Friday, December 22, 2017

Flashback Friday: "Where Are We?"

Dec 1997:
For our 1st Christmas in the new house, Mom and Dad came down to our house that day!  We fixed ham, turkey, and all the trimmings, and had a very relaxed day.  The only thing that was slightly alarming was that Shadow, our Elkhound, decided to help himself to the ham.  Since we weren't sure if he'd also licked any of it, the whole platter had to be rinsed!  I think D was the only one who ate any of it; the rest of us (sans Dad) stuck to turkey!

When I got my pictures developed, I couldn't figure out where we were!  There were no pictures on the wall; nothing to resemble where we were.  Until I saw the carpeting, and realized we were in our new front room!

This may have been the year I started the tradition of baking, but I'm not sure.

Next Month:  Getting 'Snowed Out'!

Present Day:
My voice decided to leave, so I was unable to sing last weekend.  We did go see the new Star Wars movie and yes, I cried at one point.  Sunday, we went to Terre Haute and ate lunch at Popeyes, then went to Best Buy to return D's kindle cover and to buy the Teen a video game.

Voice has somewhat returned; I was able to hit all the notes.  My birthday went well; I baked cookies and went to the Washington Writer's Meeting, then met the family at Gilbert's for dinner.  I had the chicken portobella and brocolli, and Star Wars was on my cake.  Also fired up my new laptop:)

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