Monday, November 29, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W35

 Day 143:  $12,589

Arrived about ten minutes late, thanks to my tire still being unpredictable.  Bought the Wet It and Forget it, then clocked in and headed to Lumber,  Discovered Pro K on #3, and B on #2, so hopped on #3 to help with the line.  Then #2's scanner quit, so B rebooted the entire system until it came back online.  He stayed on 2 and I went to #1.  HC M came down and told me to take my 15 min break before B left; I informed her I didn't get one, and to just send me to lunch sometime between 5:30 and 7.  We were steady until 5, then I consolidated the trash and gathered the paperwork.  Decided soda count could wait, since we didn't need that much.

Cam relieved me at 5:30, and when I returned, bought some Alien Tape, did my LU and AP4Me, then pulled trash and began sweeping.  Mucked out under Registers #2 and 3, and sanitized the counters of all three.  One of my customers was in a hurry and the pad didn't capture his signature, then I accidentally gave it to him.  Loader B took the receipt, but later lost it.  I called the customer to explain the issue, and told him to return it before close (he never did), so told N about it to cover my butt.

Checked in two insulation machines, and was told the green cellulose one wasn't getting enough power to push the insulation up.  Left a note for Mgr G.

At 8, finished sweeping and began sanitizing the registers.  Had final customer at 8:40 and locked the doors twenty mins later.  Walked HC M to the front, then took a pit stop, put up my vest, grabbed my coat and the WIAFI, then returned to Lumber, dropped the trash in the hopper, and went to the front.  Helped M and A put the soda away, then clocked out.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, white tunic, new dark jeggings, blue check mask, blue fingerless gloves

Day 144:  $6799

Arrived; did my LU; helped B out, and gave HC M my book SFL.  When B left at 5, I consolidated the trash and gathered the paperwork.  Lee sent me to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, discovered she'd done the soda count wrong, so redid it.  Was swamped from 6:30-7:30, then things slowed, and was able to pull trash and sweep.  Sanitized the registers at 8, and my final customer appeared after I'd already locked the doors.  He had a generator and a bunch of electrical parts.  Let him out through the big door just as Loader AW arrived with the hopper.  Hopper had a damaged door, two damaged screen doors, and a couple of closet braces, which the customer went 'dumpster diving' for, since AW wasn't sure about putting a door through the trash compactor, and was thrilled the customer took it off his hands!

I put away the soda, then returned a tape measure, some cover plates for light switches, and a toilet flange.  Put up my vest and gave HC M the tax exempts and loading tickets.  Clocked out at 9:40, then gassed up my car (D had taken it to the tire store earlier; a tiny finish nail about the size of a needle was in it), and went home.

Tomorrow:  Drs appt in Indpls and Thurs off!

Outfit:  Blue sparkle shirt, new dark jeggings, blue elephant mask, blue fingerless gloves

Day 145: $4724

Arrived at 5 and did the prelim duties and my LU, then rang up two customers in an hour.  Did the pop count, and Cait brought it down.  Got it partially put away when I got a 'rush', then was able to finish putting it away.  Cait sent me to break at 7:15, and when I returned, was busy for an hour before I could get back to sweeping, pulling trash, and putting away carts.  Helped one customer get 12 sheets of 7/16 OSB, b/c loader T was busy.  Locked the doors at 9, walked HC A to the front, then put the trash in the hopper and put up my vest, and returned an item to hardware.  While we waited for ASM M, we straightened up hardware.  I took aisle 3 and got the safety glasses straightened up.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid shirt, black tank, new dark jeggings, blue LU mask.

Day 146:  Rare Mid-shift Sat $13,577

Arrived; took over for Cindy so she could go to lunch.  Wasn't that busy at first, did my LU, and around 11:30 the crowd arrived and we were busy for at least 90 mins.  Took my 1st break at 12:30, and my lunch at 2:15.  C left at 3, and it was just me and Jill.  She went to lunch around 4:30, and took her final break at 7. I took a pit stop around 6.  Ran carts inside and swept, since J was in pain.  Pulled the pop to the front.  Saw Aggie and got my Secret Santa pal.

Clocked out at 7:35, and discovered D had fallen asleep.  He finally picked me up close to 8pm, and we went to D2K for dinner.  My fortune reads "Be indifferent to snide comments".

Outfit:  Red snowflake shirt, black tunic, new dark jeggings, blue check mask.

Day 147:  Rare Sun Opening Shift $15,798 (or would have been $19,000, had I not 'given' $1500 to E in appliances and $1600 to BW in Millwork!)

Arrived and within 5 minutes of logging in, had customers.  Did $1400 in the first HOUR!  OMG....don't people sleep in or go to church?  J and I were slammed between 12:30-2:30; I managed to take a 15 min break at 12:15 and grabbed my book, my card, and my coat.  Finally left for lunch (McA;s) at 2:45.  When I returned, J took her lunch, and was steady.  Had customer A order 250 sheets of drywall, 100 2x4s, and 50 rolls of insulation for delivery, plus some other stuff to take with them.  It was about $5K worth of purchases.

Kept up with the carts on the sidewalk, and at 5, did a brief sweeping and soda count, as well as trash consolidation, Did my LU around 10.  Needed only one o/r when Mr. E Moore bought the cull pack.

Clocked out around 6:10.  J and I swapped days next week; she's taking my Thurs, and I'm working Friday.

Outfit:  Green Mama Bear sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, blue elephant mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W34

Monday  11/22:

Again, stayed in my PJs and rested on the couch.  Bending over is not as painful, so progress there!  Fixed myself a small bowl of buttered pasta and basil for lunch at 2.  D asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I told him Chicken Caesar Salad.  When he left to go get W, he said to decide what he was fixing for dinner.  I got mad, put my clothes on, and got Alex ready.  When the boys arrived, I announced we were going to either Dogwood or McAllister's, and I would pay for it.  I didn't care which one; I could get soup and salad at both.  D opted for McA's, and my soup and Chicken Caesar Salad tasted heavenly!  Brought the other half of my salad home.  Got back in my PJs and went to bed around 11 again.  I HAVE to feel better by 2:30 tomorrow! 

 Day 138:  $7010

Arrived; people were happy to see me back! Arrived in Lumber and remembered how to sign in (ha ha!), then rang up a few customers, started the soda count, and did my LU and AP4Me.  When Bill went home, and the 'guard changed' (pro's left, loaders switched shifts), we were slightly busy at first, but then I began sweeping.

Brenda relieved me at 5:30 for lunch, and when I returned, gathered the paperwork and trash, and had to call down for more trash bags. Continued sweeping entire area, and even under all the mats and registers. Only needed one o/r, and that was for a door.  AW called in, due to a dr's appt, but Gareth was there until close, so he and AM worked well together.

At 9, locked the doors; rang up one more customer; and tossed the trash to G, since AM was busy pulling an order, As soon as G came back in, he went back out to put the safety barriers in place, then I could close the door.  I'd also santizied all the registers, phones, pin pads, etc.

Bending down was slightly painful, and for some of my shift I felt as if I was underwater or drugged, but made it through.

Got the email stating I have to provide my vaxx/non-vaxx status by next week, and beginning in Jan, be subjected to weekly tests.  Ugh, but I get it.  I have natural immunity, and don't want to jeopardize my health,

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe shirt, new faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 139:  $4838

Arrived and logged in, only to discover I'd be training our new Pro CSA Sonia for two hours.  She pretty much knew the drill; I had to show her how to use the tab over function on the scanner and how to do gift cards, as well as a reminder to add them to their card which keep track of purchases.  She and B left at 5 (I'd already done the soda count), so started on the other prelim duties.

Went to lunch at 6 (Cam relieved me!) and when I returned, started sweeping. Apologized to N for going off on him 'unfiltered' on Friday, lmao! At 7, pulled trash, and at 8, began sanitizing registers.  Chris B took the forklift out the large door at 8:50; I went ahead and locked the doors, since we had ZERO cars at our end.  N and HC A came down to clean me out, so went ahead and shut the big door, took the trash to the hopper, and put up my vest.  Wished all my customers a Happy Thanksgiving.

Outfit:  Red/yellow plaid shirt, red tank, new faded jeggings, starry night mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 140:  Black Friday $7220

Arrived and bought D and K's X-mas presents, then discovered the boss had ordered Lil' Caesars pizza for everyone.  Claimed my cheese one, then discovered somewhere there were Twinkies, but settled for a Ding-Dong. Clocked in, then HC Mel (shortie) held down the register while I took a pit stop.  When I returned, she said today was her last day as HC; she was taking over Paint.  Then it also turned out I was training Sonia again, so for the 1st two hours, I gently guided her through the process, esp when a customer had one side of the cart half-price, and full price on the other.

At 5, things settled down (it never was very busy!) and I had the place to myself again.  Gathered the paperwork, then consolidated the trash.  HC Shortie sent me to lunch, and when I returned, rang up customers and began sweeping. Noel brought the soda down (she'd done it while I was on break), so put it away and finished tidying up the place.  At 8, began sanitizing the registers, and at 9, locked the doors.  Gareth brought in the forklift while I walked HC A back to the front, then took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.

Oh, also did my LU and for the 2nd day in a row, scored 7/7 correct!

Outfit:  White Christmas tree sweater, new faded jeggings, blue mask, blue fingerless gloves

Day 141:  Small Business Saturday $16573

Today began fairly well; worked with Caitlyn, Cindy, and Sonia, and we were fairly tripping over each other, things were so slow.  Did my LU and missed two, and we all rotated our breaks.  Cait came down again at 4 to send me to lunch, so walked over to Subway.  When I returned, everyone had left (Cindy at 3, Sonia and Gareth at 5).  Loader B called in, so thankfully Loader T stayed until 7.  Tried to recruit W into coming for an hour, but Gareth overheard and nixed it.

Customer A discovered his wife still had the credit card, so I marked everything PL and invoiced it.  Several minutes later, he was back, and a) couldn't find the invoice and b) under 1.6, I couldn't figure out how to print the damn loading ticket!  So rang everything up again, he paid, and went on his merry way.  I'll let whomever does the due file post load it.

Customer B refreshed my memory about when he left his tape measure behind, and I did remember that, so rang up his cabinets and other items, then ran the new tape measure over the scanner and placed it in the bag.

At 5, it was as if the crowd came in.  I was busy for 45 minutes straight, then began working on all the carts to the left of the doors.  When Cait sent me to break at 6:30, I was still working on them!  Took my break, then let C work the register while I hauled in the rest of the carts.  She left at 7, and I alternated between hauling in the carts to the right of the doors and sweeping.  At 8, all carts were finally in.  Pulled trash, gathered the paperwork, and sanitized the registers.  Had final customer at 8:45.  Locked the doors, then after walking HC M to the front, took my trash to the hopper, and organized the H-carts.  Ian brought in the forklift and set the safety barriers, and Josh brought in the final carts from the corral.  Then I shut the big door and put up my vest.

As we were waiting to be let out, Traci wanted to check out, and when I found out she was paying by card, I had her come to the CS desk, and rang her up.  Her succulent was 75% off, so had to yell for Ian for an o/r.  Then we all clocked out.

Outfit:  Red Santa shirt, black tunic, new faded jeggings, starry night mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 142:  Rare Sunday $11,073

Arrived and bought trash bags and ziplock bags before heading down to Lumber.  Jill went to break, so Cait, Sonia, and I rang up customers.  At 1, I went down for a pit stop, then brought back my book and coat.  Had an issue with a ceiling fan; customer insisted it was $49, not $59.  Sent Loader W down to get me an item #; he brought back the wrong one.  S went down to help and while they were gone, I hopped on C's register to ring up CC customers.  Finally the mystery was solved; someone had put the wrong label on the wrong ceiling fan.  Rang up their original fan, and called for an o/r.  Problem solved.

Went to McA's at 2:45, and when I returned, I reorganized the soda cooler. At 6, I took another pit stop, hung up my coat, and returned my book to my locker.  Began pulling trash and doing the closing duties.  N asked me to fill the Monster cooler, so went down and got what we needed, then filled it.  Cait was sent to the front, so pulled all the trash and sanitized the registers.  After locking the doors at 8 and making one more sweep with the broom, I walked N to the front and took items back to Tools and Plumbing, then found another item to go to Paint. Waited with Loader AM until Loader T returned with the hopper, then discovered they had some pallets to take outside.  Left the door in AM's care, and I went to put up my vest.  Clocked out around 8:20.

Outfit:  New 'Home' sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, Monet mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W33

So.....I was SUPPOSED to work this week, but LIFE happened.  Here is the saga: 

Monday Nov 15th:

I took a warm shower and laid across the bed on my tummy (as normal!) to do my QT.  When I went to get up, I knew something was immediately wrong; I just couldn't figure it out.

-My tummy hurt

-I felt as if I had indigestion (red flag).

I sat for a moment, and the pain didn't go away.  I went out in the living room and told my hubby, "I have a question for you, and that's all this is; I'm asking for information, not alerting you to an issue.  When you had your potential heart attack in '05, where was the pain?"

He pointed to his chest.  'Why, what's going on?"

I told him my pain was under my ribs, and wasn't sure if I'd twisted something when I rolled over, or if Denny's just hadn't digested (We'd eaten there about 2 hours earlier).

Things felt alright as long as I was standing or sitting down.  I'd spent some time at the computer and thought it had settled down, but at 2pm, when I decided to lay down for a quick nap before leaving for work at 4:30, I immediately knew something still wasn't right.

The pressure on my tummy was too great when I laid on my left side.  It intensified when I (painfully) rolled over.

I sat up, and decided that 1) if the situation were reversed, and D was having this much pain, I'd be insisting he go get medical attention and 2) I decided to take my own advice.  I called Steve, told him I was having belly pains, and was going to get it checked out.  If nothing was wrong, I'd be in.  He told me to go ahead, keep him informed, and that things would be okay.

When D arrived home at 3, I told him I needed to go get my tummy checked, and he took me to the ER.  They weren't busy, thank god, and triaged me and took me to a room.

Was absolutely FLOORED when the diagnosis of Pancreatitis came in, and they started asking about my gall bladder.  MY 1st response was to let them know how LITTLE I drink.

"We think you popped a gall stone and it inflamed your pancreas."

Oh.  I've never had any issues with my gall bladder nausea....oh wait....Friday and Sat, my gag reflex triggered and I threw up part of my b'fast on Friday.  Sat was only dry-heaving.  Thursday morning's breakfast tasted awful.  Could it be it started in Indy?

They came in and took me for a belly CT, then ultrasounded my belly, trying to find my gall bladder or signs of stones.  Turns out my liver is hiding up high behind my right ribs, and my gall bladder is camera-shy.  While they were waiting to transport me to my room, the dr's returned with a more experienced X-ray tech, who finally located my gall bladder, but wasn't seeing any evidence of stones.

Around 9pm. I was finally moved to room 3304 in the new shiny building by the Health Pavilian, and was told I could have nothing to eat or drink.  I requested the mouth swabs, and endured being hooked up to an IV, several painful blood pressures (My BP was through the roof, going as high as 200/88 at one point....they told me it was due to the pain), and being thirsty.  I did my solitaire and turned out my light at 1am.

My blood pressure was still high, so my night nurse, Augustine, gave me a BP med, and a blood thinner in the tummy which hurt like hell! 

Tuesday 11/16:

Woke up, wobbled once while getting up, so they left me on the bed and chair alarm.  I began to run a temp, was getting blood drawn and BP taken.  Thankfully, BP began to return to normal, at least 145/79.  I figured out if I could go to the bathroom AFTER they took my vitals, my BP was better.  "Drippy' and I got along well this time.  My day nurses were nice, and I pretty much spent the entire day sleeping, getting texts, and returning texts.  I soon got tired of the phone.

Dr told me I needed my gall bladder out, but my labs were throwing up high numbers, and if they didn't come down, he was sending me for an MRI.  

In the meantime, I had an angry hubby at home, b/c the house was being fumigated on Wed and I hadn't done much to help.  I'm sorry; I didn't plan this!

"If you'd kept your ass at home instead of going to Indpls, you'd have had 5 days to help me get ready!"

I did the math, and realized I'd overspent my credit card, so I'd have to fess up about it.

Augustine very nicely gave me my blood thinner shot in the right shoulder, and it hurt less.

I was also taken of NPO and put on the clear liquid diet of chicken broth, Jello, water, and popcicles.  I managed to down several red Jellos, and part of the chicken broth,  It needed basil, ha ha!

Wednesday 11/17:

Woke up to the news I was getting a double stick from the lab, fun, fun.  1st stick was fine, in the left elbow.  2nd stick turned out to be between my 1st and 2nd knuckles on left hand.  It hurt like the dickens.  More bad news:  I was definitely going down for MRI.  Which turned out to be fine; they put headphones on me and turned on some wonderful 80s rock!

-Down Under

-Talk Dirty To Me

-Stray Cat Strut

-Don't Stand So Close To Me

-A Cars one I'd never heard of.

Had to hold my breath at times, and then it was over.  I was thrilled to see Autumn, whom I'd also worked with at the job, would be my transport back to my room!

Drs came in later and said my gall bladder showed stones, and it should come out.  I agreed, and signed the consent forms.

Brittany, my night nurse, and I did not get along at first.  I was in my chair, watching Survivor, and I THOUGHT she asked if I wanted the lights on.  I said yes, and she turned them off!  I immediately rang back and had someone come turn them back on. 

She also was the first one to actually unhook me from my IV to go to the bathroom.

Dallas came down at noon and let me take a shower.  I did NOT like their soap, but it felt good to be somewhat clean.  She also brought me a comb, and it took me several minutes to smooth the snarls out of the back of my hair.  It also felt good to clean my teeth,

Ate more of my chicken broth, since my temp went up to 101.4, and actually ate my popcicle.  Since my surgery would be around noon, I would be back to NPO after midnight.  Took my final delicious drink of water at 11:55 and went back to the mouth swabs.

Brittany wasn't happy about giving me my Lovenox shot in the shoulder, but I never felt it!  She was that good!

Had to have another double stick, and the guy looked nervous, but he finally got one in the hand (painful, so I held Brittany's hand!), and got me on the 1st try in the elbow.  I then went to sleep.

Oh, D was mad about having to use two credit cards to pay for the fumigation, but it happened, and we're all happier.

Thursday 11/18:

Was told my surgery would be at 1, and they would come get me at noon. D came to spend the morning with me, but had to leave at 2 to go get A from school and take W to work.  My nurse had changed my IV tubing and apparently put in the wrong one, so they decided to re-insert my IV in the hand.  I told them to wait until I was under, and they agreed:)  They gave me a nice silver blanket with a blower blowing hot air that felt wonderful!  To transfer me to the table, the rubber mat underneath me inflated, ala raft, and it was delicious to not feel that hard impact.  I remember something being injected into my IV, but I don't remember taking a deep breath in a mask.  Next thing I knew, I'm waking up in recovery and being none too happy to be told they're moving me up to Floor 4.  They took me to room 4325, and Dallas brought my stuff up.  D found me later, and returned my phone to me.

My night nurse didn't put me on the bed alarm, and I was unplugged from the IV  As soon as I felt I was stable, I could take myself to the bathroom!!  Best of all, I wasn't in any pain!

Took two walks around the floor and decided to pray for my fellow patients, and all the hospital workers.  Watched Young Sheldon and was thrilled to learn I could also watch Animal Planet!

Friday 11/19:

Dr came into see me as I was paying bills (it was payday!) and told me if I was on the computer, then I could go home:)  I lapped the floor 4 times, got dressed, and we waited.  And waited.  I ate breakfast and lunch (REAL FOOD!), and just after D left to go get A, the nurse arrived with my discharge instructions:  Lo fat diet for either a week or a month, and absolutely NO alcohol for a month.  W and Reagan walked in, and they took me home.  

Later, I went with D to take W to work, then stopped at Walmart for food that I couldn't find, so bought A a snack and we drove to JC.  Went with Plan B for dinner (chicken and angel hair pasta ala Noodle Roni), then zipped over to the job to check my schedule.

Manager was on lunch, but talked to Nathan, my Front End supervisor, and poor N got unfiltered ME when I looked at my schedule and saw the mess!  I whipped out my phone.  

"WTH is this?  This is what I told Darla my availability is!"

"That isn't what was communicated.....I'll fix it.  I'll fix it."

"See that you do!  I do NOT work 6am to 3!!  I am a CLOSER, not an OPENER!  9-6 is okay, but I prefer to CLOSE!"

Then Lee, who had opened up HER schedule, complained about her Wednesdays, which she had to have off, due to a standing appointment.

"This is the first time I've made a schedule.  I'll fix it."

I chimed in.  "Oh, well, if it's the 1st time, then we'll forgive you."

He told me to come in at 3 instead of 5, and said he preferred it that way; I told him I preferred that schedule too!  "I have to do everything I normally do between 3-5 from 5-6, so that's why I like that 3-close!"

I took my printed schedule and hobbled out of the store; I was beginning to feel tired.  Fixed dinner for the family and went to bed around 10, I think.

Saturday 11/20:

Woke up at 6 and sat at the table with D, drinking coffee and talking.  It's the 2nd anniversary of my dad's passing, so was scrolling though memories on FB and posting them.  Took a glorious shower, did my QT at the dining room table, and dressed in my red/black check leggings, CBS black tee, and my new buffalo check sweatshirt.  S, R, and A went to the Pet Port and got a 2 month old kitten named Smoky.  I napped for an hour, then put on my boots, coat, hat, and fingerless gloves to go to the park for Alyonna's 3rd birthday party.  We took my van, and set up my chair on the fireplace hearth, where I sat, took pics, and ate a little bit of mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, one (dry) chicken strip, two dinner rolls (My fave kind....blanking on name.....cover is orange), and one tiny corner slice of chocolate cake with that disgusting whipped cream icing.  Left at 5, then went with D to pick up W, so I could meet Wally, and by the time we got home, I was whipped.  

I wanted pizza, but it wasn't on my diet, so convinced D to go to Subway and get me a chicken teriyaki with sweet onion sauce, and a cup of broccoli soup.  Bowed out of going to K's for Cards Against Humanity.

Tomorrow, I may just stay in my PJs.....I'm not to return to work until Tuesday, and I've got a follow up appt on Wed.  My Dec 3rd paycheck is going to SUCK, but D said he could help me out.

Sunday 11/21:

Stayed in my PJs all day and watched Ghostbusters (2016), original, and GB2. Slept off and on, and Sara ordered Lil Caesar's pizza for dinner.  Ate 3 small slices of sausage, and went to bed at 11.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W32

 Day 136:  $5457

Walked in at 3 and HC M was happy to see me; apparently Lee had called in, so this meant she wasn't shuffling people around.  Joined B and started ringing up customers, then did the pop count and brought in a few carts.  Even took some plumbing items back to aisle 16.

After B left, did my LU and the other prelim duties, then started sweeping.  HC M sent me to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, finished sweeping, did my AP4Me, and closing duties.  Nice, steady shift.  The only thing that ticked me off was the boys, T and AW forgot my trash, so had to take it all the way to the other end of the store.  Clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  Blue Colts jersey, white V-neck tunic, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 137:  $8229

Arrived and hopped on #2 to help with the line, then spent the rest of the night on #1. Only needed one o/r, for paint. Was told not to do soda count, so whoo hoo!  Got my LU out of the way by 5, and did the prelim duties.  Began sweeping at 6, and sent to lunch at nearly 7.  Returned, began closing duties, and was 'caught' too far from my register; HC A came down to 'scold' me. *eye roll*  

We didn't have any customers past 8:30, though I did have one customer leave his 2x4s by the door.  Had another customer get 70 rolls of insulation....another wanted four 6x6s, but we only had one on hand, though the system said 13.  Loader AW and AM took out the trash after HC A cleaned me out.

I'm off to the Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show for the rest of the week!

Outfit:  Black/white plaid, blue tank, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Said goodbye to KP, who began as my loader, moved up to supervisor, then Millwork specialist.  He and Devon are moving to Clinton, and he's transferring to the TH store.  Gonna miss him!

Monday, November 1, 2021

November Goals

Holy Cow!  October seemed to fly by!  How did I do? I'm also still flying high from my Zoon Meeting with SC a week ago!!!

-Lose 5 lbs

-Do well at First City Music Festival  Sold 10:)

-Do well at Indy Comic Con Sold 18!  Day 1:  2; Day 2:  10; Day 3:  6!

-Do well at CCC Sold 8:)

-Pay down debt Paid off IU and Med One:)

-Promo for ComiCon Check!

-Rip up DRM carpet Not yet...

-Get CG2 up and order copies Not yet....

-Order BOBW copies Check!

-Promo for ICGAHS Notebooks, check.  Kleenex, check.  Still need early promo for Rex.(11/2:  Sent flyer to be printed)

Health Update: After two months w/o doing my exercises, I've discovered my shoulder is getting weak again.  Guess I need to resume my arm circles and wall slides. I'm also dealing with my semi-annual sinusitis, and the voice is once again affected.  Karaoke may be disrupted this month, due to both my voice and my KJ's health; he was in the hospital over Halloween weekend, and was told to rest.

Books Read:  22

           Print:  12

           E-Book:  10

                DNF:  9

Karaoke Songs Added:  8

Upcoming Events:

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds Pd 2020

-Writer's Block Author Fair (Dec) Franklin Park Mall, Toledo, OH $90-full table Pd 11/5

2022 Events:

-Saluki Con (Jan 15-16, 2022) Carbondale, Il $70 Pd 10/22/21

-SI Comic Con (April 2, 2022) Benton, Il Pd 9/18/21

-Quad Con (June 4, 2022) Peoria, Il

-Superman Celebration (June 9-12th, 2022) Metropolis, Il 

-Wild Deadwood Reads (June 16-18th, 2022) Deadwood, SD 10-3pm Cost:  $160 (full table) Going to skip this year; I don't have the funds.  Will hopefully be able to afford it in 2022.

-Heroes For Kids (June 17th) Perrysville, Mo

-Imaginarium Convention (July 8-10, 2022) Louisville, KY $110 Pd 9/15

-Royal Readers (Aug 6th) Mall of America $110 Pd 9/16/21

-State Fair

-Daviess Co Wine and Art Fair

-First City Music Festival

-Cil-Con Mattoon, Il Pd $100 10/21/21

-Non-Con Middletown, OH

-Collector's Carnival and Crafts (Oct 29th) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds $100 Pd 11/26 (Bal:  $250)

November Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs Came home from hospital at 233:) 11/24:  228:)  12/3:  226!!

-Promo materials for ICGAHS Check!

-Do well at ICGAHS

                11/10: Sold 5:)

                11/11: Sold 5:)

                11/12 (all day): Sold 20:)

                11/13(all day):Sold 16:)  Grand Total:  46!!!

-De-Flea House Check!

-Pay down debt

-Rip up DRM carpet Fumigation took care of it:)

-Have fun interview with Ryan 11/6 Check!  Was very fun and relaxing!

-Have relaxing Thanksgiving Check!

-Do well at NaNoWriMo Didn't even make 10K, but LIFE happened.

November Reading Schedule:


Mix Tapes-Michelle Shriver RR!  The flashbacks were an interesting touch; I think more could have been added, since the ending seemed rushed.
The Edge of Passionfruit-MS Really enjoyed this one!
Middle School:  Hero to Zero-James Patterson Interesting read:)
People We Meet On Vacation-Emily Henry DRR!  GO GET THIS BOOK!  It's AMAZING!
Shock-Robin Cook Ugh.  Another one of those 'I read a spy novel, so I can investigate this on my own'.....grrrrrr.....I ended up skimming the rest of the book, just because I was so angry at the characters' actions!  
Brotherly Bonds-Brynn Paulin Excellent as always!  Still love Josh's story the best:)  DRR
Surviving Savannah-Patti Callihan DRR!  Loved this story:)
A Governess of Great Talents-Emily Murdoch DRR!  Really enjoyed this story:)

The Balloonist's Wager-Sandra Sookoo Really enjoyed this story!

Karaoke Songs:

11/4:  Karaoke machine malfunction

11/11:  Indy
11/18:  Hospital, having my gall bladder evicted from my body
11/25:  Thanksgiving

Life In Lumber Y3, W31

 Day 132:  $7729

Arrived and discovered the computer system was down.  Was finally able to clock in down in Lumber at 5:02.  Rang up a few customers, then did my prelim duties and soda count.  Jeanna, Belle, and her mom showed up, so was able to chat for a few minutes.  Keri came down and drove me nuts about the time clock issue; I told her to FIX IT AT THE END!!!  She was scared "but now it shows I'm late!"  Ummm....see previous comment.  THEY'LL FIX IT!  Geez....

Took my 'break' with Baby B, then had enough time to make a pit stop, lol.  When I returned, I pulled the trash and swept. At 8:30, sanitized the registers, then did my LU and AP4Me.  Loader AW took my trash down, then Loader C brought the hopper up after we closed.  HC short M closed me out, and I took her vest back to her locker.  Clocked out around 9:20.

Maria told me to come in Mon and Tues at 3:)

Outfit:  Blue Colt's jersey, white v-neck tunic, dark jeggings. elephant mask

Day 133:  $8097

The 1st hour I was there was a comedy of errors.  1) Customer handed me what I thought was a $10 bill and gave her change for that.  Then, her hubby paid cash, and noticed a $20 in the tens....then realized my error and gave her another $10.  2) Threw pennies all over the floor when I tried to bust them open.  3) Kept dropping dimes.  4)  Woman pulled up and tried to tell me where the bar codes were, but they were all wrong.  Nearly got snarky with her; I WANTED to ask her for her discount card, but refrained, and instead joked, "Would you like a job?  We're hiring!"  She laughed and said no.

Discovered one of our CSA's put in her 2 week's notice b/c she doesn't want to work Black Friday! DON'T want to make extra money?  HC C is ecstatic she's leaving!

Was so busy I wasn't able to do the soda count until nearly 6.  Had it finished by 6:30, and Cait relieved me at 7:30 for break.  When I returned, I swept, then sanitized, pulled trash, and wiped down the register counters.  Then did my LU.  Loader AM took the trash out, then closed the doors and put up my vest.  Arrived at the front, and HC C asked me to take the front's trash and two items to RTM.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid, faded jeggings, starry night mask.

Day 134:  $7605

Arrived and began to ring customers up, then did soda count and other prelim duties.  Cait came down at 6:30 and took my sheet, then brought me the soda.  Got it put away asap, then was fairly steady when Cait arrived at 7 for my break.  Afterward, I was steady until 8, when things finally slowed down.  Swept and did my LU, then sanitized the registers.  Took items back to Plumbing, Tools, Lighting, Paint, Hardware, and ISLG.  Clocked out at 9:20.....everyone had already left; Steve let me out.

Only two memorable things:  1) I had seen one of my favorite customers earlier, and teased him he was at the wrong end.  He was there to return some flooring; myself and D were there for a rake, a screwdriver, and some paper products.  I also put in to have Dec 10-12 off.  Then, later, he showed up in my area, but didn't buy anything, but returned later and got a few items.  2) Customer handed me $300, but I only counted $200.  Turned out a $100 bill was hiding behind a $20.  Oops!

My requested time off was approved:)

Outfit:  Brown/white striped turtleneck. dark jeggings, elephant mask

Day 135:  $6623=$51,907 for!

Arrived; began ringing up the people in line.  B left; line dwindled, so did soda count and prelim duties.  Loader AW and AM had to get a bunk of 2x4s down, and AM elected to get on the forklift.  First he didn't clear all the carts out of his way, then he was having steering issues, b/c he put the bunk down waaaay too close to his work space.  Finally AW got on and moved them outside and tried to put them on the trailer....but wasn't sure of what he was doing.  Cam came down, hopped on, and loaded the trailer.  Told the boys it just takes practice!

Mucked out under all the mats, then at 7 pulled trash.  Cait came down and relieved me, and when I returned, started sweeping.  C brought down the soda, and I got the coolers filled in a few minutes.  At 8:30, I finished sweeping and pulled all the trash, then did my LU.  Final customer left at  9.

Had one customer tell me they had only a dozen rolls of insulation when they actually had 13, and had another customer tell me they had 25 2x4s, but rang up 23 of one kind and 2 of the others.

AM took the trash out, and I left AW in charge of closing the door.  Put away a plumbing connector, then put up my vest and took the last tax exempt to the CS area.  Clocked out at 9:20

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, starry night mask