6/9!!!

-Do well at Spring On Main Sold 3....

-Have fun at PopCon Check!

-Do well at Superman Sold 15:)

-Have fun at the SC concert Check!

-Do well at IABE Sold 3...

-Do well at Pride Sold 5....

-Work enough hours to pay for everything

-Add words to existing WIPS

-Buy copies of Rex? Check!

Books Read:  4

           Print:  2

       E-book:  2

Karaoke Songs:  13

2022 Events:

-Imaginarium Convention (July 8-10, 2022) Louisville, KY $110 Pd 9/15

-Heroes For Kids (July 17th) Perrysville, Mo Pd $50 3/31 (bringing own tables)  May need to skip this, due to rising gas prices.....UPDATE:  Had to pull out, due to coming down with CV.  Ugh....

-Royal Readers (Aug 6th) Mall of America $110 Pd 9/16/21  Thinking seriously about skipping, due to rising gas prices....5/19:  Officially cancelled.  Will do Watermelon Festival instead.

-State Fair Thinking of only doing Aug 17-19 this year....UPDATE:  Our space is too small, and no storage, so SUZANNE cancelled it for this year.

-Hanna House Aug 13th Sold 5!

-Penned Con, St, Louis, Mo Pd 2020 Postponed again until 2023

-Cil-Con Mattoon, Il Pd $100 10/21/21

-First City Music Festival $50 Need to pay $100, since check was never cashed for 2021 Update:  Same day as Lexington, so will send them a check for $50....

-Lexington Legendary Book Signing (Oct 1st) $185 Pd $100 1/18/22

-Non-Con Middletown, OH

-Writer's Block Author Fair Toledo, Oh

-Collector's Carnival and Crafts (Oct 29th) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds $100 Pd 11/26 (Bal:  $250)

-Louisville Con, Dec 9-11???

July Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 219)

-Have relaxing 4th of July Check!  Didn't go anywhere except to the fireworks:)

-Do well at Imaginarium Had a relaxing time, but only sold 3...

-Do well at Heroes For Kids Had to cancel, due to illness.

-Work enough hours to pay for everything

-Order Rex Copies

-Order other inventory

-Add words to existing WIPS

-Have a good time with my sister and Mom's b-day

July Reading Schedule:

Read My Lips, et al sample-Kelle Z Riley LOVED this!  Now want to read all 4!!!
Literary Lust-Stella Hyde Interesting.....
Beauty From Ashes-Rochelle Bradley, CJ Warrent, et al
Night Angel-Annette Milller Interesting book...
Devil's Daughter-Catherine Coulter Intricate story!
Montana Inspired-Kim Law Very good story, and once I got past the itallics on every damn page (slightly annoying!), found it a fun read and want to read more!
Shaken, Not Purred-Kelle Z Riley Interesting sample; want to read more!
Sex In The Crazy Zone- Teri Riggs OMG....I can relate so much to this!!!
I Was Just A Radioman-Pam Ackerson Interesting memoir, and I think my BIL will like it:)
The Double D Ranch- Rochelle Bradley Enjoyed this!
Rogue's Son-Darcy Flynn Good story!
The Caretaker-Tori Ross Good story:)
Garrett's Ghost-Pam Ackerson Enjoyed this:)

Persuasive in Pink-SS Good story!

Karaoke Songs:

7/7:  No karaoke, due to KJ being out of town
7/14:  Sick
7/21: Karaoke cancelled at venue....