Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday

June 1971:
I was 5 1/2; my sister was now 8 months old and crawling everywhere. This might have been the month where she was learning to use a spoon, and scooped up some chocolate pudding, then turned the spoon upside down, then stuck it in her mouth! Mom has a wonderful picture of her with chocolate all down the front of her, plus smeared all over her face and high chair tray:)

I was also making friends in my neighborhood. Tad, the boy next door, and I would be starting kindergarten in the fall; Kim, down the street, and I enjoyed playing her sisters' records and also Barbie dolls.

Present Day:
Took the kids to the library on Wed, and everyone checked out books. Mr. E got only one because 'there's too many words!' Miss DQ is reading chapter books, but told me after she checked out three, 'I read in the morning and at night.' Maybe I should have had her only get one; she's only on the 2nd chapter of the first book, and going home on Sunday....Youngling has 4 books and we've already read three of them. I'm working with him diligently, and he's doing well. Tutor begins next week:)

What books did I get?
Understood Betsey: I found this while helping MDQ; I'd loved this book as a child, and wanted to reread it.

The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory: I'm reading this one right now and some parts are holding my interest:)

The Other Queen: About Mary Queen of Scots. I've already read the 1st chapter and can hardly wait until I'm finished with TCP.

And two by Marian Keyes: Last Chance Saloon and The Other Side of the Story.

And yes, I'm also still reading Steam and Sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape:) Really enjoying this!

Yesterday, we brought Roxie home from her 'vacation', and the SU took the kids to the park. We also grilled hamburgers and hot dogs outside and ended up feeding seven kids and four adults:)

Today, we may hit the pool; the temps are supposed to be in the 90's. The bad part about this year is no one can go down the slide; it's been determined unsafe, yet no monies available to fix it. The good news is all my chicks are now tall enough and skilled enough to paddle around in the 4 foot end:)

Have a good weekend; we are returning the grandkids on Sunday, and things may return to normal around here again.


Unknown said...

Have a fun time at the pool. :)

Unknown said...

Glad things are going good. :) I'm looking forward to tutoring the Youngling! See ya Wednesday.


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