Monday, August 30, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W22

 Day 93:  $9,008

Arrived; things were steady for about a half an hour, then was able to do prelim duties; LU and AP4Me.  Got 'caught' being on my phone; Mgr J, Mgr Bra, and Mgr S walked up as I was doing some minor research on my phone for the current WIP.  Fortunately, no one said anything about it!

Went to lunch at 6:15 and was told to 'hurry'.  I clocked in/out exactly 30 minutes apart, but as I showed up, K announced she was 'about to have me paged'.  WTH???? It was ONLY 2 mins later than after I'd clocked back in!!!

Swept; pulled trash; sanitized the counters.  Lee came down and got the trash; I locked the doors at 9 and waited for Loader C to return with the hopper.  HC C cleaned me out, and I returned a piece of steel to Hardware, then put up my vest.

I'm off the next two days!!!  Hallelujia!!!

Outfit:  Las Vegas Indian MC tee, original capris, blue tools mask.

Day 94:  $14,722

Was slammed for the 1st hour!  Was finally able to get my soda count and prelim duties accomplished.  Couldn't get anyone to go to Subway for me, so my lunch was 2 Snickers bars.  Afterward, swept and sanitized in between customers.  HC M cleaned me out; Loader B (who's back from quarentine) took the trash, and I put up my vest.  Managed to get my LU done also.

Did an 'oops'....Customer wanted to put $$ on two gift cards; I misunderstood the amount, so when I tried to correct it, it didn't work.  Mgr T nearly had a heart attack; she though he was trying to PAY with the cards; I said no, we were trying to LOAD them!

Sent in my request for my October dates:  2nd, 9th, 15-17, and 30th.

Outfit:  Gold tee, cut off capris, starry night mask

Day 95:  $7981

Arrived; things were nice and easy.  Customer brought in watermelons for everyone in the Pro area; Kyra came down to kill time and help out, so I was able to get the soda count done while she rang up customers.  HC C took her back up front at 4, and then things got busy for the next 2 hours.  Loaders were down at the far end with the forklift; at one point I needed 2 code 50s. Plus I'd answered a phone call that was an associate from KY who wanted to know if we could order an item.  I couldn't get anyone to answer my page.  Finally, I needed an o/r, so HC N came down and I told her about the guy on hold.  Turned out he'd finally given up (I kept checking back with him every so often!) and hung up.

K came down and sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, I did the rest of the closing duties.  Swept, sanitized the registers and counters.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Before my shift began, bought the snowglobe Nightmare Before Christmas, the light up candy dish, and the motion-sensored books.  Plus, bought a ham and cheese from Subway.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, cut off capris, Monet mask

Day 96:  $15, 293

Arrived; did my LU and rang up a few random customers on Charlie's register.  C went to break; I covered hers.  Then J went to break, and I covered for her.  At 2:30, I took my 1st break, then C left at 3. I went to lunch at 4 (McAs, since Subway's lobby was closed), and when I returned, I did the pop count, and was fairly steady all day.  Marci agreed to take tomorrow's shift, so I can go to Nashville, to see Shaun Cassidy!  Took an OTC CV test, and came up negative.  Here's hoping City Winey accepts it!!

Outfit:  Blue baseball tee, cut off capris, Monet mask

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, W21

 Day 85:   $2,524 (Rare Sat)

Mgr T texted me yesterday, asking if I could come in for a few hours, but I was at the State Fair.  Told her I'd come in today at 5, even though I was scheduled off.  Turned out they didn't need me after all, but it meant Alexa could rearrange the Monster cooler and we got all our closing duties finished early.

Loader J behaved childish; ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder. *eye roll*  Hope he gets over himself soon; this upcoming week is going to be awkward, if he closes with me.

Outfit:  Classy tee, original capris, blue tools mask.

Day 86:  $6,836

Arrived; gave Kim, Charlie, and Mel their deep-fried cookie dough.  Hopped on #2 to help K with the line, then took over #1.  Was busy until 4, then did the prelim duties and soda count.  Things slowed down by 5, so started spot-sweeping.  Bill relieved me at 5:30, and when I returned, did my LU and AP4Me before beginning the closing duties.  Needed one o/r; a couple bought a display and it was marked down 20%.  Then at the end, another couple bought the 50 lb concrete, then noticed it rang up $3.38, but sign said $3.28.  HC A had to refund/rebill for the incorrect price.  Locked the doors; sent Loader Z to the hopper with the trash, and I went to my locker.  Anyea had already taken my returns to the appropriate departments.

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe tee, original capris, white tools mask.

Day 87:  $10,349

Arrived and discovered we had a new trainee, Melissa.  She shadowed me for an hour before her shift was over, then I did the prelim duties and soda count. Discovered Bob retired today.  Shift was rather quiet; no o/r or any problems.  Had a rush the last 5 mins; 3 customers.  Went to lunch at 6, and when I returned, did my LU.  Lee came down with her trash; I gave her mine, but still had to wait for Loader Z with the hopper.  Had a rush at 7, but it was handled smoothly.

Outfit:  Black Alaskan Highway tee, original capris, Monet mask

Day 88:  6,929

Began my day by having a horrible nightmare about ringing up a woman who put everything into small bags and packing them so was like the Mary Poppins tote bag.  I just couldn't find the bottom of the bag....then forgot what I'd already rung up!

Arrived and found a Pro vest to fit me!  Took over for Jill; Kem's eye operation was delayed until tomorrow (she has a sty that won't go away).  Shift was nice and steady; I was able to write a page or two on the WIP, in addition to doing my LU and prelim duties.  Went to lunch at 6, then began closing duties around 7.  Discovered Mgr T was passed up for the promotion she deserved; I expressed my sympathies. HC C came down and told me T and S wanted to talk to me; turned out to be the final paperwork on my arm.  Whew....I wasn't in trouble! Sanitized and got the trash ready for Loader C, who took it to the hopper.

Outfit:  Red tools tee, original capris, Monet mask

Day 89:  $8,911

Took over for Matthew, who seemed happy to give it up; shift was steady.  Did pop count and prelim duties while still trying to find a replacement for Sept 4th.  Finally HC M came down and printed out the schedule; there is virtually NO ONE to cover for me that day.  So I'm reluctantly giving up my hopes, and just accepting I'll have to work that day.

Went to lunch at 6, then began closing duties.  Saw BWG; made my day:)  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Rebel tee, original capris, elephant mask

Day 90:  $14,422

Arrived; Kem was swamped, so hopped on #2 to help get the line down.  Ended up being busy all day, with very little downtime.  Went to lunch at 6, and when I returned, things slowed down a bit, so spot-swept and collected the trash.  Sanitized the counters, but that's it.  Locked the doors at 9, and clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Yellow Fla tee, cut off capris, elephant mask

Day 91:   $6706

Began my shift uncertainly, b/c I'd been blindsided by an intestinal issue just as I was about to leave for work.  It only returned briefly around 2:30, and again during my lunch at Subway, so everything was okay.  Today was one of those days when everyone was there, and we had more workers than customers.  At one point, Anyea came down to give Marci her break, then was told to go to CS and do returns.  She tries to hop on the register, but I pointed out I was already there, so she could just go do her returns (she's not used to our system and has to have the cheat sheet).  She got the message and left...but then Lee came down to also give M her break!  We laughed about it later; M needs 2 people to replace her!  I ran carts, rang up people on Charlie's register when necessary, and stood around and BS'd or bagged for C or M.  M went to lunch at 3, then I went at 4.  After lunch, I did the pop count, and prelim duties, plus chatted with M until she left at 8.  Sanitized the registers, pulled the trash, and rang up a few stragglers, then HC A cleaned me out; Loader J took the trash; I locked the doors.  When he returned, I closed the big door and headed to the back.  Clocked out at 9:10.

Outfit:  Blue Aquarium tee, original capris, elephant mask

Day 92:  $10,674

Arrived and discovered it was just going to be me and Cindy.  Was fairly slow until C went to lunch at 1; then was slammed!  Lee had to come down to help me for 40 minutes before it calmed down.  I went to lunch at 3 (McA's) and when I returned, we were steady all the way til 6, when C left.  I moved over to #1 and did pop count and closing duties.  Things slowed waaaay down at 7:30, and at 8, locked the doors.  HC M had already taken my trash, so after she cleaned me out, all I had to do was put up my vest.

Ended up taking 3 breaks; one at 12:30, one at 5:50, and another at 6:45!

Outfit:  Black and tan blouse, original capris, starry night mask.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, W 20

 Day 83:  $11,419

Arrived; relieved Kyra and was fairly steady until 7.  Ate a bag of Cheese Its, and teased Paul A about buying me a Snickers.  It was nearly 6; told him not to worry; they were about to send me to lunch.  Little did I know it would be another 90 minutes!  Lee brought my pop down and at 7:20 I finally clocked out for lunch.  Afterward, swept, pulled trash, and rang up more customers.  HC A cleaned me out; Loader B took the trash; I locked the doors and headed for my locker.

K tested positive for CV....but J and B are negative.  Whoot!

Outfit:  Yoda shirt, cut off capris, Monet mask.

Day 84:  $11, 274

Arrived, and was immediately busy.  Needed an o/r when Darryl T arrived with several discounted items.  Tried to ring up another customer on Charlie's register, but he needed to pay cash.  Finally someone told me to try logging off, then logging off #1 then signing back in; it would pop up.  It did!

Also learned two people called in; both Loaders J and B are out with CV; as I was walking in, EJ told me she was headed out for a CV test. Yikes....SO, before D and C left at 5, I took a pit stop and grabbed my lunch box.  Ate my lunch at 6, and didn't bother with the pop count.  HC A sent me to lunch at 7, and when I returned, finished the closing duties.  My dust mop is MIA, so spot-swept.  Sanitized all counters and registers, and when HC A cleaned out my register, locked the doors, took down the trash, and returned one item to Aisle 14.

I'm headed back to the State Fair tomorrow through Friday, then I have 2 days off!  Also, finally got an answer to the 'do we get paid for another 2 weeks if we test positive?'  Answer:  ONLY if we catch it from a co-worker.

S and A tested negative today....whoot!

Outfit:  Tools tee, cut off capris, Monet mask.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W19

 Day 79:  $6501

Arrived and discovered I'd have another trainee with me all shift.  She startled me at first by saying she learns by watching, but she did jump in occasionally and ring up a customer if I was doing soda count or answering a question.  She did fine; just not super open and friendly.

Also discovered Loader R officially quit; I had no loader for the evening.  Tried to talk B or T or even one of the pro's into staying....but no.  When I returned from lunch, Kyle came down.

Had a nice, slow shift...but realized after lunch I'd spent the past 2 hours logged in as Jillian!  Oh well......

HC M took my returns....Anyea came down and got my trash....we ended up clocking out at 9:15 and I took my trainee home.

Outfit:  Vegas tee, cut off capris, elephant mask.

Day 80:  $8,345

Arrived and found yesterday's trainee on a register up front.  Passed out pens, then encountered Steve and gave him his keychain.  Headed down to lumber and discovered Marilyn on #2.  I hopped on 1 and helped with the line, then helped her with a difficult check process. She left and I got on #2 until $5 and $10s arrived, then returned to #1.  HC M came down and said due to the newbie closers, she had to send me to lunch at 4:30.  Marci gave me my break, and after I returned, she went home and picked up my phone, which I'd forgotten. Shift went well; was able to get all my closing duties finished and clocked out around 9:20.  

Found out Noel is taking over for HC E, who's going to Appliances.  I think Jess W is taking over Lumber when Misty leaves next week.  No word on when more loaders will be hired.

Outfit:  Blue floral, original capris, elephant mask.

I'll be at the State Fair Wed-Friday!!!

Day 81:  Rare Saturday $13. 428

Arrived at 3, and was told to send Marilyn down and Cindy home.  Lumber was packed, and C was trying to look up a code.  I went back to Electrical and N told me he'd left out a zero.  Issue solved....customer was rung up, paid, and on his way.  C left, and M said she was off also....I took over, and was fairly steady until 5,  Got the prelim duties out of the way, and HC A said not to worry about the pop count; she still had the sheet from last night.  Went to lunch at 7, and when I returned, we were still busy.  A customer wanted roofing unloaded; they did it themselves when loader J was on break.  Another customer wanted to know if he could get his decking for the same price as Pro C. I told him I wasn't authorized, so he went ahead and paid for 40, and for 40 more to be picked up later.  

Loader picked up the cart, shingles and all, with the forklift; I thought it was funny and snapped the above pic.  Later, he got his knickers in a twist about the pic, but a) he's NOT in it; b) I didn't take it for malicious reasons; and c) don't tell me what I can and cannot post.  I will delete this from my phone.

Anyhoo, had to get an o/r at the end of the shift, and jokingly told the customer I was locking him inside.  After they left and HC A cleaned out my register, I took the trash down and hung up my vest.

Outfit:  Soft tribble tee, cut off capris, starry night mask

Day 82:  Rare Sunday $7,852

Arrived; discovered both Marci and Cindy there:)  For 2 hours, I did absolutely nothing, except reorganize the soda cooler and fill in when necessary. C came back from lunch, then M went.  After M left at 5, we were slammed for about 25 mins, then I got the call to go to lunch.  Came back at 5:55; C left at 6.  I started closing duties, and had everything finished by 7:30. 

Found out a nasty rumor was going around that I'd been fired....jokingly told both C and Kyra that 'they didn't tell ME!" (LOL!).  ASM BW locked the doors at 9 while I waited for B to arrive with the hopper.

Outfit:  Bon Jovi tee, cut off capris, starry night mask.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

August Goals

 How is it already AUGUST?  July flew by!

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) Sold 8!!!  2 less than 2019, but attendance and vendors were smaller.

-Do well at Imaginarium Sold 6:)  2 more than 2019:)

-Do well at Heroes For Kids Sold 6 and donated 1:)

-Do well at Superman Convention Sold 19 and donated 1!!!!!

-Clean BRM No

-Rip up DRM carpet No

- Buy styluses (Blue) Had to buy business cards instead

-Magnets?? Not yet

-Mail copies of CG to friends and family 

    7/7:  Mailed out one copy to the Rice family

    7/15:  Mailed three copies to the Botzum family

    7/27:  Delivered 10 copies to Mom

    8/11:  Sold one to cousin Pam; gave one to Aunt Linda

    8/19:  Gave one to cousin Lynn

Arm Health:  I can now fasten a certain undergarment to 'correct' way:)  I still continue doing my exercises.....15 arm circles each way (total 30), and 20 wall crawls.

Books Read:  4

          Print:  4

         E-book:  0

Karaoke Songs Added:  1

Upcoming Events: 

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn Sold 5:)

-Indpls State Fair (Aug 11-13 and 18-20th), State Fairgrounds Expo Bldg, Indpls, IN Sold 29 and donated two!

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

-Kokomo Con (Aug 20) Kokomo, In Not attending this year; date was changed and I'm not financially ready for it.  

-Daviess Co Wine and Art (Oct 2nd) Washington, In 2-10pm Pd 8/13

-Pride Festival (Oct 9th) Harmony Park, Vincennes, In 10-11pm Pd 8/13

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct 30th) Princeton, In Pd 8/13

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

-Saluki Con (Jan 15-16, 2022) Carbondale, Il

-Wild Deadwood Reads (June 16-18th, 2022) Deadwood, SD 10-3pm Cost:  $160 (full table)

-Superman Celebration (June 9-12th, 2022) Metropolis, Il 

August Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (beginning 238)

-Do well at Royal Readers Sold 5; slightly disappointing after last weekend, but oh well....

-Do well at State Fair

      11th:  Sold 2

       12th:  Sold 5

       13th:  Sold 4  Week #1 total:  11

       18th:  Sold 8

       19th:  Sold 5

       20th:  Sold 6  Week #2 total:  19  TOTAL:  29!

-Clean BRM

-Rip up DRM carpet

-Buy styluses (both colors)


Get CG version 2 ready

Create spreadsheets for work (RB cooler and expiration dates, plus revised soda) Check!

August Reading Goals:


Beneath A Marble Sky-John Shors DRR!!! LOVED this sweet love story and glimpse into Indian culture!
Acts of Courage-Pamela Horner Cute story!
Love And War-John Jakes It is so interesting and enjoyable to reread this one again after 20+ years!  Some of it is sooooo relevant to what is happening now.


Is It Me-Tricia Copeland Finally finished this!  Slightly boring in spots....think the plot dragged a bit.
Tequila Sunrise-Susanne Matthews Very enjoyable!
Champagne Coctail-SM Loved this!  
Buck's Fizz-SM DRR!  Loved this story!!!!

Karaoke Songs:
8/5-skipping, due to trip to Indy and early start on 6th
8/12-skipping, due to being in Indy
8/19-skipping, due to being in Indy
Tattoo-Jordin Sparks Slightly rough, but was told it sounded good:)
Dream A Little Dream Of Me-Mama Cass Not too bad:)

Monday, August 2, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W18

Day 75:  $11,450

Had another 'con hangover'....I just didn't give a shit all day.  Arrived and discovered we're back to wearing, fun.  Found one in my purse, thankfully, and wore it as little as possible.  Did my LU and AP4Me as soon as I could, plus put in my Sept requests:  7-8; 11; and 24-26th.

Shift was okay.  Didn't ask for credit apps, but did mention the surveys.  No problem customers, thankfully, though I'm fairly certain I accidentally gave away a few items when a bar code malfunctioned, and I didn't go back and ring up the other items.  I didn't feel good, and had to call HC E at 4:30 for a pit stop.  Kyra came down and when I returned, she had a woman who texted 'apply' and was approved...but K was pissed b/c now she 'wasn't getting credit for it'.  Told her to tell Mgr T tomorrow,

Went to lunch at 6, and when I got back, swept and did the closing duties....sort of.  Sanitized the counters and registers, but was out of bleach water, so didn't do the register counters.  Mgr BG ticked me off by drilling holes in the practice area after I'd already swept it.  Gareth helped me sweep it up again.

Returned items to Electrical, plumbing, tools, paint, and hardware before making another pit stop and putting up my vest.

Outfit:  Black lacy tee, original capris, blue plastic mask

Day 76:  $4,000 (approx)

Arrived; 30 mins later, knelt down to scan flooring and a sudden intestinal issue hit.  Called HC E who sent Alexa down to relieve me.  When I returned, a customer tossed two bags of chain on the counter and announced he had to go get a PO #.  A and I switched; customer returned and stopped. 

"Whoa....weren't you BLOND just now?  Or is this some sort of Disney magic?"

I laughed and explained.

An hour later, I felt another urge and asked D to watch my register.  Returned and decided to call HC C and let her know I needed to leave.  Jillian came down; I brought her up to speed on the pop count, then went to the break room and clocked out.  

Turned out to be a good call, since the intestinal issue returned twice more at home.  I was fine by 7 pm.

Outfit:  Gold tee, original capris, blue tools mask

Day 77:  $8749

Arrived; took over and did pop count, plus was busy for an entire hour before things slowed again.  Did prelim duties, and at 5, had to make an emergency pit stop.  Not as bad as yesterday, and was sent to lunch at 6.  Came back and started closing duties. then had to make a return pit stop around 8.  

Found out Misty, Robert, and Adrianna (flooring) all put in their 2 week notices.  M's going to  Farbest, while R and A are moving in with her parents; their landlord says they have to get rid of their Husky, calling it 'agrressive'.

Clocked out at 9:15; Mel loved her autographed picture of the Nanny cast!

Outfit:  Grace and Fire tee, original capris, starry night mask.

Day 78:  $10,794

Arrived; hopped on #2 to help with the line.  Did pop count and prelim duties, then discovered the spreadsheet I'd made of the RB cooler was unnecessary.  Crap.  Okay; fish the old Monster spreadsheets out of the trash and continue to use 'em.  Also discovered the new soda spreadsheet had accidentally removed the Rock Star lines.  Sigh....

Rest of shift went well though.  Clocked out at 9:20 after taking back items to Tools, Plumbing, Electrical, Paint, Hardware, and RTM.

MOA, here I come!

Outfit:  Purdue tee, cut off capris, starry night mask.