Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flashback Saturday-Oops!

I missed posting yesterday, so here it is:
April 1984:
With one month til Prom, I found the dress I wanted, a beautiful lavender color with lacy sleeves and ruffles at the bottom.  One of the sleeves was torn, so the shopkeeper told me I could have it for $80 instead of $99.  Mom bought it for me after seeing me in it, after I assured her I had every intention of attending my Senior Prom.

Next step:  Find a date.
I screwed up my courage and during a private moment before school began, asked B if he'd take me.  A look of chagrin crossed his face.

"Remember after Senior Night at the ballgame, when J's parents took our picture?  She asked me to take her.  You and I weren't talking at the moment, so I said yes."

"You can't get out of it?"

"No.  God, I'm so sorry.  I think F still needs a date."

"I don't want to go with F.  I'll find my own date, thankyouverymuch, even if I have to ask the guy two doors down."  I stalked off and went to the IMC, and told friends K and T about my dilemma.

K said, "My friend BR has been after me to introduce you to him.  He thinks you're good looking, but is too shy to meet you on his own."

I was intrigued, and agreed to meet BR the next day.

We ended hitting it off, and he agreed to take me to the Prom.

Disaster Strikes
The week before Prom, BR caught me before school with some bad news.

"The play I'm in this weekend?  My understudy's in the hospital and can't take my place.  I have to be there Friday night."

I panicked.  I went back to the IMC and told K to square things with his girlfriend, so he could take me to the dance.  I had three days to find a date, since on Thursday I would be on a field trip with the Head Start kids at the Children's Museum/

K said he would contact his g/f that evening.

Wednesday morning, he reported he couldn't get a hold of her, but said he'd take me anyway.  I dragged him down to meet Mom, get his address (since his driver's license was suspended and I didn't have mine yet), and that we'd take care of everything else.  I didn't care if he couldn't wear a tux; a suit would be fine.  Relieved, we went back to class.

I had a fantastic time at the Children's Museum with my kids, then Friday was a bundle of nerves.  Seniors were being dismissed at noon, so all we did 2nd period was go tour the gym and talk about our dates and what we were wearing.  Since I had no classes until 6th period, I hung around Mom's office till her lunch hour.  She took me to McD's for lunch, then took me home to relax and get ready.

I took a long bath, followed by a shower, then did my hair and makeup with shaking hands, and dressed.
Mom took a few pictures of me in my dress, then we left to go get K.  About five minutes from his home, Dad asked me how I was feeling.

"Is it too late to cancel everything and take me home?" I tried to joke about it.

Mom smiled and patted my hand, then we arrived at his house.  They dropped us off at Arni's, where we soon fell back into 'friend' mode.  When we were finished, Mom and Dad arrived and we went to the dance.

"Go Back To The Balcony with the Other Parents, Please?"
We had our pictures taken, made the rounds of the four specialty corners, and found people to talk to.  I got frustrated with my mom, who was walking around taking pictures of various kids she liked.  I wasn't happy with her 'following' me around, so I got a little short with her.  Then after losing my self-consciousness, found her and apologized.

B and J showed up in time for the Grand March, and they danced next to us during the final song, Against All Odds by Phil Collins.  Then midnight arrived; K and I found my parents we took him home.  I went home and collapsed into bed.  It hadn't been the Prom I'd always dreamed of, but I was happy I'd went.

Mom told me the next morning she'd received a phone call around 2am, asking if she knew I wasn't at the After Prom!

"She's sound asleep in bed."

"Are you sure?"

"We live 6 miles from town and she has no driver's license.  I'm sure."

I was a little miffed she told whoever had called about my non-driving ability, but I got over it.

Next Month:  Graduation!!!

Present Day:
I've been a bad blogger.  There's no time during the day, and I'm usually too tired at night.

I'm singing the 11 am service tomorrow, so I'm going to karaoke tonight!  Songs I plan to sing include:
God Bless The USA
Goodbye Earl
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Don't Pay The Ferryman
Edge of 17

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