Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday: Back To 'Normal'

Currently Reading:  Thoroughly enjoyed Anyone Out There by Marian Keyes!  Now reading Shopoholic Ties The Knot by Sophia Kinsella.  E-book-wise, LOVED Sommer Marsden's The Anniversary Party!  Recommended Reads All Around:)  I'm currently on Ch 3 of Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier.  Enjoying it:)

Sept 2002:
Son K was in the 5th grade and playing baritone in the band; daughter S was thriving in the 2nd grade.  I had settled into a routine of taking them to school, then going home to write.  I was working on Stephanie's story, Searching For Love, and doing research on the next project, which would be my eating disorder story line.  I was also taking the girl across the street to and from school, and she informed me of girls who were doing a combination anorexia/bulimia:  They'd alternate not eating, then binge/purge.  I filed it away for future reference.

The spouse was working on Michigan Rd, up at 96th street; I went to see him at lunch one day and had to park between the interstate and the on-ramp.  He gave me his paycheck for deposit; I got the bright idea to ask the car dealership if I could test-drive one of the trucks, so I didn't have to fight the traffic back to my car.  And to my surprise, the salesman agreed!  And even let me have my pick of colors!

But after I chose the red one, and we were walking out to it, his phone rang.  He told me to go ahead and go do my errand; he trusted me to bring it back.  So I took this brand new Chevy Extended Cab out onto 96th; crossed over to Township Line Rd; went down to 86th; deposited my husband's paycheck and got some cash; then drove over to Arby's and got us both some lunch.  Took Michigan Rd back to 96th.....and all construction has halted.  I parked the truck, returned the keys, and took the Arby's sack to my spouse.  He and the other crew members were looking down in a hole.

"Do you know what you made me do?  (I shook my head) I looked up, saw you drive across in a $35,000 vehicle, and got so shook up I hit a gas main!"

The other guys laughed.

"Thank god it wasn't a LIVE one!  How the hell did you convince him to let you drive that truck?"

Feminine charm:)  And the fact that due to the construction right outside their entrance, business was slow???

He still laughs about that from time to time!

Present Day:
Miss Alex is having an upper GI as I type this.  She's been having near-projectile vomiting lately, so the dr has ordered it, to find the cause.

K and D are home from Texas, and my son's Spring Break crisis has been dismissed!  They were also thrilled to see my 'other daughter' Sam and the 'nephew/grandson' Shaant.  Sammie's expecting again, and hoping for a girl.  D took pictures while they were down there, so I'll get them up on Face Book sometime today.

Heading up to the Bruceville Fall Festival tomorrow!  And fellow author Carol Preflatish will be joining me, as well as BC Brown, providing she feels up for it.  She's been suffering a mild allergic reaction to some medication the dr has her on.  I'll post pics next week:)

Kenzie finally posted her 'Next Big Thing' interview:)  You can view it here.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wip Meme

Currently Reading:  I'm almost finished with Anyone Out There by Marian Keyes.  Aside from some really strange clothing that I'm having trouble visualizing ANYONE wearing, I'm loving this book!  And Definite Recommended Read!  Also, DRR for Linda Mooney's My Strength, My Power, My Love!  Getting ready to finally read Sommer Marsden's The Anniversary Party.

Another author friend posted this on a loop, and before I could respond, she'd already 'tagged' her 5 friends.  Since I'm not 'officially' part of this MeMe, I won't tag anyone.  And as the title states, this is about my current WIP.

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:
What is the working title of your book?
None at the moment; the file is called Disgruntled Coworker #2, aka 'Zombie Story'.

Where did the idea come from for the book?
It was originally going to be a part of an 'Off The Clock' anthology, put together by my writer's group.  But I seemed to be the only one working on it!  And one morning, I woke up with this angry gentleman in my head, telling me all about his gripes with the world.  The third time he repeated himself, I decided to get up and write it down.  Then didn't have any idea of what to do with it, so sent it to a friend who immediately replied, "I soooo see zombies in the next scene!"  I told him to write that part.

He never did, so it sat on my computer for two years.  Then last winter, I happened to catch several episodes of The Walking Dead.  And a few days later, came across that wip.  Opened it up and the ideas began to flow again.  I think I'm up to Ch. 3, but then Kenzie took over the brain again.

What genre does your book fall under?
Definitely fiction, with a romantic element.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I'm kind of picturing George Clooney for the part of the doctor; Reece Witherspoon as the nurse; Conrad (Mark Vann) from CSI as the hospital CEO; and Channing Tatum as the first detective on the scene.  And Jessica Stroup (Silver from 90210) as the head of the hospital laboratory, plus Amy Adams as the reporter.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A strange explosion in the ER leads to chaos.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Hopefully I'll find a publisher!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Still writing it, lol!  I'm on Ch. 3.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Anything of Stephen King, Michael Palmer, Robin Cook.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Honestly, I don't know.  Blame The Walking Dead.  Or the 2008 election (LOL!)

What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?
Who would have thought zombies and romance would be in the same book?

Kenzie will be answering these questions too, so why don't you go pay her a visit?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Part 9 of BWSNBN

Yes, I'm still reading this damn thing.  Glutton for punishment....

Ch. 15:
Still too many 'whispers', 'murmurs' and 'flush'-ing going on.

Pg 252:  If she's looking at her fingers, how does she know he's put the champagne bottle on the table????
And if she's soooo concerned about getting tipsy, stop drinking it!  Or at least slow down.

Pg. 255:  Showing my ignorance here....what the hell is 'anal fisting'?  If it's what I think it is, how the hell can a fist get in there?

Pg. 256:  Why does she 'whisper' instead of 'gasp' when he mentions 'training'?  And I'm about to smack her 'inner slut goddess' into the next century.

Pg 258:  She thinks he's bossy now....wait til she gets in the playroom!  And I'm soooooooo glad she 'blanches' at the thought of caning!  (Yeah, that doesn't excite me either.)

Pg 260:  I'm sorry; I find the fact he's willing to compromise a little out of character for a Dom....unless I'm wrong here.....

Pg 265:  If he 'dips' his finger, then puts it into his own mouth, how the hell does she know she tastes salty?  There's no mention of her 'tasting' herself.  And I take issue with the 2nd half of this entire page.  Would a Dom REALLY behave like that?

Ch 16:
Pg 271:  Why would a doctor make a house call for a female exam?  This makes NO freaking sense whatsoever.

Pg 273:  She's about to get her first spanking.  Again, she has a choice.  Use your damn safe word or get the hell away from him!

Pg 280:  Oh yeah....act like an abused woman and say you fell down!   And why does K not mention the new car in front of the house?  And why does she care if C does or does not approve if his brother moves in with K?

Pg 285:  I find it hard to believe he would return, just to pacify her.

I was so disgusted after I read this on Friday, I haven't touched it at all since.  I might read the next two chapters tomorrow.  The good news?  Since I'm halfway through it, I have been able to discuss it with others and tell them WHY I think it's horrible.  And yes, I've even had one or two women agree with me!  Readers, not writers.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Insomnia Strikes Again!

Chatted all day yesterday on the SCP Face Book page, then read more of Anyone Out There? by Marian Keyes before turning out the light around midnight.  Something woke me at 3am, and an hour later realized I was still wide awake, so got up and watched the rest of my CBS This Morning (Nora Roberts was featured!) and three or four episodes of All American Handyman.  Put the dogs out; made the coffee; fed both the dogs and the cat, and went walking with the SU after dropping off the youngling at school.

Then it was change and feed the granddaughter, and watch another Warehouse 13 episode.

Now it's after 10am and I'm finally yawning.

So even though I'm ready to write part 9 of the BWSNBN critique, I'll post it tomorrow.  Going to make a phone call, then go take a nap.  The family can get along without me for a couple of hours.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: New Home, New Issues

Sept 1992:
The pool closed, and I soon had our new 2 bedroom apartment looking homey.  I also began baby-sitting T (3 months) and B (4 yrs), and quickly established a routine with the two babies.  The 4 y/o went to preschool three times a week, so all I had to do was pick him up in the afternoons until his mom got home from work.  She worked as an EMT, so it soon became her habit to eat dinner with us.  I never knew when the spouse was going to show up, so she provided adult conversation in the evenings!  I'd also begun attending church with new friends, though I strongly disagreed with some of their teachings.  I thought I could get along with anyone, but disaster was brewing....and would come to a head the following month.  And in the meantime, my new friends grated on D's nerves, since he was a devout Catholic, who refused to attend a church other than his own, even though he hadn't been in years.

My friend B and I decided to take a road trip to Vincennes, to show off our new babies.  The spouse was NOT pleased, and it sparked a bit of a rebellion in me.  So I didn't object when B and her friends decided to eat dinner down there, my ex-BF and his new wife among them.  Ever see someone again after a few years and wonder 'what the hell happened to you'?  And saw another ex who informed me his feelings toward me hadn't changed.  I held my ground and didn't give into temptation.

But when I got home, you'd have thought I was twelve.  And like an idiot, I let him rant until he shut up.

But the rebellion began to fester.....

Next Month:  K's first Halloween:)

Present Day:
Great night at karaoke!  Pissed off the SU by 'blowing curfew' (came home at 1:20 instead of 12:30), but he'll get over it.  It was the Billie/Molly/Melissa (aka Karaoke Queens) Show, and sang nine songs apiece before Mel and I had to leave.  Here's what I sang:
-Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol):  Ugh.  Waaaayyy too low.  Crossing this one off!

-What About Love (Heart):  Nailed it!  Even the high notes!  Why can't I do that every week?

-Closer You Get (Alabama):  Ugh.  Just can't sing Alabama.  Crossing this one off too.

-What's Up (4 Non Blondes):  Not bad for the 1st time singing this!  Keeping this one, and fighting Billie over it, lol!

-Separate Ways (Journey):  Nailed it!  Which gives me hope when Don't Stop Believin' comes up!

-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All (Air Supply):  Not bad; Mel took the low notes and I sang the high ones.  Loved this song in HS, but probably will only ever do this again on slow nights!

-Midnight Blue (Melissa Manchester):  This one had been in my head all day for whatever reason.  Wasn't bad; just too low in spots.

-Listen To Your Heart (Roxette):  Nailed this one also!  And received cheers and whistles for my efforts:)  Another keeper!

-I'd Lie For You (Meatloaf):  Did better, but blew it on the bridge, which is my favorite part of the whole damn song!  Couldn't believe I did that.

Probably won't get to go next week; the spouse will be out of town, but Billie won't have the night off.  So unless I can coerce beg go with someone else, I'll be practicing for the next time.

Have a good weekend and come back Monday for more BWSNBN!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reading List and BB Winner:)

First of all, congrats to Ian, who won Big Brother last night!!  I figured Dan's sleezy shenanigans had caught up with him, and my jaw dropped in horror when both Ian and Danielle threw part 1 of the HOH competition!  But thankfully, Ian won both parts 2 and 3....and though I think he still could have won against Danielle, I applaud the fact that Ian won 6-1.  I was hoping Danielle or Shane would win the Favorite, but Frank won that honor.

Now the the reading list.  I found my old Reading Schedule the other day, and I've sadly strayed off course! I've read a few of the ones on it, but haven't bought others.  After I finish this round of downloaded books, I'll make up another schedule.

Print Books:
Still reading Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith.  Next up are:
-Shopaholic Ties The Knot and Mini-Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella
-Watermelon and Anyone Out There bt Marian Keyes
-How To Woo A Reluctant Lady and Never Seduce A Scoundrel by Sabrina Jeffries
-Pictures Of Us- Amy Garvey
-Under Your Spell-Lois Greiman

Plus the ones still in my grandmother's box...and there are three or four more in another sack somewhere.

Read part of Anny Cook's Alpheli Solutions and I just couldn't finish it.  I'm sorry Anny; the next time I'm in the mood to read a vampire book, I'll open this again.  I got halfway through it, then discovered I was 'skimming'.

Then I opened Linda Mooney's Heart Fast and after three pages, put it down.  I'll save it for later also.  But when I opened Linda's My Strength, My Power, My Love, I couldn't put it down!  The only reason I had to stop was my Kindle battery needed charging.  And didn't read last night, due to watching TV.  And next up in the queue are:
-The Anniversary Party-Sommer Marsden
-Not An Angel-Dawn Chartier
-Soul Keeper-Natalie Dae
-The Book of Lost Souls-Michelle Muto
-61 All-David McAfee
-Carpe Bead Em-Tonya Kappas
-Deadly Obsession-Kristina Cayne
-Dead Is The New Black-Christine-DeMaio-Rice
-Blood Destiny-Bekki Lynn
-Born To Be Wild-Cynthia Arsuaga
-Playing For Keeps-Heather Peters
-Monkeys, Sex, and Birthday Surprises-Kellie Kamryn

So I have quite a diverse group of books to keep me company!

Heading out to karaoke tonight and have somewhat of an idea of the songs I'd like to sing tonight.  I'll let you know tomorrow after the flashback from 1992:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Frustrations With BWSNBN....

After I read Chs 13 and 14, I was ready to hurl this book under the train which passed by my favorite coffee shop on Sat.  Thank God I was outside on the porch and not inside, lest I offend anyone with the remarks I just could not hold in.  I think at one point I even held it up and made a throwing motion in the direction of said train!   But I managed to control myself.  So settle in kids, and hope my humor/psychoanalyzation/critique of these next two chapters make you laugh.  I'm also over at RB4U today...stop by and say hi!

Welcome to Part 8 of the BWSNBN:)
Ch. 13:
I am furious at her mother, because she's full of excuses why she can't attend her only daughter's college graduation.  Then on the other hand, I see where A gets her codependency.  And why does Mom 'whine' instead of apologizing?  I'd better be on my death bed before I miss an important milestone in any of my children's lives.

Then A goes on to think she's got no say in the 'kinky relationship'  she's contemplating with C.  Ummmm, yeah, you can opt out, or use a damn safe word.  Or quit seeing him.

Pg 208:  I'm sorry, but if I received an email with the definition of submissive, I'd tell him where to go; he obviously thinks I can't use a dictionary.  Although, on the next page, I applaud A for standing up to him in reply...but at the same time, I don't understand how his 1st email makes her think he's willing to discuss issues.

Pg 210:   His 3rd email asks if she thinks she'll ever do as she's told?  Why would a Dom ask that?  If she's too much trouble and 'doesn't 'get' it', then why the hell is he still pursuing her???????

Pg 211:  They're arguing via email over her car.  She wants to drive, since 'I may have to make a quick getaway'.  On what PLANET is she living on?  I can see this for a 1st date, but NOW???  1) He's not going to hold her hostage or force her at gunpoint and 2) this is their FOURTH encounter!!  If by now she still needs a 'means of escape', isn't that a RED FLAG that maybe this isn't a good idea??

Pg 214:  Makeup intimidates her.  Did she never have a close girlfriend, or even go to the mall and experiment with makeup?  I remember going into Merle Norman and getting the free facial and makeup tips...or playing with my grandmother's makeup.  Reading teen magazines for hints.  And she's been living with K for 4 years at least....has she never asked her for help?  Or K never offered to do her makeup?  She cares enough to lend A clothes!  And this is another gag issue....A spends most of her time in tennis shoes.  So why no issues when she puts on stillettos?  Are you KIDDING me?  The first time I tried heels that high, I lasted maybe 5 steps.  But A is a natural....just like the bath incident...  And why does K 'smirk' when assessing her friend in the outfit?

A mentally 'girds her loins'.  Who the hell thinks like this?  Oh yeah...she must have finished reading a Regency or Historical...

And would a Dom really blink when he sees her?  Or seem nervous, on pg 215?  Why does she then ask him if he's 'smirking' at her?  I'd have used 'making fun of me'....but hey, I didn't write this.

She's had a bit of memory lapse on pg 216 when her knees shake 'how far will he take me???'  Does she not remember Ch 7?  Oh wait....this must be the same thing which causes her appetite to disappear on a whim.  Nerves.  Mind goes blank.

Pg 218:  She's tired of making decisions?  What is she, a trained dog?  And if she's suddenly lost her courage, why doesn't she get up and leave?  Or ask 'why do we have to talk about this now?'  She's amazed at the level of his 'control freakism'; but really, it's just plain common sense....and he does restate she's free to walk away any time.

Pg. 219:  She's thinking losing him is more painful than the 'discipline'?  And the whole oyster bit....since I suffered an entire three weeks, watching my mother eat oysters on the half shell, this grossed me out.  I don't have a problem with anyone eating Oysters Rockefeller, but I do object to eating something which resembles the residue I leave on a kleenex during cold and flu season.  Ugh.  And why does she ASK him if he chose them because of their 'aphrodisiac qualities'?  Do you not SEE what they look like?  (sorry; I have to go dry-heave....)

Pg 220:  If she's feeling railroaded, then why does she not walk away?????  Suggest a 6 week-2 month compromise, you idiot!!!  Or did that 'compromise' definition fall out of your short-term memory??

Pg 221:  WHY DOES HE WHISPER??????  Then look relieved when she says she trusts him? It was at this moment I chose to fake-hurl the book away from me....I'd still do it, but no trains are in sight, and I don't have a garbage disposal.  I do have a shredder, lol.....

Pg 222:  She thinks no one will dictate how she eats, but she doesn't have an issue with being told how to fuck?  I have a REAL problem here....

And finally, yes, I think you were traumatized, C, even though you deny it...'Mrs. R wouldn't take any of it from me.'  Yeah, not as her sub, no!  Then A thinks, 'But I have to.''re the SUB, should you choose to accept that role...which you obviously do.  I'm only halfway through book #1 of the trilogy....

Pg. 223:  Good lord....he's mentally kept track of everything she's eaten?  And why does he snort when she mentions dessert?  (Must be the oysters???  Coming back to haunt him???  LOL!)

Pp 224-225:  I slammed the book shut, threw it on the table, then tried to fake-hurl it away; there is an 'AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH' written at the bottom of 24 and an 'IS SHE STUPID' at the top of 25!  Even now, I want to throw this book across the room!  

1)  He's not psychic; you're just on the same damn wavelength!!
2)  He 'felt the tablecloth move' when she 'pressed her thighs together'....oh yeah, anyone would guess that....
3)  She thinks he's the only one who understands the rules.  Was she not paying attention??  He clearly spelled them out!  And if you're going to compare yourself to your favorite heroines, don't pick the one who 'succumbed'!

And here's where his food inconsistency is:  She states she wants to finish her food; he scoffs at the notion she would eat it cold, then announces his 'need' is overriding his dislike of seeing food go to waste.  But I absolutely LOVE the teasing which follows!  She's rethinking this through, and decides to leave.  I'm cheering, though I know it won't last.  On pg 226, she's found her backbone!

But she ruins it on pg 227 when she thinks this could be the last time she'll ever kiss him.

Anyone ever heard that Meatloaf long, If This is The Last Kiss?

"If this is the last kiss, let's make it last all night
If this is the last time I'm ever, ever gonna hold you
Let me hold you tight till the morning light
If this is the last time, ooh we'll ever be together
Kiss me and baby give me something
Tender to remember you by."

Pg 228:  Again, would a Dom sound 'hesitant'?  And why does he care about her damn car?  It got her there, didn't it?

Pg 229:  Does she pull over and cry, or does she miraculously manage to drive while sobbing?  Her introspection is honest, but I keep yelling at her to GROW UP!  THERE ARE OTHER MEN OUT THERE!!!!  (sorry for the shouting; I'll try to maintain my composure...)

And at the end of Ch 13, I want to yell at her to run away!!!!

Ch 14:  Okay, she's having a dream.  But I still clutch my crotch when I read hurts me to read it!!  (TMI moment?  Sorry!)  And she didn't know a person could dream sex?  Has she never heard of a wet dream?

Pg 233:  I want to slap her silly....C's idea of a relationship is more like a job offer?  She thinks to her dream and wonders if that's what it would be like....and her inner slut goddess jumps for joy.

And why is greeting her stepfather with a hug 'an uncharacteristic show of affection'?  I still hug people.

Why does stepfather frown at her outfit?  Or is he frowning because he wants to know where K is?

Pg. 234:  I'm confused about the graduation scene:  All the college graduations I've been to, the graduates enter during Pomp and Circumstance.  So why is she in her seat?

Pg 235:  She's jealous of other girls' scrutiny of C!!!  Whoo hoo!  And how does she know a 'slow flush is spreading across (her) face'?  Or even what C is staring at from the podium?

Pg 236:  Codependency is showing again; he's not looking at her, so she assumes he's mad at her?  Maybe he's thinking about his speech, dummy!!  And then she's astounded when he approaches the podium...did she forget WHY he's there?????

Pg 237: suddenly dawns on her why he gets upset if food is wasted....

Pg. 238:  Why does C hand out the degrees?  Usually Dean of Students has that honor, or President.  And her inner goddess is an idiot.

Pg 239:  She mentions J services the car and C is displeased.  Why is SHE the one embarrassed?

Pg 240:  I don't understand her turmoil about introducing C to her stepdad.

Pg 241:  Why does she feel dorky in cap and gown?  And who the hell cares if C won't like the wine?

Pg 242:  Why is stepdad murmering during introductions?  And why does C turn sophomoric all of a sudden?  Is HE jealous or something?

Pg 243:  I don't understand why A has suddenly lost the power of speech....

Pg 244:  I'd be angry, not embarrassed....

Pg 245:  Why does she agree to his terms?  IDIOT!!!  Or has he simply worn her down?  Kudos to her back out....RUN....before it's too late!  Which again, she doesn't listen to her subconscious...only her inner slut goddess....

More emails follow, and I want to throw up, pitch the book into the nearest trash can, or find that train.  But no, someone else would find it, and MY subconscious would be wondering 'what happens next'.  So sigh....I keep reading.....bleh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Celebrity Status???

Currently Reading:  Still reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult, and enjoying it:)  E-book-wise, I 'skimmed' (read is too strong a word) Learning To Bend and Curling Up.  I was a little disappointed in CU; I'd first seen the cover and blurb and even one excerpt, and couldn't wait to buy it.  And did, finally, three years later.  But when I read it, it wasn't the book I thought I'd remembered.  And LTB....I guess I wasn't in the mood for explicit sex.  So now I'm reading Anny Cook's Alpheli Solutions.  And right off the bat, I can tell this isn't going to be one of my favorites, but I'm still enjoying it.  Brings some insights to the Vampire World:)  (And the writing is better than the other two e-books I tried to read!  I'm not normally this critical of books, but there has to be a reason they were on my TBB list for so long...)

I've had two incidents in the last week where I've been recognized:

1) Last Tues, at our weekly writer's meeting, we met a new member.  When I introduced myself  and told her my pen names, she frowned and said, "Kenzie Michaels...I think I've heard of you."

I said, "It might be someone else; I'm not that well known yet."

"I just bought a book by that author; what are your titles?"

"Teacher's Pet has been my best seller so far."

"Teacher's Pet! That's the book I bought. Can hardly wait to start reading it."

I had my laptop open, and clicked over to Amazon to bring up the cover, then showed it to her.

"There are a few books with that this the cover?"

"YES! OMG....That's YOU? WOW!"

2)  The spouse was approached by a local Kirby Vacuum dealer, and he agreed to a free carpet cleaning.  We already own a Kirby, so we're VERY knowledgeable about that contraption, plus my FIL sold and repaired them.

Anyway, I answered the door yesterday, and the guy and I stare at each other, not sure of how we know one another.  We finally decided we'd seen each other at Office Max.  But during the conversation, I wasn't satisfied with OM and kept asking questions.  And when I mentioned karaoke, it hit him.

"'re the girl who sang I Remember You last week!  I KNEW I'd seen you somewhere!"

And his partner had heard me sing Wanted Dead Or Alive many times before that.

So I guess I'm getting a bit 'known' around town....and not just by my Chamber of Commerce connections....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally Something I Can Relate To!

Welcome to Part 7 of the BWSNBN critique:)

Chapter 11 begins with a detailed contract, which in other BDSM books is more of a verbal agreement.  And I was thrilled to again find honest emotions on page 175.  But I then turned the page and wanted to gag.  Why?

"My inner goddess"  begs "please, let's do this" as she doesn't want to be the little old lady with all the cats.'re 22!  Just because you turn down this opportunity doesn't mean you're screwed for life!  Let's be real here.

I LOVE the flirtation emails from pp 182-186!  Even though she 'flushes' a few times.

Ch 12:
She's done the research on submissive, and is so appalled, she goes for a run, 'blushing' at the memory of what she's seen, and wonders if the reason behind his demands is attributed to his 1st experience?  Ummm, yeah, I already figured that out.  What took HER so long?  Oh yeah...the fact we're only on Ch 12 of the 1st book in this series....

She sends him a 'nice knowing you' email, then her 'medulla oblongata' shows up again.  Who the hell thinks in medical terms in a ROMANCE novel, unless they're in the MEDICAL field??  And just to be clear, here's what that particular region of the brain is:

The medulla oblongata is a portion of the hindbrain that controls autonomic functions such as breathing, digestionheart and blood vessel function, swallowing and sneezing. Motor and sensoryneurons from the midbrain and forebrain travel through the medulla. As a part of the brainstem, the medulla oblongata helps in the transferring of messages between various parts of the brain and the spinal cord.

C shows up to find out why she sent him that email, and after 'flushing', he talks her into a light bondage.  And on pg 193, I'm grossed out when he offers her wine by-how can I put this delicately- he takes the wine in his mouth, then dribbles it into hers ala Papa Bird to Baby Bird.  (And then, to add to the YUCK factor, I read the same kind of scene in a desperate seduction attempt scene in The Pact by Jodi Picoult.  Am I missing something?  Is this supposed to be sexy?)

Pg 198:  She 'blushes crimson' when he asks her if she's jealous of his previous partners, because he's still good friends with #1.

Pg 202:  A tells K a little of what's going on, and K pegs him:  "He has commitment issues."

Negotiation of contract via email, then she's 'intimidated' when he uses 'shouty capitals' in last email.  But she obeys him and goes to bed.  Step #1 of the 'training'??

*Note:  I read these chapters on Wednesday, and have pre-posted this on Saturday.  By the time the next two chapters will have been read, four days will have elapsed.  In the meantime, I've finished The Pact and have moved onto Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Did I Steal My BFF's Boyfriend?

Brief recap:
I'd schemed to get K back all summer, and after spending a wonderful weekend at the World's Fair, I thought we were back on track.  But no; I left for a three week vacation and while I was blissfully dreaming of him welcoming me back, he was off finding someone else.  And when he DID break things off with the other girl, we got back together for one day, only to have him get pushy in the park.  So we began our junior year at odds with each other.

Sept 1982:
School began, and so did intense after school practices.  One day, my BFF came to me, rather upset.

"A won't talk to me, and I don't know why.  Would you talk to him?  You were great with D at Band Camp."  (D had left, and I would discover in a few weeks he was now at another school.)

I agreed, then had her point him out.  Turned out during our opening set, I was placed right behind him.  So I 'arranged' to bump into him 'accidentally', and asked him an inane question about the yard line.  Then over the next few days, slowly built up a friendship of sorts.  He remembered I was the nurse's daughter, and soon he was seeking ME out, asking me to let Mom know if his sugar was normal or running low/high (A was diabetic).

A week went by, then I brought up his and J's relationship.  He told me he'd enjoyed hanging out with her over the summer, but wasn't interested in getting serious or anything.  And when I relayed this info to J, she shrugged.

"It's okay; I've got my sights on another guy in one of my classes.  Besides, I don't think I really want to date a sophomore.  This is my senior year; I want to live it up."

A and I kept talking.  And one day after practice, he brought up the mixer which was being held on the following Friday after the football game, and asked if I'd be interested in going with him.  I said sure.  But after the game, we watched the videotape of our half-time performance...and joined the mixer when it was almost over.  So we decided to walk over to Burger Chef (yes, I said CHEF!) and get something to eat.  Then he walked me back to school and my mom offered him a ride home.

The following Monday I asked J if it was all right with her if I hung out with A, and she told me to 'go for it'.

I hadn't seen or even bumped into Friend B, even though I knew what his schedule was and where his locker was, thanks to my mom having all that info in her office!  I figured our paths would cross sooner or later, so didn't really worry about him or K much.  I concentrated getting my routine down solid and enjoying my classes.  A and I would talk after practice, and sometimes I'd even walk home with him.  I'd met his parents at band performances, and we all got along well.  I shared A's love of classical music, and he introduced me to new pieces I hadn't known.

Next month:  Interesting Discovery On Band Trips;)

Present Day:
Interesting time at Karaoke last night:  I didn't feel like singing any of my usual songs, so I tried out some new ones:
-Parents Just Don't Understand (Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince):  I can do it, but can't change the 2nd verse to a boy, so I come off as a lesbian.  Should save this one for when either BC or I am hit on???  LOL:)

-The Flame (Cheap Trick):  I'm not Robin Zander, but hey, I love the song and was cheered at the end:)

-Say You Will (Foreigner):  Needs a little practice, but I might do this one again.

-Heaven On Our Side (Foreigner):  Love this one, but bombed.  Waaaayyy too low in spots.  Will save it for the car!

-I'd Lie For You (Meatloaf):  This version completely left out the 2nd verse, and it threw me.  This one's a big MIGHT.  Maybe after midnight?

-I Remember You (Skid Row):  I had to redeem myself before I left!

We'll see what happens next week.  Maybe I'll be in a better mood?

Have a good weekend and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the BWSNBN's Chs 11 and 12:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ch. 9: 'Morning After'

Brief Recap of BWSNBN:
A meets C; drunk-dials him; vomits in his presence; wakes up in his hotel room; then agrees to spend the weekend with him.  She's appalled by his 'playroom', yet oddly enough, still wants to sleep with him.  He's horrified by her virgin status, so he decides to 'get it over with'.  Two condoms are used, though he only disposes of one, and they fall asleep in each other's arms.

P.125:  A phrase is used twice in back to back lines, something my editor clearly frowns on....Then she's appalled by the many clothes in his closet.  a) You're not his mother and b) the man is a BILLIONAIRE, so why do you care?  Jealous, maybe, because he has a better wardrobe than you?  Maybe the man grew up with only one or two nice things to wear and is over-compensating?  Same with the 'too much space' in the apartment.  Shut up and enjoy it.

P. 127:  She's decided to cook him breakfast.  And puts the bacon 'under the grill'.  The only way I know how to make bacon is to fry it.  So any cooks out there, please enlighten me???? 9:30am:  I asked the spouse about this and he proceeded to inform me of the many ways bacon can be cooked:)  So I stand corrected, lol!  And what the hell is 'designer stubble'?

P. 128:  If you're embarrassed, how can you suspect you've turned 'puce'?  Isn't that a shade of GREEN?

P. 129:  She wonders why he's so concerned about her being've been intimate with him!!!!  He's showing he cares, idiot!  Then first she 'snaps' at him, then is 'too sweet'.  So....I'm guessing sarcasm is being used?  I'd say she's being snarky.  And how can someone eat and chew on their lip at the same time?  Beside the obvious 'accidental' one that hurts like hell....

P. 130:  She's concerned about her clothes, and he's offered to buy them.  She's not was clearly stated in his RULES, and you chose to sleep with him, so there you have it.  And his issues with wasted food?  Again, maybe he was taught 'waste not, want not', or grew up poor and therefore, eating everything you've made is important to him.

I take several issues with the bath scene.  First of all, 'his erection is above the water line'?  If a guy's giving me a bath, and is in there with me, the water had better be up to my chest.  Secondly, she's never done oral before, but now she's a 'natural' and swallows w/o hesitation?  I'm sorry; I think not.  And I'm with C; where the hell is her gag reflex?  Mine triggered just by reading this.

P. 142:  I'm sorry, but if my lover were to whisper 'Thank fuck' after coming, I'd question his vocabulary...

Ch 10:

P. 145:  She meets his mother, who MURMURS her introduction?  Ah, no.  Any mother would be more confident.  Esp if her title is 'Doctor'.

Then J calls, and we are told he 'whines'.  Why?

P. 147:  A is baffled at C's sudden change of attitude. took a call from a potential rival, and told him you'd call him later.  He has a right to his jealousy.

P. 150:  She's worried about signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  So swear K to secrecy!!!  You don't have to tell her EVERYTHING!

P. 154 Finally, we get some insight on C.  His first lover was a Dom, so he was obviously humiliated by the experience, so he's followed in her footsteps and thinks this is normal.

P. 155 She asks him if he'll be ordering her around all the time (duh!) and when he says she'll want him to, she thinks 'I highly doubt it.'  He's spelled out his terms; you either accept it or reject it.  You ain't gonna change him!

P. 158:  Why the hell does she admit to wearing his underwear?

And enough with J's whining!

I read this on Tuesday, and as of this morning, am 2/3 of the way through Jodi Picoult's The Pact.  I'll probably post Ch. 11 and 12 on Saturday or Monday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"I (state your name) Am A Book Addict"

Currently Reading:  Finished The Red Queen, and from what I can remember, it was easier to follow than The White Queen.  There were a few moments of too-often repeated phrases, and I grew slightly bored at the end, but it wasn't bad.  I have no desire to read the third book in this trilogy.  I've already begun Jodi Picoult's The Pact, and am on the second chapter.

E-book:  Kellie Kamryn's Lost In Her Mind.  I'm finding this one hard to put down!  Really enjoying it:)

A post yesterday caught my eye, talking about her book addiction.  I commented about I had mine 'sort of' under control, and then I went off to my writer's meeting.

"Hey Molly, the library dropped off a few romance books today.  Feel free to take as many as you want."

"Thanks!"  I jumped up and went over to investigate.

I should say, before continuing, there are fourteen books waiting for me on my Kindle, and six more in print, plus however many is left from my grandmother's box from last December!  (It's buried under a bunch of stuff, and I really do need to go through it...)  So go ahead; do the math.  That's twenty-plus books in my TBR pile.  So what do I do?

I spot two paperbacks which call me.  They are set aside.  I pick up the next one.  Cover looks interesting....blurb on the back sounds good....I flip to a center page and whoa!  Encounter a bunch of Scottish words I cannot pronounce.  This one goes back on the shelf, and I continue.

Next is a Jude Deveraux book.  I've read this one; it was not one of my favorites.  It goes back on the shelf, and I congratulate myself; I have only two new books to cart home!

And then I realize what I've done.  Yup, broken my own rule about not getting any more books until I've read the ones I have.  And I'm still plowing through the BWSNBN!  So technically, that makes twenty-one-plus.  And now there's two more, so 23-plus.

And I found myself wanting to go back and get that Scots book....if it's still there next week, I'll get it.  But that's it.

Unless I can convince the spouse to let me buy Sommer's book; I found it on my Wish List.  I thought I'd bought it, darn it....

"I, Molly Daniels, am a book addict!  And no, I do not require an intervention at this time, no matter what my family says..."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monrovia Festival

Since there was a threat of severe weather on Friday night, I opted not to set up.  I did check in with the coordinator and found my slot, then went to spend the evening with friends.  This is me on Saturday; I was reading Ch 8 of the BWSNBN, and you can see the traveling bookshelf behind me.  This is also Kenzie's side of the booth:)

My Arbor U side:)  Sandra Cox's magnets are displayed, with my box of various author's postcards and business cards behind the picture frame, anchoring it down in the wind.  The only time I can put out postcards is when I'm indoors, or there is no breeze.  This year has been a windy one; that's why my sign up sheet has a book on it, to hold it down!

The backside of the bookshelf.  I was in front of a cafe, with the exit to my left.  So I caught a lot of people's attention as they were exiting the restaurant.  And the owners very nicely let me use the facilities anytime I wanted....and even had my Irish Cream creamer for my morning coffee!

My friend Tammy stopped by and chatted with me for about 2 hours; she'd loved Love Finds A Way and was more than happy to sing my praises to anyone who expressed interest:)

Taylor, the 14-y/o granddaughter of the soap-maker in the next booth.  She's a born saleswoman (her grandmother had a VERY profitable weekend thanks to her!) and wanted to read Love On The Rocks during her 'down' time.  I'd already bought a jar of body butter from her and wanted the shimmer, but they were sold out.  But as they were packing up to leave, Taylor unearthed another jar.  We did an even swap, since she wanted to read LOTR again more slowly, and was hoping her grandmother would download the rest of my series onto her Kindle, since T doesn't own one.

My friend Jan's house, where I stayed over the weekend.  I'm ready to move in and take over the basement!

This is the pool in the back yard.  I didn't get a chance to swim in it, due to arriving late Friday, and then the storms moving in.  So next year!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

"You Like Me, You Really Like Me:)"

Currently Reading:  Finished Wendy Zwaduk's Right Where I Belong:)  Enjoyed it:)  If you like movie-star-falling-for-author-of-book-movie-is-based-on plots, then pick this up:)  There's also a subplot of the heroine being stalked, and it kept me guessing.  Was going to start Sommer Marsden's The Anniversary Present, but for whatever reason, it's not on my Kindle.  So I'll have to wait till later.  I need to find out why it's not on my Kindle.  And I'm about halfway through The Red Queen:)

Yes, the people in this town are appreciative of authors.  The BWSNBN has reeled them in, and they snatch up cards, browse the bookshelf, and take suggestions of other author's books:)

BC Brown gave me a large stack of cards; I've probably handed out half of them.

Sandra Cox sent magnets and cards; I know for a fact I handed out four of her cards plus at least one magnet.  And a lot of younger readers seem enthralled by her book Makita.

I've lost count how many of my cards have walked off with Brynn Paulin's info written on the back, or even Jamie Carie's.

I'll post pics tomorrow; I'm on the road today, heading home.  The parade was pushed back to 4pm, and with the band playing, the crowd hung around until seven.  So I've preposted this Sunday evening, while I'm watching the Bronchos vs Steelers game (Go Peyton!)

Ch. 7:
We are introduced to the 'playroom', and I need to ask my BDSM author friends about the bed.  No bedding, just a mattress of red leather and cushions of red satin at one end.  To me, this does not sound comfortable.  And what is 'oxblood leather'?  Guess I need to google it.

He introduces her to the flogger and she wonders what would be the appropriate response 'when your potential lover is a freaky sadist or masochist?'  Ummmmm.....I'd get the hell out of Dodge, lady!  At least that was my reaction when I was 21 and a guy I was dating revealed he was into kinky sex acts and threesomes....that relationship didn't last long after THAT revelation!

She's depressed he likes to 'hurt women'.  And in the next paragraph, she wants to please him, and have him delighted with her.  I wanted to gag at this point....  She also admits on the next page that part of her wants to run screaming from the room (I cheered!), but at the same time, aknowledges 'I'm going to say yes.'  WHY?  Oh, I guess she's curious....

Would a Dom really sound 'hesitant' when discussing sleeping arrangements?  And why would you want to be with someone who 'doesn't sleep with anyone'?

Some of her thought patterns during the reading of his 'rules' infuriate me...but I'm too tired to single them out.  There's more inappropriate 'whispers' and 'murmers'.  And she's queasy when she's finished.

And when she admits she's a virgin, he goes off on her.  WHY?  Oh yeah, I want to be with someone who yells at me for not saying 'I'm a virgin' before we've even gotten our clothes off....

And why the 'farsighted' remark in Ch 8?  Makes no sense.

Then he decides to deflower her.  And what follows is somewhat believable, once I slowed down to read it more thoroughly.  But I'm still confused at first; she thinks he's a 'monster', but yet she agrees to continue??? Girl obviously has low self-esteem.

I LOVE how she throws his words back at him on pg 110!  FINALLY she shows some spunk!  But it's short-lived.

I'm not sure where the first condom went between pgs 119-120.  And I'm not thrilled by all the hair-pulling he does.  I'd be yelping in pain.

And again, I read this part on Saturday.  So since this will be Monday's post, I'll probably continue with Ch. 9 on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ch 6:

Okay; it's the morning after.  Breakfast has been eaten, and C is about to drive her home.  And she glances at him...'he is his usual polite, slightly distant self...' and if confused.  WHY?  This makes no sense.

On the way to her home, C receives many phone calls, all on speaker phone, and very short and to the point.  Then his brother calls.  He rolls his eyes....really?  If he's focused on the road, how can she see his eyes?  Okay; maybe this is doable; I don't know.

She secretly call him a stalker.....he tries to tell her he won't kiss her again unless it's 'premeditated' (who talks like this, anyway?)....How can she smile at someone and bite her lip at the same time?

K asks if anything happened.  Why is A suddenly irritable, then envious, since her friend DID have sex?  Make up your mind, lady.  You're RELIEVED nothing 'happened'!  And why are you in shame because he's reserved?  I'd still be in a dreamlike frame of mind.....

He picks her up the next day for their date.  Then she muses he's 'telepathic', since she's obviously gazing around the elevator.  But when they reach the helicopter and she sees the logo, she wonders about the misuse of company property.'s HIS company!  He doesn't have a 'boss' to report to, or explain why he's borrowing the company helicopter!

And since I've never been in a 'copter, I don't know if the description on pages 87-92 are accurate or not.

The closer they get to his home, the more anxious she gets, and 'hopes she won't let him down', that he 'won't find me lacking'.  Yeah, I'm always concerned about this....

On pg 94, why does she admit she knows nothing about wine?  Just say 'Yes, please'!!!

And the whole 'sign the non-disclosure agreement' exchange made me want to pitch the book out the window.  And so does her reaction to his mention of 'playroom'.

I had to take another three day hiatus from this book!  Getting ready to tackle Ch 7.  I'm currently out of town, doing a three-day festival.  It rained last night, so I spent the evening catching up with a good friend:)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday

1st grade; favorite book (according to mom) was Spaghetti Eddie; I'd gotten my shoulder-length hair cut; school picture shows my top teeth are growing in.  'Boyfriend' K is spending two years in Germany, but next door neighbor T is in my class.  My bff is in kindergarten, and everyday after school and homework, she, I, and T play together.

And that's all I know at this point....

Present Day:
BB was AWESOME last night!  Finally Frank is off to the jury house!!!!  And so is Joe:)  Now they need to get rid of Dan and Jen.  Who do I want to see win this thing?  Ian or Shane.  Sorry Dani; I think you'll be in the top 3 or 4, but don't think you'll win.

I'm off to Monrovia for the weekend!  Looks as if rain's going to drown us out tonight, but I can go hang out with my friend J, whose house I'm crashing at, and spend some quality time with her and meet the new boyfriend.

Have a great weekend and I'll check back in on Monday:)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Promo Check Up

Currently Reading:  LOVED The Senator's Wife by Karen Robards!  Recommended Read:)  Now diving into The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory (I slogged through The White Queen a year or so ago).  E-book-wise, I'm still reading Right Where I Need To Be by Wendy Zwaduk:)  

BWSNBN:  I've had to take a few days off before plowing through Ch. 7.  Yes, I had issues with Ch 6; I'll report back later.  I wanted to pitch the book out the window, but contained myself.

I love the people of Washington, Indiana.


1)  The BWSNBN (see previous posts if this is your 1st time here or see above picture) draws them in like insects to a bright light.
     -"Ooooh, I'm reading that/wanting to read that/my bff is reading that!"
     -"Oooooohh, have you read that?"  (reads sign)  "Oh, you have something similar?"
     -"Ooooohhh, can I have your card?  I'm always looking for new books."
     -"Oooh, you've written HOW many books?  Congratulations!  How'd you get started?"
     -"Ooooh, I just got a kindle/nook!  Cool!"

2)  They READ, plus invited me back for next year!

And one woman was excited when she saw my CD's, but was disappointed they weren't audio.

"I'm going on vacation in a few days and was looking for new audio books to play in the car."  (Guess I need to investigate this media???)

Contrast this with the Vendor Blender 2010 (granted, I didn't have said book yet):
     -"Oh, okay."
     -"You're not in print?  Darn."
     -Looks at table, then states, "I don't read' when asked.

So fellow authors, if you're up to shelling out your hard-earned royalties for this BWSNBN, it's a wonderful promo tool!  And right now, the only other BDSM book I own in print is Brynn Paulin's Brotherly Bonds, so I have it on hand as an example of 'better story, better writing.'  I've written down her name and title on the back of many of my cards.

If you like public appearances, try this approach and see if your sales improve.  I'll find out in a few months whether or not this is actually working in my favor....but at the moment, I'm thrilled with the traffic I'm getting!

I'm getting ready to head for the old neighborhood again; this time, different town and larger festival (3 days).  I've done well at this festival in past years, so hope the weather cooperates; foot traffic is good; BWSNBN continues to bring people over; and the wind doesn't blow my tent over.  I'll report back again next week:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BWSNBN Critique: Chs 4 and 5

Ch. 4:
The first few pages were uneventful, aside from needing a mirror and a line which needed revising 'It's not like I'm beating his door down'...I think it sounds better 'It's not like I'm beating down his door'....Is this just me?

No, my major issue with the chapter is the bar scene and the aftermath in Ch. 5.  So bear with me here.

At the bar, she's had an entire pitcher of margaritas, plus beer and then states she wants to step out for some air.  K promptly asks, "Are you a lightweight?"

-If they've been friends for so long, K should be aware of her BFF's alcohol consumption and know this is NOT being a lightweight.  Secondly, if this is normal behavior, then yeah, I'd see the 'lw' comment.  But her actions belie this is anything but 'usual'.

On pg 61, the asshat hero shows up after she drunk-dials him.  And proceeds to berate her for her actions.  Really?  Is she FOUR?  And for the record, she states, "I've never been drunk before."  So clearly this is NOT her habit, and I rest my case on the above paragraph.  And why is she contrite?  And not giggling her ass off?  Or even slurring her words?

On pg 64:  Why did her mother tell her 'never trust a man who can dance'?  I've never heard this BS before.  Who wants to date a lousy dancer?  Unless you can't dance either....but I love to dance, so yeah, I don't want to get stuck on the sidelines all the time.  Give me a man who can keep up with me on the dance floor:)

Then she sees K'making her move' and seems disapproving there will be 'three or four at breakfast'.  Again, SO WHAT?  They're 23 or 24; consenting adults.  And she's 'shocked' when K moves into a stranger's arms?  Again, who the hell cares if she's just met him?  As if you're such a good judge of character....and why do you suddenly care if she's up on her safe sex knowledge?  Not your problem sweetheart.

And I really take issue with the next morning.  She's vomited; passed out; then feels 'mortified' she's in his bed, sans pants.  And yet, there is Advil and OJ by her bed, and she thinks the OJ is 'delightful'.  Seriously?  Every one whom I've asked about this is surprised she's not puking her guts out again.  And where the hell is the hangover?

And she's mad because she can't read his mind....and he speaks 'phlegmaticaaly'...she doesn't understand his anger....(let me refresh your memory; you threw up on him!)...who the hell thinks 'my medulla oblongata is not working correctly'???....and berates herself for sleeping in his bed, yet nothing happens?  Again, let me refresh your threw up on him and passed out!!

On pg 70, what is the size of a tennis court?  The room or the newspaper?  From the way it's worded, I'd say the paper.

Pg 71:  Why is she so concerned, all of a sudden, about the fact K might think she's had a one-night stand?  K probably thinks 'it's about damn time...'

Why does he sound guilty for ordering breakfast?  Or mad at her because her hair is wet?  And she says she couldn't locate the dryer.  How many hotels has this author been in?  They are ALWAYS in the bathroom, and in CLEAR VIEW!  It wouldn't be in the bedroom, you idiot!

Pg 72:  I've heard that some of this was taken from a certain vampire movie, and some of the conversation is familiar.....

And if someone told my they wanted to bite my lip, I wouldn't find it the 'sexiest thing I'd ever heard', I can think of a lot more!

Same on pg 74.  "Once you know the truth, you'll probably never want to see me again..."  Dumbass.  And why does she jump to the conclusion he's impotent?  Oh yeah, that's the first thing I automatically assume when someone's trying to rebuff me (eye roll).

Good God...she has the sudden desire to ask permission to leave the table??  Again, is she FIVE?

And was anyone else grossed out by the fact she uses HIS toothbrush?  Eeeeeuuuuuu......and why the hell does she admit it on the next page?

And it 'suddenly' dawns on her....'I've slept with him!'  Ummm, no you didn't.  You spent the night, yes.  But you were passed out, and he was a gentleman.  There IS a difference.

And that kiss in the elevator?  Do her hands stay pinned above her head even when he lets go?

At this point, I'm ready to stop reading this book.  But being the stubborn idiot, I'm plowing through....and yes, took three days off from it.

Currently Reading:  Hello Kitty Must Die was a fun read!  I really enjoyed it, so go over to amazon and pick this one up:)  I'm currently reading The Senator's Wife by Karen Robards.  I'm about halfway through it.  I need to charge my Kindle; I'm reading a Wendy Zwaduk book and can't remember if it's Learning How To Bend or Right Where I Belong.