Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Disney and Aftermath

June-July 2004:
I failed to post the June FB, and since what happened in July was a related incident, you get a brief double post!  Aren't you lucky?

Mom and Dad took the kids and I to Disney World, fulfilling (or so I thought!) a long time dream of mine:  Spend an entire week there.

We stayed in Kissimmee, and went to breakfast with the Disney Characters on Thursday, then attempted to hit Epcot.  Dad sat down on a bench to rest while the rest of us headed to Imagination and Spaceship Earth.  Still no sign of Dad.  If I'd been thinking better, I'd have sent a kid back to the bench, or even done it myself.  But no, I bowed to Mom's judgement and we headed to Guest Services.  I promptly angered my Mom by breast-feeding the 3 m/o Youngling, so we went to the Baby Care place while my kids went to find Grandpa.  Sure enough, he'd fallen asleep.  Tempers were short at this time, so we headed back to the hotel.

Later that evening, we went to the Magic Kingdom and had a GREAT time in Tomorrowland as we waited for the fireworks.

Friday, we hit Animal Kingdom, going on the Safari and looking at others.  In the afternoon, the kids swam in the hotel pool.

Saturday, we stayed at the hotel.  My uncles and one aunt joined us in the afternoon, and we had a wonderful visit!

Sunday, we returned to Magic Kingdom and did everything except Fantasyland.  I parked Mom and Dad in the a/c while daughter and I did Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Ride, then we moved around to Frontierland for Haunted Mansion and others.  My kids were disappointed; they stood in line with Grandpa for a water ride, but just as they would be next, lightning appeared and they shut it down.  We waited out the rain, but afterward, the kids didn't want to get back in line.  We stopped at the Hall of Presidents (youngling's ONLY protest spot) and the gift shop, then returned to hotel.

Monday, we went to MGM.  We rode the Great Mouse Ride, Little Mermaid, and Honey I Shrunk The Audience.  Afterward, I thought K might want to do Tower of Terror and Star Wars, but he was hot and wanted to return to the hotel.  Mom and Dad agreed; I literally stopped in my tracks and said, "Who are you people and what have you done to my parents?"

When my sister and I were taken to amusement parks and overheated (this happened to me at King's Island when I was 13 or 14), we were taken to an a/c place and given cold drinks until we felt better, then back to the fun.  We were there for the day; we'd get over it.

That was the week I realized I would have to be 'the voice of reason' between my parents and my kids.  Welcome to the Sandwich Generation, Molly!

We discovered lice in my daughter's hair.  Unfortunately, she'd taken her lice issues to the neighbors, who blew up.  S literally yelled at me via phone for an hour.  The kids and spouse urged me to hang up, but I'd rather have her venting over the phone where I could hold the receiver away than have her standing in my kitchen!

Her hubby brought over everything he'd borrowed.

A few days later, I received a phone call from CPS.  They couldn't find my house, and told me what had been reported.  I blew up and told them where to find me and to come right over.  We had finally gotten rid of the lice, and I was so mad I literally saw red.

I could not believe what was happening, and CPS never did show up.  Guess she took my word for it.  But my relationship with my neighbors never recovered, and they eventually moved.

We think we either picked up the unwelcome bugs in our hotel room (S and I shared a bed) or when Goofy laid his paw on my daughter's head.  I had all the nits; she had the live ones.  After hair cuts and numerous treatments, we were finally lice free.

Next Month:  Back to school!

Present Day:
MDQ and ME are going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I admit to having mixed emotions.  For one thing, Miss Drama Queen has been a wonderful playmate for Miss Itsy-Bitsy, and I admit to having been spoiled.  She's changed her, bathed her, entertained her.

On the other hand, I'll be happy when the smell of burnt hair is no longer in my bathroom (MDQ uses a hair straightener) and my internet won't be tied up anymore.  Oh wait-yes it will.  Youngling's schooling.

No more arguments over whose turn on the X-Box/PS3/Computer.

Our food bill will go down by $200.

Sunday, we're headed to my aunt's house in Indy to see my sister and have a cookout.  Kids are looking forward to seeing their cousins and playing in the pool.

Karaoke Songs:
Harper Valley PTA (hoping to catch ALL of it on video this time!)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
Better Dig Two

Have a great weekend!

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