Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday

Jan 2002:
Recap:  I'd been forced out of my position in the Youth Baseball League concession stand; my son excelled on the football team, causing a jealous reaction from a neighbor; and I was now working at the school as a substitute bus monitor.

I received a phone call from one of the baseball moms, wanting to know if I'd agree to be her assistant softball coach.  I really didn't want the job, but my daughter was going to be on the team, and the spouse said he'd be willing to do all the work; he just didn't want to attend the coaches meeting.  He was still furious at H and L for the way they'd treated me.  I also received a phone call from the Girls' Representative:  Due to my excellent management of the concession stand during the tournaments, we'd be hosting three tournaments next summer, and did I see any issues with L's management?

"She worked with me closely for two years; she saw everything I did, so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Are you going to help out? I'd feel better if I knew you were going to be there."

Honestly, I was torn.  Part of me wanted nothing to do with the stand; the other half wanted to graciously accept my 'demotion' and help out 'for the kids'.  But my spouse was adamant I keep my distance.

"We'll see what happens next summer.  I'll see you at the coaches meeting next month."

Present Day:
I've caught another cold and am sneezing my head off.  Also got some good news yesterday:  My ARC of Forbidden Love will be arriving soon; I hope it arrives today, along with a release date!  So look for good news next week, and I'll get some excerpts posted.  I know I've been a bad blogger this week.

Wednesday night at karaoke, I was able to sing seven songs:
-Bop by Dan Seals (this was too low, but Cheryl said she had it in another key, so I'll try it again next week!)
-Black and White by 3 Dog Night (was high-fived by a bar patron:)
-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka (nailed it:)
-Breathe by Breaking Benjamin (was high-fived by another patron, but I need more practice!)
-Baby Love by Supremes (nailed it)
-Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day (botched it horribly.  Sounded better when I had crowd participation several weeks back, lol!)
-Back in My Arms Again by Supremes (botched it; I only knew the chorus!  Will try again next week.)

Youngling has a fever this morning, so not sure if he'll attend his final basketball game tomorrow.  And next week he starts wrestling practice, which thankfully does NOT interfere with cub scouts or my weekly writer's meeting!

Have a good weekend, and don't forget to check out Kenzie's Sunday post on The Writer's Evo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under The Weather

I know; I posted all five days last week.  So what happened?

Monday we enrolled the daughter in the Academy, our alternative school.  She'll now go every afternoon for three hours, and can access her schoolwork from any computer and internet access.  Which has greatly relieved my morning stress....somewhat.

Instead of nagging her to get out of bed, the youngling has now caught on to the 'let's-see-how-far-we-can-push-Mom-and-stay-in-bed' routine.  Only this time, I'm not so nice.  I can still pick him up out of bed and carry him into the kitchen!  And this morning, he found out how nice it is when we're actually on time.  Mom will sing with him in the car, ha ha!  And he gets 'curbside service', what I call being able to drop him off at the door and giving him a kiss goodbye, instead of yelling at him to hurry up and RUN to his classroom!

Yesterday, I woke up in a mood.

You know the one; where you feel snarly toward everything?  And it was also our BSA Pinewood Derby, so I had to go and be sociable.  Not an easy task when you're feeling upset with the world...every little thing upsets you.

I wasn't able to take pictures of youngling's races, because I was doing some behind-the-scenes work, and feeling stressed when we realized a critical error and some kids were in tears afterward.  Partly my fault; partly others.  But hopefully it will be corrected next month, and we chalk it up to a learning experience for next year.

Today, I woke up feeling as if I had someone else's nose.  You know the feeling; if you could cut off your nose, your head would feel better?  So out came my sudafed and opened my last box of kleenex.  I've now gone through NINE boxes of Puffs, and am now working my way through a roll of soft Charmin.

On the good side, I'm hoping to make it to karaoke tonight and sing
-Black and White (3 Dog Night)
-Breakfast At Tiffany's
-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
-Breathe (if there's time)

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby K Meets Gramma Jeanne:)

New Year's 1992:
The weather cooperated and let us travel two hours south so our little guy could meet his other relatives.  In the past three weeks, he'd shown his preference for the rubber nipples instead of breastfeeding; he had his days and nights mixed up; and his 'comfort zone' was like his father's when it came to bundling up.  This 'comfort zone' proved to become a battle of wills in the coming years, beginning with 10pm on Jan 1, 1992.

He'd been charming his grandmother with his cuddly ways, and tolerating being passed around, even taking a nap on Grandma's bed with her two cats.  Picture this:  I'd dressed him in a red reindeer sleeper; his little bald head atop Grandma's while chenille bedspread covered lightly with a blue blanket from his shoulders down.  One black and white cat curled up by his feet; another black one curled up on one of the pillows I'd 'barricaded' around him.

Anyway, after his last bottle of the evening, he began to fuss.  Grandma decided to swaddle him tight, causing his cries to grow more vocal.  I told her she had him wrapped too tight; Grandma snorted.

"I've never seen a child yet who can't be comforted by wrapping them up.  This house is drafty and you didn't pack enough warm clothes for him."

The SU joined the conversation.  "Mom, he doesn't like to be hot.  He's happier when he's not all wrapped up or bundled."

She paid no attention, and the more she tried to cuddle him, wrap him, or rock him, the more he fussed.  Forty-five minutes later, she finally grew tired and unwrapped him.

" want to get sick?  Fine; I'll take these off and we'll see how soon you'll be wanting your blankie."

K promptly threw out his arms, heaved a big sigh, and fell asleep.

Grandma's mouth fell open.  "Well I never!"

"Told you, can't wrap him up!"

Twenty years later, this child still prefers to walk around the house in shorts and T-shirt, no matter what the weather!

Present Day:
Having another 'battle of wills' with the daughter.  She's bound and determined to make a very bad choice, and I'm doing everything in my power to get her back on track.  So please keep us in your prayers?

Have a good weekend; we're currently under a winter weather advisory, and sleet/freezing rain is supposed to arrive later today, then be back in the 50's for the weekend.  Welcome to winter in Indiana....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Rant

Forgive me; I'm not in the best of moods today.  For a more cheerful post, go visit my RBRU post today.

First of all, the Paula Deen announcement.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, the 'Butter Queen' has recently disclosed she has Type II diabetes, and 'everyone' is in an uproar.

Why?  I love her show; I'm also a fan of butter and sugar.  A chef went on the morning news and basically accused her of misleading her followers for the past 3 years, and contributing to obesity, along with buffets, sports bars, and athletes who endorse fast food chains.  If Paula and Food Network decided to follow 'his advice' and start cooking healthy meals, I guarantee her ratings will drop.  Want to see a chef cooking healthy? Try someone else's show.   And if that's the case, what about Man vs Food on the Travel Channel?  If Adam suddenly announces he has heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, will this mean an end to our fascination with seeing someone consuming great quantities of food in under an hour?

I hardly think so.

I think people are smarter than that.  Just because I watch a show on southern cooking doesn't mean I cook that way all the time!  Right now, a lot of 'healthier foods' cost more than my budget allows, but I do the best with what I can.

If you BAN something, don't you know you just made it more APPEALING to others?  I personally miss the cereal cartoons.  And granted, some of then are still continuing.  The daughter and I had a discussion yesterday concerning Lucky Charms.

Remember this?

'Pink Hearts
Yellow Moons
Orange Stars
Green Clovers
Blue Diamonds (I remember when these were added, lol!)
Purple Horseshoes' (These also!)

'Silly rabbit; Trix are for kids!'

'Snap crackle pop Rice Krispies!'

Cookie Crisp

Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, BooBerry Ghost.

And another personal favorite, all those 'treasure hunts' of Cap'n Crunch.

What's made us overweight isn't the foods available; it's our own lifestyle choices.  Yes, my family went through a period of time where we ate out three times a week; my sister and I had activities and it was more practical to go get pizza or sandwiches instead of making a mad dash home.  When my spouse worked nights, I took the kids to town where they could spend an hour in a playscape to run around and shriek all they wanted.

But just because someone's health went downhill doesn't mean it applies to everyone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Happenings:)

First of all, it looks as if we'll be welcoming Miss Alexandria Nicole into our family June 11th:)  The SU is already planning to get the little pink 'beginner' rifle for her, much to the daughter's disgust....she would prefer if the color pink disappear from the color wheel, having shunned anything in that hue since the tender age of three.

I know these tests aren't always accurate; a friend's sister has a sonogram picture of her daughter's 'penis' circled.  So there's always a chance 'Alex' will pop out 'Anthony'.  Feel free to place any bets/cast your vote, etc:)

Ever wonder how Arbor U got its name?  Ever wonder how one tiny story can evolve into a 14-book series?  I'm guest posting over at Tina Donahue's blog today, so come over, say hi, and get a sneak peek at book #3, Forbidden Love, which is due out in a few weeks.

No karaoke tonight; we have a basketball game at 8pm, plus the weather is supposed to be nasty after midnight.  Snow, wind, and dropping temps....I think I'll stay home, be warm, and sleep.

Youngling came through his second dental appointment with flying colors, and I returned him to school just in time for lunch.  I managed 400 words on that zombie story yesterday and doubled that amount today, so hopefully this means I'm back on track:)

That's all the news at the moment, so check back tomorrow.  And stay warm, if temps are dipping below freezing!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oops! Forgot One!

How on earth did I forget to include this one yesterday?

This another DEFINITE Recommended Read!  I loved Everything Lovers Can Know the first time I read it; I enjoyed it the 2nd, 3rd, get the picture.  I love Anny Cook's Mystic Valley series, and have from the first time I read Dancer's Delight.  I was thrilled to also read the others in the series, and even more thrilled when ELCK and TR was combined into one book.  I like e-books, but I've realized some of the details don't stick well....or maybe it's because the first time I read the first four books in this series, I was doomed to reading them at the computer.

At any rate, having the first three books in print has hammered some of the details home, and I hope that the next three books will soon be in print, even though I've recently reread them on my Sony e-reader:)

Today's Agenda:
Took youngling to the dentist this morning.  For whatever reason, I looked in his mouth last Thursday and noticed one of his permanent teeth was coming up on the wrong side of his spacer.  The dentist removed the bilateral spacer and is replacing it with one on each side of his lower mouth.

Taking the daughter for an ultrasound today; we'll find out if we're having an Alexandria Nicole or Anthony Edward.  I'm torn; I just want the baby to be healthy, and that the baby daddy's mental issues skip this generation all together.

Then it's off to Cub Scouts.  I won't be going to Guild tonight, because we learned we're losing out Assistant Scout Master, who's our Scout Master's right arm....literally.  J's the one who plans everything and oversees the awards; T simply shows up and manages the kids.  Our Pinewood Derby is next week, and so this week is working on the cars and seeing who's qualified (or able) to step into J's shoes.  I found out at our planning meeting last week that we will be hosting the District PWD again, but J's the one who made everything run smoothly; all I did was rearrange the concession stand she set up, and took charge of it so she could coordinate elsewhere.

And on top of everything, we have weather issues today:  We started with a temp of 55, but a tornado warning; severe Thunderstorm warning, and dropping temps will make today tricky.  I don't mind rain, but if it switches to snow, then getting everyone to their appointments today is going to be dicey.  We're down to one car, so might have to take the youngling out of school early, so he and his dad don't have to walk home from school in a squall.  So right now, we're in a 'wait and see' mode.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reading Update

I'v e had some time on my hands the past two weeks, being unable to get near a computer or even some days to even sit up:)  That's what a bad cold-turned-bronchitis will do to a person.  So here's a list of books I've read lately.

Print Books:
Playing The Game by Barbara Taylor Bradshaw:  Really enjoyed this one!  Left me guessing, though I figured out part of it.  And since I'm a BTB fan, giving this one a Definite Recommended Read:)

Holly by Jude Deveraux:  This was good, but I felt she was slightly condescending and snobby toward 'a certain class of people'.  Otherwise, good suspense toward the end:)  If you're a fan of Jude's contemporary novels, pick it up.

That Boy From Trash Town by Billie Green:  I had to keep reminding myself this was copy written 1992 and a Silhouette Special Edition.  I was frustrated by the lack of seemingly sexual tension, but the story was good and I did learn that Nora Roberts once wrote for this company.  At the back was an ad for a trilogy of books I'd like to find by her, if they are still available.  If you liked Silhouette romances in the early '90's, go get this one if you can find it.  It has a really sweet ending:)

Feral Lust by Mia Watts:  Excellent book!  An M/M Regency, and very enjoyable:)  Definite Recommended Read, esp if you like the M/M genre.

Twelve Nights by Katie Blu:  I'm going to have to check; I think I finished reading this one before my e-reader crashed on me....Really enjoyed it, especially the interactions between the two main characters, when the hero didn't realize whom he was actually dealing with for romance advice!  Very well done and another Definite Recommended Read:)

Found On Granny's Bookshelf:

What Everyone Should Know:  A fascinating encyclopedia/dictionary/reference book for everything from treating an Abscess to how to drive away Rats; from Visiting the Sick to how to make potato Yeast.  Copyright 1884. (No, I did NOT read this; just flipped through it!)

A 1st Edition Children's Literary version of Little Women.  I've spotted several things left out, and I'm up to where the Marches have befriended Laurie and now Beth is screwing up her courage to go try out the piano.  And since this version is in much better shape than my original copy (which is -ahem- buried in a box somewhere downstairs), I'm rereading my favorite book.

Joshua and the City:  I was bored with this two chapters in, so might pick it up again later.

So what about you?  Read any good books over the holidays?  And go vote for your faves over at the LRC Best of Awards.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

Jan 1982:
I took my first ever end-of-the-semester finals and waited anxiously for the verdict:  Would I make the grades and be able to stay at JHS?  Or would my parents decide not to pay my tuition and send me back to the county schools?

Fortunately, my grades were good, and I was allowed to stay.  Friday and Saturday nights were spent in the cheer block and watching Brian play in the JV game, wincing whenever they lost.

B invited me to go to the gym after school to watch his practice, so I did.  The first time I showed up, he tried to make an impossible shot and I heard the coach say, "Quit trying to impress whoever's in the balcony and focus."


Class-wise, I was disappointed I didn't have any more classes with B.  Thanks to my mother's job, I was able to snoop and look up his schedule.  We had Biology and Health at the same time, but different teachers.  And I was alarmed when I discovered my Biology partner was one of B's friends!  But it turned out to be a blessing, because we would be dissecting animals this semester.  When the teacher asked if anyone HADN'T dissected the frog as a freshman, nobody raised their hands, so I kept mine down.  I didn't want to dissect anything if I could get away with it!  T happily did all the work, and I labelled everything.

I still had Algebra 4th period, and boring English composition 5th.  I hated doing English homework, and the one time I didn't get a story finished in class, the teacher refused to let me turn it in the next day.  I still have that story; one of these days I'll finish it.

6th period class was my favorite, next to working in the school library.  I was in a beginning band class, and our band director soon realized I was more advanced than the others.  For example, he'd let us pick what songs to practice, then study on our own before performing at the end of class.  Everyone else began at the front of the book; I always flipped to the harder ones at the back.  And this class was hard on me, emotionally, since ex-boyfriend K was in that class, and sneered about my friendship with B.  I also learned later the band director tried to move me into Concert Band, but my schedule wouldn't allow it.  So the rest of the semester, he gave me harder percussion pieces to try, and due to the IHSAA rules, I wasn't allowed to compete in the State Concert Band contest.  I would have to wait until the following year.  So in the meantime, I spent the semester familiarizing myself with the various percussion equipment.  I think K was jealous of the fact I was a better musician.

Present Day:
Sorry for posting this so late; I've managed to contract bronchitis again.

And go over to Kenzie's Place; she's got some fantastic news!  Also, don't forget to stop by The Writer's Evo on Sunday for a look at the four-legged family members:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Sign Of Economic Times

Have you had a cold lately?  Notice anything different about your cold remedies or needs during this time?

-Bottles have shrunk.  I remember being able to buy this HUGE bottle of Tussin....and now all I can find are the little ones.  Yeah, this is probably due to the meth problem also...

-Certain products no longer seem as effective.  Bring back my pseudoephedrine!  Yes, admittedly, it puts me to sleep, but it worked, damn it!  Let's see....36 tablets times twice a day....that should last me well past that 8 or 14 day break between having to buy another box....and yes, this also due to the meth problem...bite me.  I can't breathe.

-Puffs boxes have gotten smaller.  Okay; so now you can buy them in 3-packs.  But they only contain 125 tissues!  Remember the JUMBO pack?  That one could last at least a week, with my nasal issues....I bought 6 boxes on the 2nd, and had to buy another 3-pack over the weekend.  And yes, there are only two half-boxes of the original six; one in my bedroom and one in the daughter's room, so technically I've only gone through four boxes.

-Puffs Plus is lacking something....The last time I bought the lotion kind, I regretted it, because I used one to clean my glasses.  MISTAKE!  So I've not bought any, unless my nose was really, really sore.  Such was the case over the weekend:  I broke down and bought the Plus.  And thought, WTH?  Okay; it smells nice....and maybe it is a tiny bit softer....but there's no obvious LOTION on any of the tissues, the way there was several years back.

Seriously, the greatest thing I've got at the moment is a prescription of anti-cough meds, given to me by an ER doc last summer when I had bronchitis and couldn't wait two more days for my appointment; my head was going to explode from all the coughing and headaches.  I've held onto them and they kill the cough better than my inhaler and tussin combined:)

And to placate my hubby, who swears by Zicam, I pop one three times a day.  I haven't seen any change in the length of my cold, but it keeps him happy.  I'll stop taking it when my symptoms get better

So right now, we're paying more for smaller bottles of OTC meds, which may or may not be helping; have to buy more Puffs because my head won't stop producing excess moisture which makes breathing miserable (gives me a nice husky voice, but so far that's the ONLY benefit, lol!); and somewhere, I'm probably on a 'meth-watch' list, because I buy so much cold medicine and have an albuterol inhaler!

15 years ago last week, we went to meet my new BIL at the airport (remember when we could meet them at the gate?  Oh happy times....) and as the diaper bag was going through the X-Ray machine, the tech looked up at me.

"Do you have an inhaler?"

"Yes....why, does 'illegal substance' appear on your screen?" (I was joking)

"Actually, yes."

"You're kidding me!  It might be in there; sometimes that's where I keep it, so I've got it in an emergency."

Later, I related that to my sis and BIL, who nodded.

"The stuff in your inhaler is one thing used to make meth."

Who knew?

No meth-maker here; strictly for cold and asthma issues:)

Anything else you've noticed you're paying more for, but getting less of?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Want Some Humor?

Go over to Carol's blog and read my latest interview with Elicia Keller and Amy Callahan from Arbor University.  I ended up trying to explain Social Media and E-book marketing to them, who've never heard of the internet, much less Face Book!

I'm taking down the Christmas decorations today, and reclaiming my living room.  Thanks to all who commented yesterday, and it would be awesome if you'd come back again:)

I'm probably going to find socks and other items my College Kid left behind, so see you tomorrow!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Secret Cravings:)

First Prize:  Kindle Fire

Second Prize:  $50 Amazon Gift Card

Third Prize:  $25 SCP Gift Card

More details can be found here

Visit the following author's sites:

Leave a comment on all blogs for a 25% off coupon from the SCP website.  All order placed between December 16, 2011-January 19, 2012 will receive 10% purchase from the website.

Do you remember the Daughtry song "Home"?  The bridge of the song says, "Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it all; and some that you don't want..."

Since 1985, I've dreamed of being published.  And it came true first in 2003, then again in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and it looks as if I'll have four more released this year.

Since joining a local crit group, I've lamented the need for a laptop, and was finally rewarded one last year.

And since experiencing wifi, we purchased a router but it was several months until we figured out why it wasn't working properly.  And now three people can be online at the same time, in different rooms of the house.

So why am I complaining?  Maybe it's online overload.  I find myself getting stressed if I realize it's 10am and I still haven't checked my twitter account.  Or that it's noon and I'm still in my jammies, catching up on face book.  The SU asked me the other day who were all these people I was telling him about, and suddenly I couldn't remember where I'd actually 'met' some of them.  Was it on an author loop?  Face book?  Or through another Face Book friend?  In other words, they are people he's never 'met'.  And rolls his eyes.  Just like when I 'forget' he's not as invested in my characters as I am.  

Ever have conversations like this?

Spouse:  What are you thinking about?

Me:  Wondering if Gretchen's hair is shoulder-length or longer....and if she's got a perm.

Spouse:  Who the hell is Gretchen and why do you care about her hair?

Me:  Well, I'm about to write the dance scene and wonder if she'd want her hair up in  bun or loose-

Spouse:  Oh, you're talking about the damn book again.  I thought it was a real person!

Remember when the only thing you had to do when you sat down at the computer was check your email, then bring up your document and write?  Now it's check email, social media, chat digests, chat loops, blogs, email account again (or even a different one!), then get up and stretch or force yourself to eat lunch or even close down the computer for a while.  But then later you're back....and go through the list again...and suddenly it's two hours later and you STILL haven't opened your document.

Or maybe my current disillusionment is because I've been swamped with edits the past six months, and have barely been able to put down new words?  Yes; the thrill of having a new release is still with me; I'm not so jaded that it's 'just another day'.  No; I celebrate; I make the family take me out to lunch or dinner; I drink wine; I give treats to my crit group and karaoke peeps.

But something's going to have to give, if I want this to continue.  I'm either going to have to not be so nosy about my 300+ friends statuses, or only clean out my spam twice a day instead of every other hour (lol!) and get back to the business of writing; else I'm going to have a very long dry spell between books, considering five of them are still swirling around in my brain and due to be released around the year 2014, if I can buckle down.  I really prefer not to keep you hanging any longer than necessary!

Anyway, Happy Birthday/Anniversary Secret Cravings:)  And good luck to whomever wins that Kindle Fire!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Friday and Winner Announced:)


Kathryn Merkel:)

Your prize is on the way:)

Flashback to Jan 1972:
Actually, I'm not sure what month this memory takes place; all I know is it was cold outside.

I car-pooled to afternoon kindergarten with two boys and sometimes another girl, but I really only remember driving to her house once.  One day, T's dad drove, and I was somehow placed in the middle between T and C.  We were in a pickup truck, and the boys for whatever reason, began a slapping game over my lap.  I reached out, took T's right hand in my left, and C's left hand in my right, and firmly placed each boys' hand on their legs.

"Stop it!"

T's dad laughed.  "That's it, Molly; keep those boys in line for me!"

I don't think T came over to play after school...

Present Day:
I think the adrenaline rush of Release Day is over:)  Time to get back to work and send in my contract for Balancing Act.  I sent Forbidden Love off to my editor the other day, so hope she likes the changes.  This weekend we will be taking down the tree and reclaiming the living room, since the CK returns to Purdue on Sunday.  I've enjoyed having him home; it's always nice to have another driver around!

Be sure to check Kenzie's over-indulgence post on Sunday over at The Writer's Evo blog, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

KarAoke WednEsday

No; that wasn't a typo; it was merely an attempt to explain my voice last night!

BC and I showed up around midnight, with me bringing some of my chocolate-covered pretzels.  BC was greeted by former co-workers, and it would be another half hour or so (forgot to look at my watch!) until the dart game was over and the karaoke screens changed.

And since Cheryl knew we were celebrating, I was first up.  Here's what I sang and my personal take.

-Borderline:  Sounded okay last week when my voice was good, so decided to try it again.  Ugh.  I'll do this one one more time w/o that crap clinging to my vocal cords!

-Battlefield (Jordin Sparks):   I YouTubed it earlier in the day and thought I sounded okay.  I didn't get a chance to refresh my memory about some of the synchopation, so at times I floundered.  Leaving this on my list for next week; I think all I need is practice.

-Blue Bayou:  I LOVED this Linda Ronstadt song as a teenager, and would belt it out while doing the dishes.  And since my vocal cords were clogged, thought I could manage the low tones.  Did an okay job, and surprised Renee the DJ (Cheryl had to bug out early last night....I asked her if her ears couldn't take anymore of our bad singing, lol!) about holding the last note until the end!  I also discovered-ahem-I've been singing the wrong words to my favorite part:  'Find that boy of my side...the silver moon and the evenin' tide...'  I've been singing 'I'll have that boy of mine...'  Guess it didn't hurt!

-Boulevard of Broken Dreams:  Started out a little croaky, but the table full of enthusiastic drunk singers joined in and helped drown me out:)  I'll do this one again next week also, so I can hear myself through the speakers!

What did BC sing?
-Criminal (excellent as always!)
-Youth of the Nation (Nailed it)
-Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row) (Good job; I've not heard this one before, but she sounded good!)
-Like A Virgin (Again, nailed it:)

A good night of blowing off steam and very comical around 2am when the drunk party belted out Journey's Don't Stop Believin'!

There's still time to enter for your chance to win a copy of Love Finds A Way:)  Answer this easy question in the comments:  Where does the entire series take place?

Have a good day and I'll announce the winner on Friday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release Day Mania...

Once upon a time, long ago on a university campus in Indiana, nineteen-year-old Molly was bored.  When one of her roommates burst into the room and announced, "I need someone to be a blind date; Todd's AF buddy is in town...", Molly said she'd go, even after the roommate who usually partied with roommate #1 turned up her nose at the invite.

Two weeks and four dates later, plus three yelling matches, the AF officer left and Molly didn't think she'd ever see him again.  In July, her family took their annual three week vacation in Florida.  Before the flight, the attendants announced the flight was overbooked, and anyone willing to take a later flight would be rewarded with a free round-trip plane ticket to anywhere in the Continental US.

Three days later, while sitting by Tampa Bay, Molly reflected on those two weeks and wondered what would happen if her mother had agreed to let her get off the plane, and what the young officer's reaction would be if she showed up.  And if she was capable of writing something longer than a 20-page term paper!  Plus, she had been unable to find any romance books which dealt around the current college scene (she'd loved the Tobey Hayden series and the Pam and Penny series, but they were set in the 1950's!), so basically she decided to write the story she wanted to read.

The result is this fictional account.  She finished writing it in 1990, writing in spurts here and there....and along the way came up with an idea to make it a series, because....everyone has a story to tell.  And with permission from her friends, she kept writing.

By now, you've hopefully read Love On The Rocks, Elicia's story.  Here is Amy's story, with Stephanie and Gretchen making a cameo appearance.  You'll meet Matt, the commitment-shy AF officer; his good friends Geoff, Jason, Troy, and Kelly; and Amy's roommate Caitlyn.

"But wait....this story is already out!"

You're right!  This is the electronic re-release, with a better cover and better edited.  Enjoy!

Buy link: Available today from Secret Cravings


"I'm not changing my life. If they don't like it, they can stuff it." Matt moved his arm from her shoulders and reached for his cigarettes.

 "Sshhh, I'm not asking you to change." Amy tried to be tactful. "All I’m asking is that you not, er, curse so much."


 "Please?" She lifted her head to look him in the eye. "All I ask is that you clean up your vocabulary for a few hours while we're with my parents."

 "You want me to kiss ass." He lit the end of the cigarette and blew smoke toward the ceiling.

 "Not quite..., I just want you to make a good impression." Tears welled unexpectedly in her eyes. "This is important to me."

 "Oh, all right, I'll watch what I say next weekend. Can I smoke and drink beer, or is that also taboo?"

 "Stop it!" Amy sat up to escape the smoke.

 "What?" Matt gestured, waving the smoke toward his side of the bed.

 "You know what I mean. I'd rather you not smoke, but a few beers won't hurt. I'm not asking you to bend over backwards; all I want is for you to be civil with them."

 "I'm always civil."

 "I didn't mean it like that." Amy shifted onto her side. "I meant that sometimes, well, you have a tendency to act antisocial, as a know-it-all."

 "I do what?"

 Feeling herself losing ground, Amy groaned. The conversation wasn't going the way she'd hoped.
 "I would feel better if you and my parents were to start off on the right foot." She chose her words with care. "They have the stereotypical, California, military officer in their minds, and I don't want them judging you in that way."

 "Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the 'stereotypical, California, military officer'?" Matt sounded amused.

 Amy thought for a moment. "Promise you won't get upset? He's the dedicated officer, but loud, rude, and disrespectful when off duty. He's lazy, a womanizer, an alcoholic, and not someone to bring home."

 "So that's what your parents are expecting me to be." Matt crushed out his cigarette.
 "Not entirely. I've told them your good points, so they're not expecting Godzilla. Now, can we drop the subject and get some sleep?"

 "No, we can't."

 "Why not?"

 "Because." His voice lowered as he turned to her, his hand sliding down to cup her breast. "This military officer has a naked, sexy woman in his bed and wants to take advantage of the situation."

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Leave me a comment and one lucky winner will receive their own copy of LFAW.  How painless was that? I'll select a random entry by Thursday or Friday.  I'm fighting a stupid cold, plus cleaning up the house from the holidays.  Yeah, I lead SUCH a glamorous life!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Up

Where did the past week go?  I'm so disoriented about time/day/dates it's a good thing we have one of those daily calendar things in the bathroom!  Forget the actual calendar; if I don't know what day it is, what good will that tell me?'s hard to believe this time last week I was packing in a fog, not knowing what clothing to take or even knowing how long we were staying at my parents' house.  I think I cried every day last week.

But now it's a new year; a new week, and new challenges to face.  If you stopped by Kenzie's post yesterday (today IS Monday, right?) over at The Writer's Evo blog, you saw my goals for the coming year.  Some are rather ambitious (de-clutter my house?  Move us into a better house?), while other are dependent on outside forces (IF my spouse is awarded his disability, and IF it comes in time for that trip in August and IF the spouse agrees to either take us or let me go down there) and sales (did you notice both Love Finds A Way and Forbidden Love release this month?  Spread the word; I need a nice fat royalty check in April, lol!).

I'm also catching up on stuff which happened while I was busy baking/editing/celebrating/grieving.  For instance, my publisher's 1st anniversary Blog Hop.  I'm due to post on the 7th and am just now getting around to posting the details.  Why is it everything in my life happens at once?  I guess it keeps me on my toes, lol!

Anyway, go here for the blog hop details and good luck!  I'd like to win a Kindle Fire also; I think my Sony bit the dust the other day.  I'll find out when I charge it back up.

Have a good week, everyone; I'll be back tomorrow with good news.  I promise:)