Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Book Which Shall Not Be Named Sequel

New acronym for your reading pleasure:  TBWSNBNS (see title of blog)

First of all, Happy Halloween!  I sit here at the computer in jeans, black turtleneck, blue denim shirt with bats, spider webs, ghosts, and the word 'Boo' in orange letters above the 2nd buttonhole, and from my earlobes dangles a  white ghost sporting an orange bow, and a metal spider hanging from the 'tail'.

Now, for the post you've all been waiting for.

Yes, I 'had' to buy the second book in this series.  I wasn't going to, but a) I had several people say they've loved my comments and they 'feel' they've read the book through osmosis or diffusion (depends on if you've laid your head on the computer, ha ha!), via this blog, lol.  Now, on with the countdown-er, breakdown of issues.  Surely this book has been better edited than the first, right?  Even I got better with book #2...or maybe it was #3 that my story improved.

Sorry; I digressed.

Prologue:  Insights to C's behavior, or what possibly led to his being a control-freak.

Ch. 1
Pg 5:  Right off the bat, there's a 'murmur'.  When your boss gives you a  compliment, why do you 'murmur' 'thank you'???

Pg 6:  I can actually relate to her grieving process.  Anyone who's put their heart into a relationship, and to have it end badly, or even if you question your reasons for leaving, goes through this.  My only issue is on Pg 8, when she 'suddenly realizes' she's not touched her cell phone in 5 days.  What person does this?  I find this a little unbelievable.  Even when my own daughter spent 3 days crying over a breakup, she was still joined at the hand with her cell!

Pg 12:  She's agreed to meet C and go to her friend's exhibit.  There she goes again, 'flushing', and tying her hair so it hangs 'artfully' down her back.  I've yet to see her check the back of her head in a mirror.  And why is she 'embarrassed' when her boss holds the door for her?

Pgs 13-14:  She's in the car with C and 'whispers' and 'murmers'.  Then, she sits in his lap.  Where's her seat belt?  And why is he not concerned, since he's so 'safety conscience'?  And there are some unnecessary words....and I must have missed the part where he gave her his hankerchief.

Pg 15:  They're in the elevator and there's an overwhelming, intense attraction 'visceral, primal' as she puts it. And more 'whispers'.

Pg 16:  He straps her into the helicopter and she 'flushes crimson' when he says he likes putting her in the harness..  No mention of a mirror.

Pg 19:  Why does she feel the need to remind him that J is 'just a friend'?  This picks up only a week after the 1st BWSNBN ended, and I've yet to notice anything wrong with his memory.

Pg 20:  Is every single staff member of restaurants, art museums, etc, this giggly over the sight of C?  Yes, I notice attractive men, but I manage to keep my tongue from hanging out when I see them.  My insides grow warm if they smile at me, but as this book is in 1st POV, there shouldn't be any mention of it.  Grow up, ladies.

And why does C frown when /A asks for a white wine?  He ASKED her what she wanted to drink!

Pg 21:  Why is she suddenly 'apprehensive' when telling J she came with C?  And how does she know C is 'exchanging pleasantries' with someone in line?  Can she lip-read?  Is he standing sideways?  Or is he reflected in some obscure mirror, where she can then read his lips?

Pg 22:  How do you know when someone 'hides a scowl'?  If they've hidden it, then you wouldn't see it.

Pg 23:  A is the focal point of one of the displays.  So why is C suddenly angry?  Oh wait....another man used his woman in his photos without her prior knowledge.  Is he jealous?  From what I'm gathering, the photos are not offensive in any way, shape, or form.  Any other man would be proud to escort the model around.

Pg 25:  A stands up for herself!!  Yay!!!

Pg 26:  But then she goes all squishy and nervous when J hugs her and she notices C's angry.  How does she know he's about to have an apocalyptic fit?  She uses other words, but I don't want a Google search of certain words bringing this blog to her attention.

Pg 27:  Why does she apologize (and feels guilty) for her actions on previous page?  I think that kiss said it all.

Ch 2:
Pg 28:  He orders steak for her, even though she didn't want it, so she 'mutters' her hurt and anger?  I don't think so.  She might have 'hissed furiously at him'....and on the next page, it suddenly occurs to her she 'might have led J on' and is 'mortified' over her actions.  I'm rolling my eyes....Uh-oh....good thing C can't see me...shit.  I didn't write the book.  The 1st POV and bad writing has gotten to me!

Pgs 30-35:  They discuss why she left.  And I beg to differ here; she didn't use her safe word because she forgot; she didn't use it because she wanted to see if she could take everything he dished out!  And so why does she feel ashamed about admitting she 'forgot' to use it?  Then the supposed 'Dom' whines because of the broken promise 'you said you wouldn't leave, but you did anyway.'  I'm beginning to think he only THINKS he's a Dom.  And that his birth mom and 'uncles' scarred him for life.  He's retreated into the BDSM world in order to control everything and everyone around him, but as we all know, the heart is an unpredictable muscle, and Love does not always follow 'protocol'.

Pg 37:  He's finally admitted to being neglected.  And is 'smirk' the only word the author knows?  Someone needs to send her a thesaurus.  Or send her editor back to English class.  Or send them both back to English 101!

The rest of the chapter contains emails back and forth, her thanking him for the iPad and the music playlist.  And suddenly, I realize I like where this story is going at the moment.  If I can train my eyes past the 'smirks', 'mutters', and adverbs.  And so far there hasn't been a single word about his 'situation'.  If she's so obsessed with everything he does, why hasn't she brought this up yet?  Or did her grieving push it aside with her tears?  Who knows.....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday

Oct 2002:
My husband had been acting tired lately, and I chalked it up to the fact he was putting in a lot over hours on the job, and he was getting older.  But despite my nagging him to go get a check up, he refused.  So when my annual check up came around, I proceeded to tell Dr. S about his symptoms.

"Wait a minute....who's getting the check up today?"

I grinned.  "Me, but I can't seem to get him to come see you."

"Is he out in the waiting room?  Good; I'll deal with him when we're done.  Now let's get to your health."

After he pronounced me healthy, he walked out to the waiting room door and signaled to D to come in.  D wondered if something was wrong with me; Dr. S shook his head.

"She told me about your symptoms; you will make an appointment to see me asap, and you will keep it.  Understand?"

D protested, but Dr. S didn't back down.  And finally agreed to be seen in a few weeks.

Then, on Halloween, my oldest son went out and bought a long yellow wig.  He borrowed one of my stretchier-fabric dresses, crammed his feet into a pair of my pumps, and wore an old bra of mine, which we stuffed with socks.  And walked around the neighborhood as a girl.

I think the daughter put on the 'Scream' mask and cape and walked around with her friends.  And we all laughed when K returned, carrying the high heeled shoes, and swapped them out for his sneakers!

Present Day:
Tried out some new songs last night at karaoke, and found out my friend J has a very good voice!  She sang Frank Sinatra's My Way and did VERY well!

Here's my score card:
-Complicated (Avril Levign):  Bleh.  Was a bit warbly and even off-key at times.
-Cool Change (Little River Band):  I love this song, and was thrilled when I nailed it!  Even received cheers:)
-Crazy For You (Madonna):  I love this song, but I don't like the way I sound in the speakers.  I'll keep this for an 'after midnight' song.
-I Will Be (Leona Lewis):  Another song I love, and I did it fairly well; just need more practice on the bridge.
-Talk To Me (Stevie Nicks):  This is one of  my all-time favorite Stevie songs, but it apparently doesn't like to be sung by me!  Too low on the verses, so unfortunately, this one I will only sing in private from now on:(
-Stay (Sugarland):  Need practice; I wasn't entirely sure of a few notes.
-Listen To Your Heart (Roxette):  Had to end the night with a song I know I do well, and again received cheers:)

I'll be a our 2nd annual Harvest Moon Festival tomorrow, so I'll see you again next week!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Final Installment of BWSNBN:)

Are you cheering?  Weeping/sniffing?  Are you going to miss your Wednesday dose of witty sarcasm?  (LOL!)

I reread the final two chapters last night and found some things I'd missed the first time (that's what happens when it's 11pm and you're rushing to finish a critique!), plus my anger returned at the way it ended.  But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ch. 25:
A leaves Georgia; C headed back in previous chapter because of a 'situation'.  A immediately remembers the last 'situation' was her virginity.  Yeah, when I'm dating a businessman and a 'situation' calls him back to the office, this would be my assumption also-wait-no, it wouldn't.  It would mean something's gone wrong with whatever business he's doing at the moment.  And then A mulls over everything during the pre-flight, even getting paranoid over his 'stilted manner' during texts.  He's OCCUPIED, you dolt!  Give the man some space while he deals with his 'situation'.  And maybe this is just the fact I'm 25 years older than this heroine...when I was 23, I dated a guy whose business picked up a month after we began dating.  Instead of being understanding after so many broken dates, I looked around for someone else.  Nothing drives a man away faster than a clingy female....

Pg 476:  She 'suddenly notices' the empty seat beside her and wonders if C bought it so she couldn't speak to anyone? freaking paranoid is she?  Whenever I fly, I'm thankful when the seat next to me is empty; it means I'm not going to be crowded/cramped, and especially if I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone, it means PRIVACY!

Pg 478:  She enters the apartment and he's saying into the phone, 'No trace...keep me informed.'  Even I immediately deduce someone he cares about it missing, and from his agitation, I think it's Mrs. R.  But apparently she's too stupid to catch on.

Pg 483:  She's obsessing over what he's bought her so far (clothes, car, computer, phone) and thinks the next thing will be her own condo 'and then I'll really be his mistress.''re sleeping with him; you already are.  Mistress/girlfriend, same thing.   At least, it is to me.  A's read the classics; any woman who slept with a man was called his 'mistress', not 'girlfriend'.

Pg 488:  I have a question about the 'hard, unyielding mattress' in his playroom.  Aren't they supposed to be comfortable?

Pg 493:  Post-flogging/coitus, he's rubbing her shoulders and she asks again about what she said in her sleep.  And he puts her at ease by mentioning a dream, and that she missed him and wanted more.'  So instead of keeping her paranoid thoughts to herself (and this might just be a case of speaking w/o thinking) and saying 'Okay', she blurts out in relief, "Is that all?"  And then wishes he'd leave the issue alone?  OMG....if you want to keep something secret, don't leave clues you were thinking something else!

Ch. 26:
Pg 503:  NOW she finds the courage to be honest with him and let him know how she feels about the whole spanking/flogging/punishment?  And he BEGS her not to leave him?  If he's a Dom, he's not a very good one.

Pg 504-6:  I'd like to know what the hell possessed her to rationalize 'if I can take the kind of 'punishment' he'd like to give me, then I'll stay with him; if not, then it's over'.  WTH....???  You've stated you don't like pain, but now you're willing to try it?  'Just to see if I can take it'?  I had this same reaction to another BDSM book, in which the heroine 'escapes' from her sadist Master, but then agrees to let him 'punish' her IN PUBLIC, to get him to leave her alone.  I'll never understand that kind of logic.

Pg 506-7:  So now she's finally upset and angry, and wondering what the hell prompted her to do that.   (My inner cheerleader is finally doing backflips and saying 'YES!  It's about f***ing time!  Oh crap....this book is affecting the way I critique!  Molly runs screaming down the hall....)

Pg 509:  She tells him she loves him; he can't accept it and suddenly it dawns on her....they really are two different people from different worlds (didn't we establish that back in Ch 2 or 6 or 10??  Geez, this girl's a slow learner!) and decides she needs to leave.  And then does something really stupid.  She gives him back everything he's given her:  Phone, computer, and wants the money so she can buy her car back.  Keep everything, idiot!

Pg 512:  She has a brief moment of wanting a a rewind:  'If I'd kept my mouth shut, we'd be having sex on the piano...'

And on Pg. 514, she's left him, and grieving.  My comment on the last page?  NOW she's left him?  When he's in a panic over the 'situation' with a missing person?

I'm tempted to read the next book, just to see if his 'situation' gets resolved!

So now, do you want me to continue with book #2?

Tomorrow's Flashback will be Halloween 2002.  Come back and find out what my child had the audacity to wear for a costume!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Installment #13 of BWSNBN....

I'd intended for this to be the final one, but then it struck me that some might be superstitious.  So tomorrow will be the final post on this somewhat loathsome book.  It's been entertaining, frustrating, and if you will remember, made me want to throw it under a passing train or shred it in the garbage disposal.  Fortunately, I did neither, but kept plodding through, and noting everything wrong in a hopefully witty way, so those of you who don't have time to read it will be informed.

So....onward with Chapters 23 and 24:

Ch. 23:
Recap:  A has gone to visit her mother (obsessing all the way whether or not C will follow her) and has just discovered, while having drinks, that C has, indeed, followed her.

Pg. 418:  Paragraphs 6 and 7 I'm not sure are compatible.  Remember, this is her POV....first she's excited/nervous to see him (my inner goddess leaps up and cheers), but then notices his eyes and shining with either anger or tension, and his mouth is set in a grim line.  But then he 'gazes warily'.  I don't think eyes 'shine' with anger or tension; 'shine' indicates happiness, in my book.  Now if they 'glittered', or indicated dark with anger, that would be different.  Esp if his mouth was in a line.  And looking warily?  If he's mad-has she ever heard the 'if looks could kill' phrase?  This just doesn't match up, to me anyway.

And she's astonished he knows her mom's name.  Duh....have you not guessed by now the man is pretty thorough with his research?  Give me a break!

Pg 419: I have to admit, I love the line 'I sound like a sophomore on amphetamines'.  LOVE it!  But then my moment is ruined two paragraphs later, when she's all a-flutter because 'now he knows I'm on my 3rd Cosmo', and later, she gets brave and orders another because 'I'm drinking with my mother.'  Again, what is she, a child caught drinking?  Oh wait....she's with her mommy, so that makes everything a-okay.  He's not her keeper, so why should she be nervous?  Oh yeah...the control-thing again back in-what chapter was it, 6?  But this is completely different; I doubt she's going to get totally sloshed in her mommy's presence.

Pg 420:  She 'mutters'?  In a hotel bar?  Then when she realizes her mother's reaction to C, her low self-esteem shows itself when she's 'bristling' with indignation that 'does Mom not think anyone like HIM would be interested in lil' ole ME?'

Pg 421:  They both murmur and whisper too much.  Also, how does she know he's bewildered, when he frowns at her?

Pg 422:  I want to slap her for her fixation on his 1st lover.  And if she's not sitting in front of a mirror, how does she know she's looking bewildered?  Can't she cock her head to the side, raise an eyebrow, frown, or say she's puzzled?  Then when he points out that now is not the time, and her mother will be returning shortly, she thinks he's mad at her.  Grow up already!

Pg 423:  What the hell is UST?  Apparently, I'm missing something.....

I'm a little grossed out by the sex scene which follows.  She admits she's on her period, and he doesn't care. But why subject us to a description of him pulling out her tampon?  And I've forgotten how long it's been since she's started The Pill, but I'm assuming, since this is basically a 'Real Time' account, it's waaaaayyy too soon for him to not use a condom.  Esp if he's 'so sure' of female cycles.

Pg 432:  Again with the Mrs. Robinson fixation?  Does she HAVE to know everything?  GEEZ!  (yes, at this point, I was ready to put the book in the shredder again...)

Pg 435:  She's being a little hypocritical.  She's grilled him about his relationship with Mrs. R, but when he asks her about her reaction to an email, she hesitates 'I hate the spotlight on me'.  Let me get this straight:  It's okay to put HIM through the 3rd degree, but YOU get to maintain 'radio silence'?  Nuh-uh, sweetheart.  Relationships mean equal give-and-take.  Swapping info, pasts, fears, concerns, etc.  If you want an honest relationship, you'd better be as willing to answer questions as you are asking them and expecting answers yourself.

Pg 435-41:  While the dialogue is good, I'm gagging at the end of the chapter when they bring up the underwear again.  She's worn his, and been commando 'while at dinner with his parents'.  I don't get their fixation on that incident.  This sounds more like what a HS couple would find amusing.

Ch 24:
He takes her gliding.

Pg 450:  Why does she feel the need to murmur 'hi'?

Pg 452:  She's objecting (silently) when C straps her in:  'he's strapped me so tightly, I can't move around to see him...'  It's for your PROTECTION, idiot!  What part of 'gliding' do you not understand?  There's a danger factor here!  Otherwise, he wouldn't have strapped a parachute on you!!

Pg 456:  She can't imagine C in an IHOP?  What is she, a reverse snob?

Pg 457:  I don't get the description of their server.  I doubt anyone's going to 'catch on' to the underlying 'vibes' of their conversation, so why does the server suddenly turn into a giggly schoolgirl?

Pg 460:  Why is her mother in a tizzy, all because C is rich?  Is she that immature?  Wait-she's been married how many times?  And has had how many jobs?  Or can't control her spending?  Maybe she's itching for C to take her shopping.

Pg 464:  She finds out she's got the job she wanted, and tells her mother.  Then gets embarrassed because her mom claps her hands and jumps up and down?  'Is she 42 or twelve?'  Can't you understand this is your MOTHER being HAPPY for you???

Pg 470:  Why the hell is she so paranoid over what she said in her sleep?    Or for that matter, why does he want to tell her in person what she said?  If it was a bad thing, then yeah, I'd be a little on edge also.  But his manner doesn't indicate otherwise, so relax already!


I had an epiphany of sorts, since I'm determined to write book #8 of Arbor U during NaNo.  Last night, during our writer's meeting, I went back through and found the latest draft, written in 2010, and I now know where I can insert the change.  I 'interviewed' Lynne last night, and will post it next week:)

Tomorrow will be the final installment of BWSNBN:)  So check back, won't you?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday: My Little Bald Ghost:)

Happy 49th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today's my day to blog over at RBRU, and I'm celebrating the one-year anniversary of Love On The Rocks.  Stop by and read a deleted Halloween scene from Forbidden Love:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Desiree Holt's Collision Course, and WOW!  Awesome plot and wonderful characters!  Ms Holt never fails to astonish me, given the fact she's written over 100 books and still keeps everything fresh.  Recommended Read!  Next up:  Anny Cook's Shadows of Stone.  Already on Ch. 2 and loving it:)

Print-wise:  Decided to hold off on A Duke's Promise and read Never Seduce A Scoundrel by Sabrina Jeffries instead.  Really enjoying this one also!

Halloween 1992:
We weren't allowed to trick or treat at the apartment complex, so I dressed 10-m/o K in his white sleeper and took him to friend B's house.  She'd dressed baby T in a pumpkin suit, and we took our little ones around her neighborhood.  Everyone admired our boys, and then I did what every good mother of a baby does on Halloween:  I promptly ate all of his candy bars, Smarties, and Tootsie Rolls.  Gave K his evening bottle and put him down for the night:)

Something I forgot to mention last month:  When I called the clinic for K's 9 month check up, I discovered the dr who'd delivered him had graduated from the teaching hospital and we were now assigned to a Dr. Dewey.

I'll admit, my 1st instinct was to ask where Huey and Louey were.  (I know; not kind.)  But then I decided to try him out, and if I didn't like him, I could always find another pediatrician.

But the minute Dr. Steve stepped into the room, we clicked.  At the end of the visit, he said, "Now I always tell my 1st time moms to watch out for temper tantrums at this age."

"Oh, we've already had one."

He looked interested.  "How did you handle it?"

"He fought me getting dressed this morning, so I laid two outfits down, stepped over him, and told him when he was finished fussing to pick one and meet me in the living room.  5 minutes later, he came out sniffling, but let me dress him."

"Can I get you to talk to my other moms?  You've got the best attitude I've seen so far."

I laughed.  "I've been baby-sitting since age twelve.  You don't try to reason with anyone throwing a tantrum; it feeds the attention.  You walk away, and when they realize you're not paying any attention, they cooperate."

Twenty years later, he's still our doctor of choice.  I've teased him about having to be in the same retirement community when we're older, so he can still be my doctor!  (He's a month older than I am.)

Present Day:
For an hour last night, it was the Molly Show at karaoke.  I inflicted four new songs on the unsuspecting patrons:
-That Was Yesterday (Foreigner):  Not bad; need more practice.  I sound better when it's just Mick and I in the car, lol:)
-What's Up (4 Non-Blondes):  I have my good days and my bad days on this song, and last night it was so-so.
-Come As You Are (Nirvana):  Ugh.  This one is too monotone for my liking.
-Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd):  Again, ugh.  I'd forgotten about the 'talking' parts.
-Just Like Jesse James (Cher):  Had to redeem myself for two bad songs in a row.
-Chevy Van (Sammy Johns):  Turned it around so I was singing about picking up a male hitch hiker, and did well.  Still, I may only sing this every once in a while.

Have a packed schedule today, and am setting up at a Holiday Bazaar tomorrow.  Have a good weekend and hopefully I'll be more chatty next week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Currently Reading:  LOVED How To Woo A Reluctant Lady:) Recommended Read, if you can stand all the 'meddling' (some parts drove me crazy...). Now getting ready to dive into Jamie Carie's A Duke's Promise.  E-book-wise:  Reading Desiree Holt's Collision Course, and I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through it. Very entertaining!  Also reading Cindy Christianson's Not Quite Zen on my computer and enjoying the classic TV references.  What's driving me slightly batty is the heroine and lead detective's 'suspicious' nature. Not going to reveal things, but I'd think the detective should have made her aware of certain information which should have come to light during the private talk between himself and the suspicious character.

The week went by so quickly, I nearly forgot to keep reading this darn thing!

Quick note of note of good news:  Kenzie's Class Reunion now has another editor, who would like to get this book publishable in the next month:)  So three years after completing it, I'll finally see it in PDF form!  Oh happy just need cover art.

But anyway; back to the weekly commentary:

Ch. 21:
She awakens and frets about why she can't touch him w/o his permission.  How many days have passed since he explained his rules?  Geez, woman....get a clue!

PP 369-70:  I'm a little confused.  First of all, I get the fact she's embarrassed by greeting the housekeeper/chef when only wearing a T-shirt.  I'd be mortified also.  But what I don't get is, she goes to his study and sees him facing the window.  I'm assuming his back is to her.  So how does she know if he's looking down, up, or straight ahead?  Keep in mind he's on the phone.  Then he 'glances up and sees me'.  So his back isn't to the door?  He's in profile?  If his back was to her, then he'd have to turn or pivot, right?  But if he's in profile....he'd still have to turn his head.  'Glancing up' implies he was facing her, and looking down at his desk, not out the window.

Pg 373:  I really don't understand why, after sex, she's disturbed by the fact he had a condom in his pocket.  Maybe he was a Boy Scout.  'Always Be Prepared'.  So why does HE look confused?  I don't understand this particular exchange.  And so what if he's had sex on his desk before?  He's how old again?  That's what you get when you date a man with 'experience'.  Get a grip on yourself.  If you want a man w/o a 'past', date a virgin.  Geez.

Pg 374:  I'm guessing the 'muttering' is from her suddenly bad mood?

Pg 375:  Ummmm....something is missing here.  She notices K's dress hanging up, but then after she puts on her shoes, the dress and everything else is suddenly on her person?  Wow....clean and laundered clothing can magically transport....I want Mrs. J's secret to this.  Think of all the time it will save!

Pg 376:  OMFG....we're back to the 'I refuse to accept you spending money on me...'  If I were dating a billionaire, and he offered me the use of his private jet to go see my parents....and avoid all the hassle at the airport and the TSA rules....I'd accept it in a heartbeat!  Is this girl a glutton for punishment?  Oh, wait....I get it....she's in training to be a sub!  So obviously she must suffer like the rest of us lowly people who travel via airlines....

Pg 378:  "He likes  control over everything, including me."  Ummmm, yeah, that's the whole point of being a Dom.

Pg 388:  She finds she's been upgraded to 1st Class....and complaining about it?  Is she that stupid and idiotic?  Let me tell you something:  When I was thirteen or fourteen, we ended up flying 1st Class once due to overbooking.  And I enjoyed it!  So shut up, lady, and enjoy this.  I wasn't old enough to be offered coctails, but I enjoyed the wider seats, the private headphones and music (at the time).  Yes, we only flew from Indiana to Florida, but we LOVED it!

Ch 22:
PP 390-92:  She emails him before the flight, and gets a little daring.   So why does she 'almost' hug herself with glee?  Go ahead and hug yourself!  Any normal person would.  Then her conscience kicks in and she worries about him getting angry over leaving out certain information.  That was the whole point; to see how far you can push him!  Too late to worry about the ramifications; you hit 'send' and now it's too late to 'unsend'.  Pull up your big girl panties (if you're wearing any...) and suck it up.  Then she panics because the seat beside her is empty, and her imagination kicks into overdrive.  Do you not remember the man has a private jet???  Why would he book himself on your flight when he can hop in his own plane or helicopter?   Paranoid b**ch.

Pg 397:  Okay; the girl's got a big vocabulary.  but seriously, 'mercurial'?  Used twice in two paragraphs/  Where's her editor again?

Pg 412:  Again with the 'ten dollar college words', as my spouse is fond of saying.  'Concupiscent effect'?  (Yes, I had to look it up.)  I'd think a man like C would just say she makes him horny.  And then she fumes because he's having dinner with 'an old friend', and jumps to the conclusion it's #1 lady, and she mentally calls the other woman a 'child molester'.  And to back up a moment, why does she assume C's slept with his housekeeper/cook?  That made no sense.

And at the end of the chapter we find out that yes, indeed, C did hop into his private jet and is now at the same restaurant where she's dining with her mom and stepfather.  Ch 23 should be very entertaining.  See you next week!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hectic Weekend, Hectic Week!

Friday, I made a whirlwind trip home for a mini-reunion with my HS classmates.  Here I am with Les, who took me to my 1st HS dance; Melissa, whom I've been friends with our junior high days at church; and the lovely Susan, who I knew of when we were at JHS, but didn't really get friendly with until FB:)

Me and JC, who's now a DJ on an Indpls radio.  He and I were the token 'celebs'of the night, lol:)

Two classmates I've not seen in nearly 30 years:  Shannon, who shared PE with me, and Jeff, who I believe I'd only seen in the halls.  And Craig, who was in band with me, and at the last reunion:)

Another HS friend I hadn't seen since graduation, Tonya.

And Fred, our class clown-turned-HS-organizer.  I rendered him 'speechless' three years ago, and after our group migrated to anther bar after midnight, he kept accusing me of trying to put him into my next book.  Keep it up, Freddy, and I just might, lol!

Made it home in time to change clothes and run to the George Rogers Clark Memorial for the Outdoor Mass.  I had a total 'blonde moment' on the second refrain of the 4th song, but recovered by the 2nd stanza. And many people told us we sounded wonderful:)

Came home and found my hubby engaged in a project.  For some perspective, here's our current kitchen floor:

U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi, you ugly.  Yeah, yeah, you ugly!)  Sorry for the sophomoric HS cheer there....but yes....

And here is his proposed solution:  Sandstone peel-n-stick squares.  When he first mentioned this, we thought we were going to have to repaint the blue walls.  But no; there's a blue 'tile' which, combined with the blue walls and the blue trash cans, 'pops' out:)  So when the spouse gets home from his camping trip, this is what we'll be doing.

After church, I ate a quick lunch and got ready to leave for the Community Choir practice, then concert.  No one in my family would go to take pictures or video, so I'm hoping maybe our organist had her camera with her.  With only two practices, and a lot of skipping around, I managed to follow along through all 8 songs, only getting hopelessly lost on #7 halfway through.  But since the words and melody were somewhat the same, I was able to fake it until I found my place again!  And yes, when I caught up to Gloria, our organist, she said the 40 voices sounded amazing!

The granddaughter spent several hours with me while her mommy had an appointment, then did laundry at our house.  So of course I had to take pictures:)

She looks very happy, doesn't she?  We watched the finale of Warehouse 13 and ate chicken and dumplings (well, her mommy and I did.  Alex had rice cereal and formula, then took a nap!)  I'm going to have her again this afternoon while her daddy has an appointment, and her mommy finishes up her laundry.

Currently Reading:  I'm nearly finished with How To Woo A Reluctant Lady, and I've obviously reading this series backwards!  Oh well....wouldn't be the first time, lol!  Plus, when I arrived home, Mom gave me a package with Jamie Carie's latest, A Duke's Promise, which I had asked my dad to go to her local book signing and get for me.

E-Books:  Loved Kerrianne Coombs' The One Which Got Away!!!  Recommended Read for anyone who loves a good reunion story:)  Next up:  Desiree Holt's Collision Course.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday: Band Contests Galore:)

Oct 1982:
There's a reason I didn't post yesterday.  Wednesday's 'no panty' theme fits perfectly into today's Flashback.  No, this won't be a TMI moment, not for me anyway:)  But once again, I get ahead of myself.

I would be remiss in leaving out an unpleasant memory.  I had met a man of rather short stature at church, and I'd enjoyed roller skating with him at a skating party for both the Sr High Youth Fellowship and the College group.  Several of the people I'd known two years prior had gone, as well as my own group of friends, so when this person asked me to skate with him on the 'Couples' songs, I felt at ease with him.  But soon he began to pay too much attention to me, and I didn't know how to tell him I wasn't interested.  He even showed me the lifts in his shoes so he'd be taller.  I didn't care; I just wished he'd find someone his own age (I was 16, he was 26 or 7).  And the day he showed up during band practice, he happened to pick a day when K and I had been having one of our classic arguments.  So when F showed up, I'm sorry to say I played a dirty trick.  I put my arm around him as K walked by, and even kissed him.  But once K was out of sight, I reverted back to 'friend' mode.  And that mixed signal caused him to ask a mutual friend for my phone number.

I felt trapped; I couldn't 'fess up I'd somewhat encouraged him, and my parents were not thrilled at the attention he was paying me.  I scolded the friend who'd given out my number, and spoke at length with others as to how to politely tell him to bug off.

Finally, my father had a chat with him, and he left me alone.  Relieved, I went back to enjoying A's (my tuba player) company.

"But what about the no-panties?"

I'm getting there.  When you're on a band trip, 'normal' people wear shorts and sweat pants, so when it's time to change into your band pants, all you have to do is shed one layer on a co-ed bus.  Two weeks after A and I began 'dating', we were happily snuggled together on a bus to one of the band concerts.  When it became time to get into uniform, A whispers to me, "I don't wear underwear.  Will you shield me while I take off my jeans and get my uniform pants on?"

Slightly taken aback at his admission, I turned my back to him and hugged the knowledge to myself that I could, at any time, turn around and catch him naked below the waist!  But I didn't, and we helped each other  with getting wrist guard thingies (blanking on what they're called), gloves, hats, and belts in the right place.  Across the aisle, another girl who was in the color guard with me, was also blocking her boyfriend from public scrutiny as he changed into his uniform.

Looking back, this may not seem as risque' as it felt back then (compared to today's teenage standards), but it was still exciting in a teenage-angst kind of way:)

Next month:  The Land Of The Little People!

Present Day:
Rocked the 'Roke last night!
-Invincible (nailed it, even the high notes!)
-Chains of Love (Did okay, but an taking it off my list.  A little low at the start.)
-Calling All Angels (nailed it!  Even had the bar patrons singing with me:)
-Baby One More Time (was okay on it, and had people cheer at the end)
-Come A Little Bit Closer (Did okay; even managed to switch it around:  'Come a little bit closer, I'm your kind of man, so big and so strong...'  Still, I doubt I'll ever sing it again.)

Then I had to leave at midnight.

The spouse agreed to a new bed yesterday, so we bought one.  And I liked it so much, I overslept this morning.  So running behind, and will fill you in on my upcoming hectic weekend on Monday:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pt. 11 of BWSNBN: She's Commando!

Currently Reading:  Finished Watermelon by Marian Keyes, and I'm glad I didn't read this one first.  The story was fine; I wasn't particularly fond of the overly-introspective parts.  But it did 'fill in' a few blanks about the Walsh sisters, and now I'm looking forward to Helen's story, whenever it comes out or whatever it's called.  I'll start Sabrina Jeffiries' How To Woo A Reluctant Lady after I finish a childhood favorite, #3 in the Trixie Beldon series, which I found in a box headed for Goodwill.  This particular book disappeared from my possession at age 13.

E-Books:  Finished Not An Angel, and was thrilled to see it does NOT resemble my current wip in any way, shape, or form!  And LOVED Kellie Kamryn's Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises.  Recommended Read:)  (yes, I'm a teensy bit favorable to Kellie's books, lol!)  Next up:  The One That Got Away by Kerrianne Coombs:)  So far, I've only read the prologue and liked it:)

I've reached the part of the story where she meets his parents and the majority of her thoughts center around the fact she's not wearing any underwear!!!  I'm sorry; if I'm having dinner with my new boyfriend's parents, the LAST thing on my mind would be 'OMG...I'm not wearing any underwear!' (insert whiny, little-girl voice).

Yes, I know; I've jumped ahead of myself.  Blame the fact I waited a week to read more, then hurled it across the room (okay; to be fair, my phone rang and I tossed it on the bed.)

Ch 19:
Pg 331:  Be honest; if you woke up and realized you were meeting his parents, would your first thoughts be 'He just worked me over with a riding crop....'?  Maybe she needed to get a word count in or something?  He clearly stated back in whatever chapter it was...he doesn't leave marks.  So what the hell does this have to do with anything?

Pg 332:  She's freaked out about C having her panties.  Then, in a 'fit of rebellion', she decides not to ask for them back and go commando, 'because this will drive him crazy'.  Ummm, he's probably going to be THRILLED with the knowledge she's commando, and this will be their little secret.

And how does she know she's smiling 'sphinxlike'?  And 'knows' he's waiting for her to say something about her panties?

3 'murmers' on pg 333.

Pg 334:  Three (3) paragraphs devoted to her 'freaking out' over being panty-less.  Who the hell is going to know unless you TELL them you're not wearing any?  Come you're six...'but I'm not wearing any underwear!'

And why the hell can't she ask C what's on his mind?  Oh wait....the driver might realize she's not wearing any panties....

Pg 335:  Why is she concerned with 'there's nothing I can teach him'?  He's the one with the experience,'re there to learn from him, and then find a way to surprise him!  That's what happens when two people become lovers.....or didn't anyone TELL you that?  And yet another panic attack about the panties?  Seriously?  Shut up about this already!

Why does she think her anger and jealousy at Mrs. R is 'irrational'?  She just pouted because Mrs. R taught him everything already!  That's justifiable....

"Bottom line, I want to be with him."  So quit obsessing over everything!  Oh wait....this is only halfway through the damn book.....(sob...I'm only halfway through this damn thing???  And yes, you can take that as 'son-of-a-bitch' or I'm in tears, lol!)

Pg 336:  I don't know how much time has passed in the last four pages, but now they've arrived and C askes if she wishes she wear wearing her panties.  Her response?  'Crap...I forgot I'm not wearing any.'  SERIOUSLY????  She's been obsessing over it now for FOUR PAGES!  If someone goes commando for the 1st time, I doubt it ever leaves their mind, especially to a dinner party!

Pg 338:  She's unnerved by everyone staring at her.  This didn't bother her during graduation?  Oh wait...she was in a cap and gown, and had her panties on.....

Why does she assume C was 'trapped' into bringing her to this family gathering?

Pg 339:  She wishes K would 'show some dignity', because she has the audacity to be happy her new boyfriend is going on vacation with her.  Dignity....and who's not wearing panties again???

Pgs 340-1:  She mentally tells him to give her back her panties.  Then is jealous of the maid?

Pg 342:  K has mentioned two things A hasn't mentioned to C yet, and A's furious.  And wonders if C will punish her.  Then remembers she's not signed the contract yet, so maybe he won't.  Or she'll stay with her mom a bit longer.  If you're afraid of him and what info comes out of your friends' mouths, why the hell are you still wanting to be with him???  Not a sign of healthy relationship.

Pg. 343:  Why is the sight of his parents obvious affection embarrassing?  And if she's watching the maid, how does she know C looks 'quizzically' at her?

Pg 344:  Does A speak fluent French?  If not, then how does she know what the conversation is about?

Pg 345:  He's tossed her over his shoulder and she's wondering why's he mad.  This isn't good....see pg. 342 comment.

Ch. 20
Things are pretty much okay until pg 354.  "Because I love you and you just see me as a toy."  Pretty much sums up the fact she's not ready for his idea of fun.

And that's the only issue I have with this chapter.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Writer's Conference

Saturday, I drove to Columbus and attended a writer's conference.  In truth, I could have skipped the morning sessions, as the topics weren't anything I was particularly interested in, other than CS Marks, since I recognized her name.  But I did browse the vendor tables and spoke with other authors and publishers.  So the morning wasn't a total waste of time, lol!

The afternoon was more interesting.  As you know by now, I'm always on the lookout for what might help other aspiring authors, so I paid particular attention to the 'Journaling Through Your Grief' and 'Memoir Writing' for friends who have asked about this.  The Keynote Speaker delivered a very entertaining speech, as did the editor on re-writing.  I confess I missed most of the re-write workshop, since I went to the lobby to talk to the romance author whose session I'd missed in favor of picking the brain of the grief-journal lady.

Here's some pics of the conference:

Author CS Marks.  I knew her name sounded familiar, so I sent a text to BC Brown and asked if we'd met her at RT or maybe she'd met CS at the conference in Louisville.  Turns out, they met in Louisville:)  She's holding her latest book, Fire King.  If you're a fan of fantasy, check her out:)

Met a Scotsman who graciously answered the age-old question "What does a Scot wear under his kilt?'  Answer:  "It depends on the weather."

And since I asked that question, he decided to pose with me:)  "Dear lady....I pledge my alliance to you."

Vampire Author Candy Crum.  The theater was dark, and no matter where I stood, the pics all came out dark.

The panel discussion:  L-R:  Darby Rae, Paul Hoffman, Candy Crum, Leigh Savage, Sue Breeding, Tracy Winters, Vicki Weaver

Rest of the panel:  L-r:  Candy, Leigh, Sue, Tracy, Vicki, and Ron Collins

Myself with romance author/poet Suzanne Purewal

YA Author Darby Rae.  Couldn't seem to catch her on the panel looking at the camera!

All in all, it was a good networking experience.  Will I go again next year?  Undecided.  Maybe I'll try for a Featured Author slot, since Balancing Act will be in print by then.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: I'm A Scary Witch:)

Halloween 1972:
I wish I had a scanner so I could show you the picture of me wearing an orange/green/purple plastic witch costume, complete with gray-green mask (and some scraggly teeth on the mask) and black witch hat.  My sister, who had just turned two yrs old, is turned toward the camera with a horrific look on her young face as she's pointing to me.

Yes, I scared my baby sister!  So surely I'd scare the rest of the neighborhood, right?


Halloween masks interfere with my glasses.  And I had a bad habit of forgetting to put it back on after we rang the doorbell/knocked on the door.  I have no idea what my bff wore that particular Halloween, or even if T, our other bff, walked around with us.

Present Day:
The two songs I was most worried about last night, Coal Miner's Daughter and City of New Orleans, I knocked out of the park (bar)!  The others I had more confidence in?  Eh, so-so.  And was horrified when I failed to hit the high note on Bleeding Love.  But still, I had a guy at the back cheer whenever Brown announced my name, and he'd clap and whistle after I was finished.  Not sure if he was happy about the singing or if it was 'Thank god she's done!', lol....

Today I'm getting ready for the writer's conference in Columbus, IN tomorrow.  I have to burn some CD's, which also means contacting Office Max for CD covers.  And buying more CDs.

So have a good weekend, and I'll share my experience with you next week.  In the meantime, check back tomorrow for our Where In The World contest.  I'll post three clues to my whereabouts:)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Musings

Currently Reading:  Finished Mini-Shopaholic yesterday and moved on to Watermelon by Marian Keyes.  Now I really want to re-read Rachel's Holiday.  Still need to finish Not An Angel!  Maybe if I reach my goal of writing for an hour or so, I'll reward myself with it?

Was finally able to watch Survivor live last night (okay; it was ten minutes delayed on DVR), and was sooooo happy Angie went home!  Yes, I was not happy her team lost for the 3rd time in a row, but I think she should have been the one to go last week instead of Roxy.

I did watch part of the Presidential debate, and left about halfway through.  There's a drinking game on Face Book:

I think I should have drank
-Every time they repeated themselves
-Every time they went over their allotted time (this may already be stated above)
-Every time they said 'Let me finish'.

That's all I'm gonna say about last night.  I don't want to get into a heated discussion about who won or lost. That will be made clear on Election Day.

I've got choir practice tonight, and hoping to go to karaoke.  There are a few songs which I'm dying to sing:
-And Still
-What's Up
-Can't Smile W/O You (new)
-Bleeding Love
-Chains Of Love (new)
-City of New Orleans (new)
-Coal Miner's Daughter (new)
-Come A Little Bit Closer (new)

That will make a HUGE dent in my 'C' titles:)

Come back tomorrow for my Halloween memory of my trick-or-treating escapades when I was 6:)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hilltop Festival, Go-Carts, and Alex:)

Myself, Carol Preflatish, and BC Brown in our booth:)  Carol and BC each sold 3, plus I had three people express interest in my books.  So a successful day all around, which culminated in dinner for everyone at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Caretta.  Weather was clear, warm, and not too breezy:)

I talked BC into signing up for the karaoke contest, and she won, after a tie-breaker:)  (I was in 2nd place....that's my story and I'm sticking with it, ha ha!).  A boy got up and sang a Kid Rock song; I did Blaze of Glory; BC did What's Up; we performed the duet of Does He Love You (BC was Reba, I took Linda Davis' part).  Isn't her trophy sweet?

There were also Go-Cart races in town; this was taken Sunday.

And Miss Alex, just because:)  This is she in one of her mom's old outfits; I think S wore this in her 3-month picture.

Here she is in another of her mom's old outfits; I loved the way S looked in this, and Alex spent the morning in it, until her mommy returned and changed her into something else!  But Grandma got the photo shoot in, lol!

Have a good day; I've got an afternoon full of errands and paperwork to fax.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Part 10 BWSNBN

Currently Reading:  Finished Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Ties The Knot, and I think I've read this one before....but not all of the details were familiar.  I'll have to check my book inventory to see if maybe I already own it??  Still reading Not An Angel and began Ms. Kinsella's Mini-Shopaholic.  And laughing at Becky and her mom's reaction to the Pound Store....I guess I'd compare it to our Dollar Stores!  I am appalled at the non-parenting going on; the lying to the nanny; and I'm beginning to see where Becky got her shopping issue.  I'm also laughing over the inventoring of the clothes!

I've reached the halfway point of this book, and I noticed my irritation is beginning to fade a little.  Maybe it's because I literally took a week off from reading it?

Anyway, here's this week's commentary.  Enjoy:)

Ch 17:
Pg 290:  I'm guessing she can tell her eyes are wide?  Or else see herself in the mirror?  Or reflected somewhere?  And how does she know she looks amused on the next page?

Pg 300:  Why oh why does she keep referring to her subconscious?  If she's CONSCIOUS of it, then it's no longer her SUBconscious.  I sincerely hope Hollywood edits this and 'my inner goddess' out of the script!

Pg 303:  I have a minor issue with this page.  First because of the 'inner slut goddess', then her reactions to K and her b/f.  Why is she appalled at their 'Hollywood-style clinch'?  She calls it 'unrestrained sexing', then later remarks 'boy can they be heard!'.  Has K never been that vocal before?  Hmmmm....looks as if the brothers G  know how to treat their women in the bedroom....albeit in different ways.

Pgs 304-6:  This entire phone conversation just seems out of character for him.  And I do applaud her 'I refuse to feel guilty' because a male friend was over for dinner.

Pg 308:  Didn't K's research back before Ch 1 turn up any mention of a helicopter?

Pg 309:  She's awakened the morning of her next 'date' and 'her inner slut goddess' is tap-dancing around...then becomes a cheerleader with pom-poms.  Give me a break.  See earlier comment.

Pgs 312-15:  Again, WHY would any OB-GYN make a house call on Sunday?  I find this unbelievable.

Ch. 18:
Pg 314:  And just how does A know the good doctor is just 'bursting with curiosity' about her relationship with C?  Any good doctor would keep any emotions from showing.

Pg 315:  She teases him; he frowns and she thinks she's going to be spanked?  Signs of the beginning of abuse cycle....

Pg 317:  If the guy I began dating lectured me on the proper use of contraception, I'd walk out.  I'm an adult, not a teenager.

Pg 326:  I want to slap the 'inner goddess' comments out of her mind.

Other than some more 'flush' and a word I'd change, this chapter was not that bad.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of the festival I attended over the weekend:)