Monday, July 27, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #52

Day 234:  Monday, Monday...
No AP4Me quizzes!  Things were fairly slow the 1st half of the shift.  Learned both K, G, and I *may* have been exposed to the CV-19....Customer admitted he and his family had it, and he was NOT wearing a mask.  He came in twice; K said she was going to ask about it.

Gracie relieved me for lunch (McD's), and after I'd eaten, had some intestinal issues.  Asked Mgr T if they had anyone to cover my shift, but she said no, so I toughed it out, even after my supply of baby wipes ran out.

Hurried through my closing duties so we could leave on time.

POURED this afternoon, and when we left, it was sprinkling.

Outfit:  White 'paint-spatter' tee, green vest, new capris.

Day 235:  Ever Want To Smack A Co-Worker?
Confession time:  I'm having a personality clash with a co-worker.  I only have to tolerate her presence for 15 minutes a day or longer, but today I nearly popped her.  To be fair, K told me she has a bad case of PMS, and I do my best not to get in her way, but today, when she came down to give me my break, Bill H was next in line, so I stopped to chat with him.  Now in all fairness, G TOLD me she had to leave before 2, and this was at twenty minutes till.  I fully intended to return at 1:55.  BUT, as B and I are chatting away, she tells me to 'please go on break so I can leave on time!"

I left, but I was fuming.  I was happy the break room was empty, for I silent-screamed as I was taking off my vest.  Then in the bathroom, I silent-screamed again and jumped up and down.  I even nearly posted on FB....'Don't micro-manage me when I'm doing what I need to be doing AS I'm doing it!!!'

I even vented to Aliscia, who admitted G had tried to pull the same bossy attitude toward her.  I was like, I'm twice her age and should be more mature about this, but I'm ready to flatten her out!

When I returned, she did have the decency to apologize for 'getting mad', but she had an 'important meeting' she didn't want to be late for.

K left a few minutes later, and I took over lumber.

Went to lunch at 5, and Hardees was out of ham again, so went to Arby's.  Rest of the shift went well, and had all closing duties accomplished by 8:30.

Outfit:  New gray 'Fire in her soul' tee, new capris.

Day 236:  Day 10 and I Should Have Called In....
Today was one of those days where everything goes wrong.  First of all, I was half an hour late to work due to my blood draw running late (patient tried to faint in the lab).  Then G ticked me off by coming over to rattle off a customer's phone #...."He has a military discount...812-XXXXXX..."  Okay, I KNEW who the customer was and I KNEW about the military discount!  Then, the pin pad froze.  Had to call Mel down to fix it, and it took 15 minutes to reboot.  I also forgot to give a customer his sixty cents.

After K left, things settled down a bit.  Marci came down at 4 and kept me company, then HC C called at 4:45 and said I should have been sent to lunch, so to go at 5.  Gracie came down and M and I left.  Hardees had ham, so had an enjoyable lunch.

After lunch, things were fairly steady.  Then at 8:30, all hell broke loose when a customer had several carts, then turned out some of it was invoiced.  His phone # didn't work, and neither did his name.  Called flooring; Bryan came down and pulled up the order; customer agreed to pay for what was already rung up while they fixed his invoice.  So that was solved.

Ended up doing most of my closing duties in the final ten minutes.

Outfit:  White Bon Jovi tee, patterned leggings.

I'm off for the next four days!!!!  Hallelujia!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Second Chances is LIVE!

Arrived home last night (July 23rd) to finally discover this book was live:)

You are cordially invited to an Arbor University Reunion! The year is 2004; come see how the lives of five friends has changed. Who’s married? Who has kids?
After fifteen years, Keri Patterson finds herself back in Arbordale, In, and invites her friends down for a reunion. But there’s another reason for the invitation: She’s afraid to face her past.
Kyle Sampson discovers the college girl he met at the wrong time has achieved her goals and is now being awarded Outstanding Alumni. It’s the right time for him to see her, but will she want to see him? More importantly, will time have healed the wounds between them, or is there a second chance to recapture a lost love?
Available at Amazon.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Life In Lumber: Week #51

Day 227:  Start of a 10-Day Stretch....
I had zero energy today for some reason.  Thankfully, the first half of my shift went smoothly, with only two 'oops' incidents.  1) Aggie found me over at #1 helping Kem and told me to please stay on #2; 2) I only scanned one box of flooring four times.....then the kid brought three of them back; they weren't the right ones.  I was sure I was about to get a lecture from Mgr T to 'scan everything'....but no.  Dodged that one!

Went to lunch at Wendy's at 4:15.

Second half was also smooth.  Only needed two overrides, and managed to get all my closing duties finished by 9.  Aggie even came down and cleaned me out at 8:58:)  Had to put away two items, then put my vest in my locker and clocked out.

Outfit:  JHS tee, dark capris

Day 228:
1st half of shift was fine.  #1 was out of quarters, so I was surprised when 3pm rolled around and no one brought any down.  I asked Mel if we couldn't take $10 bill and swap it out for the $10 in quarters I'd unloaded into #2 an hour earlier....

"No, because you might have more or less than $10 in the quarters."

So, I solved it.  My line grew short, so I took a $10 bill from my register and tucked it away.  At first opportunity, I hopped over to #2, and the first cash transaction, counted out the quarters and replaced the $10 bill in the register.  Hopped back over to #1 and laid the quarters down on the counter.  Next cash transaction, put the quarters in.  Problem solved.  The only sticky part was, I saw a few customers rolling their eyes as I was counting out the quarters, then hopping back to #1!

Oh well......

Actually got sent to lunch on time!  Took myself to Arby's.

After the break, things had slowed down.  Did have a 'rush' from 5:30-6:30, then only hit-and-miss.  Got all the closing duties finished by 9.  Mgr B took the trash out and forgot to grab mine, so as soon as T cleaned me out, I returned one item, took my trash to the compactor, and clocked out.

Oh, also got a compliment:  Two women arrived, and one said to the other, "This is why I like coming to her; she always has a smile on her face and is so cheerful."

I replied, "I try!"

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, dark capris.

Day 229:
Today went well!  Had no issues during the 1st half, and went to lunch (Hardees) at 4:15.  We were rather slow between 5 and close, so was able to get everything done.  Things WERE slightly hectic between 3-3:30, when I was dealing with a customer who needed an override, another customer who had a work order for Receiving, and no one answering my Code 3 page.  Finally Brea came down to rescue me after HC C did my override!

Did get excited when a customer said he was headed down to St. Pete, Fla, and staying at Pass-A-Grill beach!  Told him to eat at the Hurricane, Crabby Bill's, and Uncle Andy's Ice Cream Parlor:)

Outfit:  White Faith tee, patterned capri leggings.

Day 230:
1st half of the shift was slow; basically was paid to stand around and chat.  Gracie sent me to lunch at 4:15, so I went to Fazolli's.  After lunch, had customers maybe every ten mins or so.  My last customer had carpet for $10 AND two mirrors at 75% off, so Brandon came down to override it.  We closed on time:)

Saw Bill Hall:)

Outfit:  Brown tee, dark capris

Day 231:  TGIF
Another good day!  Arrived; discovered Lumber had been busy before I arrived.  I don't know what it is about G; she and I just don't 'click'.  Personality clash?  Trying not to let it bother me.  She tends to treat me as if I don't know what I'm doing.

Aliscia came down and sent me to break at 4, then stuck around until 5, so I could go to lunch.  Thought I'd clocked out at 5:24; turned out I'd  clocked out ten minutes earlier.  Oops....I'm blaming the Subway Chicken Teryaki, ha ha!

Was super slow from 6-8, then mildly steady.  Was still able to get all closing duties finished before 9.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, patterned leggings.

Day 232:  Halfway Through 10-Day Stretch....
Surprisingly, even after a sleepless night (only got around 6 hours of sleep), I was alert and in a good mood all day.  First half of the shift was fairly steady, and only marred by Mgr T coming down to tell me to make sure to ring up invoices as hadn't been me, but it set my teeth on edge for being singled out.  It had to be either Dallas or Jill, or someone else.

After J left at 3, I was moderately busy, and when Matt relieved me for lunch, I stuck around for an extra fifteen minutes to help handle the line.  Taught him how to load an LAR, then went to break at 4:25.  Took myself to McD's, then the rest of the shift was steady.  Did have time to quickly get my closing duties finished, and had a 'drumming' session with a young lady on a container of paint.  Saw BB's sister and BIL, and was concerned about Jacob, who was having severe pain below his right ribs, and Brea, who admitted she'd projectile vomited 4 times that afternoon.

When it was time to leave, I checked the flow chart, and my name wasn't on it!  Ian double-checked, and I AM scheduled to be there; however, if I show up and they don't need me, I'm definitely coming home!

Outfit:  White Flag tee, new capris

Day 233:  Is There Something In The Air???
1)  My name was on the flow chart; teased Aggie about 'payback for the shower two weeks ago', lol!

2)  When I clocked in, Kronos asked me if I was sure; I'd not registered a punch in 6 hours.  Ummmm.....I clocked OUT last night!

3)  2 guys nearly came to blows at Reg 2 when the guy wearing a mask (by the exit) decided to chastise the guy at the register, who wasn't wearing one.  Thankfully, they both left peacefully, though Jill wondered if she needed to call a manager down!

4)  Jill went to lunch and all hell broke loose.  A)  I had to page for my Lumber associate 3 times before Logan showed up; B) customer wanted 2 pallets of concrete blocks and L was having trouble finding a spotter; C) Customer shows up with a cart labelled '75% off', and so I had to ring everything up, subtract 75% from each of the 12 items, then call HC C down to override everything.  Plus, I had to call for help with the line.  Thankfully, Matt showed up.  D)  Discovered L threw a fit and walked out, so Jean was sent down from LG. 

5)  Elmer was a NC/NS.

I went to lunch at 4 (McD's), and from 5-8, things went fairly smooth.  Did my closing duties, and clocked out.

Outfit:  Black 'pixel' shirt, new capris.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #50

Day 223:  Start of Another Week....
I had hoped for a nice, quiet, no-hassle, no complications day, and got part of my wish.  We were steady, and the small hassles were dealt with the tiniest of frustrating moments, so over all, not too bad.

Went to lunch at Wendy's around 4:15, and had speedy service, so had plenty of time to read.  Did my AP4Me during my 1st break (the 1st seven) and finished the final three during my 2nd break.

Had a couple of CFH, but managed to deal with them with a minimum of frustration.

Managed to get everything wiped down and sanitized by 9, then locked the doors, and took the trash down after MK closed out my drawer.

Outfit:  Gray Rebel tee, patterned capri leggings.

Day 224: Is There A Full Moon Tonight?
The first two hours were fine, but after Kem left, the crazies came out, and it became a 'what-can-we possibly-throw-at-her-to-see-if-she-breaks' kind of shift.

A)  Had a CFH who at first I thought was going to get in a screaming match with her daughter....then I thought the yelling match was going to be between daughter and grandson....then she realized she'd forgotten a knob or something for her shower.  I told her to go ahead; I'd ring everything up.  That took all of maybe ten seconds, and we waited....and waited.....meanwhile, the whiny child tries to irritate his mom, so I decide to try to distract the kids, which sort of worked.  G'ma finally shows up, and hands me something else.  Then they discuss the fact they can't find the knob they're looking for, and show me a picture.  Fortunately, Pro K walks up, so I ask her about it.  She tells me to call Ken in Plumbing, so I get K up there.....and nothing is resolved.  Finally, the daughter huffs and decides to go ahead and pay. G'ma askes about any kind of discount, and looks upset when I say no, unless they have the store card.  Daughter asks me to get her an app, so I find one.  DURING ALL THIS, Ian comes down to help out and take care of the other customers.  I just held onto my patience while wishing the entire time they would just SHUT UP and LEAVE!

B)  Customer comes in and asks if they can pay for their stuff, but only take part of it with them, and pick the rest up tomorrow.  I say sure.  They go off, and return a while later with only a few items, and a whole list of lumber....but no item #s.  I hop over to #1 (it was out of pennies), where I could search 'drywall' better, and found the first one, but then notice #2 line is starting to grow.  Jacob arrives; I asked him to take the list and go get me some item #s.  I return to #2 and get the line down, then hop back over to #1 to finish ringing up their order.  After I get back on #2, Mel calls to see if I need help....I look up and realize I've got 4 customers in line, so she came down to help.

C) Customers began 'normal', but then wanted fence posts.  I searched the site; went to my app....nada.  Finally, customer goes outside and gets the item #, and voila.  Still can't find item # on the app...(I checked, just for fun!).

I treated myself to Arby's for lunch after the first CFH.  I DID get my wish; we didn't have any customers (save for 2) between 8:30 and close, so was able to sanitize everything and get the closing duties finished.

Also met with Mgr T and she approved Gracie taking my shift on Friday.  Now I just need to switch with someone during my 10-day stretch....ugh.

Outfit:  Yellow Florida tee, black capri leggings.

Day 225:  Better Day....
Day began fine, nice and slow.  At 2:30, I realized I'd not been sent on break, so as soon as I thought we were good, I clicked off to take mine before K left.  But then, two customers got in line, so I logged back on to help her out.  The customer who came over had 4 carts, so after I got them rung up, I told K I was heading to the bathroom.  Returned, and was about to log back on when Gracie showed up and told me to go to break.  So I did....and fifteen mins later had periods of steady customers and periods of sanitizing.  Got my trash consolidated, the plexiglass cleaned, and floor swept before 5pm.  Was getting hangry, so at 5:30, I called down to see if they'd forgotten about my break, and Mgr T apologized.  When I had called her to take care of a trailer, she was doing three jobs at once, and she'd forgotten to send me to lunch.

Took myself to Hardees, and was so hungry, I ordered two sandwiches.  Returned at 7 and rang up maybe 10 customers, plus finished all closing duties.  Had no customers after 8:45.

Outfit:  Blue 'baseball' tee, dark capris

Day 226:  My 'Friday'!
Had a really nice day at work!  Was steady all the way to my 1st break and again til my lunch (McD's), and was alternately slow/steady through 8:45 again and was able to get all the closing duties finished in time.

My CFH from Tues showed up again, only this time wasn't on a wheeled cart, and wanted help loading their drywall.  Called for a Code 50, but Gav was busy and didn't come up for several minutes.  When he did, they had already loaded it themselves.  So G helped my next customer load 2 80 lbs bags of concrete:)  Mgr T was even in a good mood today!

Outfit:  Blue store tee, patterned capri leggings

Tomorrow, I'm off to Lafayette to close on my childhood home.  It's going to be bittersweet.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #49

Day 220: Let's Try This Again....
Felt amazing enough this morning to get up at 7:30, make the coffee, and even start typing up one of Dad's stories!  Made it to Writer's Meeting at 10:30 and spent an hour before coming home and getting ready for work.

Arrived; HC C promptly pissed me off by scolding me for taking the day off 'because you were tired?'  Then tried to tell me I'd called in too many, no.  Only twice for a full day off.  Twice to be slightly late, once for an asthma attack, and was late once due to back pain, and with permission the day before.  I'm not a habitual offender.

Went off to Lumber, did the AP4Me, and the pop count, plus rang up a few customers before being sent to break.  After Kem left at 3, I was steady all the way to 5:30.  Mgr T tried to tick me off about the alarm, but it had gone off when the customer was arriving, not leaving!  At 5:30, I was getting hangry, so called HC Aggie to tease her about forgetting about me.  Brea came down to relieve me; I went to Subway.

Came back and did my closing duties, then HC A closed out my drawer at ten til!  Only had two customers, and thankfully they both paid by card.

Outfit:  Black blouse, dark capris.

Day 221:  Final Day of Nine 8 Day Stretch!
Arrived; finished my Aisle Safety training; rang up a few customers and did the soda count before being sent to break.  My scanner on #2 was throwing a fit, so when Kem left, I hopped over to #1 for the rest of the shift.  K had brought in another fan, so had plenty of cool air flowing through my area.  Went to lunch at Wendy's, and when I returned, we were fairly steady, and even had about 3 customers who thought we were closing at 7!  At 8, I called MK for a pit stop, so Matthew came down.  When I got back, he was still ringing up a customer, so I finished sanitizing Reg #2 and 3.  We didn't have any customers after 8:45, so was able to close up on time.

Did have one customer who had a temporary card, but didn't understand how it worked.  Took me and his wife to make him understand that little piece of paper I scanned WAS his card.  Also had a lady who kept trying to get my attention; thought I'd nodded at her, and was watching for after the difficult customer had left, I went up to her and apologized for the miscommunication.  She was fine after that.

I am off for the next two days!  Hallelujia!

Outfit:  Blue striped tee, black capri leggings.; black fabric mask (only worn 12:30-4, ha ha!)

Day 222:  Happy Friday!
Today was a 'take this job and shove it' mood was fine when I arrived, but as soon as I clocked in, was told two employees had come in contact with a person with C-19, so Mgr T was making sure everyone had their masks on 'correctly'.  I tried, but my glasses fogged up, I had trouble breathing.  Fortunately, T only came down twice, and both times I spotted her in time to pull it up to just around my nose.  As soon as she left, I pulled it back down above my lips.

Decided to keep track of how many customers were in masks vs those who weren't.  By the end of the day, the ratio was 14:64.  Those without waaaaayy outnumbered the ones wearing them!

Didn't have to do pop count; I was sent to lunch at 5:15; Steve was hosting a cookout, so I ate a hot dog at 2:30, but all hamburgers were gone by 5.  Went to McD's.

Had all closing duties finished by 8:45.

Outfit:  Purdue tee, patterned capri leggings.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July Goals

I worked a lot of hours this month, so admittedly, not a lot was accomplished.  I mainly spent the weekends in Recovery Mode:
-Work enough hours to build up my bank account, now that most of my 'extra' expenses have been paid Not quite....
-Enjoy Alex's 8th birthday Check!
-Lose 5 lbs (beginning 241)
-Find and transfer van title Not yet
-Close Mom's unnecessary bank account Not yet
-SC edits (Check!) and buy inventory not yet
-BOBW reboot Check! and buy inventory not yet
-Put away corner 'pile' in bedroom sort of???
-Move book box to Brown House not yet
-Enjoy K and J's wedding Check!
-Add words to Isolation story and/or Defending Your Life (Check!) story
-Find Murder file or retype for Isolation Anthology Check!
-Finish hauling scrap metal to Dumes One load, yes:)
-Purchase vertical banner from Office Max Ordering July 3rd
-Reserve HFK hotel room ($75 per night) Check!

Books Read:  9
             Print:  6
         E-book:  3

Leg Update:  Still wearing the compression wrap.  Wound opened up the 3rd week, but is still healing nicely.  Discoloration seems to be fading.

Updated Book 'Tour':

-Farmer's Market (July/Aug/Sept 2020) $12 May 30-June 13th, Gregg Park (only food vendors)
-Heroes For Kids (July 18, 2020, $50 Pd 3/27)  Perrysville, MO Gas $40, hotel room $150, food $40=$230 total) Cancelled 7/3
-Watermelon Festival (Aug 7-8) Will set up Fri during Art Walk (if allowed), since I'm doing the Collector's Carnival on the 8th at the Gibson Co Fairgrounds, Industrial Bld 1, Booth #14. UPDATE 7/18:  CCC Cancelled; will do Watermelon Fest
-Cil-Con 2020 ($75 Paid 12/21) plus $112 hotel, $30 food, $15 gas) Cancelled 7/14
-Autumn On Main (1st Friday in Oct)
-Evansville Women's Conference (Oct 29th) $125 ($100 reg, $25 lunch)
-Collectors Carnival (Oct 31st-Aug fees roll over to this date)
-ICGAHS:  $340 booth fee,hotel/gas/food $100 paid 1/31; Bal:  $240; $100 paid 3/28, Bal $140 Paid In Full 4/24

July Goals:
-Work enough hours to build up my bank account, now that most of my 'extra' expenses have been paid 
-Enjoy Sara's birthday (what I can of it, anyway!) Check!
-Enjoy the fireworks with family No fireworks this year; we skipped it.
-Lose 5 lbs (starting???)
-Find and transfer van title
-Close on Mom's house (Check!); close her unnecessary account (Check!), and ship train to Mr. D Check!
-Finalize SC for publication (Check!) and order inventory
-Order BOBW inventory
-Order vertical Banner Check!
-Order cover flats for SC (Check!) and get prize wheel prizes
-Take 'stuff' to brown house (brm and cedar chest)
-Type up Dad's stories and sent to Nancy (Typed poem and one story)
-Haul remaining scrap metal to Dumes
-Do well/enjoy HFK Cancelled as of 7/3
-Get Will's driver's permit (Check!) and change my own driver's license 
-Type up Defending Your Life story and begin working on Rikar's story

July Income:
June 13-19: 40
        20-26: 24
     July 3rd Projected Income:  64 hours=$656
      $65 to church; pay Maurices ($45 -balance Check!); pay credit card ($100 Check!); pay Nancy ($80-final Check!); pay Colegard ($51 Check!); buy banner ($118 Check!)=$194-Sara's birthday ($50 Check!)=$134

June 27-July 3: 38
                4-10: 32
           July 17th projected income: 70 hours=$714= $150 hazard pay=$864

$86 to church; pay GSH medical bill ($160 Check!); pay hearing aids ($120 Check!);pay MA Labs ($100-final Check!)-pay Tipmont ($55 Check!)= $343-pay Dawne for print cover ($70 Check!)=$273-$17 (T-shirt Check!)-Mail train to Mr. D($23 Check!)=$233-$40 traveling expenses=$193-Watermelon Fest ($55 Check!)=$138

            11-17: 32
            18-24: 39
            July 31st projected income: 71 hours=$708
            $71 to church; pay credit card ($100 Check!); pay Colegard ($101 Check!); pay Med One Medical ($50 Check!)= $386 -Mom's birthday (travel expenses , flowers, balloons); buy inventory ($45 Check!)/cover flats (20-$5 Check!)

July Reading Schedule:
Eleanor and Franklin
Chromosome 6-Robin Cook Good, just too many exclamation marks and the feeling I've read this one before....
The Chamber-John Grisham Interesting....
When Life Gives You Lululemons-Lauren Weisberger Cute story:)
The Bride Test-Helen Hoang Loved this, esp Ch 17!  DRR!
Black Lightening-John Saul DNF
Condominium-John D MacDonald Very good!  Worth the 43 year wait, lol....
Lady In Waiting-Anne
The Kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang

Heart Sent-Kay Springsteen Excellent story!
Something Like A Lady-Kay Springsteen et al Fun story!
A Lot Like A Lady-Kay Springsteen et al Good story....
Games of Love-Pamela Aares
     -1:  Love Bats Last Good story!
     -2:  Thrown By Love
     -3:  Fielder's Choice
     -4:  Love On The Line
Blood Mates-Brynn Paulin
The F List-Alessandra Torre