Monday, May 31, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W9

 Day 41:  Memorial Day $8333 in sales

Arrived; ate a HB and one cookie, taking the other down to lumber.  K left, and discovered Loader Logan's father passed away (learned last week he was on hospice).  Was busy for 2 hours, and was finally able to eat the 2nd cookie.....but it shut off my brain.  All of a sudden, I wasn't retaining any information; couldn't count, and accidentally charged a customer only 6 12' OSB instead of 7.  Plus, a black plastic coupling arrived with no code; just tossed it in the bag.  I was ready to go home.  Went to lunch at 5:30 and ate two more HBs and one more cookie.  Returned and began closing duties; loaded the soda when it arrived; and swept.  At 8, sanitized the counters and registers, did my LU and AP4Me.  All three of my July weekends have been approved!!!!  Now, just have to call in on July 2-4th....

Locked the doors at 9, and returned items to Hardware, Tools, Millwork, and Electrical.  Gavan handled the trash. Clocked out at 9:20.  I'm off the next two days!!!!

Outfit:  Blue lace blouse, original capris, starry night mask (when I wore it!)

Day 42:  Thurs.  $11,7793 in sales

Need to preface this by saying I was tired and had low energy.  Things were slow until 6:30, and I was mildly upset that my mop was MIA, and so was my favorite broom.  Went to lunch at 5:20 and after eating, put my head down for a 15 min nap, which helped a little.  Since things were slow, sanitized and pulled trash.  Then Misty left, and had 3 customers who all needed G at the same time....A needed two pallets of drywall compound; B had a water softener; C was getting 30 concrete boards. Then at 8, Customer D requests help; G is with a customer.  By the time G got around to him, D had already pushed his cart to my register.  Rang up everything except the 2x2 board, and couldn't find it.  G looked it up, and just as he rattled off the item #, D unloads his cart and slams that 2x2 board on the counter.

"Customer service around here sucks."

I kept my cool and apologized for the delays.

Them Mr and Mrs L arrived, and wanted to pay $400 and the rest on a check.  For whatever reason, I punched in the $400....but it changed to the total.  Had to call HC M to do a refund and rebill.

Locked the doors at 9 and put away the soda and snacks, then had to return an entire cart load of items.  Bri even asked me if I was shopping....No, I'm reverse shopping! 

Finally got out of there at 9:45.

Outfit:  Classy tee, original capris, starry night mask.

I'm off to Peoria tomorrow!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W8

 Day 34: Day #1 of an 8 Day stretch....$11,760 in sales

Arrived; was steady for an hour, then did pop count and prelim duties, including LU.  Had to take an early lunch due to 2 call ins, and when I returned, did the AP4Me. Around 6:30 began closing duties, and things were steady, but not slammed.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Went ahead and requested off for Imaginarium, HFK, and Superman.  I'll most likely have to call in during InConJumction, if I can't get someone to cover my shift.  Even thinking about skipping HFK if necessary.

Outfit:  LU blue tee, original capris, starry night mask

Day 35: $7031 in sales

Arrived; spent 15 minutes making copies of the new soda and Monster count sheets.  Was busy until 4, then did soda count and prelim duties.  Went to lunch at 6, and when I returned, swept and gathered trash.  At 7:30, things were slow enough I went ahead and sanitized the registers and the counters, and was then busy until 9.  Locked the doors; returned items all over the store, and put some soda away.  Brought in the final 3 carts and took some cardboard to the compactor.  Clocked out at 9:30.

While doing the pop count, a Diet Dew fell off the shelf, hit my right foot, and exploded.  One of the loaders asked me why I didn't run to the bathroom?  LOL!  Told them I'd decided to do 'Mountain Dew Art'.  Cleaned it up and joked about it until the spatter pattern disappeared.

Outfit:  Yellow tee, original capris, starry night mask.

Day 36:  $11,884 in sales

Today was a good day!  Arrived and was steady; saw BWG walk in, and he was at the tail end of my 'rush'.  He ordered Second Chances off Amazon:)  Hugged him twice and told him he was so sweet to do that!  About an hour later, NL walked in.  We chatted a few mins, then he went to get his stuff.  D, W, and A arrived; I let A run the scanner on three customers, and showed her how to do the total.  D bought me a 3 Musketeers, and after they left, NL returned.  Rang him up, then sent Gavan out to help him with some concrete.  

Did my soda count and prelim duties, then went to lunch at 6:10.  When I returned, HC C sent down a flat cart full of soda, and we filled the coolers.  Swept, then began closing duties.  Had everything done by 8:45, and helped put the carts away.  Clocked out at 9:45.

Outfit:  Blue striped tee, original capris, elephant mask

Day 37:$10,123 in sales

Arrived and made copies of the updated soda list, then took over for Kem.  Rang up a few customers, then started on pop count.....and did prelim duties.....then the rain arrived.  Had a small rush at 6, then at 7, called HC E and asked if they'd forgotten about my lunch break.  Turns out they were headed down, so they brought me pennies, and Bri took over.  When I returned, I started the closing duties, and sanitized the counters and registers.  Swept up what I could, then HC E cleaned me out at 9.  Waited for G to return with the hopper, then closed the door and returned items to Hardware, Electrical, and plumbing.

Outfit:  Black, square neck blouse, original capris, elephant mask

Day 38:  We got a $280 bonus!  $187 after taxes....$10,363 in sales:)

Arrived; hopped on #2 to help Kem with the line, then took over for her.  Things slowed way down; did prelim duties and rearranged the soda cooler back to the original arrangement.  Went to lunch at 6:30, and when I came back, began closing duties.  Had three customers at closing, and locked the doors after the final one left.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Brown gauze blouse, original capris, Monet mask

Day 39:  Memorial Sat  $19,901 in sales

Began the day at the Rendezvous, and cuddling Miss Belle.  Showed her off to friends Pam and Lori, then went off in search of buffalo burgers (none), chicken and dumplings ( last batch before new one ready, ha ha!), and mushrooms.  Also bought 2 things of fudge; chocolate and PB.  Went to work and found it busy.  Cust. A claimed she'd given me two $20s, stuck together allegedly; Mgr T pulled my drawer and audited it; nope, it balanced.

Cust B said they had 'credit', so tried the LAR, and didn't find it under phone # or name, so the hubby paid.  As they were leaving she finally pulled a GIFT CARD out of her wallet, and wanted to know if she could pay her bill with it.  Told her no, and they finally left.  I wanted to bang my head on the wall....they'd backed up my line!

Cust C said they wanted the 1/4" OSB.  Rang up the one green line; they paid $5K in cash and the remainder by credit card.  But when the guys began loading it, I noticed it only had one WHITE stripe, so told G to give me the guy's receipt, and pointed out the oopsie.  Marked his receipt so he'd get a refund.

Cust D brought a white board, then realized it was dirty on one side.  I tried to wipe it off, but no, so instead of taking the board with her to get another, she left it at my register.  Had G take it back after she left.  *eye roll*

Went to lunch at 4:30 (Subway) and when I returned, did the pop count and started closing duties.  Took my 2nd break at 8, and pulled trash, finished sweeping, and sprayed down the countertops.  Alexa brought the soda down, so after the last customers left, began filling it.  A and Krissy came down to help, and we all took the returns to Tools, Paint, Hardware, and Aisle 1.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Red 3/4 length shirt, faded jeggings, Monet mask.

Day 40:  Memorial Sunday:  I should be at the race!!!!  $14,974 in sales  

Was slightly late, since I'd gone to sing at the Worship service at the Rendezvous.  Was fairly steady, and Cindy went to break 1st, then I went at 1:30.  She went to lunch at 2, and I went at 3:45 (McA's).  After returning from lunch, C and Justin alerted to me to a sketchy individual with several Dewalt tools in his basket, and acting suspicious.  He moved over to the lumber aisle, and then all of a sudden just seemed to disappear.  I wondered if he'd snuck out the back; had HC C check the camera, and yup, he did.  BUT....a few mins later, J was out front, SAW the guy and took down his license plate.  Dude eve had the gall to wave at J as he drove away!  Reported it to Mgr T.

Did pop count, and when C left at 6, it took me 15 mins to move over to #1.  Was fairly steady until close, and J fumed when one customer tried to tell him how to load the lumber into a truck.  Another guy wanted 40 boards, but chose only 2 out of the pile, then asked J to pull down another bundle.  Whaaa-at???

Managed to get the trash pulled, the tax exempt tickets gathered, and two of the counters sanitized.  Didn't have time to sweep or do anything else.  Clocked out at 8:40.

Helio Castraneves won his 4th Indy, hiss.  I wanted Tony Kanaan.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W7

 Day 32 (Thurs; had M-W off): $9826 in sales

Arrived early and showed HC C the spreadsheets I'd made, for soda count, Monster count, and for the expiration charts.  She loved 'em!

First half of shift was steady, but had pop count and prelim duties done by 4:30.  Did LU and AP4Me, and went to lunch at 6:30.  Returned and swept, then started closing duties.  Mgr T cleaned me out at 9, and after Gavin returned from taking the trash, closed and locked all doors, then took the loading tickets to the front.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Blue sparkle shirt, capris, Monet mask.

Day 33: $12,970 in sales

Welp....might have put myself on my boss's radar today.....decided to see if I needed Steve's permission to take off 6 days in August for the State Fair, and at first, he asked if I was trying to 'jump the line', and I said no; I remembered needing permission for the 2 weeks last year, and thought the same principle applied.  Then I just *had* to open my mouth about July, to which he reminded me that in Retail, it's 'all hands on deck' during holidays, and 'I'd like to be home with my family, but....' to which I responded, 'I won't be with my family; I'll be at a convention.'

Anyhoo....I left, feeling as if I'd just put myself into another boss's crosshairs.  So I think I'll tell Mom I'm gonna work Race Day, instead of calling in if I can't find a sub.  I kinda need the job now, with my medical bills......

Arrived in Lumber to find Kennadee doing a return, and offered advice.  Then took over and was busy for the 1st hour.  Did the prelim duties, then at 5, the scanner threw a tantrum, so moved over to #2.  Managed to get my LU done before another 'rush'.  Misty tried to help, but turned out #3 was out of printer paper, then jammed.  HC M had to come down and rescue it.  Jillian relieved me for lunch at 6:30, and when I returned, I swept the area and cleaned under each mat.  Rang up one customer who tried 2 phone numbers for the tax exempt, to no avail.  Then his cc was declined.  He tried to get his boss on the phone, so I saved his invoice and rang up others until he succeeded.  Told me to run it through the # didn't work, so tried using the company name, and success!  Then tried the tax exempt, and none of the phone #s worked.  So rang him up, while he's muttering about 'is it the fact we're in Indiana and maybe you don't do tax exempt?"

Tried to tell him yes, that his boss needs to refile it at his Lowes, but the dude just wouldn't listen.  Even told the boss to put some $$ on the CC, since they had to stay in the motel for the night.  Sigh.....

At 9, locked the doors and walked with HC M to the front, then returned items to Hardware, Home Decor, Tools, and Plumbing.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, denim shorts, tools mask.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Life in Lumber, Y3, W6

 Day 26:

Arrived; signed Kim's card (her mom passed over the weekend), took care of a few customers, and began prelim duties.  After lunch, I arrived to find chaos.  Helped Sami with a customer, then had issue after customer needed an approval code; another had discounted paint; a third had discounted lumber.  Scanner threw a fit at 8:30, so was hand-keying and using Charlie's register until close.  Locked the doors, returned items to electrical, paint, tools, and hardware, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:25.

Still cannot find anyone to either switch Saturdays with me or cover my Friday.  Ugh....

On a good note, Justin's back!!!

Outfit:  Brown 3/4'' blouse, capris, Monet mask.

Day 27: $11,148 in sales

Had a long day; began at 8am with PT on my arm, followed by mammogram at 9 and ultrasound at 9:30.  Blood draw (fasting) at 10.  Went to work at 3, and things were steady, but still managed to get pop count and prelim duties accomplished.  Discovered Corporate coming in tomorrow, so promised Mgr T I'd pretty the place up.

Got everything swept by the time I went to lunch, and when I returned, was dismayed to learn Alexa had already pulled the trash, and the 'crazies' were coming in:  People who, instead of ordering off internet, came in with their large orders and expected us to pull it ASAP.  Also had a woman come in with another lumber co's estimate and wanted us to print her out our version.  When told it would take an hour, she huffed, "I drove 45 minutes on someone's assurances that someone would be able to do it."  She then marched out of the store and said she'd do it online.  Mgr T witnessed it and murmured, "And that's why no one wants to work in Lumber."

Things calmed down around 8 and was able to sanitize the counters and registers.  Had 3 customers at closing, then locked the doors, took my trash down, and returned items to Plumbing, Lighting, Tools, and Paint.

Sandy asked if I'd be willing to work a 6-3 if she worked my Sat.....we'll see if it gets approved!  At this rate, I'm ready to just call in both days......also got my AP4Me and LU done.  Still have training to do on aisle blockers and spotters....ugh.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver tee, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Day 28:  "What Are YOU Doing Here This Early?" $18,921 in sales

Mgr T asked if I'd come in at noon, so I did, and for 3 hours, most of my regulars uttered the above phrase!  D and S came in and bought her a Little Giant ladder, and went to break at 2:35.  Came back and began my normal shift duties, but didn't get the pop count finished until nearly 4, due to being so busy.  The scanner on #1 threw a fit; I switched to #2 for an hour, until I ran out of $$, then stayed on #1.  Matt relieved me at 5:15 for lunch; I went to Subway.  When I returned, Matt was on #2, so I stayed there the rest of the night.  Got my closing duties finished by 8:45, and had 2 customers at 9:  One family with 2 orders and one guy who wanted 45 concrete blocks.  I teased him about that 9pm closing time being Indiana time, not Illinois!  Returned items to Electrical, Tools, and Paint, then clocked out at 9:30.

 Mom solved my Friday problem; she decided to change her appt.  Now all I have to do is find someone for Sat or just call in.

Saw Aliscia!!!!

Outfit:  Blue waffle shirt, dark jeggings, tools mask.

Day 29: $9436 in sales

I love my job.  I really do.  But know it's bad when you start thinking of where you could possibly work elsewhere, and I don't like thinking that way.  It just seems to be a push to get me to time out on call ins, so they can fire me.  I'm having trouble finding someone to take my shift on Sat, and now they've scheduled me for race day.  Went back and counted; that would make 3-4 call ins in 2 months. All over a stupid scheduling issue.

Anyway, arrived and took over; things were slower today, and got all my prelim duties finished by 5.  Was sent to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, swept the entire area, plus mucked out under all mats, even under #2 and 3.  Workers came and put new decals on the windows.  Took my time with the closing duties, and Aleaah came down to fill the soda coolers.  I had to step away and just let her do it, because she was irritating me.  Sanitized all counters and registers, and locked the doors at 9.  Gavan took the trash down

JJ came in; her new g/f's dad was having a low blood sugar issue, so I handed him a Snickers and told him to sit down.  Just realized I'd forgotten to pay for it....oops....I'll do that tomorrow.

Outfit:  Red v-neck shirt, dark jeggings, black mask

Day 30: $13,353 in sales

Went in; no sign of Sandy.  So guess I'll have to call in tomorrow....sigh....think it'll be my 3rd one in two months.  Can't be helped.

Shift began slow; did pop count, my LU, and even the rest of my damn spotter/aisle blocker training.  But at 5, things got busy and stayed that way.  Went to lunch at 6, and when I returned, the scanner on #1 decided to throw a fit, right in the middle of $2K order.  Saved it and hopped over to #2, to finish ringing everything up.  Alexa returned and tried to hop on #1....then ended up rebooting the scanner.  She finally got it to work again, just as I finished with my customer. 

Hopped back over to #1, then at 8, it went down again, so stayed on 2 for the rest of the night. Managed to sanitize the counters and registers, and do a brief sweep, then after Gavin took out the trash, put up my vest and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Blue baseball tee, dark jeggings, black mask

Day 31 (Sun)  $18747 in sales

Arrived; went to lumber to give Jill her break.  Things were steady until 3; J took her break at 2, after I took a quick pit stop.  I went to lunch at 3, and when I returned, Chelsea sent me to LG to give Karen her break.  After 90 mins, I called C and learned K was now in Lumber, so J could go home.  I stayed in LG until 7:30, then was sent down to Lumber until close.  Helped do pop count, then we all clocked out around 8:30.

Had a couple of screw-ups:  A)  Customer had 3 sheets of plywood, and they pointed out the damage on 2 of them.  So I rang up 3, discounted all down to $60, and sent them on their merry way.  A few mins later, the man returns and says only one was 1/4"; the others were 3/4"  I took 'em down to see what the item #s were, and discovered the 3/4" was $73, as opposed to $68.  Brought this to their attention and gave them the choice of returning it and being charged more, or leaving it as is and chalking it up to cashier error.  They chose the latter, and I joked, Feliz Navidad in May!  Both laughed.

B)  When I was in LG, a woman had four irises.  The 1st one rang up $16, and the other 3 were $9.  She told me they were all the same, so cancelled the $16 and hit the other ones for $9.

Outfit:  Gray IU sweatshirt, black lace tee, red check leggings, Monet mask. Only wore the sweatshirt for 10 mins.  I've got 3 days off, unless they call me in:)

Monday, May 3, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, W5

 Day 21:  I Made The Board:)

Noticed I made the Cashier Wall of Fame this week, by getting the highest scan vs hand key score:)

Was asked to come in at 3; I made it by 3:10.  First order of business was to over scan a customer's lumber.  Instead of 11, I hit 111, then had to send him to CS to have the extra 100 refunded to his card.  *Head slap*

Next, I overscanned another customer's electrical device, but we caught it before we went to total.

By now I was asking, "Can I have a do-over?"

Hubby and I had gone to lunch at the Yamoto steak house, but then I went to the park with my writer's group and had an accident, causing me to come home and change my pants.  Geez....

Went to lunch at 6:50, and when I returned, did LU and closing duties.  Had one last customer at closing, with 2 cull packs.  Filled the rest of the soda, closed the big door, and returned a box of nails to hardware.

Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Brown tee, capris, blue plaid mask

Day 22: Still Squeaky!  $9495 in sales

Arrived to discover Matt having an issue taking a credit card over the phone.  I hopped on #2 and helped with the backlog, then took over for him with zero issues.  Guess his fingers were too fat???  Did my LU and pop count, and things went well until my break.  Came back and discovered #1 was acting up.  It worked for a few mins, but then hopped to #2, where I stayed the rest of the night.  Even rebooted system, but it was done.

Pulled trash and sanitized counters and registers, and helped Sami fill the pop coolers. Took items to tools, paint, and hardware before taking trash to compactor area, since our hopper was full.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  SW shirt (may the 4th be with you!), capris, black mask

Day 23:  Floor Show!  $10,511 in sales

Was fairly steady entire shift; in fact, I didn't even notice when it was already 7 and I'd not been sent to break!  Called HC E so I could make a pit stop and grab my lunch. 

Heard a customer getting loud, and when I looked around the corner, there were two guys arguing.  Tried to call ASM BW, then heard his phone ring.  Looked again and saw ASM BG with the men, and they were coming toward us.  The larger guy was trying to calm the other down; BG simply escorted the argumentative one out the door.  Come to find out, it began in Millwork with him complaining about the fact the bell didn't work....then went to CS and complained....bigger guy tried to calm him down....guy persisted, even going so far as to tell the other guy to hit him (he didn't).

Saw he was wearing a Blue hat....I mentioned to the one guy that 'he voted for this mess; why isn't he happy?'  (snicker)

Told customers who'd witnessed it, "No charge for the floor show."

Swept and sanitized the registers, then took the trash to the hopper (compactor's fixed!), and returned items to Paint and aisles 14, 15, and 16.  Clocked out around 9:40.  Was pissed b/c Sami and the other girl had already left.  WTH???

Outfit:  Alaskan highway tee, capris, blue plaid mask

Day 24:  Rainy Day

Arrived; rang up a couple of people on Alexa's sales ID so she could make a quick pit stop (I wasn't even clocked in yet; I'd delivered the box of Puffs to Lumber), then clocked in and did the pop count and other prelim duties.  Did my LU and AP4Me, then began sweeping.  HC C came down to send me to break, and when I returned, C sent the new girl, Bri, to watch me.  We loaded the soda that HC E brought down, chatted, rang up maybe 5 customers, and showed her how to do an o/r.  Sanitized the counters and registers (Kerri had already done the plexiglass), then returned one item to Fashion Bath.  Clocked out at 9:20, and joked with Mgr S that he 'tolerates' me b/c I take care of lumber every night!

Outfit:  Gray 'Fire/Grace' tee, dark jeggings, black mask

Day 25:

Was asked to come in at 2, since Corporate was there, and they didn't have anyone to cover Lumber from 2-4.  I said sure, and had all preliminary duties done by 4:30.  Reg #1 scanner threw a fit not long after I arrived, so spent most of the shift on #2.  After lunch at McA's with the family, I realized #1 was behaving, so hopped back over.

Rescued a 'lost parent'....two little girls came up to me and asked me to help find their daddy.  One of the girls rattled off a cell #, so I called it and found their daddy.  The girls stayed with me for about a minute until he showed up.

After lunch, I sanitized the counters and registers, plus dusted the monster cooler, and even sanitized the plexiglass.  Helped bring in the carts, then took my trash to the hopper and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Purdue tee, capris, blue LU mask.