Tuesday, September 29, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #8

 HOH Comp:

Dani uses her replay power, so Memphis can play, 'in order to increase the odds of the Committee Alliance winning'.

It's a Golf Course!  Players can choose to go for $10K or HOH, with the lowest score winning either or both.

Ty: Prize-3; Power-14  

Nic: Power-10, but goes out-of-bounds on her next two shots

Mem:  Tries to throw it.  Power-5, Prize-18

Kev:  Power-5, but out-of-bounds

Dani:  Prize-3

Dave:  Power-19, Power-7

Chris:  Power-10, then 12, then out-of-bounds

Enzo:  Prize-19, then 4, then out-of-bounds

Cody:  Power-6, then 2!

HOH:  Cody!

Prize:  $10K to be split, 50/50 between Ty and Dani!

OMG, Kevin....really?  That's NOT how you negotiate with the HOH...you just put an even bigger target on your back and sealed your fate.

Noms:  Kevin and David

Veto Comp:  OTEV Returns!

Kevin, Cody, David, Tyler, Nicole, Enzo.

What IS it with Kevin and that yellow blanket?  He looks like Linus, carrying it all the time!

Dani is an absolute SNAKE!  I hope they get rid of her soon!

OTEV, the Psychodelic Salimander!  Find the tie-dyed T-shirt!

David-out, but with $10K....dude, what were you THINKING???


Kevin-out, by seconds to Cody!

Nicole-out; couldn't get up the wall!


Cody wins!  And keeps noms the same.

Eviction Night.....and TRIPLE Eviction Night!

Eviction #1:  Kevin, 6-0

HOH Comp:  Memphis; nominates David and Nicole

Veto Comp:  

Tyler, Christmas, Dani, Memphis, David, Nicole.  

Game:  Turn 'ice veto' into 'fire veto'

Christmas wins, but doesn't use it.

Eviction #2:  David, 3-2

Shut up Dani.....Please whoever wins next....nominate her or back-door her????

HOH Comp:  Tyler, and  nominates Dani and Nicole

Veto Comp:

Cody, Enzo, Christmas, Tyler, Dani, Nicole.

Game:  Transport Veto puzzle across to the other side, one pole at a time.

Tyler wins, but doesn't use it.

Eviction #3:  Dani, 4-0

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

Find out next week who the HOH is and who The Committee targets next!

Please, please, PLEASE let Dani be the one to go????

Life In Lumber, Week #60

 Day 265:

Arrived; discovered I'd be with Marci again for an hour!  Showed her pics of the weekend, and did my AP4Me and LowesU, and the pop count.  She left at 5, and the rest of the shift went well.  After Matthew relieved me for lunch, I had a woman tell she was 'not good', and when I asked why, she stated today was her birthday; she'd buried her aunt; and her b/f was being a jerk.  She broke down in tears.  After she paid, I offered her a hug, and she took it, clinging to me for several seconds.  I told her I'd be praying for her, and asked if she'd like to maybe sit down at the counter, to compose herself (I'd even given her a Kleenex), but she thanked me and said no.

I'd also brought a large piece of chocolate cake from the break room, to share with Kyle and Cam, but K informed me it was ONLY for the birthday people???  But there were two more complete cakes down there, and it was 2 hours til close.  Maybe the night shift will eat 'em???  Told K I was 'exercising my right to celebrate my birthday early', ha ha!

Outfit:  Whitehorse sweatshirt, faded jeggings.  It was barely 60 degrees today!

Day 266:

Brought Marci's books to her; she loved it!  Was fairly steady all the way until 6:30, when Matt brought the soda.  Olivia relieved me for lunch at 6:45; I had half the soda put away, and *assumed* O would do the rest.  When I returned, she was sitting down, and the soda was still in the cart.  When I mentioned it, she muttered something about doing an estimate, and ran off.  I found a paper where she'd doodled her name, and was furious she had time to do that, but not the rest of 'her job'.  Snagged a broom and dustpan from the break room so I could sweep the floor, and managed to get everything done by 9.

Outfit:  Yellow/maroon plaid shirt, red tank, faded jeggings.

Day 267:

Had a good shift, with only one slight hiccup....Wally bought a cull pack and I'd forgotten how to do it on Reg #1!  MK had to fix it, lol!  Brea and I decided to wear the same shirt.....and when she relieved me for lunch, I had a customer ask me a question, and when I returned, there were 6 people in line, so I hopped on Charlie's and rang up two customers.  Had to call for a code 50, and as soon as I did, MK called, wanting to know why I hadn't gone to lunch yet!

We were slow after I returned, and was able to get all the closing duties finished.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid shirt, black tank, faded jeggings.

Day 268:

Had a good shift, and was able to see BG again!  After his purchase, he came over and we talked some more:)  Was fairly steady all the way to lunch, when Brea relieved me, then was still steady, just not as busy, from 7-close.  Was able to get everything accomplished by 9pm.

Outfit:  Black V-neck tunic, yellow plaid vest, faded jeggings.  New Monet mask

Day 269:

Was slightly late, due to a last-minute decision to go to McD's and get nuggets and a small fry.  Clocked in at 4:02, and my very first customer had a bunch of MDF w/o bar codes.  Turned out to be a good thing, since I ended up ringing up a LOT of MDF!  Then, another customer's order, my gun didn't ring up ANY of it, so had to start over.  We had a good laugh about the 'gremlins' in the system 'b/c it's October!', and I managed to get the pop count done a little after 5, after Jill went home.

Matt relieved me for lunch at 6:30, and when I came back, was busy until 8:15, when I did the rest of the closing duties.

Outfit:  Blue Colts jersey (#88), white v-neck tunic, faded jeggings.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #7

 HOH Comp:  Memphis Wins!!

Fallout from the eviction:

Da'Vonne blames David.

Nicole knows she lied.

David begins to unravel.

Dani, wipe that smug look off your face!

I'm wondering where is Kevin's 'alter-ego'?  When will she show up?  So far, we've only seen whiny, mopey Kevin.

Have Nots:  Christmas and Cody

Noms:  Da'Vonne and Kevin, with a plan to back-door David.

Veto Comp:  Zingbot's Back!

Players:  Da'Vonne, Memphis, Kevin, Nicole, Tyler, Dani

Memphis tried to get everyone to throw it to D or K, so he could back-door Kevin.

Tyler wasn't buying it.

Tiger Zing Maze!

Da'Vonne:  6:53

Memphis:  3:29

Nic:  4:22

Kevin:  5:33

Tyler:  2:55  WIN!

Ty decides not to use the POV.

Eviction Night:

I hope Kevin goes tonight, and hope like hell the mystery guest is NOT Jesse or Rachel!!  I'd love to see either Dr. Will or Mike Boogie!

Da'Vonne is evicted, 5-2.

LOL...Nicole accidentally gets caught in D's hair and earrings!!!

WHOO HOO!!!!  DR. WILL RETURNS!!!!!  For the next two competitions, the house guests will have to choose Power or Prizes:)  Who will win HOH?  Find out Sunday!

Also, next Thurs is a TRIPLE eviction night!  Whoa.....

Monday, September 21, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #59

 Day 260:

Was late, due to the Imaginarium Practice Session, which didn't really work for me.  But arriving at 5:30 meant a shorter shift:)  Discovered the pop count hadn't been done, so thankfully, we were slow.  Got it done shortly after 6, then learned that Austin had been fired.  The kid was a good worker when he actually worked, but he took waaaaay too many smoke breaks, and had a habit of disappearing.  Cam told me Misty had called him and said Lumber was getting a shake up.  Maybe I need to talk to her about hiring Will for a trial period???

Anyway, I was able to get my AP4Me and Lowes U done, then did my closing duties.  Clocked out on time.

Outfit:  Brown tee, dark capris.

Day 261:

Today was strange.  Felt as if I were underwater the entire shift.  Jill was with me for the 1st hour, and we were busy.  Managed to get the pop count done by 5:30.

Needed only two over rides:  A Cull Pack, and marked down carpet.

Had an 'unauthorized power equipment hijacking', as Jacob needed to use the forklift, but isn't certified.  Customer knew how to use it, so who while J was trying to find someone, and I was doing the pop count, Customer decided to take matters into his own hands.  Fortunately, J and Cameron stopped him!

Went to lunch at 6:20, and when I came back, did the closing duties.  Had five customers from 8:45-close, then took my trash down and put up my vest.

Outfit:  Classy tee, dark capris

Day 262:

Shift began on a good note, since Marci and I work well together.  She left at 5, after I finished the pop count and printed off my schedule and pay stub.  Was sent to lunch at 5:45, and when I came back, we had a rush until 8, with one person wanting help with his stairs and matching it to the deck, and another needing a board cut, and a 3rd who was told her pool noodles were in, but we couldn't find them, and according to the computer, we were at -14.  So I think she gave up and got a refund on the 36 she'd ordered.

Did my closing duties, and we closed on time:)

I'd also shown up at 10:30, to talk to Davis, about covering my shift on Fri, and got a very non-commital answer.  If he contacts me at all, I'll be thrilled.  As of now, I'm expecting to either have to call in or work and drive to Cincy at 5am Saturday morning.

Outfit:  Yellow Florida tee, dark capris

Day 263:

Solved my problem for tomorrow; I'll simply drive to either just past Indpls or Greenfield and get a motel room, then only have to drive 1-2 hours Saturday morning.

Arrived; Marci and I worked well together.  She had already begun the pop count, so after she left at 5, I finished it.

Only needed one override.  Ron Arney had two discounted doors, and the one rang up zero, but still needed an o/r for the $50 cost:)  Was sent to lunch slightly after 6, and when I returned, we were fairly dead.  Everyone who had lumber to pick up did so tonight, and all were already paid for.  Did closing duties, then had to wait for one last customer, who brought her cart at 7:40 and said she'd be right back.  Arrived at 9 with one last item, and she was on her way out by 9:02.  Tossed my trash at Kyle, then returned two plumbing items, then put my vest up.

Asked HC MK if I could possibly leave as close to 9 tomorrow if at all possible....she said if I give up my 30 minute break, and only take a 15, she'd let me leave at 9.  I said hell yes!

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, dark capris

Day 264:  Payday!!

Due to my deal with HC MK, I had to work up front today, which went very well!  Even had some of my lumber customers come through my line instead!  Stretched my 15 min break into a 20, ha ha....and MK let me turn off my light at 8:45, just as D arrived with a BW3 bag, my favorite Parm-Garlic wings inside!  Clocked out at 9:05 and drove to Greensburg, In and spent the night.  Cincinnati in the morning!

Outfit:  Colt's jersey (Harrison), dark capris

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #58

 Day 257:

Shift went okay.  My asthma was acting up, so tucked my inhaler in my vest pocket.  Was reprimanded once for wearing my mask below my mouth, then was caught when Mgr T returned my blue bag.  She didn't say anything, though.  Discovered SM Steve was still around, so called him and told him I had something for him, if he had a free moment.  He came down and was both surprised and pleased when I handed him the Coke key chain.

"You didn't have to do that..."

"You gave me an entire two weeks off, so I just wanted to show my appreciation."

He squeezed my arm and smiled before walking back to his office.

Brea relieved me for lunch at 6:30, and I thought I smelled something hot or burning in the center aisle.  Told Scott about it.....then Darren backed me up, saying he'd smelled it too, and thought it was just someone vaping.

After I ate, I attempted to load the soda cooler in between customers, and Brea came down to finish it.  At 8, I started the closing duties and was finished by 8:45.  HC C came down to clean me out; Kyle said he would take care of the door, so I took the rest of the Tax Exempt receipts down, and then to my locker.

Got home and realized I'd left my lunch box in the fridge.  Also started feeling lousy; hope it passes soon.

Outfit:  Gray leoapard stripe tee, dark capris, paper mask. 

Day 258:

Went in, even though I'm still feeling like death warmed over.  1st half of shift was fine; fairly steady, and no issues.  Then I went to lunch at 6:15. Clocked back in a half hour later, then nearly fell down in the lumber aisle when my vest got caught on a staged order.  I get back to the register and Matt asks if I'm aware I only get 30 mins.  I said yes, then said was waylaid by customer and aforementioned wood.  Just irritated me.  Got hit with a 7pm rush, and fortunately Austin knew how to work the register.  Was done with closing duties by 8:40, and earlier, a man had walked in, needing some lumber.  By 9pm, Austin was still helping him.  HC Aggie came to clean me out and ended up helping me ring everything up, since there was no rhyme or reason to how it was stacked.  We finally figured it out, and they paid, but then the fascia was bent, so Austin and Chad took it off, and said they'd set it aside for the next day, since the new pallet was still on the truck.  At 9:30, A cleaned out my drawer; I went out to help load, and finally clocked out around 9:45. 

Decided to skip karaoke tonight; I feel lousy.

Outfit:  Rebel tee, dark capris, paper mask

Day 259:

Felt better by 3, so went in and things went well until 6.  Had a customer insist we price-match his white lumber, since it had been price-matched a few weeks earlier, and he only needed 8 more pieces.  Called HC C, who took a look at it, but would only knock 4 pieces from $19 down to 7.  He refused, so she told me to call Mgr B.  B didn't answer his page, so paged for any MOD, and Jess answered, then said she'd come down.  While we were waiting, the line began to back up (Jill was on break), so I hopped over to #3 and did double-duty for a few mins.  Jess arrived and haggled with him, then Reg #2 signed me out.  Jess agreed to authorize it, then I had to ring up his lumber again, and things went well.  Signed out of #3, then finished ringing him up, and went to lunch.

After lunch, Jill left, and everything went well, other than running out of cleaning solution (cleaned the plexi-glass, but that was it), then my final two customers arrived.  A brought me Flextape that 'couldn't be found', but he went to get another one.  B arrived, so I invoiced A, then they had a countertop which 'couldn't be found', and had to call Aggie down to add it.  Meanwhile, A arrived, so moved over to Charlie's register to ring him up.  He handed me a silicone tube, which rang up 'zero', and when I pointed it out to Aggie, she laughed, then told me to enter in the code.  That rang up properly, and we had a good laugh about the 'gremlins' in the system today!  

Another of my customers complimented me:  "I like coming here and seeing you behind the counter, because you're always so friendly and kind."  Awwww.....thank you!

Clocked out on time tonight; discovered loader Austin hadn't taken out the trash or a few of his other closing duties the night before.

Outfit:  JHS tee, jeggings.  It was only 68 degrees today.

Monday, September 14, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #6

 HOH Comp:

In a battle of endurance, perched on a billboard and being pelted with water and even some snowflakes, the house guest battled to be the last one standing.  The first 3 to drop were Have Nots for the week.

Da'Vonne:  Lasted only 12 minutes.

David:  Lasted 48 mins

Ian:  Lasted 53 mins.

Memphis:  As soon as Ian became the 3rd and final Have Not, Memphis dropped.  53 mins.

Enzo:  1 hour, 2 mins

Kevin:  1 hour, 7 mins

Tyler:  1 hour, 16 mins

Nicole:  1 hour, 22 mins

Cody:  1 hour, 22 mins

Dani Wins!  (Bleh...)

I'm sorry, Kevin....I know several LGBTQ people, and you and 'not' a good rep for the community.  I loved the way Frankie played the game, and you're waaaayy too whiny for me.  The way you're sitting back and letting everyone determine your fate?  Way to P/A....



David.  But wait....he has the Disrupter power!  Can't wait to see what happens Wed!

POV Episode:

David used the Disrupter Power to save himself!  Dani was upset, but named Tyler.

POV Comp:

Tyler, Dani, Kevin, Ian, Da'Vonne, and Enzo were 'zapped' into another room, where they stacked 'micro' microbrews using a HUGE tweezer into a pyramid.  Da'Vonne won her 1st competition, and upset Dani by using it to save Kevin.

Dani nominated Ian, sending Nicole into a quiet sobbing fit.

What I'm wondering is, does Da'vonne get to keep her tiny POV necklace  bracelet?

Eviction Episode:

Ian is evicted (Nicole tearfully cast the 5th vote) 5-3.

HOH Comp:  Fire hydrant 3-D puzzle.  Who will win?  Find out next week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #5

 HOH:  Christmas

BB Basement Challenge:

Total darkness; Nicole had to shed her pants; several had to shed shoes and socks in the 'goo'.  There were 3 new powers to find:

-Blocker, to block someone from being a replacement nominee Won by Christmas

-Disrupter, to secretly save a nominee from the block Won by David

-Replay, to give the outgoing HOH the chance to play in the current HOH comp Won by Dani


First of all, no Have Nots this week!

After a bunch of drama, brought on by Kayser's final speech, Christmas decided on Bayleigh and Da'Vonne.

Unfortunately, Christmas is close with Dani, whom everyone else wants to see evicted next.  Maybe C will get some intel on her and back door Dani, if either D or B save themselves??

*I've officially caught up, and will now try to post these the day after I watch.*

POV Comp:

Christmas, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, Nicole, Dani, and Ian.

Ian had something medically wrong with him; it sounded as if either stress, or a panic attack, had gotten a hold of him.  He mentioned chest pains, but he's too young for a heart attack.  Medical told him to rest, and not play in the comp.

Math-Cath-A-Lon, where a math problem is shown, and the first player to lift their hands from the buzzer, aka 'track formation', and run to the other end when the correct problem is shown, wins.

At the end of the heats, Christmas had the Veto

Nic gave Day the $5K in order to wear the 'Slop-tard'

Bay has to ride a trike 500 laps

Dani gets to not be a Have Not for the rest of the season.

Then, Tyler decided to sacrifice his game so both B and D could stay, but Christmas wasn't having it.  She left the noms the same.

Both D and B were excited by the proposition, but as B said, would it seem like a pity play?  IMHO, if Christmas had taken him up and gotten him evicted this week, and say things lined up and went so B, DV, or D had ultimately won the game, would it still come back to the fact Tyler sacrificed himself?

He kept saying 'You two stand for so much, and I'm selfish."  Helloooo.....this is NOT the time to play politics and help the minorities win the game, because of false white guilt.  Maybe the producers need to make sure there are the same amount of diverse players next season, if the contestants are going to be so 'socially conscious' and 'oooh, I don't want to seem racist by voting out XYZ because of their skin color'.....It's a game for MONEY, people!

Eviction Night

Personally, I'd like to see Bayleigh go home.  1) She said she was done, and 2) She's just annoying.  At least DaVonne has some spunk in her, and doesn't have an annoying spouse, or act entitled!

As the episode unfolded, several things ticked me off.

-Bay, you were NOT tricked!  Tyler offered; Christmas refused it, because they're in an alliance together!  There was no promise of a done deal, so get over yourself.  Put on your big girl panties and deal with the fact you're on the block.

-The whole argument between Christmas and Da'Vonne. This is what happens when you rehash and rehash an explanation, trying to get your point across.  It only causes irritation, when you're tired of repeating yourself.  There is NO 'personal game'!  Everything you say in that house is game-worthy, unless you specify 'does not leave this room', but even then, sometimes it does.  D, for your sake, I hope when you watch this, you'll see WHY Christmas finally blew her cool.  You weren't listening to her!

-Bay's comment:  "If I did that (talk to the hand, clapping your hands), I'd be called 'ghetto', but for her to do it, it's all right?"  Again, you weren't listening to her, and she'd had enough!

-I did think it was slightly childish and rebellious of C not to 'go hide in the HOH room' (I think Kevin just wanted everything to cool off), but rather 'I live here too.  I can do what I want'.

-Da'Vonne 'loses her cool'.  Again, if you'd just stopped trying to justify everything, nothing would have boiled over.  I realize there's not a lot to do in the BB house, but talk game, swap personal stories.....but couldn't you or Christmas go work out your anger on the treadmill, rather than on each other?

-Day's political high-horse speech before eviction.  Get over yourself already!

There was fault on both sides.  They should have dropped the subject instead of each trying to justify their actions/decisions.  It was like watching siblings fight, in a very passive-aggressive way at the end.

I did feel for Cody, losing his grandfather on Labor Day, while he was cooped up in the house.

Thankfully, Bay was evicted, 9-0.

HOH Comp:  Endurance comp.  Find out Sunday who won, and which 3 house guests fell off, becoming the Have Nots for the week!

Monday, September 7, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #4

 HOH Comp:

House guests had to roll three balls and land them in the three cups at the top of an incline.

Kaysar, David, and Enzo were the first three.

Cody, Dani, and Kevin were the 2nd.

Enzo won the HOH:)

Have Nots:

Tyler, Da'vonne, and Dani.

Christmas had her 12th star 'born':)


Kaysar and Kevin, who was told he was a pawn.

Kevin, you have NOT been 'continuously' nominated!  It's only your 2nd time!  Man up, dude...

POV Comp:

In the Puppetmaster endurance comp (Memphis as 'ringmaster'), Kaysar, Enzo, Kevin, Tyler, Bayleigh, and David competed.  Kayser dropped first, followed by Enzo, Tyler, Bayleigh, then David.

Kevin removed himself; Enzo put up Christmas, to throw everyone off the trail they were working together.


Ian's figured out the alliances!

Bayleigh's hair looks sooo much better, now she took out her awful extensions/dreadlocks.  Makes her look much younger:)

Kayser tried to blow up everyone's game, but all he did was piss off a few guests and got himself evicted, 10-0.

HOH Comp:

Christmas won the head-to-head face off challenges, with the final one against Da'Vonne:)

Life In Lumber, Week #57

 Day 250:

Was thrilled to arrive and discover Marci working in Lumber until 5!  Couldn't get the scanner on #2 to work, so the few people I rang up, I used #3.  Did the AP4Me, and M showed me how to access Lowes U, which we now have to do daily.  Tried to play the memory game; I was too slow and only got 2 matches.

After M left, was fairly steady all the way til 6, when MK sent me to lunch.  After lunch, I alternated closing duties and ringing up customers.  At the end, I got a compliment:  Chad told me I had one of the best attitudes among the cashiers.  When I good-naturedly 'complained' to Scott about why Marilyn was the Cashier of the Month, when I'd had my vest longer, he told me she had 9 surveys turned in....no where CLOSE to anyone else!  Then he said, "I'd vote for you to be COTM'.

At lunch, I happened to glance at the wall, and noticed a certificate with my name on it, for the shoplifters I'd derailed two weeks ago.

When I left the break room, I ran into Scott, who asked, "Why are you last?  Everyone else left."

"Because I was waiting for Benjie to finish load a trailer, so I could close the door."

"Oh, okay."

Then, when he let me out, I bumped one of the doors and knocked it off the track.  I did fix it.

"Did I mention I'm a klutz?"

Outfit:  Brown tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 251:

Arrived; did my Lowes U and the matching game, earning me 4 pairs this time:)

Shift was pleasantly slow; I even managed to write a page and a half of the new story.  Met Matthew's dad, and teased Matt about not bringing me any La Fiesta.

After lunch, did my closing duties and we all clocked out around 9:15.

Outfit:  Lowes tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 252:

Today was nice and steady:) Did my Lowes U, but just as I started the matching game, got a customer.  So only answered the questions, and got one wrong.  No issues during my shift, except when my loader Austin took off 'for a few mins'....he'd left his wallet in his dorm room, then decided to go get a sandwich at Subway.  I don't think he clocked out, either. 

Was finished with the closing duties by 8:45. Think the pollen count was high; I kept coughing.

Saw Buddy Russell, and hugged him tight:)  Also looked at the Customer Service Pride Board and I'm 'Most Improved'.  About time, lol!

Asked Scott if I was in attendance danger; he said no, mine were all justified, and not to worry.

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 253:

Things were nice and steady from 4-6:30.  Was irritated when Mgr B arrived and called for a Code 3....I had it under control....but then again, I did have two customers who paid for their $2000+ orders with cash, so maybe it was warranted....

Got another compliment; one customer, JF, upon hearing I'd be the one to load his LAR and ring him up, told Kim, "She's one of the good ones."  Thank you!!!

Had my closing duties finished by 8:30, and when MK came down to clean out my drawer, headed to the restroom to take care of an intestinal issue.

Outfit:  Black square-necked blouse, new capris, paper mask

Day 254:

Arrived early, so I could buy batteries and pet odor spray.  Brought Olivia LFAW (she paid me yesterday) and clocked in.  Out 5pm rush began at 4:30, and we were steady all the way til 6.  Went to lunch at 6:30, and Kyle surprised me:)  Jeanna was shopping in the LG area; I gave him my discount card.  Had a few customers between 7 and 8, then did closing duties.  Last customer was at 8:45.

Also had an unusual customer....he had pink hair and asked if someone could cut a board for him.  Not sure if 'he' was a 'she', but it looked like a 'he'.  Told Austin a 'gentleman with pink hair' was waiting for him at the saw.

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, dark capris, paper mask.

Day 255:

Was slightly late, due to the fact the husband drove me in, so he could use the truck.  Arrived to find Lumber in chaos; Reg #1 had malfunctioned and was refusing to work.  Robert (from CS) was on #2; Matthew was on #1, trying to fix it; and Olivia was at Charlie's register, where she could only take credit card orders.  When R was finished with his customer, I sweetly asked if he'd like to return to the CS desk.

"Oh yes, please....get me out of this hell hole!"

I stayed on #2 most of the shift; #1 never did come back to life.  We were steady all the way until 2, when I went on my 1st 15 min break, and when I came back, it had slowed down considerably.  When MK sent me to lunch at 4, I logged off and turned it over to O, but then five customers got in line.  I hopped on Charlie's and took care of the four credit-card-paying customers, then finally went to lunch (McAllister's) at 4:15.  D called as I was heading back to the break room and said he'd meet me there.  We had a nice lunch, then he returned me at 5:15.

I was alone the rest of the time; put the soda away (I'd done the count before leaving for lunch, then re-checked it upon return) and had the closing duties finished by 8:30.  Krissy came down to clean out the register; I locked the doors and put away the spray bottle.  Wally had very nicely grabbed my bag of trash and taken it to the hopper around 8.

Met a customer whose aunt may or may not be Tess Mackall.

Outfit:  White paint-spatter shirt, green vest, dark capris, paper mask

Day 256:

Today was a zoo.  Walked in at 11:30 to find both Reg going.  Things were steady all the way to 2pm, even when Matt gave me a break at 1.  Was able to get pop count started at 2, during the slight lull, but it started up again at 3, and went all the way until 7.  

D took me to LJS at 4:30, and then Matt relieved me at 6:30 for my 2nd break.  Managed to put the soda away by 7, then start on the closing duties.  Had a CFH who was picking up a garage door, then ask me about a discount.  Told her if there was one, it would have already been taken care of, or if she was using her store card.  She insisted the place in her hometown had the same door for $50 less.  After some haggling back and forth, MK told me to go ahead and give it to her (I'd even suggested paying, then hashing it out with mgmt on Mon....she said, "No, we're going to hash it out now!"). I just wanted her to leave so I could get back to the rest of the people in line!

One bright spot:  Logan ordered pizza, so I had two slices of sausage pizza during the shift:)

We managed to close on time!

Outfit:  Black/gray 'church' shirt, dark capris, paper mask

Sunday, September 6, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #3

 HOH:  Tyler

Have Nots:

Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh, and Janelle.

Nicole inadvertently sparked a feud with Janelle, by saying 'someone who likes to talk about me'.  When J called her on it, N tried to apologize, but J wasn't having any of it.

Safety Suite Comp:

Da'Vonne raised eyebrows when she asked the SS players to keep her safe "because I've never worn a costume!"  

Blonde Nicole, Memphis, Dani, and Enzo play 'dodge the lazer beams'.  Memphis tried to throw it, without looking as if he was throwing it. Enzo smoked everyone with the shortest time, and chose Christmas for his plus one, earning her the "Mom to a Baby All-Star" punishment, in which she had to take care of a demanding baby 'star', then another, and another, and another, then twins, and then triplet stars!  She and Enzo had fun playing 'Mom and Dad' at first.


Kayser and Janelle:)


Tyler, Kayser, Janelle, Cody, Bayleigh, and Memphis competed in 'cupcake wars'.

T vs K:  T

M vs B:  M

C vs J:  C

T automatically advanced, since he had the fastest time.

M vs C: C

C vs T:  Cody wins POV, and kept noms the same.


Janelle looked as if she was about to fall out of her dress.  She was evicted, 9-2.

HOH Comp:

Players competed in physical challenge.  Will find out next episode who won.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

BB All-Stars,Week #2

 HOH:  Memphis

Safety Suite Comp:

Memphis thought he was being 'so casual' about his non-commitment to who he wanted to put up, by suggesting to everyone to play is the SS comp, but everyone saw through him, even members of his own alliance, who argued over which two should do it.  Christmas was the only one initially thrilled to do it; in the end, David, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Kevin, Ian, and Cody played the 'balance the drinks at the tables', and Christmas won, picking Ian for her plus-one, earning him the 'Dirk Spacewalker' punishment, where he had to act as if he were auditioning for a movie.

Memphis was less than pleased; he'd planned to put up former winners Ian and Nicole.

Have Nots:

Every HN from the previous week gets to select the next week's.  This week's are Blonde Nic, Kayser, David, and Christmas.


Memphis nominated Nicole "because you didn't play in the SS comp" and David "because you're at the grown ups table now".


Memphis, Nicole, David, Tyler, Ian, and Blonde Nicole played 'balance the ball on the paddle'.

Red Nicole dropped first, followed by Blonde Nicole, Ian, David, and Tyler.  Memphis won, and kept noms the same.

Eviction Night:

After an impassioned plea to stay. Nicole was evicted 10-2.

At the HOH comp, Tyler won!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #1

 So I took the plunge and ordered CBS All Access, so I could watch my summertime Guilty Pleasure.  Especially since I didn't know which guests had been invited back.  Watched Episode #1 last night.


Janelle-ugh, why, why, why?  I only liked her on the 1st All-Star season...

Nicole (from last year):  Yay!

Bayleigh:  Ugh.  Couldn't stand her last year, can't stand her now.

Nicole (former winner):  I like Nicole; I just don't think former winners should have been invited.

Keicia:  Who???

Christmas:  Yay!  She got a bum rap two years ago, breaking her foot and not being able to compete in challenges.

Danielle (father, Evil Dick):  Bleh.  Wasn't fond of her.

Davonne:  Looking forward to seeing if she can control her tongue this year....

Cody (runner up to Derek):  I like him!

Memphis:  Who???

Enzo:  This is gonna be interesting...

Tyler:  Yay!  I really like him!

David (from last year, who was eliminated on day #1):  Yay!  Now we'll get to see how he would have done last year, had he been able to find his way through the maze in the dark!

Kevin:  I had honestly forgotten about him.  This is also gonna be interesting....

Kaysar:  I really like him too!

Ian:  Again, I like Ian, I just don't think former winners should have been invited.

1st Challenge:

What was up with the girls?  Were they that nervous, that only 2 made it to the 2nd round?  All four men advanced.  (They competed in groups of four, with the 1st two to finish advancing, unless 4 minutes ran out.  Only one girl from each group made it)

2nd Challenge:

As soon as Cody ran across the wobbly stars in 22 seconds, I knew he had the HOH comp locked.  It will be interesting to see who he puts up for elimination.

Safety Suite:

Kayser and Janelle trusted their intuition and competed for safety.  In this comp, they had to recreate a remix of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  K came out the winner, 7:30 to J s 16:30.  At the meeting , he chose J to be his plus one, and for her punishment, has to wear a glittery star costume.  

With needing new nominations, Cody decided on Keicia and Kevin.  Kevin decided to talk to C for the first time, and acted a little sophomoric, imho, declaring himself 'not cool', and coming across very victimized.  He tugged at C's emotions,but at the nomination ceremony, found himself nominated anyway.

We'll see what happens at the POV comp.

POV Comp:  

Cody, Kevin, Keesha (I've been spelling her name wrong), Enzo, Ian, and Tyler played 'let's stack wooden fruit in 90 seconds and see how many will stay standing'.  Cody, Kevin, and Ian timed out, instead of watching the clock; Enzo locked in his score of 18,but the last two didn't get a chance to lock theirs in before time ran out.

Kevin, Will You Stop Whining???

OMG....watching him force conversations is painful!  I want to grab him and ask him where his bravado went.  The moping, 'I'm so alone' attitude is driving me crazy!!!

Utimately, Enzo did not use the veto on either.  I hope Keesha gets the boot and Kevi to C's his backbone.

Eviction Night:

Keesha delivered one of the most awkward 'please keep me' speeches, and Kevin, dude....where's your confidence?

Thankfully, the houseguests voted 13-0 to send Keesha packing.

At the HOH comp, Memphis won!  We'll find out next week which two he puts up.