Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soundtrack In My Head

Come back To Me- David Cook

Life on the Moon-David Cook


Without You-Daughtry

Restless Kind-Night Ranger

Second Chance- Shinedown

Gotta Be Somebody-Nickelback

If Today was Your Last Day-Nickelback

Lifeline-Papa Roach

Come Undone-Duran Duran

Numb-Linkin Park

Those are the songs going through my head at any given moment of the day; what about you?

This Just In:
Kenzie got another good review! Click http://sensual.ecataromance.com/?p=2375 for details!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Strange Turn of Events...

Last week, I was depressed over not being able to set up at one of my favorite craft fairs. I decided to go down to the local fireworks store, run by a friend, in order to learn how to work the cash register, in case business picked up and he needed the help.

I walk in.

"Thank god...you just saved me a phone call."

He trains me, and asks if K would mind being a walker...the one who stands outside in a silly hat and carrying a sign, in order to attract attention. I call; K says sure.

I arrive to find T having chest pains, and B throwing up, running a 101 degree temp. I take over the register while T goes to the hospital. He's fine; a pinched nerve in his shoulder. K brings in many customers with his antics. He's a natural for the walker job!

With his arm in a sling, T and I manage everything, since now B has no voice. T teaches me how to use the pricing label thing. My speed is picking up. K had made other plans, but he'll be back on the job soon.

B had already planned to not be in until 5; T gets a text from his boss, saying there has been an upheaval at the Spencer store, and he wants T to go manage it for 2 weeks, leaving B and I in charge!

I pretty much had told T I couldn't work on the 3rd, since it was S's birthday, but now I may have to. It all depends on if we get any more help.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Tiger Woods has this aroma about him
-golfer Ben Curtis, probably (hopefully!!) meaning to say 'aura'

Hubby is now #19 on the list. Even the union president is worried about the amount of work due to be released this year.

Everything happens for a reason; we just won't know what it is until the BIG PICTURE has been revealed. I can certainly look back and speculate:

-We tried to resist moving down here, but utimately did. Gas prices promptly went out of control. If we had stayed in our old home, we wouldn't have been able to afford the gas to go anywhere. Living in town, the kids could walk or ride their bikes.

-My writing was also stagnate; within four months of the move, I was connected to DSL internet instead of dial-up, and joined a wonderful group of authors online. A year later, I was also introduced to my wonderful Laptop Society. Oh yeah...and have two books out now. In short, my career has been jump-started, thanks to the move!

-The kids have befriended several others who have sought refuge at my house from fighting parents, boy/girlfriend problems, or just need a daily hug.

-This has been a great exercise in patience, and W has picked up some valuable social skills he probably wouldn't have access to up north ie: Head Start, friends in the neighborhood his own age.

-I've learned I can pull part-time single-parent duty, though at times I royally suck at it. Now I'm learning if I can hold down a job working 5-8 hours a day and still keep my sanity. Right now, D's been doing the cooking. I come home at 5 to cook dinner and eat, and return at 7, but he's been fixing the food, so I can hop online and keep up with my inbox! This weekend, we'll find out if he and the kids can handle the laundry, or will it fall to Mom to be up early or stay up late, getting it all done.

-Boss and other coworker had emergencies yesterday, so thank GOD they trained me to fill in while T went the hospital for a possible heart attack (turned out to be a pinched nerve and anxiety attack...if he hadn't gone, he'd be a candidate for shoulder surgery in a few weeks, the docs said!) and B went home with a fever of 101. Now I know why I wasn't supposed to go to Hazelwood....

Update on WIP:
I've been able to write in longhand during the down times, and have the grand total of half a page. It's mainly description, and I've decided after reading it out loud to several people for their insights, I've modeled my hero after Trace Atkins, minus the facial hair, and in better physical condition. (I saw Trace with his shirt off in the first Celebrity Apprentice, so give the man a washboard stomach and there's my Josh, lol!)

Still in Mild Shock
After the news concerning my friend, I literally could not sleep Thursday evening (well, okay...two hours' worth!) and finally emailed her at 6am yesterday. Don't know what her reaction will be; I'll wait a few weeks before contacting her again in case I've royally pissed her off. Of course, if she contacts me first, then we'll talk. In the meantime, work is keeping my mind off of it.

I crashed later than I thought I would last night. Though I did have four large cups of sweet tea yesterday, so the caffeine probably was a factor. But around 10:30 pm, my body shut down. I slept, uninterrupted, until 9am. I feel wonderful, but now I have only a couple hours in which to get my online work accomplished before getting in the shower and returning to the store. I've set my own hours, but told them I'd be in between 12 and 1pm today. Hell Week is about to kick off, and we had pretty much a steady stream of people in and out yesterday, more than I've seen in the past few times I've been in the store.

So with that said, I'll probably not blog again until Monday, but then, you knew that from the last couple of weeks, didn't you?

I think I'll be guest-blogging in the Author Spotlight at www.jennygilliam.blogspot.com tomorrow, if a) she contacts me or b) I have the time to fill out the questions I copied-and-pasted from her last post. Check in tomorrow and see. I'll try to remember to repost the link before I go to bed tonight.

Daughter didn't take her laptop to her 'other Mommy's' house! Yay...I can take it with me today and maybe get my 'interview' finished, after all!!!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday to my dad, who turns 67 tomorrow!

"Happy happy happy birthday
Happy happy happy birthday
Happy happy happy birthday
To you, to you, to you, OLE'!"

Love you, Dad:)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Currently Reading: I'm up to ch 7 on To Love A Hero!! I'm really enjoying it, and am calling it a definite Recommended Read!

Okay, I wasn't shocked by the death of Farrah Fawcett-Majors yesterday; she had been battling cancer.

I WAS shocked by the death of Michael Jackson, and to my husband's disgust, taped BOTH the NBC Dateline special and the CBS specials last night.

I remember watching the Jackson 5 cartoon.

I loved the song 'Ben'.

I wanted to buy Off The Wall soooooo badly, but it was expensive; I think $19.95. And when you're ten or eleven years old and your allowance is 50 cents a week, that was big money! And mom only paid a quarter for various chores around the house (this was before I discovered the laundry big money, lol!).

Thriller came out in 1982 and my sister purchased the LP. It sits in her old bedroom, in a closet with the rest of her records. Saturday Night Fever, Captain and Tenille, The Pirate Movie, and god only knows what others.

I finally bought Off The Wall (the CD) several years ago. I had no interest in his 'Bad' album, since by then the only song I liked from it was Black (and/or) White. And the last time I saw a televised concert, I wanted to yell at him to stop grabbing his crotch, ala 'It's still there!'

I still have my signed Jackson Pepsi can from 1985, the Victory tour. (Remember that joke? What's the difference between Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson? RP was burned by coke; MJ was burned by Pepsi!)

I am saddened for his kids, and hope they will be safe with whoever gets custody of them.

Second shock:
What do you do when you think a beloved friend is making a horrible mistake? Do you stand behind them in support, or do you yell at them first and ask what the hell is going through their mind?

I don't know whether to slap her or hug her. I guess I'll find out as this plays out. If she's still speaking to me after the email I just sent, that is...But good friends can be honest, right? I told her I was shocked, and had conflicting emotions. I also told her she knew where to find me, and to give me a few days to clear my head.

Change of Plans
There's been a shake-up around here. I'm now working part time at the fireworks store, helping Travis get through Hell Week, as he calls it. Hubby's still not working, so it was time I answered a call for help. W is NOT happy about it! But it's only until after the 4th...and on an as-needed basis until the 22nd. Yes, Indiana's passed an ordinance or something which states idiots can now set off fireworks until July 22nd. Insane.

But now I can say I've run a cash register! Ahhh the skills you pick up in life. And right now, there is plenty of down time between customers to write in longhand!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chipping Away...

At the To-Do list:) I. Will. Read. Today!

But only after I get at least halfway through Chapter 3. I was so busy yesterday, I didn't even have time to be COLD!

Yesterday I...
-Went out the door in shorts and tank top yesterday morning to run an errand. Came home and sorted the laundrey, and since K was in the shower, couldn't start it yet. D decided we'd go grocery shopping, so he, W, and I went out the door just as S was arriving home. D decides he needs to eat before shopping, so the three of us stopped at the Pizza Hut buffet.

-Shopped, came home and unloaded. D put his eyedrops in; we went to the meat market. Returned home; I started Carol's recipe for chicken and dumplings. Went downstairs to begin the laundry.

-There was an upheaval at S's friend's house; I kept getting silent nudges to go offer a shoulder. So finally I went, fully prepared to get a 'mind-your-own-business' retort. I knocked and said a silent prayer for guidance and to say the right words so she'd be receptive. She opened the door and let me in; I looked at her, opened my arms and said that I knew what was going on, and what could I do to help?

She broke down, accepted my hug, and told me all about it. She'd been needing someone to talk to, and I left after about an hour, with the offer to watch her kids, take her out for coffee, and a shoulder to cry on again.

-Came home and switched loads, went through the mail, wrote some more in longhand (K was watching Stargate on Hulu). Finished dinner, and everyone announced this new dish WILL be added to the lineup:)

-Finally, around 8:30 pm, I brought the last load in from the clothesline (no rain today, so no excuse to use dryer), sat down at the computer, and typed up my seven pages (finally bundled up in fleece pj's after first two pages). Went to bed around 11pm.

Today, I'm still bundled up in my fleece robe, but after my shower I know I'll be back in sweats. Hubby likes to keep the A/C on high, and I constantly get teased about going out on the porch 'to warm up'. Temps have been in the 90's all week, with heat indexes in the 105's. Now see why I say I belong in Florida??

-Begin Ch 3
-Vacuum the floors (may be getting surprise visit from very old friend, thanks to facebook!)
-Mobilize the kids to clean out the rat cage
-(Thinking positive here...) Packing hubby off to work tomorrow???
-Finalize kids' plans for weekend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ups and Downs

The bad news: I'm not going to make it to Hazelwood again. My slot is still available; I just don't have the funds for gas money or food to eat while I'm there. So hopefully next year...

The good news: Hubby got a call yesterday! Unfortunately, he was out on the front porch and missed it. But this means the Hall is sending out operators, and he is no longer #55 on the list! So maybe today he'll get the call????

Other good news: I'm almost to the end of chapter 2 on my Model Behavior wip. And while at the fireworks store last night during our weekly meeting, a customer was getting a rather large order and saw my notebook. He asked me what I was doing, and after I told him, I asked if his wife liked to read. He ended up leaving with not only several hundred dollars' worth of fireworks, but a Kenzie bookmark, a Molly brochure, and my business card! Thanks for not objecting to my 'solicitation', Brandon! You made money; I possible made my own sale, lol:)

To-Do List:
-Laundry. If D goes to work, he's going to need plenty of clean socks.
-Grocery shopping. Been putting this off, as we had plenty of leftovers. This is what happens when the 17-yr-old eating machine is away for a week!
-Writing some more. Had to write in longhand last night again, because daughter refused to give up the laptop! No WIFI at the store anyway, so it really didn't bother me.
-Reading. Still not cracked open (okay...plugged in my e-book flash!) Mona's book! Maybe I'll reward myself with it if I finish Ch 2???

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer TV

Usually, the only TV show I follow in the summertime is Big Brother, and that's only hit-and-miss. Last year, I was captivated by Swingtown. This year, my obsession is The Next Food Network Star.

I found it late last year, and only closely followed the final four episodes. But this year I've DVR'd it and have silently congratulated myself on not only picking the challenge winners two weeks in a row, but also the bottom two or three, and the one voted out.

I was soooooooo glad last week when Brett went. He really showed his true colors at the end, by trying to undermine perky housewife Melissa's efforts by saying he and fellow contestant Teddy 'helped her create her dish' which received high praise. Whaaaat? I was watching; all they did was to help plate her food when they were finished and she was running behind. At the time, I thought it showed sportsmanship and teamwork. But to try to take credit for it? Come ON!

Fortunately, Bobby Flay and the other two judges saw the light and canned him.

This week, everyone was on edge because of Teddy. At the start, things went well. He and Debbie were paired as a team, and things were going well! I actually thought their food was in the top three meals, and I was right, except for Teddy's dessert. He had forgotten all about making it until the last minute, so it was a disaster.

So what happened when they faced the judges? Yes, they slammed his dessert. Instead of taking it like a man and explaining he'd lost track of time, he tried to take ownership of the collaborative dish he and Debbie made! And Bobby called him on it.

Final two: Teddy and Eddie. Now, Eddie reminds me of the guy on Lazy Town. I don't watch the show; I've only caught glimpses of this guy whenever my 5 year old asks me to find Diego or Dora (he's not mastered the remote just yet, other than the Pause button!). But the past three weeks, his food has been blah. It was basically Food vs Integrity this week, and unlike last week, Food won. Teddy stays, and everyone said they hoped Teddy learns from his last-minute scrambling and doesn't try to throw anyone under the bus again. I predict everyone will be watching him closely; the first sign of a slip and he'll be gone.

The other contestants? I'm not a fan of Michael; he's too over-the-top. I like Jamika; she comes across well, and her food has gotten high praise. Same for Debbie, although she had a small white lie in the opener. Melissa has the personality, but sometimes her food has fallen flat. Katie is too obsessed with the health part; and I'm blanking on the last guy, who won both challenges! He's low-key and does an excellent job preparing the food, so we'll see how he does in later episodes.

And in July, I'll start watching Big Brother, to see what the twist is this year, and if I even care to watch it, other than the elimination episode. I can't even tell you who won last year; shows how memorable it was, lol!

Other than that, I've been catching up on some movies I've missed: Watched The Pursuit of Happiness. Wedding Crashers. The Da Vinci Code (LOVED it!). Read my TV Guide yesterday, and there's not much I'll be watching the next two weeks except for the shows already mentioned and maybe some Law and Order. Hopefully this means I'll be writing more???

Today's To-Do List:
-Follow up appt at eye doctor
-Typing up what I wrote in longhand during the 2-hour appointment yesterday
-Contacting Hazelwood. Didn't get it done yesterday.
-Reading. Haven't read any books except for W's Richard Scarry book from the library. We've reached the halfway point, with a week left on the rental! He's enjoying the stories, and so am I:)

What about you? Read any good books lately, or what's your guilty pleasure this summer?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Mania

How is it possible this is the last week in JUNE? Crazy...normally by now, the spouse has been hard at work for at least 2 months or more, and bills are beginning to be caught up. But this insane weather pattern has everthing screwed up!

Deep breath. Exhale slooooowwwwllllyyy.

Fr Dave asked the question yesterday, 'How do you handle the storms of your life? Do you panic? Do you pray fervently for God to get you out of the situation? Or do you rest secure in His arms, trusting He will guide you through?'

He compared it to a night time thunderstorm: Some people awaken immediately and seek shelter; others ride out the storm in anxiety; and others awaken the next morning with 'Oh...there was a storm last night?'

I'm in that last group. I've actually proven I can sleep through a rock concert! (More on this in a moment)

Last year, D didn't get called out until the last week in June, but that was due to his own decision not to sign out of the Hall until the end of May. This year, non-stop rain has caused him to only work eleven days, and now his unemployment has run out. Fortunately, his federal extension has kicked in. But for only another ten weeks.

He has chosen to be angry and blame everyone else, including God. The kids are actually looking to ME for encouragement, because Mom is an optimist and demonstrates the FAITH that eventually we will get through this. Yes, I have moments where it seems the burden is too great to bear, but I cling to the fact that HE always provides for us, whether it be a job, an opportunity, or simply understanding creditors willing to keep the lines of communications open.

Of course, that line of communication works two ways.

1) D informed me last week that his sight was cloudy in one eye, and had been getting worse in the past several weeks. I promptly got on the phone and contacted his eye doctor, who said to bring him in. Diagnosis? Some of the jelly-like substance inside his eye has traveled to the front. It's being removed later today.

If he had told me earlier, we could have had it taken care of sooner! But no....the man suffers in silence.

2) I'm the one who deals with the phone calls, and handles all correspondence. And I'm also the one with the constant prayers swirling in my head, not just during my daily QT. He, on the other hand, told me that prayers he's offered up to the Blessed Mother and God himself seem to be going unanswered, so why pray anymore?

Getting back to the storm analogy: When the storm has passed, what's the immediate response? 'Whew, that was a close one'; "Thank you Lord'; or 'I knew He would take care of us'?

As was the case last year, he did eventually go to work, and we were debt-free by the time January rolled around. I just have to pay what I can, keep praying and trusting that soon the water will dry up and he will go back to work.

And that rock concert? Okay, it wasn't exactly a heavy metal band.

It was a drum and bugle field competition, in which I sat, five rows up in the stands, on the 50-yard line, and fell asleep during the second or third band to take the field. My fellow band members were amazed I slept through the noise!

Good thing our band wasn't competing; our Drum Major had tried to wake me up early one morning, and had even grabbed me by the shoulders and shaken me. I have no memory of it.

So why the Monday Mania? Here's the To-Do List:
-Take spouse to diabetic checkup
-Take him to eye surgery
-Wash the mountain of laundry K brought home from summer camp
-Call my contact at Hazelwood to see if my slot is still available
-If it is, make arrangements for kids if needed and confirm my own sleeping arrangements.
-Arrange to have more bookmarks made
-Watch The Da Vinci Code on the sly; I DVR'd it last night. D has been adamant that movie not be allowed in the house; I read the book and now I want to see the movie for the ART WORK! I know it's a fictional story! And K edited the title, so should D go looking through the DVR, it has been changed. Sneaky, I know, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do around here, in order to keep the peace!

Unfortunately, it looks as though my dreams of attending the EC Romanticon are getting slimmer...as does my chances of attending the Hazelwood Craft Fair...But again, there's always next year!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Warning on bottle of aspirin:

Do Not Take If Allergic To Aspirin

Another 'duh' moment!

Not much to report this morning. No sales last night, but met a young artist, a musician who shares my taste in classic and modern rock, and had ice cream with my friend Tabitha afterwards. Just a nice, relaxing evening without my kids!

Did get a brainstorm at 4 am...don't know if it will lead to anything, but just the fact I had plot ideas, snippets of conversations, and the fact I stayed awake until I discovered the characters' names is a definite improvement from the sound of crickets! (And if you understand that long-winded statement, Kudos!)

Has anyone else noticed the gas prices? Two weeks ago, they were around the $2 mark. Last week, they shot up to $2.79. Yesterday they fell to $2.78, then to $2.77, and when I came home from the Blue Moon, gas was down to $2.75. Let's hope it keeps falling another dollar and a half!

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Currently Reading: To Love a Hero, by Mona Risk. I tried to buy the print edition at Christmas, but Amazon refunded my money and said it was 'unavailable'. Fortunately, Mona's been running a contest on her blog, and I won it the other day! She's got some beautiful pictures posted from all over the world; you should check it out for yourselves!

Book-buying has been put on 'hold' until the spouse goes to work, or I stop spending my earnings at the bar (Rare occurrance!) or in the gas tank! (See Monday's post.)

The secret to getting it through the spouse's thick skull that typing into a computer all day equals WORK?

1) Get a glowing review. (Scroll down or click here for more details on review)

2) Tell the spouse about it.

3) His response?

"Now you have something to wave in my face the next time I complain about you spending so much time at the computer."

Gee....that's all it took?

Who knew?

4) I'm going to get it laminated and put into a plexiglass frame, so it won't shatter if I 'accidentally' get too close and hit him with it:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kenzie's First Review!

Click here for more details:)

My mood just improved greatly!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guest Blogging...

Want to learn more about my road to publications and the joys of being a Domestic Engineer?

Click here: http://cce613.xanga.com/704433098/woman-in-charge-molly-daniels/

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Spicy? I'll Take It!"

Here's a sample of what people were saying about our booth on Saturday. For reference, BB Walter's display is to the right of your screen; mine and Kenzie's is in the middle, and to the left is everyone else's. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it!

"Hi, I'm BB Walter and if you like kings, queens, wizards, and warlords, you'll enjoy my fantasy novel Sister Light..."

"Fantasy? Oh yeah! Love fantasy!" (Comes over and starts leafing through her excerpt booklet. Asks many questions, gives her $5 and moves onto the next table.)

"And if you like romance..."

"Oh, I LOVE romance!"

"Great! My Arbor University series has a little bit of everything; life lessons, love, and how good kids can make bad choices."

"You wrote both of these?" (Picks up either Love is Sober or Love Finds a Way.) "And is this an audio book?" (indicating Kenzie's CD)

"No; this is my first electronic book, my new 'baby'. It's an Adult Contemporary Romance, whereas the Arbor U series is more Women's Fiction."


"Yes. You download it directly from Freya's Bower Website (I hand them the bookmark) and read it either on your computer, e-reader, palm pilot, or even phone. Or, you can buy the CD from me and read it on your computer at home. Would you like an excerpt?"

"You have a sample? Oh good!"

"Would you like tame or spicy? (I pull out the folder) I'll warn you...there are some choice words in here, and it's not to be read by anyone under 18."

"Oh, I'll take spicy! Thank you!" (Looks through it) "How much for the CD?"

I tell her, and she digs out another $5. I also give her Kenzie's business card, as well as Molly's brochure.

She then moves on to the 3rd display.

"Now did you write these as well?"

"No. I've been doing a lot of reading and receiving advice from other authors, so to say 'Thank You' to them, I'm showcasing their print books. Jamie Carie grew up here and writes wonderful Christian Inspirational; in fact, she was at the Rendezvous a few weeks ago, signing copies of Wind Dancer. If you prefer Regencies, Kelly's Marriage series is full of humor...Sandra's Cats of Catarou series is about cats who go to Cat Heaven, but return to Earth to find their Masters (this often brought other comments, especially if the person is a cat-lover!); Carol's cookbook is full of humorous mistakes anyone can make when they begin learning to cook, and she has a new book coming out soon. And in the back, we have some more Adult Romances, all beautifully written."

(Comes around and picks up Bound Brits or Dancer's Delight, and asks questions...usually 'Are these for sale', which I then say no, but are available at amazon.com.)

"Feel free to take a postcard or sticky notepad! And help yourself to the peanut butter M&M's"

"Thank you! And good luck with both of your sales!"

We both wave, and then take a drink of water or tea and wait for the next person to wander over. I try to catch people's eye and offer them a bookmark. Sometimes they take it and come back later; sometimes they immediately venture over; very few actually say 'No thank you.'

Here's a close-up of BB and myself.

Isn't she cute? She always dresses so sweet for these things! Sometimes I wish I had her sense of style. These were taken minutes after Kenzie's 2nd sale, so we were both pretty happy!
Now For Some Not-So-Good News:
Took my daughter for her yearly physical, and hopped on the scale to see how my half-hearted attempt at weight loss was going. I was shocked at the number I saw on the display...it was a number I hadn't seen in 5 years, since about a month before W's birth!
Now granted, it's just a number, and yes, I can still fit into all my clothes...it just shocked me into a slight depression, and caused me not to be hungry. In fact, when deciding what to fix for dinner, I told the spouse I was tired of food in general! Nothing sounded good, not even when I went through the freezer, the cabinets, and the cookbook! But, the toddler needed to eat, so we splurged at the Chinese Buffet. I opted for the rice noodles, rather than the lo mein, and loaded on the veggies. Hopefully my desire to cook again will return. In fact, the only thing that sounded delicious was the pork loin, but there wasn't enough time to prepare it. I'll do it tomorrow night, when I'll be home to enjoy it.
Around 10pm, we discovered W was out of his nighttime diapers, so I made a trip over. And discovered Walmart has decided to contribute to my 'diet' by no longer keeping my favorite candy bar in stock! How do I know? I went into every checkout aisle...no longer there. No no more daily chocolate bar. And I'll be cutting back on the nightly scoop of ice cream again.
Was going to actually get up and walk this morning, but even the weather is against me: It was raining at 6:30 am. But since it's only supposed to get up into the low 80's, maybe I'll go do some laps after lunch. Or after my writer's meeting.
I knew losing 40 lbs from February to July was going to be a long-shot for me; I guess now I'm back to striving for at least the 5 I've put on in the last couple of weeks, and go back to the camouflage plan!
Today's To-Do-List:
-Finish laundry
-Grocery shopping
-Fix something for pitch-in at Laptop Society
-Regain my normal sunny dispostion!
Currently Reading: Finished Mrs. Sato's book and now have 5 pages of questions to ask her. I'm going to write her a letter today to tell her how much I enjoyed it! The book is not for sale anywhere; it was written so she could pass it out to family and friends, which is a shame. I think it should be read by EVERYONE, as it is an exellent peek into the Japanese culture! What I can do is see if I can get a few more copies, if anyone would be interested in reading this book, and send you a copy. Email me at storimom2@aol.com if you would be interested in reading this wonderful memoir, and I will do my best to get it to you.

Also finished Claire Thompson's Diary of a Submissive. It's an excellent look into exploring the lifestyle! I'll get back to the e-books tomoroow.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"It's Always The Quiet Ones..."

I did very well at the Wine and Art Festival on Saturday, as you know if you're one of my friends on FaceBook:) I sold 5 books, and three of those were Kenzie's new one!

But why the quote? I guess I'm full of contrasts.

As I was getting in the van to move it to another parking area, a woman came by with flyers, inviting people to Metal Night at one of the local bars. I joked that if she and her partner, who also came over to see what we were talking about, came to my booth, then I'd come out to the concert.

They did, and were astonished that I had not only written one book, I had three published and more submitted!

At 5:30, fellow author and friend BB Walter and I wandered over to the wine tasting booth. She was carded, and while she was retrieving her ID, the woman asked if she was my daughter! I thought, "Just how old do you think I AM?", but kept my mouth shut. I did tell BB about it, and we laughed about it.

At one of the winery booths, I recognized one of the guys, who asked me if I'd sold any of my 'smut'. I said yes, and the one pouring my sample handed it to me and raised his eyebrows.

"Seriously....you write smut?"

"Yes, I do. Tame smut, but hey..."

He poured me another, no ticket required.

"Good for you! Here's to your future books!"

The final eyebrow-raising moment came when BB and I arrived at the bar. The gentleman who'd invited us looked me over and asked, "Seriously...you like metal?"

I smiled. "My son has me hooked on Disturbed."

"Well alright then! Enjoy yourself!"

He even later bought BB and I a round of drinks! Of course, with the college out until the summer session begins, she and I were only a handful of patrons NOT associated with any of the bands!

So tell me something: You've seen my picture before. Do I look old enough to be the mother of a 28-yr-old; erotic book author; and likes head-banging music? I also like the opera; read classic literature; and my favorite movie(s) are the Star Wars films.

But I can also be found watching NCAA basketball; my beloved Colts football team; Cubs baseball, and every year I attend the Indy 500 Race. And depending who I'm with, I can be shy or the life of the party.

Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on what others were saying about our booth!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch. 23 in Mrs. Sato's book. Ch 21 covered their travels all over the world, and Ch 22 was all about Shozo's illness and his sudden, shocking death. He was all set to go home from the hospital in 1989 when he suffered a heart attack.

Physiotherapist required for orthopedic rehab clinic.
actual classified ad

I think I'll send in my application....

Wine and Art Festival...and An 'Anniversary' of Sorts:
I'm off to the Wine and Art Festival, were last year at this time, I had the pleasure of meeting author J. Travis Grundon for the first time:) You know the saying looks can be deceiving? When I saw him walking towards us, I thought he was just another tattooed character arriving to ask us where to purchase the tickets.

To my surprise, fellow author BB Walter, who was sharing the booth with me, gasped, "Travis made it!' and hurried over to him.

I quickly put any judgements aside and greeted him cordially, and when he and I found out we shared the same taste in wine, well, that just sealed the deal! He invited me to join his Writer's Guild; I did in late June, and the rest is history.

So happy 'friend-versary', Trav...since I've known you, you've published independantly; gotten and rejected a movie deal; been through two or three girlfriends; and now have a reputable contract for your next book, out August 1st. Plus you've gotten me to actually write two short stories and inspired another storyline (which I'm still on chapter 2!). Not to mention, provided some valuable humor and advice while I was going through the edit stage in April! He's also introduced me to an awesome bunch of creative people in town, and my life is richer because of it.

Had some more bookmarks and CD inserts made up yesterday, but forgot about the poster! Hopefully they're still only a dollar, and Amanda at Office Max will print one out for me ASAP?? Off to call her:)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Currently Reading: Took a break from Mrs. Sato's book yesterday to begin Claire's Accidental Slave. I'm halfway through it and WOW...it is GOOD! Excellent prtrayal of how a person is introduced to the BSDM lifestyle, with hangups, concerns, etc expressed, and how patience can overcome fears. Not to mention a fantastic portrayal of office jealousies taken to the extreme! Hopefully today I'll finish it.

I'm on ch. 21 of Mrs. Sato's book, in which she talks about her married life, how her modern upbringing clashed with Shozo's traditional expectations, and I gotta say...there are some major similarities in my own marriage! Shows that some issues are timeless...Shozo expected her to be home when he arrived; to wait on him hand and foot; and was maybe disappointed because she was not dependant upon him for everything. In my early years, I remember being antsy if I arrived home and saw my spouse's car, and felt the need to tell him where I'd been or why I was late. And he still gripes about me not doing things 'as his mother did', and I keep reminding him I am nothing like her:)

Both daughters' marriages were arranged, and I am just getting to the part where Kazuko and Shozo, now empty-nesters, began to travel.

I need to call my dad; there is no copywrite page, and no publisher is listed. This is a book everyone should read, imho!

Why do some women, who come from non-abusive households, find themselves in either physical or emotional abusive relationships?

The spouse and I were relaxing on the porch, doing some reminiscing about different things, and this particular topic came up.

What sparked it was a humorous story about a close friend, who later admitted to me that her husband, before they were even married, had thrown her up against a wall, threatened her with his fist, and had her so badly scared, she didn't tell anyone! When I found out about it, my first response had been, "I can't believe you went through with the marriage!"

Spouse asked why, and I went on to relate some other issues this couple had had in the past, including his agreeing to get help when she finally DID make good on her threat to leave him. After four days at my house, her husband agreed to go to counseling, and even had the pastor of their church at their house on the extension as they spoke on the phone. They are still married; this was almost ten years ago, and no more violence has taken place (that I know of, anyway!)

This brought to mind the question of WHY this happened in the first place?

I always said that if a man EVER made a physical threat towards me, I would be out the door and never look back. BUT....in 1990, a control-freak got a hold of me emotionally, and it took me a year to realize he had no right to criticize my friends, my family, my past, or even my desire to write, and got out of the relationship. Yes, I had 'left' him three times, but returned, thinking he'd change, and being sweet-talked/romanced back into his life. But eventually I wised up.

Spouse said when he was doing the bar scene in his twenties (long before he met me), he observed girls/women he knew who regularly let their dates/lovers/boyfriends slam then around every Friday night, careful not to leave marks which could be seen.


Is it low self-esteem?

"But I looove him!"

Pattern of abuse not known in the household?

Brainwashing from the charming young stud who kisses them until they melt?

Thinking he'll change after they're married/been together for a while, ala 'taming the bad boy'?

Wake up, ladies...physical or emotional violence should NEVER be tolerated!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sucessful Operation!

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 15 on Mrs. Sato's Memories I Choose To Keep. The war is over, and she's discussing her marital life. She also described what others experienced during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Horrible, horrible way to die, if one isn't instantly killed! And I'm shaking my head, aghast at the way her husband's family treated him; apparently, he and another brother were 'fostered out' for a period of their growing up time, and neither one really ever felt accepted by their 'real' mother. While the other brothers were provided with education and nearly anything they wanted, Shozo felt inferior and ran away in order to put himself through high school and law school. But when the war was over, his parents provided a house for he and Kazuko, although once the younger brother came back to town, they were told the house was only for the younger brother and his wife, and Shozo and Kazuko were forced to move again. (Yeah, I was scratching my head over that one too.) So far, this is a fascinating look at another culture, and how modern times and traditional times overlap. Kazuko was a modern city girl, and Shozo was determined to stick to the 'old ways'. BUT...when it came to their daughters, he allowed Kazuko free reign as far as their education and growing up, even though their marriages were also arranged by a go-between. And yes, Kazuko Sato is 90 years old; she was born in April of 1919. I'm looking forward to seeing her the next time I'm home, and giving this wonderful lady a big hug. My respect for her has gone up several notches!

Keri's story has been revamped now for the fourth time. Why fourth? Here's the journey it took:

1985: Got bored one day during a lull in Amy's story and wrote a scene. The main character was Keri, and she was griping about her boyfriend Kyle.

1987: Keri emerges as a character in Amy's book.

1991: I came across the half-written scene and decided to make Keri the subject of book #3, titled Forbidden Love, and pattern it after Judy Blume's First Love. It is also written in 1st person.

1998: I decide Kyle needs a voice in the book, so I insert several scenes written from his perspective.

Later that same year: With tears in my eyes, I finish the final scene in her book. (Don't laugh...I know you've done this too!)

2000: I get a phone call/email from my 'agent', requesting the book be switched to 3rd person. It takes me a week (and I'm still finding mistakes!)

2008: Submitted it to Sapphire Blue in their first/last contest. It makes it to round #2, but not the top 10 finals. Reason? Doesn't have the required HEA. And as I later found out, my series is NOT considered romance, but womem's fiction!

Later that year: I decide to cut the first 6 chapters and speed up the seduction. Keri yells at me, but settles down once beta readers say they like the new beginning better than the old!

2009: Amidst a tantrum inside my creative brain, I cut the final 3 chapter; insert a scene; copy-and-paste my personal favorite love scene; modify it to fit the time frame; insert another scene. Boom! HEA...at least for now.

Near Miss:
I nearly had a heart attack when I clicked on my Off The Clock story...the file was damaged, and nothing I did would bring it back. So I went looking for the backup file.

Guess what? Apparently I hadn't copied it anywhere! Oops...

But then I remembered I'd sent it to Travis. I fired off an email, requesting he send it back. And then thought...what are the odds it's still in my Sent Mail file? I clicked over...scrolled down...and there it was. Now there are two copies, and I'm going to save it to CD as well. Whew...

Home News:
On the home front, things are still in limbo. K goes to his football conditioning three days a week, and came home with his shoulder pads and helmet the other day. My camera batteries died just as I was about to take a picture of W wearing them...he looked soooooo cute! S is enjoying herself up at Grandma's, and I still have no idea when she's coming home. My spouse received some good news; his Federal Extension is still open, so yes, we will still have income after next week. I also discovered that the Wine and Art Fair is NOT all day Saturday, but rather from 2-6pm. If I can talk my spouse into it, I'll pay the $10 to set up at the Farmer's Market. I also have to negotiate on which promo items are ABSOLUTELY necessary for Saturday. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I'll have good sales!

I've also managed to reconnect with yet another classmate on FaceBook:) Maybe past differences can be set aside, and any misconceptions cleared up?? Let's hope so...she likes to read!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is what happens when too much caffeine meets insomnia and an author oversleeps, waking up with aching muscles.

I thought I'd remember the blog topic for today, but it's not going to happen.

Be back tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have good news about Book #3's 'operation.' Don't know what I'm talking about? See yesterday's post:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Light Bulb Moment

Currently Reading: I received a treat yesterday! My father is 'chauffer' to a sweet Japanese lady, Kazuko Sato. She's the ninety year old woman who's eyesight is deteriorating, and whom my sister and I accompanied her to her physical therapy appointment back in October, and who provided the tickets to the Opera?? Anyway, she has written her memoirs in a book titled Memories I Choose To Keep, and with the help of author Amy Clements Blackburn, the book became available last month in Newport, Arkansas. She autographed a copy to me and when my father arrived to pick up S, he handed it to me! I'm on Chapter 2, and can already hear her precise diction in the written words.

Here's a quick overview: She was born in Japan in 1919; her marriage was arranged; she lived through WW2 and travelled extensively. In 1994, her son-in-law's company transfered him from Japan to Arkansas, and ultimately to Lafayette. This lady continues to keep her mind sharp by taking courses at community colleges, and is always improving her English. My dad takes her to voice lessons, art lessons, as well as her cardiac physical therapy (she suffered a heart attack a few years ago). It has definitely been an honor to meet this lady, and when she discovered I was an author, it inspired her to go ahead with the book, as Amy had been after her to help her write it. I can't wait to learn more about her life:)

I think my muse is back with a vengeance.

I spent most of the day yesterday at the computer, reading and re-formatting book #5 in the AU series, Endless Love. (I made it all the way to chapter 10 when my body insisted I get up and walk around!)

Anyway, it's funny the things you notice when you've been away from a WIP for a while...

I was thinking this morning about finishing the final ten or so pages, and that alphabetically, #3 Forbidden Love is next to be worked on.

Blink! Sudden epiphany.

Maybe the reason my series is not getting anywhere with publishers, is that somewhere along the way, the focus of my books wandered severely off track? Originally, I was just going to focus on one girl's story, taking a year or two of her college life and showing the struggles.

But I think since I wrote them out of order, Keri's story set off a chain reaction of bringing each character's problems in, instead of being foreshadowed, as Amy's is in Love is Sober (to be re-titled some day as Love On The Rocks).

Amy's story foreshadow's Keri's in Love Finds A Way.

But Keri's story not only involves a great deal of her own story, but goes into detail about Gretchen's, and actually foreshadow's Stephanie's book (#6 Searching For Love) instead of Gretchen's (#4 tentatively titled Emotional Rescue).

And Caitlyn's? OMG...the first chapter dives back into Keri's story!

I think this is where I went wrong. Instead of focussing on the main character, I allowed the others to take over. Time to go in and make some more changes, and take back the creative control over my series!

Keri: You're going to what? Oh no; not again!

Gretchen: Yikes! Hopefully this won't be too painful...

Caitlyn: Why mess with perfection?

Stephanie: Caitlyn, pull your head out of the sand! Yours is still a major work in progress!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Promo Opportunity??

Currently Reading: Spent the weekend devouring Wendi Christner's The Water Bearer. Talk about a tear-jerker! Really enjoyed it!

Woke up Saturday morning to the sounds of a traffic jam on our street. Apparently the neighbors two doors down were having a yard sale.

After throwing on some clothes and going over myself (came home with a pair of $10 barely-used rollar blades for W, a $2 toaster oven for D (yes, it works!), a $1 CD box and a .50 over-the-door hook for me), I had the brilliant idea to try out my new lawn sign.

I set out both print books in their stands and the newly-burned copies of Kenzie's CD's in the new box (with the brochures stacked in the back to hold them up), and stuck my lawn sign where it could be seen from the passing cars.

No one came over, but I did notice several looks! And while joking with the neighbors about setting up my display, I did manage to tell people about the Wine and Art Festival next Saturday.

In all fairness, I probably would have done better had my display been on a table in the front grass, rather than my porch, and had I set everything out at 7am, rather than 10:30! And by 2pm, the traffic had pretty much disappeared. But hey...maybe some of the people in those cars will remember me in the coming months, as I promote at several venues around this county?

Successful Party!
Had a good turnout for K's Thank You party for those who helped him with his Eagle Scout project:) The boys played baseball; ate until they were stuffed; and even took some home for their families.

We had a nice breeze flowing through the shelter house, and had fogged the place before setting up, so the bugs stayed away. W loved the location, because he could play on the swings and three different climbing areas and still be within eyesight and yelling distance. He played hard and fell asleep early.

S came home for the evening, but is leaving for Lafayette to spend the week at her grandparents' house. Too bad she couldn't go up next week; K leaves for BSA summer camp. If she and W were gone...and D at work, I'd have a nice vacation! But no....she's choosing this week. Maybe later this month I can send all three kids north for a week?

I'm off to get another cup of coffee and dive into the laundry pile. One good thing about the impromptu display on Saturday: I was able to organize my promo stuff in the rollie cart, and I know what I need to order from Office Max this week!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Finished Stone and Sea last night. Another excellent book from Ms Pape:) And a Recommended Read from me:) In fact this entire series by Cindy is excellent! Looking forward to Stone and Fire sometime next fall...unless I bump it up. Next, I'm diving into Claire Thompson's Accidental Slave. And discovered last night I also won my choice of her print books! Yay...I'll have another author's work to promote this summer! I've already decided to get another table; I utilized the extra table last fall at the Fall Festival, and my table didn't look so crowded!

Doesn't This Sound Appetizing?
We serve dead shrimp on warm vegetables with a smile.
on a Shanghai menu

Remember my Sid and Marty Kroft post two weeks ago? Click here to learn some more fun facts about 'Land of the Lost', since Will Ferrell's version arrived in theatres yesterday.

I neglected to mention the spouse took me to see Star Trek two weeks ago. We went to the late show, and it was a relaxing time, knowing my kids were tucked in bed, and to have an adult moment in the theatre. No, not that kind of moment! I mean, I didn't have to miss any scenes because of having to pull out money for snacks; answer questions; or accompany anyone to the restroom.

I'm not a huge snacker at movies, nor do I drink a lot while watching them. One bag of extra-buttery popcorn and I'm fine. Not like the spouse who made 3 trips for the free popcorn, plus a trip for a soda for himself and a bottle of water for me. I think I only took three sips, but still had to make a quick run to the powder room. Fortunately, I didn't miss much.

The last time the spouse and I went to the movies alone, it was to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and he laughed at me as I sobbed all the way through Anikan's decision to turn to the dark side. And then again at the end, when he and Obi-Wan are fighting. And yet again when Padme dies. Afterwards, he took me to Texas Roadhouse for a snack, rather than driving me home.

So yeah, two weeks ago was a treat. But now we are closer to the movie theatre, and it was after midnight when the show was over. This town shuts down after 10pm, except for the bars, and since he can no longer drink, due to his medication and other health issues, we simply came home and fell into bed. It had been quite a long time since I'd stayed up that late! (Lord....am I getting old? Nah...that's what happens when you have a toddler!)

Have no idea what we're doing today, other than going to the store to get everything for the party tomorrow. Have a good weekend and I'll be back on Monday:)

Friday, June 5, 2009

July Reading Schedule

Just realized I didn't post this! Too wrapped up in the weather, I guess...

No Holds Barred-Jayden Chelsee (EP)

Heart and Soul-Ashley Ladd (TEB)
Beyond Meddling-Barbara Huffert (TEB)

The Oath: Bound-Adrianne Brennan (FB)
Summer Heat-Elizabeth Black (Excitica??)

Drake’s Rules-Barb Huffert (CP)
Gillian’s Place-Rob Graham (AMP)
Infidelity-Debbie Gould (Red Rose Pub)

And yes, some of these overlap from last month. That's what happens when money's tight!

I'm into chapter 2 of Cindy Spencer Pape's Stone and Sea and enjoying it!

K had his first 'accident' this morning. He was leaving his morning football conditioning when someone flagged him down and told him a girl had rear-ended his parked car. He called us and D went over. Turned out to only be a broken taillight, but the girl was only on her 2nd day of solo driving and scared stiff! And her mother works for an insurance company...Thank god it wasn't anything more major!

If the weather holds out, I may go see Robert Earl Keen's free concert tonight. I've not really been out of the house since Tuesday, and feel the need for a break from the spouse and his attempts to put me on a guilt trip. Why? I paid the utilities and now he doesn't have the extra funds to go buy the welder to fix my chair. Okay...do you hear me griping about my website? No; I have this free blog I can still promote, and I'm content to use the kitchen chair. If this keeps up, I'll be digging out that cast iron skillet...

Off to shower and do a few chores. We have a BSA party planned for Sunday, and need to go pay the park shelter fee by 5pm. It's for everyone who helped on K's Eagle Project, as a Thank You.

Edits Coming Along
I'm up to chapter 5, and have spotted a few problems not noticed last year. I'm still not happy with the POV changes; I may have to make minor adjustments here and there.

TGIF everyone:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Mother Nature Listened...

But now it's cold!

Okay; to be fair, the highs are in the low 70's. Which means a) I don't have to take my daily decongestant/Advil mix to ward off the sinus headache, and b) the spouse is happy with the a/c off and the windows open, so I'm very comfortable inside. Most of the time, I freeze indoors, and everyone laughs at me as I'm bundled into sweats, trying to stay warm during the day!

(Yes, I have a very narrow comfort range!)

On the other hand, I wasn't up and down with hot flashes during the night.

So why am I griping?

Can't we find neutral ground somewhere? Or maybe I just need to move to Florida.

Currently Reading: I'm up to chapter 5 on Killer Curves! Loving it, Reg, and it's a definite Recommended Read:) Why is it taking me so long? My comfy office chair is broken and the kitchen chair gets painfull when I sit here too long.

Week #1 Recap:
Going well so far. Even though I've not gotten out and walked, I've been busy fixing the POV in my next manuscript, getting it ready for submission. Not written anything new, but then again, I put my muse on notice. I'm editing without him/her. Maybe she'll return soon?

It's been hit-and-miss, though. S took the laptop with her to J's house, and didn't bring it back when she popped home on Tuesday to go to the pool. So K and I have to take turns during the day.

No calls for the spouse...which means his bad mood continues. And it doesn't help the fact I put off getting more promo items or the fact I need a new webhost. When I even bring up the subject of what I'm going to need next week, he gives me the old 'if you'd get a real job' lecture, and asks how many books I've sold so far.

As long as he sits in his chair and watching his History, Sci-Fi, or Travel Channel, my computer time is okay. And I don't mention any promo needs. I'll just quietly go buy them myself.

Just please let that phone ring for him SOON??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I think Mother Nature has lost her sense of direction. Every day for the past week or so, it has rained at 5pm! And not just a tiny shower. Nooooo. I'm talking buckets! Thunder, lightening, knocking out the satelite, you name it.

So what does this have to do with direction?

It occurred to me that whenever we visit Colorado, it rained every day at 3pm. Indiana is two hours ahead of Mountain Time, so therefore we are stuck in a Colorado weather pattern!

I just thank god we're in a lower elevation and it's not SNOW!

But still...I need my spouse to go back to work, and he can't work in a swamp. Nor would I suspect the good Hoosiers want him to build solid roads with a swampy foundation, so all roadwork has been halted until this weather pattern moves out, and the ground dries!

Not to mention that a year ago about this time, our area suffered major flooding and loss of crops. So for the sake of our Hoosier economy, please, please, please, Mother Nature, send the rain somewhere else? All we want is a little bit of rain once a week. Is that asking too much?

Okay. Rant over.

Going to go drink another cup of coffee and start my day. Go over to Cindy's blog and read about her fascinating Jeopardy audition!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Matter How Hard You Try, Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be...

...and I'm going to have to say farewell to MS Office Live. I bribed my web designer with a home cooked meal yesterday if he'd come over and see what I was doing wrong. After four hours and two of those spent on the phone with Tech Support, the site was sporting the text, but not the graphics. And neither one knew why.

So keep checking back; we've found another web host with reasonable prices. And when everything is loaded and working properly, I'll let you know!

Currently Reading: Christine Duncan's Safe Beginnings arrived in the mail yesterday! I'm more than halfway through it! I used to volunteer in a battered women's shelter, so I was very interested in this series. So far, I know I'll be getting the next one!

Kids are off to the pool, except the toddler. Spouse is in the basement, watching a Stargate SG-1 marathon. I managed to complete two small writing projects I'd been putting off. And since daughter left her laptop at her 'other mommy's house', I will hopefully be writing in longhand tonight at Laptop Society. Now I don't know which I want more, a laptop or an e-reader!

Sorry about the late post; the teens took over the computer until the pool opened up! My hot flashes are keeping me awake at night; sometimes I'm up every hour trying to cool off. I seem to get the most rest between the hours of 3am and 6am. Go figure. And with K's weight training days a week from 7:30-9am, my planned walking time has been delayed. I've been too tired to get up and walk! Guess I'm either going to have to start going to bed earlier than 10 or just force myself and nap in the afternoon. I'll let you know which one works out best.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Proofreading Is Important...

Currently Reading: The Water Bearer has shipped! I should get it by the end of the week! I'm almost finished with the One Touch, One Glance antho; p. 176. Killer Curves is up next, and I also won Claire Thompson's Accidental Slave last week. So I have plenty of reading material.

...and why I need my kids to stop hiding my dictionary!

1) I've discovered I cannot spell 'recommend'. I keep putting in an extra 'c'.

2) My brand-new brochures from Vista? Worthless now, because there's an extra 'i' in 'mjdaniels.blogspot.com'. Sheesh! You'd think I knew how to type my own damn name...

3) Even while typing this up, my dyslexic fingers insist on hitting the wrong keys. (Case in Point: 'keys' was typed 'kehyas')

4) I posted Kenzie's interview with Marc, only to discover later (after posting it to a couple of promo loops, no doubt!) I had typed 'town' as 'toen'. Note to self: Please remember to hit spell-check before posting Word documents to the web?

5) I tried my hand at critiquing someone's work, but had to decline when her lack of punctuation and spelling gave me a migraine. She found someone else and now has two books pubbed. But her emails still give me a headache as I mentally insert the correct punctuation. I feel sorry for her editor...

I think I mentioned one time, waaaay back when, I was so disgusted by a former boyfriend's writing ability, I took a red pen to one of his letters. He soon stopped writing me. Hmmm...wonder why?

And yes, I'm a blonde, but there is no White-Out on my monitor screen! I simply forget to proofread.

Fortunately, Vista's offering free brochures again. And this time, I'll be sure to get it right...I've got three signings this month and would like to send potential readers to the right website!