Friday, January 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: Unexpected 'Staycation'

Jan 2006:
A and J had gone to spend the weekend with their mom; my daughter was having spending the weekend with a friend; spouse and K were on a Boy Scout camping trip.  I called a friend and asked if she'd like some time with the baby, then drove him over and prepared to spend the next several hours watching my Oprah 20th Anniversary DVD and eating potato skins:)

I had an enjoyable time, just vegging out, and when a phone call arrived from another friend, inviting me to an early dinner, I jumped at the chance for some 'Adult Conversation' time, instead of being in Mommy Mode.  I didn't know when I'd get the chance again to hang out with friends and not have my kids tagging along!

Next Month:  Spouse Takes A Trip!

Present Day:
I'm off to the Indpls Women's Expo this weekend!  I'll be leaving bright and early in the morning, so no karaoke this week, unless I go with the stepdaughter up in Indy.

Have a great weekend!

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