Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Baby K's First Thanksgiving:)

Thanksgiving was being held at friends' house, so I dressed baby K in a blue outfit with a blue-and-white-striped shirt, plus his little white shoes.  The weather was warm that year; I wore my red, deep V-neck sweater and white shirt, plus my black slacks.

There previous week, I'd taken K over to my grandmother's house, and put him down beside the first chair so he could creep along the furniture, his favorite past time.  To my utter shock, the child let go and walked across the floor and into his grandmother's waiting arms!  The day before, he'd attempted to let go several times and fell plop! on his diapered bottom.

Anyway, we arrived at our friends' house and told them K was 'mobile'.  Several guests were invited, and it became an afternoon full of 'grab him!' and 'No K!' as he walked around, thinking everything within his reach was fair game for going in his mouth.  He ate very well, as did all of us, and the next day we headed down to my MIL's for her annual Thanksgiving weekend.  And once again, with him being mobile, and Grandma having table after table of pretty breakables, we had to keep a close eye on our child.  Nothing was broken, but his hands were slapped more than once by his aunt and cousins.  He finally sought refuge in the kitchen, where he had access to the pots and pans, and all the turkey he could eat:)

Present Day: 
This is our Santa Stroll weekend, so I'll be setting up one table at The Open Gallery from 5-9pm.  Miss Alex may join me, since her parents have training for their jobs from 5-8pm, and Uncle Youngling has basketball practice from 6-7:30.  I don't think Grandpa really wants to haul her to b-ball, so she might go with me.  We'll see how the day plays out!

Come back tomorrow for the Birthday Bash!  A fellow author's birthday is tomorrow, so there will be many books to be won!  And this time, I'll remember to post, I promise!

Have a good weekend!

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