Monday, February 28, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W1

 Day 1:  $6,704

Arrived and was immediately busy.  B handed over the paperwork, and for the first 90 mins, helped K with her LU, rang up customers, and answered questions from both loaders and customers!  Finally was able to do the soda count, prelim duties, and my LU and AP4Me. Thanks to K, got all my LU correct, ha ha....

Took my break at 7:30, and when I returned, I put away the soda, pulled the trash, and swept.  Final customer was at 8:45, though we did have one try to come in after 9, as ASM K was pulling my drawer, Other than needing an o/r and having HC A stuck at the CS and having to page 3 times for a Code 99 (even tried to call ASM K, but phone went to CS), and having Kylie come flying down from wire shelving to do it, the night was fairly a good one.  Loader M even backed me up on that refrigerator deal; Pro supervisor G was the one who told him to ring it up!  So yay, I'm off the hook for that one.

Am off tomorrow, for W's 18th birthday AND the fact I have to go to Lafayette and take Mom to her hair appt.

Outfit:  Red hooded sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, diamond 'flower' stud earrings, spider mask at the ready, in case I was told to put it on.  

Day 2:  $6,184 (and 1 cent!)

Arrived, and things seemed to be going well.  Was busy, but still had soda count done by nearly 7.  Had 2 CFH....A had a bunch of lumber and plywood, then as I'm ringing them up, decided to let someone with only a few items go in front.  Fine.  Delete A's items; ring up the other customer's, then returned.  They wanted a total after 3 items, then after writing down the total, told me to ring up the rest.  Turned out they also had flooring and carpet, so had to switch all $1400 to Des's number. 

B began well, except I'd forgotten to hit 'no formula' after the 2nd item, and had to ring it all up again.  No problem....then she asked about the 20%, and decided to apply.  Got her approved, but her email/text never showed up.  I asked if she wanted to wait a little more, and she said yes, so I hopped over to #2 and rang up 3 more customers.  Called HC C for advice, and she told me to go into 11.9.  Got her temp card printed....then since I'd been off #1 for a while, it kicked me out.  Logged back in, only to discover the order was gone, and had to completely ring everything up AGAIN,  Okay, not prob.  But now, I couldn't get the 'manual card' to activate.  Saved it as an invoice, but then COULDN'T BRING IT UP AGAIN!!!  Had to ring everything up AGAIN....(by now, I was ready to scream!) and THIS time it worked.  I'd been with them for 30 MINUTES!!!

Went to break at 8, and when I returned, finally got the rest of the closing duties done.  Locked the doors at 8:56, then closed the large door at 9.  Took the trash down after I finished sweeping, then helped 'zone' aisle 10 for a few minutes, before putting up my vest.

Needed only one o/r; customer C said their plywood was $40; it was ringing up $60.  Had Loader K double-check; had to change the total and have HC C come down to verify it.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, new faded jeggings, LJs, diamond flower studs, Monet mask on 'standby'

Day 3:  $7.501

Arrived; B had a line, so logged on quickly.  Customers 1 and two were fast; then #3 arrived.  He had an estimate plus an invoice; no probs. Rang up his Goo, then replied 'yes' to installed sale.  And it processed.....and processed.....Called HC C; she said to back out and redo it.  Same result.  Did it a third time, without the Goo.  Same result.  Switched over to Genesis, and things went through!  Got to delivery was supposed to be waived. Verified it with Des, then had HC M o/r it, then we had to find a delivery date.  Guy's leaving town, and we no longer deliver on the weekends.  Decided he could do it Monday the 14th. Great!  He pays, then I ring up his goo and he's gone.  Time elapsed:  30 mins.  Meanwhile, B is ringing up everyone else while I handle this 'transaction from hell'!

A few more customers come through, then another one arrives and points out the Trex boards.  I can't find him under 1.6, and call for help.  HC M arrives; I'm ringing up customers in line, and customer says he's out of time and will return tomorrow.  I leave the Pro's a note and go back to my customers.

I finally get the soda count done and the paperwork gathered when Kelli arrives to give me my break.  Customer arrives to get his 140 OSB.  Turns out, we only have 50 in stock, so prepare to print the ticket as soon as they're loaded.  Forklift driver is called; I walk K through the process in case I'm not back when it's time, and take my break.

I return; it's time to print it.  I show her how to do it, and things slow down. I put away the soda, gather the trash, and start sweeping. Even squeeze in my LU.  Final customers leave at 8:50. I locked the doors ten minutes later and finish straightening up.  When HC M cleans me out, I pushed the cart up to the front and returned an item to plumbing, two items to Aisle 1, and a mat to Flooring. Put my trash  in the hopper, then went to put up my vest.

I guess it's my week for the 'problem children'....

Outfit:  Black/gray L/S shirt, denim vest, new faded jeggings, diamond flower earrings, Monet mask on 'standby'.

Day 4:  $ $11,161

First of all, I did something to my back last night; it feels as if I pulled a muscle on my left side. Heat didn't help, nor did the 3 Aleve I took.  Told HC M and J about my injury, and if I couldn't handle it, I'd let them know.

Ringing up customers was fine.  Everyone understood when I said my back was hurting, and helped out.  I even borrowed Brenda's back brace, which reminded me to not twist or bend.

Customer A wanted a pallet of 80 lb  concrete; neither Loader N or K are forklift certified yet, so called for an operator.  No one came, so they hand loaded it.  Customer B paid for 45 12-foot and 7 8-foot drywall; again, put out the call, and this time, OSLG answered, and not only did that, but loaded 90 OSB amd more drywall for other customers.  Thanked them profusely! I did pull all the soda forwatd, and shuffled some from Pro to the other cooler, and pulled the Pro ones to the front.  Did all the closing duties except sweeping and sanitizing. Just didn't have time. Clocked out at 9:30.  I'd gone to break at 8pm.

Outfit:  Black/white stripe, dark jeggings, flower diamond earrings, hearing aids!!!!!

Day 5:  Rare Saturnday $17,062 (and 50 cents)

Day began with Sonja and Darrin telling me ASM K was drunk, and yelling at everyone.  Thankfully, I didn't see her until later in the day, when she was going to lunch.  I needed an o/r, and she gave it to me, along with "You know not to use this when I'm not here, right?"  I wanted to either open my eyes wide and say, "Oh, we're not???" or "No shit, Sherlock!"  But I restrained myself and nodded.  I thought to myself, "How stupid do you think I am???"

Things were fairly steady; Cindy told me today was her final day; she got the job at the nursing facility at Linton.  K, J, and B showed up; B charmed everyone when I took my break. I'd gotten a credit app right before they arrived, so yay....I've had 2 this month!

Went to lunch at 4:30, and when I returned, did the closing duties.  Had one customer use the wrong card; I had to call for an approval code.  I invoiced his items, and he returned after I came back from lunch. Another customer arrived to pick up his wire and tables, but they were the wrong kind.  Sent Loader AM to get the correct ones, then had HC C come down to do a return/rebill.  I went to my 2nd break at 8.  Came back and put away the soda, plus chatted with Will and AW, who has bought a trailer and won't be there tomorrow, due to moving day.

Locked the doors at 9 and pulled the trash, then after HC C cleaned me out, brought in a cull cart and took the trash down, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Red LS shirt, CBS tee, dark jeggings, flower diamond earrings, astronaut mask on 'standby'

Day 6:  Rare Sunday $12,714 (and 85 cents!)

Arrived to hear ASM K complaining we didn't have anyone here. Hopped on #2 and Loader AM told me Loader K had called in, but that Matt was on his way in. Things were fairly steady; Liv went to break, and when she left for lunch at 1:30, things really got interesting. Customer wanted to put money in his LAR, and my register froze.  Ended up doing it on #3, but then he had a black round piece with a lousy bar code.  Saved his order while M looked it up.  Then register froze again, and ended up rescanning everything, save the pipe, on #3.  I even called for help, and ASM N came down. I shut off #2 and restarted everything, but still the printer refused to print.  After we got the line under control, I hopped over to #1 while N worked on #2.  I went to break, and when I returned, N had worked his magic and #2 behaved itself.

Went to lunch (McA's) at 3, and D surprised me by showing up.  He drove me back at 4, and both Liv and AM left at 5.  I was able to get the soda count done, the sweeping, and even cleaning the registers AND counters #1 and 2.  Mucked out under ALL the mats, and gathered trash.  Took my final break at 7.

After HC C cleaned me out, took the trash down and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, dark jeggings, astronaut mask on 'standbye'. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W47

 Day 197:  $6,969

Arrived and returned a tool to Tools, then took over for B, and was steady all night.  Did get a chance to squeeze in my LU and AP4Me in between customers, and did the pop count.  Cait relieved me at 6:15 for my break, and when I got back, I swept, rang up more customers, and put the soda away.  Final customer left at 9:01, and locked the doors behind them.  HC M cleaned me out and after walking her up, returned items to Hardware and Tools, then handed off the trash to Loader K and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, new faded jeggings, zircon earrings, shark mask.  Was nearly 70 degrees today!

Day 198:  $7,039 (and 4 cents!)

Arrived and daughter called; her pregancy's not viable.  After I spoke to her, and offered to come home, but she declined, asked B to cover for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom for a cry.  They were tears of guilt, relief, and sadness for my daughter.  Composed myself and returned to my post, and was busy the 1st hour with customers and soda count, and other prelim duties.  Went to break at 7:10 and when I returned, was irritated by Liv not putting the soda away.  Was she really busy for the entire 15 mins?  Brandon G needed rung up, but #2 wouldn't work, so after L logged off, I hopped over and rang up B's items.  He's now working in Washington for a prescription company.  Did my LU, swept, and pulled trash.  Supervisor G knocked over a box of paper rolls, so helped Loader AW stack them on a cart, and then reorganized the trash bag display.

Turns out we've only had the half inch OSB in the 7/16 place for 2 weeks, so haven't rung up TOO many oppsies!  Whew!

Walked HC M up front, took the trash to the hopper, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Brown gauze, new faded jeggings, zircon earrings, starry night mask.  Temps dropped from 60-38 degrees.  I WILL be back in my LJs the rest of the week, ha ha!

I'm also the #1 cashier of the week!  Whoot!

Day 199:  $1,381

Arrived and took over for B. Was steady for the first half hour, then did the soda count and prelim duties. Did my LU, printed off my pay stub and March schedule, then swept the floor. Cam sent me to break at 8, right after an a$$hat customer accused me over overcharging him the last time.  Claimed I rang up 4 boards twice, causing him a 'headache, to get a refund'.  Then he claimed I'd already rung up one board (I hadn't, but let it go), and when he saw the total, claimed, "That was less than I thought, so I'm not mad at you anymore."

Whatever dude....get the hell out of the store....

Only had one customer between 8:30 and close.  HC H locked the doors while I rang up the final customer, then I took the trash to the hopper while she cleaned out my drawer.  Put up my vest, then talked a coworker into starting my van while I clocked out.  Which was a good thing; freezing rain/sleet was falling, and my windows were iced.  Sat in the running van for ten mins, then got out and had little trouble chipping away the ice.  Drove home carefully.

Outfit:  Black/white poncho; red L/s shirt, new faded jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, zircon earrings, starry night mask.

I'm off tomorrow!!!

Day 200:  $4,235 (and 4 cents!)

Arrived; began ringing up customers.  Did the soda count and other prelim duties.  Went to break at 7:30, and when I came back, swept and did my LU, and even some FE4Me. Loader K took my trash down at 8:45, and rang up my final 3 customers at 9pm.  Even had a customer walk in the door as the closing announcement was being made.  Told them we were closing, and explained the 10pm close doesn't start for 2 more weeks.

Took an item to RTM, then put up my vest after HC C cleaned me out. Afterwards, took the front trash to the hopper, and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  White sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, zircon earrings, elephant mask.

Tomorrow, book signing at library! 

Day 201:  Rare Sunday and End of Year 3:)  $11,713

Just as I was about to leave at 11, HC A texted me and asked if I was coming in; turned out I was supposed to be there at 11, not 11:30!  Oops....arrived and took over for Jillian, and was busy.  Showed the new cashier, Abby, about some things, such as looking up tile, doing LAR, loading LAR, and how to look up items in the scan book, such as the blocks, plywood, OSB, and concrete.  At 3, was called down to the front office; apparently the fridge we sold earlier this week was the DISPLAY model, which was a no-no; plus the 16 foot post we set up for delivery had to be special ordered, which cost the company $$.  I didn't even remember the post, until I was talking to HC M, who reminded me at first she was going to come in and get it, then changed her mind and had it delivered.  ASM K and N said the only reason they called me down was to just find out why I'd made the mistakes; "This is unlike you."  Unexpectely broke down and told them about the stress I'd been under the past week, due to S's pregnancy and miscarriage, plus getting taxes done.  My job's not in jeopardy; they were just concerned, which made ME feel better; this proves I DO know how to do my job.  

The only issue which puzzled me was ASM K told me she wanted me to be more of a cashier and less of a pro.....I've NEVER tried to be a pro, so not sure what she was getting at, other than to not take any more phone orders!  Which I normally don't do anyway....

Went to lunch (McA's) at 3:30 and struck up a conversation at the next table, and even sold a book!  Returned to work to HC M dealing with a customer wanting to know about his total.  Helped her with it; turned out she had ALREADY TOLD HIM THE CORRECT AMOUNT, but since I redid it, he was happy.  ??????  Anyway, things went well, and even got to catch a glimpse of TDS; even spoke to J, who asked us about where to find furniture legs.  Texted him about it; he confirmed yes, that was her, and he'd not seen me.  Told him I only caught a glimpse of him before he disappeared down the insulation aisle.  Took my final break shortly after, and looked for them, but they were gone.

Swept; pulled trash, and gathered paperwork at 7, after Cait put the soda away and left. Locked the doors at 8pm after my finaly customer, then after HC M cleaned me out, tossed my trash in the hopper and waited until Loader AM returned with said hopper and brought in the concrete.

Also got to see JJ Bennett, and ring up not only her items but her Uncle Jack's.  So good to see her!

Former Loader Juan even popped in to say hi; he passed his training and begins orientation on the CSX R/R tomorrow:)

Outfit:  Lt gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, zircon earrings, spider mask

Monday, February 14, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W46

 Day 193: $5,013

Brought in Kroger Bakery cookies, which was appreciated. Took over for B and helped Kerri with her LU, and got frustrated by her stressing over the answers.  It made me stressed, as I was trying to help her, ring up customers, and find a loading ticket for Josh in Flooring,  When Loader AW walked in, I had him walk with me to aisle 18, where I vented my frustration.  Then HC M came down and I 'beat her up' when she revealed she's moving to Fla next month.  Later, I told her I didn't know why I had such a short fuse, or a low tolerance for BS....HC J said it was b/c of the coming full moon.

Was fairly slow; did my own LU and AP4Me, then went to lunch at 7.  When I returned, I swept, and mucked out under the mats, and pulled the trash.  We only needed 3 bottles of soda, so didn't have to fill out the chart.

Loaders AW and K set the safety pallets, and when they brought the forklift in, AW accidentally hit the display of screws in aisle 19; fortunately, we didn't have any customers.  In fact, we didn't have any customers from 8-9, with the exception of one guy who needed a water heater.  Locked the doors after he left, and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, zircon studs, red sparkle mask

Day 194:  $3,411

Arrived late, due to catching a slow train.  Took over for B, and rang up a handful of customers, then checked the soda coolers; they were full, so didn't have to do the count:)  Did the prelim duties, brought in a few carts, and did some writing.  Began sweeping at 6, and was sent to break at 7:15. Didn't have a single customer from 6-7. When I returned, I pulled the trash, and rang up the few customers who straggled in (temps were in the 50s today!).  Two of my favorite customers came in; one couple as I was going to break, and the 2nd one around 8:30, and checked him out after I'd locked the doors.  Loaders AM and N set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete at 8:45, so when HC M cleaned me out, all I had to do was take the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Just felt awful at work; I think the body is trying to catch something.  Beautiful weather, but I'm glad I took my hooded zip up with me; kept getting hot/cold all shift.  Thank God I'm off tomorrow!

Outfit:  Black/white plaid shirt, blue tank, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon studs, red sparkle mask

Day 195:  $2,234

Arrived early, in order to grab some Tide, bleach, Dawn refills, toilet paper, and Bounty.  Was not exactly thrilled to see ASM K there, but hoped maybe she wouldn't be there much longer?  Hopes were dashed after I saw the schedule; she was closing.  Maybe she'd stay up front.

After arriving in Lumber, I saw what I thought was a dog's mess in aisle 19; grabbed a paper towel, but it was only wood shavings.  Took over for B, then discovered soda was already filled.  Began doing the prelim duties, and as I'm gathering the trash, a customer wanders by, but doesn't approach.  I'm in the process of heading back to the register when K greets him and he says he wants to check out.

"She can get you at #1."

I rang him up, then finished the trash and pushed one cart into #20, then as I pushed a flat cart, saw a customer approach, so pushed it in front of the Pro soda cooler.  K asked why I'd left it there; I politely pointed out the customer coming toward me.  Took care of the customer, then finished putting the cart in #21.

Began doing my LU, and the rest of my training for the next hour, and K gave Loaders M (who's back from QT) and K a 'lesson in Pro', and mentioned the Pro vests.  She asked me, and I turned my back to show her I had one on.  "You shouldn't be wearing one; you should have a regular one..."

My blood boiled.  I've been there nearly 3 years; I DESERVE to wear one.  HC C wears one, and so does Noel, and a few others I've seen.  Is she going to b*tch about THEM?

Finally, at 8:30, K tells me to 'don't forget to lock the doors'.....AS IF!  Geez....give me some credit, please?

It hit me; she micro-manages me and I DON'T LIKE IT!!!

Loader K took my trash to the hopper, and when HC C cleaned me out, I walked her up front and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Icy conditions; the driver's side door was frozen open.  Put $20 in my tank so I wouldn't run out of gas as I tried to warm up the car, but S had to break it free.  Thank GOD I'm off the next two days!!

Outfit:  Gray Mama Bear sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon earrings, Monet mask

Day 196:  Rare Sunday $12,090

Day began on a sour note, when the parking spot I wanted was grabbed right as I pulled in. Took the one to the left of it. Arrived and began ringing up customers, then started doing my annual Active Shooter training while ringing up others.  Finished it, then took the survey, and did the LU. Em went to lunch at 1 and Liv came down; brought in carts and chatted.  When E came back, I took my break, then was thrilled when one of my favorite couples were there, and rang them up.  Also saw Shirley R, whom I've not seen for a while, and we chatted while it was slow.  Turns out the roller coaster on 41 was taken down due to homeowner's insurance going up "b/c someone could get hurt and sue you"....yeah, and it's been up HOW LONG w/o incident???  *eye roll*

Went to lunch at 4 (McA's) and when I came back, E hung around for a while before they sent her home. Marilyn and I worked well together, and took my final break at 5:40.  Did the closing duties, and M left at 8. HC H had me lock the doors at 7:55, but when we opened the large door so Brock could set the safety pallets, a customer ran in, saying he had a water leak and would be quick.  He finally showed up at 8:15, and I rang him up, then let him out.  Loader AM tried to take the hopper, but a semi was parked in front of the trash compactor.  Clocked out at 8:25.

Outfit:  Home Grown sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon earrings, blue fingerless gloves, Shark mask.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W45

 Day 188:  $3,646

Arrived; was told MRV on #1 was acting up and to use the old system. Tried it once; rang up 4 items and total was $1050....then it froze up.  Had to exit, log into Genesis, and start over.  Total:$177.  Customer was relieved!  Things went smoothly from there; did my LU and AP4Me, and prelim duties.  Cait came down and we reorganized the Pro coolers, then C went to get the soda.  She took her break while I filled the coolers and puttered around, then at 7 I took my break when she returned.  After break, MRV was working again. Swept and gathered trash, then huddled over the heater and wrote.  Met another new loader, Nick.  We were pretty much empty by 8:30, and locked the doors at 8:59.  HC M cleaned me out; returned items to Lights, Plumbing, and Aisle 18, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:25.

Am off for the next 2 days!!!

Outfit:  Blue sweatshirt, red polo, new dark jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, star earrings, starry night mask.

Day 189:  $3,476

There was something in the air today.  My phone rang after I arrived (after buying some Tide and bleach) and took care of three customers.  B was still working with a customer, so I logged onto LU and chatted with the nice man on the other end of the phone, all the while keeping an eye out for any customers.  After I finished LU, I logged off and walked over by the trash can to finish the conversation (B was STILL with his customer).  I saw someone approach our area, so I ended the call ASAP, only to have said customer walk on by.  ASM K told B to go on and go, and I was left alone again.  Did the pop count and prelim duties while also ringing up several customers; HC A collected the count and brought down the soda; I filled the coolers.  Gathered the paperwork and consolidated the trash, and checked my email, and wrote a bit.  At 6:55, Alexis came down and sent me to break.  When I returned, I started sweeping, which kept me occupied for the next hour.  Gathered the trash and at 8:40, started sanitizing the registers. Rang up my next-to-final customer at 9, and went to lock the doors.

Here's where it gets interesting.  Observed a family still in aisle 20, looking unconcerned about the time. I walked over and greeted them, and informed them we were closing, so would they please hurry? (I was nice about it).  Had the whole 'yes-the-website-says-we're-open-til-10-but-that-doesn't-happen- until-March-or-May', and the father says he'll be quick.  I thanked them and stepped away as I heard my phone ring.  It was my daughter, so I answered it. JUST AS I ENDED THE CALL, HC A came down and said, "'ve got to stay off your phone!"  I politely imformed her it was my daughter, and since it was closing time, I didn't see the harm in taking the call, esp since the customers were NOT in the lane yet.  They did gather their 30 boards of Trex and I rang up their $477 purchase.  Loader AM let them out the door, then locked it.

Also, our resident Drama Queen told me during break that ASM K had caught her on HER phone coming out of the bathroom, while she was on the clock, and was afraid she was going to be fired.  Told her not to worry; SM S was in Vegas at the annual convention.  "Yes, but what about when he gets back?  How will I pay my bills?"'ve worried about getting fired for nearly a year, and you're still here.  Chill, chick.

Anyway, clocked out at 9:20 and met the daughter at Old Chicago before heading out to karaoke.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped sweater, new dark jeggings, LJs, star earrings, starry night mask

Day 190:  $5,194

Arrived; did pop count, only to discover they'd filled the coolers earlier and weren't going to do it again. Did the prelim duties, then spent my time on the LU, doing other 'training', finally stopping when I was at the 70/108 videos, in addition to ringing up customers.  Gently 'educated' Loader R and Loader K about the 'code 50s'....had to call them by name a few times.  Took my break at 7, and when I returned, I pulled the trash and thoroughly swept, then sanitized the registers and counters.  Checked out my final customer at 9, then locked the doors.  HC J cleaned me out, then ASM N arrived and walked her up, so I took the trash down and put up my vest. Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Red hooded sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, star earrings, blue sparkle mask.

Day 191:  Rare Saturday $$11,126

Arrived; discovered Dogwood setting up. Was happy to discover I'd be with Cindy for three hours, and we had a good time, ringing up customers, dodging ASM K, and chatting.  She took her break, then I took mine at 2:15, and ate a plate of mashed potatoes, corn, cole slaw, and potato salad. She left at 3, and I moved over to #1. Patty came down to send me to lunch at 4 (Subway).  P was amazed I wasn't going to eat more Dogwood, so I brought her a cookie. Did the soda count and prelim duties, and began sweeping the floor. Sanitized the registers at 8, and rang up final customer at 8:50.  HC H came down to clean me out; I took the trash to the hopper and made sure K's heater was off before heading to put up my vest.  Grabbed a loaf of white homemade bread to bring home, and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Light gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, star earrings, blue fingerless gloves, blue sparkle mask

Day 192:  Rare (Super Bowl) Sunday $9,673

Took my Kindle into work, in hopes the place would clear out around 5, and I'd get to watch the Super Bowl.  Discovered I wasn't due in until noon, but clocked in anyway.  Worked with Kenzie, and did my LU and some more training vids.  She went to lunch, then I took my break.  S and A joined me, and we chatted until it was time to return. I went to lunch at 3:20 (McA's) and when K left at 5, was steady!  I was ready to scream, "Hey, there's a GAME starting in an hour....GO HOME!!", but continued to smile, get the soda count done and put away, the closing duties finished.  At 6, I turned on the Kindle, but was slammed again, and then was sent to break at 7.  Thankfully, Brent (Millwork) had his tablet going, so was able to watch 15 mins and some commercials before heading back.  THEN the place was silent, and even got 'permission' from ASM R to watch the game if there were no cars in the lot, and no customers.  SWEET!  Fired up my Kindle and watched the SB for a good half hour/45 mins.  Even shocked Loader AM when I cheered for a Bengals' TD!  At 7:50, ASM R told me to go ahead and lock the doors.  Shut off the game and locked the doors, took the trash down, and when HC H cleaned me out, went to put up my vest and to clock out at 8:07.  Arrived home in time to watch maybe 2 mins of the halftime show before watching the rest of the game, THEN catching the halftime show on the App before deleting it.

I'm not a fan of rap, and I personally think Mary K Blige needed to put some pants on.  But Emimen was good (LOVE Lose Yourself!), and even though I've never listened to 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, or Kendrick Lamar, the whole thing was clean; no F-bombs, though I thought one was bleeped out, but S claimed it was a microphone issue; said she thought he was having issues with it.  So who knows?

Commercials were great, though I didn't get the one with the QR code bouncing around like old-school Pong, and there was another one neither Brent nor I knew what they were selling. Loved the Lays, the Fiery Doritos with the sloth and other animals, and the Nissan one with Eugene Levy.  Caught others on YouTube.

Outfit:  Dark gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves; star earrings, blue sparkle mask.

Came home and changed into my PJs for the game, then tuned into the Ice Dancing finals.  France took gold, Russians the silver, and USA's Hubble/Donahue the silver,  Chock/Bates took 4th.  Was disappointed we got 3rd and 4th, but France apparently came out of nowhere in the next-to-last group to take the lead in the short program, so WTG!

Women's program is next week, followed by the pairs.  In case I didn't mention it, Nathan Chen scored the gold medal in the Men's:)  And in Snowboarding Half-Pipe, Shawn White just missed being on the podium, thanks to a youngster from Japan who kept his footing, while Shawn clipped the edge of the pipe and had to settle for his 1st run score.  All in all, he's still the best, and not bad for the 'oldest' one in that event; Shawn's 35 and the 'youngster' is 16!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

February Goals

 I really didn't have a lot of goals for January, but I did manage to accomplish all but two:)

-Order Inventory (5 CR and 5 WHH, check; 10 Whispers, check)

-Order new bookshelf (for promotional) Not yet

-Send books to library Check; sent LOTR, FL, BA, and EL; will send CR and WHH when arrive (Check!)

-De-decorate Mom's room Check!

-Lose 5lbs (beginning 228) Won't know until I get on a scale; had to cinch my belt one more notch though!

-Find desk Check!

Books Read:  8

            Print:  7

        E-book:  1

             DNF:  1

2022 Events:

-Saluki Con (Jan 15-16, 2022) Carbondale, Il $70 Pd 10/22/21 UPDATE:  Rescheduled for April 16th

-SI Comic Con (April 2, 2022) Benton, Il Pd $35 9/18/21

-Indy ComiCon (Easter weekend) Indpls, In Skipped this year, since Saluki Con rescheduled for 16th

-Weekend With The Authors (May 13-15, 2022) Nashville, TN Pd $300 2021; may need to cancel, due to cousin's wedding on 14th....depends on if Mom wants to go.

-Quad Con (June 4, 2022) Springfield, Il $40

-Superman Celebration (June 9-12th, 2022) Metropolis, Il 

-Wild Deadwood Reads (June 16-18th, 2022) Deadwood, SD 10-3pm Cost:  $160 (full table)  Skipping it this year; too many cons scheduled already.

-Imaginarium Convention (July 8-10, 2022) Louisville, KY $110 Pd 9/15

-Heroes For Kids (July 17th) Perrysville, Mo

-Royal Readers (Aug 6th) Mall of America $110 Pd 9/16/21

-State Fair

-Daviess Co Wine and Art Fair

-Penned Con, St, Louis, Mo Pd 2020

-Cil-Con Mattoon, Il Pd $100 10/21/21

-First City Music Festival $50

-Lexington Legendary Book Signing (Oct 1st) $185 Pd $100 1/18/22

-Non-Con Middletown, OH

-Writer's Block Author Fair Toledo, Oh

-Collector's Carnival and Crafts (Oct 29th) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds $100 Pd 11/26 (Bal:  $250)

February Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (beginning:  228) Gained 5; am now 233, but I blame the week's worth of Dogwood bread the boss brought in 2/12....ate at least 3-4 loaves in 5 days.

-Fill out financial aid for hospital bill

-Buy bookshelf for promo

-Make cards with QR code for Rex

-Have successful Book Signing at Library Sold 2:)  One more than I'd expected...

-Order Rex keychains Check; ordered 5 red 'fire hydrant' and 5 silver 'bone'. Cost:  $7.50

-Add words to Rock Star, Heart Song, RiKar, Beach Story (Check!)

-Edit/submit Defending Your Life

-Promote Rex Check!

February Reading Schedule:

Leia-Claudia Gray Interesting book, an 'origan' story, detailing her journeys as she prepared to become heir to the throne of Alderaan.
Those Who Wish Me Dead-Michael Koryta RR!  I remember thinking earlier about a possible twist, and was right, but since it took me a week to get back to it, the twist caught me off guard.  Still, a page-turner, and wonderful survivor skill advice:)
The Heart Principle-Helen Huang DRR!  Loved, loved, LOVED this book!  And even saw an extreme version of myself and my family dynamic in it....

Karaoke Songs:
2/3:  Am staying home, due to weather.

That Don't Impress Me Much-Shania Twain Not too bad...
Say You, Say Me-Lionel Richie Slightly low, but good:)
ET-Katy Perry Nailed it!

2/17:  Stayed home, due to freezing rain

2/24: Stayed home, due to freezing rain.