Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Snippet

Tech Support: What seems to be the problem, sir?

Customer: Whenever I press the Backspace key, the letters I typed disappear.

actual tech support call

Kids Halloween Costumes, Past and Present:
K has been:
-Girl (complete with long blonde wig and one of my dresses! He was 10 or 11)
-'Super K' (two years ago...he's even on YouTube somewhere.)

S has been:
-Pumpkin Baby
-Rabbit (family costume; I wore it; my sis wore it; by the time Grandma unearthed it, K was too big for it.)
-Queen Amidala
-Scream (she borrowed her brother's costume!)
-Vampire (last two years)

W has been:
-Spiderman (three times now)
(I can't remember if he ever wore the rabbit costume!)

Snippet: Today's theme is Horror; however, my copy/paste mode is refusing to work! And since I really don't feel like retyping the entire page, you'll just have to wait until next year. I hope Blogger cooperates with me the next time I try to paste a section onto it!

NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow!
Are you signed up? A few of my friends are. Once again, I'm not going to turn into Evil Bitch Writer Mom, but I am going to inform the family of my goal to write every day for an hour or two. Similar to what I'm already doing; however, this time it will be a priority. As for word counts, whatever comes from me in that hour or two is what I'll be happy with. Not going to kill myself getting the 1500 down this year!

Happy Halloween:)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Memories

Currently Reading: Finished Linked! I really loved Chapters 9 and 24! This book was slightly squeamish in places, but thankfully there was just enough description of the gritty parts. The horrific parts were left to the imagination, and the interaction between the hero and heroine was fantastic as two people learned to trust each other. Recommended Read, IMHO! Next up is Ashley's Recipe For Disaster.

Word Count: Goofed off yesterday. See above paragraph:) That, plus the spouse took me to BW-3's for lunch. We'd never eaten there before, and we will be going back:) Next time, I'll sit closer to the Trivia screen so I can READ the questions and play along!

In elementary school, I was a witch; Miss America; Donald Duck; and my bff and I had plans to borrow a rather robust neighbor's overalls and go as the Two-Headed Monster. But since neither of us ever worked up the nerve to ask him if we could borrow them, we opted for separate costumes.

In high school, I missed Halloween my sophomore year because it fell on a Saturday and we were at the State Finals of the Marching Band competition. We didn't place in the top 10, but we stuck around to cheer on the winners.

My junior year, I was taking World History and fell in love with Greek Mythology. I decided to go as Aphrodite, and the imagination was greater than my costume-making skills. My mom had two strapless formals, both with tulle from the waist down. I strapped one around my thighs, so it was ankle-length, and the other in the usual place. A white turtleneck went under the thing, since it was slightly cold and rainy, and my mom was significantly larger on top than myself. Gold pumps went on my feet; they were only slightly large, but thick socks kept my heels from sliding out. And yes, I wore either jeans or tights under the dresses. Lord only knows how I managed to WALK in that getup!

My senior year, I dressed all in black; carried my original 1978 lightsaber; and went as a Jedi Knight. My sister was horrified, even though she was Chewbacca.

In college, I dressed as a Punk Rocker; Scarlett O'Hara; and in one disastrous evening, ended up being Ashton instead of Brett from North and South, because my boyfriend rented the wrong costume. I wanted him in Union Blue; he chose Confederate Gray. My final year, I wore my Scarlett O'Hara dress, but when friends joined us for the Residence Hall Trick-Or-Treating, I became Glenda the Good Witch. My bff was Dorothy; one girl was The Tin Man; her roommate was her Oil Can. A stuffed dog was tucked under Dorothy's arm for Toto. Later, a guy who was interested in my bff invited us to a Haunted House put on by one of the fraternities. All was well until the final room: I was leading the way and 'Frankenstein' jumped out from behind the door. His fist connected with my nose, and as I stumbled toward the exit, mildly blinded by tears, one of the guys passing out the candy noticed my distress and gave me an ice pack.

"Just tell Frankenstein to be more careful in there." When my friends rejoined me, we went to a local bar and had a few drinks, plus watched the costume contest.

Festivities For Today:
W had no trouble getting out of bed this morning. All it took was a 'Today you get to wear your costume' comment and out he bounded! He dressed while I pulled it from the plastic, and tried it on. Perfect fit, and when he saw himself in the mirror, he exclaimed, "I am a HOT Spiderman!"

I took it off of him, put it in his backpack, and dropped him off at school. Tonight he might do the 'Safe Trick-or-Treating' at the area businesses. It all depends on the weather!

The teens are planning to go to the high school's Haunted House, and having a few friends over afterwards. I think a big pot of chili will be made for dinner tonight, or pizza.

Heard 'Monster Mash' on the radio as I was taking W to school! What's your favorite Halloween song? We also introduced W to It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on Wedensday. He loved it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing Photo Found:)

This pesky photo disappeared twice yesterday; the first time as I was trying to move them around before I added the text; the second time as I was nearly finished. We had just scored our one and only TD. Had we won, we would have taken on the team which beat us at Homecoming, a team against which, up until three years ago, we had been undefeated for over fifty years. Fortunately, my next football player won't get to high school until 2019.

Family News:

Spouse is still on the job; he reports back on Monday. Rain has delayed the job the rest of this week. Good news for the Halloween Candy Cauldron; bad news for the Trick-or-Treaters. Yes, we'll have more candy than originally feared; however, the kids will be limited to only one piece instead of a two or more.

K received his SAT scores; 1550. Considering my own were in the 1300-1400 range, I'm impressed. But then again, he was healthy; I was sneezing my head off.

S is back in school; she was diagnosed with and upper respitory infection, not H1N1. Word of caution: Have you seen the swab they do for the flu? It's not pretty. They take a long Q-tip and stick it up your nose. S said it brought tears to her eyes, and as I watched it disappear into her nostril, I was very thankful it wasn't ME getting it!

W is learning to read some words! And he is looking forward to wearing his new Spiderman costume at school tomorrow for the Costume Parade.

I'm still waiting for my 1st royalty check AND word of acceptance/rejection of Teacher's Pet. Hopes of having another release before Christmas is looking dim. So maybe next spring??

October Reading Schedule:

You've probably scratched your heads over what the hell happened to my October Reading Schedule. Finances were tough this year, and thanks to a few generous authors and a small amount of the spouse's paycheck, I've had to modify it slightly. I'm currently reading (still) Linked by Barbara Huffert. Following that, the list reads:

-Recipe For Disaster-Ashley Ladd

-Elfin Blood-Gracen Miller

-Blood Line-Rie McGaha

-Spanish Topaz-Regina Carlysle

-Burn-Anne Rainey

On Monday, Nov 2nd, this list may still be the same. K has been doing a massive English Term Paper, and has been taking over the computer each night after dinner. And since the neighbors put a password on their Wi-Fi, and didn't see the need to share it with us (lol!), we can no longer access our 'free' internet on the laptop. And I've tried three times to re-install WORD on the thing; it's not cooperating. So when I don't have access to the computer, I write in longhand.

Word Count: Typed up the 300 words yesterday, and edited as I typed. And I'm nowhere near the halfway point in Ch 7. Funny how four handwritten pages only translates into a page and a half typed, lol:)

Off to get dressed, do a few chores, and watch last night's episode of Law and Order:SVU before firing up the creativity again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pardon The Ramblings Of A Proud Mom Pt 3

Date: Last Friday, Oct. 23, 2009
Place: Gibson Southern HS
Event: IHSAA Football Sectionals, Game 1
Weather: Cold, rainy.
Predicted Outcome: LHS win

We were very optomistic going into this game, having won the previous week. The first quarter, it was clear we were evenly matched, with our boys putting the first points up on the board.

I didn't see #62 come out of the game when I shot this; I thought I was getting a picture of him in action. And didn't understand why the coach took him out; the previous play, GS lost yardage. This one, they gained. Put him back in, Coach!

I DID get a good close-up of #16 for his mom, who'd forgotten her camera:) Unfortunately, this was after GS's first touchdown in the second quarter. Going into halftime, the score was 7-3.

At this point, I was doing everything possible to keep warm. The rain was steady, and with 10 minutes to go, we were down 21-9. The picture disappeared as I was typing; maybe it will show up when I hit 'Publish'??? If not, I'll post it tomorrow. We ended up losing 24-9. As previously stated, K only played three times. Maybe if he'd played more, the team would have done better?? We'll never know now!

K and two of his teammates, K Wood and B Schnelle with their Curtis Painter autographed footballs. CP graduated in '04; played for Purdue; and now is the 3rd string QB for the Indianapolis Colts. I'm not sure if the case is very visible, but Wood is holding his. K's now sits proudly on the piano and is a constant source of temptation for his little brother!

The Sports Banquet is next week. I'll have more pictures after Halloween:)
In Other News:
Cindy Spencer Pape has a new release today! Stone and Sky, available at Ellora's Cave. I've read the first two; hopefully soon I'll catch up!
Word Count: 300 yesterday! Moving right along on Ch 7....maybe halfway? I'll see when I type it all up!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ready For Saturday!

Here's our house, all decorated for not only Halloween, but last Friday's sectional game. I officially removed the sheet the next day, after we lost. See the pumkin on the left column? S and W carved it yesterday. I'll post more pics next week. We have our skull on a stick (aka Jose Jalapeno) which will go to the right of the steps (as you're looking at the house). Last year, several kids were too scared to walk past him, and I had to meet them at the sidewalk with the candy cauldron.

Am taking S to the dr today. I think she's got a sinus infection, not H1N1.

Word Count: 300+ yesterday! 300 typed, and more written in longhand when I couldn't use the computer.

Go to and congratulate her on her new release today, Mind F*cked, with Resplendence Publishing! Happy Release Day, Mia:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleep-Deprivation Monday...

Currently Reading: Linked by Barbara Huffert. Gritty, but holding my attention! I'm up to Ch 7. Also borrowed The Quickie by James Patterson from a friend and finished it yesterday. It kept me guessing, but then again, all of his books keep me guessing until the end!

Yes, it's the return of two choices: Going back to bed at 4am and taking a chance on over-sleeping, or stay awake and take a nap in the afternoon?

I chose to stay up.

To-Do List:
-Start Ch 7 of CR
-Finish last load of laundry
-Go to the HS at 5 to help present the senior FB players their senior gifts
-Watch last night's episode of Next Iron Chef. Will Chef Crenn make it through another round?
-Visit MIL who's back in the hospital (against her wishes. Spouse overrode her objections and had the nursing home send her.)
-Nap in the afternoon, or go to bed early

Here's a funny joke I received in an email the other day. Enjoy; I'm off to drink a cup of coffee and watch the news.

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end.

He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there.

Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.

When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable.

When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love... I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness.

The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he's dead.'

Edna replied, 'He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry..
How soon can I go home?'

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Snippet

I can't print. Every time I try, it says 'Can't find printer.' I've even lifted the printer and placed it in front of the monitor, but the computer still says he can't find it...

actual call to a computer tech support line

Football Update:
The season is over for us. We lost, 24-9. Maybe this is just me being a mom, but if you finally have an offensive line who worked well together last week, and scored multiple TD's, wouldn't you want to use the same strategy? K was only in for three plays, on defense. The first one, they stopped the other team from gaining any yards. The second, they pushed the ball back for a loss of a yard. We got into field goal range, and scored the first three points of the game.

The weather was NOT cooperative. A steady drizzle at times; a vicious wind, and dropping temperatures. I was very thankful I'd worn my snow boots, but going into the fourth quarter, I seriously considered going to the car. I kind of 'zoned out', huddled inside my coat and fleece blankets, and decided to watch as long as we had possession of the ball. When we turned it over, there were only two minutes left. I lasted one before the wind picked up again and we made our way down the bleachers. We reached the exit as the game ended and hurried to the car in order to warm up.

Only one obligation left: The banquet on Nov. 5th. Now my child can concentrate on doing his eight hours of community service for his Eagle rank, and writing a report for the merit badge. After that, he'll fill out more college applications and go before the Eagle Review Board. Oh, and there's also a chance he'll be inducted into the National Honors Society. We'll find out on Monday.

After he achieves his Eagle rank, he has my full permission to turn eighteen, ha ha!

One more week until NaNoWriMo. Anyone else signed up this year?

Snippet Saturday: Emotional Scene.
I've posted this excerpt from Love Finds A Way before; it is one of my favorites in the entire book. Enjoy!

Can a blind date turn into a romance? Amy Callahan wants to find out, so when she flies to California to spend a week with Matt Slagal, she discovers the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. Which one prevails..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder" or, "Out of sight, out of mind"?

Ten minutes later, Matt picked her up. While she was happy to see him, her manner was cool toward him, and finally he asked her what was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” she demanded, snapping her head to face him as he drove to his house. “We were going to spend more time together, but we’re together one night, and then you get drunk on our second date, don’t even sleep with me, and now, after a week, you tell me you’re leaving tomorrow? And you ask me what’s wrong?”

Matt looked sheepish as he pulled in his driveway and stopped the truck. “You know how it is, babe. Aaron and I get together, and start drinking, and...”

“You turn into an asshole,” she interrupted hotly.

“Damn it, don’t start,” he said irritably. “I’m with you now, aren’t I?” He opened his door and got out. Amy followed, slamming the door behind her.

“What am I to you, anyway?” she asked. “Just someone to sleep with occasionally when you can’t get laid, or do I actually mean something to you?”

“Good Lord, Amy!” He stopped halfway to the front door and spun around. “Is that what you think?”

“What am I supposed to think?” she shouted, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. “Last year, I never dreamed I’d even see you again, then I thought I’d surprise you when I got that free ticket. You called me your girlfriend, so I assumed...”

“That’s right,” he walked over and took her hands. “I love you. I broke up with Jeri as soon as I got back, because I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“Wait a minute,” she stepped back. “You...I thought you had already broken up with her.”
Matt shook his head. “We’d had a huge fight, and then I met you. I thought Jeri and I would maybe get back together, but after being with you...hell, I couldn’t get you off my mind, and I missed you, so I quit seeing her.” Gently, he pulled her inside the house. “Do you want to go upstairs, or something to drink?”

Amy shook her head, slowly digesting everything. She circled the room slowly as Matt went to get a beer for himself. “So...what you said in California was true; you wanted to keep seeing me, and the fact you’ve not seen me for a week was due to...?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

Matt sat down in a chair and looked at the floor. “My friends kept me busy,” he admitted. “I...I slept all day, and I knew you needed your sleep, so...” he gestured with his hands.

“And with your friends all partied out, you just happened to remember my number?” Amy laughed shortly. “Yeah, I can tell you really care about me.” She sat down in a corner of the couch. “Thanks, Matt.”

“It’s not like that,” he protested. “It’s just, you’re not like anyone I’ve ever been with. something to me, something I can’t explain.” He ran his hands through his blonde hair.

Amy looked at him, saying nothing. Matt continued to drink his beer, then he crushed the empty can and looked up at her.

“All right,” he said finally. “I love you. And you scare me. I don’t want a repeat of my friends trying to take you away from me.”

“What do you mean, I scare you?” she said softly.

Matt cocked his head and leaned forward. “Remember I once told you I thought you looked like the serious type, the kind that doesn’t party very much?” Amy nodded. “Well, I always thought I liked the party girls best, the ones that let loose and have a good time. You’ve shown me that’s not the type of girl I want at all. And if I’ve had that all wrong, then what else have I screwed up?”

Amy laughed and went over to him. “Maybe you’re just going through a change,” she said softly, perching on the arm of the chair. “I never dreamed I’d fall in love with someone I’d only see twice a year.” She gasped as Matt hooked an arm around her waist, pulling her onto his lap. “Sometimes you just have to trust your feelings.”

“Now that we’ve got that settled,” he said gruffly. “Am I forgiven?”

Love Finds A Way, by Molly Daniels, available at or can be ordered at any book store.

Apologies for any editing mistakes. This was my second attempt at self-editing, and hopefully I've learned more in the past two years!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Quotable Quote

Received this the other day and I wish I'd had it when various friends had received bad reviews from critics. This one says it all.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood: Who strives valiently: Who errs, and comes up short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumphs of achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

-US President Theodore Roosevelt

I emphasised the parts I felt most important. How many times do we hear "So how's the book sales? Heard from New York yet?" Or, "You write what? Isn't that porn?" Or in my case, "When are you going to get a Real Job?"

Or we get someone who read our work and didn't like it. So what? Look at your sales. The fan mail. Or, your royalty statement.

In my case, I really don't know how well I've sold. I take comfort in the fact I was on the ebookwise Best Seller list for two or three weeks in August, and people who have read certain excerpts of mine want to read more.

But the next time someone criticizes what you do for a living, ask yourself this: Have they ever put forth the effort? Writing takes a lot of courage. We put ourselves out there; not everyone is going to like what we write. But at least we have the guts to try. I particularly like the last line of that quote: "His (her) place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

If you never try, you never fail. It's like wrapping children in bubble wrap. If they never get a chance to experience life's bumps and bruises, then they never learn to take chances.

I'm all for taking the road less traveled. What about you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Body Modifications (Don't Read If You're Squeamish!)

Currently Reading: Finished The Treasures of Venice by Loucinda McGary. I was surprised; I hadn't been particularly interested by the premise (Romantic Suspense usually isn't my first choice), but as one who never turns down free books, I decided to read the first chapter. And had problems putting it down! A sample of her next book, The Wild Sight was added to the back, and I was intrigued. Going to have to add this one to my TBB list, as well as other books by Robin Kaye and Judi Fennell.

Linked, by Barb Huffert: I started reading it yesterday, when I hit a personal writing goal, and if the phone hadn't rang, I'd have read the entire thing! I'm on chapter 3, and I'm not touching it unless I accomplish another goal first:) Barb can really reel you into a story!

Word Count: 500 yesterday! She's made her decision; now to act on it.

There's been several reports on the local morning news over tattoo parlors/body piercings. This morning's report nearly made me throw up and clutch my back in utter horror.

Rest assured, I am not against anything one chooses to do to their own body. I have friends who have multiple tatts, even piercings other than the ears. I have a strong desire to avoid physical pain, so the thought of willingly injecting or putting unnecessary holes in my skin makes me question people's sanity at times. (I did get my ears pierced at age 14, and tried to get them double-pierced five years later, but after multiple infections, I allowed the second set to close.)

The first report I saw was on tongue-splitting. Why this guy chose to do this is beyond me; however, my 17-yr-old thought it was cool, because "He can do tongue tricks with both side of his tongue, independently!" Thankfully, he's also respecting his mother's revulsion of the 'body modification' and won't mention it again.

Today's report was on suspension. (Forgive me while my back flinches!) This procedure involves piercing the skin with hooks, allowing a person to 'fly', or be suspended like a piece of meat. Supposedly, endorphins are released, giving the person a 'high'. (Squeamish author is rubbing back. This mental picture is NOT for the faint of heart!)

There are two sides of the issue. One, why would anyone DO this to themselves? For attention? To make themselves 'feel good'? I have a friend who got her first tatt the other day, thinking maybe it would boost her confidence in herself. I can think of better things to do, but this is her choice, and no, she did not ask me before she had it done. Her boyfriend loves it, so I'm hoping she doesn't regret it later. She's also reportedly getting a piercing somewhere, so again, I'm just hoping it's something that doesn't make me flinch whenever I look at her. Some people might say it's a form of self-mutilation; those who pierce or ink themeselves do so because of low self-esteem or to 'fit in', or a severe cry for help. Yes, with shows like LA Ink, tatts are popular. But do kids think about the prejudices in the work place? Another friend had trouble getting employment recently because of his neck and hands covered with tattoos. He finally found work in a music shop. Will corporate America hire someone with 'Sexy' on their neck, eyebrow, nose, and lip piercings, and their knuckles spelling out 'Lover'?

On the opposite side of the coin, there's the freedom of expression. The guy in the report sees his body as a blank canvas, and sees no problem with how he wants to decorate his body, or display his choice of artwork.

It used to be that only sailors or the military inked their body. Now suddenly it's hard to find someone who doesn't have any tattoos. The first Survivor episode, I think only one or two castaways had tattoos. Now it's rare not to see any. And that was only nine years ago.

My mom doesn't have pierced ears. She wouldn't let my sis and I get ours pierced until age twelve. I told my daughter twelve, but we'd negotiate at age ten. Now she's fifteen and still has no desire to wear jewelry, other than a necklace or bracelet. This may change over the next few years, and since she's inherited my dislike for needles, I'm hoping she doesn't choose to decorate her skin.

The he'll be interesting to watch as he grows up with 'body modifications' becoming increasingly popular.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regular Post...

Hugs, thoughts, and prayers to Desiree Holt. She has a new release today, but I've chosen to showcase two of my personal favorites. All can be found at

Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan. He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch…

Molly Gerard is facing her mid-forties divorced, unfulfilled and wondering if the things she reads in her erotic romances could actually happen to her. When she meets Nick Trajan, the first thing that comes to mind is wow! The second is the recognition of the ten-year difference in their ages. When she accepts an invitation to spend the night with him, she wonders how she'll compare with younger women, but the night is so erotically satisfying she tries to push the thought from her mind.Nick is immediately taken with this lush, mature woman whose appearance belies her inexperience. He wants more than just the one night with her, but Nick lives the D/s lifestyle to its fullest. When he introduces Molly to it, will she run?

Sorry; No Post Yesterday!
We switched internet providers yesterday, and the guy arrived at 9am and left around noon. The spouse and I grabbed a quick lunch and went grocery shopping.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Confessions of a Proud Parent, Pt 2

Currently Reading: Finished The Love Killers. I was slightly disappointed in the ending, but that's just my opinion. I'd forgotten I'd also won another free book, and it arrived in the mail on Saturday. Started chapter 1 of Loucinda McGary's The Treasures of Venice. So far, it's holding my attention! When I finish writing Ch 6 of my wip, I'll reward myself with the e-books again. I know Barb; you're waiting anxiously for me to read Linked!

Word Count: Friday, I think I added another 700 words. I'll go back and check it once I get the kids to school.

Happy 46th anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

Friday was cold. C-O-L-D. This is why I prefer basketball; it takes place indoors! Only a proud parent would willingly sit in the 40-degree temperature and endure a light rain falling. But when your kid announces he's '90% positive he's the starting right tackle', and he's only played twice in the previous eight games, you don't stay home and be warm and dry. Oh bundle up and brave the elements.

I wore a thick sweater; long underwear; my heavy winter coat; a hat; gloves; my hood was pulled up. I had taken two fleece blankets; one to sit on and the other across my lap. The spouse was in his coveralls and fleece shirt. I almost wore my snow boots. At halftime, I wish I'd worn them, because my toes were numb inside my tennis shoes. The first several minutes of the game, we were also huddled under an umbrella, because of the fine mist of precipitation falling. Just enough to make everything damp and miserable.

This was taken before the game. The field was muddy, and instead of being on defense, my senior (a very muddy #62) was playing offense.

First quarter, we got all the way to the goal line, but their defense kept us from scoring a TD. When they turned it over on downs, our defense pushed their quarterback into our end zone for a two-point safety.

Twenty seconds into the 2nd quarter, we scored a touchdown!

Here's a picture of the cheerleaders. They were trying to stay warm too!

Whenever we score, the cheerleaders do backward flips for every point scored. I snapped this right before the one in mid-flip on the left landed on her head. She was okay!

At halftime, we found the hot chocolate tent. It was watery, but HOT, and that's all that mattered to my frozen insides:)
Third quarter, neither team scored. Three minutes into the 4th, we intercepted a fumble and ran it in for another TD.

Five mintutes later, we did it again.

By this time, it was pretty obvious we were going to win the game, and we were even more thrilled when our guys scored yet another TD with less than two minutes to go!

Random shot of the cheerleaders and players with less than a minute left on the clock. I don't even remember which team had the ball at this point!

At one point during the game, three holding penalties were called against us, and we fervently hoped it wasn't because of anything #62 was doing! Our guys were pushed back 32 yards, but as it was only 1st down, we weren't too overly concerned. Our offense managed to make up the yardage and on 3rd down, finally made it past the original 10-yard mark for another 1st down. That particular drive eventually resulted in one of the TD's, and we saw the referee speaking to K in the end zone, and then coaches and players crowded around him on the sidelines. Later we discovered one of the other team's players had grabbed him around the neck and thrown him to the ground. Perfectly legal; he didn't grab his face mask or uniform.
After the game was over, K said he was glad he'd played, because if he'd been standing on the sidelines the entire time, he'd been doing everything he could in order to stay warm! As I write this, his white uniform is about to take its third bath in Shout; it is still slightly gray in spots, and I've been told not to bleach it, because of the green numbers and stripes/markings.
I now have a teenager who puffs out his chest as he walked over the weekend, and is pretty darn proud of himself! He's sporting more 'V's on his helmet, and even the cheerleaders congratulated him as he came off the field!
This is my booth at the Fall Festival.
I only sold two, but it was enough for me to eat a delicious lunch of chicken and dumplings! I felt sorry for the vendors in the other building; the heat was malfunctioning. We were nice and warm in ours!
I happened to be in back of the tie-dyed T-shirt vendor whom I'd met last year at the Watermelon Festival, and he remembered me at this year's. He and the candle vendor (guy in yellow shirt) told me about some festivals across the river for next year, and they would let me know who to contact and when.
Good News!
Spouse was called back to work today! We're hoping the job lasts more than only a few days. I'll be able to write with no interruptions, other than the dogs. And since I did most of the laundry yesterday, I only have two more loads today: K's uniform and the rest of the towels.
Have a great day:)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Currently Reading: Still on The Love Killers. I gotta say, not JC's best work (I'm having zero problems putting it down). Thank God she kept going!

Word Count: 700. Better; I need to stay off of Facebook more...

I think I may have finally pulled out of my creative slump. The first half of B's Ch 6 rewrite is off to be reviewed by a friend, concerning the male POV. I thought of scrapping his POV entirely for Chapter 6, but thought it would 'interrupt' the flow and rhythmn of the story. After all, Chs 1-5 all start with his, so why suddenly cut him off? I'll finish this scene and toss it back to N's POV. Maybe the words will come again. Right now I think our 40 degree weather is keeping them in storage.

Weekend Plans
Our last football game of the regular season is tonight, and we have to travel thirty minutes south. A new Menards opened up a year ago, so I predict we'll have to leave an hour sooner so the spouse can wander around it. Don't know if dinner will be on the road or if I'll make an early meal and we'll snack on the leftovers when we return.

There's also a slight possibility for an improvement for K's status on the team. Since I don't want to 'jinx' it, I'll let you know tomorrow if it happens. The kid's only 90% positive, but given the fickleness of the coaching staff, I'll believe it when I see it.

Saturday, I have a signing at our Fall Festival. I received my parking pass in the mail yesterday, and this afternoon I need to check my tablecloth and wash it; check my inventory; load the van after the game. It's only a 15-minute drive in the morning, but since the thing starts at 9am, I want to leave the house by 7:30, which means no sleeping in. I'll also be digging out my travel coffee mug, to drink my 2nd cup on the way. I can always go to bed early after the festival!

I probably won't post tomorrow, so have a great weekend and I'll tell you all about the signing on Monday:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another News Rant Or See How The Other Half Lives!

Warning: If you're not in the mood for a money rant, please skip this and go visit Anny or Mona, for more pics of RomantiCon.

To: Harry Smith at CBS News/Early Show.
Re: Danger of Debit Cards

I'm taking issue with one of your segments yesterday, concerning the credit/debit issue. I watched the segment, positive I already knew information to be presented. Instead, I was appalled. What I saw was a blatant attempt to discourage those of us who embrace our debit cards and vow to never again be caught in the credit card scam.

Issue #1: Overdraft Fees
If you are responsible with your charges, and are faithful about keeping track of them in your checking account register, there should be no problems. At the end of every day, my husband and I take the time to go through the receipts of the day, logging them in the register and noting the balance. We even check it daily through both email and the online statement, checking for discrepancies or missed charges (it has happened; the gas station receipt not being available, or unreadable; the grocery store receipt accidentally thrown away).

On my pre-paid credit card, I also recieve updates daily. Again, I know how much I've got on the card and don't charge over. I do NOT get charged a monthly fee; a simple $3 reloading charge once a week or once a month, depending on how much I need. I do not find this unreasonable.

Issue #2: Reward System.
Personally, I don't use them. Twenty years ago, I eagerly waited for my end of the year 'cash back', but was disappointed when I charged $1000 and only received $10 back. It wasn't worth it, and took me months to pay off. Now, the only 'rewards' we use are the points accumulating with our gasoline rewards program, because I have no desire to walk everywhere, and put gas in our two cars on an as-needed basis.

Issue #3: Fraud
Again, since responsible people keep track of their expenses, I will know ASAP if there is an unauthorized charge on my card or checking account.

Issue #4: 'Hidden Fees'
I don't use my prepaid card for ATM withdrawls. I can check my balance for free, and if I do need cash, a simple debit transaction is all I need.

Here is the issue I thought you would address: Always hit 'Credit' rather than 'Debit' when making a purchase. 'Credit' means they pay the fee; 'Debit' means you do. Only in rare circumstances do we use 'debit'. It all comes down to being responsible with your money and know your limit!

And no, I don't think we're out of this recession-hell just yet. Look at the unemployment lines. Why the HELL are big bonuses being handed out on Wall Street while the rest of Middle America is in danger of losing our homes, facing huge medical bills, utility costs, and rising food and gas prices in order to stay warm, feed our children, and hang onto our jobs? No one is bailing us out!

Our income dropped this year from 40K to just under 20K. We haven't had this bad a year since 1991. And we were only a family of two with one on the way. Now there are five. And trying to send a kid to college next year.

Don't ridicule those of us who are trying to make an honest living without credit cards.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Converstation With A Character

B focused on the conversation. But the fact he was sitting at the exact table where he'd been with Natalie two days prior caused his insides to churn. Only afterwards, as he followed the client to the vacant building did he allow his mind to drift. What is she doing? Would she hang on to his number or delete it? Would she stay at the hospital or take the new job offer? Did she wake up this morning, disappointed he wasn't beside her, or did she return to her life as if nothing happened? Whoa...what did he care, anyway? Stacia was waiting for him as soon as his meeting was over.

Helloooo...I hate to burst your creative bubble, but you've made me sound like a wimpy-assed, insecure female! I'm very secure in my position, and I would NOT be obsessing over whether or not she kept my phone number!

Sorry B...that bit of inner dialogue sounded okay when I wrote it. But if you don't like it, I'll edit it out.

See that you do. I keep my life in tidy compartments, thankyouverymuch!

Even if N rocked your world, and you want to see her again?

What would rock my world would be for me to wake up to find her naked in my bed again. Or better yet, put me on a plane to Boise so I could knock some sense into that asshole of an ex-boyfriend of hers, and drag her back here. We'd join the Mile High Club on the way back. Can you write that in?

Sorry; you making a trip out there isn't in the works.

But you're the damn author! Aren't you supposed to write down what I tell you? I want to join the Mile High Club!

Maybe the Epilogue?

If that's the best you can get offline and go fix my words. Austin and Brent are laughing at me. I tried to play golf with them, but they offered to have their wives feed me ice cream instead. A guy can only take so much from his friends.

Just out of curiosity, what would your thoughts be like the day after?

I'm the consumate professional. I do my job, I blow off some steam with my lover....okay, I realize you have to have us break up....I like how you've managed that, by the way. And if Nat calls, she calls. I will not call her. I will successfully put her out of my mind until I hear her voice, and only then will I realize I'm missing her. But to constantly think of her? Nah...that's something you women do. You daydream about us, and live for the moment when you see us again. Guys, we don't care until we actually see you or talk to you.

Okay; thanks for bringing this to my attention. Seems I need to work on my male POV.

You need to listen to your male friends more. Bounce more ideas off your husband. Now there's a real man, even if some of his attitudes could use a rewrite.

Thank you B. Comment noted. Going back to work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zero Tolerance Needs To Be Reviewed

Currently Reading: Jackie Collins' The Love Killers. Somehow, I missed this one. I own all of her others, my favorites being Rock Star and the Lucky Santangelo series.

Word Count: The typed longhand turned out to be 300 words, but I also had to type up two short stories, a grand total of 1986 words. Today, I hope to at least finish the scene I began yesterday! Then I'll reward myself with Barb's book, Linked.

Seriously. A six year old Cub Scout has been suspended, simply because he was excited about his new camping tool and took it to school? Aren't we taking this a little too far?

Now, granted, there are some wily kids out there who will see this story, or have even tried the 'innocent' act already. But if teachers know their students' characters, I'm sure they could tell a con from an innocent act! The kid had no hesitation giving it to his teacher; the mother did not know he had taken it from the kitchen counter; the kid's only in first grade! So why suspend him, put him in alternative school, and label him a 'potential troublemaker', when the only thing he wanted to do was eat with his new Cub Scout utensil?

In other news, I saw the new 'luxury' dorm at Purdue. And I'm both appalled and envious.

For only an extra $5000, a college kid can now have:
-Flat screen TV
-Private room (no roommate)
-Huge living room
-Private bathroom
-Maid service
-Free laundry

And here I thought my suite in college was 'luxurious', because we had a private bathroom, and at one time, we moved all the beds to one side and used the other as a 'living room/pantry' area. But after a while, we were tired of the cramped bedroom area and moved the other two back. And when I transfered to another university, I lived for two years in a more 'traditional' setting, with only one roomie and the bath down the hall. I adjusted.

And during three summer sessions, I had the opportunity to live in two other dorms. One was on the ground floor and slightly larger; For the second session, my roommate left and I had the place to myself. I actually missed her after one week; it's nice when you room with your BFF and you don't have to 'search' for someone to eat with in the cafeteria. But the third session, a year later, I had the opportunity to be in a Z shaped room, which was nice, because we could have our own TV's and no 'volume wars'.

Would I have liked to have had the option of the 'luxury suite'? Sure! But living with roommates provided a support system; instant companions (I was lucky we all liked each other; others aren't so fortunate); and we had a taste of life on our own. What college grad instantly gets maid service and the latest technology, unless they or their parents can afford it?

My oldest will hopefully be heading off to Purdue this year. Will we shell out the extra bucks? Ummm, no. He might even end up living with his grandparents if he doesn't get into a dorm, but since the grandparents still have lives of their own, I know he won't be coddled (too much, anyway!). And even if he doesn't get in, there are other schools who are interested in him.

But the luxury dorm? Maybe his senior year. It's called an off-campus apartment.

Today's To-Do List:
-Finish laundry (one load left!)
-Finish scene in Ch 6 of CR
-Grocery shopping (yesterday was a holiday, so unemployment money arrives today)
-Paying bills (fun, fun...)
-Taking S to get second Gardisel shot
-Laptop Society meeting

Mona Risk has some RomantiCon pics up! Go over and see them here:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures or Please Forgive The Ramblings Of A Proud Mommy....

Currently Reading: Finished both Runaway Jury and Second Sight Dating! Both are excellent:) SSD is by Marianne Stephens, and is available at Cerridwen Press. I did get a little frustrated by the lies/lack of trust/miscommunication, and I did figure out the meaning of certain letters early on, but over all I found it fast-paced and hard to put down! A Recommended Read from this reader:)

Word count: Wrote in longhand yesterday, a page and a half. I won't know the count until I type it in to the document. But after a 2-week absence, this was a welcome return to creativity:)

If you were unable to attend the Ellora's Cave RomantiCon this weekend, and are (like me) anxiously waiting for the attendees to post pictures, I offer my weekend pics as a (poor) substitute until Anny, Brynn, Bron, Kelly, Regina, Barb, Dakota, et al, recupperate and upload theirs. Enjoy!

Here's the poster S and I made Wednesday night. There's pics of K in his Boy Scout uniform; 4th grade football, 5th grade baseball, and 6th grade basketball uniforms; goofy pics of him growing up; and a few pre-K pics.

Here is my senior, #62, doing his pre-game warmup.

Being recognized as senior parents. You didn't know I was married to Santa, did you?

Every senior presented their mom with a yellow rose:)

4th quarter: 6:53: #62 is finally heading out onto the field! We scored a touchdown (finally!)

#62 'in action', hahaha....

Whenever we score, the JROTC has to do push ups. We think Tanja is 3rd from the from the play clock.

Extra point is good!

#62 is still on the field!

Start time: 8:53. K and his friend, #16, leave the field at 6:19.

12 seconds later, Touchdown!

(oops, I accidentally uploaded this one twice! Sorry about that....)

K's start time back on the field: 6:02!

This might be K's tackle; they announced 'Tackle by #62..." and I snapped the shot, then cheered 'That's my boy!' The parent behind me clapped me on the back and said, 'About time! Why didn't they put him in sooner?'

2nd down...

3rd down...notice the offense LOST yardage? And on 4th down, K partially blocked the punt! He has the bruise on his arm as proof:)

#16 recovered a fumble; both boys were hi-fived as they came off the field. I didn't get a pic of the hi-fives, but here they are on the sidelines.

Time both boys exited the game. Good joy boys!

Since my 'photographer' didn't get a better picture during the recognition ceremony, I had her take this one.

So that was my weekend. Why was the game in the daytime? Due to all the rain on Thursday and Friday, three inches of water/sewage was standing in the locker room at the stadium. Game was postponed until Saturday afternoon! K took his SAT's in the morning, and played his little heart out with no worries afterward:) Plus, Grandpa took us out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night:)
Today on the To-Do List:
-Writing. I finally started Ch 6 yesterday. Aren't you proud of me??
-Grocery shopping
Sounds like a fun day, doesn't it? Plus, we woke up to temps in the mid-40's, and is only expected to hit the mid-50's. If you missed it, the spouse finally turned on the heat Friday:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Snippet

Okay; today's 'saying' is actually a quiz (cue the applause)! Don't worry; if you're stumped, the answers will appear at the end of the post (sounds of cheering)

Beaurocratic Definitions: What is:

Thermal Therapy Unit

Optical Illuminator Enhancer

Indefinitely Idling (Hint: Barb, you should know this one; it originates in Pittsbugh, lol!)

Keep reading for the answers.

Saturday Snippet:
With nearly everyone enjoying themselves at RomantiCon, I thought I'd join Ashley Ladd in her Saturday Snippet MeMe. I'm not sure if I'll do this every Saturday, or if I'm really supposed to sign up first, but I'm sure she'll tell me if I've violated any rules.

Today's theme is Characters in Danger. Since I don't really write suspense, here's a scene from Love Is Sober, the first of two pivotal scenes in the book. I took a lot of heat from my first reader, but only because I left her hanging in the middle of the chapter! I've learned to only let my beta readers read the entire chapter, not just whatever happens to be spitting out of my printer!


Finals week approached, and everyone was on edge. The end of finals on the first day, Brent and Elicia went out to eat at Ponderosa to celebrate Brent’s victory over his toughest course. After they ate, Brent purchased a case of beer, and they drove to Todd’s house in Illinois to celebrate. Todd had also done well in the class, and several more people were already there when they arrived. Around midnight, Brent and Elicia left the impromptu party and headed back to campus. Just as they crossed the bridge into Indiana, however, a speeding car appeared, on the wrong side of the road.
“Look out!” was Elicia’s cry before the two cars collided. “Brent, oh my god, Brent...” was her last coherent thought.

Several hours later, she awoke to find herself bandaged from head to toe. She gingerly moved her head, which caused a flurry of excitement in her room.

“Honey?” her mother’s voice registered, and through slightly blurry eyes, Elicia saw her mother’s concerned face and felt her stroking her hair.

“M-mom?” she whispered. “I’m so sorry...”

“Ssshhh, everything is going to be okay,” her mother smiled through her tears.

“Elicia? I’m Doctor Stevens,” a white-clad man said, appearing on Elicia’s left. “Do you remember what happened?”

“I-there was a car...coming right at us...Is Brent all right?” Elicia asked weakly.

Dr. Stevens cleared his throat. “Elicia, it was a horrible accident,” he began softly. “The oncoming car that hit you caused you both to have massive internal injuries.”

“What-what does that mean?” she asked. “Mom?”

Mrs. Keller’s eyes filled with tears. “He didn’t survive, sweetheart. He died instantly at the scene, as did the other driver.”

Elicia gasped, then shook her head. “No, Mom, he’s-he’s going to marry me someday. He pinned me...I’ve got the pin somewhere...” She tried to move her arms and winced with the pain.

“Don’t try to move just yet,” the doctor cautioned. “You have a fractured collarbone, badly bruised pelvis, and a broken leg, as well as a concussion.”

“Where,” Elicia cleared her throat. “Where’s Daddy?”

“He went down for more coffee,” Mrs. Keller replied. “Diana went to get him.”

“Oh my god, my finals! What about my finals?” she asked.

“Ssshh, it’s already been taken care of,” her mother reassured her. “You passed the ones you took, and the others you’ll have to take an incomplete and retake the courses next fall.”

Tears flowed freely down Elicia’s face. Brent...Brent...come in and tell me this is just a bad dream...why did you have to die? Why not just the other guy? Why not me, too? We had such’s not fair... “That means Dad knows about my math grade and about Brent. I can’t face him, Mom. I can’t! He’ll kill me because of the incompletes, and I killed Brent. I killed him...”She sobbed uncontrollably.

“Elicia, listen to me,” her mother said firmly when the storm subsided. “Listen to me: This was not your fault. Not at all: The other driver was on the wrong side of the road, and there was nothing you could have done. It was an accident, and not your fault, honey,” she repeated, wiping Elicia’s face and eyes.

“She’s right,” Doctor Stevens asserted. He came around to Mrs. Keller. “I’ll have a counselor stop by in a few days, when she’s stronger.”

“Thank you,” she said gratefully. “Why is she thinking that way? I don’t understand...”

“It’s a classic case of survivor guilt,” he explained. “She’s the sole survivor of a horrible accident, and in her mind, she should have died as well, and she feels guilty about the other’s deaths. The counselor I’m recommending is very good with this type of problem,” he squeezed her shoulder. “I’ll be back in a little while to check on her.”

“Doctor? How is she?” Mr. Keller stepped through the door with Diana on his heels.

“Connor,” Mrs. Keller rose and went to him. “She’s going to be fine.”

“Fine? You call this fine? My daughter lies to me about her grades, goes to a party, drinks too much, then almost gets killed. And you call her fine? My God,” he shook off her arm. “I never should have let her come to this town with the reputation of the college...”

available at

Change of Plans:
Due to three inches of water/sewage in the locker room at the football field, the game was postponed until 3:00pm today. K is off taking his SAT's; we'll pick him up around one and head on over to the stadium. The weather has cleared; the sun is shining! Haven't checked the outside temperature yet. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post on Monday.


Thermal Therapy Unit: Ice Pack
Optical Illuminator Enhancer: Window Washer
Indefinitely Idling: Term used by a Pittsburgh steel company when it (are you ready for this?) shuts down a mill!

Have a good weekend:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Left Behind

Currently Reading: Am on Ch. 30 of Runaway Jury (there are 43 chapters, fyi:)

Cue the music...'All by myself...don't wanna be....all by myself....'

Okay; so I'm not exactly alone. I'm at home; the family is here, and there are other authors who couldn't go to Ohio this weekend either. And to be honest, I'm going to be too busy tonight to even think about what's going on over there.

Tonight is the highly anticipated Senior Night at our high school (yeah, I know you're sick of hearing about it!). My child will play, providing we score a touchdown, or even get into field goal range (fingers and toes are crossed, prayers have been issued!). The grandparents will be returning, and I've even been granted permission to wear the Senior Shirt. Unfortunately, it will be hidden under my rain gear and no one will even CARE that I'll have his picture button pinned to my chest. Yes, when the temp dips below 65 degrees, Momma says to hell with looking good/fashionable/sportsmanlike/insert whatever adjective you want and goes for warmth and comfort. According to the weatherman, the rain will be out of here by game time, and hopefully his poster won't be too soggy for me to bring home and photograph.

Am I Really Project-Oriented?
I guess I am. It has become a way of life, dealing with one disappointment after another.
-After the move 3 years ago, I first focused on getting the house 'toddler-proofed', and ready to house 5 people, where normally there were two or three. Five in the early 80's, but that was before I knew them, and they were only here for 3 years (hey, same as us so far! Does this mean....No.)

-Writing. Yes, it has always consumed me when I'm 'in the zone'. I've been too busy this past week, and hopefully life will slow down again next week.

-Last year, I focused my attention on proving to the hubby I could succeed with the publication/sales of my second book. After convincing him to give me gas money, booth rental money, and paying for not only the website (found out we were being waaaaay overcharged for that one) and promo items, I hit the promo trail. And lo and behold, managed a teeny tiny profit margain. Which was later deemed a slight loss by the IRS when you factored in gas mileage, but my figures showed a profit, so I was happy!

-Publication: Edits took up much of my time last spring and I went 'No Mail' on nearly every chat loop, as to cut down on the email distractions. While I don't miss the mail, I sort of feel 'out of touch' with people I used to touch base with, at least on a weekly basis. I'm hesitant about jumping into conversations, but as sales have been absolutely horrible this year, I'm going to have to at least start the online promotion again. So look for Molly and Kenzie promos popping up a few Promo Days. Especially if Kenzie gets the 'green light' on her latest submission:)

-Getting My Son Through His Senior Year: Football is winding down; his next projects are to get accepted into either Purdue or Rose Hulman (He's already been accepted to VU, our local university, so worst-case scenario, he can go for a semester or one year before transfering); Fulfilling one more requirement for his Eagle Scout rank; Graduation. He's also sponsering a family friend as he goes through Confirmation (two-year process in the old parish).

-There's even a remote possiblility of a trip to the Winter Olympics up in Vancouver. My sis is in the process of going through Volunteer Training, and we're hoping K will be able to fly out with Grandma to attend some of the festivities. I'd like to go also, but don't see the finances cooperating. Unless it arrives after tax season, but I think the games are in February, right smack in the middle of when our refund arrives. Waaaay too late for a cheap airfare! And...oh crap...gotta get K a passport. I just remembered that. We didn't need them in '04; we could still cross the border with just the ID's and birth certificates. One more thing to add to the 'Mommy-Do List'...(grrr....)

(Deep breath) Time to get off of here and go get dressed. I've one more load of laundry (K's football practice clothes) and hungry rats to feed. Gotta make a trip to the pet store. I'm also nearly finished editing a friend's story, and I need to go through my own work to submit a sample for the pamphlet our Laptop Society is putting together. For several weeks, I've been asking the members for samples; have I chosen my own yet? Oops...

Have a great weekend and if you are traveling, be safe and post many pictures next week!

((((MEGA HUGZ)))) to all my online friends whom I'd really hoped to meet this weekend, and hopefully next year will be better for everyone.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Currently Reading: Still on Runaway Jury. Ooooh, it's getting juicy as the trial enters the 4th week! (Rubbing hands together in glee) I'm up to Ch 24:)

If you'll remember, yesterday was The Great Picture Roundup around here.

-Plan A (box of picture doubles/negatives-remember those??- in bedroom) revealed mostly pics of the 'new baby' and faraway shots of my now-17-yr old.

-Plan B (MIL's box in utility room) revealed some cute pics, but only used two.

-Plan C (crate in storage unit) unveiled a treasure trove of memories. Me, six months pregnant with him (did not use, never fear!); old football, baseball, and basketball pictures; receiving his Arrow of Light award; other BSA pics; class trip to Connor Prarie; practicing his baritone; Funny Hair day (he had me shave his head in a criss-cross pattern one year, and dyed his blonde head red the next); posing with his Honor Roll certificate; the MIL's retirement picture, with a bunch of curly paper taped to his head.

The Parent's Group prez had very thoughtfully provided an envelope with the letters of each boys' names already cut out, and three pictures of our darlings on the field. Since mine has hardly seen any field time, there was a rather blurry shot of him running onto the field, sandwiched between two other players. I carefully cut around him (I am rather proficient with a pair of scissors, lol!) and glued it to the top. I had not taken my camera, so if I am able to get a picture of it, I'll post it. Some of the moms used scrapbook fabric; my daughter and I arrived equipped with scissors, glue sticks (okay, so I had to go buy them!), and markers. A set of glue sticks at Walmart was $1.42; a package of six was $2.22. I chose the six-pack, which two other moms were very grateful!

Today's To-Do List:
-Writing (geez, it's been an entire week!)
-Staying dry

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hectic Day Ahead

Not much time today, so I'm keeping this brief (sounds of cheering from around the globe, ha ha!).

Seriously, it's nearly 9:30am and I'm still not dressed. Why is this an issue? I also have to go to the grocery, dig through a box in my bedroom, and possibly raid the storage unit. And get it done before 5:00 tonight.


Because Friday night is Senior Night. And I received a phone call from the president of our Parent's Group saying my presence is needed tonight in the school cafeteria, in order to decorate my child's poster. Pictures, drawings, sayings...anything goes. Oh, and the more embarassing for the senior, the better!

Problem is, most of K's past sports pics are all in storage. But thankfully, his mommie is a big fan of getting picture doubles, so if I've given any away, there's a chance the MIL has a copy stashed somewhere. All I have to do is find it.

So there will be no writing, no reading, only frantic searching for any pictures of my 17-yr-old that would be considered embarrasing for him, yet tastefully depicting his growing up years. And since his mommie is also artistically challenged when it comes to any craft project not associated with a keyboard, stencils (okay; sometimes I've even messed these up!), or a paintbrush, I'm enlisting my daughter. She can at least draw a straight line!

Big Favor:
Travis has comments on his blog this morning! Please go to and a) Give him a hearty blogger welcome and b) Wish the man a Happy Birthday?

Also, a big Happy Birthday to my sis! If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, go to my wall and send her birthday greetings as well:)

Have a good day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'News' Worthy? I Think Not...

Currently Reading: Still on Runaway Jury; I'm on Ch. 11. I also recieved in the mail a copy of Marianne Stephens' Second Sight Dating, which I won in her September Newsletter contest:) Looking forward to reading it next, and taking it on 'tour' with me. Spouse saw it and wondered if I'd signed up for a dating service, lol!

Word Count yesterday: Zero. The late start, plus the mountain of laundry and making backup discs took most of my time. And ran out of the CD-RW discs...darn the 15 CD PC Recovery discs at the bottom of the pile! But was able to get Class Reuinon saved, and Teacher's Pet was among the existing backup discs. Now to convince the spouse I need another package....

Okay; Letterman comes clean and now they're investigating whether or not there was any harrassment involved? Give me a break! What is this, a slow news week?

Other 'top stories' include Jon and Kate's fight over money. Who Cares? Give them their privacy for the kids' sake? And Jon...stay off the Insider...

Anti-aging Products. Face it ladies; ultimately gravity and genetics are going to win.

Thank God for the comic relief of Dave Price 'No Way Home' and my ability to change the channel or turn it off completely. Otherwise the H1N1 virus/vaccines issues would drive me nuts!

Reality TV:
I'm watching 'Next Iron Chef'; last year, I only caught the last few episodes. One of the chefs, 'Apple-something' not only broke the mixer, but had issues with the pasta roller. Slow down; Alton may kick you out for destroying the kitchen utensils! One of their challenges last night was to create dishes using some pretty strange items: Grasshoppers, jellyfish, chicken feet, cock's combs, unlaid eggs, stinky tofu, sea cucumber, eel, and 2 other items escaping my memory. The chef who got the ax was the one who hadn't a clue what to do with the grasshoppers. He used them mainly as a garnish, instead of an ingrediant. Didn't he ever watch 'Bizarre Foods'?

Woo Hoo!
My friend and fellow author Travis (Newly pubbed book Anthology of the Living Dead, available on has finally joined blogger! Check him out at I'll get him linked as soon as I post this. Welcome to Blogger, Trav, and wishing you an early Happy Birthday! Tomorrow, everyone visit him and wish him Happy Birthday? Let's give him a huge Blogger Welcome!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Currently Reading: Runaway Jury by John Grisham. This is the last of my 50 cent paperbacks. E-book: Linked by Barbara Huffert. Yeah, it's not at the top of the reading list, but sometimes my friends lovingly send their books to me when I'm financially strapped. Thanks Barb! I'll reward myself after I write a few hundred or so words:)

Word Count over the weekend: Zero. Took a 'mini-vacation'. Going back to work this afternoon:)

K and his girlfriend

The football team; K was on the other side, but here you can see part of his head, lol!

Homecoming Candidates: Alexia and Taylor (football player)

Brooke (Head Cheerleader) and Kyle

Maycee and Caleb (football player)

Casey and JP (football player)

Baileigh and ZP. Baileigh also won the title of Homecoming Queen.

The senior float, 'Riding to Victory on our Big Green Tractor'. K thought his idea was better, but to close to last year's.

Our mascot, the Alice. We dubbed it the Green Grimace or Green Mr. Peanut!

We did lead in the second quarter, but lost 28-7. The point spread is shrinking!

No, K did not get to play. Grandparents enjoyed seeing him, and we had a wonderful weekend with R&S who left yesterday.
Doing laundry, posting pics on Facebook, and making sure all my documents are backed up. For whatever reason, my MS WORD wigged out and wouldn't let me copy/paste onto a new document. I had to send the entire ms to my publisher, instead of chapters 4 and beyond. And during the process, both documents were 'damaged', but 'recovered' by Word. I had to go through and see which ones were bad and which copies were okay. I think I've got them properly deleted and re-named; now to go through my discs and make sure the original is saved. If not, time to make another copy!
Was also watching the news. I'm sure you've heard of the David Letterman Attempted Blackmail Scheme? Turns out one of the staffers he had sex with in the '90's was also the live-in girlfriend of the producer who did the blackmailing (she moved out last month). And they interviewed his lawyer, who said a) what blackmailer in his right mind would accept a check, and b) There is no motive.
I'm no expert, but I'm guessing a) he found out his girlfriend had slept with Letterman and was upset/angry/jealous?? and b) Maybe he thought since he and Letterman both worked for CBS, he could pass it off as legit, and not have to worry about the '$2 million in small, unmarked bills' in the briefcase/sack/whatever??
That's my take, anyway.
Also on the news, there's a new 'body sculpting' procedure: They take fat from one part of your body (butt, thighs, tummy) and put it somewhere else (breasts). Hmmm...I'm sure if I dig into past diaries I could find that idea...too bad I never went to med school! Remember when they discovered silicone implants had problems? My thought at the time was, 'why can't someone find a way to take the fat from her ass and put it in her boobs?'
Apparently someone had the same idea. Problem is, the woman who had the procedure should have waited a few more weeks before going on camera. The scars and discoloration still make her 44-yr-old tummy look old, imho. I stopped wearing a bikini the year before I got pregnant. Don't see myself 'bikini ready' any more in this lifetime!