Thursday, May 23, 2024

Survivor 46 Finale

 OMG....I mean, I can't even.....

(deep breath)  Okay, here goes.

Final 5:

Ben, Maria, Charlie, Kenzie, Liz.

Challenge:  Major obstacle course, with finishing the puzzle reveals the clue to unlocking the gong clanger.

Kenzie and Maria race through the puzzle first, but K is stumped about the # of holes on her plank. Liz, far behind, races back to get her plank and helps K out, just beating Maria.

Tribal Council:  Maria voted out, 4-1.  She gets standing ovation and hugs from her tribemates.

Final 4:  Ben, Charlie, Kenzie, Liz

Liz, Kenzie, Charlie all practice fire.

Liz is getting on my last nerve.  First of all, she's allergic to EVERYTHING!  Why the hell the producers even let her go on the show is beyond me!  Can't eat chicken, coconut, citrus, pasta....but rice and popcorn and beef are okay (she admitted she eats burgers at Applebees, and the night Jeff brought popcorn, she was able to eat it). NOW, the issue is her wrists.  Her ligaments are too large for her body, which makes her physically hard to hold the knife?  And, she reminded Ben she's got money, so she doesn't NEED the prize money!

Not surprising, Ben tells her he's choosing her to make fire, which makes us subjected to Liz moaning and groaning, and saying 'Fudge' as she tries.  *eye roll*

Tribal Council:  

Ben chooses Charlie to go to the end.  Now there's Kenzie vs Liz.....and Kenzie comes out on top!  She's very relieved and grateful....Liz blows a raspberry and hides her eyes as Jeff snuffs her torch, then cries as she leaves.  In my eyes, that's a sore loser attitude.  At least she'll be able to go to Ponderosa, shower, and eat a decent meal for the 1st time in over a MONTH!

Final 3:  Kenzie, Ben, Charlie

And the winner is.......

                                                     Kenzie, 5-3!

But only because she's been on her own since she was 15.  That swayed a lot of votes.  Charlie wanted to use his to pay for law school and to set up some non-profits.  Ben didn't even get a vote.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W13

 Day 53: Sunny, high 80s

Arrived and discovered Alice had called in. Took over for Kem and was fairly steady for an hour. Did the prelim duties at 4, and began sweeping the floor around 5:30. DS Kari sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned. continued sweeping. At 8:30, pulled the trash. Did my LU and AP4Me, plus sanitized the coffee bar. Locked the doors at 10 and after ASM SCh cleaned me out, I returned items to Tools and Aisle 21. Took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Since I'd gotten a credit app, punched the tree and won a chicken doggy toy. Proceeded to smack Conrad with it for working SCO instead of Lumber, lol (we were ridiculously short-staffed tonight!). Clocked out at 10:30

Outfit:  Gray LU tee, cut off capris, silver bell/knots

Day 54: Sunny, low 80s

Arrived and took over for Kathy. Alice went to break. Was fairly steady; had already done my LU while waiting to clock in. Got to see former Loader Austin Mc. First I hugged him, then I smacked him for leaving so abruptly! Took a pit stop before Alice left, then did the prelim duties, found my dustpan, and had the place swept by 7:30. Had mats mucked by 8, then talked on the phone with Erica for 40 mins before realizing I'd not been sent to lunch yet! Pulled trash, and at 9:30, Theresa came down and gave me a pit stop break. Went to Receiving to get trash bags, and also returned items to Plumbing and Electrical. Alice showed me how to do returns (scan receipt, key in item #s and print receipt). At 10, locked the doors. Loader Joey brought in the concrete; Loader Conrad took the trash. Put up my vest after closing the garage door. Clocked out at 10:30.  HC Britt apologized for forgetting me.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, cut off capris, silver diamond-shaped danglies

Day 55: Cloudy, high 70s

Arrived and took over for Jeremy. Alice took her break; was mildly busy. I took my break at 4:30, and when Alice left at 5, was fairly steady for 30 mins. Did the prelim duties and began the soda count. Austin sent me to lunch at 6:30, and when I returned, began sweeping. By 9, Austin had brought the soda. I'd gotten the entire floor swept, the mats mucked, and the registers and coffee bar sanitized. Put away the soda, then did my LU. Locked the doors at 10; ASM Charlie brought in the concrete and Loader Conrad took the trash. Returned items to Plumbing and Tools and put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit: Blue Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, gold danglies with clear thingy.

Off to Lafayette tomorrow, then NYC and Carnegie Hall!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Amazing Race: Episodes 9-Finale

 Episode 9:  Dominican Republic

RB:  Pictographs

Team Nurses act as though they've had a counseling session...."I need to listen to her and make sure she doesn't give me tone or 'tude'"....and "I need to communicate assertively, not agressively, and not be so stubborn...." (*eye roll*)

Jump into canyon water, watch for the pictures, then correctly arrange the rocks at the end in the order you see them....

Boyfriends: Decide to work with the G/f .  3rd try gets it! 1st

Pilots: Decide to work with Orange, then G/F. Gets it on 5th attempt:) 2nd

Girlfriends: Saw 3; B/F saw 5, so working together and go through the canyon again B/F helps her, 2 tries.  Teams up with Pilots 2nd time through canyon. Still struggles. Finally gets it after 8 tries!  5th

Nurses:  2 tries, gets it 3rd try:) 4th

Orange: 2 tries, gets it right! 3rd

Next Challenge:  Harvesting Cacao Seeds!

Boyfriends finish 1st, followed by Orange, Pilots, Nurses, and Girlfriends

RB:  Baseball!  Field a ball at 2nd and throw to 1st; catch high ball in Centrer Field, then hit a bottlecap with a stick 25 ft.

Ricky whizzes through all 3, only needing 3 tries with the bottlecap!

Rod can field, but overthrows 1st plate! Finally gets it on 4th try. Catches the fly ball, then takes 14 tries to get it.

Shane whizzes through!

Vinny whizzes through!

Yvonne blasts through the 1st two, but takes 15 tries with the bottlecap:) Why does Melissa call her 'Bobo'?

Pit Stop:

B/F finish 1st, followed by Orange, Pilots, and  Nurses.

Team Girlfriends eliminated. UPDATE:  They've moved in together and welcomed a little girl, Vivian Rose.

Episode 10:  Final 4!  

1st challenge:  Assemble 4 dive rigs or Make Rum Drinks

Rum:  All teams. B/F finish 1st, then Orange, Pilot, Nurses

RB:  Windsailing!  Need to do 60 seconds.

Letitia:  Gets hit in the head on 1st try; gets it on 2nd:)

Ricky:  Keeps falling off; 21st time, gets it!

Juan:  Falls off 1st;  stays on after 3rd try

Vinny: Gets it on 2nd try

Team Orange wins!!!  Pilots 2nd, B/F 3rd

Nurses are eliminated.....and Vinny proposes to Amber, who says yes!  

Finale:  Philidelphia!

RB:  Run a mascot training drill!

Letitia:  Has issues with the T-shirt cannon, but finally got it!

Ricky: Hits target 1st!

Shane:  Nailed it 2nd try:) But got lost going to next clue box.

Challenge:  Recite Preamble (I can sing it, lmao, but it's an extended version)

B/F:  Get it the 2nd time

Orange:  Got it after 10 tries!

Pilot: Gets it after 2 tries:)

RB: Assembling the 1st official flag with the 13 colonies in order of ratification

Cesar:  Gets it:)

Letitia:  Struggles; has two 6 point stars instead all 5 points.  Finally gets it!

Juan:  Got it!

Challenge:  Assemble the Liberty Bell

B/F get it before the others even show up:) WINNERS! (7th time in 1st spot)

Pilots: Finish 2nd

Orange: 3rd place

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Amazing Race 2024: Ep 5-8

 Episode 5:  Chile

LOL....there's always one team who can't drive a stick shift....and this time, it's the Cousins, surprise, surprise....

Team Nurses aren't communicating effectively......even though Vinny thinks they are.

Firefighters can't navigate....

Team Orange went to the mountains....

Team Boyfriends arrive 1st....

Team Pilots

Team Nurses

Team Mom/Son

Team Orange

Team Girlfriends

Team Firefighters

Derek and Shelisa

Team K&K....eliminated.  Karishma couldn't put her skateboard together.

Episode 6:  Argentina and Megaleg!

1st challenge:  Only 3 teams were able to 'rope' the cow; the others went for the bicycle/recycling challenge.  Teams Mom/Son, Orange, and Nurses worked together with navigation and the challenges, which was a good strategic decision at this time, since they're in the front of the pack, and the goal is to SURVIVE the Megaleg, not exactly to WIN it.

RB:  Team Boyfriends struggled with remembering the race car map; got it after 4 attempts; Team Pilot got it on 1st try. If they just focus, they'd realize it's a PUZZLE; you don't actually have to MEMORIZE it (I think, anyway??); Team Mom/Son thinking about taking the penalty, due to Mom's carsickness, but got it with Nurses' help.  Then Nurse helped Team Orange, so they all were onto the next one:)  Girlfriends and Firefighters got it soon after. Team D&S got it after 7 attempts!

Bubble Soccer!!  Pilot got it 1st try; Boyfriends finally get it after realizing he can knock down the other team:) Firefighters and Nurses did it; then Orange, Nurses, and M/S. D&S got it 1st try:)

2nd Challenge:  Putting Beef on the board in the correct way (parts of the cattle): Pilots got it 1st, then Boyfriends. Firefighters and Girlfriends teamed up, as did Orange, Nurses, and M/S. The trio got it 1st; then the others.

Team Pilot wins!  Followed by







Derek and Shelisa were eliminated.

Episode 7:  Uruguay

RB:  Welding!  

B/f: Got it on the 3rd try:)

Pilot: Got it 4th:)

Orange:  Got it 2nd:)

Nurses: Got it 1st try!

M/S:  Got it 5th:)

FF: Got it 6th!

G/F:  Got it 7th!

Ugh....I'm getting fed up with the way Vinny speaks to Amber (Team Nurses).  They may have been dating for 4 years, but I don't think their relationship is going to survive this race.

Team Firefighters are hopelessly lost!

1st Challenge:  Drums or Singing

Drums:  Nurses, M/S, Pilots, Orange, Firefighters

Singing:  B/f, G/f

B/F got it after 3 tries; wins leg!

M/S got it on 1st try; finish 2nd

Nurses 3rd, but can't find their vehicle. Finally locate it, but the bickering continues.  Amber's finally standing up for herself; again, I don't see their relationship surviving, unless something changes at the end of this leg.  End up 4th.

Pilots 4th; end up 6th

Orange: 5th, but end up 3rd

G/f got it after 8 tries! 6th, end up 5th

Firefighters after 1st try; eliminated

Episode 8:  Barbados!

RB:  Street Tennis, aka Street Ping-Pong

Boyfriends 1st, then Mom/Son; Girlfriends; Orange; Pilots; Nurses.

Rhianna's childhood colorful and tiny.

Team Mom/Son had issues driving in the roundabout (traffic circle) and their crew went one way and M/S went another....then couldn't get their crew on the radio.  They arrive at the challenge, and have to wait until the crew arrives.

Detour:  Seaweed Cleanup or Fish Pot Building

B/f and G/f start with fish pot. then Nurses arrive.  Orange arrived, then finally M/S's crew showed up:)

Pilots decide to do the seaweed.

B/F finish first

Pilots finish 2nd!  2 1/2 wheelbarrows to fill the barrel:)

Nurses 3rd, followed by the G/f. Team Orange doesn't realize they're missing their corner supports. Finally, they get it, but get stuck in the mud. Finish 5th.

Team Mother/Son Eliminated

Amazing Race 2024 Ep 1-4

 I managed to watch AR 2021-23 without having to post anything, but now I just can't keep my fingers quiet, and I'm only on Episode 2!!  My only 'issue' with 2023 was Anna Leigh constantly yelling at her dad, and making stupid mistakes in her rush.  They ended up 4th.

1) Maya and Rohon 1st couldn't figure out directions in Puerto Vallarta, and not surprising, were last to the mat.  Although, that surprised me that they were eliminated, since Phil told the others they were still racing.  If they're not done, then wouldn't they have had another chance??  But oh well....I found them annoying, so yay rah.

2) Kishori and Karishma:  OMG they're annoying also. Kishori doesn't take the time to READ THE DAMN CLUE in the 1st leg, but was fortunate enough she only had to put on a bandana to jump through the lariats again.  But now, in #2, they first can't find the bridge to get their detour clue, and end up at the Roadblock....but thankfully another team made the same mistake, and another team INFORMED them of that mistake. So both teams eventually found the Detour.  Now K&K can't find the purple balloons to complete their task, and are waaaaaaaayyyy off course.  I really hope they come in last on this episode!

3) Team Double-Dutch:  At least they're making up time from their mistake ^^^^^ and are making smarter decisions than K&K.  They've got potential....though I don't remember seeing them in the one episode I watched last month.  I could be wrong......

4) Twins:  I like these two, though I think they get eliminated in the episode I watched last month.

5) Team Firefighters:  I like them.  They work well together.

6) Team Pilots:  So far, they're doing well.  No drama.

7) Team Mother/Son:  I like the way he helps out his mom, and she's encouraging to him.

8) Derek and Shelisa:  Very supportive of each other, and I think this is the team that almost tapped out when they had to go down a steep hill in last month's episode.  S talked D down and was respectful of his fear. EDIT:  I was wrong; Double-Dutch is the one with the heights fear.

9) Girlfriends:  So far, they're working well together.

10) Team Father/Daughter:  OMG, take off the damn masks!  You don't need 'em, the pandemic is OVER!  Someone PLEASE tell them that running around with a damn mask on in the heat will make it WORSE for their health?  The only time teams had to mask up in 2020 was at the mat?  After challenges?  While on the plane??  I don't even remember....They get eliminated, and I have a question:  If they live in a ONE BDRM APARTMENT, where does Mary sleep?  Surely they don't sleep in the same room?  Or is it like the TV show Alice, and one of them sleeps on a pullout couch in the living room?  So strange....

11) Boyfriends:  So far, they're working well together.

12) Team Orange:  She's annoying; a Chrissy Teigan lookalike, and he's a former NFL football player. So far, they're working well together, but she needs to lay off the damn makeup and posing 'just so' for the camera.

Episode 3:  Columbia  I already watched this, so only watched the ending to refresh my memory on who was eliminated.

Order of Finish:

Team Boyfriends

Team Nurses

Derek and Shelisa

Team Pilot

Team Orange

Team Girlfriends

Team Firefighters

Team K&K

Team Mother/Son

Team Double-Dutch

Team Twins.....Eliminated.  Too bad; I liked them.

Episode 4:  Columbia

The world is smaller than you think...answer to the Rebus puzzle.  Cracking up over some of the guesses!  The firefighters are SO off track....then they switched and got the dance on the 1st try.

Art Sculpture task:  Karisma and Michelle have NO idea how to read a map....Thankfully, Sunny figured it out!

Team Boyfriends

Team Nurses

Team Mother/Son

Team Orange (bickering all the way; Rod isn't listening to Letitia)

Team Pilots

Derek and Shelisa

Team Girlfriends

Team Cousins (after 18 tries!)

Team Double-Dutch eliminated.  Not sure if Michelle solved it or not; they showed 19 tries.

Team Firefighters

Monday, May 13, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W 12

 Day 49: Sunny, mid 70s, rain pm

Arrived and took over for Alice. Did the prelim duties, AP4Me, and LU. Did the soda count. Deja sent me to break at 8:40, and when I returned, realized I'd forgotten to empty the coffee carafe, so asked D to wait 5 more mins. Then I finished sweeping, sanitized the registers and coffee bar, pulled the trash. ASM Ian brought in the concrete; I locked the door. HC Britt cleaned me out; I ended up taking my trash to the receiving hopper, since Ian had already taken ours.

Outfit:  Red JHS tee, long capris, Yukon Colors.

Off tomorrow for choir practice:)

Day 50: Rain, low 70s

Arrived just as it began pouring rain; was slow entire night. Did prelim duties and was sweeping by 6; did my LU; mucked the mats at 7, sanitized the registers and coffee bar at 8.  Took my break at 8:30, and when I returned, I pulled trash and fronted the soda. Locked the doors at 10; Loader Joey has his forklift license, so he brought in the concrete. HC Britt cleaned me out; returned items to Hardware and Aisle 1, then took a broken cart to Receiving. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30. D took me to Denny's!!!

Outfit:  Black/gray leopard stripe, faded jeggings, silver spirals

Day 51: Cloudy, mid 70s

Was called in at 3, b/c Alice called in. Was freakishly busy until 5, but still managed to get the soda count finished by 5. Did the prelim duties and LU; swept the floor. Kait sent me to lunch at 7:30 and when I returned, all I had to do was pull trash, muck the mats, and sanitize the registers and counters. Put away the soda. Conrad brought in the concrete; HC Britt cleaned me out; took the leftover soda (I'd miscounted the frappes) up front and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit: Indian Motorcycle tee, faded jeggings, treble clefs

Day 52: Cloudy, low 70s

Arrived to find Mgmnt had made hot dogs, chili, cheese, chips, and cookies for us. Things were steady for 2 hours, then slowed way down. Did the prelim duties and was sweeping by 5:30/ One customer was irritated and was tossing down the PVC pipe; I nearly got hit a couple times. Was sent to lunch at 7:30; first I returned items to Electical, Plumbing, and Paint, and talked Matt into taking the flowers back to OSLG. When I returned, Nanette arrived and brought cinnamon rolls, and I gave her the itinerary and we chatted about the trip. Final customer left at 9:45; I pulled the trash and wiped down my counter and the coffee bar. Locked the doors; Loader Joey brought in the concrete; Loader Charles took my trash. HC Shel cleaned me out; I walked her up front and put up my vest after closing the garage door.

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt; faded jeggings, snowflakes

Off the weekend!   Tomorrow, am off to Seymour, IN for Magic of Books, and Sunday is Granddaughter Belle's 3rd birthday:)

Monday, May 6, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W11

 Day 44:  Rain, then sunny and mid 70s

It began raining as soon as I got out of the car, and was pouring when I clocked in. Fortunately, it didn't last, and I took over for Katelyn. At 4, did my LU, AP4Me, the prelim duties and the soda count. Got sent to lunch at 5, and when I returned, began sweeping. At 8, put the soda away.  By 9, I'd pulled the trash, sanitized the registers and counters. Locked the doors at 10; Loader AJ brought in the concrete; HC Britt cleaned me out; AJ and I took the two carts of trash (HC Britt pulled the outside trash) down to the hopper. I put up my vest and went up front. Clocked out at 10:25.

SOMEHOW, I got the highest credit score.  DS Kari came down and took my picture.  Thank god I'd taken a shower!

Outfit:  Black/white checked sweater, new dark jeggings, thick 'pirate' silver hoops.

Off tomorrow for choir practice!

Day 45: Rain, low 80s

Arrived and took over for Kem, then Alice and I began trading customers, we were so slow.  I decided to go on a soda run, which took me up until 4 to track down the Diet Coke (in receiving!), then to fill the meager count. Customer A came up and asked if we had any 1x6x8s; I looked it up; we had 300.  Alice looked up the placement; Aisle 50, bay 13.  I took him down; none of the signs said it.  I even looked in other bays; couldn't find it.  We DID locate some in top stock; I went back and called for a forklift driver.  Finally Pro Jeremy arrived; went back and found it in a mis-marked bin.

Alice left at 5; I was sent to lunch 20 minutes later, just as the downpour began. When I returned, we only had a few cars in the lot; I began sweeping and doing the prelim duties, plus my LU.  Found out I'm getting vacation pay for my ENTIRE NYC trip!  Whoot!  Customer B and I got on the subject of pets.  DS Kari brought down a box of lollipops and asked me to count them.  Dumped them in a bucket, then counted by 50s as I dumped them back into the bin.  Total was 342....then Conrad bought one. Customer C brought a LOT of stair rails, but had no clue how many.  Got another cart and began counting.  Grand total:  125!  Mucked the mats, sanitized the coffee bar, locked the doors at 10.  Conrad brought in the concrete; I shut the garage door and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Gray Purdue tee, long capris, small gold textured hoops

Day 46:  Sunny, mid 70s

Arrived and took over for Kem; Alice went to break. Things were slow; checked out the occasional customer.  When Alice left at 5, I did the prelim duties, fronted the soda, and did my LU.  Actually got 7/7 today!  Swept the floor, and was sent to lunch at 6:30.  Came back and finished sweeping, put away some snacks, sanitized the registers, and pulled the trash. Finally saw Gil and gave him the book he wanted:)

Had two irritating customers:  A held up the glue; I scanned it; he put it on the counter.  After scanning his lumber, I went back to my spot, picked up the glue, and he said, "You already scanned that."  "I know; I'm putting it in the bag."  (duh!)  B came in and said they had an order to pick up.  I told them FIVE TIMES to go to CS; she finally did after the 5th.  Geez....

Locked the doors; AJ brought in the concrete and took my trash; I closed the garage door and after HC Britt cleaned me out, put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Brown tee, dark capris, dream catchers

Day 47: Sunny, high 60s

Arrived and took over for Kem. Was instantly busy and stayed steady all night. At 5, did the prelim duties.  Hubby brought me Pad Thai at 7:15, but didn't get my break until an hour later. Swept the floor, mucked the mats, pulled the trash, sanitized my counter and the coffee bar. Returned items to Hardware and OSLG. AJ brought in the concrete; HC She cleaned me out; clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Blue crew neck Cabela's sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, small gold hoops

Day 48:  Rare Sat Sunny, mid 70s

Worked the Washington SpringFest (sold 4!), then went out to lunch with K and the girls. Called to say I'd be 30 mins late, and arrived 5:40.  Took over for Austin and was busy all evening.  Did manage to get the soda fronted, the prelim duties done, and the floor mostly swept. Final customer left at 10. Closed the garage door and put up my vest after HC Shel cleaned me out. Loader Jax took my trash. Returned two items to Hardware and clocked out at 10:40.

Outfit:  Alaskan Hwy tee, new dark jeggings, blue T-Rex

Off tomorrow for Mother's Day!