Friday, April 30, 2021

May Goals

 How'd I do in April?

Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) Bleh....gained 2 pounds.  I blame the NCAA tournament, lol....

Finish clearing out bedroom Not yet

Buy shelves for basement Not yet

Rent dumpster and start culling both Green and Brown houses Still talking about it!

Hang pictures Nope

Finish Robot stories and typing others Check!

Make decision on artist Submitted story to Pen It 4/5.

Buy 10 more stylus (red) Forgot about these....

Pay for magnets Wood ordered; still waiting for sample of bamboo and maple

Cheer Gonzaga to win NCAA tournament Final game turned out to be Zaga vs Baylor, and Baylor beat them soundly, 85-70.

Sing with choir for Easter Was good to see everyone again!

Arm Health:  Am still on restrictions for lifting, but otherwise, things are now a 'new' normal.

Books Read:  4
           Print:  3
        E-book:  1
            DNF:  3

Karaoke Songs Added:  0.  Suffered laryngitis 3/4 weeks.

Upcoming Book 'Tour':

-Give A Dog A Home Vendor Fair (May 1st) Toyota Event Center, Princeton, 12-5pm CST $50 paid

-Elwood Home and Garden Show (May 15th) Elwood, In $20 paid

-Quad Con, (June 5th) Peoria IA

-InConJunction (July 2-4) Indpls, In 21st and Shadeland Ave, Marriott East

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Info resent; funds paid last year.

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo

-Superman Festival (July 30-Aug 1st) Metropolis, IL

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (Aug 11-13 OR 16-18th), State Fairgrounds Expo Bldg, Indpls, IN

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

-Kokomo Con (Oct 16) Kokomo, In Same weekend as ComicCon; will see about selling my table

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

May Goals:

-Lose 5 pounds (starting 245)

-Do well at Princeton Vendor Fair Bleh....was a bust.  Only sold 1

-Have an enjoyable 30th anniversary Check:)  Went to El Corral on Sun 5/2 and Yamoto lunch 5/3.

-Finish cleaning out bedroom Not yet

-Buy shelves for basement Not yet

-Rent dumpster and start culling green and brown houses Not yet

-Hang pictures No

-Do well at Elwood craft fair Sold 9:)

-Secure cover art for Creative Generations Check!  Now to begin formatting MS....

-Buy 10 more styluses (red) Check!

-Pay for magnets Not in yet

-Watch Indy 500 with mom? Ended up working; watched it later that night.  Helio won 4th time....ugh.

-Do PT on left arm Check!

-Mammogram Check!  Nothing suspicious detected, yay!

-Eye doc Check!  No cateracts; just new lenses for glasses.  Yay!

May Reading Schedule:


The Room on Rue Amelie-Kristin Harmel DRR!  Excellent, and tear-jerker ending, unless you have no heart....
When We Meet Again-KH  DRR!  Blubbered my way through chapts 25-29...excellent story!!!
The Storyteller-Jodi Picoult  DRR!!!  Was a little teary-eyed at the end....
Those Girls-Chevy Stevens Okay story; ended up skimming, but did finish it.
Once In A Full Moon-Ellen Schreiber DNF  Not my cup of tea.  Couldn't get past the 5th chapter.
The Iron Witch-Karen Mahoney Good story
The Wood Queen-KM DNF....lost interest
The Stone Demon-KM DNF
The Betrothed-Kiera Cass Very interesting story!

Karaoke Songs:
Takes A Little Time-Amy Grant Powered through it, even though I'd not practiced it...
SOS-ABBA Best one of the night!!
Run For The Roses-Dan Fogelburg Bleh....too low, and voice cracked
Black Velvet-Alannah Myles Tried to redeem myself with this, but voice cracked a few times.  Not my best rendition.

5/13 Camera broke and 17 singers.  Brower's been fired from Willies, and is taking his gear to Washington.  Unsure if Alphabet Karaoke will follow him; depends on who Willie's hires. Hoping I can either buy a new camera; might do a 'best of' night next week, for his final night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, W4

 Day 18: Voice improving!

I'm still cracky, but not croakey anymore!  Arrived; HC M was hanging out and killing time until her shift ended at 5.  We talked; she swept; I did pop count.  When she left, I did the prelim duties and stayed on the lookout for Bob's customer.  Had one customer buy 70 bags of concrete, but they could only get 40 in their vehicle.  Another customer bought 60 bags of roofing compound.  Finally, AY comes in and I loaded his LAR and rang him up.  Success.  He returns a little while later, put $$ on his LAR, and I rang him up again.  But....the receipt didn't print.  HC A came down and had it print up at CS desk.  I went to break, and Sami took over.  When I returned, the same thing had happened to her!  Fortunately, it behaved the rest of the night.

Started closing duties; sanitized the registers, swept entire area, and put away items in Electrical, Paint, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Living on a Prayer tee, capris, black mask.

Day 19: Voice still improving!

Shift began on a sour note; I'd forgotten Bob's customer order from yesterday was invoiced, so I got credit for the sale instead of him.  Oops....otherwise, things were nice and slow.  Did soda count and prelim duties, then swept, sanitized the registers, and at 7:30, called HC E to see if they'd forgotten about my break.  Discovered Sacred had called in, so HC M came down to give me a break.  The new chicken truck had sent in sandwiches, so noshed on one and put another in my locker, then swiped a third and ate it at my station.  Pulled trash and wiped down the counters, and at 9, locked the doors.  HC E cleaned me out and we chatted while waiting for Gavin to return with the hopper, then I closed the door and walked him to the front.  Mgr S teased me...."You can't leave; you need to be last out the door."

"Where is it written that I have to be last?"

I was the first one out, lol!  I was also the only senior cashier on the floor tonight.

Outfit:  Blue Vegas tee, Bless This Mess sweatshirt, new capris, red mask

Day 20: I sound like Cher when she's in Laverne mode, at the laundramat! $9646 in sales

Was asked to come in at 3, and things were slow for the first half of the shift.  Did pop count and prelim duties, then the scanner on #1 acted up, so hopped over to #2 and stayed there until 8:30, when I ran low on $$, so hopped back over (scanner was behaving by then!).  Went to lunch at 6:30 and when I returned, pulled trash and swept.  Sanitized counters at 8, and only had two 'difficult' customers.

A wanted to track his purchase, but I explained I wasn't able to scan his card, and asked for his phone #, which still said he didn't have a ML account.  He decided to go up front to try it.

B showed me a strange item # written on a board, which showed it was a special order.  When I scanned it, customer said it was the wrong price.  Confused, I called Mgr T, who told me to call Mgr S, who said he'd be down.  Mgr T hopped on #1 and rang up other customers while S located the correct item #, and then everyone was happy.

Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Indian motorcycle tee, new capris, red mask

Monday, April 19, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, Week 3

 Day 11: Day 7 with No Voice

Went in at 3, and relieved Kem, then helped Mgr Mi with a transaction.  Got mildly irritated with Charlie when I had to look up the item #s on a customer's list....I'd asked them to check with one of the Pros, but they said C told them to come to me!  In the meantime, my line is backing they go off to double-check two items.  I hurry through the line, then return to them.  Finally get everything rung up and ready for delivery, and line is backing up again!  Finish; ring up last two items, and they go on their merry way.  I ring everyone else up.

Loader J stepped off the forklift and rolled his ankle; it swelled up like a baseball, so we sent him home.

Loader C was looking for a spotter, so I hopped on the intercom and paged for one....O arrived within a minute!  We were laughing...."OMG....get Molly off the pager!"

Realized at 7 that I'd not been offered a break, so called HC D, who sent Karen down.  I took a pit stop, grabbed my lunch, and ate it at the desk.  K didn't go back up front for 30 mins!  We used it as a training tool; she did an LAR while I was gone, then showed her how to tax exempt and military. And how to do a return, lumber-style.

Made three mistakes:  A) accidentally left a man's return item onscreen as I rang up customer B.  Oops... B) Customer C hands me $420; I rang it up as $440.  C) Customer D hands me $22 for a $21 payment....geez.....

I'd called HC D down for an override....then for 1s and 5s....then had to call her for a propane exchange.  "OMG're fired; you're making me walk too much!"

Otherwise, rest of the night went well. After final customer left, and HC D cleaned me out, I helped her with the pop and took back items to Paint, Hardware, Flooring, and Millwork.  Friend BJG had texted; I called her after I clocked out.  She's decided to move into assisted living.

Outfit:  Maroon/black Sugar Cookie tee, dark jeggings, tools mask

Day 12:  8th day with no voice $9502 in sales

Arrived; things were a little slow, so did pop count and started prelim duties. Had loader K cover the register at 5:30 while I took a pit stop, then was fairly busy for the next several hours.  Snow fell around 6:30 and the temperature began falling rapidly. 

Alexa relieved me at 7, as I was trying to get a hold of a manager in hardware ('hardwood' it came out, ha ha!), and A went down to find the part the customer was trying to find.  Then I went to lunch.

Returned and started final closing duties, amid good-natured ribbing about my cracking voice.  After HC M cleaned me out, returned items to Electrical, Tools, Paint, and Hardware, along with the wheelchair basket.  Put up my vest, then helped fill the snacks.  Clocked out around 9:50.

Outfit:  Red/white turtleneck, dark jeggings, black mask

Day 13:  9th day with no voice $9951 in sales

Arrived to discover Loader C quit and J was still out with his ankle.  Things were slower, so was able to take a speedy pop count, and do the other prelim duties.  When Pro team left, gathered trash and met the new HC, E.  Had one round of intestinal issue at 4:30.  Otherwise, rest of evening was hassle-free.  Needed one o/r for carpet, then at closing. a CFH showed up, wanted an untreated 4x4.  Found it, checked him out as the store was closing.  Since Loader G had come in around 7 and was taking out the hopper, I opted to leave the door open so I could retrieve the customer's cart.  Wrong. Thing. To. Do.  He came back in and asked if we had a half sheet of plywood.  Told him to hurry, since we were closed.  He arrived at the same time Mgr T and HC E did, and asked if he could get it cut.  We said no.  He then asked if he could see if it would fit in his vehicle.  E went with him, and it did, so I rang him up.  My blue bag wasn't there, so T went to get it.  In the meantime, E returns with the news NOW the customer wants one concrete block, is paying in cash.  I ring it up, just as T returns.  I explain the delay....E comes back with the $$, I finish transaction.  When E comes back in, I shut the door, since G was back inside by that time!

Apparently Corporate came in this morning, and we scored a 54.  Had only a few 'problem' issues, but should be fixed in a few months, when they return.

Returned items to Paint and Hardware, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, black mask

Day 14:  10th day vocally challenged! $9786 in sales

Shift went well; was steady.  Did prelim duties; went to lunch at 6:15, and when I returned, did the closing duties.  Was considering calling in tomorrow, but was getting a weird vibe from Mgr T, so decided to be an adult and work this weekend instead.  

Outfit: Black tunic, dark jeggings, elephant mask

Day 15:  11th day vocally challenged! $12,803 in sales

Shift went well:)  Kept track of mask vs no mask, and surprise was the same before and after lunch:  32 w/o; 10 with:)  Was slammed at the beginning of my shift for 45 mins....then just as another customer arrived, I heard my name being paged.  Then again as I hit the total, and a third time as he was inserting his card.  I popped over to the phone, returned the call, and accidentally snapped at Mgr T....I'm with a customer; I'll call you back.

She said she wanted to verify I'd checked everything on the return receipt and I said yes, hung up, and finished with my customer.  Then called back; got HC E, told him what was being returned, and told him to tell T I was sorry for the attitude.

Later, I saw her while at lunch and apologized again for any bitchiness portrayed.  She said it was fine.

Customer A tried to snow me.  "You're my favorite cashier!  


"You always give me 10% discount."

"Do you have a military discount?"


"Then you're not getting it today."

Then he tried to talk me into selling one of my buttons for his $.29 change.

"I guess you're NOT my favorite cashier."

"Not today!"

I'd never seen him before, and wasn't going to be bowled over by his attempt to sweet-talk me into a discount!

Managed to get most of my closing duties finished before we closed., then took the trash to the hopper and walked HC D back to the front and returned an item to Hardware before putting up my vest. Clocked out at 9:20....and discovered I'd gotten a $.19 raise at the beginning of the month!

Outfit:  Gray v-neck long-sleeved tee, faded jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 16:  Voice is getting better??? 10-7pm  $16,758 in sales

First part of shift went well.  Sent Jill to lunch, and was steady the entire time.  Mgr T told me that when J returned, if we weren't busy, to go up front.  So I did.....and was there until 1, when I had to give J her fifteen min break.  Then took mine, and from 1:30-2, did returns.  Went to lunch at 2 (McA's), and when I returned, sent Jill home, then was with Sami the rest of the shift.  She did the pop count, but didn't take a full count, so when she went to lunch, I corrected it, and swept. When she returned, we petted a couple of dogs, including Charli, the Black Pyrenees, then around 5:30, I took a pit stop.  When I returned, S was ringing up a difficult customer, and didn't scan all the flooring correctly.  I tried to correct it, and S took it the wrong way.  HC A called down to request S go up front; S got huffy and walked up.  I was fairly steady for the next hour, and thought Alexa was my replacement, but she'd just come down for a snack and saw the line.  Soon, S returned and I left.  Clocked out around 7:20.

Outfit:  Gray Home Grown sweatshirt, faded jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 17:  Voice still improving!  10-7pm $15,443 in sales

Arrived; discovered Cindy's only been there an hour, so hopped on #2.  Things went well; C took her break, then was told to take mine at noon.  Well, at noon, we were swamped, so didn't take it until 12:15.  When I returned, Sami was there, but went back up front.  C went to lunch at 1, and I was slammed until she returned.  I went to lunch at 2, and enjoyed the burgers and cookies the company provided.  When I returned, things slowed a little, but Mgr T insisted we push the credit apps.  I finally got one at 6; I was joking about it being the '20 questions' part of the transaction, ha ha!

Learned Gerald Heath is NOT whom he claims to be....oops....I need to check his ID every time he tries to use his temp card.

Did the pop count at 6, swept up, emptied trash, and when Sami relieved me at 7, I skedaddled:)  Clocked out at 7:15.

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, faded jeggings, black mask. Survived another 7 day stretch!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, Week 2

 Day 9:

Arrived; things were fairly slow.  Did pop count and prelim duties, plus LU, then swept the entire Pro area.  Made a duct tape sign for my mop, lol.....Sami relieved me at 7:15, and when I returned, did the AP4Me and sanitized in between customers.  Voice is starting to go; woke up this morning, and it was so scratchy I nearly called in, but it got better as the day went on. my shift went on, my voice got squeakier.

Discovered I'm still on the schedule for tomorrow; Mgr T was supposed to fix it.  Karen agreed to come in for me tomorrow; all I have to do is either call or go in before I leave for Lafayette.  Taking Mom to her dr's appointment.

Outfit:  Red LU shirt, new capris, black mask.

Day 10:

I've been battling laryngitis since Tues morning, but today (Sunday), Mgr Bre called me and asked me to come in for 3 hours.  I said yes, he was very appreciative!  

Arrived, gave Sam her break, then got irritated with her attitude.  a) she said she'd sweep, so I swept up what I was doing at her; she ignored it and went to sweep somewhere else. b) Someone needed help in plumbing; she claimed her feet hurt as she's leaning against the counter of #2.  *eye roll*...I even told her all she had to do was straighten up, turn to the left and pick up the phone....but no, I did it....then as soon as I hung up, she comes over behind the Pro desk.  WTH....I thought your feet hurt??? c) Her 'in general' demeanor is annoying....she's obviously white, but talks like she's in da hood.

After she left at 6, I started closing duties, in between ringing up customers.  HC Ch gave me a break at 6:45, and when I returned, gathered trash, sanitized the registers, and wiped down both counters, plus the two far end ones in Pro. When HC D cleaned me out, and we waited for loader C to return with the hopper, I went out and collected the final 5 carts.  Then returned a can of spray paint and nails, and put my vest up.

Outfit:  White tunic, dark jeggings, tools mask

Monday, April 5, 2021

Life In Lumber, Year 3, Week 1

 Day 5:

Arrived; did LU, then headed to lumber.  Was busy for 1st hour, then was able to do the pop count and prelim duties and sanitized the registers.  Was steady until break time, 7:35.  Came back and was busy until 8:45, when things finally slowed. Swept and sanitized the registers plexiglass, then locked the doors at 9.  HC D cleaned me out, so returned a pair of pliers to Tools, then hung up my vest.

Went to BW3 and watched the final NCAA game, Gonzaga vs Baylor.  Baylor spanked 'em, 85-70. I really wanted Zaga to win, but was happy for Baylor's 1st title!

Outfit:  Maroon shirt, new jeggings, Monet mask

Day 6:

Arrived, and had to help Carmen with a payment authorization call.  Clocked in, and was busy all shift.  Barely had time to get anything sanitized; in fact, didn't even pull trash until after 7 or even get the paperwork gathered until then!  Did manage to sweep a little toward the end, and get the registers wiped down.  #1 ran out of $1s, so hopped over to #2.  Brenda relieved me at 7:30, and when I returned, she was on #1.  But scanner quit, so went back to #2 for rest of evening.  After Mgr Bren cleaned me out, I towed in two more carts, then closed the big door.

Outfit:  Short-sleeved white waffle-knit shirt, new jeggings, Monet mask

Day 7:

Was called in today at 4; realized I'd forgotten to do yesterday's LU....oops!  Did horrible today; only scored 1/5. Finally had time to switch vests, and went to Lumber to discover Kenzie training Carmen.  I took a pit stop, then K left.  I helped C and did the pop count.  When she left at 5, things were fairly steady.  Ran out of $1s, so hopped on #2 for about 2 hours.  Sammi relieved me at 6:10, and when I returned, was still steady.  Finally around 7, HC M brought the ones, and was able to switch back.  Spot-swept, gathered trash and paperwork, and sanitized the registers.  At 8:30, was able to get the plexiglass and counters wiped.

Had a customer try to steal a candy bar; he slid it into the bag right in front of me.  I said. "Oh, I'm sorry; I missed that." and rang it up.  Geez.....

Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, new jeggings, blue plaid mask

Day 8:

First of all, some sad news to report.  Prince Phillip passed away.  Prayers to Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

Arrived and bought a bag of Chex Mix and a new blue dust mop.  After clocking in, discovered Jill trying to find the price of a Kobalt was ringing up $199, but the pick ticket said $299....and when loader C brought it up, the sign said $249.  So we charged him only $200!  Did the pop count and was steady all the way til 7, when I was able to get some of my closing duties accomplished.  Rain arrived at 7:30 when I returned from break, and it was a zoo from then on.  Never did sanitize anything, but got the area behind the counter swept and trash gathered.  Had to call HC D 4 times; once to unlock rocking chairs; another to unlock a wheelbarrow; and 2 o/r.  At one point, I was even operating 2 registers while waiting for D to arrive!  Finally got my mop put together and hid it in the corner by the Pro filing cabinet.  I may go in tomorrow and wrap the handle in pink duct tape and put my name on it....

Outfit:  Brown tee, new capris, blue plaid mask.  It was 85 degrees today!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Goals

How did I do last month?  Not bad, when you realize I broke my arm last month! I DID manage to finally watch all episodes (I THINK) of L&O:SVU, and have twelve of my favorite episodes saved on the DVR.

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) Maintained

-Buy a scale Daughter moved home and brought hers with her

-Finish cleaning out bedroom  Nope

-Buy shelves for basement Not yet

-Hang pictures Not yet

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls  3/4:  Se 7, Ep 14; 3/5:  Finished regular season!

-Begin watching Mandelorian  Discovered not on NF; have to watch it on Disney+

-Type up my stories Getting there.....

-Begin artist search Check; found two and waiting for 2nd one to send test sketch

-Buy 10 more styluses Check; bought 20, due to mistake

-Pay for new magnets (Check:) and stickers (Not gonna need these for a few more months)

-Buy new phone Check!  Moto G with stylus, only $180:)

-Get Mom's chair safely delivered and couch to storage Check!

Arm Health:  I no longer wear the sling, and can use the left arm to somewhat wash my hair and lift items.  I can tolerate sleeping on the left side for about a half an hour before rolling over. Am only taking Tylenol at night, and have been cleared to drive:)

Books Read:  5

            Print:  3

          E-book: 1

              DNF: 1

Karaoke Songs Added: 3

Upcoming Book 'Tour':

-Weekend With The Authors (June 17-20) Nashville, TN Poss. Postponed till May 15-17, 2022

-Elwood Home and Garden Show (May 15th) Elwood, In $20 paid

-Quad Con, (June 5th) Peoria IA

-Superman Festival (June 11-12) Metropolis, IL

-InConJunction (July 2-4) Indpls, In 21st and Shadeland Ave, Marriott East

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Info resent; funds paid last year.

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (TBA)

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

-Kokomo Con (Oct 16) Kokomo, In Same weekend as ComicCon; will see about selling my table

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

April Goals:

Lose 5 lbs (starting 243)

Finish clearing out bedroom

Buy shelves for basement

Rent dumpster and start culling both Green and Brown houses

Hang pictures

Finish Robot stories and typing others Check!

Make decision on artist Submitted story to Pen It 4/5.

Buy 10 more stylus (red)

Pay for magnets

Cheer Gonzaga to win NCAA tournament Final game turned out to be Zaga vs Baylor, and Baylor beat them soundly, 85-70.

Sing with choir for Easter Was good to see everyone again!

April Reading Schedule:


The Dating Debate-Chris Cannon RR!  Really enjoyed this:)
99% Faking It-CC RR! Very good:)
PS:  I Still Love You-Jenny Han Good!


Achieve-Jade Waltz DNF
Develop-JW DNF
Failure-JW DNF
Some Kind of Wonderful-Jean Joachim DRR!  Excellent!

 Karaoke Songs:

Take On Me-Ah-Ha Love this song and just discovered I've been singing it WRONG for 35 years!  But vocally....bleh....slightly low.
Make It Real-The Jetts Nailed this, and was hi-fived by several people.  
Rotation too long tonight.

Take The Long Way Home-Supertramp Sounded good:)
Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay-Michael Bolton Wasn't too awful...
Don't Look Back-Boston Was complimented by three people:)

4/15 Lost my voice....didn't go
4/22  Voice still gone

4/29 Voice still gone.